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Votrient Pazopanib Tablet | 帕唑帕尼 Votrient 400mg Online | 帕唑帕尼 价格

MedsDelta a Indian trusted generic medicines supplier provides Pazopanib Tablets at wholesale price with best quality assurance. #Pazopanib Tablets sold under the trade name Votrient (strength Votrient 400mg and 200mg) manufactured by GlaxoSmithKlin
Pazopanib is an anti-cancer medication used in the treatment of
kidney cancer and soft tissue sarcoma, sold under trade name
Votrient developed by Novartis GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharma.
It is approved by many regulatory administrations worldwide
including (FDA in 19,October 2009), (EMA 14, June 2010), (MHRA 14,
June 2010), and (TGA 30, June 2010) for the treatment of advanced
renal cell carcinoma and advanced soft tissue sarcomas. The
treatment phase is continuing beyond 3 months.
This medicine is used to treat advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma
(RCC – most common type of Kidney Cancer).
Also used for the treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS – tumor
occur in around joints muscles blood vessels, and organs).
Take Pazopanib Tablets through mouth at least 1 hour before or 2
hour after food. Consume it as a whole, don’t chew, crush or break
tablet. Tablet should taken same time every day.
Pazopanib targets is the tyrosine kinase inhibitor, that targets several
proteins on the surface of cancer cells and also targets within cell.
Pazopanib is designed to stop tumor cell growth in various ways.
Pazopanib is available in the strength of Votrient 200mg
and Votrient 400mg Tablets.
Its active ingredient is Pazopanib 400mg and 200mg.
It is available in a pack of 30 tablets.
Votrient Pazopanib Tablets is manufactured by Novartis
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharma.
Most Common Side Effects of Pazopanib
Changes in Hair
High Blood Sugar
Appetite loss
Taste Change
Abdominal Pain
Hair Loss
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