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AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 | PROGRESS - The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Annual Report 2011 | Progress
Donor Listing
The Michael J. Fox Foundation Is Dedicated To Finding A Cure For Parkinson’s Disease
Through An Aggressively Funded Research Agenda And To Ensuring The Development Of
Improved Therapies For Those Living With Parkinson’s Today.
Letter from the CEO
2011 Donor Listing
2011 Financial Highlights
Afterword by Michael J. Fox
and Deborah W. Brooks
Boards and Councils
Annual Report 2 01 1 | Prog re ss
Letter From The CEO
Letter from the CEO
In 2011 at The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), it was clear our movement was growing: in the
lab, in the clinic and in the Parkinson’s community. More than 57,000 individuals, corporations and
foundations demonstrated their belief in our mission to cure Parkinson’s through their financial
support. Thousands more reinforced this belief through other vital contributions — by building
community and awareness through Team Fox, getting involved in clinical trials, and sharing our
can-do message of hope and optimism.
As Michael J. Fox has said, we have worked tirelessly to
of donors like you, MJFF funded more than $57 million in
understand the silos of activity for different ideas in different
pathbreaking research in 2011, the most we’ve ever spent in a
labs all over the world. We have tipped over those silos to
single year. Our in-house team of neuroscientists and business
create tunnels of opportunity — passages that enable the
strategists reviewed over 900 grant applications, bringing our
best ideas to move to the patients who are waiting. Along the
current portfolio up to 400 active grants.
way, we have proven that a different kind of player could deTodd Sherer, PhD
risk drug development, capable of attracting buy-in from key
stakeholders across Big Pharma, biotech and academia.
Responding to patients’ unmet needs remains our foremost
concern. The complexities of Parkinson’s disease mean there
are many paths of scientific opportunity we must interrogate.
Helping to build momentum in 2011 was an extraordinary
We’ve developed over 100 drug targets to date, and in 2012
$50-million challenge, launched by longtime Foundation
will surpass $300 million in research funded. We continue to
friends Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, and his wife,
pursue disease-modifying therapies, along with treatments
Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of personal genetics company
for dyskinesia and other unaddressed symptoms, such as
23andMe. Still in effect through year-end 2012, the Brin
cognitive impairment, and improved dopamine-delivery
Wojcicki Challenge is designed to inspire the Foundation’s
methods. In 2005, we first funded the novel approach of
donors and to leverage our capacity-building funds through a
Anders Björklund, MD, PhD, to treat dyskinesia. MJFF has since
dollar-for-dollar match. The Challenge has already encouraged
chaperoned this therapy into a human clinical trial — which
acts of amazing generosity, and sparked unique and creative
announced positive initial results early this year. In 2011, in
partnerships. Read more about the Challenge on page 5 and
honor of his profound contributions to Parkinson’s therapeutic
our remarkable partnership with Nike on 25.
development and exceptional commitment to mentoring the
As always, we take your investment in us seriously and
put it straight to work — devoting over 88 cents of every
dollar spent to the research effort. Thanks to the generosity
next generation of PD researchers, we recognized Björklund
with the inaugural Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in
Parkinson’s Research.
Letter From The CEO
Through our focus on biomarkers, we strive to pinpoint these
Reporting on the tool in April, the Wall Street Journal’s Laura
necessary tools for testing disease-modifying therapies for
Landro noted, “A persistent shortage of volunteers has slowed
Parkinson’s. Now with 11 industry partners, the Parkinson’s
trials of new treatments… Because the Fox Foundation and
Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) is yielding results. We have
other groups pay for research and raise funds, they have ready
crossed the halfway point in our recruitment goals, for both
access to the latest studies, and can get the word out.” Today,
patients and controls. With the study under way, researchers
we are closing in on our goal of 10,000 volunteers in 2012 —
are actively tapping into the data from PPMI in real time. This is
giving us great hope that Fox Trial Finder will accelerate the
informing studies that could lead to new therapies, and initial
development of new treatments for all.
findings are already being presented.
To no one’s surprise, our Team Fox members were among the
We now know genetics plays a larger role in PD than previously
first to raise their hands for Fox Trial Finder, responding with
thought. By zeroing in on some of the most informative
their characteristic enthusiasm and energy. Whether hosting a
genetic contributors to PD, such as LRRK2 and alpha-synuclein,
Pancakes for Parkinson’s birthday party or running thousands
we’re revealing new avenues to develop disease-modifying
of miles, Team Fox members inspired us throughout the year.
treatments that would benefit all patients.
Together, 1,500 members raised almost $5 million in 2011,
None of this progress would be possible without your
generous support. You are members of our most dedicated circle
of donors. For everything you do, we are truly grateful.
pushing them past the $15-million mark in dollars raised since
the launch of Team Fox in 2006. They not only raise muchneeded funds for research, they connect patients and families
to each other in communities globally. They represent some
We see our innovative model gaining traction, as several of
of our most loyal and passionate supporters and are playing
the high-risk targets we supported years ago in their earlier
an essential role in sharing our message of urgency and
stages are now in the clinic. Yet even as more therapies have
approached the clinic, we have recognized new challenges
in need of MJFF’s attention — especially in clinical trial
Our movement is gaining speed and stakeholders. I am thankful
to count you among them, and look forward to keeping you
apprised of our progress in the coming year.
We have always known that dollars alone would not get us to
a cure. That is why in 2011, we embarked on a crucial effort to
inform patients about the critical role they can play in speeding
results from clinical studies. Last July, we rolled out Fox Trial
Todd Sherer, PhD
Finder, an online tool to connect patients with the trials that
need them.
Donor Listing
2011 Donor Listing
Thanks to more than 57,000 individuals, corporations and foundations,
The Michael J. Fox Foundation funded over $57 million in research in 2011 —
the most ever in a single year. The generosity represented in the following
pages enables our efforts to develop breakthrough treatments and,
ultimately, a cure.
This report lists those who honored the Foundation with significant gifts in
2011. Also listed are the many friends and family members to whom they
paid tribute with their donations. Their names inspire us each day as we
pursue our vision of a world free of Parkinson’s disease.
$25,000,000 or more
$500,000 or more
The Brin Wojcicki Foundation
Judy and Albert Glickman
$2,000,000 or more
Great Investors’ Best Ideas Foundation/
Michele and Shad Rowe
Nike, Inc.
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
$1,000,000 or more
$200,000 or more
Debbi and Paul Brainerd
Lynn Diamond
Cheryl and David Einhorn
Kinetics Foundation
Independent Charities of America
Ralph and Ricky Lauren
Rachel and Amar Kuchinad
Mrs. Edmond J. Safra*
Estate of Solomon B. Miller
The Edmond J. Safra Foundation
Marilyn Muir
Karen Pritzker and Michael Vlock
Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P.
Jessica and Sonny Whelen
Judith and George Prescott and Family*
Carolyn and Curtis Schenker
Shackleton Family*
Signature Bank
*recognizes payment toward multi-year commitment
Joyce and Barry Cohen
The Blanche E. Ash Trust
Camille and
Michael Costa
Lauren and Mark Booth
Lauren and Lee Fixel
Shanna and Jon Brooks
Tracy Pollan and
Michael J. Fox
Cantor Fitzgerald
The James E. Cayne
and Patricia D. Cayne
Charitable Trust
The Sol and Lillian
Goldman Family
Carolyne and Edwin A. Levy
Racetrac Petroleum, Inc.
Jennifer and Marc Lipschultz
Ruder Finn, Inc.
Karen Finerman and
Lawrence Golub
Julie and Doug Ostrover
Estate of Lucile Traeger
Shannon and Mark L. Hart III
Outback Steakhouse
Pro-Am/Chris Sullivan
JR & MJ Wilson Foundation
Lara Foote and Rick Hill
Parkinson’s Unity Walk
$50,000 or more
The Sam J. Frankino
The Samuel, Nadia, Sidney
and Rachel Leah Fund
Ronald O. Perelman
Phil N. Allen
Charitable Trust
Globalive Wireless
Management Corp
The Leon Levine
Estate of Esther J. Pressel
The Pumpkin Foundation/
Carol and Joe Reich
Holly Andersen, MD, and
Douglas Hirsch
Felicia O’Keefe and
Christopher Chadbourne
Simon & Eve Colin
DEARS Foundation, Inc.
Barbara and Julian Cherubini
The Robert & Connie
Delaney Foundation
Sonya and Dev Chodry
The Community Foundation
for the National Capital Region
Consolidated Anti-Aging
The response the Challenge has evoked in acts of generosity
and enthusiasm throughout the Parkinson’s community — and
beyond — is truly astonishing. We are deeply grateful to everyone
who contributed in 2011.
Hailing from across the globe, supporters joined the Challenge
through gifts of all sizes. Many came as new donors, or returned
to the Foundation to give for the first time since 2009 or earlier.
Others were already MJFF donors, inspired to stretch their giving
and maximize their impact.
It’s not too late to join this incredible movement. Working
together, we can make Parkinson’s a thing of the past. Every gift
is a chance to help speed research and better treatments for
millions of Parkinson’s patients worldwide. With less than six
months to go, we need your help to raise more than $20 million
in 2012.
The Challenge comes at a unique moment in our Foundation’s
history, and in millions of patients’ futures. MJFF is using
Challenge donations to fund research that otherwise would go
unfunded and to tackle key challenges that prohibit real progress
toward better outcomes for patients. Our strategy to de-risk
drug development has enabled many more potential therapies
to make their way into clinical testing. But as these treatments
get closer to pharmacy shelves, the research comes with
exponentially steeper price tags. So there has never been a better
time to leverage your support.
Be part of this opportunity to transform the future of Parkinson’s
research. Learn more today at
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Elks’ Parkinson’s Fund
Lisa Piazza and David Golub
The Ettleman Family Fund
Amy and John Griffin
Anne and Jeff Keefer
In 2011, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, and his wife, Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of
personal genetics company 23andMe, challenged The Michael J. Fox Foundation to raise
$50 million by December 31, 2012, which they will match dollar for dollar. Over 25,000
individuals, corporations and foundations became part of the Brin Wojcicki Challenge —
contributing more than $27 million, and bringing us that much closer to a cure for Parkinson’s.
Donny Deutsch
Deutsch Inc.
Susan and Kim Henry
Help Us Make Parkinson’s Disease History
Delta Marketing
International, LLC
Julie and Jonas Fajgenbaum
Richard H. Fitzgerald
The Lawrence Group
French American Charitable
Trust/Caroleen Feeney
Medco Foundation
Gensler Charitable Gift Fund
Sandra Milken
Justin Gmelich
Jay Goldman
Catherine and John T. Morse
Estate of Iva Pauline Hancock
John Porter Trust
Estate of Norval W. Hegan
Prince Charitable Trusts
Armin & Esther Hirsch
Dr. Laurence and Carol B.
Rubenstein Family Foundation
The Harry S. Sloane
Marjorie and Robert
Richard Horvath
Anne-Cecilie Engell Speyer
and Rob Speyer
Melvin and Geraldine Hoven
$25,000 or more
JCI Jones Chemicals Inc.
Lisette Ackerberg
Nonie and Larry Akman/The
Lois and Richard England
Family Foundation, Inc.
Jones Family Foundation
Sonia and Paul T. Jones
The Kalikow & Platt Families
Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine
Kaye Foundation
Eva Andersson-Dubin, MD,
and Glenn Dubin
Marilyn and Jeffrey
Dan and Merrie Boone
The Leonard and Evelyn
Lauder Foundation
Donna and Jake Carpenter
Lazard Capital Markets
Susan and Nicholas Carter
Erin and Justin D. Lepone
Ellen Hooker and Joseph
Light of Day Foundation
The Steven A. and Alexandra
M. Cohen Foundation
Colella Family
Margaret and Daniel Loeb/
The Third Point Foundation
The V & L Marx Foundation
continued on page 6
Donor Listing
$100,000 or more
continued from page 5
Donor Listing
MCB Foundation for
Parkinson’s Research
Cindy and Mike McConnell
Mirken Foundation
Network for Good
Jerome A. and Estelle R.
Newman Assistance Fund,
Ginger and William
Ram Sundaram
J. F. McCluggage, Jr.
Trish McEvoy Beauty
Allen Rosenberg
The Rona Jaffe Foundation
Anne and Steve McGuinness
Barry Rosenstein
Mildred E. Swanson
Jewelers Mutual Charitable
Giving Fund
Leo Miller Family Foundation
Aliza and Joshua Rosman
Tamkin Foundation, Inc.
Alice and Rodman W.
Moorhead III
Estate of Jack Roth
Jack Taylor’s Alexandria
Paul Huchro
Stephen M. Dowicz
Hurlbert Family Foundation
Benaroya Foundation
Cheryl and Blair Effron
IBM Corporation
Andrea Billhardt
Caryn and Craig Effron
Irina and Harry Brandler
Bruce W. Elder
Ann and Skip Irving/Health
Advances, LLC
Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi
Private Foundation
Dorothy and Richard Nopar/
Kenneth Douglas Foundation
Linda S. Byars
The Emerson Hermetic
Motor Division
Jennifer and Sean O’Neal
Jane Cambias
The Geraldine and Eugene
Pergament Education Fund
Lisa and Scott Stuart
Desi DosSantos
Lauren Belfer
William O. Burnett
Charitable Foundation
Liz and Eric Pitcher
Pamela M. Pittman, MD,
and Edward N. Robinson, Jr.,
Edmond V. Bartas
Patrice M. Campbell
Claire and Jason Capello
Stephanie and Wayne Caron
The Lois and Richard England
Family Foundation
Flow BMW-Mini
Colleen Foster
Make It Possible Foundation/
Lee and Lori Mikles
Debra McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Jones
Kramer Levin Naftalis &
Frankel, LLP
Ellen Francesca Judge
Drs. Julie and Scott Kalniz
Erica and Michael Karsch
The Keyser Family
Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
Clifford H. Friedman
Robert E. Klein
Sharon and Daniel Roitman
The Louis and Virginia
Clemente Foundation
Ron and Linda Galowich
Margie A. Knoedel
Carolyn and Marc Rowan
Cockayne Fund
Pam and Jon Scarborough
Rachael Ray and
John Cusimano
Christen C. & Ben H. Garrett
Family Foundation
Susan Krause Charitable Lead
Annuity Trust
Leslie Finerman and
Sean Goodrich
The Dancing Skies
Phil Gordon and
Barbara Smith
Elsa and Stanley Sidel
Joseph Deal
The Grateful Foundation, Inc.
Laura and Andrew T. Slabin
Jill and Jeffrey Degen
Ellyn and Michael Greenspan
Michael Stolper
Deloitte Services LP
Rawley Foundation
Elizabeth and Scott Schefrin
William and Jacqueline Shaw
Family Foundation, Inc.
Jill and Bill Shepherd
J. Dawn and Mark Christman
Vanessa and Ernest Dahlman
Julie and Gary Salomon
The Natter Family Foundation
Mara and Ricky Sandler
Bonnie M. Nelson
Phil Sarna/PS Business
Nancy and Bruce Newberg
Julianne Moore and Bart
Public Strategies, Inc.
Pablo Salame
Suwyn Family Foundation
Vincent Tese
Richard D. and Lois E.
Ann and Andrew Tisch
Levino Tittaferrante
Dick Nicely
Melissa Benzuly and
Jonathan Schaffzin
Joanne and Alfred Tobin
Estate of Maria Nicholas
Leslie and David Schwartz
Alan G. Nixon
Toronto General &
Western Hospital Foundation
Seashell Foundation
Oak Creek Foundation
Mark Seliger
Jenny Hewlett and
Adam J. Kutas
Kimberly Williams-Paisley
and Brad Paisley
Peter Selman
J. Noal Lawhon II
Parkinson’s Cure Research
Funding, Inc.
Douglas Liebhafsky and
Wendy Gimbel Charitable
Betty Jo Pattyson Trust
Iris Smith
Jean S. Smith
Revocable Trust
Maureen and Glen Smith
Karin and Kenneth Travis
Maida and Ralph W. Tryon
Susan and Donald Ullmann
United Talent Agency
Vanguard Charitable
Endowment Program
The Smolin Family Trust
The Gopal Veradhan
Memorial Foundation
Ginger Reid
Soros Fund Charitable
The Wagner Family
M & T Trust
Reilly Family Foundation
Henry Spector
The Tim and Janet Maher
Charitable Gift Fund
The William L. Richter
Family Foundation
Alexandra Wentworth and
George Stephanopoulos
I. Waldbaum Family
Sandra and Norman Pessin
Lori and Alvin Gross
The Lobster House on
Fisherman’s Wharf
Jill and Mark H. Rachesky
Debbie and Henry Sutton
Josefina Diez
Michael J. Harkins
Joella and John Lykouretzos
The John D. Turkel
Revocable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.
Catherine F. Higgins
The Sandy Hill Foundation
Vinson & Elkins LLP
Kirstie and Michael Donohue
Debbie and Dave Horn
Joan B. Wilton
Penny and Daniel Wolf
Stacey and Reid Walker
Charles Young
Amy and Fred Weiss
Barbara and Stanley Zax
$10,000 or more
$5,000 or more
Anonymous (5)
Anonymous (6)
Arlene and Alan Alda
The Kenneth A. Abrams
Charitable Foundation
The Jeffrey A. Altman
Foundation, Inc.
Denise and Herbert Abrash
Jay D. Ambrosini, MD
Allstate Benefits
Steven F. Arbelovsky
Carrie and Robert Andalman
Asperger Associates, LLC
Joe Andronaco
Peggy and John M. Bader
Janet Azhadi
Anthony Baer
Lamar Q. Ball
John Sturkie
Tracy Pollan (pictured with Michael J. Fox and David Lauren) designed
dog tags to benefit MJFF in partnership with Polo Ralph Lauren
Anders Björklund, MD, PhD, winner of the 2011 Robert
A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson’s Research
Babior Foundation
Dr. Marsha Heinke and
Dr. Lawrence Forthofer
Debi and Jeff Brooks
Fowey Light Fund, Inc.
Brooks Brothers Group, Inc.
Grace M. Fowler
Nina and Joe Brown Family
Philanthropic Fund
Pamela and George J. Fox
Susan and Simon Budman
Carolyn and Clyde Campbell
Jason Carroll
Chady Living Trust
Carolyn and Stephen Chase
The Chicago Community
Lynn and Joel Frank
Eleanor Francis Nelson Jordan
Soania and Arun Mathur
George Perez
The Rosenheim Family Fund
Beth and John Weaver
Mary and Peter S. Kalikow
Joan and Robert Matloff
Priscilla and George Matouk
Georgina and Alan
Wells Fargo Advisors
Amy and Dan Kamensky
Sara Jamison and
David Phillips
Arthur and Denise Katsaros
Helen M. McGinn
Ronald A. Pieringer
Joyce and Elliot Rothstein
The Kay Family Fund
Susan Milligan and Philip
Virginia and James Pitts
Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly
The Pamela and Arthur
Sanders Family Foundation
Bill and Sara Wilkins
Sylvia L. Polen
Marjorie and Russell Knauer
Jodi and Kenneth Meister
Geri and Lester Pollack
Schaner & Lubitz, PLLC
John & Evelyn Kossak
Foundation, Inc.
The Shirley Michel Charitable
Lead Trust
Corky and Stephen Pollan
Theresa S. and
Kenneth C. Williams
John K. Scheinberg
David A. Kovner
Kim Milliron
Mrs. Jeanne F. Coleman and
Mr. Lawrence F. Portnoy
Lisa Rotmil and
Alex Schmelzer
Ruth Zinar
Bernard Kravitz
Jeremy Mindich
Kirstin and Jimmy Powers
Jennifer M. Schneck
Christina and Barry Kringstein
Barbara W. Moore
Premiere Restoration
Company Inc.
$2,500 or more
Nancy and Ray Schoenke
Schwab Charitable Fund
Nancy and Colman Abbe
Meryl and Jeff Schwartz
Kenneth Aidekman
Family Foundation
Kick-Off for the Cure
of Parkinson’s
Angela K. and James C. Fritz
Philip Galfond
Ellen Gaslow
Catherine Manley
Gaylord Foundation
William H. Cilker Family
Georgetown Running Club
Vilas B. Kuchinad
Sandra and Dan Moore
David Cohen
Stuart Goldblatt
The Donald R. Mullen Family
Foundation Inc.
ConAgra Foods
Goldman Sachs Execution
and Clearing LLP
Laurel Conqueror Association
Inc. Smoller Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Lee
Lars Munson
Toby Cooper
Mitchell and Lenore Goldstein
Wilkins Parkinson’s
Rebecca A. McLelland
Laurel E. Friedman
Ramani Ganesh
Kim Wieland
Lehman Family Charitable
Giving Fund
Judith Spencer Price
The William L. Price
Charitable Foundation
Muskin Family Foundation
Pugliese Family
Charitable Fund
Mary and Warren Myer
Tracy and Larry Nagler
The Schwartz Family
Cindy and Steve Wilkinson
Winthrop Lodge of Elks 1078
Maire Albiol-Baldwin
The Edward I. Seagraves Fund
Joan and Lawrence Altman
R.S. Quality Products, Inc.
Al Silverberg
Jude and Joseph Smith
Jack and Sylvia Altman
Michael Novogratz
The James and Linda Raaf
Charitable Fund
Marvin W. Nyswonger
Josue Ramirez
Parkinson Association of
the Rockies
Lisa and Jim Ramsay
Tami and Fredric Mack
Larry F. Randall
Mary Ann and
Michael St. Peter
Ellen and Michael Maguire
Denise and Donald Paulus
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin P. Staller
Estate of Henry Czerwiec
Susan and Richard Hare
Family Foundation
Kate Rantilla
Mary and Robert Mandell
Barbara H. Pekow
Mary and Christopher Reaske
Elizabeth and Oliver Stanton
Rocque Dameo
Richard D. Hatchett
Estate of Dr. Rosario Maniglia
Pepsico Inc.
Patricia Jehle and James Reidy
Carol and Jim Storm
Karin and William Daun
David Haug
Gleeann and Dwight Davis
James T. Haynes
Mark Dickstein
Healthcare Information and
Management Systems Society
Elizabeth and Bruce Corneil
Ace and Connie Cory
Elaine and Ralph Crocker
Marla Meg Gordon/Kornstein
Veisz Wexler & Pollard, LLP
Gotham City
Networking Foundation
Crossroads of Michigan
The Hajim Family Foundation
Tracy and Dave Crowley
Gayle D. Halpin
Julie and John Culp/
Ted Frecka
Mary E. Dooner Foundation
Deborah and Jeffrey Hamer
DSG Planning Services, LLC
The Claudia Hearn and
Edward Stern Foundation
Estate of Bruce E. Dummer
Richard E. Henriksen
Michael Dweck
Karen and Craig Hill
Maggie and Irv Edelman
Paul Hondros
Kenneth Edwards
Katie and Aaron Hood
Drs. David and Jane Eger
Jorge Iragorri
Nancy and Stephen Einhorn
ITA Group Foundation
Shelley and Steven Einhorn
Ross Jagar
Linda and Terry Eward
Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Firman Fund
Robert W. Jones
The Meltzer Lippe Foundation
Holly and Jonathan Lipton
Amalia and Peter Lucas
Lynn and Mike Lullo
Arnold Snider
Sony Corporation of America
Vincent T. Strangio
2011 Industry Partners
Jennifer and John Streit
We are grateful to these pharmaceutical and biotech
companies for their significant commitment to help us
accelerate life-transforming treatments for Parkinson’s
Abbott Laboratories
Biogen Idec
Covance, Inc.
Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
GE Healthcare
Genentech, Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline Research
& Development Limited
Merck & Co., Inc.
Park IP
Stuart Foundation
Frank L. Sustersic
Pamela and Jeffrey Swartz
Nancy and Mark Tepping
Ross Thompson
Kent M. Thornbrugh
Gail and Richard Ullman
Ullmann Family Foundation
Pfizer Inc.
Leslie and Bill Vollbracht
Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
The David Wah and Elizabeth
Economy Charitable Fund
Karen and Greg Arrese
Khadij Assani
The Atlantic Philanthropies
Michael Auffenberg
Aurelio & Antonio
Coiffures Inc.
Leslie and Buck Balkind
Shirley and John Bandy, Jr.
Bank of Ann Arbor
Judy Baumgarten
Barbara S. Baxter
Bayview Foundation
Marian and Brian Bell
Carolyn and Don Berger
David C. Bernstein
Beth Israel Medical Center
Felix G. Bhandari
BioStorage Technologies, Inc.
Allen D. Black
Lewis Black
Thomas Blanchard
continued on page 8
Donor Listing
Bridgeway Federal
Credit Union
continued from page 7
Donor Listing
Marsha and Stephen Blank
Corn Products International
Ferran Enterprise Inc.
Charles J. and Brenda Block
Family Philanthropic Fund
Judy and Bill Cox
Michele Figdor
Donald R. Cox
Elena Finizio
Creative Artists Agency
Randi and Mark Fisher
Virginia Boone
David Bonanno
Deborah Bono
Marcia and Dennis Brager
Bridgewater Associates, Inc.
The Brooks
Family Foundation
Granger Insurance
Beth and Louis Graziadio
Jeremy R. Crisup
Rayma and William Flint
Michael Cudzil
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Foresha, Jr.
Vicky Gregorcyk
Ms. Valerie A. DiFebo and
Mr. James D. Byrne
Brad Dibert
Joseph McManus
Wallace R. and Bernice E.
Leslie Memorial Fund
Anne M. Meister
John T. Mendel
The Jerry Katz Trust
Andrea and Richard Levine
Milberg Factors, Inc.
Christiane Grossklaus
The Grove Foundation
Carol and Jerry Katzman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G.
Abby and Eugene Gurkoff
Joy and Eric Kaye
Edward and Jami Levy
Phyllis W. Miller
Candy and Kevin Kelley
Paul Lewis
Marni and Bruce Gutkin
David Mitchell
Marjorie and Steven Kellner
Jeffrey Liebenstein
John Thomas Hairston
Chris Lien
Derek Moore
Debra and Robert Frey
Judy and Joseph Harding
Karen Kelly
Estate of May Moore
Tina and Peter Hayward
Mary Kilfoy
Karen and Mark Limbird
Judy Hecker Furman and
Matthew Furman
Mariann and Carl Morales
Kit Kat Club
Jørgen Lindborg’s Family
Tony Hart
Emily M. Littleton
Morgan Stanley
Pamela and Arnold Loeb
Edith and Walter Mossberg
Beth and David Genuardi
Haynes and Boone
George Klett
Gerson & Gerson, Inc.
Robin and Daniel Hedlund
John T. Loftus
George M. Murray III
Revocable Trust
Amy and Daniel Getsch
Heidrick & Struggles
Knoxville High School
Student Senate
Myrna and Mike Ginsberg
Herald National Bank
Michael A. Kolodny
John T. Lyons
Jeff Glazer
Fred and Jane Herzner
Norman Konner
John Magnuson
James Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kopelman
Michael Mandel
Samuel and Hannah Holzman
Yvette and Roger Kotch
Kathleen Kennedy and
Frank Marshall
Thomas J. Niedermeyer
Jen Kurth
Andrew Marks
Joyce and William Niles
Judith and Michael
Anne and James McCoy
Nancy J. Novick
Phyllis and Jim McDonald
Suzanne Nowers
John L. McHugh
Foundation, Inc.
Kenney Oh
Nelle and John Fortenberry
Dahna Brecker-Freidus
and Harris Freidus
Shonali and Gautam Dhingra
Laura and Michael Kahn
Estate of Dorothy Lesher
Ronay and Richard Menschel
Craig M. Delany
Ray Butterworth
Harry Johnson
Marjorie & Richard
McGahren Foundation
Erica and Michael Karsch
Donna and Jay Fountain
James DeMare
The Joelson Foundation
The Leibowitz & Greenway
Family Charitable Foundation
Gloria Levine & Harvey Levine
Charitable Foundation
Kimberly Ann Davis
Butler Pappas Weihmuller
Katz Craig LLP
Jay Fountain, PC
Cindy and Jerry Gray
Green Holland
Management, LLC
Dalton Parkinson’s Disease
Support Group
Jill and Stuart Hurwitz
Mark Frey
Jock Casasus
Harriet Ford Dickenson
Cattoor Family
Hillel and Meira Drazin
Rita and Herbert Chestler
Duane Morris, LLP
Edmund Choo
Margaret and Bruce Duff
Stacy and Richard Clark
Nancy and William Edmunds
Clark CARES Foundation
Stephen F. Edwards
Compulink Business Systems
Dale and Marty Ehrenreich
Liz Bless and Rick Condon
Joanne Endres
The Glen Oaks
Philanthropic Fund
Barbara and Jim Conen
EOG Resources, Inc.
Erin and John Gogolak
Bruce Connor
The Ergonomic Group Inc.
Vickie and Geoffrey Gold
Convio Inc.
Nell Everman
Richard Goldberg
Kathy and Todd Copeland
Scott and Susan Fahey
Laurie and Jeffrey Goldberger
Beth and Kenneth Corbin
Fairfield County Foundation
Anita Gomez-Palacio
Kathy and Ken Garrett
Mary and Bruce Feay
Kevin and Sydney Knight
Kraft Foods, Incorporated
HP Company Foundation
Marc and Linda Lawrence
Family Trust
The Huntington National
Legacy Builders/Developers
Love Family Foundation
Gary and Kary Myers Fund
Michael Naumann
Sharon and David Nell
Chris Nichol
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S.
Ontario Hospital Association
Marlene Osthoff
Jeffrey Ostrove, PhD
The Pacer Foundation
Doris and Thomas Parry
John and Gail Payne
Charitable Gift Fund
Amy and Brook Payner
Amy and Joseph Perella
Karen and John Petry
Midge and Verino Pettinaro
Kenneth Pilger
Michael J. Fox, Julianna Margulies and Matt Czuchry at MJFF’s 2011 gala
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s
Leadership Council member Justin Lepone at MJFF’s New York
City poker tournament, Playing to Win
Laurie and Asher Platt
Pam Poley
The Philip W. Riskin
Charitable Foundation
Carol A. Porter
Sharon and Scott Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Mukesh Prasad
Larry Roi
Jane H. Pratt
Michael R. Romanowski
Preston Family Fund
Herbert Rosenkrantz
Carol and Bill Price
Shani and Douglas Rothschild
Cecile Proctor
Lawrence Ruben
Marla and Dean Provost
Erin and William Russell
PT Tiki, Inc.
Monique and Andrew
Joshua Berkowitz and
Wayne J. Safro
Chris Saitta
Michael Renoff
Steve Sakwa
Claudia and Carlos Revilla
Michael and Jill Santos
The Rhode Island Foundation
Sanford School Student
Union Group
Helen and Martin Scorsese
Jenna Bans and Justin Spitzer
Tiffany and Co.
Linda and Patrick Welch
Accurate Installation Service
Michael and Elizabeth
Tiger Global
Management, LLC
Wells Fargo Insurance
Active Network
Dan Stark
Susan and Whitney Tilson
Western Athletics Clubs, LLC
Margaret P. Stevenson
Marti M. Toner
Kristin and Daniel Wilkins
Ueberroth Family Foundation
Willow Advisors, LLC
University Students’ Council
Lynn Wilmas
Maria L. Urrutia
Florence and Robert Woolery
Stephanie Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R.
The Seiger Family Foundation
Anshu and Vinit Sethi
Patti and Martin Shenkman
Karen and Ben Sherwood
John H. Ship
Barbara and Richard
Linda and Bob Sims
Colin Smith
Sydell and Ira N. Smith
Piper and Roger Smith
Lynn Solky
Dr. Joseph D. Stokes
Sundance Running Club
Patt and Mark Suwyn
Dixie Swanson
Nancy K. Taylor
The Taylor Family Foundation
Seow K. Thay
Frank and Margaret
Throssell Fund
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Walch
Warren Family Foundation
Anne and William Washychyn
Michele and Adam Zipper
Denice and Thomas Zucca
Louise DeCarl Adler Fund
Agro-Farma, Inc. - Chobani
Brenda and Robert Aiken
Roger E. Ailes
Kaysie Uniacke and
Murat Akgun
Alamo Aircraft, Ltd.
Barbara and John Alden
Arlene L. Aldrich
Chris Allegretta
Mindee Wasserman
$1,000 or more
Laurie and Steven Weiner
Anonymous (6)
Mary and Edward Allen
Norma and Ed Weinman
Michael Abramson
continued on page 10
Julie and David Allen
2011 Corporate Matching Gifts and Employee Giving Campaigns
Abbott Laboratories
Cardinal Health
Firstgiving, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Aetna Inc.
Caspian Capital, LP
JP Morgan Chase
Chevron Texaco
Fortress Investment
Group, LLC
AK Steel
Chubb & Son
Kaiser Permanente
Sabre Holdings
Alliance Bernstein
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods,
Soros Fund
Circle of Service
The Arthur J. Gallagher
American Express
America’s Charities, Inc.
Coastal Georgia
Combined Federal
Bill & Melinda Gates
Levi Strauss
State Employees’
Community Campaign
Community Shares of
Swiss Re
Anheuser Busch, Inc.
Give With Liberty
Manulife Financial
Telus Corporation
Aristeia Capital, LLC
Dominion Foundation
McGraw-Hill Companies
Global Impact
Edison International
Medco Health Solutions
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Educational Testing
Greenlight Capital, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Hewlett Packard
New York Life
Home Depot
Northrop Grumman
The United Way of
Allegheny County
Bartholomew County
The Bay Area
Calgary and Area
Centraide Ottawa
Central and Northeastern
Central Maryland
Greater Los Angeles
Greater Toronto
The Greater Triangle
Ameriprise Financial
Bank of America
Baxter International
BNY Mellon
Boeing Company
El Paso Corporation
Booz Allen Hamilton
Evanston Capital
Management, LLC
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Annie E. Casey
Fannie Mae
Independent Charities of
Harris and Eliza Kempner
Nuveen Investments, LLC
Pepsi-Cola Company
Southeastern Philadelphia
Area Combined Federal
Lake County
Larimer County
Metropolitan Chicago
New York City
Northern New Jersey
Rhode Island
South Hampton Roads
The Columbia-Willamette
Tucson & Southern
Silicon Valley
Summit City
Valley of the Sun
Tozour Family
Time Warner Cable
Unity Church in Chicago
Venture Performance, Inc.
Wells Fargo
We are grateful
to these
companies for
their generosity
in matching
or organizing
employee gifts to
MJFF, resulting
in total giving of
about $790,000
in 2011.
Donor Listing
Judith Belzer and
Michael K. Pollan
continued from page 9
Donor Listing
Jean and Harold Allen
Jodie and George V. Allen
Tom, Mary and
Morgan Allen
Allied Sports and
Robert Allison
Allstate Restoration Corp.
The Donald C. and Norma
(Klug-French) Allyn Fund
William E. Alt
Charitable Fund
Elizabeth J. Altman
BP Foundation, Inc.
Janice and Louie Burgarello
Jason Capone
David S. Brammer
Alyssa and Chad Burkhardt
CareOne at Teaneck
Jo-Anne Williams and
Richard Bilotti
Jeff Brandler
David Becker
Laura Kang and
Paul Burkhead
Carey, Kramer, Pettit,
Panichelli & Associates, Inc.
Michael Birbiglia
David Brandon
Beerathon, LLC
David B. Breed
Carolyn Greene and
Donald Burns
Ian T. Carnathan
Ellen Blackstone
Dr. Holley A. Belch
Michael Blake
Brill Neumann Associates
Natalie R. Burns
Belkin Burden Wenig &
Goldman, LLP
Brad Blanchard
Kevin Brinkman
Pamela and Jesse Baker
Linko Burroughs
Tara Baker
David Bell
Agren Blando
Leila Kamal and
Andrew Brockway
Eugenia and
George Burylo
Stephanie and Mark Cartier
Lynn and Dan Brody
Sheana and Lewis Butler
Cheryl and Steven Carver
Ellen and Peter Brody
Lucy Butler
Cascade Food Ingredients Inc.
Lynn Brown
BWD Group, LLC
Ted Cassman
Janice and Richard Brown
Denis Byrne
Castner Family Foundation
Robert Brown
Matthew Byrne
Alessandra Cauduro
William Brown
Roberto Caccia
Cavalier Group
The Elsie A. Brown Fund, Inc.
Craig Caffarelli
Tamara and Scott Chahalis
Brown Helicopter Inc.
The Harman Cain
Family Foundation
Linda and Bernard Chalfin
Carol S. Callahan
Kym and Alan Chartash
Barbara and Roger Calvert
Heather Chastain
The Arnold F. Baggins
Foundation, Inc.
Lori Pollan and Allan Bahn
Beth Bailer
Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.
Glenn Bailey
Anne and Gerard Baker
Pete Bazylewicz
Laurie Beach
Robert D. Bechtel
Willo R. Balfrey
Cecilia Benner
Paul F. Balser
Michael J. Bensing
Kristen and Jim Bandy
Nancy Benson
Chris Altwegg
Florence and Paul Banikiotes
Cintra Bentley
Mark Alvarez
Matthew D. Bantly
Jason Berg
American Agricultural
Insurance Company
The Amgen Foundation
Thomas M. Amoss
Brett Anderson
Joseph Anderson
Susie and Charlie Anderson
Melba and Eric Anderson
Peter Antico
Apex Tools & Orthopedics Co.
John B. Barber
Bonni, Alan and Josh Berger
Paul C. Baria
The Berghorst Foundation
Daniel Barish
Susie and John Barnard
Karen and Steve Barnette
Robert Baron
Mickey Bass
Kathleen C. Bassi
Stephanie and Paul Basta
Donna and Arthur Appel
Dorothea and
Anthony Bastian
Brian Arellanes
Martha Bayer
David A. Arend
Karen and Gregory Arrese
Dean Artis
Bill’s Bookkeeping
Services, LLC
Cheryl Blank
The Blanke Foundation
David R. Blanset
Rita and Irwin Blitt
Barbara and James Block
Nancy and Randy Blue
John and Myrna Blume
Michael J. Bogerding
Marilyn and David Carp
Martha Carroll
Agnes G. Carter
Judith C. Berkes
Bohemian Foundation
Tom Bernardson
Betsy and Nathaniel Bohrer
Evelyn and William Bernstein
Robert Bolliger
Keith N. Browning
Family Foundation
Douglas H. Berry
Robin Bond
Beatrice Bruce
Colette Campanelli
Bryan Chen
Jo Anne and David Bescherer
Chris F. Bonn
Gail Brungart
Anjuli Bhattacharjee
Virginia Borner
Bernadette Buccini
Ruth Camp Campbell
Marlene Nelson and Curt
Kelly and Louis Biar
Borsky Wiesenfled Fund
Janis and Wiley Buchanan
Joaquin M. Campo
Andrew Cherner
Ronald Chidsey
Diana Browner
Diane M. Charney
Jane and John Bierwirth
The Boston Foundation
Victoria and Bob Buckler
Lordes and Jose Campon
The Bilger Foundation
Ann Boston-Reamey
Beverly and James Buckley
Donald Cantway
King Chow
Linda and Norm Boyer
Christine Bulawa
Capital One, N.A.
Marti and Jon Christiansen
Bay Ridge Fuel Corp.
Elizabeth and John
From “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s”
Houri and Ali Askari
The Chubb Corporation
Astoria Federal Savings
Vicki Chung DMD, PC
Kim Stead and Halina Avery
Pamela Cincotta
Audas Family
Sacha Clark
Charlene Austin
Sean M. Clark
Austin Community
Marlynn K. Clayton
Automatic Data
Processing Inc.
Ellen and Casey Cogut
Louise and Thomas Coffey
Joyce and Allyn Cohen
Annie Ayala
Bruce A. Cohen
Stacey and Gregg Bacchieri
Joe Cohn
Elizabeth G. Bacot-Aigner
Pietro Badia
George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth
MJFF CEO Todd Sherer, PhD, and Board Chairman
Woody Shackleton
Garret E. Cole
George F. Cole
Robert Cotter
Steven Culmone
Nina and Mitchell Davidson
Winifred Dejesus
Diane and Douglas Dickey
Joseph and Jan Dorsey
Margaret and James Collie
Jacqueline Craig
Judy and Allan Curran
Marilyn and Richard Davimos
Michael L. De Jong
Marilyn and Richard Dickstein
Thomas Dougherty
Tracey and Adam Collins
Joan R. Cramer
Dad’s Limousine Inc.
Dorse Davis
Gilles Dellaert
Wesley M. Dixon
Carrie and Michael Connell
Lisa and Jonathan Crane
Marcus Dagenais
Robert P. Davis
Mary C. Delleger
William Dizler
Karen and Christopher
William Connelly
Creative Packaging LTD
Jane P. Dallam
Ray J. Deeg
Michelle and Chris DeLong
Jody Dobrowski
Tonetta Conner
Mrs. Joan Creedon
Peter Daneker
Gregg Deehan
Meredith and Scott Dobson
Matthew Conroy
Kimberly and Gary Creem
David D’Arcy
Mary Bell Deevers
Sarah and Paul Densen
Charitable Foundation
Amanda and Michael Conte
Mary Cressman
Christine and James Dart
Ed Conway
Kim and Robert Crosby
Sandra and William Davenhall
Brian Cormier
Ann Crowley
Laurie and James Davidowitz
Patricia Costello
Crown Investments
Corporation of Saskatchewan
Kirstyn Davidson
Kathryn A. Keeler and
Stuart M. de Haaff
George S. DeHesus, Sr. Trust
David Deibel
James Dejesus
Rick Detorie
Suzanne and Jacob Doft
Rebecca Dolligner
Deutsche Bank
Americas Foundation
Jeffrey E. Donnelly
Jerry Diamondstein
Glenn Doran
Dic-Wisco Farms Inc.
Adam Dormuth
Doyle Family Foundation Inc.
Andrew Drawe
Linda Dubilier
James M. DuBois
Deborah Dudley
Anne O. Duff
Margaret J. DuFrayne
continued on page 14
The MJFF Legacy Circle
The Legacy Circle honors friends who support the Foundation’s
work through bequests or other planned gifts. While MJFF’s mission
has always been to put itself out of business by curing PD, planned
gifts provide a major, long-term funding source that we can both plan
around and leverage immediately to accelerate high-impact research.
Anonymous (7)
Sid Aaron
Phil N. Allen Trust
Blance E. Ash Trust
Sylvia Marie Becherer
Revocable Living Trust
Estate of
Sam M. Anderson
Estate of
Pollyanna Herrell
Estate of Lisa Susan
Estate of Helen Hoskin
Estate of Helen Bennett
Estate of Ruth Carter
Estate of John
Christopher Kimmey
Richard Belman
Estate of Alma Chitwood
Estate of Dolores E.
Lori Boetto
Estate of Diane Mae Clark
Estate of Louis Krieger
Virginia Brooks
Estate of Josephine M.
Estate of
Raymond H. Lake
Estate of Henry Czerwiec
Estate of Dorothy Lesher
Estate of Beryll Deming
Estate of
Dr. Rosario Maniglia
Jock Casasus
Beverly and Calvin
Chady Living Trust
Barbara and
Arnold Cohen
Frederick C. Colton
Frances Reser Coody
in memory of
John Lester Coody
Larry and Anne Davis
George S. DeHesus, Sr.
Estate of Bruce E.
Estate of Byron Mavrelis
Estate of Theresa
Estate of Esther J. Pressel
The Hoover Family
Charitable Remainder
Estate of Melvin Rauch
Mary Hopkins
Elfrieda Remlinger
Revocable Living Trust
Estate of
Marjorie E. Richards
Judith and Charles Huss
Judith Snow Riedel
Thomas J. Sabourin
Estate of Jack Roth
Eleanor Francis Nelson
Estate of Eileen R. Salter
The Jerry Katz Trust
Manuel Schneider
Living Trust
Estate of Lucile Traeger
Rev. Dolores K. Kimsey
Henry Spector
Estate of
Leonard A. Zielinski
Rose Krieger
Dorothy Strauss
Deborah and Jim Long
The Sutherland Familiy
Janet and Robert B.
Sally and Andrew Lorenz
Ms. Keely Thayer
Robert Lushk
Jeff Evans
Richard D. and
Lois E. Thomas
Barbara Folender
The Edmund Ernst
McClure Trust
Carl Gardecki Trust
Janet McCrory
Donald and Martha B.
Geibel Trust
Geraldine McMillan
Margaret C. Glosser
Irrevocable Trust
One West Bank
Elizabeth H. Weinraub
Don and Ruth Palmer
Dotha S. Welbourn
Charities Trust
Jean Patton 2005
Revocable Trust
Charles C. White
Revocable Trust
Lee Herman
Betty Jo Pattyson Trust
Kathryn P. Wright
Samuel and Hannah
Holzman Trust
John Porter Trust
Margaret Yacuone
John Randall
Melvin Zuckerman
Estate of May Moore
Estate of
Josephine Laura Morrison
Thomas K. & Yvonne
G. Hanes Charitable
Remainder Trust
Estate of Maria Nicholas
Alessio and Flora Ventura
Juan Griego
Estate of Rafael Joseph
Estate of Martin Nash
The John D. Turkel
Revocable Trust
Dr. Brent and Terry
Andrew S. Grove
Estate of
Sidney Kanz Morgan
Sophia Tomich
Living Trust
Karen A. Oliver
Estate of
Solomon B. Miller
Estate of Beatrice
Jacqueline Monahan
Gale Reeves
Peter Gonsalves
Estate of Marjory S.
Estate of Iva Pauline
Shirley Michel Lead
Charitable Trust
Estelle Randolph
If you have
made estate
plans that
include MJFF
and would like
to be listed as a
member of The
Legacy Circle,
please call
Sheila Kelly at
(212) 509-0995,
ext. 214.
Donor Listing
Sean K. Coleman
Donor Listing
2011 Tributees
Marvin Adleman
Stephen Blank
Mabel Simboli Colgan
Robert D. Fager
Ida M. Griffith
Carol Huber
All “P” People
John P. Blatz
Thomas M. Collie
Jeffrey S. Falk
Donald Griley
Arthur L. Humphrey
Emily “Kim”
Thomas Allen
Bob Booth
Jim Connor
Stephen I. Federman
Alvin R. Gross
Sherman Hunt
Nancy Kittle
Patricia Altman
Shirley Bowman
Casey B. Cook
George J. Feeney
Frank J. Groza
Victoria C. Hurst
Donald J. Knoedel
Mark Amoss
Susan Bracken
Bruce Cooper
M. Martha Fluhr
Larry Gruntfest
Frank Charles Hyams
Steven Koning
Leo F. Amrhein
Ronald R. Brady
John Copeland
Raymond Forster
William A. Gruy
Gale Hyman
Frank Kotch
Holly Andersen
Jack Breed
Ray D. Coss
Grace M. Fowler
G. Gordon Guist, Sr.
Jorge M. Inchauste
Barbara Kraly
Judith E. Ingram
Keith Kravitz
Kerstin G. Anderson
Ella Brehm
John Couric
Michael J. Fox
Paul Gustavson
Betty Angott
Jeff Bridges
Roger A. Cramer
Elena T. Frasso
Alva R. Haik
Brian H. Jackson
Phyllis Kravitz
Erling Antony, Sr.
Patrick F. Brown
Frank Crawford
Thomas J. Frecka
Charles R. Haines
Dennis Jackson
Kathryn A. Kronick
Lilly Appel
Dennis L. Bruce
Richard S. Creedon
Claude Harris
Mary Jackson
John N. Lam
Mary Arieven
Joan V. Buffoni
John Dameris
Emily Harris
William Jeffers
William B. Langford
Mary A. Harris
Charles Jenkins
Earl Laughlin
Catherine Armsden
John C. Burbridge
John L. Daniels
Sharon N. Freytag
Carmella Avondoglio
Herbert Burkhardt
Richard H. Davimos
Frank Fries
Gregory J. Harm
Gerald L. Johnson
Joe Leach
Amos Ayala
John J. Byrne
Don Davis
Helen Fronstin
Sylvia Harman
Wayne Jones
John Joseph Leahy, Jr.
Henry P. Davis
Stanley Fujarczuk
Isaac Hart
Robert W. Jones
Harry Lenger
Dr. Maria Kasavin and
John Davis
Stanley Hart
Robert H. Joost
William B. Leonard
Emmett B. Ball
Elba Arencibia and
Jayne Cairns
Ron Galowich
Joe Garraffa
Paul L. Hartford
Freeman P. Jordan
Maria Leschnitzor
Shirley Bandy
Barbara C. Calvert
Susan McClellan Davis
Abraham Gaslow
Kathleen Hatchett
Ruth Just
Leslie H. Levinson
Muriel Barello
Dale B. Cansler
Gerard T. Gelpi
Mrs. James T. Haynes
The Kalikow Family
Arnold Levy
Donald Barshay
Melvyn L. Cantor
Sally and James de
Ellen George
Tony C. Hazle
Robert J. Kamin
Edwin A. Levy
Edmond V. Bartas
Jeff P. Cantarutti
Marvin DeBrock
Eththelle F. Gibbs
Danai Kanchanagom
Louise Lewis
Barbara Carver
Alan C. Deehan
Arnold Hecker
Peter W. Bazylewicz
Martin Gillman
John Kandel
Reba J. Lilley
Philip Becker
Martha Cash
Beryll Deming
Stephen Henriques
Elizabeth L. Gingas
Larry Kandel
Jorden Lindborg
Gerald R. Belden
Hugh J. Cassidy
Ronald R. Dillinger
Laura Henriksen
Al Glickman
Sean J. Kaplan
Mary Line
Bernard Belfer
Nedra Donnelly
Kathy Henry
Alice Zacharias
Edgar W. Glossbrenner
William A. Herzig
Burt Kaplan
Sybil E. Lipschultz
James S. Dorathy
Charles Gogolak
Charles T. Duff
Glenn Higdon
John Katsaros
Charles Lobenstein
Gilbert C. Caton
Steven Gold
Michael A. Duncheon
Noel F. Hiltz
Jenny Keese
Joann Loftus
Howard Cayea
Sheldon Goldstein
Tom Ebner
Al Hirshoren
Kenneth C. Kellan
Jim Long
Richard P. Celani
Sharon M. Golub
Robert C. Edwards
Frances Hockman
Uma J. Khosla
Peter H. Lucas
Rita Chandler
C. Allen Good
David Ellis
Alan R. Kidston
Bill Ludwig
Elizabeth A. Chase
William Hockman
Irving Gorsky
Geoff Ellis
John W. King
Joseph W. Lullo Jr.
Harold Christiansen
William Holzapfe
Margot Gosen
Gary T. Emr
James Hongl
Reed Kinneer
Joseph Lullo
Elizabeth Christopher
Dorothy Greene
Alan Engelsman
Daniel Hood
Samuel W. Kinnaird
Douglas W. Maclay
Patrick M. Cicalese
Elliott S. Greenspan
Irving Evall
Sarah K. Horn
Mary Kipps
Shakira Mahamadi
Martin Cohen
Curtis L. Greenway
Larry Eward
William T. Houston
Freeman G. Kirby
Shirley Makibbin
John A. Coleman
Grace S. Griffith
Chezley Howle
Kevin Bacon
Michael G. Badendieck
Raymond Benner
Christine Bentley
Jimmy Bergin
Ruth A. Berner
Roderick L. Beverly
Thaddeus Bezad
Vijay Bhandari
Charles P. Biggar
Virginia Billhardt
Lois Binder
George Blanco
Raquel Caballero
Michael Manning
Donor Listing
Orin W. Manuel
Rose Nardi
Emil Porfido
John W. Russell
Edward A. Strebel
Antoinette Warden
Steve Manos
George Neel
Irving A. Portman
Victoria Ryan
Michael Wassel
Everett J. Nelson
Armand Poulin
Hans Salomon
Hildegard Volkmann
Mabel Nelson
Jodi Pridonoff
Robert B. Sampson
Daniel D. Sullivan
Joyce Wehofer
Walter D. Marino
Robert J. Neuneker
Robert A. Pritzker
Viola Scales
Margaret B. Sullivan
Linda R. Weiner
Richard A. Mark
Arlene Newman
Ronald D. Provost
Richard J. Schwartz
Debbie Sutton
Sidney Weinstein
Bernard Marketty
Harriet Nixon
Sylvia Quadracci
Lillian Schwartz
Garnet Sveda
Catherine L. Weiss
Dorothy Q. Schwimer
Paul Swanson
Robert B. Weller
Dave Wetzel
Nancy Martinchek
Nancy J. Novick
Alan W. Quinn
John W. Weaver
Dominick Martorellli
Errolyn D. Nyswonger
Marie A. Raaf
Larry Scott
James C. Sweeton
Mitsuko McCandlish
Thomas E. O’Briant
Kendall Raether
Helen F. Scudder
Stephanie Szostak
Lloyd J. Wheeler
Eleanor McCarthy
Herman C. Okean
Ruth Rand
Frank Sebek
Louis C. Taffuri
Raymond L. Whitney
Donald S. McCauley
Gary L. Randall
Linda A. Sharp
Dr. S. Jerome Tamkin
Earl Wiener
Michael R. McConnell
Edwina and Patrick
Ernest Rapoport
William F. Sharley
William Tatum
Brett Wilson
Kathy McCune
Ray Olesen
Michael W. Rasberry
Robert Shepard
Claire R. Taylor
Jack W. Williams
Juliet Hippensteele
Mike O’Malley
Joseph H. Reich
Albert Sherwyn
Violet J. Taylor
Linda Williams
Richard R. McDonough
Joanne Ship
Chris Tellefsen
Harold G. Wilson
Terrence Ortwein
Thomas D. McDowell
Diane Reina
George F. Shivers
Joanna Thach
Gaile Wingard
Douglas I. Ostrover
Delwyn E. Shunk
Donald Thompson
Ronald G. McGee
Valerie Remmet
Sue Wojnilower
Victor E. Oswald
Annie Sierens
John E. Thomas
Austin J. McGinn
Claudia Revilla
Joseph Wolfe
Mary Ousterhout
Nate Silver
Joseph A. Thomas
Mary Ann McGowan
Ryan Reynolds
Kenneth Wolfe
Lisa Ozolins
Ruth S. Simon
Glen Tidwell
Thomas J. McMahon
Margaret M. Rhea
Michael J. Wolfe
Dale Paige
David Singer
Paula Tomlin
Joel Meador
William Ribner
Wai T. Wong
Tet H. Pang
Carole Slabin
John E. Trabert
Lee Mendel
Margo L. Rice
William P. Wooden
Mary-Louise Parker
Sunya Mendelsohn
Bob Slaughter
Terry Tribolet
Florence L. Woolery
Robert W. Patin
Charles Mensing
Sherm Robbins
Joseph Smith
Kerry A. Tyler
Edwin H. Wrench
Thakorbhai Patel
Wayne C. Smith
Frank A. Uribie
Betty J. Mero
Leon Wulfe
Luigi Pavan
Martha Snow
Fermin Valdes
Dick Miller
Carol Wurts
David H. Peery
Wiley Buchanan,
Ridge Grant and Glenn
Alvin Vanderslik
Leo Miller
Diane Wyshak
James Perazzo
T. R. Roberts
Howard M. Sommers
James Vaugh
Margaret K. Miller
Juliette Yager
Barbara Petkus
Irving Roder
Joey Spector
Pauline Ventura
Marissa Miller
Christine Young
Christa Peters
Sonya Rodin
Judith C. Spencer
David Verway
Don Mills
Wanda G. Young
Joseph Phelan
Walter Roth
Florence Spiers
John M. Vos
George Morris
Richard F. Zeches
Walter Philipp
Oliver L. Rothenberg
Jack Spillman
David Thomas Muir
and Thomas Meikle
Donna Rowley
Patricia D. Stewart
Iva Zucca
Inez Pilger
Irene WakabayashiYanaga
Raymond E. Pittman
Carol and Larry
Joseph F. Murphy
Seymour Muskovitz
Irwin Nadel
Sheila E. Orr
Albert Polen
Corinne Pollan
Wayne D. Reid
Thomas B. Robb
Judith Rubin
Cooper Stinson
Myron Strasser
George Strauchon
Howard M. Strauss
John M. Walker
Ruth S. Wallack
Bernard L. Warren
The Michael J.
Fox Foundation
is grateful
for the honor
and memory
gifts made in
tribute to these
individuals and
in 2011.
continued from page 11
Donor Listing
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Dunn
Dorothy Dupper
Marsha and Anthony Durniak
Martin M. Dvorkin
Kris Dworkoski
Carole and David Ebner
Editions Gazelle
Rebecca Edman
Naomi and Gary Edwards
The Eggers
Donald Ehreth
Daniel Einhorn
Martin J. Elias
The Famous Manufacturing
Linda and Salvatore Farina
Terry and Peter Farmer
Patrick Feeney
Mary M. Fraser
Lisa and Richard Giacco
Bunny and Sy Feigenbaum
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Deborah and Donald Gill
Andrew Feldstein
Chris Fenar
David and Sandra Ferguson
Ferrara Pan Candy Company
Jean and Richard Fiesinger
Penny Engelsman
Laurine and David Fillo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
England, Sr.
Susan F. Finkle
Bonnie S. Englebardt Family
Charitable Trust
Rebecca and Larry Fischer
Lizabeth and Kim Erickson
Andrew Ertman
Jenny Barry and
David German
Adele and Howard Gewirtz
Lisa and Christopher Engel
Jane and Raymond Epstein
Dorothy and Jon Fox
Linda and Jeffrey Franklin
Carol and Michael Fielding
Jason Epstein
Gorjana & Griffin, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Fastenberg
Gregory Eng
Betsy and David Epstein
Jen and Matt Gorin
Laurel and George Gerhat
Fasnacht Family Foundation
Fidelity Brokerage Services,
Aron Epstein
General Mills
Karmen and Greg Fox
The Frankel Family
Mary and Bobby Ellington
Equitable Adjusters, LLC
Angela W. Fowler
Marion and Jerry Fioretti
Naomi and Norris Fischer
Ivy Freedman
James Freehill
Kipp and Bruce Freeman
Katie and Matt Frekko
Brooke and Andrew Friedman
Lyla and Walt Fries
Farrell Fritz, P.C.
Anthony Fusco
The Gabelli Foundation
Bill Gaine
Zach Galifianakis
Jane and Robert Gallagher
Joan L. Germany
Dylan G. Gill
Gill Foundation
Richard Glassberg
Shirley Gleich
Seth Glickman
Global Eye Investments
Debbie Francis and
Kenneth Glossbrenner
Kenneth Glowienke
Sandra and Laurence Gluck
Elaine Goddard
The Grubman Compton
Cheryl and Gregory Gudorf
Kevin Gould
Guyer G. Guist
Lu Grainger
Lynne and John Harris
Estate of Beatrice S. Harrison
Jeremiah T. Hart
Brenda Harter
Camille E. Granato
Charlotte and Larry
Kristy and Robert Harteveldt
Chris Grannan
Stephen Haberkorn
Jim Hartwell
Erica and Kenneth Grau
Sarah Hach
Harvard University
Katherine Gray
Henry Hackel
Colleen and Patrick Haskell
Adam Grealish
Deborah and Jim Hagel
Jenny and Michael Haun
Peter Greatrex
Ginger and Larry Hahn
Hausman Foundation Trust
Marisa and Edward O. Green
Halperin Foundation
June M. Haverly
H. Peyton Green
Edwin Hamilton
Anne Greenan
Stephanie and
Michael Haverly
Rodney N. Hamilton
The Martin B. Greenberg
Foundation, Inc.
Jason Hammerman
Andrea and John Hampshire
Greendale Lynn
Family Foundation
Victoria A. Hampton
Nancy S. Greene
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
Andrew E. Greenwald
Laurence and
Joanne Hannafin
Beverly and Mark Goldfus
Juanita and Donald
Susan Goldsmith
Sharon Gregorcyk
The Barbara J. and
Robert W. Hannan
Grant Hawgood
Sue Hayhow
Amy Hazelton
Michele and Tony Hazle
Kevin and
Alan Heath-Obata
Gina Keenan-Heepke and
Daniel Heepke
Andrea and Ron Hein
Peggy and Dick Fitzgerald
Patricia and Lawrence
Lori and Brian Goler
Robert Grillo
Eric Hanson
William J. Hein
Dawn N. Fitzpatrick
The Gallop Family Foundation
Janis and Alan Goldberg
Ralph Grishman
Charles F. Harding
Jean-Marie and John Heins
Debby and Lou Flancbaum
Christine M. Hansen and
Charles Ganter
Brian Gomba
David F. and Margaret T.
Grohne Family Foundation
Jan A. Harding
Jay Heitman
Ethel and Samuel Harmatz
Jeff Heitzner
Joseph Harrington Family
Helen of Troy Limited
Neil Flancbaum
Deirdre Flynn
Mary Ann and Ernest Forman
Steven Geismar
Cheryl and Richard Gelber
Robert Goodman
Sandra and Thomas Allen
David Groom
Wendy Greg and Jamie Gross
Robert H. Helfgott
Judith Evall
Sophie and Chris Evangelides
Evans Tool & Die Inc.
Bradford Evans
E. Joseph Evans
Charitable Trust
Evercore Trust Company
Deann Wright and Luke Evnin
The Evslin Family Foundation
Dawn Sierens and Shane Fable
Charles Facas
Family Management
Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett perform on the Funny Thing stage
Lisa Piazza and Board member David Golub at Playing to Win
Debra and James Hoback
The Huisking Foundation, Inc.
Richard E. Jenkins
Nancy and Richard Kaminsky
Maddy and Lew Helfstein
John and Laura Hodge
Derris and John Humphrey
Christopher Jensen
Orapin Kanchanagom
Hello Doggie, Inc.
John and Nancy Hoey
Charitable Gift Fund
Juanita C. Humphrey
Judy Jentzen
Tanya Kanchanagom
Brad Henderson
Jean and Chuck Henry
The Henry Family
Marjorie and James Herald
Dr. Larry Herbig
Benjamin Hoffstein
Marcia Hofheimer
Mark R. Hunt
Jewelry Fashions, Inc.
Thomas Kandel
Robert Hunter
John Moriarty & Assoc., Inc.
Ken Kapalowski
Huntsville Medical Products
Carol Johnson
Carol G. Kaplan
Richard Hogan & Carron
Sherry Foundation Inc.
Hurst Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson
Esther and Harold Kassab
William H. Hohenstein
Judith and Charles Huss
Carole and Frederick Johnson
Timothy Kassen
National Association
Keystone State Corvette Club
Kidston Family Companies
Jaclyn Kilroy
Dana and Richard Kind
Dan King
Todd Kinnaird
Constance Kinnear
Charles Lamar
Joseph and Judy Lamastra
Walter D. La May
Lambert Family Foundation
James G. Lammy
J. Landa, Inc.
Linda and Alan Landis
Landmark Bank
Laner Muchin Dombrow
Becker Levin and
Tominberg, Ltd.
Greg Holden
John Hynansky
Johnson & Johnson
Rachelle and David Katz
Jim D. Herrgesell
Betty and Randolph Holder
Wilfred L. Iandoli
Larry R. Johnson
Dayle and Michael Katz
Julie and Everette Herring
James Holmes
ILN Technologies Inc.
Barbara and Mike Johnson
Andrea L. Kay
Terrie L. Ray and
Kenneth Kipp
Marlene and Bill Herzig
Keith A. Hoover
Bonnie and Dudley Ince
Kathy Kazmierski
Clarence T. Kipps
Chriscinda and Fabian Lange
Martha L. Hester
Sandy Horn
John Irish
The Robert Wood Johnson
Cheryl L. Keamy
Michael Isaacs
Victoria and Jeffrey Kellan
Jo Hewell
Jennifer Koen and Mark
The Kenneth and Laurie
Kissell Charitable Foundation
Diane and Jerome Lapham
Kathie and Dale Hetherington
Yvonne Kellar-Guenther
Brent Kittle
Russell Heywood
Alyson Horton
David L. Keller
KLA Tencor Foundation
Barbara and Jim Higgins
Mary and Ronald Horton
Valerie Fronstin-Akins and
Robert Iverson
John Kelley
Leonard Kleiman
Hill, Betts & Nash LLP
Valerie and Stephen Hosford
Douglas and Lynn Jackson
Steven R. Jordan
Katrina and Pat Kelley
Michael Klein, DDS
Hilliard Farber & Co, Inc.
The Howard Family
Charitable Fund
Glen Jackson
Sheryl and Robert Josephson
Lou A. Kelly
Bobbie and Ron Klein
Lauren and Jeff Jackson
Josflo Corporation
David Kleinhandler
Jane and Peter HowardJohnson
Diane and Richard Kelly
A. Jacobs
Dr. Scott Kadlec
David Kelsch
Staci and Michael Klonsky
Jeffrey Jacobs
Starr and Richard Kadlick
Michael H. Kelson
Ken Knevel
Kathleen and Justin Jacobs
Kenneth Kailin
Denise E. Kemble
Kevin Koch
Fred Kennedy
Ann and John Kogan
James and Irene Ruepp Kerr
Shiv Kolakeri
Key Impact Sales &
Systems, Inc.
Kenneth Kolaski
Philip C. Herr II
Christoph Hinder
Marie-Louise and
Werner Hinder
Judy Isaacson
Cynthia Johnston
Kara Johnston
Melinda and Paul Jones
Elaine Joost
David Hinkelman
Howard S. Wright
Constructors, LP
Linda and Mike Hinkle
Dale Hower
Sheryl and Tony Jedlinski
Sherrie Kaiser
The Hill Family Charitable
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Sheila Jefferson
Kamin Foundation
Hsieh/Huang Family Fund
Patricia and David Jenkins
Gerald Kaminsky
Dr. and Mrs. Wing Hong Hui
Kathleen M. Jenkins
Lori Kaminsky
James Ho
Dedra A. Kinneer
Patti and Thomas Larkins
Mary and Bob Larson
Jan and Fred Laughlin
Phillip E. Ledin
Lee Air Company, Inc.
Michele and Bob Lee
Brian Leffler
Mike Lein
Jill L. Leinbach
Barbara and Herbert Lembcke
Penny Leong
Judith and Michael Lesch
Martha K. Levin
Paul Korman
Charles and Margaret Levin
Family Foundation Inc.
Julie and Jim Kress
Lisa and Clyde Krogh
Krosner Family Charitable
Fund within the
Community Foundation for
the Fox Valley Region
(L-R) Carolyn Schenker with Board members Holly Andersen, MD, and Eva
Andersson-Dubin, MD, at Ralph Lauren’s private shopping event to benefit MJFF
Linda N. Larkin
Konowitz, Kahn &
Company, P.C.
Elaine Kranich
Ricky Gervais gets the laughs at Funny Thing
Mary Lou and Bill Lange
The Richard L. Levin Family
Lola J. Perniceiaro and
Mark A. Levine
Lara Levinson
Sue and Dick Levy
Laurence Kubilus
Michael Levy
Margaret Kubis
Roxanne W. Levy
Kucera Family Foundation
Christopher Lewis
Jennifer and Sam Kwan
Jada Lewis
Debbie Salas-Lopez and
Richard Kwasny
Mary A. Rossi and
Jeffrey P. Lewis
Jackie Lain
Karen Lewis
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Donor Listing
Betty and Irwin Helford
continued from page 15
Donor Listing
Peter Li
Sue and Steve Ludwig
Janis and Lawrence Malone
Marcia S. Massee
Andrew McKenna
Courtney Milewski
Liberty Mutual Group
Ann and George Luedke
Eric Mann
Martha and Jack Matloff
Chris and Linda McKenney
Roxana and Dave Miller
The Morton & Lillian
Waldfogel Charitable
David Licursi
Rolf and Ann Lulloff
Mike and Sallie Manning
Susan Matthews
Mary and Joe Meaden
Janice and Harvey Miller
The Mosellie Family
Seth Lieberman
Diana Lum
Jesse Manocherian
Don and Laurie Matz
Mrs. Judy Meador
Paula and Ross Miller
Kelly and Steve Lilley
Lundbeck Inc.
Will Manuel
Shannon Medlicott
Robert M. Miller
The Moskowitz
Fred W. Limbach
Louise and Michael Lynch
Hector E. Marchand
Joseph R. Mawad/
Tekniverse, Inc.
Pam Lindroos
Ellen R. Lynn
Kevin Margeson
Erin Lines
The M&T Charitable
Mary Ann and
Charles Margiotti
The Jack R. Linsky
Brian, Sari, Robyn and
Lane Lipschultz
Suzanne and Craig Litt
Amy and Brian Maas
Jane and Marvin Maas
Marilyn and Jack MacAllister
Miriam Macdonald
Julianna Margulies
Tom Marhefka
Patricia Marinilli
MarketAxess Corporation
The Litwin Foundation,
Patricia Machalinski
Robert Livingston
Robert Macklin
Walter and Nancy Locher
Scott Macklin
Linda Marlowe
Angela and David Long
Family of Maclay Properties
Marina Marrelli
Antone and Deborah
Marilyn and John Maddoux
Margaret and Robert Marshall
Mary Maddox
Nikki and Thomas Marshall
Kathy Love
Madison Avenue Pharmacy
Frank Marsico
Stanley Markofsky
Alan Marks
Joanne Marqusee and
Lawrence Mottley, MD
Mike and Sharon Megehee
Susan M. Miller
Mayer Family Foundation,
Theresa Mellis
The Miller Family Fund
Caroline Glenn Mayson
Christopher Mellen
Family Fund
Joanne McElligott and Douglas
Frances Melone
Jennifer Milliron
Prabir Mukherjee
Karen Mendelsohn
Gordon H. & Karen M. Millner
Family Foundation
Paula Mullane
Lisa M. Mills
Kaushik Murali
Justin Mobley
Eleanor and Kevin Murphy
Lauren and David Moffitt
Shelly and Frederick Molineux
Maureen O’CallaghanMurphy and John Murphy
Susan and Scott McBride
The McBurney Family
McCall Fund
Joseph McCambley
Ann McCarthy
Shelley McCarty
Docie and Larry McCormick
Tom Mendoza
Shirley Mera
Merck Partnership for Giving
Meridian Capital Group, LLC
Barbara and Donald J. Moulin
Rebecca and Eric Mueller
Lara and Gary Munch
David McDonald
Merkle Response
Management Group
Anish Monga
Michael Murphy
Juliet and Larry McDonald
Annette Merle-Smith
Donna and Ross Mongiardo
Thomas Murphy
J. S. McFadyen
Betty and Robert Mero
Tom Murphy
Elizabeth and
Paul McGaffigan
Patricia A. Merrill
Monmouth County Academy
of Allied Health & Science
Glenn Moore
Thomas C. Muse
Martha Moore
David Muskovitz
Joanna and Daniel Murray
Michael E. Magato
Vicki and Matt Martelli
Thomas and Linda McGee
Messer Construction
Amina Mahamadi
Robert F. Martens
Jane and Ray McGowan
Caryn Messinger
Olga and Thomas Moreland
Philip and Florence Mahler
Kelly Martin
David T. Musselman
Sandra McGowan
The Michelson Foundation
Morningstar Villa, LLC
Joni Martino
N & K Hawley
Fran Middleman
The Moroze Family Fund
Dominick Martorelli
Robert D. Nankervis
Ruth and George Lucas
The Chris and Melody
Malachowsky Family
Connie and Joseph McHale
Carol McInnis
Milbrook Properties LTD
Nancy and George Martz
C. Richard Lucy
Susan and Dennis McIntyre
Elizabeth A. Malone
Richard L. Mason
Kristine and Tim McKay
Susan Bartsch and
Robert Mileti
Estate of Josephine
Laura Morrison
National Association of
Aircraft and Communications
Elaine and Gerry
Lenore and Jack
Loyal Order of the
Patient Council members with Michael J. Fox and Debi Brooks at the luncheon celebrating
the Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson’s Research
Dwight and Susan Morrow
Board member David Einhorn co-hosts
Playing to Win
Katharine and Bret Parker
Shirley Piper
Cheryl and Lawrence Purtell
Candy and David Rhoads
Susan G. Salerno
Joan Shepp
Raymond Naumann
Carrie and Dale Parker
Wayne Pither
Thomas Quinlan
Marcia Ribner
Janet L. Sales
Nancy E. Sheppard
NBC Universal
Laura Parks
Emily H. Pitt
William Quinlan
Harry and Verna Richardson
Guy Salts
Marilyn and Rex Sheppard
Janice and Kenneth Negin
Gaetano Parrinello
Jane and Gerald Pittenger
Julie and Jason Raether
Joseph Richter
Todd B. Sampson
Kelly and Todd Sherer
Clarke Nelson
Bhavini Patel
Mukund Raghavachari
Susan and Michael Richter
Tanvi N. Patel
Myrna and Norman Ricken
Mary Jo and Robert Nero
Diane M. Pattee
Samantha and Jordan Platt
Rainier Investment
Management, Inc.
Ron and Barbara Sanches
and Family
Catherine and Rony Shimony
Marlys A. Nelson
Veronique and
Robert Pittman
Richard P. and Faye Nespola
Charitable Foundation
Frances Paulsen
PLM Foundation
William L. Ramseur, MD
Ann and Peter Pollack
Adam Ratica
Rachel Pollack
Douglas Neben Rathke Fund
Pond Jumpers Inc.
Jeremy A. Rawitch
Joseph and Geraldine Portello
Razoo Foundation
Lisa Neuman
Sabine Neumann
Paula Pavan
Barbara L. Pearl
Anne and Jeffrey Pearl
Neuro Spine Center of
Wisconsin SC
David Pelton
Karen and Craig Nevelow
Perot Foundation
Newark Area Jaycees
Brian Perry
Joan C. Niedfeldt
Robert G. Personius
Michael Nierenberg
Jane Q. Peterson
Jeffrey M. Nobel
Susan Toeniskoetter and
Dan Petree
Janet and William Norris
Diane and Jeffrey Pettus
Marc Porter
Stephen Read
Daniel E. Posner
Recreation Farm Society, Inc.
June and Ian Postnikoff
Stephen Poulin
James Powers
Prestige Flooring
The Friends and Families of
the Prices and Parsons
Northeast Berks County
Chapter of Thrivent Financial
L. Selina Peyser
Northrop Custom Metal, LLC
PFP, Inc
Lucio Noto
PhD Program
Marla and Dean Provost
Cheryl and John Novak
Rita and Walter Philipp
Psychists, Inc.
Kit and Roger Olen
Philips Brothers Electrical
Contractors, Inc.
Claire, Hillary and
Andrew Prins
Marc Puich
Ann H. Cook and
William E. Redfoot
The Right Charitable
Riley Riper Hollin &
Jeanne and Lawrence Rist
Michelle and Bruce Ritholtz
Jonathan Roach
Barbara and Craig Robbins
Susan G. Robbins, PhD
Susan and Robert Roberts
Sandra and Stephen Reed
Sandy and Mark Robinson
Kelly and Jason Regier
Sharon Robinson
REI Charitable Trust
Laurie G. Rocha
The Reichert Foundation
Jack Rodin
Stephanie and Keith Reimer
Leslie Rooks Sack
Lorraine M. Reina
Polly and William Rosen
Andreas Reinhart
Ora Rosenberg
Jack Remnet
Lauren and Michael Rosenthal
Renaissance Charitable
Foundation, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B.
Sue A. Rendleman
Jill and Scott Rhea
Heather S. Sanders
Ronald Sandoval
Andy Shore
Susan Shuler
Kenneth Sands
The Sidewater Family
Anne and Thomas Sanger
Gail and Aaron Siegel
Dave Sankey
Ken Siegel
Dr. and Mrs. Sarner
Miller Sigmon
Paul and Robyn Saur
Ben Sihota
Linda Sawyer
Ed K. Sikov
Peter Scales
Sills Foundation, Inc.
Gloria B. Schall
Marion Silton
Carl Schecter
Alexander Silver
Patrick Scheideler
Steven and Fiona Silver
Janelle Schierling
Claudia Silverang
Harry and Lila Schiffman
David Sims
Christa and Calvin Schmidt
Maxine Cooper and
Lewis Singer
Schnitzer Steel Industries
The Jean and Thomas
Schreiber Philanthropic Fund
Jane and Steve Sinton
Matt Sirovich
Judith and John Schumacher
Aaron Sirulnick
Jill and Sandy Sirulnick
Babs Soller and Randy Ross
Deanna and Richard
Cary Roth
Mary and Richard Schuster
Susan Onysko
Robert N. Rubin
Mary E. Slaughter
Scott Ornstein
Stephen Rubin
Charles Schwab
Charitable Fund
B. Rubinson
Teresa and Daniel Schwartz
Phyllis and Rick Slocum
Anne Osburn
Erik and Sylvia Rule
Peter Schweitzer
Alys and Brad Smith
Gerald Osinoff
Carleen Russell
Georgia L. Sebek
Derek Smith
Mary Anne and Jim Ostrenga
Dana and Jay Russell
The Selective Group
Amy and Howard Smith
Don Oswald
Gerald Ouderkirk
Michele and John P. Russo
Robert Ousterhout
David Sabath
The Selkowitz Family
Edmunds Ozolins
Thomas J. Sabourin
Susan Sham
Kristin K. Snow
P & F Industries, Inc.
Jed Sackin
Constance Shapiro
Dick Snyder
Chester Panek
Ian Sacks
Marjory and Jeffrey Sharp
Loisclaire Solomon
Craig S. Palonen
The Saint Paul Foundation
Clifford A. Sheets
Yosepha and Yitzie Solomon
Jill Panetta
Kathleen Sakach
Kathy Sheldon
Richard Sorel
Saks Fifth Avenue
Pauline and Alex Shender
Janet and Matt Oliver
Patrick Oliver
Dana Lesermann and
Craig Phillips
Paula Olsiewski
Alexander G. Piper
Peter Pujols-Hilliard Farber &
Co., Inc./Dealerweb
Ann Purcell
World Poker Tour champion Phil Gordon at Funny Thing
Bridget Sisson
Ruth and Michael Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Howard W.
Smith III
Donnie and Joseph Smith
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Donor Listing
Charles Natt
continued from page 17
Donor Listing
SoundSight Technologies, Inc.
Lawrence Storace
Mike Tatara
South Boston Candlepin
Coy A. Stout
The Taylor Group, Inc.
Spanish Broadcasting
System, Inc.
Kathryn and Jeff Speed
Craig Spemgeman
Lynne and Eric Spillman
SPiN New York
Tracy and James Sprayregen
Spread the World Public
Relations for Non-Profit Orgs
Melanie K. Spriggs
Karl V. Springer
William J. Stack
Joan M. Staloch
Frank and Pam Stapleton
Bart Stasi
Jerome Steinbaum
Diane Stephens
Drs. Susan and Robert
Gail Verway
Delores Webb
Donald Williams
Larry Vick
David Weber
Rebecca A. Williams
Trilar Management
Group, Inc.
Niki Vick
Eliot and Beth Wegbreit
Perelson Weiner, LLP
Winds of Change
Boutique, Inc.
Triangle Community
Foundation, Inc.
Steliana Stoyanova
TCA Bannockburn, LLC
Kate Strauchon
John Teeger
Emilie and Brett Trimble
Salvatore Vittoria
Jacquie L. Strauss
Telegraph Publishing
Triton Systems of
Delaware, LLC
Jeffrey Vogel
Weingart Family Fund
Cory and Leslie Vogel
Dana F. Tellijohn
Thomas P. Troll
Timothy Voigtman
Christine Kelly and
Morton O. Weinress
Marie Strebel
Harvey and Susan Stromberg
Jean Stuart
Martin J. Stuart
Student Association of SUNY
College at Oneonta
Benjamin C. Terry
Lisen J. Troutman
Thomas W. Winstead
Douglas R. Thach
A. S. Tuner & Sons
John Vos Family Foundation
Andrea and Robert Weiss
Robert Wischnowsky
Shari and Jonathan Turell
Alison and Robert Wachstein
Matthew Welch
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
The Wittman Family
Charitable Fund
Jane Wenner
Cindy Theberge
Peggy Sturman
Mary and Homer Thomas
Sam Tutterow
Leslie and Charles Sugerman
Joseph Thompson
Charles Tyson
Jim Summers
Leo J. Thompson
Family Foundation Inc.
Patti and Gary Tyson
Nancy and Steve Summers
Bonnie Thomson
Support Parkinson’s, Inc.
Cary and Martha Thomson
Gerald Thorne
J. B. Wakefield
University of Pennsylvania
Women’s Basketball
Linda and Charles Wainhouse
Nancy and Chris Unrath
Janice and John Walker
Sally and Terrence West
Western Federal Credit Union
Lori Wetzel
Dorothy Whalen
Joel S. Wojnilower
Homer V. Wolfe
Sharon A. Wolfe
Henry Wolfond
Steve C. Wong, MD
Rachel Wood
Benjamin Svenson
M.J. Tiesi Family
UPS Foundation Incorporated
Penny and John Wallerstein
Sarah and Eric Svenson
Jack Tilton
Patricia J. Uston
Lindsay and Kevin Walsh
The Warburg Pincus
Ellsworth P. Whiteman
The David F. Wrench Rev.
Liv. Trust
Loren K. Vanderslik
Janet Froelich and Richard
David Swartz
Frances and
Stephen Tobriner
Julianne Van Saders
Sterling Pierce Company
Bobby Switzer
Jean and Robert Stoessel
Pam and Joe Wingard
Jeff Weir
Frank Trumbower
William To
Lisa and Wayne Stills
Joan and Donald Wilson
Noel Weintraub
Vorsheck Family Foundation,
Donald Swanson
Rebecca and Tom Stewart
Christopher M. Wilson
Susan and Douglas Terry
Debbie and Tim Wackel
Gary Suttle
Allen Wilson
Caroline and Jeff Swiatek
Heather and Hayden
Kelly and Andrew Tait
Dana and Andrew Stone
Ron and Tina Tanemura
Richard Stone
David S. Tarica
Randell Wheaton
Susan H. Wheaton
Laxmi and Jeff Wordham
William Warden
Mary and Rick Whiting
Wendy and Peter Wright
Jean and Edward Van
Jeff Ware
Donna Axum Whitworth
Barbara R. Wulfe
Jean and Andy Vaveris
Barbara and Charles Wehofer
Catherine Toomer
Phyllis J. Warrick
William W. Wurts
Catherine and
Ned Topham Fund
Wasserman Foundation
Linda E. Wiens
Michael Wiese
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Eunice and Kenneth Vellon
Waverly Beach
Total Restoration Inc.
We Stand For Service
Robert E. Wilbur
Joseph & Irene Yanaga Trust
Steven Vento
Marie J. Toulantis
Bryan Weadock
Ed, Steve and Gary Wilk
Jason Yanofsky
Joseph Ventura
Jean M. Trainor
Karyn and Lance Weaver
Wilkins Media Company
David R. Young
Susanna and Renaat
Ver Eecke
Sally and David Williams
Wanda and Donald Young
Mamie Tompkins
Peggy Katz and Jim Young
John Young
Your Friends at EMM
Larry S. Zajdel
David Zalk
Whitney and Preston Zapffe
Marco Zevy
Endowment Fund
Estate of
Leonard A. Zielinski
Jason Zullin
Carolyn Campbell, Amanda Gorvin and Clyde Campbell of Shake It Up Australia
Foundation with Michael J. Fox at the ING NYC Marathon
Carolyne Levy and Board member Edwin A. Levy at
the Breaking PARkinson’s Golf and Tennis Outing
Team fox
Team Fox members have raised over $15 million to benefit
The Michael J. Fox Foundation since 2006.
In 2011, 1,500 Team Fox members collectively
raised $4.9 million to support The Michael J. Fox
Foundation’s mission to speed a cure. This
passionate and creative community knows no
bounds in their dedication to bringing an end
to Parkinson’s.
$250,000 or more
Amar Kuchinad
ING NYC Marathon
$100,000 or more
Michael Costa
War on Parkinson’s
Softball Game
Jim and Chris Edlund
Danville Concours
Sam Fox
Run While You Can
Karen and Marc Jaffe
Shaking With Laughter
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Tips for Parkinson’s
$50,000 or more
Susan Bilotta
Tips for Parkinson’s
Dance Party for
Delaware Pancakes
for Parkinson’s
Debby and Lou
Pars for Parkinson’s
Pat and Carol Hagan
Western Masters Art
Show & Sale Quick
George Martz
Delaware Art for
Mary Anne Ostrenga
Team Fox 5th Annual
Garden Walk and
Team Merrie Miles
Team Ostrenga
$25,000 or more
$10,000 or more
Marian Bell
P.A.R. for Parkinson’s
Scott Auer
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Bid Wanted
Tips for Parkinson’s
Brian and Matt Baehr
2nd Annual “Baehr
Challenge” Against
Richard Blakeley
Webutante Ball
BofA Merrill
Tips for Parkinson’s
Dev Chodry
ING NYC Marathon
CruZ for the Cure
Kyle Davis
Big Ed Bowl
Jim DelMauro
The Jim DelMauro
Rosemary Run
Mike Dubin
ING NYC Marathon
Epstein Family
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Pat Erickson
Pinky’s Passion
for Fashion
Oliver and Terry Holler
Doug Kuntz
Richmond Elk &
Forest Hills Pro’s Players
Fore Parkinson’s
Wendy and Rick Tigner
Wendy’s Wine Country
Tennis Tournament &
Gala Dinner
Nancy Mulhearn
Leave Parkinson’s Behind,
An Autumn Event
Meredith Tutterow
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Plattsburgh Half
Stuart Vick Smith
Longhorn Pancakes
for Parkinson’s
Pamper Yourself for
Running With Buddy
Team Dubin
Team Lamarathon
Team Markit
Edna Woods
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Shane Baron
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Bay Area
Young Professionals
An Evening Benefiting
The Michael J. Fox
Laura Gerard
ING NYC Marathon
Doug Gigliotti
Kick Off for the Cure of
Parkinson’s Steak Fry and
Live Auction
Jayne Godfrey
Poolside for Parkinson’s
Roy Greif
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Hantman Hundred Half
Bikes Battle Parkinson’s
Robert Harmon/Lake Ashton
PD Outreach Group
3rd Annual Golf for a Cure
Peter Bleiberg
Gifts for a Cure
Amy Helein
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Bobbie’s Reach
Jason Helfstein
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Harry Brandler
ING NYC Marathon
Richard Broughton
The Annual OBX CruZ
for the Cure of
Parkinson’s Disease
Bud Light Runners
Paul Castonguay
Team Fox Cycling Canada
Joyce Chu
ING NYC Marathon
“Ciao” Parkinson’s
Carol Constable
Golf for Parkinson’s
Keith Cox
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Lee Davis
The Grand Prix de Monaco
Casino Night and The Annual
Blue Ridge Parkway CruZ
for the Cure of Parkinson’s
Stephanie Desautels
Plattsburgh Half Marathon
Pamela Fioretti
Moving for a Cure
Friends of Team Fox
House of Morgan
Tips for Parkinson’s
Susan Kauffman
Polar Bear for Parkinson’s,
New England Parkinson’s
Lenders on a Bender
Tips for Parkinson’s
Linda Mandolini
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Jake Mazie
Pedal for Parkinson’s
Susan McClellan
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Beth Murray
Party for Parkinson’s
New York Young
Second Annual Sunday
Josephine Poehlmann
9th Annual Benefit
In Memory of Tom
Bob Preston
Optimism Can Take You
Sarah Rasmussen
Annual Team Fox Dinner &
Golf Tournament
Preston Rau
Dic-Wisco Farms Pars for
Parkinson’s Golf Outing
River View Run
Derek Smith
Escape from Alcatraz
South Shore Walk for
Parkinson’s Disease
Ann Spaeth
6th Annual Ciao Parkinson’s
Dinner Dance, Bike Ride for
a Cure
Team Annie L
Team Chu – Pounding the
Pavement for Parkinson’s
Team Family Ties
Team Fox Valley
Team Kiser-Eliason
Team Seymour Cure
Lisa Tice
Arrowhead Open
Kerry Twibell
Kili Climb
Tim Wheeler
Cole & Friends: An
Elegant Evening
Anna Wistran Wolfe
5th Annual North Shore Walk
for Parkinson’s Disease
Gail Oliver
The Eighth Mrs. Mo
Memorial Golf Tournament
Matthew Witcher
Drive for Show Putt for
Pettinaro Family
Griddle Team
Delaware Pancakes
for Parkinson’s
Elizabeth Woodbury
Annual Spring & Summer
Style Show
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team f0x
continued from page 19
$5,000 or more
Carl Ames
Rally for Pedal
Over Parkinson’s
Veronique Enos Kaefer
NYC Half Marathon
Drew Heighway
Bikes Battle Parkinson’s
Dan Erlij
ING NYC Marathon
Ann, Skip and
Thomas Irving
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Tanya Amos
ING NYC Marathon
Kurt Fielder
ING NYC Marathon
Vicki Aspridy
Hope for a Cure:
In Memory of Tarpa
Brian Fiske
ING NYC Marathon
Eva and Ava Bai
Vale Jewelry
Rob Basch
ING NYC Marathon
Steve Bliss
ING NYC Marathon
Bond Jovi
Tips for Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s Support
Group Walkathon
Debi Brooks
Delaware Pancakes
for Parkinson’s
Linda Byrne
ING NYC Marathon
Michael Cherian
Rowing for
Parkinson’s Disease
Cris Florian
Me-n-Ed’s Annual
Charity Golf Classic
Nicholas Frasso
Help Hook the Cure
Striped Bass Derby
David Gordon
Boston Run to Remember
Half Marathon
Grandma’s Memorial
Ilone Grinberg
ING NYC Marathon
Deborah Hagel
Team Fox Dinner Party
Beth Hart
ING NYC Marathon
Christina Hartman
ING NYC Marathon
Julie Hatfield
Hope for a Cure
David Iverson
ING NYC Marathon
Jennie Kelly
ING NYC Marathon,
River View Run
Mary Kelly
ING NYC Marathon,
River View Run
Michael Kelly
ING NYC Marathon,
River View Run
Ivy Griddle Team
Delaware Pancakes
for Parkinson’s
Cherie Kiser
Kiser-Eliason Holiday Party
William James
ING NYC Marathon
Sam and Mike Kitchen
ING NYC Marathon
Karen Janos
ING NYC Marathon
David Kleinhandler
ING NYC Marathon
Lori Jawitz
Parkinson’s Unity Walk
Ken Kubota
ING NYC Marathon
Alyssa Johnson
and Barry Cohen
Wet Dogs Merchandise
Jennifer Lee Griddle Team
Delaware Pancakes for
Michael Kaplan
Fashion to Figure
Andrew Lulloff
Ironman Wisconsin
Anthony Kaupas
Pick Up Your Feet for
Parkinson’s 5k Run
Gary Marks
Patriot Golf Tournament
Andrea Obbie Kay
30 Day Crunch-Up
Ryan Chorazy
Fourth Annual Friends of
Team Fox Holiday Party
Kevin Murphy
ING NYC Marathon
Gail Nanof
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Michelle Newman
ING NYC Marathon
Pamela Parker
Parker’s Climb
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Scanlon Girls Griddle Team
Delaware Pancakes
for Parkinson’s
Frederick Sharpless
ING NYC Marathon
Pedal Past Parkinson’s
Team Biwinning Skippies
Kristen Pierson
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Team Tyler Brown
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Claire Pollack Memorial
Danielle Portella
ING NYC Marathon
Pubbin’ For Parkinson’s
Pub Crawl
Kate Rantilla
ING NYC Marathon
Alexander Reeser
Pedal Past Parkinson’s
Tim Reid
Tips for Parkinson’s
George and Mary Russell
George and Mary’s
Transamerica Ride
Olivia Savard
Pancakes for Parkinson’s and
Olivia’s 15th Birthday
Amiel Sawdaye
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Team How to Fox-Trot
Team LongStrong
Team One Step Ahead
Team Treadwell
The Dude Abides
Laura Uematsu
ING NYC Marathon
Alison Urkowitz
Posing for Parkinson’s
Matt Wilbur
ING NYC Marathon
Wilkins Media Company
Bradley Wine
ING NYC Marathon
Gail Achin
Mt. Washington Climb
Army of Change
Moe Arsenault
ING NYC Marathon
Khadij Assani
Singing for a Cure
Leonard Avery
Bobbie’s Reach Mt.
Washington Climb
Miriam Aziz
ING NYC Marathon
Tim Barrett
ING NYC Marathon
Katherine Barrow
Party for Parkinson’s
Jessie Barsin
Jessie’s Birthday Bash
Michael Bird
ING NYC Marathon
Sam Wollner
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Vicki Bowlin
Women’s Running Magazine
Half Marathon
Amy Yok-Ming Wong
ING NYC Marathon
Allison C. Boyd
ING NYC Marathon
Jennifer Boyer
Plattsburgh Half Marathon
Irina Brandler
ING NYC Marathon
Richard Clunie
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Lori Braunstein
ING NYC Marathon
Michael Coelho
ING NYC Marathon and
Half Marathon
Bradley Brown
Surf City USA Marathon
Jason Cohen
ING NYC Marathon
Sarah Bunn
Marine Corps Marathon
Jody Culmone
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Ellen Bushman
ING NYC Marathon
Eagle Bridge Foundation
SigChi Golf Weekend
Michele Campanelli
Performers for
Parkinson’s Cure
Irv Edelman
Marine Corps Marathon
Patty Elkus
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
$2,500 or more
Alan Abrams
ING NYC Marathon
Team Fox members Dale Moss and Jim Murray with
Lade Majic of the Harlem Ambassadors
Team Fox member Lori Braunstein at the
finish of the ING NYC marathon
Jacqueline Cannon
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Team fox
John Cannon
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Annie Cecil
ING NYC Marathon
Gary Cervantes
Gary C’s BBQ
Rocco Ciesco
Hike for Parkinson’s
Ken Clary
Des Plaines River Trail
50-mile Ultra-Marathon
Vance Clemente
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Jeffrey Cohen
ING NYC Marathon
Phil Comar
Bridge to the Border Run II
William Connelly
ING NYC Marathon
Lindsey Constantino
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Sarah Cookinham
ING NYC Marathon
Robert Cornell
ING NYC Marathon
Katie Crider
David D’Arcy
North Shore Century
Davis Athletic Club
Matthew De Moura
Dawn-2-Dusk Swim Event
Becky Dearman
Music City Marathon
Chad DeBolt
Ragnar Relay,
Escape from Alcatraz
Holly Deery
Dick Deery Run for MSA
Margaret DeJesus
ING NYC Marathon
Michelle DeLuca
ING NYC Marathon
Amanda DePiro
Antonio’s Gives Back
Renee Desrats
ING NYC Marathon
Gary Dexter
ING NYC Marathon
Lois DiNatale
Running with Buddy
Mitchell Massey
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Beth Nanof
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Dustin Matthews
6th Annual Hacker’s Cup Golf
Shannon Neumann-Kilduff
Putt for Parkinson’s
Christopher Guzikowski
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Kris Dworkoski
ING NYC Marathon,
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Hal Halvorsen
Belvidere FOXTROT:
Run Like a Fox 5K
Nathan Edmunds
San Francisco Marathon
Brooks Hamblett
ING NYC Marathon
Mike Ferguson
Team Fox Event
Bernadette Hanlon
ING NYC Marathon
Larry Frank
37th Annual California 10
Kristen Hansen
ING NYC Marathon
Erika Frey
Title 9 Women Only
Sprint Triathlon
Dan Hantman
Hantman Hundred
Half Marathon
Richard Garthwait
Christoph Hinder
2011 Berlin Marathon
Renee Le Verrier
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Mark Gherty
American Birkebeiner
Craig Holmes
ING NYC Marathon
Karen Leies
2011 Tri-State Tough Mudder
Carrie Weldon and
Shannon McKenzie
Escape from Alcatraz
Bruce Gilbert
Atlanta Concerts
for Team Fox
Hot Shot K
Tips for Parkinson’s
Al Levine
Wishbone 125
Charles McLaughlin
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Matthew Hoverman
Escape from Alcatraz
Gina Licursi
ING NYC Marathon
Andrew McLean
ING NYC Marathon
Meredith Lindaman
ING NYC Marathon
Rosaida Melendez
ING NYC Marathon
Michelle Lorah
ING NYC Marathon
Claire Meunier
NYC Half Marathon
Patrick Love
South Shore Walk for
Parkinson’s Disease
Kristine Miller
ING NYC Marathon
Michael Goree
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
DominACHIN over PD
Lorraine Gryniewich
Walt Disney Half Marathon
Aubrey Dreker
ING NYC Marathon
Deb Guse
ING NYC Marathon
Ian Isch
Dan Miller Open
Bernie Janelle
Mohawk Hudson River
Jessie’s Birthday Bash
Jennifer Judd
Marine Corps Marathon
Ruben Kajkowski
ING NYC Marathon
Natalie Karp
Canyon Ranch
Discounted Group Trips
Wade Keller
ING NYC Marathon
Brett Keyser
ING NYC Marathon
Nathan Kirk
ING NYC Marathon
Veronique Koch
Longhorn Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Shelanda Kujala
ING NYC Marathon
Steven Durkee
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Brian Kudowitz
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Joe LaBracio
ING NYC Marathon
Tara Landis
Running with Buddy
Lori Langrieger
ING NYC Marathon
Miranda Lanzillotti
ING NYC Marathon,
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Casi Laws
Peace Out, Parkinson’s! 1 Mile
Fun Run/Walk
Sarah Lulloff Schwiesow
Boston Marathon,
Cellcom Marathon
Chip MacKelcan’s Griddle Team
Delaware Pancakes for
Madison Lyleroehr
Singer/CD Sales
Gary Madison
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Mad River Riders
Robert Mahoney
Pig Out for Parkinson’s,
ING NYC Marathon
Carolyn Marin
ING NYC Marathon
Shelley McCarty
Gil Williams Par’s & Pavement
for Parkinson’s Research
Luke McConnell and
Joy Vanstone
Bank of America Chicago
Karin McKelvey
Nantucket Baskets
David Mitchell
ING NYC Marathon
Sasha Mobley
Team Fox Event
Simon Moran
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Mike Morris
ING NYC Marathon
Andrew Morse
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Dale Moss
Harlem Ambassadors Show
Basketball Event
Jamie Nix
Dallas White Rock Marathon
Jordan Norberg
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Nancy Nowakowski
The “Power of Love”
Cycling for Parkinson’s
Brendan O’Connell
Team Fox Event
Lauren O’Hara
ING NYC Marathon
James Ostrenga
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Frances Outlaw-Jones
ING NYC Marathon
Stephanie Paddock
ING NYC Marathon
Jeanny Pak
ING NYC Marathon
Joseph Palicki
Christmas Luncheon
Misti Pandolfo
ING NYC Marathon
Kelsey Perkins
ING NYC Marathon
Julie Peters
ING NYC Marathon
Annie Rhodes
ING NYC Marathon
Nicholas Rice-McDonald
Race Across America
Kay Richards
Team Fox Event
Kathryn Richardson
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Kyle Mostransky
ING NYC Marathon
Kevin Rohan
NYC Century Bike Tour
Felice Naide
ING NYC Marathon
Rolling for Rocky
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team f0x
continued from page 21
Susie Rosenthal
ING NYC Marathon
Running for the Michaels
Running Park’ into
the Dark
PapPap Russo Griddle Team
Delaware Pancakes for
Kimberly Sherman
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Madeleine Sinclair
NYC Half Marathon
Sisters Fighting Parkinson’s
Tips for Parkinson’s
Barbara Stratton
Bolder Boulder 10K Race
Rich Telfer
ING NYC Marathon
Allison Stroot
ING NYC Marathon
Cindy Theberge
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Shannon Stutzman
Pedal Over Parkinson’s
The Goods
Nicole Tilzer
ING NYC Marathon
Gregory Skoutelas
ING NYC Marathon
Suzy’s Shakers
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Chris Slechta
ING NYC Marathon
Benjamin Taft
ING NYC Marathon
Laura Ryder
New Jersey Marathon
Martin Smith
ING NYC Marathon
Mark and Mary Sue Taylor
Kroger Cards
Emily Tunney
ING NYC Marathon
Thomas J. Sabourin
ING NYC Marathon
April Socci
ING NYC Marathon
Yoshihiro Uematsu
ING NYC Marathon
David Sack
ING NYC Marathon
Steve Spencer
3rd Annual You Can’t
Take It With You
Team Boston
Team Cool Runnings
Team Cul de Sac
Team Cuse
Team Ernie T. Dog
Team Fox Junenators
Team Gina’s Foxy Five
Team HoJo
Team Kudowitz
Team Louthian
Team Not Alone
Team Odyssey
Team Papa’s Foxes
Team Ryan’s Hope
John Ryan
Fox Friday Night
Fall Follies Comedy Show
Christina Sarris
Pitas for Parkinson’s:
A Greek Festival
David Satterthwaite
Half + Half = Full
Reggie Scarpa
Hartford Half Marathon
Gwen Schroeder
ING NYC Marathon
Lisa Schwab
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Rik Spier
Rocksteady Boxing Climb
SPiN New York
Battle of the
Hedge Funds
Sean Squires
ING NYC Marathon
Kate Steiner
Warrior Dash 2011
Bill Trewin
“Driftwood Nature’s
Sculpture” Book Sales
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Ross Vedder
ING NYC Marathon
Nathan Weber
ING NYC Marathon
Justin Weiss
LA Big 5K
Evanna White
ING NYC Marathon
Wild Bill’s Warriors
Ryon and Lindsey Wolski
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Woodhome Country Club
Tennis Pro-Am
Chris and Terry Woods
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Laura Wormuth
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Jeff Wright
New Orleans
Rock-N-Roll Marathon
Jean Yee
ING NYC Marathon
Jonathan Zalk
Escape from Alcatraz
Lourdes Zorrilla
ING NYC Marathon
$ 1,000 or more
Krolak Cup 10th
Anniversary Games
The Krolak Cup Hockey
Night Out
Christina Adams
Running with Buddy
Natalie Adams
Sue’s Run
Philip Bonanno
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Michelle Aquino
NYC Half Marathon
Michele Bond
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Benjamin Aufill
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Sarah Boschung
ING NYC Marathon
Leonard Avery III
Climb for a Cure
Jon Bresemann
ING NYC Marathon
Monique Barbieri
Toronto Waterfront 5K
Katarina Bridova
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Marc Barrachin
ING NYC Marathon
Hayes Brown
South Shore Walk for
Parkinson’s Disease
Nancy Berkovitz
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Kate Bieda and Mick Cullen
Putting Away Parkinson’s
Bobbi-Jo Burdin
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Devon and Colin Bissell
San Diego Rock-N-Roll
Half Marathon
Rob Burt
Centurian Bike Race
Tara Blackman
Superhero Half Marathon
Moss Calhelha
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Jan Bogner
Put the Fire Out for
Beau Campfield
ING NYC Marathon
Serena Bolliger
3M Half Marathon
Samantha Carter
Bake Sale for MJFF
Jamie Catanese
Half Marathon
Andrew Chek
New Jersey Marathon
Meridith Sexton
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Sonya Chodry
Team Fox Event
Etai Shachar
Students Fight Parkinson’s
Alicia Cieszykowski
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Megan Shackleton
ING NYC Marathon
Steven Claflin
Danny’s Birthday Party –
Parkinson’s Fundraiser
Shake, Rattle & Roll
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Heather Clarke
NYC Half Marathon
Elizabeth Shaw
Las Vegas Rock-N-Roll
Janet Clough
Team Fox 5 Mile Walk
Jeri Shelly
ING NYC Marathon
Terri Shelton
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Gail Brungart
Get a Grip on Parkinson’s
Team Fox member Mark Gherty at the
American Birkebeiner, a cross-country ski race
Mike Decker (pictured with his two children on a hiking trip)
competed in a Warrior Dash for Team Fox
Michael Coates
Science Fiction Theatre
Presents Back to the Future
Part II
Team fox
Christopher Coffey
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Amy Cohn
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Rebecca Edwards
Philadelphia Half Marathon
Brooke Gomez
Miami Marathon
Marybeth Hull
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Jonathan Lender
Half Marathon
Nevins McBride
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Otto Nino
ING NYC Marathon
Lara Edwards
ING NYC Marathon
Bridget Hahn
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Michael Hull
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Michael Levin
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Thomas McGoff
NYC Half Marathon
Walter Oden
1st Annual USPTA Charity
Golf Outing
John Elsbree
Seattle Marathon
Becky Connor
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Jed Enlow
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Hannah Cooper
NYC Half Marathon
Inci Ertan
Dinner & Cooking Class
Traci Corcoran and
Michele Kelber
NYC Half Marathon
Joseph Coscia
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Jeff Cowen
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Tim Crowley
NYC Half Marathon
Dave Damon
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Chris Fenar
Tour d’Afrique
Caragh Fisher
Stratton Faxon Fairfield
Half Marathon
Lara and George Flatau
Bank of America Chicago
Carmen Fonseca
ING NYC Marathon
Friends of Fred
Brenton Day
ING NYC Marathon
Josie Fritsch
Cannonball One Lap
of America
Jean Anne Dobrowolski
ING NYC Marathon
Anthony Fusco
NYC Half Marathon
Georgia Donas
Georgia’s Pancakes for
Kate Gage
Hantman Hundred
Half Marathon
Desi DosSantos
Cars, Collectibles & Cinema
Elizabeth Gausde
ING NYC Marathon
Kent Downs
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Andrew Gensch
ING NYC Marathon
Peter Dublin
Ragnar Relay
Helen Gerry
Pick a Purse for Parkinson’s
and Flip Flops for Fox
Steffanie Ducher
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Richard Gilbert
Road Runners – Sales
for Parkinson’s
Aaron Duncan
Columbus Marathon
Ann Glowienke
5th Annual Picnic in
the PARKinson’s
Charles Dyer
ING NYC Marathon
Tracey Earl
Buckles and Spurs
Brooke and Brandon Halcott
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Katherine Harrison
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Tracey Heffernan
ING NYC Marathon
Kristie Hegman
San Francisco Half Marathon
Eric Heinbockel
David Heineman
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Joan Heinze
St. Charles Run Fest
Brad Henderson
ING NYC Marathon
Katherine Hessler
Philadelphia Marathon
Michelle Hickey
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Alex Hill
Centurion Cycling
Beth Hochstein
Champions for Charity
Whitney Hoermann
Bay to Breakers
Gerhard Hofer
ING NYC Marathon and
Half Marathon
Trey Hogan
Escape from Alcatraz
Janie Hoover
ING NYC Marathon
Glenn Goldberg
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Douglas Hull
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Amanda Golden
Walk for Grandma Marilyn
Lydia Hull
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Larry Ice
Parkinson’s Awareness
Building Events
Jeremy Levy
ING NYC Marathon
Dorit Ingber
NYC Half Marathon
John Lewis
Marine Corps Marathon
ITSource Technology
Corporate Donations
Peter Liberto
Uno Chicago Grill
Anna-Marie Jaeschke
Philadelphia Marathon
Sarah and William Long
ING NYC Marathon
Spencer Jawitz
PWF Northeast Wrestling
Kristina Lopez
Schmooze & Booze,
NYC Half Marathon
Chris Jeffrey
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Michael Louthian
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Chris Jennings
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Heidi Johnson
ING NYC Marathon
Owen Johnson
Yuengling Shamrock
Artan Kaso
Cleveland Marathon
Catherine Keane
Bank of America Chicago
Lance Kinerk
Bank of America Chicago
Earl Love
Portion of Proceeds
Jim Lucci
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Julia Ludovici
Julia’s 13th Birthday
Katie Machingo
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Matt Maddox
ING NYC Marathon
Benjamin Malin
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Chaya Mallavaram
Team Fox Event
Matthew Kraft
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Michael Mann
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Genevieve Kulaski
2nd Annual Team Fox
Chocolate Fest
Marine Corps Marathon
Running Buddies
Michele Kustera
Bust the Winter Blues
for Parkinson’s
Sarah Lambert
Pints for Parkinson’s
Young Lee
Hantman Hundred
Half Marathon
Praveen Martinez-Singh
ING NYC Marathon
Lisa Massara
Hillsboro Family Gathering
Catharine McNelly
St. Louis Rock-N-Roll
Half Marathon
Patrick O’Donnell
Fairfield Half Marathon
Geoff Mikelsons
Bank of America Chicago
Susan Ohler
Boston Run to Remember
Half Marathon
Cindy Miller
Parkinson’s Awareness Day
Matthew Okell
Live Life Outdoors
Katie Miller
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Chris Ollendike
ING NYC Marathon
Matt Mitchell
ING NYC Marathon
Morgan Morillo
NYC Half Marathon
Alexander Mouzas
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Jessica Muh
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
John Murphy
Long Island Half Marathon
Bryan Murphy
Bike’s Battle Parkinson’s,
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Joseph Nassirian
South Shore Walk for
Parkinson’s Disease
Steve Neace
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Paddle for Parkinson’s
Amanda Palmer
Plattsburgh Half Marathon
Parky’s Peddlers
Gaetano Parrinello
ING NYC Marathon
Kara Patrie
Shape Up RI Half Marathon
Rosemary Pepe
Party to End Parkinson’s
Yvette Peverell
ING NYC Marathon
Phi Sigma Sigma
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Amanda Pimentel
Baystate Half Marathon
Cheryl Poindexter
Princess Half Marathon
Heather Poole
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Amanda Neal
Tour of Anchorage
John Poole
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Mary Ann Neilson
2nd Annual Keystone State
Corvette Club Poker Run
Maria Psyhogios
Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon
Paul Nemeth
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Elizabeth Matz
Bank of America Chicago
Andrea Niakan
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Margret McBride
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Mimi Nicolosi
Mt. Washington Climb
Kimberly Pursley
Paris Marathon
William Quinlan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Justin Rawlins
Dana Point Turkey Trot
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team f0x
continued from page 23
Larissa Raze
Team Fox Event
Daphne Salazar
ING NYC Marathon
Gaylen Silva
Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Kim Ready
Cowtown Ultra Marathon
Jessica Santi
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Eli Silverman
NYC Half Marathon
Andrew Rebhun
Pittsburgh Marathon
Erik Santos
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Paul Southwick
ING NYC Marathon
Ellen Reevas
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Gail Sarette
Dollar Campaign
Gretta Spier
One Peak to Defeat
Katy Reitz
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Debra Schack
Mr. Bill’s Cross Country Ride
John Sprague
Running with Buddy
Remembering Kevin Moss
Megan Schlegel
ING NYC Marathon
Monty Stanley
Ironman Wisconsin
Mallory Schlossberg
Philadelphia Half Marathon
Stan’s Soldiers
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Remembering Mom
Rachael Reuveni
NYC Half Marathon
Julie Rhodovi
Las Vegas Rock-N-Roll
John Richardson
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Diane Richer
Kiser-Eliason Holiday Party
Lori Rifkin
Rebel Race
Nichole Riley-Gase
NYC Half Marathon
Mary Rodriquez
ING NYC Marathon
Paul Rogers
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Holly Romano
NYC Half Marathon
Daniel Rosenfeld
ING NYC Marathon
Lisa Ruchaevsky
ING NYC Marathon
Rick Rucker
Rucker’s Candies
Heidi Ryan
ING NYC Marathon
Mariann Rybarczyk
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
James Schultice
3rd Annual Hacking for a
Cure Golf Outing
David Schwartz
Bearscat 50
Tyson Schwiesow
Ironman Wisconsin
Kelsey Scribner
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Nicole Scrofani
Team Fox Event
Julia Shearer
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Andrew Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Benjamin Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Cindy Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
James Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Maureen Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Nicholas Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Thomas Shiftan
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Sigma Nu
Pancakes for Parkinson’s
Wendy Stierwalt
Our Wedding
Susan Stinson
Bobbie’s Reach Mt.
Washington Climb
Allison Stroot
ING NYC Marathon
Robert Sturkey
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Carmen Suarez Godoy
ING NYC Marathon
David Tanner
Team Fox Event
Team Agren Blando
Team Bacon Creek
Team Bud
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Team Built to Run
Team Calhelha
Team Carolina
Team Foxtrotters
Team Go Like A Fox
Team Greased Lightning
Team Illini Running for a Cure
Team Kahn
Team Lions for Leo
Team Live Life Outdoors
Team Mort’s Mutts
Team Run Funny
Team Siegel
Team Stiff Competition
Team TPD
Team Vannoni
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Dennis Teubert
Nautica NYC Triathlon
Jennifer Theiss
ING NYC Marathon
William To
Seattle Rock-N-Roll
Caitlin Toombs
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Danielle Toscano
ING NYC Marathon
Jeffrey Toyra
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Lucy Evans Ulmer
ING NYC Marathon
USM AMA Pancakes for
Carla van Winckel
Oddyssey Half Marathon
Joy Vanstone
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Sharon Weaver
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
David Weber
ING NYC Marathon
Dorothy Whalen
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Adam Whiteley
Chicago Triathlon
Windy City Ragnars
Suzanne Wiseberg
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Michael Wood
London Film and
Comic Con
Robert Woods
New England
Parkinson’s Ride
Rodney Wooten
Bank of America
Chicago Marathon
Colleen Wuebben
UNMC Skate-a-thon
for Parkinson’s
Peter Celani
Eileen and William Stetter
Charity Motors
Summit County Parkinson’s
Support Group
Kevin Congdon
Congregational Church
of The Chimes
Michael Cotoia
Stan Fay Memorial
Parkinson’s Charity
Golf Classic
Stephan Fay
William Gibbs
Toyota Motor Credit
Toyota Scion of Waldorf
Vineyard Vines, LLC
Illinois Shotokan
Booster Club
Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley,
Emrich & Walsh PC
John Marshall Bank
Dianne and Charles White
Janet, Matthew and
Teddy Karatz
Lauren Williams
Koons Tysons Toyota
Lindsay Management
Company, LLC
Susan and Preston L. Lowe
Ryan Wynne
Boston Marathon
The Mathis Group, Inc.
Nicole Xiques
Soldier Field 10 Mile Run
Milabel Motor, Inc.
Patricia Meyer
Laura and Charlie Young
Gilmore/Young Wedding
Michelle and Chris Monson
Victoria Zinserling
Birthday Party Fundraiser
Parkinson’s Support
Group of Upstate New York
2011 Community
Remax Supreme
N T Auto Body, Inc.
Eva Yarmo and David
Amber Victoria
Santa Barbara Half Marathon
Alabama Student Council
Alyse Vitoratos
Alyse’s 40th Birthday
Mark Bill
Shawn Warren
Designs, LLC
Binghamton University
Simpson Development Inc.
Ann Socha
Parkinson’s Support Group
St. George’s
Episcopal Church
Burke & Gerbert Bank &
Trust Co.
Telltale Inc.
Jennifer Walker
Act II Community Theatre, Inc.
Joy Walker
Papa’s Pancakes for
Jack Taylor’s Alexandria
Robert C. Gregg and
Jennifer Grey
Matt Vella
TD Five Boro Bike Tour
Sheryl Walder
ING Miami Marathon
Tamarac Firefighters
Association Inc
Scars Into Stars Charity
Eva and Bob Shaye
In September 2011, Nike announced the limited-edition release of the 2011 Nike MAG sneakers
to benefit MJFF. An exact replica of the Back to the Future II shoes worn by Michael J. Fox as
Marty McFly, 1,500 pairs were auctioned on eBay over 10 days, with net proceeds totaling over
$4.7 million — doubled to more than $9.4 million by the Brin Wojcicki Challenge. We are truly
grateful to Nike for its remarkable generosity, and to the almost 1,000 individuals listed here
who participated in the auction. This unique partnership sparked excitement worldwide, and
generated critical funds and awareness for Parkinson’s research.
Lisa Abad
Steve Aoki
Brandon Barretto
Warren Brand
Derrick L. Carter
Peter Chu
Michael J. Abraham
Juan Aranda
Bathrooms Plus
Steven Breaston
Jeff Castillo
Sabatino Ciatti
Brandon Abrams
Miguel Araujo
Nahil Bayrasli
Robert Brellenthin
Patricia Castillo
Ben Cichelli
Jihad Abuadi
Brendan Armbruster
Katherine Becker
Ariel Brizzola
Evelyn Castilo
Ryan Ciotti
Access USA
Aparicio Armstead
Craig Beech
Jonathan M. Brooks
Brandon Cercone
Martin Cless
Michael Acevedo
George Beechan
Kevin Broomes
Maria Cermeneno
Michael Cmar
John Adams
Anike Bruns
Timothy Chan
William Coffee
William Adomeit
Benjamin Aronson
Marco Stefano
Vinson Chan
William Cohen
Shayan Afshar
Carlos Arrigo
Matthew Bell
April Buckley
Jimmy Chang
Zac Cohen
Eric Aguirre
Justin Ashby
Damion Belvin
Chris Burnell
Leo Chang
Eric Colapinto
Jose Aguirre
Tiernan Ashley
Jodi Bennett
Nigel Burris
Ron Chang
James Cole
Selene Aguirre
Tom Astrella
Sarah Benyamin
Brian Burton
Cedrick Charles
Jawad Ahmed
Taylor Athos
Paul Bergad
Ramel Bush
Robbin Chen
J. S. Collin
Mohamed Al
Shreya Bhattarai
Jesse Byerly
Sheern Chen
Tim Collins
Brian Aumiller
Hsiano Bian
Bob Byers
Andy Cheng
Charlie Colosimo
Hugh Albritton
Noah Auspitz
Bidbuy Inc.
Owen Cabrera
Brandon Cheng
James V. Consentino
Rob Alexander
Av Media
Aaron Biner
Nicole Cacciavillano
Eric Cheng
Joshua Cooper
Anthony Alfuente
Fredy Aviles
Elizabeth Blackburn
Daniel Calderaro
Shu Cheng
Paul Coquia
Hazem Algendi
Joe Ayala
Benjamin Blackwell
Jose Caldero
Harry Cheung
Troy Cox
Joey Ali
Jason Ayers
Val Blavatnik
Guillermo Caliboso
Homing Cheung
Don E. Crawley
Ahmed Alibrahim
Ali U. Aykilinc
Debi Bleile
Joe Call
Kam F. Cheung
Joan Allen
Brandon Aymar
Ian Callender
Manson L. Cheung
Amir Almaimani
Jerry Bachner
Betty BlockerWalton
Creative Exchange
Nick Alt
Anthony Bacon
Kevin Boateng
Michael Chewning
Malcolm Crichlow
J. Childress
Joseph Alvarez
Christopher Bagnall
Andrea Bocci
Michael Camr
Ryan Daggett
Susan Chitwood
John Dalistan
Mohamed H.
Dan Baker
Charles Bocock
Frank Camuglia
Mohammad Baker
Sandy Bodecker
Justin Chiumenti
Ilado Damiano
Kris Aman
Oshane Baker
Dwight Bodycott
David Cho
Joe Damouni
Stephane Amsellem
Dave Ballance
Ryan M. Bogle
Kamil Chociej
Tommy Daraseng
Gary Anderson
Neal Balog
Charles Bordes
Evan Choi
Duran Darryl
Jason Anderson
Alpha Bangura
Vance Bouaphakeo
Jin W. Choi
Bruce Davidson
Justin Andreas
Jack Chontay
David Bao
Terence Boudreaux
Gerrick Cardenas
Ashley Davie
Alex Barber
Josh Bowen
Meera Chopra
Douglas Davis
Suzette Ang
Kenneth Carrion
Mark Anglo
Jeff Boyd
Tom Chow
Jessica Barley
Juneau CarsieurHughes
Ebby Davood
Arthur Dawey
Nimrod Antal
Giancarlo Barrera
Anthony J. Braem
Scott J. Christensen
Tara Carsner
John Christiano
Lasitha De Alwis
David Antoine
Christopher Branca
Joriz Camagong
Paul Cantos
Phi Cao
David E. Caper
Anthony J. Caputo
Grant Carden
Ineke de Bruin
Eric El
Aileen Frias
Benjamin De
Emmanuel CanlasBay Physmed PC
Terrin Fuhrmann
Carlos De Los
Enertia Software
Aaron Fujino
Sax Eno
Kerry De Nicola
Chris Fung
Chris Erickson
Taketora Furuta
Snowbird Frost
Michael Degani
Leticia Escobedo
Ronald Delena
Brandon G
Joel Eshabarr
Mario DeLuca
Joseph Gallina
Simon Ethier
Heidi Demitrovic
Raymond Galvan
Greg Evans
Gautier Demond
Danny Gamez
Timothy Evans
Wiliam DeMottRogers
Carlos Garcia
Robert Ewing
Nichole Gardner
Bolaji Faleti
Garwood Coins Inc.
Yu Ting T. Fan
Jordan Geller
Mark Farese
Scarlett Geunesboyer
Nicholas Denogeon
Ellen T. Denotter
Charlie Denson
Bruce Dereschuk
Frankie Desideri
Mike Desnoyers
Adam DeSousa
Tony Deweese
Nathan Diaz
Ken Dice
Bradley Diener
Melanie Dimstas
Richard Dinh
John DiSumma
Rick Doggett
Olga Dominguez
Orme Dominique
Bill Donlan
Christian Dorsey
Kelly Doty
Simon Driscoll
Karen Drogt
Cullen Dudas
Sivan O. Dumon
Peter Dupas
Geoff Duwors
Bert I. Dweck
Brandon Dye
Jon Eaves
Ngoc-Chau Eduardo
Atiba Edwards
Trevor Edwards
Victoria Eichinger
Arman Fatunz
Joseph Faustino
Nicholas Giacomo
Maxine Fechner
Gary Giordano
Kevin Feige
Joseph F. Giordano
Anthony Fein
Joe Giuliano
Allen Feldman
Andrea Glass
Brandi Ferguson
Crandall Glasyow
Timika Ferguson
Randy Glickman
Carlos Fermin
Sammy Glucksman
Victor Fernandez
Christina Fesmire
Gold Mine
Fight Club
Adam Goldberg
Leslie Finerman
David Goldberg
James Finley
Manuel Gomez
Cortland Finnegan
Samuel Gomez
Aaron Finnin
Julio Gonzalez
Tom Fletcher
Damon Gorrie
Flight Club
Patrick Graber
Scott Floman
Kevin Graham
Gia Flores
Michael Graham
Yinne Fong
Daniel Gralapp
Davon Ford
Edgar Granados
Michael Ford
Dusan Grante
Stephen Fore
Davide Graso
Shawn Fortenberry
Mary Gray
Christopher Foss
Giusepe Greco
Adrian Fowell
Greg Greenberg
Steven Frank
Jason Greer
Don Frehulfer
Daniel Grimaldo
John Freund
Wenting Gu
Nike Auction Donors
Back For The Future: The 2011 Nike MAG Auction
Nike Auction Donors
Back For The Future:
The 2011 Nike
MAG Auction
Philip Hubbard
Sherman Jung
Keunho Koh
Fernando Lebeis
Jennifer Linteau
Wei Luo
Brian Matic
Josh Huerta
Joe Kaminkow
Yuzo Koizumi
Corbin Lebo
Marc S. Lipschultz
Don Lutario
Kyle Matrz
Michael Hurd
Nagao Kamiyama
Burton Kong
Scott LeClair
Logan Littlegeorge
Cameron Macauley
Chad Hurley
Kevin Kanekoa
Jason Korbel
Chris LeCompte
Daiying Liu
Anya Machado
Brandon Hurst
Larry Kaplan
Candan Korur
Amanda T. Lee
Xinye Liu
Robert Macnaught
Aelyese Mauk
Jason Husman
R. E. Kaplan
Carol L. Kost
Calvin Lee
Nicholas Livadas
Christopher May
Joseph Guarnieri
John Hines
Tom Guedj
Michael Hiratsuka
Allen Huynh
Irwan Kartosen
Jai Koutrae
Edward Lee
Barry Livermore
Marcus Guidi
Lina Hitomi
Yann Hwang
Ken Kato
Aaron Kreielsheimer
Jayson Lee
Warren Livingstone
Natsuki Maeda
Manish Gupta
Mounira Hmoud
Sam Ialmi
Kentaro Kato
Sara Kroschel
Joseph Lee
Andre Ljustina
Satoshi Maejima
Brian McCable
Ilona Gutcher
Casey Ho
Alexander Imiela
Ryoei Kato
Joshua Kuo
Ju Lee
Tramond Llewellyn
Eric Magee
Jeremy McCarty
Jenny Guthrie
Danny Hoady
Intercity Web Inc.
Cary Katz
Paul Kuske
Kui Lee
Jeremy Lockhart
Alex Mahan
Ted McCluskey
Philip Gutierrez
Ghassan Hobeib
Bayless Irby
Fumiya Kawamoto
George Kythreotis
Michael Lee
Sean Lomas
Sergio M. Gutierrez
Amanda Hocking
Demetri Itsines
Corby Kaye
Annette LaBarbiera
Stephen Lee
Michael J.
Kamau McDonald
Jennifer Guy
Lisa Hodak
Tomoyuki Iwai
Cyril Kazmierczak
Fredj Lakhrach
Tammy Lee
Alex Lopez
Samuel Guzman
Roger Hodenius
Jeanne Jackson
Eric Keas
An Lam
Christopher Lessard
Christopher Lopez
Karen Hager
John Hoke
Suzanne Jensen
Scott Keeney
Richard Lam
Dan Leung
Richard Lopez
Shamim Haider
Linda Holbrook
Shating Ji
Enrico Kehding
Bill Lamacchia
David Levy
Jeannine Lostritto
Cory Haines
Joseph Holesapple
Mohammed Jichi
Megan Kelly
Derek Landau
Darrel Lewis
Mark Louque
Michael Hale
Oliver Holler
Julian Lane
Dorothy Lewis
Lyndon S. Low
Anne Holloway
Nicolas Kenedi
Peter Halmos
Josh Kerr
Tim Larcos
Michael Lewis
Claire Hollowell
Barry Johnson
Shamil Khan
Lassen PC
Feng Li
Kenny Luc
Edward Hamm
John Hong
Edward Johnson
David Kim
Brett Latteri
Adams E. Lichota
John Hamm
Jung M. Hong
Julius Johnson
Jong Kim
Aaron Lau
Thomas K. Lieber
Evan Halpern
Pam McConell
Jacquie Mani
Kori Mcdougall
Jim Manning
Ted Mcgreer
Michael Manuel
Tim Mckee
Lyra Manzarate
Brittany McKenney
Frank Marchello
Douglas Mcleod
John McMahon
Brian Lucas
David Margolis
Whit Meggs
Kortney Lucas
Adam Marino
Connor Melancon
Sacha Menasce
Benjamin McPhee
Richard Meador
Del Hammades
Ryan Hood
Lucille Johnson
Phil Kim
Arthur Lau
Lifestyle Shoes
Steven Lucchesi
Mark Markline
Truth Han
Nathaniel Hopkins
Michael Johnson
Michael King
Jimmy Lau
Jed Likos
Gabriela Lucia
Stephen Marthevka
Chris Mendez
Chris Hanline
Christina Horvitz
Mike Johnson
Cheung Kink Kok
Richard Lau
Christopher Lin
Brian Ludlum
Hunter Martin
Julio O. Mendez
James Hardat
Lillian Hsiao
Wendy Johnston
Joshua Kiser
Berent Lawton
Dar-jong Lin
Lawrence Luk
Jason Martin
Scott Mescudi
Mourad Harim
Willie Hsu
Jason Jones
Susan Klein
Annie U. Le
Mark Lin
Kevin Lund
Krista Martin
Harry Mettano
Jason Harlan
Warren Hu
Nathan Jones
Milan Knezovich
Brandy Le
Steve Lin
Carlos Martinez
Michael Michaan
Brian Harris
Eric Huang
Tiedrich Julie
Jason Koenig
Arnel Lebby
Johnson Ling
Wai Lung Alan
Terry Matalas
Harlens Michell
Robert Hartshorn
Goro Hattanda
C. Miller
Mika Hattanda
John Minutoli
Abraham Havkins
Ryan Mish
Dre Hayes
Peter Misiti
Jack Heller
Yosuke Mitsugi
Stephen Hendy
Lance Mixon
Eric Hernandez
Marshall Mizrahi
Richard Herpe
Aaron Mliner
Martin Hersh
Mobile Showroom
Hertha BSC
Zachery Monks
Matthew Hill
Elan Monribot
Lindsay Hillyard
Nicole Milano
Aaron Miletich
Imelda Montoya
(L-R) Nike’s Vice President of Design Tinker Hatfield and CEO Mark Parker with Michael J. Fox
at a meet and greet with staff members on Nike’s campus
Danny Moore
The 2011 Nike
MAG Auction
Edwin Pichardo
Vincent Riccobono
Ludovic Sauvaget
Justin Smith
Jarvis Taylor
Ryan Vesler
David Pickit
Darren Rice
Savvy Matress
Stephen Smith
Stephen Taylor
Brian Villanueva
Anthony Xavier
Arthur Piedra
Zed Richards
Avery Schade
Todd Smith
Christina Tea
Gilbert Villanueva
Bruce Yan
Menes Pierre
Andrew Rieth
Richard Schauer
Tye Smith
Arthur Tebbel
Patricio Villanueva
George Yang
Jason Pietrantoni
Frank Rivera
Jonathan S. Schecter
John Smolek
Roderick Telan
Howard Villegas
Thomas Yang
Ken Mor
Noor Clothing Inc.
Sabina D. Pineda
Mike Rizzo
Curtis Schenker
David Smoler
Lisa Termunde
Alan Vinogradov
Tony Yao
Austin Morgan
Anita Notta
Michael Pinelli
Chris Robinson
Justin Schilberg
Bradley Snetsinger
Matthew Thanos
William Virgil
Edward Yatkowsky
Darian Morgan
Anthony Novak
Kevan Pinsirikul
David Robinson
Wade Schin
Calum Snow
Harrison Tobin
Carl Vosacek
Christopher Yee
Rik Morgan
Nucleus Imaging
Oswin Pivaral
Tim Robinson
Thomas Schneiders
Alex Snyder
Joe Tomasi
Yuki Vu
Fonald Yee
Ross Morgan
Ogilvy-Stephen Lee
Dean Schofield
Kristin Snyder
Valentino Tong
Guy Wadsworth
Kenny Yee
Dan Morse
Antoine Ohanessian
Plastic Planet Plus
Christel Rodrigues
da Costa
Shelley Scholl
Aditya Soeryadjaya
Daigo Toril
Reggie Walker
Robert Yee
Lorri Moseley
Jennifer Ohl
Chris Pleta
Joel Rodriguez
Brandon Schulman
Larry Sokol
Tamas Toth
Alex Wang
Trina Yen
Julie Moses
Patrick Okogwu
Maresa Ponitch
Kelvin Rodriguez
Ricky Schwab
Tianfang Song
Laurent Touma
J Washington
Wei Yin
Jamie Schweid
Robert Sosna
ToyWiz Inc.
Casey Wasserman
Robert Yoo
Casey Waters
Charleton D. Younts
Edris Yung
Elizabeth Muderick
Ashley Olan
Kristi Potts
Steven Rodriguez
Sean Mullins
Glenn Orgin
Nigel Powell
Adam Rogas
Scuba Steve, LLC
Kingsley Sosoo
Amin Tran
Theresa Myers
Glenn Orocio
Kyle Powers
Esther Romero
Vincent Scurria
Lisa Sparacino
Anhthi N. Tran
Richard Watler
Kambiz Nabily
Morek O’Rourke
John Poynor
Matthew J. Rose
Derin Seale
Edward Spencer
Jonathan Tran
Angie Watson
Irving Zacarias
Alex Naboicheck
Juan C. Ortiz
Bill Predmore
Aric Rosenberg
James Y. See
Eric Sprunk
Loi Tran
Shane Watson
Jeri G. Zealer
Vanessa Nadal
Norman Ortiz
Greg Presswood
Daisuke Nagata
Shanea Overton
Zachary Prince
Kenta Nakano
Antwane Owens
Ian Napach
Cyril Paciullo
Kristy Provost
Napith Music, LLC
Bong Padilla
Matthew J. Quinn
Nau Shoes
Holli Pahlen
Joseph Quinones
Juan C. Navarro
Michael Palleschi
Danny Quinteros
Daniel Neiditch
Matt Palocsay
Gene Quirk
Chad Nelson
Richie Pangilinan
Susana Quiroz
Anthony Pankey
Kevin Ragsdale
Alberto Parera
Faizan Rahman
Thomas Park
Michael Ramirez
Mark Parker
Uriel Ramirez
Mark Parker
Jaaziel Ramos
Sean Paroff
Anthony Rapisarda
Gerald Pascual
Adam Rasmussen
Matthew Peak
Aaron Reed
John C. Pearson
Royal Reff
Tim Pelasky
Gayle Reh
Jeremy Peltier
Matthew Reilly
Margherita Penna
Avi Rencik
Matt Nevaranta
Lillian Nevarez
Lee Newmark
Simon Newton
Ben Nguyen
Cong Nguyen
Dat Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen
Peter Nguyen
Truong Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen
Vien Nguyen
Nice Kicks
Glenmar Nisperos
Ryan Noble
Kevin Noel
Armando Perez
Brandon Renken
Clement Perrin
Philip Requard
Judy Perry
Omar Restrepo
Graham Pewter
Saintil Reynolds
Laura Phillipson
Sarah ReynoldsJackson
Andrew Piccarreto
Fabian Rossini
David Royster
Stephanie Rudnick
Rainier Runes
Stacie Russo
Ari Ryan
Ricardo Sa
Nitin Saigal
Michael Sakata
Franklin Salinas
Jose Salmeron
Paul Salumbides
Matt Salvo
Jason Seekamp
Kent Squires
Perry Tran
Ryan Weier
Brenden Zeidler
Alexandre Seite
Ben Sriaroon
Eli Weil
Angelos Zervas
Greg Selkoe
Joshua Standing Horse
Kyle Trebour
Daniel Wellington
Benjamin Zhang
Daniel Sepulveda
Ben Stanton
Luis Trigo
Mark Wells
Min Zhang
Natasha Serhan
Raymond Stanton
Fei Truong
Mark Wendelken
Yu Zhao
Henry Setiabrata
Robert Stekson
Jesse Tsao
Kristi Weyrens
Zheng Zhilin
Winson Seto
Brandon Stewart
Raj Tubati
Ryan Wheeler
David Zonshine
Benjamin Sticca
Paul Tudorovic
Arianna White
Joe Zucco
Charlene Sewell
Victor Suarez
Mical Turner
Brendan Wietz
Kim Zuckerberg
Divye Sharma
Brian Sucher
Chris Tweedie
Ahmad Wiggins
Moshe Zusman
Megha Sharma
Philip Suh
Larry Tyler
Alan Wildstein
Jonathan Shaw
Stephen Suh
uBreakiFix Company
Matt Williams
David Shih
Lee O. Sun
Shawna Ueyama
Brian Wilson
Dov B. Shimon
Roger Sun
Marc Ulmer
Ranjith Wilson
Daniel Wiseman
Hyekang Shin
Terry Sweiss
Jiyong Um
Jan C. Shine
Jonathan Sydel
Silas Underwood
Russ Wolkoff
Nau Shoes
Rick Szparkowski
Samuel Valenzuela
Cynthia Wong
Vaughn Sanders
Shop Airlines
America, Inc.
Iris Tabora
Freddy Valle
Harvey Wong
Robert J. Sandler
Daisy Tam
David Van Es
Melissa Wong
Jason Sidana
Melvin Tam
A. Van Helden
Roman Wong
K. Sigilai
Jean-Luc Santin
Shien M. Tan
Cesar Vasquez
Stephen A. Wong
Jake Silverstein
Daniel Tang
Collin Vaughn
Troy Wooten
John Samonas
Christian San Juan
Maurilio Sanchez
Ricardo Santos de
Kevin Saphire
Iqbal Saran
Rudolf Sardaryan
James Sartori
Sam Sklar
Jon Tang
Vincent Vecchio
Jacob Worrell
Jolene Sloter
Jackson Tao
Julian Vera
Menyee Wu Zheng
Richard Smiley
Louis Tarantino
Chavin Veranunt
Ryan Wu
Anita Smith
Nika Tarr
Ryan Vergara
Yu-Ming Wu
Chad Smith
Reshma Taufiq
Constantijn P. Xavier
We have made
a concerted effort
to accurately
list all donors
of significant
in 2011.
If your name is
misspelled or
missing from this
report, please
accept our apology
and email the
correct information
to [email protected]
Nike Auction Donors
Back For The Future:
Financial Highlights
2011 Financial Highlights
“MJFF is tightly
focused and able to
At The Michael J. Fox Foundation, we know donors have choices when it comes to their
charitable giving. We are grateful you choose to place your financial support — and hope —
in our Foundation. Because we take that responsibility seriously, two of our core values are
efficiency and accountability.
results — something
But we believe what we do with the dollars raised is equally important. Obsessed with
producing results, we are dedicated to driving impact for patients across the board. We
operate with a focused sense of urgency to find a cure for Parkinson’s and to ensure the
development of improved therapies for people living with Parkinson’s today. We are
organizations of
optimistic and won’t stop until better treatments are found.
clearly state its
objectives and show
every size and mission
can aspire to.”
Fundraising Success
We constantly monitor costs to maximize the value of
We deliberately have no endowment. We believe that
donations. Since inception, 88 cents of every dollar we’ve
to speed a cure for Parkinson’s disease, our capital must
spent has gone straight to our research programs effort.
be nimble — getting into scientists’ hands as quickly as
We are outcomes-focused. Tying grant payments to the
possible, not sitting in an endowment or reserve.
achievement of specific milestones, we stand ready to
MJFF ended 2011 closing in on the $300 million mark in
quickly supplement ideas that are showing progress,
research funded since inception. Ultimately, though, we
troubleshoot challenges if they arise and halt funding
measure our success not in terms of dollars spent, but
if the science stalls. And we hold ourselves to the same
in terms of scientific solutions patients can feel in their
rigorous standards we ask of our awardees.
everyday lives.
We are invested in getting it right. Through our
As our longstanding friends and supporters, you help
intellectual leadership and strategic problem-solving,
make this possible. Thank you for all you do.
we do whatever it takes to accelerate Parkinson’s drug
2011 financial highlights follow. Full audited financials
and our most recent IRS Form 990s are available at
Financial Highlights
$ 57
in PD
$ 49
$ 39
$ 33
$ 14
$ 15
$ 24
$ 24
$ 17
$ 12
Dollar amounts in millions. Does not include 2001 R21 awards in partnership with NIH.
MJFF Efficiency
Research Program Activities 88%
Administration 3%
Fundraising 9%
Financial Highlights
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Consolidated Statements of Financial Position
As of December 31,
$ 49,495,371
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 303,256
Security deposits 828,698
Cash, cash equivalents and investments
Contributions receivable, net The American Institute
of Philanthropy rates
Property and equipment, net The Michael J. Fox
Total assets 653,423
$ 78,666,329
Foundation as an “A+”
in its list of Top-rated
Liabilities and Net Assets
Charities, based on
Accounts payable and accrued expenses MJFF’s organizational
and financial efficiency.
Funds received in advance
Grants payable, net 57,540,423
Interest payable
Loan payable
Deferred rent 433,507
Temporarily restricted 15,347,555
Total net assets
$ 78,666,329
Total liabilities Net Assets:
Unrestricted Total liabilities and net assets $
Financial Highlights
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Consolidated Statements of Activities
With summarized financial information for 2010
Year Ended December 31, 2011
Temporarily Restricted
Public support and revenue:
Contributions $ 41,318,056
$ 21,279,306
$ 62,597,362
Special events
(net of direct benefit to donors of $795,484
and $947,886 in 2011 and 2010, respectively)
Investment income 163,320
Miscellaneous income 4,651,256
Total public support and revenue
before release of restrictions 42,029,984
Net assets released from restrictions
$ 69,511,218
$ (2,060,766)
$ 67,450,452
Total public support and revenue
Program services 62,016,416
Management and general 1,594,990
Fund-raising 4,305,375
$ 67,916,781
$ 67,916,781
Total expenses
Change in net assets 1,594,437
Net assets, beginning of year 4,179,853
5,774,290 $
Net assets, end of year $
Financial Highlights
2011 Financial Highlights — Canada
Since our launch in 2000, The Michael J. Fox Foundation has received a steady
outpouring of Canadian support. Canadian researchers have been actively involved in
our scientific agenda since the earliest days and individuals from all over the country
have stepped up to promote Parkinson’s disease awareness by investing in our
research or joining Team Fox. MJFF officially registered as a Canadian charity in 2009.
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Statements of Net Assets
As of December 31,
Contributions receivable
Due from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for
Parkinson’s Research (USA) Total assets 232,654
Grants payable
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities
Total liabilities 7,001
Financial Highlights
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (Canada)
Statements of Operations and Changes in Net Assets
Year Ended December 31,
2,323,337 $
Total revenue
Research grant awards
Administration and other
Excess of revenue over expenses and
net assets, end of year
Afterword by Michael J. Fox
and Deborah W. Brooks
Dear Friend,
The names contained within this book, and the radical acts of generosity they
represent, are both inspiring and humbling. We are so grateful for the dedication
of you, our friends and supporters.
The answer to Parkinson’s disease is bigger than any single individual or organization.
It is truly in all of us. Thank you for being a part of our movement.
We’ll keep counting on you to support, amaze and inspire us — right up to the day
we find a cure.
With gratitude,
Michael J. Fox
Deborah W. Brooks
Co-founder and Executive Vice Chairman
Boards and Councils
Boards and Councils
Board of Directors
Leadership Council
Founders’ Council
Scientific Advisory Board
Woody Shackleton,
Scott Schefrin,
Gene Johnson, PhD,
Chief Scientific Advisor*
George E. Prescott,
Vice Chairman
Claire Capello
Sonya Chodry
Dev Chodry
Anne-Cecilie Engell Speyer
Julie Fajgenbaum
Richard Fitzgerald
Lee Fixel
Sean Goodrich
Amar Kuchinad
Justin Lepone
Daisy Prince
Josh Rosman
Andrew T. Slabin
Lonnie and Muhammad Ali
Steven A. Cohen
John Griffin
Andrew S. Grove
Katie H. Hood
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Morton M. Kondracke
Nora McAniff
Donna E. Shalala, PhD
Holly S. Andersen, MD
Eva Andersson-Dubin, MD
Mark Booth
Jon Brooks
Barry J. Cohen
Donny Deutsch
David Einhorn
Karen Finerman
Nelle Fortenberry
Michael J. Fox
Albert B. Glickman
David Golub
Mark L. Hart III
Skip Irving
Edward Kalikow
Kathleen Kennedy
Edwin A. Levy
Marc S. Lipschultz
Douglas I. Ostrover
Tracy Pollan
Ryan Reynolds
Frederick E. Rowe
Lily Safra
Curtis Schenker
Fred G. Weiss
Sonny Whelen
Patient Council
Fabrizio Acquaviva
Carl Bolch, Jr.
Eugenia Brin
Christopher Chadbourne
Carey Christensen
John Coppola
Steven D. DeWitte
Anne Cohn Donnelly, DPH
David Eger, PhD
Cynthia Gray
David Iverson
Karen Jaffe, MD
Jeff Keefer
Soania Mathur, MD
Thomas A. Picone, PhD
Eric Pitcher
Richie Rothenberg
W.N. “Bill” Wilkins
Frans Olof (Olle) Lindvall, MD, PhD
Andres Lozano, MD, PhD
Kenneth Marek, MD
Eldad Melamed, MD
Kalpana Merchant, PhD
C. Warren Olanow, MD
Bernard M. Ravina, MD, MS*
Peter H. Reinhart, PhD*
Ian J. Reynolds, PhD
Irene Hegeman Richard, MD*
Ira Shoulson, MD
Andrew Singleton, PhD*
David G. Standaert, MD, PhD
Dennis A. Steindler, PhD
Caroline Tanner, MD, PhD, FAAN
David Weiner, MD
Michael Zigmond, PhD
Alberto Ascherio, MD, Dr PH
Erwan Bezard, PhD
Anders Björklund, MD, PhD
Susan Bressman, MD
Robert E. Burke, MD
Angela Cenci-Nilsson, MD, PhD
Marie-Françoise Chesselet, MD, PhD
P. Jeffrey Conn, PhD
Mark Cookson, PhD
David Eidelberg, MD
Matthew Farrer, PhD*
Charles (Chip) Gerfen, PhD
Robert J. Gould, PhD
J. Timothy Greenamyre, MD, PhD
Franz F. Hefti, PhD*
Etienne C. Hirsch, PhD
*Executive Committee
Oleh Hornykiewicz, MD
Ole Isacson, MD (Dr Med Sci)
Joseph Jankovic, MD
Jennifer Johnston, PhD
Jeffrey H. Kordower, PhD*
J. William Langston, MD
Todd Sherer, PhD
Michael J. Fox
Photo credits
Page 2:Mark Seliger
Page 6: Billy Farrell Agency/Joe Schildhorn; Elena Olivo
Co-Founder and
Executive Vice Chairman
Deborah W. Brooks
Page 8: Getty Images/Mike Coppola; Studio 1923/Jennifer and Jerome Braga
Vice President,
Marketing & Communications
Holly Barkhymer
Page 14: Dimitrios Kambouris;
Studio 1923/Jennifer and Jerome Braga
Lauren Anderson
Associate Director, Development
Marketing & Communications
[email protected]
Susan Shaw
The Michael J. Fox Foundation is a 501(c)3
nonprofit organization.
В© 2012 The Michael J. Fox Foundation for
Parkinson’s Research
The Michael J. Fox Foundation gratefully
acknowledges EarthColor, Inc., for printing
this book below cost.
Page 10: Dimitrios Kambouris; Ann Billingsley
Page 15: Dimitrios Kambouris; Billy Farrell Agency/Joe Schildhorn
Page 16: Elena Olivo;
Studio1923/Jennifer and Jerome Braga
Page 17: Dimitrios Kambouris
Page 18: Elena Olivo
Page 20: Courtesy Harlem Ambassadors; Courtesy Lori Braunstein
Page 21: Courtesy Stuart Vick Smith
Page 22: Courtesy Mark Gherty;
Courtesy Mike Decker
Page 25: Courtesy Nike, Inc.
Page 26: Ben Z. Mund
Page 34: Mark Seliger
All other photos by Sam Ogden
Read The Brin Wojcicki Challenge:
Making Parkinson’s Disease History, the
companion piece to this Annual Report,
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