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T.S.Sreenivasa Raghavan/DTNN
Monday, October 13, 2014
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here is good news! Our Kingdom
has clocked a 5.6pc growth in its Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter
of 2014. This growth is, in fact, a quantum leap
compared to the 3.2pc in the first quarter, oil
sector staging a riveting performance.
The Kingdom has proved the Westernoriented economic pundits who had earlier
projected a picture that was not too rosy.
Why is it that growth in GDP is so significant?
Shelving all the economic jargons, we can
simply say, GDP, per se, represents the
economic health of a country.
expenditure, government spending, net
exports… GDP, in fact, presents an in toto
picture of an economy. This being so, it bestows
the investors with a deep insight, highlighting
a country’s economic performance.
Needless to say, GDP is seen as a definite
and decisive indicator which immensely helps
the economic-decision-makers in planning
and policy formulation. It does not end there.
GDP also functions like a barometer for
the investors helping them to manage their
portfolios better.
To put it in the most contemporary
perspective, economists go by the GDP to
assert whether an economy is in recession,
depression or boom. It is here the Kingdom’s
growth in the GDP becomes significant. For,
the growth confirms, we are on the path of an
unprecedented boom!
Read full report by our senior business
writer Tahir Haneef on Page 3.
8P 11
King Hamad with Putin.
ties get stronger
relations are on an
upward swing. The meeting
between His Majesty King
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
and the Russian President
Vladamir Putin yesterday
at the presidential palace in
Sochi underscores this fact.
The meeting between the
leaders gains significance,
because both Bahrain and
Russia, next year, will celebrate
the Silver Jubilee Celebrations
of their bilateral ties.
HM the King said, there was
not much of a distance between
the two countries as his flight
to Sochi took only three hours!
His Majesty further said
that the meeting with Putin
was an opportunity for the two
countries to re-affirm their
joint desire to bolster bilateral
relations in all fields.
King Hamad added that both
Bahrain and Russia shared nearsimilar views on regional and
global views.
Detailed story on Page 2
DT News intervenes in time
DT News Network
Buji Elpa
t was at about 12.15am our
correspondent Rajeev Vellikoth
alerted us that a lady with minor injuries
had reached the Indian Embassy.
We immediately asked our
photographer Santhosh Rajendran
to reach the spot to get first-hand
Wasting no time, Santhosh rushed to the
spot and met Buji Elpa, the lady in distress.
He reported that the lady had escaped
from her sponsor and took a taxi to reach
the embassy. “Because, I was not getting
the salary from my sponsor since my
arrival here”, Buji Elpa told DT News.
It is learnt, the salary being paid to
Buji Elpa, a native of Andhra Pradesh,
South India, was being swallowed by the
middlemen who recruited her into the
job. DT News immediately contacted
Indian Embassy First Secretary Ram
Speaking to DT News Ram Singh
confirmed that he immediately
contacted the Telugu Kala Samithi
member and social worker Sivakumar
to go to the rescue of Buji Elpa who
does not seem to have the CPR card or
Passport in her possession.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Bilateral relations
Liberia health
workers to
go on strike
Healthcare workers in
Liberia, the country hit hardest by the Ebola epidemic,
will go on strike from today
to demand hazard pay for
treating patients infected
with the deadly disease,
their union leader said.
“Beginning tomorrow we
will be on a nationwide
strike in every hospital and
every health centre including ETUs (Ebola Treatment
Units),” said Joseph Tamba,
chairman of the health
workers’ union.
Staff at Monrovia’s Island
Clinic, the largest government-run Ebola clinic in the
capital, have already been
on a “go slow” in recent days
in their battle for extra pay defying a request by health
officials to avoid industrial
action during the Ebola crisis, which has killed over
4,000 people in west Africa.
Dozens of patients in the
clinic have died from Ebola
since the go-slow began on
Friday, said staff representative Alphonso Wesseh.
is Majesty King Hamad
bin Isa Al Khalifa
yesterday held a meeting with
Russian President Vladimir
Putin at the Presidential Palace
in Sochi where they discussed
regional and global issues,
noting that the two countries’
stances towards those matters
are nearly similar.
HM the King lauded Russia’s
support to efforts to combat
terror groups and organisations,
stressing Bahrain’s unwavering
support to the efforts of the
International Community to
fight all forms of terrorism and
dry up its financing in order to
safeguard global security and
“Terrorism has nothing to
On the sidelines of
HM the King’s visit,
a number of deals in
the fields of culture
and tourism were
signed between
the governments of
Bahrain and Russia.
HM the King with President Putin during the meeting in Sochi yesterday.
do with Religion,” HM the
King said, noting that the
precepts and values of the
Islamic Religion reject terrorist
On Syria, HM the King
re-affirmed Bahrain’s stance
on the need to work out a
solution that achieves reform
and political pluralism there.
He warned that the
continuity of the status quo
in Syria would provide an
environment that would
attract terrorists from all
over the world, affirming the
importance of Russia’s effective
role in achieving reform in
Syria and ensuring the right of
all Syrians to build a secure and
stable country.
President Putin delivered a
statement in which he praised
his country’s relations with
Bahrain, noting that the
two countries will next year
celebrate the 25th anniversary
of bilateral diplomatic ties.
He also expressed hope that
HM King Hamad would admire
the Formula One race in Sochi,
the first of its kind in his country.
On the sidelines of HM the
King’s visit, a number of joint
cooperation programmes in the
fields of culture and tourism were
signed between the governments
of Bahrain and Russia.
Monday, October 13, 2014
GDP UP BY 5.6%
Bahrain shines
Tahir Haneef/ DTNN
he economy of Bahrain
has underlined its inherent
strength in no uncertain terms.
The Kingdom has clocked a 5.6
per cent growth in its Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) in
second quarter of 2014.
This growth stands in
complete contrast to the 3.2pc
in the first quarter.
The oil sector pulled the
economy with an unexpected
performance of 9.3pc growth
compared to a 4.1pc growth in
the first quarter.
Non-oil sector was not to be
left behind in this boom and it
recorded a very healthy 4.7pc
growth, up from 3pc, recorded
in the first quarter.
by the Bahrain Economic
Development Board (EDB)
beat their own projections for
the economy and has brought
in good cheers throughout the
Hospitality sector has
contributed heavily to
the economy and has
grown by more than
10pc in the last quarter,
continuing its good show
from first quarter, whereas social and personal
services experienced
acceleration of 8.2pc,
while transportation and
communications sectors
logged 6.2pc growth.
Hospitality sector has
contributed heavily to the
economy and has grown by
more than 10pc in the last
quarter, continuing its good
show from first quarter,
whereas Social and personal
services experienced acceleration
of 8.2pc, while transportation and
communications sectors logged
6.2pc growth.
The non-oil private sector has
been a significant contributor in
this growth and thus underlines
the diversity of the Bahrain
Huge demand for
small office space
DT News Network
n a report on Bahrain’s
comm er cia l
ma r k e t
real estate consultancy
CluttonsВ said, demand for
smaller, �plug and play’
offices (50 sqm to 100 sqm)
have remained buoyant
as the number of start up
businesses continued to
The research report of
Cluttons says, “The strength of
the retail market has persisted
over the first three quarters
of 2014, with exceptionally
strong demand, especially for
smaller units.”
This surge in requirements
has been matched by an
equally aggressive supply
pipeline of new schemes.
“We have seen a particular
upturn in requirements
from Chinese retailers who
areВ keen to gain a foothold
in the Kingdom in order to
cater to the lucrative weekend
tourist traffic from Saudi
Arabia,” the report said.
But the report had also
issued a warning for larger
office space and the rental
The report added, “Al Seef
recorded the steepest decline
in rents for fitted offices
during the first three quarters
of 2014, with average asking
rates slipping by 9 per cent
to BD5 per square metre in
third quarter from BD5.50 per
square metre at the end of last
year. There have however been
exceptions to this.”
Monday, October 13, 2014
Physical assault
DT News Network
ruling will be declared on
November 5 in the trial of
a 32-year-old manВ accused
of physical assault. В The
reportedly broken the nose
of his brother-in-law with
a punch during a heated
The fight between the two
men allegedlyВ happened
after theВ victim had kicked
out his wife from their
house after a fallout.
“After a fight with my
wife, herВ brotherВ (the
defendant) called me and
asked to meet him. And I
responded to his request,”
the victim told prosecutors
during questioning. “He asked me if I had
hit his sister. I didn’t say
anything and he suddenly
“After a fight with my wife, her brother (the defendant) called me and
asked to meet him. And I responded
to hisВ request. He asked me if I had hit
his sister. I didn’t say anything and he
suddenly attacked me and broke my
nose,” Victim to prosecutors
attacked me and broke my
nose,” he added.
Court files stated that the
victim had two nose jobs to
rectify the damage.
However, the accused
denied any wrongdoing,
saying that the victim’s nose
began to bleed while they
were fighting �verbally.’
“We entered our majlis and
I helped him to stop the
bleeding. I even had called
him later to check on him,”
he said.
But theВ Public Prosecution
refuted such claimsВ after a
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6/16/14 3:34 PM
medical report showed that
the victim suffered a broken
nose because of a physical
(Send your comments to
[email protected])В Reckless driver
loses appeal
n Asian driver, who
killed a man and injured
another in aВ car crashВ has lost
an appeal against his four-yearprison-sentence before the High
Criminal Appeals Court.
The 25-year-old manВ was
convictedВ of reckless driving that
led to the death of a man and
injury of another.
The accident reportedly
happened at 6:00am, when a truck
driven by the defendantВ collided
with the car where the victims
were riding in.
AccordingВ to the traffic report,
the defendant failed to curb the
truck’s speed after the traffic
light turned red,В thus,В he crashed
directly to the victims’ vehicle,
which was in front of him,
trampling it in the process.
The defendant attributed
the cause of the accident to the
truck’s brakes and tryes, which he
alleged were in �poor condition.’
The 25-year-old
man was convictedВ of reckless
driving that led
to the death of a
man and injury of
another. The truck
he was driving
collided with the
car of the victims.
He stated that he had already
informed his employer about
them before the accident.
However, a car technician’s
report found that the truck was in
a perfect condition to be driven
on the streets.
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Monday, October 13 , 2014
eGovernment services
Tahir Haneef/ DTNN
T News caught up
Richard Kerby
eGovernment Department of
Economic and Social Affairs ,
United Nations, New York.
He was here for the launch
of the Arabic version of United
Nations eGovernment Survey
Mr. Kerby spoke about the
challenges faced by countries in
implementing eGovernment,
women empowerment and
public participation.
Here are the excerpts of
the exclusive interview he had
given to DT News.
DT News: Demand side of
eGovernment services, even
though many Governments
are able to deliver on their
promise, public participation
has been generally low. May
be 30% or maximum 50%.
What the UN can do to change
this, How can we increase the
Richard Kerby:
what we have seen, a fact is
that when the government
has taken the feedback
mechanism, that is interaction
with its citizens seriously, and
when the Government listens
to the feedback, whether the
response is for change in
policy, changes in programmes
and if the people feel that their
feedback is given importance,
then the public participation
goes up a lot. When the public
gives feedback, use it, then the
Government is going to get
more feedback. That was our
observation from the survey.
Encourage dialogue and
participation from the public.
And thus government can
build trust.
DT News:That takes me to
the question, a lot of sensitive
information gets collected
through IT based projects. In
many countries even Biometric
information is collected. Hence
to build trust will be a difficult
task. What is UN’s strategy to
tackle this trust deficit?
Richard Kerby : UN as such
doesn’t have a global strategy
on this. The imperative is on
the countries to do what they
are doing. Personal data is
not always considered open
data. Personal information
shouldn’t be freely available for
public scrutiny. The countries
should decide for what level
of openness they should aim
for. And as the definition of
personal data varies from
country to country, countries
need to decide subjectively.
Any government report that
has data should be public. The
data shouldn’t be denied to
the public by terming it as not
important or important.
DT News: Can we dream
of a world where there is no
gender disparity, What is UN’s
stand on this?
Richard Kerby: If we look
at our big goals, there has to be
no gender disparity, that is part
of the UN charter, everyone
must be treated equally. The
countries that treat women
differently, they are going to
lose in the long run. Because,
such countries are not using 50
per cent of human talent and
intellectual capacity.
Women think differently,
they are able to see a different
angle than men. From the male
point of view also, it doesn’t
help men on the long run.
DT News: Government to
Government, Government
to business, Government to
consumers are the present level
of interactions as indicated in
the eGovernment Survey 2014,
the survey suggests “A more
holistic and multi-stakeholder
approach needs to be evolved.”
Can you please elaborate on
Richard Kerby : Multi
stakeholder approach means
design their strategy they
take into consideration other
people’s point of view. You
bring business, associations,
education and take all their
views. It shouldn’t be done
in a room where eight or
nine bureaucrats sit and take
decisions. It should be based
on politicians going to various
constituencies and bringing in
suggestions, the interactions
should be made more online,
online chats and discussions
can help in receiving ideas
from people. Dialogue has to
be there and the Internet is
the biggest thing countries can
make use of.
DT News: Another
correlation that has been
put forward in the UN
eGovernment survey is the
income level of countries
and their performance in the
eGovernment ranking?
Richard Kerby : Yes, and
we have tried to segregate
data as per the geographical
similarities, income level and
more. What we tried to do
is to show countries, which
are lagging in implementing
eGovernment, the examples
and models of countries in
similar situations. Whatever
the problems are, if they can
see another country in similar
condition making good
improvement in eGovernment,
they may also follow the good
DT News: And the
income level correlation with
eGovernment ranking, what
kind of change in focus need
the poorer countries or low
income countries need to bring
in to improve the rankings?
Richard Kerby : Because
of the structure of the survey;
infrastructure, education all
these are long term work.
Increased passengers at BIA during holidays
DT News Network
he Bahrain International
Airport (BIA) witnessed a
noticeable increase in number
of passengers during Eid Al
Adha and Hajj season this year,
whereby 72,000 passengers
were received during the
period between October 2 and
5, in addition to 4,000 transfer
pilgrims who came on 56 flights
on their way to the Holy Land.
Bahrain Airport Company
(BAC) worked hand-in-hand
with its partners in the private
and public sector to facilitate
passengers’ movement during
the busy season and ensure safe
and efficient travel experience.
Mohamed Thamir Al Kaabi,
Chief Airport Operating Officer
at BAC praised the staff efforts
and hard work in maintaining
the operations efficiency during
the busy season.
And online services are
also extremely expensive
to develop. Our priority is
to encourage the flow of as
much information as possible
from governments to the
public. The governments can
encourage the basic flow of
information, as simple text
messages at least. Even if that
is not achievable, governments
can make face to face
interactions less cumbersome
for the public.
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Mr. Kerby
Monday, October 13, 2014
Cabinet’s top priority
Roberto Carrillo/ DTNN
rowing international
concern on the rise of
Ebola has topped the agenda
of government this week,
as the Cabinet directed the
Health Ministry to followup on efforts to prevent
the disease from reaching
“The Cabinet gave its
directives to Health Minister
Sadiq Al Shehabi to follow
up on the updates of Ebola
Virus in the world, to take
precautionary measures and
raise awareness in order
to keep Bahrain Ebolafree,” said Minister of State
for Information Affairs
and official Government
Rajab, during the Press
briefing that followed the
Cabinet session.
meeting was chaired by
Deputy Premier Shaikh
Mohammed bin Mubarak
Al Khalifa at Gudaibiya
Palace. In the absence
of Prime Minister HRH
Prince Khalifa bin Salman
Al Khalifa, the Cabinet
expressed its wishes of good
health and long life after
the medical examination he
underwent abroad.
Health Ministry and the
government have taken
several steps to ensure the
safety of the country from
proposal for two hours
of rest for disabled
employees got the approval
of the Cabinet during
yesterday’s session.
�Care, Rehabilitation and
Employment of Disabled
1) The Indian Embassy
announced that it is organising a Press meet on October
16 at 1pm on board the
Indian Naval Ship Tir, for the
upcoming goodwill visit of
First Training Squadron Ships
(INS Tir, INS Sujata and INS
Tarangini) to Bahrain from
October 16 to 19.
Ambassador Dr. Mohan
Kumar will address the Press
on the goodwill visit during
the event.
Economic dispute
resolution decree
DT News Network
Shaikh Mohammed
File photo of pilgrims performing Hajj.
Ms. Rajab
an Ebola outbreak.
Issuing visas for those
coming from affected
countries (Guinea, Liberia,
Sierra Leone, Nigeria)
have been suspended until
further notice along with
the importation of meat and
its products from affected
Awareness campaigns
have also been initiated for
the benefit of Hajj pilgrims
as well as the travel agents.
Symptoms screening for
travellers from affected
areas who already entered
to the Kingdom in the last
month before the visaissuing suspension have
also been initiated.
The government also
follows-up with the World
Health Organisation and
“The Cabinet gave its directives to Health
Minister Sadiq Al Shehabi to follow up on
the updates of Ebola Virus in the world,
to take precautionary measures and raise
awareness in order to keep Bahrain Ebolafree,” Sameera Rajab
the Executive Office of
GCC Council for the latest
outbreak updates and the
recommendations, in order
to take the required
steps accordingly.
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Support for disabled gets Cabinet nod
DT News Network
Persons Law’ promulgated in
The amended law now
allows a worker or employee
with any disability to be
granted a two-hour rest
per day. The regulation is
still subject to the rules and
regulations promulgated by a
ministerial decree.
The new law also applied to
relatives or next-of-kin of the
disabled worker who is taking
care of the person. However,
a certificate has to be issued
by the competent medical
committee stating the need for
special care by the disabled.
“The Ministry of Social
the formation of a small
of members from some
ministries and government
entities to set the conditions
and mechanisms that will
facilitate the implementation,”
said Minister of State for
Information Affairs and
Spokesperson Sameera Rajab.
Doctors training and
appointment procedures
Sadiq Al Shehabi secured the
approval of the Cabinet for
the proposal to separate the
procedures of training newlygraduated doctors from the
procedure of appointing them.
The procedure is said
to create more training
opportunities as it allows
the biggest number of new
graduates to be accommodated.
The new mechanism will also
allow the best qualifications
for every training programme
according to the set standards.
inister of State for Defense
Affairs and Legal Affairs
Ministerial Committee Vice
President Shaikh Mohammed
bin Abdullah Al Khalifa
secured the Cabinet’s approval
amending an economic dispute
resolution decree.
The amendments approved
were for the Decree-Law on
the Bahrain Chamber for
Economic, Financial and
Investment Dispute Resolution
promulgated in 2009.
“The amendments are mainly
concerned with the procedures
and cases of appealing the
verdicts issued by the Bahrain
Chamber for Economic,
Financial and Investment
Dispute Resolution,” said
Minister of State for Information
Affairs and Official Government
Spokesperson Sameera Rajab.
The 2009 law set an
historic precedence when
Bahrain became the first
arbitration �free-zone’ globally
which meant that The
Bahrain Chamber of Dispute
Resolution, which was born
out of the 2009 law, can
determine disputes under any
system of law depending on
the agreement of the parties
in dispute.
Malaysia Air Transport
Agreement discussed
A new Air Transport
Agreement is being discussed
by the Cabinet with Malaysia,
which aims to modernise and
amend the previous agreement
signed in 1994.
“This will reflect the nature
of the friendly relations with
the Kingdom of Malaysia,
to be more comprehensive
and in line with the recent
international requirements
in the air transport industry,
especially in the field of security
and safety of international civil
aviation,” said Ms.Rajab.
Meanwhile, the Cabinet
achievements in the 17th
Asian Games in South Korea
and congratulated the Saudi
leadership in their successful
organisation of the Hajj season.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Powerful platform
Noora Alzabie/DTNN
he Internet has become
an integral part of human
life and the social media, in
particular, has changed the way
people live and the way things
are being done, in every aspect
of society, including politics.
Different sectors of society
have turned to social media to
spread information quickly and
thanks to it, the world is within
our reach at all times.
Twitter, Facebook and
Instagram are among the top
choices for social media and
they display and discuss all
kinds of information, including
election, education, arts, culture,
entertainment, etc.
Now, the social media has
become the favourite platform
of politicians the world over,
including local politicians who
will be running in the upcoming
parliamentary and municipal
elections in the Kingdom.
Between supporters and
opposition, the social networks
support the political scene by
the hash tag “You can by voting”
on Twitter, Instagram and
“The hash tag presented 26
thousand original tweets out of
45 thousand re-tweeted tweets
and posts on Instagram and
Facebook,” Ali Hussain, TV and
Radio presenter told DT News.
Mr. Hussain
Mr. Sabkar
Ms. Marhoon
Mr. Khalifa
Mr. Shaban
“The electoral environment
being strongly present in
social media and people or the
Bahraini society have become
more politically educated,
especially after 2011 events.
Media figures play an important
role to educate the public to
exercise their right whether to
run in the election or to vote
for the suitable candidates,” Mr.
Hussain said.
“From my position as a
presenter, a radio programme
will be broadcasted from today
in cooperation with other
colleagues in the field, and we
will be talking about the 2014
elections. I already presented
a TV show called “The Merit”
on Bahrain Television,” he
From Paris, the social media
expert, Ali Sabkar strongly
agreed on the major effect of
the social media on the public
views, as he ensures and
highlights via his tweets the
importance of the participation
in the election.
One of the media figures,
Eman Marhoon, tweeted:
“Your choice of a candidate
who reaches the House of
Representatives reflects our
consciousness and culture.”
Moreover, the Bahraini
Author, Nooh Khalifa raised
the idea of the importance
of the youth participation
in the current political stage
by saying, “Bahraini youth
are important shares in the
political and democracy market
in the Kingdom, which should
be considered and involved in
the election.”
Nasser Abdulla, a retired
Bahraini said: “I’m not really
well – educated, and I am an old
man but I will participate and
vote for which I see is suitable
for Bahrain. It is for a better
generation and those who
reject to participate in election
2014 should understand
that they can’t get any better
living condition without their
political participation.”
Mahmood Shaban, a student
at the university of Bahrain
(UOB) said: “ I am twenty two
years old and I will vote for the
first time to protect my right
as a citizen and to practise my
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
a media conference held at
Green Capsicum Restaurant
According to the parents,
the quality of education of the
school is deteriorating on a
daily basis.
“The school is not following
any regulation laid down by
the CBSE which is mentioned
in the Indian School Bahrain
(ISB) constitution”, said
Sreedhar Therambil, a parent
said during the Press meet.
Moreover, the panel also
points out that auditors have
passed remarks and concerns
about the alarming financial
condition of the school for the
second consecutive year.
During the event, the
organisers said that the
auditor’s report points out
the crisis has occurred due to
accumulated deficit of BD 1.3
million (BD 13 lakh).
“The deficit is despite of
the increase on the school
fees and also increase in
the admission of students.
The current strength of
the school is above 12000.
This shows a pure financial
mismanagement”, alleged Mr.
The panel also pointed out
the exorbitant expenses made
by the committee during the
Parents urge school to clarify issues
DT News Network
he Indian School Parents
Panel (ISPP) urged the
school authorities to call for
an emergency EGM to clarify
queries with regard to the poor
academic standards and bad
financial status.
ISPP expressed their concern
over the poor academics and
alarming financial crisis during
Buainain reveals details about voters
DT News Network
ead of the Legislative
and Legal, Executive
Manager of the Parliamentary
and Municipal Elections
Adviser, Abdulla bin Hasan
Al Buainain, revealed the
details of the number of
voters assigned to each of
the four governorates in the
He pointed out that the
electoral bloc in the Capital
Governorate, which contains
10 election districts has
reached 90,349 voters, while
the Muharraq Governorate,
which has eight election
districts, has 68,618 voters.
Meanwhile, the electoral
bloc in the Northern
Governorate, which has 12
districts, has a total of 119,467
voters and the Southern
Governorate (10 districts) has
71,279 registered voters.
The total of all eligible voters
in the Kingdom has reached
349,713, which was announced
last week.
According to statistics,
District 7 in the Muharraq
Governorate is the district
that has the highest number
of voters (13,204) in the
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Nobel Recognises Child Rights,
Brings India and Pakistan Closer
wo countries received a pleasant surprise – of a Nobel
Peace Prize - on Friday.
Both, India and Pakistan quickly celebrated the
announcement of the prize shared by two people, on either
sides of their shared border where military-clashes were
going on for days.
Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai, the advocate of
girls’ right to education, and the Indian gentleman Kailash
Satyarthi, a children’s rights activist being awarded 2014
Nobel Peace Prize winners together was a welcome news to
the two nations.
And it gave a good reason for celebration. After all, the
common enemy to both countries is really the �ignorance’
of people about the rights of their children.
Negligence and abuse of children has been so rampant in
the Asian subcontinent that this much-needed recognition
is now bound to create not just ripples of joy, but also waves
of change.
The change would be in the mindsets of people, as they
turn favourably towards girls’ education and against child
Malala Yousafzai has become the youngest person ever,
and the first Pakistani, to receive a Nobel. But more
importantly, she has become a strong icon for girls who
aspire for good education, and a powerful voice speaking
on their behalf.
Her daring public speeches and blog posts - in support
of girls’ education in Pakistan – may have angered the
backward-thinking Taliban. Which is why in 2012 two
Taliban gunmen stormed into her school bus, called out,
“Who is Malala?”and shot her and her schoolmate at pointblank range.
But her miraculous survival, and her ongoing crusade
against discrimination on gender - when it comes to
education - has drawn the attention of the whole world.
While Malala became famous after being shot-at two
years ago, the other awardee Kailash, strangely, knew no
fame at all, until two days ago.
Many did not even recognize him despite his humble and
committed work for over 30 years.
In a country where small children worked with adults
in hotels, garages, tea-shops, carpet factories, motorcycle
mechanics, and automobile repairers, Kailash insisted
that their place was in school - that they must be getting
educated, not earning bread, even if parents insist they do.
In 1980, he gave up his career as a teacher and became
secretary-general for the Bonded Labour Liberation Front,
and founded the Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the
Childhood Mission) that year.
According to the latest issue of TIME magazine, his
Bachpan Bachao Andolan has, to date, rescued and
rehabilitated more than 80,000 child labourers. Just last
month, it rescued 24 child workers between the ages of eight
and 15 from a bag and shoe making plant in New Delhi.
Needless to say, both of the awardees are so high in
stature, in spite of their humble beginnings, that the entire
world must really applaud them for their seriousness and
commitment to their causes.
Talking to TIME after the Nobel Prize announcement,
Kailash Satyarthi said he wants to work with co-recipient
Malala Yousafzai to ensure child rights in India and
And faraway, standing on a box at Birmingham’s main
library, Malala Yousafzai also urged the Indian Prime
Minister Narendra Modi and the Pakistani Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif to attend the Nobel award ceremony together,
in December, to see both of the awardees receive the awards.
Let us hope we will have the pleasure of seeing the two
elected heads of state standing together applauding this
amazing achievement by their respective citizens – as we
applaud with them.
Monday, October 13 , 2014
The Islamic
State (IS)
published an
article allegedly written by British
hostage John Cantlie in
its Dabiq magazine
his daughter
to death in an
“honour killing” after catching her
chatting on a mobile
A mother
trekked 750
miles on a $100 budget to join Ferguson’s
�Weekend of Resistance.’
Readers’ VIEW
A meaningful and genuine participation
Dear editor,
The initiative of �Run, Walk 4 Cancer’ was very
good and there was a huge participation.
Even though people joined hands to raise
awareness on cancer, still we find some people
joining the rally just to have a fun time.
And of course, the people’s attitude
throughout the event shows, showed how
they truly wish to eradicate the deadly
I was one among the participants. I found a
few youngsters, wearing T-shirts inscribed
�Choose life, get screened let’s beat cancer’,
smoking at the venue. For me, this is so
The serious ones, who participated in the
right sense, spent some time with some of
the cancer patients, They rendered soothing
words, which made the cancer patients
Just participating in a rally which is
organised for a good cause doesn’t make
you a extraordinary personality.
Participating in the right sense will make
joining such events more meaningful and
Khalil Mohammed
serious injury
when a car
hit while he
was driving his bicycle
in Bukuwara area. Police
took the necessary steps.
U.S. general
fight against
ISIS doesn’t
require ground
troops yet
Studies on
have relied on
definitions and
methods of mesuring its
prevalence, researchers
Do you feel strongly about commenting on any
issue of social relevance or on any report we carried?
Be it bouquets or bricks, you can explore this space
by airing your views, opinions or comments. The best
letter, selected once in a week, will receive five tickets
for watching a blockbuster at Dana Cinema.
Letters can be sent
at letters
nurse suffering
Ebola shows
Back from the grave!
F a r g o
emailed the
fort a $10,000 raise. And
he CC’d 200,000 other
Dear sir,
It was truly shocking to read
your report about �Dead IS
fighter calls his father!’
The report stated that a young
Bahraini jihadist, whose fellow
fighters had announced his
death a few days ago, called
his father while the latter was
accepting condolences on his
Whoever spread the wrong
news on social media that
Abdulaziz Al Jodar, 19, had
died while fighting alongside
the Islamic State (IS) had
caused so much pain, distress
and agony for the family of
Now, he is back from the
grave, but the torture and
mental agony of his parents
and family would not be
erased nor be forgotten.
It was a good thing that his
father does not have a heart
problem, otherwise, he would
have died from a heart attack!
As we witnessed in this case,
people who use the social
media should be responsible
and those who receive the
news, should likewise be
responsible to avoid causing
so much distress, agony and
spreading wrong information
to the public.
We don’t want another person
to be back from the grave like
what happened to Abdulaziz!
Fareeda Mohammed
Cold shoulder treatment
Dear editor,
I found your report about
the case of Ruksana
interesting and annoying
at the same time.
Her problem, like the
other people mentioned
in your report, could
have been prevented,
if, like what one of your
readers had previously
written, their parents did
their responsibility of
registering their children
right after their birth.
To make matters worse,
according to your report,
the concerned authorities
at the Indian Embassy, who
could help Ruksana solve
her problem about getting
a passport just gave her a
cold shoulder – and even
humiliated her by pointing
out the ignorance of
her parents for failing to
register her after birth!
All this, despite the fact
that the Delhi High Court
had issued a favourable
ruling on the case for
It seems to me that even
the ruling of the Delhi
High Court does not have
power when it comes
to implementing them
in Bahrain and that the
concerned authorities are
too indifferent to carry out
their duties of helping their
nationals sort out problems
concerning passports.
How many more Ruksana
do we need to put on the
�What’s my nationality?’
Facebook page before the
authorities do their jobs
I just wish that Ruksana
would be able to resolve
this matter soon.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Jolt for IS
Burak Akinci with Rana
Smoke rises after a strike on the Syrian town of Kobane, as seen from the
Turkish-Syrian border, in the southeastern village of Mursitpinar.
slamic State jihadists
met dogged Kurdish
resistance yesterday in
the high-profile Syrian
battleground town of
Kobane but in Iraq they
put forces under strong
pressure, prompting US-led
relief drops.
killed the police chief in
Iraq’s Anbar province,
between Baghdad and
the Syrian border, where
Pentagon officials have
voiced concern about the
vulnerability of government
troops to a renewed jihadist
Farther north, around
the key oil refinery town
of Baiji, the Iraqi army
and its Sunni Arab tribal
allies came under fresh
attack by IS, prompting a
first resupply operation by
coalition aircraft.
In Kobane, where IS is
battling Kurdish fighters
under the gaze of the
international media just
across the border with
Turkey, the jihadists were
taking heavy losses, the
Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights said.
It said IS was pouring in
reinforcements from Syria,
after its Friday capture of
the Kurdish headquarters in
Kobane failed to deliver a
knockout blow.
fighters without much
Observatory director Rami
Abdel Rahman told AFP.
“They are attacking on
multiple fronts but they
keep being repulsed, then
countering and being
pushed back again.”
IS has earned worldwide
UN chief Triple car bomb
blast kills 25 in Iraq
hree suicide car bomb
attacks against offices
in a Kurdish-controlled
Iraqi town killed at least 25
people yesterday, most of
them Kurdish forces veterans
volunteering to re-enlist,
officials said.
The Islamic State jihadist
group claimed the attack via
affiliated Twitter accounts,
saying the three suicide
bombers were from Germany,
Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
“At 10:30 this morning (0730
GMT), three car bombs struck
Qara Tapah,” said Mayor
Wahab Ahmed, who was
lightly wounded in the attack.
Qara Tapah lies close to
Jalawla, a key battleground
northeast of Baghdad between
pro-government forces and IS
The mayor said the three
car bombs targeted his office,
a building used by the Kurds’
asayesh internal security
service and an office of the
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
buildings used by the electricity
department and the Kurdish
peshmerga forces’ veterans
affairs bureau were also
seriously damaged in the
A high-ranking security
Ban Ki-moon
N chief Ban Ki-moon
yesterday urged action
to prevent a “massacre” of
civilians in the Syrian town
Kobane, saying thousands of
lives were at stake as jihadists
battled Kurdish defenders.
“Thousands of lives are
at stake. I once again call on
all the parties to stand up to
prevent a massacre of civilians
in Kobane,” Ban said. (AFP)
official in the autonomous
Kurdish regional government
put the death toll at 27 and
said most of the dead were
peshmerga veterans who had
volunteered to return to active
duty to fight IS.
“Twenty-four of the victims
are peshmerga veterans,”
the official said, speaking
on condition of anonymity
because he is not authorised to
talk to the Press.
“They had come to join the
front against IS. There are still
victims trapped in the debris,”
he said.
A local federal army official
could confirm 25 deaths.
Twitter accounts affiliated
with IS relayed a claim naming
the three suicide bombers
as Abu Sara Al-Almani
(German), Abu Mohammed
Al-Jazrawi (Saudi) and Abu
Turab Al-Turki (Turkey).
Confessionally and ethnically
mixed Diyala province, which
borders Iran, has seen intense
fighting pitting militants of IS
against Iraqi federal troops,
and their Kurdish and Shia
militia allies.
In the provincial capital
roadside bomb blast in a
busy neighbourhood called
Al-Dhabbat killed six civilians,
a police captain and a doctor
at Baquba hospital said. (AFP)
• Breast Ultrasound
• Self breast examination training
• Consultation with obstetrician
& Gynaecologist specialist
infamy for a spate of
atrocities - many of them
videotaped and posted on
the Internet - since it seized
swathes of Iraq and Syria in
lightning offensives earlier
this year.
But it has also gained
prestige among Islamist
extremists that has helped it
recruit thousands of foreign
fighters, a reputation that is
now on the line in Kobane.
“It’s a decisive battle for
them,” said Abdel Rahman.
“If they don’t pull it off,
it will damage their image
among jihadists around the
world.” (AFP)
Monday, October 13, 2014
Gaza reconstruction
UN chief to
visit Gaza
N chief Ban Ki-moon told a
donor conference in Egypt
yesterday that he would visit
the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip
“I will visit Gaza on Tuesday
to listen directly to the people
of Gaza,” Ban Ki-moon told
reporters in Cairo, adding that
he would also travel to Israel.
The Palestinian presidency,
meanwhile, said Prime Minister
Rami Hamdallah would meet the
UN Chief today morning in the
West Bank city of Ramallah.
And Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu and
President Reuven Rivlin are to
hold separate talks with Ban
Ki-moon in Jerusalem today
afternoon, their offices said.
Tomorrow’s visit to Gaza
will be Ban Ki-moon’s first to
the Palestinian territory since
February 2012. (AFP)
Qatar has promised US$1
billion in aid to the coastal
enclave, devastated by its
50-day summer conflict
with Israel.
pledged hundreds of
millions of dollars in aid to
rebuild the battered Gaza
Strip yesterday and urged
Israel and the Palestinians to
renew peace efforts.
Gas-rich Qatar led the
way at a donors conference
in Cairo with a promise of
US$1 billion in aid to the
coastal enclave, devastated by
its 50-day summer conflict
with Israel.
Washington pledged $212
million and European Union
member states 450 million
euros, but there was clear
concern at financing the
reconstruction of Gaza yet
again without a peace deal
in sight.
The crowded coastal
enclave, ruled by Hamas
since 2007, remained a
“tinderbox,” UN chief Ban
Ki-moon warned.
US Secretary of State John
Kerry said Gaza was facing
an “enormous” challenge.
“The people of Gaza do
need our help, desperately,
not tomorrow, not next
week, they need it now,”
Kerry told the gathering of
some 30 global envoys.
Kerry, who failed to broker
a peace deal between Israel and
the Palestinians earlier this
year, urged renewed talks and
said the two sides needed to
make “tough choices”. The
call was echoed by Arab and
European envoys.
The Palestinians asked for
up to $4 billion in international
aid after Gaza suffered heavy
damage in its conflict with
Israel in July and August.
The United Arab Emirates
and Kuwait also pledged $200
million each yesterday.
concern that - after three
destructive conflicts in the
past six years - any help to
Gaza will eventually be lost in
more violence.
Ban expressed the fears
of many when he told the
conference the situation in
Gaza remained potentially
Palestinian children walk amidst the rubble of a building
destroyed from the 50-day conflict between Hamas and Israel,
in Shejaiya neighbourhood in the east of Gaza city yesterday.
“Gaza remains a tinderbox,
the people desperately need to
see results in their daily lives,”
Ban said.
“This must be the last time.
There is clearly some fatigue,”
he later told reporters. (AFP)
Israelis, Palestinians join to combat Ebola
sraeli and Palestinian officials
met at the weekend to draw
up an action plan to prevent the
Ebola epidemic from spreading
to the territories they control, the
Israeli military said yesterday.
“During the meeting (on
Saturday evening), updates were
exchanged between the parties,
and transfer of information was
agreed upon by way of additional
meetings to take place in order
to further track the issue,” said
COGAT, the defence ministry
unit responsible for Palestinian
civilian coordination.
One proposal to combat
the disease was for Israel to
provide courses in advanced
epidemiology for Palestinian and
Jordanian medical staff, a health
ministry official said on condition
of anonymity.
Ebola has killed more than
4,000 people this year, nearly
all of them in the West African
countries of Liberia, Guinea
and Sierra Leone, according to
the World Health Organisation
“There are contacts with
the Israeli side regarding this
A team of funeral agents specialised in the burial of victims of the
Ebola virus carry a body prior to putting it in a grave at the Fing
Tom cemetery in Freetown, on Friday.
within the context of WHO’s
instructions on fighting this virus,
which is a global task,” said Assad
Ramlawi of the Palestinian health
“There are common crossings
and we have contacts on this,
nothing more or less,” he told
Benjamin Netanyahu held a
meeting yesterday with health,
military, police, border crossings
and other relevant officials over
the epidemic.
“We are taking a certain
number of measures to isolate
any sick people from countries at
risk and to treat them of course,”
Netanyahu said in a statement.
“This is a global epidemic and
we are cooperating with other
Efforts to counter the spread
of the disease would focus on
border crossings and Ben Gurion
International Airport, near Tel
Aviv, said the statement.(AFP)
Monday, October 13, 2014
Sunday, November 25, 2012
Saudi Riyal Saudi
211.4165 214.5923
Indian Rupee 157.9779
Indian Rupee 137.9310 144.5087
Sell Cash
Bahrain (10gm) Bahrain BD 212.
London (1 ounce)London $ 1,730.00
New York (1 ounce)
New York
London $110.55
Invest In Bahrain 2014
Tamkeen support
GITEX pavillion
Bahrain’s pavilion at
GITEX technology 2014
exhibition which began
in Dubai yesterday. Seven
Bahraini enterprises will
be exhibiting their products and services. GITEX
is a key global event that
which has
presented since 2005, is one of a
and experts
from reports
of regional
part orMore
in whole
exhibitors from 61 counFraser
tries are participating in the
2014 edition,
and itofis the
pected to attract more
of 144
supported the participation of more than 100 enterprises in GITEX over
the last few years. Bahrain’s
pavilion include Customer
Engagement representation
dedicated to enterprise
support from Tamkeen,
along with the participating
companies that represent
different specialisations.
with Bahrain after ranking
DT Business Desk
DT News
second overall in 2011 with a
[email protected]
nder the patronage of His
score of 7.9. Jordan moved into
ahrain and the United Arab the third spot from eighth
bin Salman
Al Khalifa,
(UAE) are home to overall, improving its score to
the Prime Minister, the Minthe highest levels of economic 7.9 from 7.4 last year, showed
istry of Industry and Comfreedom
is ready
to Arab
58 a the report.
The Economic Freedom of
the Arab World report comreport has unveiled.
in nomic
the important
pares and ranks Arab nations in
“Invest in
Bahthe Arab opWorld five areas of economic freedom:
2014”; ofinvestment
report is will
by many
German size of government, including
expenditures, taxes, and enterFriedrich
such Naumann
as metal,Foundation
for Liberty
(FNF), the prises; commercial and ecofiberglass,
water, e-commerce,
Research nomic law and security of propinformation
and Technology
(IRF) ofwith
in-and erty rights; access to sound
value Institute,
over one billion
the Fraser
Canada's money; freedom to trade interdollars.
leading public policy think tank. nationally; and regulation of
in Bahrain
whichfirst credit, labour, and business. The
be held
complete report may be downyear, on
its overall
the score
Ex-8.0. loaded as a PDF, free of charge,
to 8.1
out of 10 from
is expected
to attract
also scored
8.1, tying at
a large number of businessmen
and businesswomen and investors within and outside the
Kingdom. CPIC, the Chinese
Company and Aba for fiberglass will showcase their expe- the investor” programme. The
riences in the fiberglass sector Kingdom has taken substantial
as they will launch ideas for measures to enact reforms and
industrial projects of small and create the most open, favourmedium enterprises “manufac- able business conditions to
make the forum possible.
turing industries”.
By virtue of its strategic locaTamkeen will also review the
Bahrain has the advantage
new services and strategy including the launch of “Support of being an ideal gateway to the
Economic freedom is based
on the cornerstones of personal choice, voluntary exchange,
freedom to compete, and security of private property.
Research shows that individuals living in countries with
high levels of economic freedom enjoy higher levels of
prosperity, greater individual
freedoms, and longer life
The report is based on data
from 2010 (the most recent
year available) but also examines more recent data to mark
out trends for individual
nations. This is crucial since
the key question in future years
will be whether the changes
underway result in greater economic freedom or whether
trillion dollar Gulf market.
Bahrain had always focused
its efforts on the building of
foundations, ahead of the
building of landmarks. It is this
commitment to building for a
better future that Bahrain has
come to be the most mature,
well-established business hub
KHCB to finance Al Salam Project
nars which will be utilised to
DT News Network
haleeji Commercial Bank finance the construction and
announced the signing equipping of the new hospital
of a new corporate financing located in Riffa. The Al Salam
deal for the construction of Specialist Hospital is set to
a new specialist hospital in provide healthcare services of
Bahrain. The ceremony was the highest quality spanning
attended by KHCB Chief Ex- across multiple specialties
ecutive Officer Khalil Ismaeel through a team of highly exAl Meer, the bank’s Corporate perienced and renowned local
Banking team, and the hos- and international doctors.
Chairman of Al Salam Spepital shareholders Dr. Jamal
Saleh and Dr. Abdul Majeed cialist Hospital, Dr. Jamal
Al Awadhi. The bank will sup- Saleh, said: “KHCB was our
of the Bahrain
preferred choice when it came
Di- Bay.
to financing the construction
of Al Salam Specialist Hospital due to its long and distinguished history of previous
projects. With our intent of
establishing Al Salam Specialist Hospital as one of the most
premier hospitals in the country and the Middle East, we
also aim for it to be a major
participant in making Bahrain
into the regional center for
medical tourism.”
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
economies in the region continue to stagnate.
The report measures available
data on economic freedom in 22
nations of the League of Arab
States, but due to data limitations, calculations of the overall
level of economic freedom are
only available for 16 jurisdic-
Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt,
Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Mauritania, Morocco, Oman,
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
Tunisia, and UAE. The rankings
are entirely based on third-party
data. The full data sets are available at
Takaful appoints
new GM
in the Gulf, providing the most
free, open, liberal, transparent
environment for businesses and
communities. The Kingdom
has maintained its position as
a globally competitive base for
business thanks to its focus on
sustainability, skills, and good
governance. The commitment
to the rule of law, free markets,
and democratic principles;
serving the needs of many; and,
above all, ensuring the longterm, future prosperity of its
people has helped it to showcase as an ideal destination.
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Dubai launches �Happiness Meter’
ubai launched a unique
initiative called the �Happiness Meter’ to measure the
happiness and satisfaction of
the public in government services on a daily basis using electronic devices connected to a
central network yesterday. The
initiative will send daily reports
to decision makers that will enable them to monitor the types
of government services that
people are most happy about,
and identify the geographical
areas where these services are
being provided. It is part of
the sustained efforts to develop
customer service and improve
the happiness of the people.
Speaking on the occasion,UAE
Vice President, Prime Minister
and Ruler of Dubai Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “Preparing annual
or quarterly reports to measure
the happiness and satisfaction
of the public does not meet our
ambitions because today the
world is transforming very fast
and people’s expectations too
are changing rapidly. Therefore,
government services must be
monitored on a daily basis.”
Dubai is the first city to apply a daily measurement of the
happiness and satisfaction of
the public in the services.
impart asone
as toknows
so dreadfully
to whom to complainp.”
awad Mohammed has
been appointed General Manager of Solidarity
General Takaful “SGT”, a
subsidiary of Solidarity Group Holding, one of
the largest Takaful groups
in the world. He was formerly the Deputy General Manager of SGT, and
has been with the Group
since his appointment in
2003. Jawad is an associate
member of the Chartered
Insurance Institute (ACII),
VIVA Bahrain in
GITEX 2014
IVA Bahrain is participating
technology event GITEX
2014. They are showcasing
its latest technology and
world-class capabilities in
establishing the first regional Global IPX (GIPX).
The show will continue till
16th October.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Telecommunications attractive sector
study by the Dubai Chamber
of Commerce and Industry,
has revealed that Gulf entities
have provided at least US$30bn
of funding to African infrastructure over the past decade, which
amounts to between 7 to 10 per
cent of total inflows, of which
approximately US$15bn in loans
and grants from Gulf development agencies and approximately
US$15bn in direct investments.
The study which was developed
in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) expected that annual contributions
are likely to average US$5bn in the
coming years, which equates to at
least 10 pc of the total average annual inflows to this sector. It also
revealed that Gulf funding for African infrastructure has focused
on North Africa,
Africa and
which has received
Gulf investors
business opthe bulk of aid.
p o r t u n i t y.
continue to
More than half of
And due to
Gulf aid has gone to
perceive Africa
cultural and
transport projects,
as a risky
mainly road buildties to Afing, with about
rica, GCC
30pc on power
investors are
(ranging from hywell posidroelectric dams to
rural electrification) and 15pc on tioned to invest in infrastrucwater projects, but very little on ture in Africa. “Gulf investors
telecoms infrastructure. By con- must take care to differentitrast, the telecoms sector has been ate between the region’s many
the main infrastructure focus of countries, rather than view
the GCC private sector, followed them as a homogenous “Afriby ports and, increasingly, power can” market. The Africa Global
Business Forum, organised by
President and CEO of Dubai Dubai Chamber, which was
Chamber, Hamad Buamim held earlier this month, highnoted that this study highlights lighted the economic and inkey facts about the economic vestment realities and oppor-
Tel: 17230305, Email: [email protected]
African Industry showcased.
tunities in the different African
markets,” he added.
According to the study, the
Gulf ’s interest in investing in
telecoms started with Zain of
Kuwait and Etisalat entering
the African market in 2005.
With regard to transport, investors are most heavily involved in ports, followed to a
lesser extent, by airport and
road construction and aviation.
The study presented a number of challenges which affect
the investment decision in Africa especially when it comes
to infrastructure. Gulf investors continue to perceive Africa as a risky market. Risks from
operational problems, nonhonouring of contracts, currency volatility, political risks
and change of government and
policies, especially relating to
long-term projects, are among
the main concerns for Gulf investors. With regard to Islamic
Finance, The sukuk market in
Africa is modest, accounting
for just 0.6 pc of total global
sukuk issuances outstanding.
However, several institutions, including Standard &
Poor’s and the Malaysia International Islamic Financial
Centre have indicated potential for growth. The study
suggests joint investment with
global actors such as development banks and multilateral
agencies to manage the risk.
SME Support Center re-launches “Entaliq”
DT NewsNetwork
MEs Development and
Support Center of Bahrain
Chamber of Commerce and
Industry re-launches its “Entaliq” (Go ahead) Programme
for the year 2014, which targets
university students of all majors. The programme entails the
visiting of SMEs Center officials
to educational institutions with
the aim of familiarising students with “entrepreneurship”,
and motivating them to be-
come entrepreneurs. Officials
convey their message via meeting with the students, initiating
discussions, and conducting
different seminars.
The programme is due to
resume in mid- October, and
initially, visits will be paid
to Bahrain Polytechnic and
Bahrain Royal University of
Women, while the rest of the
visits will be announced later.
In this regard, CEO of Bahrain
Chamber Nabeel Al Mahmood
said, “Bahrain has a comprehensive educational system that
includes important subjects
such as Citizenship and Human
Rights, and our goal is to enrich
the students’ learning experience by enlightening them with
cutting-edge topics such as “entrepreneurship” and providing
them with the basic knowledge
to set their mind for their future
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
GE to showcase turbine technology
Abu Dhabi
s the Middle East region focuses on accelerating infrastructure investment to boost its
power sector, GE (NYSE: GE) is
putting the spotlight on enhancing power sector efficiencies
through its advanced portfolio
of industry-leading technologies
at POWER-GEN Middle East to
be held between 12 to 14 October at the Abu Dhabi National
Exhibition Center. One of the
highlights of the participation at
the event is the regional launch
of the world’s largest and most
efficient gas turbines – the 9HA
and 7HA for 50 and 60 hertz applications. GE’s latest air-cooled
H-class technology operates at
more than 61 percent combined
cycle efficiency and leads the industry with cleaner, reliable and
cost-effective conversion of natural gas to electricity. The 9HA
also leads the industry in output,
exceeding 470 megawatts (MW)
per unit while using less gas per
MW than any other turbine on
the market. The HA turbines
will help power plants in the region meet the growing demand
for electricity, estimated to be
increasing at 7 percent per an-
num over the next decade, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Also in the spotlight is GE’s
new 9EMax solution, a gamechanging leap forward in 9E
gas turbine performance that
redefines how customers in the
Middle East can quickly deliver
more power, at lower costs. This
breakthrough technology can
further elevate the output and
efficiency of existing GE 9E gas
turbines while empowering
power providers to rapidly and
cost-effectively deploy the solution. (AFP)
Monday, October 13, 2014
Joel Guinto
anila’s creaking train network means a miserable
three-hour work commute
for salesman Gerard Galang
-- just one example of major
infrastructure woes that analysts say threaten to cool the
Philippines’ red-hot economy.
Peak-hour hell comes in many
forms in the city of 12 million
people, with commuters experiencing a sweaty, stinky crush
on dilapidated trains and giant
queues to buy tickets. “I pity
myself and my fellow commuters but I don’t have any other
option than the train,” said
Galang, 29, who inhales antiseptic rubbed on to his hands
to help negate the stench on
the train.
“It gets so crowded our faces
get pressed against each other
and on doors and windows.”
Galang spends three hours
commuting to work every
day, half of which is spent in
queues. For other commuters on buses or in cars, daily
gridlock worsens to a complete
standstill that can trap people
for hours when even small rain
storms trigger flash floods.
The Philippine economy has
in recent years shed its reputation as one of Asia’s laggards,
with growth of 6.4 percent in
the second quarter maintaining its status as the region’s best
performing after China. The
country also recently gained its
first investment grade scores
from the big three global credit
rating agencies.
Infrastructure development,
however, hasn’t moved at the
same pace, and economists
warn the creaking systems
that are of so much frustration to millions of people will
also have a growing impact on
economic growth. “Our facilities are not built for an econ-
Commuters queue to ride the Light rail transit in Quezon City suburban
Manila. Peak-hour hell comes in many forms in the Philippine capital.
omy that is growing at seven
percent every year,” Ronald
Mendoza, a senior economist
at the Asian Institute of Management, in Manila told AFP.
Mendoza said growth could
have been faster had it not
been for the ageing airports
and road networks that turn
off foreign investors and tourists, and limit the movement of
local trade. Manila already loses 2.4 billion pesos ($53 million) in potential income daily
due to traffic jams, according
to a study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
Among the other infrastructure problems are power
shortages that lead to brownouts, clogged drainage that exacerbate frequent rainy season
floods and an Internet network increase infrastructure spendso slow that it sparked a par- ing from 2.2 percent of gross
liamentary enquiry. Millions domestic product in 2012 to
of people in slums, and even five percent by the end of Aquisome residents of middle class no’s term in 2016. As part of
districts, do not have access to that, the government will purrunning water. And Manila’s sue its so-called public-private
p ar t nership
i nte r nat i ona l
More than
airport, with
50 projects
development, are being put
air conditionhowever, hasn’t out to private
ing and leakbuilders. Baling toilets, has
moved at the
been cited by a
same pace.
said impletravel website
as the worst in
2.6-trillionthe world.
President Benigno Aquino peso ($58 billion) “dream plan”
and his team are acutely aware drafted by the Japan Internaof the problems. “Sustaining tional Cooperation Agency
the economy’s high-growth was a top priority. The agency’s
trajectory requires continued plan calls for an expansion of
investment in infrastructure,” rail and toll road networks to
Economic Planning Secretary provinces north and south of
Arsenio Balisacan told Japa- Manila, spreading economic
nese businessmen last week. activity, as well as a subway
The government is planning to system for the capital.(AFP)
Manila is clogged with traffic as two overhead trains whiz by in the centre lane.
Manila already loses 2.4 billion pesos ($53 million) in potential income daily due to
traffic jams, according to a study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Sold over 350,000 vehicles in the ME in the first half of 2014
oyota recently announced a steady
growth in sales in
the Middle East selling 356,805 units in
the first half of 2014
which is a 6 per cent
growth in sales as
compared to
same period in 2013.
Sales saw a balanced
growth across its diverse portfolio of Sedans, SUVs and Pickups to maintain its
leadership position in
the region.
Chief Representative of Middle East &
North Africa, Toyota
Motor Corporation, Takayuki Yoshitsugu attributed the success of Toyota’s new design
direction in terms of developing more emotionally compelling products to connect with
29,638.4114 31,635.5584
1UK Stg
100 Yen
or a 1.3 L engine. The superior
consumers. “We are
performance and capability, fun
committed to making
Sales of the Yaris
to drive experience and striking
vehicles that have WakuSedan saw a 63pc
design of the RAV4 pushed sales
Doki which translates to
increase as it sold
by 34 pc to hit 7,960 units in the
being exciting and fun to
first 6 months of 2014. Sales
drive and this has also
of Toyota’s iconic Land Cruisresulted in a quantum
er SUV with its sophisticated
jump in customer satblend of off-road performance,
isfaction while giving
phenomenal go-anywhere cathem the peace of mind
of Toyota ownership. These results give us a pability, on-road comfort and unparalleled
good platform to build on in terms of extend- refinement, also witnessed an increase selling our robust performance for the rest of ing 41,083 units during the first half of 2014
2014 with a great lineup of vehicles that re- to see a 4 pc increase. The Land Cruiser
flect our ongoing product innovation, quality, comes equipped with versatile features such
as a Multi-Terrain select system offering 5
durability and reliability.”Yoshitsugu said.
Sales of the new look Yaris Sedan saw modes, which allows the vehicle to adapt to
a 63pc increase as it sold 27,823 units in various road conditions for excellent off2014. With its increased body size to offer road performance. It also offers intelligent
a spacious and luxurious interior, its excel- off-roading technologies such as a Crawl
lent handling stability and ride comfort, Control system which offers five speeds to
the Yaris Sedan signals yet another success maintain a constant low speed for a secure
story for Toyota and endorsement of its at- drive across different terrain by providing
tractive and dynamic exterior design. The optimal throttle and brake control.
(Send your comments to [email protected])
Yaris is available with the option of a 1.5 L
China’s economic rise challenges IMF
Jeremy Tordjman
he International Monetary
Fund was launched in 1944
with the world’s new superpower,
the United States, in position as the
key force and shareholder in the
global crisis bank. Today, China
is on the verge of becoming the
world’s largest economy. But its
voice at the IMF -- wrapping up
its annual meeting this weekend
in Washington -- remains that of
a minor country, and some worry
this could undermine the crucial,
70-year-old institution. The IMF
estimates that by the end of this
year, China’s economy will surpass
the US in size: $17.63 trillion versus $17.42 trillion, based on the
purchasing power parity standard.
On a more traditional basis, linked
to current prices, the clearly much
more affluent United States still
leads by a wide margin.
But there is no debate about China’s rise to power in the industrial
world. And its growth rate, at 7.4
percent this year, still far outpaces
that of the rest of the advanced
economies. The IMF has had difficulty conforming to this new global power balance. The US holds
16.7 percent of the voting power
in the Fund, which gives it an effective veto over any major changes
in its structure and activities.China
meanwhile has a 3.8 percent voting
share, not far from Italy’s, which
has an economy one-fifth the size.
And the US Congress’s repeated
refusal to ratify a four-year-old set
of reforms that would boost China,
India and other emerging powers
at the institution is beginning to cut
into the Fund’s stature.” The risk for
the IMF is that it will become less
and less relevant and increasingly
illegitimate,” said Paulo Nogueira
Batista, the IMF representative
of Brazil and 10 other countries,
speaking on his own behalf.
The 2010 reforms would change
quotas, effectively their voting
power, for shareholders and also
sharply increase the IMF’s overall
financial resources, crucial for conducting huge operations like the
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaks
during a discussion on ethics and finance at the 2014 IMF - World Bank Annual
Meetings at George Washington University’s Jack Morton Auditorium.
rescue of Greece and Ireland and,
most recently, support for Ukraine.
The reforms have been endorsed
by all other major economies. But
to be implemented, they need US
backing. The administration of
President Barack Obama has en-
dorsed them from the beginning,
but repeatedly has been unable to
persuade Congress to ratify the
pact. The problem has gone on for
so long that some are talking of
seeking an alternative to the current governance.(AFP)
French Economy Minister calls for EU �New Deal’
rench Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron yesterday proposed a 300-billion-euro “New
Deal” in Europe to boost investment and growth, while promising to accelerate fiscal reforms at
home. “Europe needs a New Deal,”
he said in an interview published
in the weekly Journal du Dimanche, evoking the original New
Deal which transformed the US
economy following the Great De-
pression of the 1930s. Macron’s
comments came after Dutch Finance Minister and Eurogroup
chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem said
France should not be granted extra time to bring its budget deficit
within the EU limit of three percent of GDP.
Macron, explaining his vision,
said: “France engages to pursue
and even intensify its reforms;
the European Union announces
a grand relaunch plan through
300 billion euros ($379 billion) of
investments.” Such a �New Deal’
would allow France to get hold of
10 billion euros of supplementary
investment funding each year, he
added. “Everybody wins, while
at the moment everyone is losing. The slowdown of the German
economy is a new setback.” Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Thursday denied Germany
was falling into recession and
stuck to his opposition to higher
spending to revive the eurozone
More growth will not be
“achieved by writing checks,” he
said at an event on the sidelines
of World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings in
Washington. Macron recognised
that France itself had work to do
on the fiscal front but insisted that
“we have six months to create a
new deal in France and in Europe.”
Monday, October 13, 2014
Kuwait City
uwaiti Oil Minister Ali AlOmair said yesterday that
he expects falling crude prices
to recover in winter but that
OPEC was unlikely to counter
the slide in the short term. “We
expect (oil prices) to increase
Oil prices
closed slightly
on Friday
massive losses
in a market
gripped by
worries about
global demand
and a supply
in the winter season or at least
preserve its current level,” said
Omair, cited by the official
KUNA news agency. The minister also said he believes that
oil prices will not drop below
$76-77 a barrel, which is the
production cost in Russia and
the United States. The decline
was expected due to geopolitical factors, a rise in supplies and
negative forecasts for global
economic growth, Omair said.
He said Kuwait has not received any invitation for an
emergency OPEC meeting to
discuss prices but would attend
if the call came up. However, a
cut in OPEC production “may
not necessarily boost prices”
because of high output by other
producers, especially Russia and
the United States, he said. Oil
prices closed slightly higher Friday following massive losses in a
market gripped by worries about
weakening global demand and a
supply glut. US benchmark West
Texas Intermediate for November delivery edged up five cents
to close at $85.82 a barrel on the
New York Mercantile Exchange
after sinking to $83.59 in early
Asian trade. Brent North Sea
crude for delivery in November
recovered from a four-year low to
score a gain of 16 cents, settling at
$90.21 a barrel in London. Since
June, Brent has lost around $25 a
Alba key
participant at
Aluminium 2014
l u m i n i u m
one of the key participants
in the 10th World Trade
Fair & Conference, which
was held on October 7 to
9 at Dusseldorf, Germany.
Company’s participation
emphasised its commitment to strengthen the
presence of its product
portfolio in Europe and
various global markets.
Aluminium 2014 is one
of the foremost B2B platforms for the aluminium
industry. With more than
950 exhibitors, the event
provides a comprehensive
overview of the business
and emerging markets.
irst-ever Lincoln MKC
small premium utility
vehicle hasbeen launched
in Middle Eastern markets.
This is the second of four allnew Lincoln vehicles to fuel
the brand’s growth globally.
Ithmaar Bank
thmaar, a Bahrainbased Islamic retail
honoured three
employees for their outstanding performance by
presenting them the Employee of the Month. The
employees, Abdulla Adam
Al-Turabi and Mai Abdulhameed Al-Thawadi,
both Officers in the Retail Banking Department,
and Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Jassim a Senior
Officer in the Retail Banking Department, received
their awards from the Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Abdul Rahim.
UAE approves zero deficit
Abu Dhabi
he United Arab Emirates
approved its 2015 budget
yesterday, projecting no deficit and increased income and
public spending as the oil-rich
nation continues its rebound
from years of financial peril.
Vice President Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum
said on his Twitter account that
the UAE cabinet had approved
a balanced budget of 49 billion
dirhams ($13.35 billion/10.57
billion euros), up 6.5 percent
from 2014.
Shaikh Mohammed, also the
UN Secretary General Ban Ki - moon (right) greets Kuwaiti Foreign
Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah during the Gaza Donor Conference
in Cairo.
day. US Secretary of State John
Kerry said Gaza was facing an
“enormous” challenge.
“The people of Gaza do need
our help, desperately, not tomorrow, not next week, they need it
now,” Kerry told the gathering
of some 30 global envoys. Kerry,
who failed to broker a peace deal
between Israel and the Palestinians earlier this year, urged
renewed talks and said the two
sides needed to make “tough
choices”. The call was echoed by
Lincoln MKC
Qatar pledges $1 billion at Gaza donor meet
atar promised $1 billion in
reconstruction aid for Gaza
at a donor conference in Cairo
yesterday, topping US and European pledges for the devastated
Palestinian enclave. “Qatar announces its participation with
$1 billion for the reconstruction
of Gaza,” said Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, the foreign
minister of the gas-rich country.
Meanwhile International donors
pledged hundreds of millions of
dollars in aid to rebuild the battered Gaza Strip and urged Israel and the Palestinians to renew
peace efforts.Gas-rich Qatar led
the way at a donors conference
in Cairo with a promise of $1 billion in aid to the coastal enclave,
devastated by its 50-day summer
conflict with Israel.
Washington pledged $212
million and European Union
member states 450 million euros, but there was clear concern
at financing the reconstruction
of Gaza yet again without a
peace deal in sight. The crowded coastal enclave, ruled by the
Islamist militant Hamas movement since 2007, remained
a “tinderbox,” UN chief Ban
Ki-moon warned, announcing
plans to visit Gaza on Tues-
Arab and European envoys.
The Palestinians asked for up
to $4 billion in international aid
after Gaza suffered heavy damage in its conflict with Israel in
July and August. The United
Arab Emirates and Kuwait also
pledged $200 million each on
yesterday. There is widespread
concern that -- after three destructive conflicts in the past
six years -- any help to Gaza will
eventually be lost in more violence.(AFP)
ruler of Dubai, said 49 pc of the
budget had been allocated for
social development projects and
other benefits for UAE citizens.
He said $5.45 billion was allocated for government affairs and
upgraded services. “Our budget
comes in line with our plans and
the government’s strict financial
standards,” Shaikh Mohammed
The budget does not include
huge oil revenues and is mainly focused on administrative
spending, public services, and
wages for federal employees.
Thai rubber farmers wheeze
as prices slump
Phang Nga
s rubber prices slump,
hard-up farmers in Thailand -- the world’s top producer
of the commodity -- are appealing for a bailout, testing the
junta’s resolve to end populist
policies and an entrenched subsidy culture. The global price
for a one kilogramme sheet of
natural rubber has retreated
to 43 Thai baht ($1.3) after a
three-year slide. That decline,
from highs of up to 120 baht
in 2011, has chiselled away the
income of Thailand’s estimated
six million rubber farmers.
Many of them reside in the nation’s south, a region home to
the ultra-royalists who backed
a May army coup that toppled
the elected government. Now,
as their profits shrivel, they
want payback from an army
they helped propel to power.
Putin to attend
G20 leaders
ustralian Treasurer
Joe Hockey confirmed yesterday that
Vladimir Putin will attend the G20 leaders’
summit in November, despite concerns about Russia’s actions in Ukraine
in recent months. Australia’s
that the Russian leader
would attend the highpowered summit came
after Ukraine’s President
Petro Poroshenko said
he would also meet Putin
next week.
Monday, October 13, 2014
His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday attended Russia’s first Formula One Grand Prix at Sochi Autodrom. HM the King, upon arrival at Sochi Autodrom at
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, senior Russian officials and track officials. HM the King, in a statement at the conclusion of the race, hailed the Russian efforts in holding the Sochi Formula 1 Grand
sport achievements at international level.
Banagas held a Bowling day at the Fun Land Centre as part of the company’s social activities for its employees. The event was attended by a large number of
employees. At the end of the event Hamad Al Shaikh, Head of Social & Youth Committee of the Company`s Trade Union and Khalifa Al Buainain, Supervisor
Public Relations handed over prizes to the winners.
Golden Tulip Bahrain hotel will be hosting a function to celebrate Diwali, an Indian festival, on
October 16 at the pool side of the hotel. The event will be held from 7.30pm onwards. Tickets
are priced at BD9 for adults and BD4.5 for children under the age of 12. (Above) An earlier
Diwali celebration held at the hotel.
As part of the Bahrain International Music
held a concert at the Cultural Hall near Ba
Bahrain took part in GITEX 2014 which was inaugurated at the UAE
International Trade Centre by Dubai Crown Prince Shaikh Hamdan
bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on behalf of the UAE Vice
President, Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid
Al Maktoum yesterday. Bahrain’s pavilion will showcase products focusing
on the investment market in Bahrain and the privileges offered to
foreign investments as well as the Kingdom’s strong information and
communication technology infrastructure.
MODA Mall yesterday
Chamber of Commerc
Elegance’ festival. The
McGinnis, were welcom
Wakefield Marketing te
Al Alawi. The guests wer
at Chai Latte and then t
Autumn/Winter collecti
Monday, October 13, 2014
Deputy King HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa yesterday met Muhammad Saeed Khan, the newly appointed Ambassador of Pakistan to the Kingdom
of Bahrain, at Riffa Palace. During the meeting the Deputy King and Mr. Khan discussed the long-standing relations between Pakistan and Bahrain.
the invitation
of Putin,ofwas
at the invitation
was welcomed
a new
to Sochito Sochi
a new success
Public Prosecutor Dr. Ali bin Fadhl Al-Buainain yesterday met Judith Gillespie, former Deputy Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)
and discussed technical support for the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) to enforce international standards and develop competencies. The meeting was
attended by Senior Attorney General Abdulrahman Al-Sayyed and SIU President Nawaf Abdulla Hamza. International experts in penal investigations relating
to human rights in Northern Ireland Judith Gillespie is currently on a visit to Bahrain as part of cooperation to provide technical support to the Special
Investigation Unit (SIU).
singer Aicha
Music Festival,
Aicha Redouane
l near Bahrain
hosted hosted
lady members
of the of
lady members
the American
as partasofpart
its spectacular
�Return �Return
of its spectacular
by organiser
Mary Mary
The women,
by organiser
by property
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of Celine
and Nada
team, comprised
Celine Durand
and Nada
re treated
to a traditional
were treated
to a traditional
to mall
the newthe new
d then
they the
to experience
St Christopher’s School organised St Chris Nursery Curriculum Workshop – Rainbow Day. The nursery students enjoyed visiting each other’s classes which
were decorated in different colours.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Boyle cancels US tour due to throat infection
inger Susan Boyle, 53, was forced to cancel her
American tour due to a sore throat.
The “Britain’s Got Talent” runner-up from 2009
completed the sell-out show at the Balboa Theatre
in San Diego, California, the first night of a world
tour, but then rushed to see a throat specialist,
After less than 30 minutes on stage, she told
fans: “It’s typical, I wake up on the first day of the
tour and I have a sore throat. Still, us British carry
She was told to avoid talking for 36 hours in a bid
to let her sore throat heal and was forced to cancel
her next gig in Santa Barbara on Thursday night.
A source said: “Susan’s suffering from a bad
throat infection - she was relieved to get through
the concert and did so well to finish her set list on
the night.”
“The timing couldn’t have been worse for Susan
so she has been feeling pretty down over the past
few days. She has found it very difficult not to
talk much because she likes to chat,” said
the source.
Witherspoon’s daughter in
awe of Malala Yousafzai
Los Angeles
Which directors
does Pitt prefer?
Los Angeles
ne perk that Brad Pitt definitely
enjoys is the ability to pick and
choose whom he work with. He is
quite clear that a director whom he
collaborates with, must have a clear
vision and an ability to “challenge the
In an interview, he was asked about
what kind of directors he likes to work
with, said a statement.
To that, Pitt said: “There are many
strong directors working today I would
love to collaborate with. I appreciate
directors who have an authentic voice,
challenge the medium, and have a
very precise point of view. At the end
of the day, we are in their hands.”
Pitt admires the work
of his “Fury” director
David Ayer and said
it was a pleasure
working with
daughter’s interest in helping other women
ollywood actress Reese Witherspoon finds was first piqued at a young age when, like any
Malala Yousafzai amazing and says her other child, she had a day when she didn’t want
to go to school.
daughter is in awe of the Pakistani activist.
“Instead of saying my usual,
On Friday Yousafzai made history by
�Mommy’s not awake yet. We can
becoming the youngest-ever winner
talk about it after coffee’, I actually
of the Nobel Peace Prize and on the
took the opportunity to explain to
same day Witherspoon celebrated
her that there are a lot of girls all
the activist’s work while accepting
over the world who don’t even
an award for her own philanthropic
get the opportunity to even go
efforts with the Malala Fund.
to school,” Witherspoon recalled
Noting that it was her own
about her conversation with Ava,
daughter, Ava, 15, who first brought
then in the third grade.
Yousafzai to her attention, the Oscar winner Ava
“My daughter found that
shared with the audience, which included
astounding, and from that point
fellow honorees Viola Davis, Jane
on, Ava became determined
Fonda, Jennifer Lopez and Universal
to help others understand
Pictures chairman Donna Langley,
the plight of women
about her experience meeting her
around the world.”
“role model”.
“This summer, we got to
“amazing”, the actress
meet Malala … Ava and I,” she
marvelled at the teen’s
said on Friday at Variety’s Power of
courage and strength.
Women event, which was sponsored by
“When I was 14, I was worried
“We got to have dinner with her at a about learning my lines and
friend’s house, which was incredible. She sat impressing casting directors,”
next to Ava at dinner and they talked about she said.
“When Malala was 14, she
schoolwork and homework and what their life
goals were, and Ava was just in awe of this was fighting for the rights for
girls to be educated around
17-year-old woman.”
According to Witherspoon, 38, her the world.”
Jolie wishes as child she’d
enjoyed freedom more
Los Angeles
ctress Angelina Jolie has
confessed she wishes she’d spent
more time enjoying her freedom as a
The “Maleficent” star, who has
children Maddox, 13, Pax, 10,
Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, and six-yearold twins Knox and Vivienne with
husband Brad Pitt, says she wishes
she had done more backpacking
before she found fame, reports
Asked what advice she would give
her younger self, the Oscar winner
said: “Not to change a thing. I would
probably say enjoy the freedom
as much as you can before it goes
“Enjoy the walks in the park and
the backpacking and travelling and
living. Which I didn’t, but I would
have liked to have done more before
it became a little less easy to do so.”
She added: “You can never
prepare for the future, because it’s
all those things that build up to
who you are. You have to let your
younger self be scared of things and
attack things head on.”
She also said people should make
“bold choices and make mistakes,
and it’s all those things that add up
to the person you later become.”
Monday, October 13, 2014
Celeb s
Hoult to get
intimate on
screen with ex
Los Angeles
ctress Jennifer Lawrence will
reportedly film intimate scenes
with her ex-boyfriend Nicholas
Hoult for “X-Men: Apocalypse”.
The duo play mutant lovers in the
next adaptation of the Marvel comic
book film.
Lawrence, who plays the blue
cat-suited Mystique in the actionadventure film, will get close to
Hoult (playing Beast) as the plot
of the forthcoming movie’s script
centres around the relationship
between the characters, reports
The duo, who met on the set
of “X-Men: First Class” in 2011,
ended their relationship in August,
citing their busy schedules for the
reason behind the split.
Despite the change in their
relationship, it is reported to be too
late for movie bosses to rewrite the
Jennifer Lawrence’s mom
approves of Chris Martin
Los Angeles
mum flew to Los Angeles to meet
Chris. We will have to get
oldplay frontman Chris
another chair for the dinner
Martin met rumoured
table at Christmas.”
girlfriend and actress Jennifer
“The family is getting
Lawrence’s mother, and he’s
so big we might have to
been given the thumbs up.
split up for gatherings,”
Lawrence’s mother Karen,
she added.
met Martin and she was impressed
Lawrence has also reportedly
with her daughter’s boyfriend. There
are talks to invite him over for Christmas Martin told friends she would love to start
a family when “the time is right” and
dinner, reports
The actress’ grandmother Carolyn marry in her home town of Louisville
Koch told The Sun newspaper: “Jennifer’s in Kentucky.
Clooney faces 50,000 pounds
bill for marital house
ctor George Clooney and his wife
Amal Alamuddin have just had
a wedding of their dreams, but
now face a 50,000 pounds bill
to protect their luxury British
home from Thames river.
The actor had bought
Aberlash Manor in Sonning,
Berkshire, unaware he
would have to spend about
50,000 pounds on
flood defences
because it’s so
close to Thames, reports
The 53-year-old gave the five
million pounds luxury house to his
bride as a wedding gift and in
return she bought him two
Cocker Spaniels.
According to The Sun, a
source said, “George and
Amal were caught seemingly
unaware” of the danger and
flood experts have had to be
called in. The couple also
has a property in Lake
Como, Italy.
Jessica gets
support from sister
inger-turned-fashion designer Jessica Simpson was
joined by her sister Ashlee Simpson and brotherin-law Evan Ross while she was busy promoting
the Jessica Simpson Collection here.
The newlyweds Ashlee and Ross recently
decided to stop by Dillard’s Perimeter
Mall where Jessica was promoting her
collection, reports
ashleesimpsonofficial,” Simpson
wrote while posing for a selfie with
her sister. “Love my make up @
karanmitchellmua Atlanta get ready
for the Simpson ladies!!! Perimeter
Mall 1-4pm #Dillards.”
Once they arrived at their destination,
the sisters showed off their ensembles
from the Jessica Simpson collection.
Ashlee wore floral pants with a black
blouse while Jessica donned animal-print
heels and a jumpsuit.
�Father’ Renner
now knows
what love is
Los Angeles
ctor Jeremy Renner’s
life has changed after
marriage and fatherhood.
He says they are the “best
things” he’s experienced.
The 43-year-old actor,
who has a baby daughter
Ava Berlin, recently got
married to Ava’s mother
and his longtime girlfriend,
Sonni Pacheco.
“It’s the best thing ever,”
Renner said of his family
during an appearance on a
TV show, reports eonline.
Talking of his little one,
who is 18 months old,
Renner quipped: “She’s kind
of ruined my life. We were
talking about how much I
love my job and all these
wonderful things —-that
means nothing any more.”
“Now I know what real
love is, what real existence
is. Best thing that I’ve
experienced in my life,” he
He is especially happy
that he has experienced
fatherhood “later on in
“By then I achieved a lot
of things that I wanted to
achieve; I’m so blessed
for that. Now I can really
spend time with family.
The only thing I think
about when I’m not with my
baby is, �How do I get to
my baby?’ I need to get to
her, and I’m very miserable
when I don’t see her.
“I really love being a
father. The only that has
changed is my perspective
on things. I still work,
probably even more. It
used to be all for myself, so
I’m not old and broke. All
these things I still do, but I
do it now for the future of
my baby, and if it gets in
the way of her well-being,
then I stop,” said the “Hurt
Locker” star.
He is also going to be a
protective dad.
“I can’t wait for her to
get older, but I really enjoy
her now. She’s the greatest.
She’s into her sticker phase
right now and I’m enjoying
it,” he said.
Monday, October 13, 2014
by John Graziano
BETTER English
What is �beau geste’?
his expression is of
French origin. It is
pronounced �bo ZEST’
with the main stress on the
second word. It literally
means �beautiful gesture’.
The expression is mostly
used to refer to a noble, but
meaningless gesture.
20th March 20th April
Your mind is usually
quick, agile, and hungry
for information, Aries. Today
it’s likely to be even more so
than usual. Your curiosity
is high and you could go
to unusual lengths to
satisfy it.
July - 20th
Expanding your mind
could be of interest
today, Leo. You might
decide to travel to a place
you’ve always wanted to
visit. Or you could decide
to go back to school for
an advanced degree.
Either way, you’re likely
to spend the day
considering the idea
and doing a lot
of research.
20th April - 20th May
You generally tend to be sensitive
and intuitive, Taurus, but today you
might be even more so. Reading about people
from other places and times might cause you
to tune into their thoughts and feelings
and receive new insight into human
: 20th Aug 20th Sept
Generally, Virgo, you
tend to be interested in
what makes everything
tick, from the human
mind to the workings of the
Universe to religion. Today
that interest could be
piqued by something
you read or
20th Nov - 20th Dec
Today you might decide to do
some writing, Sagittarius. This
could be job related, but it’s more likely
personal, either correspondence with
friends and colleagues or creative.
20th May - 20th June
A group meeting or social event could
bring up so many new and interesting
ideas that you may not be able to digest them
all, Gemini. Some new friends who share your
interests might want to continue the
20th Sep - 20th Oct
Stimulating conversations could
take place with partners of all sorts,
Libra, from business to exercise
to romantic. Some new and useful
information could come your way
that you will want to explore
20th Dec - 20th
Some people who share
your interests could visit your
home today. You might want
to take a walk or otherwise
exercise together, but you
will probably get into
some stimulating
20th June - 20th
A lot of paperwork
might need attention
today, Cancer. You
might throw a lot of your
focus and energy into getting
it all done. Stimulating
conversations with
colleagues could keep
your mind occupied
so you avoid
20th Oct - 20th
Some stimulating
discussions could take
place today. Your energy is
likely to be very high, Scorpio.
You may want to throw
yourself into your work,
particularly if it involves
20th Jan - 20th
Communication with
others should be a powerful part of
your day, so you will probably spend time
on the phone. You will want to write
down many of the ideas you hear. You
will find most of them interesting
and want to remember
20th Feb - 20th
Today you might
decide to tackle your
financial paperwork
and get it all done. This
is a great day for that,
Pisces, although you
might be a little too
ambitious and not
get as much done
as you’d like.
Monday, October 13, 2014
1- Captivated (by); 6- Annapolis inst.; 10- About; 14White-barked poplar tree; 15- Afternoon affairs; 16Travel from place to place; 17- “Presumed Innocent”
author; 18- Compass direction; 19- Large marine food
fish; 20- In danger; 22- Forced; 24- O Sole ___; 26- Cedes;
27- Polite agreement; 31- Heston’s org.; 32- Actor Hawke;
33- Compadre; 36- Vitamin bottle abbr.; 39- New Mexico
art colony; 40- That group; 41- “Barton Fink” director; 42Land in la mer; 43- Confusion; 44- Italian white wine; 45Bleat of a sheep; 46- So far; 48- Skullcap; 51- “Xanadu” band;
52- How to dress for a ball; 54- Over there; 59- Bedouin;
60- Grad; 62- Freedom from war; 63- Take ___ your leader;
64- Captain of the Nautilus; 65- Devour; 66- Switch ending;
67- Dull; 68- Women’s wear;
Yesterday’s solution
1- Cheerio!; 2- Adjoin; 3- Actress Deborah; 4- “The Time
Machine” people; 5- Reporter; 6- Salt Lake City athlete;
7- Oceans; 8- Beastly; 9- Constrain; 10- King of the Huns;
11- Noise; 12- Melodies; 13- Toward the mouth; 21- Sephia
maker; 23- Dynamic start; 25- D-Day beach; 27- Abominable
Snowman; 28- Footnote abbr.; 29- Foot covering; 30- Barker
and Bell; 34- Sound of a cow; 35- Magazine copy; 36- Horse of
mixed color; 37- “Whip It” band; 38- Again; 40- Kingdom in
SE Asia; 41- Dove’s sound; 43- Injectable diazepam, in military
lingo; 44- Bent forward; 45- Treelike grass; 47- Thickness; 48Tree insect; 49- Muse of love poetry; 50- “Oklahoma!” aunt;
52- Renown; 53- Arizona city; 55- At hand; 56- Go out with;
57- Old French coins; 58- Workout count; 61- Crowd;
Hoy en la Historia
October 13, 1990
The plaintive echo of Slavonic
chant sounded in Red Square as
the first Russian Orthodox service
for over 70 years was conducted
in St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow
1988: Carbon-dating tests showed that
the Turin Shroud, thought to be Christ’s
burial cloth, was a medieval fake
1992: Thirteen komodo dragons
were born in a Washington zoo, the
first hatched outside of Indonesia
1996: Damon Hill became F1 World
Champion, emulating his late father
Graham Hill, a champion in the 1960s
1999: France passed a law giving
unmarried cohabiting couples the
same rights as married couples
Picture: Getty Images
he’s a supermodel
stunning looks and
sleek style. But it seems
is not a role model
when it comes to
an �epic fail’ on social
media when she sent a
congratulatory message
to 17-year-old Malala
Yousafzai in which she
called the new Nobel
Peace Prize winner
post sent via Instagram
said: �Congratulations
#2014 #Respect #joy
Miss Campbell, 44,
not only got Malala’s
name wrong but also
misspelt Nobel as
�noble’. There was a
third error too, as the
hashtag should have
read #itsalljuststarted.
became the youngest
Nobel prize winner
due to her courageous
education for women
after being shot by the
Taliban in her native
north-west Pakistan.
Birmingham, she and
Miss Campbell worked
together on social
media in the campaign
to rescue the girls
kidnapped by Boko
Haram in Nigeria.
How to play:
Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column
down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.
Yesterday’s solution
Monday, October 13, 2014
Barcelona march against catalonia
hinese Prime Minister Li
Keqiang yesterday arrived
in Moscow for talks with President Vladimir Putin as Russia
is struggling with its most pronounced isolation since the end
of the Cold War. “It is a major
event in the bilateral relations,”
Chinese Vice Minister Cheng
Guoping said ahead of Li’s
visit. He said both sides would
sign a joint communique and
about 50 agreements. “We are
confident it will be a success,”
he said. Deputy foreign minister Igor Morgulov in Moscow
Li will also
meet with
his Russian
said the two countries would
sign a host of deals including
on nuclear energy, natural gas,
financing and banking.
“I am convinced that the
Chinese Prime Minister’s visit
will allow us to make substantial progress in key areas of
practical cooperation,” he said
in comments released by the
foreign ministry. Li’s first visit
to Russia as premier comes at a
sensitive time as the Kremlin is
grappling with the consequences of its support for separatists
wo men have been arrested in Venezuela for the murder of a ruling party lawmaker and his assistant, a highprofile crime with political overtones, the country’s supreme
court said yesterday. In a statement, the high court identified
the suspects as Eduwin Torres and Carlos Garcia, but gave
no other details about them. Local news reports said Torres
was a police officer and Garcia a bodyguard of slain lawmaker
Robert Serra, who was found stabbed to death on October 2
at his home with his assistant Maria Herrera. The court said
the two men are accused of “the alleged commission of the
crimes of aggravated homicide, conspiracy and other crimes.”
If found guilty, they face up to 30 years in prison.
British hotel remembers bomb
attack on Thatcher
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang (right) reviews an honour guard during an official welcoming ceremony
at Vnukovo airport outside Moscow.
in Ukraine during a six-month
conflict in the east of the exSoviet country. Besides meeting Putin tomorrow, Li will also
meet with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev and
attend a forum on innovations
during the three-day visit. Li’s
Russia’s trip is part of a weeklong visit to Europe.
Ahead of his Moscow visit,
Li travelled to Germany for
talks with Chancellor Angela
Merkel. He will also participate in a summit in Milan next
week. Merkel, a fluent Russian
speaker, has been seen as one of
the European Union’s top ne-
gotiators on the Ukraine crisis.
She has held regular talks with
Putin but has also thrown her
weight behind EU sanctions
against Russia in a bid to make
Putin drop support for separatists in eastern Ukraine. Saddled
with several rounds of Western sanctions and the Russian
economy in tatters, the Kremlin appears keen to see an easing of punitive measures from
the West.
Putin late Saturday ordered
a pullback of troops from the
border with Ukraine and will
hold key talks with Ukrainian
President Petro Poroshenko
on the sidelines of an AsiaEurope meeting in Milan next
week. China has spoken out
against Western sanctions
against Russia. “China always
opposes the wilful use of sanctions or the threat of sanctions,”
said Cheng. “We welcome the
moves by various parties to
encourage the momentum of
a political settlement of the
Ukrainian issue.” Once bitter foes during the Cold War,
Moscow and Beijing have over
the past years ramped up cooperation as both are driven by
a desire to counterbalance US
global dominance.(AFP)
Hong Kong leader says protests have �almost zero chance’
Hong Kong
ong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters have an “almost zero chance” of changing
Beijing’s stance and securing
free elections despite more than
two weeks of rallies, the city’s
embattled leader Leung Chunying said yesterday. Demonstrators calling for Beijing to grant
full democracy to the former
British colony have paralysed
parts of Hong Kong, prompting clashes with elements who
oppose the blockades and
widespread disruption.Despite
repeated orders to disperse, the
rallies have taken on an air of
permanence, with tents, portable showers and lecture venues
-- drawing thousands of people
in recent evenings. In an interview broadcast on local channel TVB Sunday, Leung said
the street protests had “spun
out of control” and warned it
was highly unlikely the action
would alter Beijing’s position.
After police were criticised
for unleashing tear gas on the
rallies in late September, the
city’s chief executive said that
Two arrested in Venezuela
lawmaker’s murder
if the government had to clear
the protests sites, police would
use a “minimum amount of
force”. China announced in August that while Hong Kongers
will be able to vote for Leung’s
successor in 2017, only two or
three vetted candidates will be
allowed to stand -- an arrangement the protesters dismiss as
“fake democracy”. Since last
month students and pro-democracy campaigners have taken to the streets -- sometimes
in their tens of thousands -- to
call for Beijing to change its position and allow full, free and
fair elections and to demand
Leung’s resignation.
“In achieving universal suffrage in 2017, if the prerequisite is to put down the Basic
Law and the decision made by
the National People’s Congress
Standing Committee, I believe
we all know that the chance
is almost zero,” Leung said.
Crunch talks between student
leaders and city officials collapsed last week, deepening the
crisis in the semi-autonomous
city as protesters vowed to dig
Brighton hotel held a minute’s silence yesterday to mark
the 30th anniversary of a deadly paramilitary bomb attack intended to assassinate British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The 1984 terror attack hit the Grand Hotel in
Brighton on the southeast English coast while Thatcher and
members of her cabinet were staying there during the Conservative Party’s annual conference. Planted by the Irish Republican Army, the blast ripped through the hotel, killing five
people and seriously injuring 34 others. The Grand Hotel’s
flag flew at half-mast as 60 staff gathered in the lobby along
with members of the public for a minute’s silence to remember those killed and wounded. The time bomb went off at 2:54
am and the mid-section of the hotel collapsed into the basement, leaving a huge hole in the building’s facade. Thatcher
was still awake at the time working on her speech for the next
Denmark seeks to ban bestiality
enmark’s government proposed a new law yesterday
banning sex with animals, saying it needs to put a leash
on bestiality so that the country doesn’t become a zoophile
hotspot. The law would bring Denmark in line with restrictions in European countries including in neighbouring Germany, Norway and Sweden, said Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Dan Jorgensen. “I propose a change in the law
on protection of animals to state explicitly that sexual relations with animals are no longer permitted,” Jorgensen said
in a statement.” Animals have to be treated with respect and
care and they have a right to special protection because they
cannot say no,” he said. Bestiality has been legal in the Nordic
country except in cases where the animal can be proved to
have suffered. However, laws across Europe, also including in
Britain, France, Holland and Switzerland, have left Denmark
Lanka bars foreigners from former
war zone
Elderly anti Occupy “Blue Ribbon” group members hold heart shaped
placards reading “Love Hong Kong.
in for the long haul.
Demonstrators are occupying three areas of the city. In
the districts of Admiralty and
Causeway Bay on Hong Kong
island many have dug in with
food, tents and bedding, as
well as displays of artwork,
giving the usually busy thoroughfares a carnival feel. There
was a heated stand-off Sunday
as a pro-government group
marched on Mongkok -- a
flashpoint district which has
seen ugly scuffles -- with police
intervening to keep them apart
from the rival activists. About
200 people took to the streets
of the popular shopping hub
to call for action to clear the
democracy camps, shouting
slogans such as “Support police
to strictly enforce the law” and
“Clear the occupation”.(AFP)
ri Lanka’s military has banned foreigners from travelling to
the island’s former war zone during a visit there by President Mahinda Rajapakse, officials and diplomatic sources
said yesterday. Foreigners were turned back at Omanthai, the
army-controlled entry point to the Northern Province which
the president is visiting, the diplomatic sources said. Military
officials said the travel ban had been in place since Friday and
was in the “national interest”. Police said they had no role in
turning back foreigners at Omanthai, but it was enforced by
the military. Among those affected were people of Sri Lankan
origin on their way to attend weddings, funerals and religious
rituals in Jaffna, the cultural capital of ethnic Tamils, the privately-run Sunday Times newspaper reported.
Kenya police
speech leaflets
housands took to the
streets of Barcelona yesterday, Spain’s national day, to
oppose moves to make their
Catalonia region an independent state. Less than a month
from a November 9 referendum date set by Catalonia’s
leaders for a vote on secession,
some 40,000 people demonstrated in the Catalan capital,
according to police. Waving
Spanish and Catalan flags, the
crowd chanted “Mas, resign!”, a
jab at Catalonia regional presi-
Court has
ordered the
dent Artur Mas, who called the
referendum on independence
in defiance of the Madrid government which says it is illegal.
“I want the freedom to be both
Spanish and Catalan at the
same time,” Javier Pardo, 23,
told AFP. “They can’t take that
away from me.”
The rally, organised by the
Catalan Civil Society group
under the slogan of “Spain for
All”, is the latest in a series of
rallies by advocates of both
sides of the hotly contested
issue. Spain’s Constitutional
Monday, October 13, 2014
Mozambique gears up for key vote
ampaigning for Mozambique’s presidential elections
wrapped up yesterday with a rock-and-roll rally to drum
up enthusiasm for the ruling party’s first post-colonial candidate. Addressing a crowd of around 5,000 supporters at
an open field in Maputo, Frelimo’s Filipe Nyusi promised
jobs and economic opportunity, and vowed to fight graft in
the country his party has governed for nearly four decades.
Wednesday’s presidential and legislative election is being
closely watched, especially by foreign investors, as Mozambique stands on the cusp of reaping vast wealth from its nascent gas industry.Nyusi, from the gas-rich Cabo Delgado
province near Tanzania, told the rally that his name, in the
local Makonde language from his far north region, translates
to mean bee. “I am the bee that will make honey for all!” he
Eastern China set for record-hot
y 2024, more than half of summers in eastern China will
be as hot as in 2013, when the region was hit by a record-busting heatwave and devastating drought, a study said
yesterday. Based on current global warming trends, the big
heat will happen even if rising greenhouse gas emissions are
braked over the next decade, it said. The summer of 2013 was
the hottest on record in eastern China -- a massive 1.1 degrees Celsius (two degrees Fahrenheit) above the long-term
average.On 31 days, the temperature reached or exceeded
the heatwave benchmark of 35 degrees Celsius -- more than
double the usual June-August tally. Nine provinces, with half
a billion inhabitants, were affected. Direct economic losses, in
China’s most populated and economically developed region,
have been put at 59 billion renminbi ($9.6 billion). Reporting
in the journal Nature Climate Change, scientists in Beijing,
Canada and the United States said the probability of a 2013like summer in eastern China had increased by a factor of 60
since the early 1950s.
Anti-independentist Catalans take part in a demonstration for the unity of Spain on the occasion of the
Spanish National Day.
Court has ordered the referendum suspended while it deliberates on its legality, a process
that could take years. Mas and
the regional Catalan government have said they will decide
by Wednesday whether to push
ahead with plans for the vote
despite the court injunction.
“What we want is an end to this
division and to the conflict,”
rally organiser Ramon Bosch
said at the Barcelona demo.
For Bosch, making Catalonia
a nation would in turn make its
7.5 million Catalonians “poorer and more insignificant”. Catalan nationalists were fired up
by last month’s independence
referendum in Scotland, which
was authorised by the British
government. Voters ended up
rejecting independence. Proud
of their distinct language and
culture, residents in the northeastern region have long complained they get a raw deal
from the government in Madrid, which decides how their
taxes are spent.
The region accounts for
about a fifth of Spain’s economy, but has been hit hard, like
much of the country, by the recent years of recession. But an
October 5 poll showed only 23
percent of Catalans supported
the idea of forging ahead with
the referendum and 45 percent
wanted the regional authorities
to comply with the stay ordered
by the Constitutional Court.
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
also reached out to Catalans on
Spain’s national day to stress
the common “deep roots” that
Catalans shared with other
Spaniards. In a comment published in the Catalan language
edition of El Pais newspaper,
the conservative leader said his
government was ready to build
“bridges” in its negotiations
with Catalans.(AFP)
Cyclone Hudhud pounds Indian coast
t least four people have
been killed in Andhra
Pradesh and Odisha by Cyclone Hudhud which pounded
Visakhapatnam with relentless
force yesterday. It is still raining in and around the port city.
Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that phone
lines are down and cellphone
towers have been damaged,
making it tough to assess the
scale of devastation. The extent
of the crisis would be known
tomorrow, he said, urging the
Prime Minister to declare the
cyclone a national calamity.
Mr Naidu also said that he has
sought a relief package of Rs.
2,000 crore from the Centre.
The cyclone hit Visakhapatnam, which hosts a large naval
base, at 11 am with winds peaking at nearly 195 km per hour.
By night, the wind speed had
fallen to 100 kmph but it was
still raining in and around Vi-
Texas health care worker tests
positive for Ebola
Texas health care worker who treated a man who later
died of Ebola has tested positive for the disease in a preliminary test, doctors said yesterday, the second person to be
diagnosed with the illness on US soil. “We knew a second case
could be a reality, and we’ve been preparing for this possibility,” said Dr David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services.”We are broadening our team in
Dallas and working with extreme diligence to prevent further
spread.” The health care worker reported a low grade fever
Friday night and was isolated and referred for testing, Texas
health services said in a statement. It did not further identify
the worker nor detail how exposure to the virus occurred. The
statement added: “Health officials have interviewed the patient and are identifying any contacts or potential exposures.
Australian police charge teens
over �racist’ train rant
Tidal waves hit the beach as Cyclone Hudhud reaches Visakhapatnam yesterday.
sakhapatnam.Nearly four lakh
people had been evacuated in
Andhra Pradesh and Odisha
in the hours before the cyclone
touched down.
Odisha was largely saved
from the cyclone’s wrath. The
current windspeed there is 60
to 70 km per hour.The windspeed is expected to reduce fur-
ther and the cyclone is to turn
into a depression over the next
12 hours. Heavy rainfall is expected in parts of Chhattisgarh,
Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.
Flight operations to Odisha and
Andhra Pradesh are expected
to resume today morning. The
Prime Minister has cancelled
his Tuesday’s trip to Varanasi
because of heavy rains in eastern Uttar Pradesh following
the cyclone.The Indian Ocean
is a cyclone hot spot. Of the 35
deadliest storms in recorded
history, 27 have come through
the Bay of Bengal - and have
landed in either India or Bangladesh.(AFP)
ustralian police charged two teenagers yesterday after a
video of one of them allegedly racially abusing a train
guard in a five-minute rant went viral online. The young men,
aged 17 and 18, were questioned by Queensland police earlier Sunday over the expletive-filled tirade on a Brisbane train
on October 2. A video of the incident attracted thousands of
views after it was posted on Facebook and YouTube on Saturday. One of the teenagers started hurling abuse at the guard
after he was told to take his feet off a seat, while another person believed to be his friend recorded the video as he giggled
and laughed. “Do you want to come to Australia and learn
some proper English?” the teenager yelled before allegedly using racist and offensive language.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Germany regrets Afghan �mistakes’
Brazil vote
Rosa Sulleiro
Sao Paulo
razilian presidential hopeful Aecio Neves yesterday
earned a key endorsement in his
bid to defeat incumbent Dilma
Rousseff -- from environmentalist candidate Marina Silva. The
Social Democrat Neves lost to
Rousseff in the first round a week
ago, but opinion polls now show
“Taking into
the policy
made by Aecio
Neves, I declare
my support. I
vote for Aecio
Neves”- Marina
him in a statistical dead heat
with her ahead of the October 26
run-off -- making Silva’s backing
vital. The pair are battling to run
Latin America’s largest country
of 202 million, which is also the
world’s seventh-largest economy.
“Taking into account the policy
commitments made by Aecio
Neves, I declare my support. I
vote for Aecio Neves,” said Silva,
whose once promising campaign
flamed out in the first round.
Silva said the pro-business Neves
had moved sufficiently close to
her positions on several issues
to warrant her endorsement.
“I see a swathe of historic commitments,” said Silva, citing his
promise to maintain social welfare programs that have lifted
tens of millions of Brazilians out
of poverty over the past decade.
Silva’s campaign promise of a
“new politics” saw her garner 22
million votes in the first round
-- which Neves must court if he
is to win.
Neves, the 54-year-old scion
of a political dynasty and business-world favorite, must persuade at least six in 10 Silva voters to back him if he is to make
up an eight-point first round
gap on Rousseff, The incumbent
-- Brazil’s first woman president
and a former leftist guerrilla
once imprisoned and tortured
by the country’s military regime.
Aecio Neves (centre), speaks during a Press conference at the basilica of the National Sanctuary of Aparecida.
Ukraine leader sacks third defence minister Second US Ebola case raises questions
Dmitry Zaks
resident Petro Poroshenko
dismissed Ukraine’s third
defence minister of the year
yesterday in a surprise decision
ahead of high-level talks with
Moscow on bringing peace to
the Western-backed former
Soviet republic. Poroshenko’s
official website said he would
nominate a new defence chief
on Monday after “accepting the
resignation” of Valeriy Geletey.
But the sacking also highlighted a sense of failure that
has enveloped the once-proud
force as the six-month conflict
with pro-Russian rebels drags
on and the death toll from
fighting approaches 3,400. The
military’s performance has humiliated Ukrainians who had
been celebrating the success
of a bloody popular uprising
that ousted the then Kremlinbacked leader in February and
propelled Kiev on its west-
Kerry Sheridan
Texas health care worker
who treated an Ebola victim has tested positive for the
deadly virus, dealing a blow to
the global battle to stem the epidemic and sparking questions
about safety precautions. Top
US health officials have said a
breach of protocol was to blame
for the new Ebola case -- which
if confirmed would be the second diagnosed outside Africa
and the first contracted on US
soil. Her case has sparked an
investigation by the US Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC), and a hunt
for more health care workers
who may have been exposed
to the dangerous virus. More
than 4,000 people have died of
Ebola since the start of the year
-- most of them in hardest-hit
Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia -- and the epidemic appears
Petro Poroshenko.
ward course. Geletey’s removal
threatened to undermine Poroshenko’s position ahead of a
crunch meeting with Russian
President Vladimir Putin in
Milan on Friday, only the third
time the two have met since
Poroshenko came to power in
May. “I have no illusions. These
will not be easy negotiations,
but I am ready for them,” Poroshenko told. Putin appeared
to strengthen his hand with
the order Saturday for 17,600
Russian troops deployed near
Ukraine to return to their bases
-- a decision analysts linked to
his desire to see biting Western
sanctions suspended or at least
rolled back.(AFP)
Williford, Battalion Chief for the Dallas Fire Department, walks
past a barrel containing waste material that was removed from the
apartment where a second person has been diagnosed with the Ebola
virus yesterday.
to be outpacing efforts to fight
it. “We are deeply concerned
by the news that a health care
worker in Texas has tested preliminarily positive for infection
with Ebola virus,” CDC chief
Tom Frieden told reporters.
“We don’t know what occurred
in the care of the index patient,
the original patient in Dallas,
but at some point there was
a breach in protocol and that
breach in protocol resulted in
this infection.” (AFP)
Monday, October 13, 2014
ermany’s foreign minister
said yesterday that Berlin had made serious mistakes
in its military engagement in
Afghanistan since 2001 and
warned against a hasty withdrawal. Ahead of the end of USled NATO combat operations
in the war-ravaged country
this year, Frank-Walter Steinmeier offered a sobering assessment of the 13-year mission.
“There is a lot to indicate that
our biggest mistake was to create expectations that were too
high,” he wrote in a column for
the weekly Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. “We
not only wanted to snuff out the
security threat that Afghanistan represented but also lead
the country at high speed into
a future according to our own
vision.” He said that despite
progress in Afghanistan, the
country was still plagued by a
Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
thriving drug trade and rampant corruption.
Warlords hold power in sev-
“We not only
wanted to snuff
out the security threat that
but also lead
the country at
high speed into
a future according to our own
vision”- FrankWalter Steinmeier
eral provinces and violence
abounds, Steinmeier added,
lamenting that the extremist
Taliban had been “long been
underestimated as a political
player”. But he said the deployment should not be seen as a
failure, noting that compared
to the situation in Syria or Iraq
“the results in Afghanistan are
fairly respectable”.
And he cautioned against
“hastily leaving the country, like
the Americans did in Vietnam
in 1975”. Amid calls for Germany to match its economic
might with more military muscle in the world’s trouble spots,
Steinmeier said there were clear
conclusions to be drawn from
Afghanistan. Steinmeier served
as chief of staff to then chancellor Gerhard Schroeder when
Germany offered the United
States “unlimited solidarity” in
the wake of the September 11,
2001 attacks. (AFP)
Bosnians cast ballots amid INA war veteran Capt. Abbas
Ali passes away
economic woes
osnia voted in general
elections yesterday amid
mounting social discontent
over endemic corruption, ethnic disputes and economic
woes that have troubled the
country’s rapprochement with
the European Union. Nearly 20
years since a devastating war
between its Croats, Muslims
and Serbs, Bosnia-Hercegovina is one of Europe’s poorest
and remains split along ethnic
lines. The 1992-1995 conflict,
which killed 100,000 people,
left the former Yugoslav Republic divided into two semiautonomous entities -- the
ethnic Serb Republika Srpska
and the Muslim-Croat Federation -- linked by weak central
institutions. Some 3.3 million
voters were eligible to cast ballots to elect three members -- a
Croat, a Muslim and a Serb -- to
the joint presidency, as well as
a new central parliament. They
will also elect assemblies for the
two entities and a president in
Republika Srpska.
Some 5,400 polling stations
closed at 7:00 pm (1700 GMT).
New Delhi
reedom fighter and Indian
National Army war veteran,
Captain Abbas Ali, 92, died of
cardiac arrestВ on last Saturday
at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical
College and Hospital in Aligarh
UP India.В His relative in Bahrain Ali Mohd Akbar Khan told
DT: “Captain Sahab was active till the last minute”.  Capt.
Abbas Ali Sahab was born on
3 January 1922 in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh.
From his early days, he was
inspired by the revolutionary ideas of Shaheed-e-Azam
Bhagat Singh. While pursuing
his studies in Aligarh Muslim
University, he came in contact
with great communist leader of
his time Kunwar Muhammed
Ashraf.В In 1945 when Netaji
Subhash Chandra Bose called
for revolt, he left British Army
and joined Netaji’s Indian National Army (INA) but later he
was arrested, court marshalled
and awarded death sentence.
After India gained Independence in 1947, he was released
by Indian Government.
In 1978, he was elected to
UP Legislative Council for six
years. He had been a member of
Rusmir Smajilhodzic
Zeljko Komsic (right), member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency
and candidate for next term, is seen while being identified before
voting at one of polling stations in Sarajevo center yesterday.
The electoral commission said
that four hours before voting
ended turnout stood at 36.6
percent -- a point higher than
similar polls in 2010. As always
ahead of elections here, politicians have returned to nationalist rhetoric to woo voters,
notably Bosnian Serbs. Their
nationalist leader, Milorad Dodik, running for a new term as
Republika Srpska president,
has renewed threats his entity
might secede. On Sunday, he
said he was certain of an “absolute victory” for his SNSD
party. Ivana Saric, a student
from Sarajevo, said she had
voted for a small, multi-ethnic
party. But she said she did not
believe many would follow her
example. (AFP)
Abbas Ali.
UP Sunni Central Waqf Board
for six years.В Shortly before his
death, while attending a public
function at Aligarh on the eve
of 15th August, Captain Ali had
said, “There is only one unfulfilled wish of my life and that is
that the true story behind the
last few days of my leader Subhash Chandra Bose should see
the light of the day.
“West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee has assured me that she will leave no
stone unturned to unravel the
mystery behind his death”, he
had said.
Abbas Ali is survived by his
son, noted senior journalist
Qurban Ali and two daughters.
He will be laid to rest later this
evening at Qila Road graveyard.
Monday, October 13, 2014
A leading school in Bahrain
for English, Chemistry, and
Biology for senior classes.
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WORKER for printing company,
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Electrical Contracting Company
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accounts for auditing the company financial reports, should
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experience in accounting. Interested candidates mail their CV
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SENTATIVE required with driving licence for ceiling materials
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embryology. Required 5 years
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Monday, October 13, 2014
To serve
• Maplesyrup
• Butter
Fine Dining
1. Sift the flour, baking powder,
bowl. In a separate bowl or jug,
lightly whisk together the milk
2. Pour the milk mixture into the
flour mixture and, using a fork,
beatuntilyouhaveasmoothbatter. Any lumps will soon disappear with a little mixing. Let the
3. Heatanon-stickfryingpanover
a medium heat and add a knob
of butter. When it’s melted, add
a ladle of batter (or two if your
It will seem very thick but this
is how it should be. Wait until
the top of the pancake begins
to bubble, then turn it over and
4. Repeatuntilallthebatterisused
up. You can keep the pancakes
warm in a low oven, but they
5. 5. Serve with lashings of real
maple syrup and extra butter if
model for sale, engine Size
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Monday, October 13, 2014
Aidan Payne/ DTNN
he Sixth Bahrain International ITF Junior Tennis
Championships are set to get
underway from 8.30am this
morning following the conclusion of the qualifying competition yesterday at the Bahrain
Tennis Club premises in Juffair.
In the third and final round
of qualifiers for the main
draw of the boys event four
spots were up for grabs with
Egypt’s Adham Hashem Gabr
knocking out Bahrain-based
Turkish player Mert Ekici
6-3, 6-4, while Bahrain-based
Indian Jugal Boruah lost out
to Australia’s Alex Smith 6-1,
In the other qualifiers,
Lithuania’s Saulius Pakstys
had to work hard to beat
Saudi Arabia’s Hamad Suroor
6-1, 6-7(3), 6-0 and American
Noah Williamson Chapman
was a come from a set behind
winner against India’s Shyamsundar Srinivasan 6-7(4), 6-3,
Today’s action for the boys
gets underway at 8.30am with
second seed Sherif Makhlouf
(Egypt, rank 610) taking on
Australian qualifier Alex
Smith and Cypriot Eleftheros
Neos (643) plays Jordan’s Seif
Of the other main seeds in
afternoon action, Bahrain’s
Ali Dawani takes on top seed
Kareem Allaf (Syria, 345) and
fourth seed Kushaan Nath
(India, 816) faces up with
Lithuania’s Saulius Pakstys.
The other Bahrainis in action are Hussain Dawani
against Omar Ahmed (Saudi
Arabia, 1079), Hamad Essam Abdul A’al against qualifier Adham Hesham Gabr
(Egypt), Yousef Ashraf tak-
ing on eighth seed Fahad Al
Janahi (UAE, 978) and Hamad Essam Abdul A’al ranked
1859 plays India’s Adith
Meanwhile, in the girls singles, the top four seeded players have received byes; they
are - first seed Sanjana Sudhir
(India, 409), Lamis Al Hussein Abdel Aziz (Egypt, 452),
Luciana Rabines (US, 517)
and Rikeetha Pereira (India,
Meanwhile, two Bahrain
based players will be in action
when Croatian Frana Ugarkovic plays Egypt’s Ahlan Ahlan Shawkat ranked 1767 and
Areej Farah of Chinese Taipei
faces Egypt’s Mayar Eltong
ranked 2073.
Saudi Arabia’s Yousif Al
Tareef has been appointed by
the ITF as the overall tournament referee.
The championship is being held under the patronage
of the Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin
Mubarak Al Khalifa in collaboration with the General
Organisation for Youth and
Sports and supported by gold
sponsors E.K.Kanoo, Bapco
and Solidarity/Takaful.
Entrance to the championship is free and all are welcome, all draws and schedules can be found on the BTC
website and club premises.
Today’s schedule: (8.30am):
Boys singles (1st Rd). (From
3.30pm): Boys/Girls singles
(1st Rd).
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Adham Hesham Gabr in action.
Al Qubaisi finishes fourth
DT News Network
roton Competition, the
Emirates Global Aluminium and Abu Dhabi Racingbacked team, driver Khaled
Al Qubaisi had finished
fourth place at the 6 Hours
of Fuji in the fifth round of
the FIA World Endurance
Championship in Japan. After starting the Japanese race
sixth in the LMGTE Am class
behind the wheel of Porsche
911 RSR they climbed to
fourth place and were just
0.66 seconds away from third
place in the category. The
six-hour race was one of the
most challenging of endurances of the series for Al An action from the race
Qubaisi and team, apart from
the 24 Hours of Le Mans where Am.
It was a good race overall for
Al Qubaisi and team finished
second overall in class LMGTE the Emirati Champion and his
team-mates Christian Ried and
Klaus Bachler. Al Qubaisi said:
“The best we could aim for was
third finished fourth just
0.66 behind third to miss
out on a podium, some
mistakes cost us В more
than 20 seconds.”
Al Qubaisi added: “We
are now third in the FIA
with a good lead over
fourth and 10 points behind second. With three
more rounds till the end
of the season we will keep
fighting for second place
overall.” Over the weekend more than 50,000
Japanese fans enjoyed the
sights and sounds of the
FIA World Endurance
Championship with the
sixth round moving to
China to the 6 Hours of Shanghai on November 2. (Send your
comments to [email protected])
Shahid brings home first MMA championship belt
DT News Network
ohammed �The Hawks’
Shahid after recent injury
defeated Afghan fighter Mohammed Yunus in a championship bout in the middleweight
division of the Body Force.
This is the first time any
fighter from Bahrain has won a
championship bout and makes
him the first Mixed Martial
Arts (MMA) fighter to win the
middleweight Championship
belt and bring it home. Shahid
won in spectacular fashion by
a TKO (Technical Knock Out)
during the very first round. His
fight was highly regarded by the
MMA world as his opponent
from Afghanistan was a strong
kick boxer.
As the match started Yunus
rushed into Shahid which led
him taking him down and then
picked his shots with some vicious elbows for almost one
min which led the referee to
stop the fight. Shahid is back
Mohammed Shahid
in Bahrain today and will continue his training at Bahrain
MMA gym in Tubli where
MMA fighter Hamza Kooheji.
Shahid is highly motivated by
interest shown in the sport by
Supreme Council for Youth
and Sports first deputy chairman Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad
al Khalifa and the support he
receives from Bahrain Mixed
Martial Arts Association.
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Shaikh Nasser praises Al Bitar
Shaikh Nasser with Sameera Bitar
DT News Network
hairman of the Supreme
Council for Youth and
Sports (SCYS) and President of
the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) HH Shaikh Nasser
bin Hamad Al Khalifa В has
praised the performance of
Bahraini Sameera Bitar who
came in first place amongst
theВ women athletes in the Sixth
Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and
Spa Aquathlon held on Saturday. The event was part of many
athletes’ preparations ahead of
the Challenge Bahrain Triathlon on December 6. Second
place in the women’s category
went to Greer Samson and third
to Libera Francesca Caputo. In
the men’s category Mohammed
Al Quais emerged as the winner, second place went to last
year’s winner Nawaf Al Dhaen
and third to Maali Towar.
Shaikh Nasser noted the high
levels and standards achieved
by the participants who competed in an 800 metres swim
and a 7 kms run which au-
gurs well for the future. He
also stressed the importance
of female participation in such
events and their continuing
successes in all sports.
The 24-year old Al Bitar is
a former Olympian swimmer
at the 2004 games in Athens,
Greece and 2008 in Beijing,
China. She competed in the
BMI Aquathlon organised by
Bahrain Road Runners (BRR)
at В Hamala Beach Resort the
previous day and completed the
600m swim and 6km in 38 minutes 54 seconds third.
The event was competed
byВ either teams or individuals and was open to hotel club
sports members,В non-members
and staff with Shaikh Nasser the
guest of honour. Other events
coming up at the hotel soon
are practice for the upcoming
Bahrain Marathon Relay and
the Swim Challenge later this
month and at the beginning of
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Spartans beat Jai Maharashtra
DT News Network
partans defeated Jai Maharashtra by 11 runs in
the latest match played in the
BTC T20 Tournament at the
Busiteen grounds in Muharraq.
Batting first, Spartans reached
117 for nine in its 20 overs with
the top scorers being Nikesh
Kandath (23 off 7 deliveries),
Faisal Ahmed (18 off 15)В and
skipper Rajesh Mohan (12 off
16). Tailenders Shyam Sasidharan (15 off 26) and Madhavan (12 off 18) adding valuable
runs late on to finish with an
unbroken last wicket stand.
Samir Bandodker (four for
26) and Binu Thomas (two
for 20) were the best of the
bowlers with Chaminda Beny,
Amit, Shetty and Samir Naik
all claiming a wicket apiece.
Jai Maharashtra in reply were
dismissed for 106 in 19.5 overs
with the main scorers being Mathew (27 off 27), Binu
Thomas (26 off 15, Peter Rebelo (17 off 23)В and Aravinda
Dhananjaya (14 off 21). (Send
your comments to [email protected]
Bahrain, Tunisia sign agreement
on cooperation
DT News Network
ahrain and Tunisia yesterday signed aВ bilateral agreement to enhance cooperation
in the fields of youth and sports
and further boosting close relations linking the two countries
in various fields. The agreement
was signed by Shaikh Salman
bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Secretary-General of the Supreme
Council for Youth and Sports
(SCYS) and on theВ Tunisian
side, Saber Buati the Minister
of Youth and Sports, Women
and FamilyВ in the presence of
Hisham Al Jowder Chairman
of the General Organisation
for Youth and Sports (Goys)
and officials of the SCYSВ and
theВ TunisianВ Ministry of
Youth and Sports.
(Send your comments to
[email protected])
Manama win CrediMax Tournament
DT News Network
anama won first place in
the recent annual CrediMax Football Tournament
organised by its Human Resources to bring together its
employees to battle it out in a
fun-filled event.
Teams were based on cities
and towns in the Kingdom of
Bahrain featuring Muharraq,
Riffa, Hidd, Busaiteen and Manama. (Send your comments to
[email protected])
Monday, October 13, 2014
Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
hina’s Feng Shanshan
ripped four birdies and an
eagle through the final eight
holes to shoot an eight-under
63 and overtake Pornanong
Phatlum for victory at the
LPGA Sime Darby Malaysia
yesterday. Feng, 25, notched a
three-stroke win over the Thai,
who cooled down the stretch
just as Feng was heating up,
giving the 2012 LPGA Championship winner her fourth
Tour win. Feng punctuated
her strong finish with an eagle
on the par-five 16th hole at the
Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, eventually finishing the tournament at 18-un-
der 266 and taking home the
$300,000 first prize. Pornanong
began the day with a three-shot
lead over the nearest competitor after the first three rounds
on the par-71 course. But the
24-year-old Thai could manage only a one-under-par 70 on
the decisive day, sealing her fate
with a double bogey on the parthree 15th hole. She finished at
15-under for the tournament.
Feng, who finished second last
year in Malaysia behind America’s Lexi Thompson, was four
shots behind Pornanong when
the day began -- just where she
likes to be. “I think that’s what
I actually do very often. Like,
when I win, I’m usually not
leading after the first and second round. I like to come from
behind. I had no pressure at all
today,” she said.
Feng said her disappointing performance in last week’s
Reignwood LPGA Classic in
Beijing, where she was the defending champ and local favourite yet finished tied for 49th,
also helped lower the expectations and pressure. “What I was
doing was just to focus on every shot and just try to do my
best and hope that putts can
fall. That’s all I did,” she said.
Sweden’s Pernilla Lindberg also
closed strongly, posting a ninebirdie 63 to finish the week at
14-under and in a tie for third
England beat Estonia, Russia held again
England’s forward Wayne Rooney (left) vies for the ball against Estonia’s
Captain Ragnar Klavan (right).
ayne Rooney scored his
43rd international goal
as England beat Estonia 1-0
to preserve their perfect Euro
2016 qualifying record yesterday while his former boss Fabio
Capello saw Russia held 1-1 by
Moldova. Even after Estonia
captain Ragnar Klavan was sent
off for a second booking early
in the second half in Tallinn,
Hodgson’s side still laboured
to see off the Baltic minnows.
But they finally made the
breakthrough thanks to Manchester United striker Rooney,
who curled home a free-kick
with 17 minutes remaining to
maintain England’s 100 per-
cent record after three Group E
matches. Rooney is now within
one goal of Jimmy Greaves and
only six behind England record
holder Bobby Charlton’s tally of
49 Equally pleasing for Hodgson was seeing his rock-solid
defence achieve a fifth successive clean sheet for the first time
in eight years.
In Group G, Austria went top
with seven points from three
games after edging Montenegro
1-0 in Vienna thanks to a firsthalf goal from Rubin Okotie
who converted a 24th-minute
pass from Marko Arnutovic.
Montenegro star striker Mirko
Vucinic saw two good chances
well-saved by Robert Almer in
the Austria goal.
Previous Group G leaders
Russia were held to a second
successive 1-1 draw and have
five points from three games.
Russia, coached by Capello,
drew 1-1 with Sweden on
Thursday and 72 hours later,
they were pegged back again
when Moldova skipper Alexandru Epureanu scored in the
74th minute to cancel out Artem Dzyuba’s opener from the
penalty spot just a minute earlier. (AFP)
of incendiary claims against a
number of figures within the
England set-up, with former
head coach Andy Flower and
wicketkeeper Matt Prior the
two most heavily criticised.
Pietersen, whose England
career was effectively ended by
the ECB in February after a disastrous Ashes tour, was particularly disdainful towards
Flower in his book, claiming he allowed the bullying
culture to grow in the team,
with bowlers said to be openly
critical of team-mates who
dropped catches. But Collier,
who until earlier this year held
the top job at the ECB, told
that Five Live’s Sportsweek
that it would not have been
possible for England to enjoy
with South Koreans Chella
Choi and Ryu So-Yeon. Korea’s
Choi Na-Yeon was at 13-under,
with compatriot Lee Il-Hee a
stroke further back. (AFP)
Feng punctuated her strong
finish with an
eagle on the
par-five 16th
hole at the Kuala
Lumpur Golf and
Country Club
Feng Shanshan poses with her trophy.
Levy crowned Portugal champion
Alexander Levy poses with the trophy.
rance’s Alexander Levy
claimed a second career
title yesterday when he won
the Portugal Masters after the
Former ECB chief slams Pietersen bullying claims
evin Pietersen’s controversial allegations of
bullying within the England
team have been slammed by
former England and Wales
Cricket Board chief executive David Collier. Pietersen used his autobiography,
which went on general sale
on Thursday, to make a series
so much success over the last
decade if Pietersen’s claims
were true. “No accusation of
bullying was ever made to me,”
Collier said. “In any professional sport certain managers
and leaders do have intensity
from time to time.
“People that we respect as
some of the greatest football
managers have been known
third and final round had to be
abandoned due to heavy rain
in Vilamoura. In a tournament
already reduced to 54 holes
by lightning and heavy rain,
to be fairly robust in dressing rooms. Andy (Flower) is
an intensely passionate man,
he has the most superb integrity. “There is no way we could
have had the success over his
long and successful period if
there hadn’t been huge respect
within that dressing room.
“In any professional sport
players will get frustrated with
each other - that’s a fact of life.
I didn’t see that as in any way
affecting the team atmosphere.
another deluge left parts of
the course unplayable shortly
after the final group had teed
off at 1pm. The result was then
called at 36 holes. Levy, 24,
carded rounds of 63 and 61 to
finish with an 18 under par total having been just one of six
players to complete their second rounds on Friday. His title
yesterday came after winning
the China Open in April.
Belgium’s Nicolas Colsaerts,
who just missed a first ever
59 on the European Tour in
the first round, was in second
place, three shots off the lead.
“It feels very special,” said
Levy, who is the first French
player to win two titles in the
same season in Europe. “If at
the start of the year you had
said I would win two tournaments I would say �never!’ to
Levy will now head to Ash
in England to play in the Volvo
World Match Play Championship from Thursday. “I’m going to try to play like I played
the first two rounds,” he said.
“I’ve impressed myself with the
way I’ve played golf and I think
I need to continue like that.”
Kevin Pietersen
Monday, October 13, 2014
Federer edges Simon to win Shanghai Masters
oger Federer edged a resilient Gilles Simon of
France 7-6 (8/6), 7-6 (7/2)
to win the Shanghai Masters and claim the 81st title
of his career yesterday. The
17-time Grand Slam winner
had blown away world number one Novak Djokovic in
the semi-finals but he found a
stubborn opponent in Simon
at Shanghai’s Qizhong Tennis
Centre. And the 33-year-old
needed two tie-breaks and
saved set points in each set
before making it back-to-back
Masters victories following his
win in Cincinnati in August.
“I feel unbelievable prestige to win this event,” Federer
said. “Especially putting my
hands on the trophy for the
first time is a good feeling, I
must say. I’m very happy with
the way I’m playing. Overall
I’m just extremely happy right
now.” The Swiss veteran started poorly against 29th-ranked
Simon’s confrontational baseline play and he lost his serve
in the very first game. Federer changed tactics midway
through the first set, tentatively approaching the net in a bid
to regain the initiative.
But Simon was unfazed,
slamming his shots with power
Roger Federer
edged out Gilles
Simon 7-6 (8/6),
7-6 (7/2)
ustralian Open champion Stan Wawrinka
has qualified for the ATP
World Tour Finals according to organisers Barclays. It
means the 29-year-old will
join the already-qualified trio
of world number one Novak Djokovic, French Open
champion Rafael Nadal and
Roger Federer in the London
event next month. Wawrinka
qualified despite an early exit
at the hands of Frenchman
and beaten finalist Gilles Simon in Shanghai earlier this
hampionship strugglers
Bolton appointed former
Celtic boss Neil Lennon as
their new manager yesterday.
Lennon had been looking
for a job since surprisingly
quitting Scottish champions
Celtic at the end of last season and he has settled on the
out-of-form English second
tier team. The 43-year-old
Northern Irishman replaces
Dougie Freedman, who left
Bolton by mutual consent at
the beginning of the month.
Wanderers also announced
that Lennon’s former Celtic
Roger Federer celebrates with his trophy.
when Federer was in a forward
position and forcing him to
reconsider the tactic. Shouts of
“Come on Roger” were being
drowned out by “Allez Gilles!”
as the crowd sensed an upset
could be on the cards. But as
Simon served for the set at 5-4,
Federer broke back and he was
in the ascendancy as he earned
two break points in Simon’s
next service game.
However, he lost the first by
dragging his shot too far to
his opponent’s right, and the
second when Simon bravely
met him at the net. Simon
then forced the tie-break with
an ace. The pair were evenly
matched during a tight tiebreak. Federer saved a setpoint with his opponent 6-5
ahead, but moments later Simon lost the set as he attempt-
Kieran Gibbs
week. It is the second time
the Swiss has reached the
season-ending finale. “It was
my dream and goal to qualify
again this year after the great
experience in 2013,” he said.
“The atmosphere in London
is one of a kind and it means
a lot to me to be there together with the very best players
of the world.” Japan’s Kei Nishikori, US Open champion
Marin Cilic, Czech Tomas
Berdych and Milos Raonic of
Canada currently occupy the
remaining four qualification
Bolton hire former Celtic
boss Lennon
Gibbs hails England spirit
oy Hodgson’s England
could not be more together in their desire to qualify for
Euro 2016, according to defender Kieran Gibbs. Danny
Welbeck has been given a bit
of light-hearted ribbing after crossing the north/south
divide at the England dinner tables. Striker Welbeck
was one of five Arsenal play-
Wawrinka qualifies for World
Tour Finals
ers in the Three Lions squad
for the Group E ties against
San Marino and Estonia, having completed a ВЈ16million
transfer deadline day switch
from Manchester United.
Left-back Gibbs, who was
given the nod ahead of Leighton Baines for the 5-0 thrashing of San Marino at Wembley
on Wednesday, revealed there
was a strong bond between all
of the collective group - but
also plenty of healthy banter
flying about. “Danny has made
the switch from the northern
table to the southern table at
dinners and stuff - he is getting
a bit of stick from the northern
boys, but he has been properly
welcomed to the south,” said
Gibbs. “It was just a bit of fun.
We sat down the other day
and Danny was on the table
ed a serve-volley and Federer
picked out a gap to his right.
The players fought to a stalemate for most of the second
set, but Simon missed another two set points in the final
game before Federer set up a
second tie-break. With Simon
finally wilting, Federer took a
firm grip on the tie-break and
he won it 7-2 as his opponent
netted a return. (AFP)
with the Arsenal boys and the
northern lads gave him a bit of
stick for changing tables.”
Gibbs added: “Everyone
knows each other quite well,
there are not too many new
faces and spirit is good in the
camp. “It is very relaxed and
there is a feel-good factor in
the dressing room.” Gibbs has
produced some solid form
with the Gunners during their
inconsistent start to the new
season. It is a welcome run
in the Arsenal side for the
25-year-old, who has had to
endure a series of fitness problems which threatened to hamper his progress.
“I have been frustrated in
the past with injuries and stuff,
but now I am feeling good and
strong, so I am happy,” said
Gibbs, whose first senior international call-up came in August 2010 from Fabio Capello,
but would then spend three
years out of the England senior
picture until coming back into
the fold under Hodgson. “It is
a great honour to be involved.
“I don’t think the timing of
the injuries helped me. They
always seemed to be around
the international break, but I
am looking forward now and
hopefully I can push on from
assistant Johan Mjallby and
Garry Parker will join him at
the Macron Stadium. During
his four-year spell at Parkhead, Lennon steered Celtic
to three league titles, two
Scottish Cups and a memorable victory over Barcelona
in the Champions League.
Lennon was approached by
the Saudi Arabian club AlIttihad over the past fortnight
but opted against a move to
the Middle East. He was also
believed to be in the frame to
replace Felix Magath at Fulham but eventually opted for
Former Bok Basson stars as
Bulls reach semis
ormer Springbok wing
Bjorn Basson scored
three tries this weekend as
the Blue Bulls secured the
last South African Currie
Cup semi-finals place. The
hat-trick took his Cup career
try total to 50 and helped
the Bulls to a 46-12 triumph
over lowly Griquas at Loftus
Versfeld stadium in Pretoria.
Basson and his fellow Bulls
revelled in the pressure-free
atmosphere as they played
knowing they had already
made the last-four of the oldest national inter-provincial
rugby competition. Fellow
semi-finals contenders the
Pumas and the Cheetahs
lost earlier, leaving the Bulls
to face Western Province in
Cape Town this Saturday. The
Golden Lions trounced the
Cheetahs 47-7 at Ellis Park in
Johannesburg to seal a home
semi-final against title-holders the Sharks the same day.
Sharks overcame a virtual
second-string Western Province side 28-20 in Cape Town
and Eastern Province Kings
ended a nine-match losing
streak by defeating the Pumas
26-25 in Port Elizabeth.
Teen queen puts USA on top
of the world
eenager Simone Biles
won two more titles to
finish with four gold medals and leave USA as the top
team ahead of China as the
world gymnastics championships ended yesterday. The
17-year-old, who earlier retained her all-around title
and powered USA to a second straight women’s team
gold, stole the show as she
beat China’s Bai Yawen by just
0.067 points on the beam but
blew away the field to keep
her floor crown. Biles’ heroics
accounted for all four of the
United States’ gold medals at
the 10-day event in Nanning,
China, ahead of the hosts on
three and North Korea in
third place with two. Veteran
Ri Se-Gwang doubled North
Korea’s haul as he won his first
ever global title in the men’s
vault, with South Korea’s defending world and Olympic
champion Yang Hak-Seon,
nicknamed the “god of vault”,
falling twice on landing. Ri’s
triumph followed his compatriot Hong Un-Jong’s victory in the women’s vault on
Saturday at the world championships in Nanning, China.
Monday, October 13, 2014
Atletico de Kolkata beat Mumbai City in first match
Pliskova saves match
point to take Linz title
zech seventh seed Karolina Pliskova clinched
her third career title when
she saved a match point to
beat Italy’s Camila Giorgi 6-7
(4/7), 6-3, 7-6 (7/4) in the
Linz WTA final yesterday.
Pliskova was match point
down at 6-5 in the deciding
set before she rallied to add
the Austrian trophy to tri-
umphs in Kuala Lumpur in
2013 and Seoul last month.
Giorgi has now lost the two
finals in which she has appeared. “It could have been
a little easier, but I’m still
happy I won the title,” said
the 22-year-old Czech. “After
I was 5-1 up (in the final set)
and she came back and had
match point, I was already
thinking I would lose.”
MVP Durant out for up
to 2 months
Oklahoma City
our-time NBA scoring
champion Kevin Durant, last season’s NBA Most
Valuable Player, faces up to
two months on the sidelines
with a broken right foot, the
Oklahoma City Thunder announced yesterday. Durant,
who complained of pain after a Saturday workout, will
require surgery for the break
at the base of the small toe,
which typically takes six to
eight weeks of recovery time.
That would sideline the
26-year-old playmaker for
at least the first month of
the upcoming NBA season.
Atletico De Kolkata footballers congratulate Spanish teammate
Borja Fernandez (centre, kneeling) for their team’s second goal.
ndia’s new football league
kicked off yesterday with a
spirited clash and a glitzy pyrotechnic opening ceremony that
organisers hope will ignite the
country’s passion for the “beautiful game”. Atletico de Kolkata
trounced Mumbai City 3-0 in
the first match of the Indian
Super League (ISL), that has
lured former international stars
such as Spain’s Luis Garcia and
France’s Nicolas Anelka out of
retirement. Cricketing great
Sourav Ganguly said the league
was the beginning of something great, arguing there was
room for football in the cricketobsessed country of 1.25 billion
people. “It may not be cricket
but it will be the next biggest
sport,” Ganguly, co-owner of
Kolkata, told just ahead of
kick-off in the eastern city.
“Everybody will be pleasantly
surprised as the tournament
goes on,” the former national
captain said. He conceded the
international veterans fronting the eight teams are “not
the current stars of football”,
but predicted the league would
eventually attract the best in
the game. “Obviously they are
not the current stars, that will
happen over time. It’s the beginning of something.”
Former Ethiopian captain
Fikru Lemessa, 28, scored in
the first half, while 33-year-old
Spaniard Borja Fernandez hit
Rupert Murdoch’s Star TV
the net in the second, sending
the home crowd at Salt Lake is showing the tournament,
stadium into raptures. Spain’s which is being backed by sports
Arnal Carbo sealed the win management giant IMG. The
with a goal in extra time. Or- opening ceremony included
ganisers hope the city-based throbbing Bollywood music,
franchises, each with a famous dancers and a large fireworks
-- if ageing -- frontman and display, watched by celebrities,
modelled on cricket’s glamor- politicians and sports stars. Maous Indian Premier League, will mata Banerjee, chief minister of
bolster popularity for the sport
during the 10-week competi- West Bengal of which Kolkata
is the capition. Cricktal, was front
eting greats
such as Sa- Atletico de Kolkata- 3 row, chatting
TenMumbai City- 0
b i l l i o n a i re
dulkar and
Mu kesh
B ol ly wo o d
A-listers are co-owners of the Ambani who is bank rolling
teams along with Atletico Ma- the league, and Bollywood icon
drid of Spain’s La Liga.
Amitabh Bachchan. (AFP)
Courtois defends Chelsea’s treatment of head injury
helsea goalkeeper Thibaut
Courtois insists he has
no complaints about the
club’s handling of the head
injury he suffered against
Arsenal.CCourtois was left
dizzy and bleeding from one
ear after sustaining the blow
in a collision with Arsenal
winger Alexis Sanchez during Chelsea’s 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge last weekend.
The Belgium international
was initially cleared to continue by Chelsea doctor Eva
Carneiro, but was eventually
replaced by Petr Cech more
than 13 minutes later after his
symptoms worsened. Headway, a prominent charity that
supports those suffering from
brain injuries, questioned
Chelsea’s handling of the situ-
ation and whether the Premier League’s new regulations,
which dictate players must be
substituted if a concussion is
suspected, were adhered to.
But the 22-year-old, who
played 90 minutes for Belgium
in their 6-0 European qualifier
win over Andorra on Friday,
praised the work of his club’s
medical staff. “The doctor
of Chelsea did well, I think,”
Courtois yesterday. “She asked
me the questions she needed to
ask and I could repeat immediately so I was feeling well and
didn’t have to come off.
“I didn’t feel I was knocked
out but I was hit. I didn’t have
a headache or anything, but after a few minutes I felt worse
and worse. “Then I started to
feel a little dizzy and I couldn’t
see the ball any more and there
Thibaut Courtois
was a little blood coming from
my ear. Because I saw trouble,
I went off. “I know you have to
be careful, but I was not really
knocked out.” Courtois under-
went a series of subsequent
tests in hospital, which forced
him to join up with Belgium
a day later than the rest of the
squad. (AFP)
Durant averaged 32 points,
7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists a game last season,
sparking the Thunder to the
Western Conference finals,
where they were eliminated
by the eventual NBA champion San Antonio Spurs.
The forward, who guided
Oklahoma City into the
2012 NBA Finals, where the
Thunder were beaten by the
Miami Heat, set an Olympic scoring record with 19.5
points a game in 2012 and
added 5.8 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.6 steals a game to
spark the Americans to gold
at London.
Belgian Wallays wins
Paris-Tours pion Jens Debusschere won
elgian Jelle Wallays was
a surprise winner of the
historic Paris-Tours one-day
classic yesterday ahead of
escape companion Thomas
Voeckler. The 25-year-old
pipped the former Tour de
France yellow jersey wearer
in a two-up sprint finish
to add to his victory in the
junior version of this event
back in 2010. Belgian cham-
a bunch sprint for third
place 12 seconds back at the
end of the 237.5km mostly
flat course. Paris-Tours is
one of the oldest races on
the cycling calendar having first been held in 1896.
It can count former world
champions Philippe Gilbert, Oscar Freire and Johan
Museeuw amongst its past
Wigan’s Flower says sorry
for final punch
igan prop Ben Flower
yesterday apologised
for his shameful attack on
St Helens star Lance Hohaia during his side’s Super
League Grand Final defeat.
Flower became the first player to be either sin-binned or
sent off in a Super League
title decider when the Wales
international was shown
the red card after only two
minutes at Old Trafford on
Saturday. The 26-year-old
shocked the world of rugby
league when he floored Hohaia with a right hook and
then landed another punch
to the face as his opponent
lay motionless on the ground.
Wigan went on to lose
14-6 and, with widespread
condemnation for his actions diverting attention from
the match itself, Flower felt
moved to apologise for his
actions. He said in a statement released by Wigan: “I
am so sorry for what happened on Saturday night.
Hohaia says he does not
bear a grudge against Flower
over the incident, but the
Wigan man was full of remorse as his statement continued: “At Wigan we are
known for being aggressive
but we are constantly told to
do this within the rules of the
game and that punching isn’t
tough. We may aim to dominate teams, but we don’t aim
to hurt people.”
P31 India launches football league
Mercedes take teams’ crown
Monday, October 13, 2014
supreme Lewis Hamilton made history in Sochi yesterday when he won
the inaugural Russian Grand
Prix for his fourth straight victory to extend his lead in the
F1 title race and secure Mercedes a maiden constructors’
title. Starting from his 38th
pole position, the 29-year-old
Briton cruised to the 31st success of his career to draw level
with fellow-Englishman Nigel
Mansell in the record books.
He took the chequered flag
13.657 seconds ahead of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg. Hamilton’s win lifted him
17 points clear of Rosberg, who
produced a stirring recovery
drive from the back of the field
after making a mistake that
required an opening lap pit
stop. Hamilton now has 291
points to Rosberg’s 274 with
three races remaining. “Congratulations to the team on the
-- history in the making,” said
Hamilton before he met Russian President Vladimir Putin,
who arrived at the circuit with
14 laps remaining to preside
over the podium ceremony.
Just a week after Jules Bianchi’s
life-threatening accident in the
storm-hit Japanese Grand Prix,
where the French driver suffered severe head injuries, the
race was preceded by tributes
to support his fight for life in
hospital in Yokkaichi.
Hamilton’s win was his ninth
this year and the result deliv-
Mercedes’ German driver Nico Rosberg (left) brakes in front of
teammate Mercedes’ British driver Lewis Hamilton to take the lead.
Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium.
ered Mercedes’ their ninth onetwo of the season as they ended
Red Bull’s four-year dominance
of the teams’ crown. They will
now aim to beat McLaren’s
record of 10 wins set in 1988.
“We don’t forget about Jules,
this is still overshadowing everything we do,” said Mercedes
team chief Toto Wolff. “Nico
made the move (at the start)
and it looked clean and Lewis
seemed to have lost it. Rosberg attacked at Turn Two on
the opening lap, but locked up
under braking and after spearing across a run-off area into
the lead, conceded the position
and pitted, having flat-spotted
his tyres. It was an expensive
rush of blood.
Finn Valtteri Bottas finished
third for Williams ahead of
Jenson Button and his McLaren
team-mate, Danish rookie Kevin Magnussen, with two-time
champion Fernando Alonso of
Spain finishing sixth for Ferrari
after an inspired, but troubled,
drive. It was the first time since
the season-opening Australian
race that both McLarens finished in the top five. Australian
Daniel Ricciardo was seventh
for Red Bull ahead of departing
German team-mate and fourtime champion Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, in the
second Ferrari. (AFP)
Hamilton took
the chequered
flag 13.657
seconds ahead
of Mercedes
Nico Rosberg.
Mercedes-AMG’s team including drivers Nico Rosberg (centre) and Lewis
Hamilton celebrate their 2014 World Constructors Champions victory.
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