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1 Key Ingredient To Getting Back Together After A Break Up
Anyone considering getting back together after a break up needs to know the one key
ingredient needed to make it a success
Trying to get back together without this ingredient is likely to end in failure; kind of like
trying to bake a cake without any flour
Just like in baking, before you start you want to make sure you have all of the necessary
ingredients required
With a relationship, you could say that in the most general terms that what you need is
two people
What I mean by requiring two people, other than the obvious, is that you have to ask
yourself who is interested in getting this relationship repaired
Whether you just broke up from a relationship or actually were once married and are now
divorced, the ingredient you need to have in order to get back together is mutual interest
in getting back together
One person or the other cannot successfully force the other person back into the
relationship; at least not for the long haul
Tricks and traps might work for a short time, but what we are talking about here is long
term relationship rebuilding
With both people making the effort to get back together you both understand you have
something to gain and something to work toward
If only one person is making the effort then that one person has an enormous load to bear
and will likely end frustrated
It usually takes one person to recognize he or she made some mistakes, admit them and
begin working to correct them
That effort can be used to spark some interest in the other person joining the effort
One person starting the get back together process may need some time and persistence to
see those efforts pay off in the other person's behavior
Some techniques will be more successful than others and there is where you want to
concentrate your efforts
Your love and affections are valuable, and you want to "spend" them on the right person
If getting back together after a break up is high on your priority list, then start
immediately to work toward your goal
Be sure and evaluate your efforts to see if the desired response is being awakened in your
How you go about this work is going to determine your level of success
The sometimes confused, sometimes hurt feelings that you have experienced can
complicate matters
Humans have so much potential, but we so frequently squander it through laziness and
self-destructive behavior
We make short-sighted decisions, selling out our futures for immediate pleasures
For example, take the person who eats a delicious cake today only to sulk over their
obesity tomorrow
These unhealthy behaviors lead to so much unhappiness and depression
We choose to engage in the unhealthy behaviors, which means that the unhappiness and
depression is avoidable
Following is a list of 3 very common unhealthy activities that cause a lot of self-inflicted
damage to humanity:
Television - Television is possibly the worst addiction in society
So many people waste hours per day sitting slothfully in front of a TV melting their brain
and growing fat and weak
For the most part, the TV is full of mindless garbage
Television is perhaps the main reason why people are reading less and less, and
becoming dumber and dumber
Imagine how much better off you would be if you gave up TV
Overeating - Overeating is indicated by the huge levels of obesity
It is physically unhealthy, because it increases physical risks such as the risk of a heart
attack or heart disease
It is emotionally damaging, because obesity decreases self-confidence
The main cause is that people look to food for comfort and pleasure
People frequently overeat and indulge in unhealthy food to make themselves feel better
Teach yourself to eat to live, rather than live to eat
For example, you could join a club, or go play games or sports, such as bowling or pool
Stop yourself from turning to food when feeling bad, and find a different way to cheer
yourself up
Needless Shopping - Materialism and needless shopping are major problems for many
people, and are one of the main reasons most Americans live in debt
Unfortunately, corporate America uses commercialism to increase consumerism
With credit cards in their pockets, people buy a bunch of useless material goods and
novelty items
In line with so many other short-sighted and impulsive decisions, people put themselves
into debt buy overspending on things that will make them a little happy now, resulting in
bills that will cause much trouble later
Consider giving up your credit cards, and adopting a more simplistic lifestyle
Beyond food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, and education, consider spending as little as
At the very least, before buying anything, ask yourself if you can really afford it
Imagine how different a person you would be, and how different your life would be, if
you gave up television, overeating, and needless shopping
Give up unhealthy, short-sighted, addictive, and self-destructive habits, and instead
engage in wiser and healthier desires
There are many myths about the laws that govern divorce in Australia
A lot of television shows, such as Boston Legal will have many viewers believing that
divorce is a complicated and daunting process
However the majority of divorces never make it to court and only about 5% actually have
a judge that makes the final decision
The majority of divorce claims reach a mutual agreement between the two parties before
entering the courtroom
The assistance of a lawyer will speed up the process and will guide you through any
complications along the way
A qualified divorce lawyer can answer all questions relating to your divorce claim,
including child custody, courtroom affairs and division of assets and property
In most cases your lawyer will be able to reach a settlement with the other party without
standing before a judge
The idea that children will receive equal custody by both parents is not true and neither is
the thought that mother's receive more custody
There are a few legislations that state equal child custody however these legislations are
not mandatory
The truth is child custody is decided by 3 factors; firstly the child's age and their ability to
decide which parent is in their best interest
Secondly, the safety of the venue the child will be residing, including the home, contents
and the surrounding area
Lastly is the practicality of the arrangement, including the distance from school and other
facilities the child requires
Another myth surrounding child custody is that there is a high abuse rate
The abuse rate is actually higher in intact families as opposed to separated families where
both parents have custody
Again only 5% of divorce claims settle property and assets before a judge, as the majority
of claims are settled outside of court
Even when settling before a judge, the chance of receiving equal amounts is very rare
In contrast to what many people believe, the earning capacity of each spouse is not the
basis for the division of property and assets
Rather home duties are weighed together and the home maker will in most cases receive
up to 70%
For example the father may be more employable than the mother; however the mother
has more home caring skills and will most likely end up with a larger settlement
There are cases where the main home carer will not receive the majority of property and
assets, and that is when assets exceed an exceptional amount, such as property over one
million dollars
Nearly all matters concerning family law will not have a jury and will only have a judge
Divorce claims are held in family or federal courts, where only a judge, registrar or
magistrate is present
The only exception is criminal acts, which are not treated as family law and are handled
The majority of simple answers surrounding divorce law are myths, because they cannot
be explained briefly
If you are serious about a divorce claim, then you should consult a professional family
divorce lawyer
The best way is to jump online and Google family lawyers in your area
There are funny ways to say I love you to a person
Although unexpected, adding a twist of humor to your declaration of love often receives
a positive response
If want to know some funny ways to say I love you, read on
In this day and age, it's quite easy for a person to direct and star in his own music video
All you need is a camcorder, a computer and a video editing program
If you want to keep everything real, you can even ditch the editing part and show your
video raw
As to what kind of music video you want to create, that's all up to you
You can choose to rap your theme song or copy an already existing video that you both
You don't have to worry about looking a little foolish because let's face it, love makes
fools of us all
One of the funny ways to say I love you is by doing an interpretative dance
If you're a bad dancer, then this is going to be even more hilarious than usual
You can choose a really cheesy song from the early 90's or mix a tape with danceable
beats to plan your choreography around
As with creating your own music video, you don't need to worry about looking a little
You want to tell your lover how in love you are and you want to do it in a humorous way:
I say interpretative dance all the way
Just don't do it in front of the parents or in some place public
Poetry has been known to melt even the coldest of hearts but funny poetry - that is
another matter altogether
In your best poetic tone, tell your partner how filled with love you are in rhyme
You can recite a funny poem or spontaneously respond to conversation in rhyme
This is one of the funny ways to say I love you if you both have a good sense of humor
Of course, you should also know when to stop with the jokes and sober up
What is a relationship without a sense of humor, eh
With these funny ways to say I love you, I guarantee that your passion will be kept alive
in more ways than one
3 Pros And Cons Of A Federal Auto Industry Bailout
If the bailout money works the way it is supposed to and pulls the big three out of the
hole, good things could potentially come of it
One proposal is that after being saved the automakers could be pushed to manufacture
and sell cars that are both good for the environment and economy
Perhaps the most obvious con, it is no secret that we will all be helping bail these
companies out
Although it is still unknown where the money may or may not come from, taxpayer cash
will be included for sure
Bloggers, business leaders, and experts are expressing their frustration about this all over
the Internet
While most are already feeling the effects of a recession on their wallets and gas tanks, it
could be a lot worse if something else “big” happens
Some experts feel not bailing out the big three could result in a much deeper and more
severe recession then we are already in
With thousands of jobs connected to the auto companies and stocks across the board,
their downfall could have a large effect on our economy
One of the only other options for GM and the rest of the big three is to file bankruptcy
under chapter 11
It is true that we have already assisted these companies financially this year and it helped
them for few months
For this reason, some economists feel another bailout would just be like bailing out a
sinking ship that is going to sink no matter what we do
Bankruptcy however, could be their only salvation, and many experts claim that it could
be their best option
Michael Levine of the Wall Street Journal claims, “the cost of terminating dealers is only
a fraction of what it would cost to rebuild GM to become a company sized and marketed
appropriately for its market share
The company would have to shed many of its fixed obligations
Some obligations will be impossible to cut by voluntary agreement
As history tends to repeat itself, I think it important to consider the Chrysler bailout of
In the mid 70's while our country was going through a gas crisis, Chrysler refused to stop
making their biggest most gas guzzling luxury cars
This mistake led them to requesting a bailout in late �79
However, to the surprise of the watching country, Chrysler came out with the "K-car"
that sold like hot cakes and pulled the company out of a financial crisis
Chrysler then paid off their debt to the government 7 years early, and the government
made over $660 million in profit from the bailout when all was said and done
Many people claim that if given another bailout, the auto companies could pull
themselves out from near bankruptcy, and the federal government could generate revenue
as well
Unfortunately, when the CEO's of the big three traveled to Washington D
to request billions from taxpayers early this week, all three CEO's took private jets with
round trip travel costs totaling of over $40,000 per CEO
This ostentatious show of wealth was considered highly disrespectful to the taxpayers
about to consider bailing them out and created tons of bad publicity for the potential
If companies are going to get taxpayer's money, then we need to know that they are being
frugal with it
3 tier cake stands are essentially the most common and the most unique approach to
display your cakes
It does not matter whether it is a birthday celebration or a wedding cake, your party
friends will be thrilled to see your yummy cake presented on a 3 tier cake stand
Normally a 3 tier cake stand comes in multiple parts, and you have to build it as a group
A 3 tier cake stand includes these particular pieces: One big plate towards the bottom,
typically round, but you also see square cake plates at the base
This is followed by a second plate, usually small compared to the initial plate which is
above the larger plate
And finally the third plate for your cake stand which is the smallest one
Each of the three plates are typically connected together with a metal stand, often golden
and sometimes silver
Once you put together your 3 tier cake stand you have to be careful that you really follow
the set up instructions
Often the assembly of your cake stand can be accomplished in just 5 minutes, and often
you may also buy your cake stand fully set up, depending on your manufacturer
These 3 tier cake stands are usually quite big, but they are also lovely and can be placed
in various placesof your kitchen or your living room
When you don't need the cake stand you can use it nevertheless to carry everydays items
like your keys, business cards and some other tiny stuff
With this you've got a very attractive and easy to remember place to place your personal
An effective 3 tier cake stand consists of solid porcelaine plates, but cheaper types might
be made of plastic
Sometimes the never cake stands are even created from acrylic glass to give them a
modern touch
After celebrating and eating you have to make sure your stand is cleaned and the the cake
stains do not remain on the cake stand for a longer time period as they might stain the
plates completely
The easiest method to clean the cake stand plates is to put them in the dishwasher, but
make sure first that your purchased 3 tier cake stand is dishwasher safe
This might not always be the case, particularly with more costly and beautiful stands
plated with silver or gold
In such cases you need to disassemble the entire cake stand and to disassemble all the
three tiers in order to wash the cake plates and also the bar of the cake stand by hand
using a gentle dish liquid
Carefully using your 3 tier stand you'll ensure that it's an long lasting kitchen tool that
you can appreciate on every birthday, wedding ceremony or other event and that also
your kids can also enjoy this type of important kitchen and celebration tool
Buying a 3 tier cake stand is done by some people once-in-a-lifetime, therefore having
the most information regarding all possible sizes and variations as well as the prices
might be a good start
Of course, and with all other things, the lowest priced buy might not be the smartest
04 Different Tips About Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony And Marriage
Vietnamese wedding ceremony is different from Western wedding ceremony
If you want to find out how difference Vietnamese wedding ceremony is, then please
continue to read to learn about how difference between weddings and marriages in
Vietnamese culture with Western culture
Organization a wedding is too important for a couple because it is an event that happens
once in their life
Vietnamese marriage ceremony usually is prepared carefully between the bride and the
bride-groom as well as their families
They prepare their wedding ceremony a few months ahead
One or two days before the wedding, both the bride's family and the bride-groom's family
build a nice frame in front of their houses
They usually use coconut leaves to create this frame and have a nice word on the top of
the gate of this frame, such as bride's wedding or bride-groom's wedding
So, whoever look at this sign, they know whether it is the bride's house or bride-groom's
On the primary date of the Vietnamese wedding day, the groom's family go to the bride's
home at the exact time that they plan months ago
Normally, both bride and groom or their parents go to the fortuneteller to see what date
and time is best for the bride and groom
They usually believe this date and time so the groom's family and relatives must come on
After the groom come to the bride's home, the groom gives the bride's family traditional
gifts such as betel and areca-nut, cake, and fruit
Then, the bride and groom worship at the altar of ancestors as well as their parents
After that, the groom puts the ring onto the bride's finger, earnings into her ears, and a
necklace onto her neck
Sometimes, the groom's mother put these gifts for the bride
Then, the bride puts the ring onto the groom's finger
After a short ceremony at the bride's house, the bride's and groom's family and close
relatives follow the groom to go to this house
After the wedding ceremony is over, they will have a party at the groom's house
Some traditional Vietnamese wedding party is celebrated at their houses (usually
country-side Vietnamese marriages), some Vietnamese marriage party is celebrated in the
All guests are invited to the come at the restaurant or their houses to attend the wedding
The events of the Vietnamese wedding is like a legend
Vietnamese couple plans this before so this day is a special event between the bride and
the groom
This day is the culmination of years of desires, day dreams, hopes, and anxieties
Some guest are free to sing related wedding songs on the stage to luck the bride and the
In the middle of the party, the couple go to each table to get wishes and each table have
one person to stand up and say some thing to congratulate the bride and the groom, this
person also give money to the groom
Vietnamese wedding ceremony in Western countries are organized almost the same thing
However, they skip some steps, like building a frame in front of their house by coconut
leaves because it is too hard to find these in Western countries
Vietnamese wedding party is usually celebrated in restaurant locally
They have same steps in the restaurant, singing music, dancing at the end, etc
Usually, Vietnamese wedding party in Western countries is celebrated in the evening,
around 7 or 8 PM on weekend because of the busy life in here
However, all Vietnamese wedding ceremony is celebrated by following the steps as
traditional Vietnamese marriages
So, are you ready to know more about Vietnamese girl
Join these free Vietnamese dating services and contact the Vietnamese girls of your
There are a massive number of baby showers that are designed for both the mother and
father of the baby-to-be
Also growing in reputation is granting children to join these baby showers, specifically
those related to the baby-to-be
So, why don't you organize a baby shower using Smurfs party supplies as a way of
including these pint-sized invitees
You could even go as far as bringing in a Smurfette costume for the new baby to wear,
and maybe one for the mother also
Here are four baby shower recommendations utilizing Smurfs party supplies:
Rather than decorating the diaper cake using traditional baby shower adornments, use
Smurf decorations
If you find out the gender of the baby, you can work the decorations on a certain male
Smurf or Smurfette, in addition to using Smurfy blue ribbon, or pink ribbon to keep the
diaper cake intact
Try obtaining a smurf figurine to put on top of the diaper cake
The cake designing section of most craft stores have character themed cake pans, so you
might be able to spot one there or special order one
If you can't come across a character shaped cake pan, you can still use frosting to sketch a
image of a Smurf on to a round layered cake or a sheet cake
Or, you could prepare a cake similar to the diaper cake, and place Smurf figurines on the
various layers as well as colored frosting
On the baby shower invites, ask that all the little ones in attendance dress in a Smurf or
Smurfette costume
That way, the children can have their own version of the baby shower, and play games
off to the side, in another room, or outside depending on the weather
Consider enlisting the support of a teen member of the family, or get a nanny to
contribute to this area of the party
That way, the adults at the party can take joy in the baby shower without having to worry
too much about if their children are up to no good or making damage somewhere
Right after the mother-to-be (or both mom and dad) come in at the baby shower, and
everyone is relishing some food (and the kids are being happy), enlist the aid of someone
to send all the gifts
When attendees get in, ask them to drop the gifts into your garage, into a vehicle parked
out the way, or in another hiding spot
Then, the worker can gather them into a bag and carry them to the party
Request this person to dress in a Smurf or Smurfette costume so it's the same type of
story as an individual dressed as Santa bringing Christmas gifts
Keep in mind to present food and drinks that are colored blue to further add to the Smurf
themed baby shower
Enjoy with this, and be as artistic as you can with the Smurf party supplies
Use blue and white streamers, blue and white balloons, and blue and white table
If the baby-to-be is a girl, put some pink flowers, pink foiled candies, pink cupcakes, and
other pink goodies
Make sure to balance the Smurf party supplies with the appropriate baby gender colors
When planning a baby shower, the food to be served is always at the top of the list
And when searching for baby shower ideas, there are 5 crowd-pleasing foods you can
serve at a party that are never met with complaints
You could consider these your “5 basic food groups” and serve them as is or modify them
to suit yourself or the baby shower
What person would ever refuse something sweet, especially if it's chocolate
But different types abound, with the current popular favorites delving on the unusual side
such as vanilla-white chocolate-mixed berry layer cakes, exotic fruit cakes such as
pineapple or mango topped with combinations of lime, coconut, or passion fruit, or spice
cakes that rely on ginger, cinnamon, or exotic mixes like five-spice powder
Although if comfort food is desired, there's nothing homier than a yellow cake with dark
fudge frosting
Despite the popularity of the low-carb diet, this remains a firm crowd favorite
Plus, it's easy to change depending on the type of celebration
For example, the baby shower planner may opt for a pasta bar, with different types of
pasta being paired with several different kinds of sauces and toppings for the guests to
pick and choose as they like
It's simple to prepare as well with the only things needing last-minute attention being the
pasta itself
The sauces and toppings could all be prepared in advance and just set out in various
bowls right before the guests arrive
With a selection of different types of meat, cheese, and vegetables, people can just pick
and choose as they like
All the hostess will need to do is set out the food on several trays, pair them with
different types of bread, choose a beverage or two, and she's done
No cooking involved, something any host has got to love
A soup and salad bar would be another great choice on the menu
These can adapt themselves to a hot day (think Gazpacho or chilled Borscht and a mixed
vegetable salad) or a cold one (a clam chowder or a Ribollito with a warm potato salad)
very easily
While no one can say that it's hard to cook soup, there would also be no one that would
refuse this type of food when it's offered to them
Hot or mild, with meat or completely vegetarian, it makes a hearty meal that is simply
Everything goes into one pot, it's seasoned as desired, and the toppings are all put beside
that humongous pot of food
This lends itself well to a baby shower for couples set out in the backyard or a very
homey one for close friends when the spread's laid out in the kitchen itself
Serve with a choice of rice or bread to make a delicious baby shower lunch
There could be many reasons why you would like to be taller, like being able to play
some particular sport, wanting to be more flexible, or just wanting to look better or
But is it really possible to grow taller in spite of genetic limitations
Genetics is no doubt the biggest factor in deciding the height that we grow to, but it
doesn't end there
There are many more factors that tend to be neglected but play a major role in deciding
human height
Here we look at 5 of these factors of how to get taller naturally
HGH: The Human Growth Hormone that is produced in the body signals the cells to
divide and grow
When production of HGH slows down, height gain slows down and the hormone is
utilized in growing hair, skin, nails and other things that continuously regenerate
HGH can be boosted by natural means like nutrition, exercise and sleep
Sleep: Sleep revitalizes the body and aids in height growth
Deep sleep is essential in many ways for height gain
Exercises that target the spine and legs immensely help in height gain
These are the two locations that allow for the most increase in height through stretching
and bone growth
Relaxation: Massage, breathing exercises and other forms of relaxation are beneficial in
rejuvenating the body and allowing muscles and bones to grow
can lead to problems that impede the body's response to exercise and nutrition
Nutrition: The right nutrition is important for any improvement you wish to see in your
body and the same goes for height
Healthy meals loaded with vitamins and minerals are required by the body for cell
duplication that causes it to increase height
It needs a lot of dedication and hard work to gain height especially after puberty
According to each one's constitution, it could take anything from 20 minutes to one hour
of exercise every day of the week to make gains
But the outcome is more than just increased height
5 Fun and Easy Homemade Favors For an Exciting 75th Birthday Celebration
Create audio cds with the birthday celebrant's beloved old-time music, design and save
on cds a slideshow of photographs of the birthday celebrant and his friends and family,
excite the guest visitors with diamond- or gold-themed favours, prepare your own
assorted delicious cakes, or make vintage chocolate bags for the visitors
These are among the most exciting yet simple homemade favors you could prepare to
make a 75th birthday celebration more memorable
Make audio cds using the birthday celebrant's favorite old-time music
An economical and unique home made favor you could give your party guests at a 75th
birthday party is an audio compact disc that contains hits from the past, specifically those
old-time popular classics the birthday celebrant likes
Keep in mind to have one for the birthday celebrant
Not only will the celebrant love listening to his favorite music, but party guests are also
given the chance to take home and appreciate the music that tells testimonies of the
celebrant's past years
Music may reflect the celebrant's youthful preferences, exciting moments with family and
friends, as well as despair and loneliness
Ensure you ask the birthday celebrant and his family about his favorite songs
Finally, write in the disc case a listing of the songs and maybe some lyrics so that guest
visitors can sing along and comprehend the meaning of the music
Create and save on compact discs a slideshow of pictures of the birthday celebrant and
his loved ones
Not merely the best 75th birthday gifts, a slide-show containing pictures of the birthday
celebrant, and also his loved ones and buddies from the past to the present, may also
serve as a special home made celebration favour for the guests
You'll find many computer software applications you could use to produce a slide-show
Include classic and sentimental music in the slide-show to set the atmosphere you need to
You may utilize a medley of music having a slow tempo as background for the emotional
photos and faster, more upbeat songs for the memorable, enjoyable moments captured on
Delight the guests with diamond or gold-themed favours
A 75th special birthday traditionally needs a gold or diamond-themed celebration, and
you can prepare related diamond or gold-theme party favours
You may prepare cakes in diamond forms or simple cupcakes along with golden icing
You could also blend both diamond and gold ideas by developing golden thank you book
marks in diamond designs
Include a favourite quote of or by the celebrant on the book mark with a thank you note
for the party guests, and also the date and venue of the celebration
One more interesting and simple homemade favor for a 75th birthday party is mini-cakes
You may cook them in numerous assortments with assorted flavors and icing colours
Another awesome idea will be to make decorated mini cakes and display them, forming
large 7 and five digits
Finally, you may enjoy preparing favors for a 75th birthday celebration by purchasing
various sweets from the childhood days of the celebrant and repacking them for visitors
Utilize brown craft papers to include unique goodies and candies, such as Beemans Gum,
Chuckle Jell, Root Beer Barrels, Chick-O-Sticks, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, and more
With handmade favors, such as these ideas for 75th birthday parties, guests are surely to
have fun at a memorable celebration, along with the celebrant
There is truly no reason why a 65th birthday celebration must be subtle or demure
To be able to spice things up and liven the atmosphere for a 65th birthday celebration,
here are several game ideas which will intrigue your guests, both old and young
The majority of 65th birthday party ideas get started with an ice breaker to have the
guests warmed up
This is especially valuable if your guest list contains individuals who aren't really familiar
with each other
The choice of ice breaker is quite much reliant on the personalities of your guests
There are lots to select, from simple get to know each other quizzes to games that will be
more challenging
One such game requires giving every visitor a necklace or lei and making the objective of
the game to collect as many necklaces as possible
In order to do this, everyone has to go around requesting each other questions to which
the response is "no
" An example of this type of question will be " Do you teach elementary school
" This is an excellent game for individuals to indicate how much they find out about each
Treasure hunts and also scavenger hunts are usually enjoyable
To do this, you'll need to separate individuals into groups and give each a list of things
that they should collect
You could include a fun twist by including bonus things in the list or rare items
Setting up a time limit to the game will be even more difficult and motivate individuals to
work better in groups
The easiest method to understand how much someone knows about something or
someone is to have a trivia quiz
You could perform this on an individual basis, or separate individuals into groups before
requesting them to answer a set of questions about the bday guy
This can include questions including how she or he met his or her partner, or a story
about some humorous, sentimental or special moment
Just remember that the more innovative your questions, the more fun individuals are
going to have
At times mom and dad need to bring along their children for the party and in order to
make sure they're entertained, as the host it is a great way to come up with games for
Examples of games you may want to try include simple games including "House of
Cards" that involves making a tower made out of cards, or "Pin the tail on the Donkey,"
that would require hours of entertainment, and keep the kids entertained
Involve the entire family and bring in the adults for some fun filled hours before you all
take a seat for the bday meal
A little bit of creativity goes further in terms of organizing birthday celebrations
You should not limit yourself to the traditional games out there and instead try to think
outside the box
For instance, you might play a game that requires participants to embellish a cake, or
color a costume, anything at all to release the creativeness of your attendees
The sky is the restriction with regards to making games for birthday celebrations
No matter how sedate the occasion may be, a game or two will do wonders to liven up
the mood of any party
Sometimes this can leave an individual helpless, confused and unaware of the help that is
actually available
Here are the top 5 legal questions about adultery and infidelity that one may come to an
individual's mind and would like to ask a family lawyer
If there was no effect on children, will adultery effect on child custody arrangements after
a divorce
Unless the child has suffered physically or mentally because of the affair, adultery will
have no effect on child custody related issues
However, the judge will check lifestyle and note any negative actions that could affect
the child in the course of the divorce proceeding
These factors will finally determine which partner is suited best for granting the child's
Can alimony or custody issues be affected by adultery during marriage
Committing adultery during marriage cannot be a strong factor to determine who gets the
custody of the children
However, certain issues like having sexual contact in front of the children or leaving
them alone while having a sexual affair can influence the court into thinking that the
children's lives and welfare is in danger
Ultimately, the court will grant custody only after examining the lifestyle of both the
In the case of alimony too the court tries to be just
If the court feels that the other partner in the case is disabled or sick and cannot sustain by
him or herself, it may grant alimony
In most cases, age is also considered an important factor
In South Carolina, is there a statute of limitations on adultery
Regardless of when the offense occurred, anyone who commits adultery will be punished
in South Carolina
The accused is then either punished with a criminal fine or even imprisonment
Currently in USA, there are only four states that do not have a statute of limitations on
This also means that after the crime is committed, a charge of adultery can be prosecuted
anytime by the parties involved
Is there a way to press charges on the individual who committed adultery with one's
In most of the states, one cannot press charges on the individual who committed adultery
with one's spouse
But adultery committed by one's spouse can be a strong reason to file a divorce case
depending on the situation one's into and the state where one resides
You can ask a Family Lawyer online if you still have questions about adultery, infidelity
and its legal implications
If a spouse has an affair with someone while entered into a legal separation in the state of
Ohio, is it considered to be a case of adultery
If the divorce has not been finalized legally, this could be treated as adultery
Most of the divorces are considered no-fault divorces and incompatible in many of the
states and the reason for filing a divorce case doesn't matter
But adultery has a more of an emotional impact than legal
5 Regal Ideas For Hosting A Princess Bridal Shower
Finding a creative theme for a bridal shower can be very hard, but it makes your planning
so much easier
Although it may seem difficult at first, picking a theme will make choosing invitations,
food, decorations and party favors a snap
Here are five terrific ideas for planning a princess bridal shower
Using these tips will help make your bridal shower magical
Gift requests are a very important part of every party
Engaged couples typically sign up for one or two registries
On your gift request, you can suggest gifts that are specific to the princess theme of the
bridal shower
Any gift can be wrapped, giving it a very regal look
Certain colors can be used to wrap and decorate the gifts
Any pastel color, mixed with gold can be very appropriate gift decoration for this theme
When the princess (the bride) starts to unwrap her gifts at the shower, someone should
bring each gift up to her
The bride should not move from where she is sitting, so that she really is a princess on
her throne
Party favors are a fun way to thank your guests for joining in the celebration
Some princess party favors include princess wands and smaller tiaras
Some people arrange wands, cards, and fancy writing utensils as a centerpiece
The guests are then asked to write a word of advice to the bride as she embarks on her
next stage of life
The cards are then read out loud, which usually turns out to be a very fun activity for the
The place where the bride is sitting should stand out in the room
It should be decorated as a throne as much as possible
It should outshine the rest of the room, so it can be decorated with beads, costume
jewelry, and any other object that has shine
The throne should also be in a part of the room that separates her somewhat from the rest
of the guests, her royal subjects
The bride should also be dressed extravagantly in a tiara and a fancy robe
She can also have her own special goblet and plate that is styled to complete the princess
Games are also another way to get the guests more involved with the party
One typical game played at bridal shower weddings is "Guess What's in the Bride's Purse
" If you want to go for a Disney-themed princess party, try the "Disney Love Song" trivia
The bride leaves the room and asks prewritten questions about the bride, even though
many will not know the answers to the questions
When the bride comes back in she will answer all the questions
A princess cake would be the perfect addition to your princess themed bridal shower
Typically, princess cakes have layers of flavor and are constructed into a dome shape
The layers include genoise, jam, pastry cream, and whipped cream
When the princess cake is cut, the slices will be pink and white
The outside of the cake should be decorated with edible flowers
Sprinkles will also help give your cake a regal look
5 Resourceful Ideas To Excite Your Mom On Her Birthday
There are many reasons to why we ought to get a birthday present for mom
Although no present can equalize her enduring love, our efforts will not be left
For this reason, it is defining to think of an exclusive gift that she will truly value
These can be a imposing flower bouquet, her favorite perfumes, a glittering necklace, a
set of her fantasy cookware and so on and so forth
Here are some present ideas to excite your mom on her special day
They are flamboyant and can bring out our emotions
Mothers love collecting them in their little patch
For her birthday, astound her with a flower that she can still plant in her garden
Carefully check the whole structures of each plant
Write down your observation in a letter to give her some story to tell
Find a nice vase to arrange your beautifully picked flowers
Indulge Her With Age Defying Cosmetic Gifts And Spa Gift Certificates
You may opt to give your mom a basket of Age Defying cosmetic collections or a gift
certificate to a Spa resort
Afterall, she took care of you and nurtured you, now is the time to give back and remind
her how good-looking she is
There are no age defying sets that could ever give back her lost years but to spoil her with
the luxuries of basking on a spa resort could give her the chance to relieve and release the
stress that she may possibly have
Return her sacrifice with some priceless gadget like the latest and high technology mobile
phones on this special day
After so many years of prioritizing your needs on her budget list, now is the time to show
her that she is distinctive
Mobile phones these days are now a must have, why not get her one
You can even talk to her on a daily basis and share with her your thoughts like you used
You can also arrange for a special birthday feast and invite the whole family
Have it framed and place it near your mom's bed to remind her of her special day
Give Her The Best Retreat With A Gift Of A Traveling Package Of Her Choice
This is the perfect time to give your mom the vacation she deserves
With all her tasks, a moment of adventure is the best gift you can give
Book her to the finest destination that suits your budget
The things mentioned above are just some of the best gifts we could give to our mothers
on her special day
Her birthday is an opportunity to show her that she is exceptional
There are many pricey gifts that you can surely think of but the things that are priceless
like a good laugh or naming your child after her are the best gifts of all
5 Significant Handmade Gifting Ideas For Your Mom's Birthday
Handmade gifts for your mom that she will treasure forever include your personal
artwork or writings, a scrapbook, homemade goodies, or a recorded video tribute for her
special day
You can show your mother how much you appreciate everything she does for you by
choosing a very special gift for her
The gift should be all the more meaningful if it is meant to commemorate her 75th
Although there is a wide choice of 75th birthday gifts available, choosing the perfect one
is essential
Why not go beyond the generic store-brought gift and give her something that you made
There are ideas for gifts that you can make yourself:
Scrapbooks are a great idea for a gift that will bring back old memories
The whole family can wok on a scrapbook for mom together
Keepsake contributions from others, such as old letters, photographs, post cards, and
news clippings from things that happened during your mother's lifetime, can make a
unique gift that will be treasured forever
You may ask your family members to write personalized messages with their signatures
wishing a good and happy life for your mother
Your mom will surely love going through the pages of this sentimental gift
If you are fond of creating visual arts such as paintings and drawings, why not make a
portrait of your mom for her birthday
Or, if you are an avid photographer, you could consider clicking pictures of her with her
father-in-law or other loved ones in the family
And the reason being that the silver metal symbolizes 75 years, thus you can have the
images taken out by you get framed in a beautiful and eye-pleasing silver frame
When children use their art skills to create a masterpiece, mothers everywhere will
treasure the creative gifts
You can let your sentiments and creative juices flow and pen a heartfelt poem or letter for
your mom, if writing is more your style
Find a beautiful piece of stationery paper to write on to make the gift more beautiful
Another idea (rather than writing by hand) is to type and print it in a script font that is
very elegant
Also you may frame the gift so it is easy for your mother to hang it somewhere she can
look at it daily so she can think back to her lover for you
Spoil her by giving her a hamper filled with homemade goodies
Start your mother's birthday off right with a basket of homemade goodies
Make up a gift basket filled with different foods that you baked
A perfect afternoon snack might include cakes, muffins, pastries, and fresh fruit juice
If your mom likes a specific food item, you can cook it for her and include it in the basket
as well
You can make a homemade video as a tribute for your mom on her special day
Make a query to all the members of your family and also to the bosom friends of your
dear mother in order to find out what are the amazing things that they can utter about
your loving mom
You can also ask them to say their heartfelt messages and birthday wishes
Mom's hold dear things you make yourself for her You need to be certain that the present
effectively portrays your devotion and love for a very special woman that is a large part
of your life
Folks ask me just about everyday, "Jamin, which foods do I need to consume to lose fat,
get 6 pack abs, and advance my health
" When I ask these people what their diet consists of they usually zealously name off a
few "health foods" and various other things that are on my "do not eat list"
They have no idea that the "health foods" they are eating are sabotaging their fat loss
efforts and ruining their health
While most people are usually aware that eating certain types of foods can make them
gain weight, they often do not realize that these same foods can also significantly
increase their risk of developing degenerative diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular
disease, hypertension, and diabetes
Now you may say to yourself, "but Jamin, there is a huge variety of food in the health
food store how will I ever know what to buy
Here is a good law to live by when choosing healthier foods to eat
Think of foods that grow as living foods (not man made), and think of foods that do not
grow as dead food (man made foods)
Living foods will enhance your health and dead foods will take away from your health
Now don't get me wrong, food is meant to be enjoyed, but certain foods can definitely
take years off your life and cause you to get fatter
The consistent consumption of man-made foods wreaks havoc on the human body
Not only are these foods generally very toxic, but they are almost instantly stored as fat
Your body also views substances like bleaching agents, food additives, preservatives, and
chemicals as foreign invaders and processing these foods puts an intense burden on your
Therefore it is essential to pass up foods that put additional stress on the liver so it can
function properly and keep you healthy
If the stress on your liver wasn't bad enough, these dead foods contain few if any
nutrients, and if your diet contains too much of these food types you are at a high risk of
being overfed, overweight, and undernourished
So be sure to eat foods that are alive and unaltered by man
Your body can use the natural antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals
found in unaltered foods to keep you healthy as well as keep your body functioning at its
Here is a list of foods you should keep away from at all costs:
Processed Foods - These top my list of foods to avoid because not only will they make
you fat, but they can cause a variety of deadly health problems
Processed foods contain no natural antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, or
minerals, and eating them puts a strain on your digestive system
Processed foods are also very high in sugar, salt, food additives, and toxic fats
The human body was not designed to be able to fully process and digest this type of manmade food so avoid processed foods at all costs for a healthy and lean body
Some examples of processed foods are (white bread, breakfast cereal, chips, white rice,
Toxic Fats - You don't have to go far these days to hear people talk about the dangers of
killer trans fats and saturated fats
In case you have been on the moon for the past few years I will share a few facts about
these deadly fats
Trans fats are basically just chemically altered fats and oils
A few examples of foods laden with toxic fats are: Snack bars, breakfast cereals, rolls,
pastries, crackers, and many other packaged and processed foods
While grocery shopping, be sure to shop the perimeter of the store because most of the
garbage food is in the aisles
Sugary Foods & Drinks - Lets face it, sugar tastes great, but it WILL make you fat and
I call sugar the most powerful drug in the world because it has the most addicts across the
world than most other drugs combined
When you eat sugar, your body creates a cycle that constantly demands more and more
Not only that, but sugar also raises insulin levels
If you are not familiar with insulin, it is a very powerful hormone that tells your body to
store fat
Over time, if you continue to eat sugary foods, your cells will become resistant to this
over-production of insulin and you could end up with type 2 diabetes
Processed Meats - Now I have to admit, I love a great deli sandwich or hot dog at a ball
game, but buyer beware
Packaged meats and cold cuts contain nitrates and nitrites which many experts believe
cause deadly cancers
Processed meats also contain insanely high amounts of salt and saturated fats, which can
lead to hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease
If that wasn-t bad enough, eating these foods is guaranteed to cause you to gain weight
So avoid foods like bacon, hot dogs, sausage, salami, bologna, and any other processed
deli meat like the plague and cook your meat yourself
White Flour - White bread and white flour products will make you fat
Not only do they have no nutritional merit, but they are converted to sugar by your body
just as fast as cake and ice cream
Eating foods made with white or refined flour is definitely a sure-fire way to add some
quick pounds of blubber
Here is a tip: Be certain to read all bread labels carefully because many clever food
manufacturers try to disguise white bread as wheat bread by adding molasses to it so it
looks darker
Chemically Laden Foods - Do you have any idea how many toxic chemicals are in our
food supply
Do you realize that these toxins are keeping you fat and unhealthy
If you are one of the millions of people across the planet eating processed foods, chances
are you are also consuming bleaching agents, flavoring agents, chemical preservatives,
texturizers, emulsifiers, as well as synthetic dyes
If that isn-t enough to gross you out, get this, most chemical food additives are made
from coal tar or petroleum products
Most foods that are grown non-organically are likely tainted with dangerous toxic
chemicals, as well as herbicides and pesticides
These toxins overwhelm the liver, increase your chance of disease, and can make you fat
If you value your health and want to be fit, steer clear of foods containing dangerous
Artificial Sweeteners - If you are like the rest of us, you see food products everywhere in
flashy boxes that read "Sugar Free" and think
Most people don't realize this because artificial sweeteners generally have zero calories,
but artificial sweeteners will make you fat
First, these fake sweeteners intensify your appetite by sending false signals to the brain
that sweet food is on the way
Your brain subsequently becomes confused when sweet food never arrives and so it
never gives the signal that you are satisfied
You will develop a nasty sweet tooth, and have sugar cravings throughout the day
Not what you want if your goal is to lose stubborn body fat
Artificial, so the body typically sees this "food" as a foreign invader and treats it as such,
thus overwhelming the liver with an intense workload
Now the liver is important because it filters and removes dangerous or unnecessary
substances from the body, but when the liver is overwhelmed with toxins like artificial
sweeteners it can no longer process the essential nutrients that your body needs to
function at its peak
An overworked liver can't correctly break down fats so you will have a very tough time
losing any weight at all if your liver is drained
If you want to lose fat, you need to keep your liver to functioning at its peak
Hopefully this article opened your eyes about the types of foods you need to steer clear of
to keep your body, lean, healthy and strong for life
So eliminate toxic processed, man-made foods, fast foods, toxic fats, and sugar from your
diet and you will live a long healthy life as well as get the rock hard body and 6 pack abs
you deserve in the process
7 Days To Ultimate Leanness By Chris "swolecat" Janusz
The "tricks" contained here were learned in helping competitive bodybuilders prepare for
their shows, but any person who's in relatively lean shape (can see abs when flexed) can
benefit from this seven day course of preparation
This progression of physique-tightening days works well for those prepping for the lake,
a big weekend BBQ, vacations, reunions, first date impressions, strip show performances,
or for whatever occasion you want to look your best
If you're slightly bigger and can't see abs, the effects and final result won't be as
noticeable as someone who's already relatively lean
Remember, this is a "fine tuning" prorgram, not an overhaul
What can you do to look your best seven days from now
Well, let me go over several key techniques we'll employ and what they aim to
Hopefully, since you're lean already, you have some kind of base tan
Nothing shows off a lean, hard physique like a nice bronze color
If you don't have a tan and you hang with Casper, you can always use an over-the-counter
self-tanning application
Just make sure to try it out first so you don't wind up looking like a Sunkist orange or
Freddy Krueger
You want attention at this event, yes, but not because you're a laughing stock
1) Carb depletion and loading — Here we'll take advantage of our muscles' ability to
absorb up to one and half times more muscle glycogen after being in a depleted state
Along with our water restriction and skin tightening techniques to follow, this will create
very large, full muscle bellies with cuts and striations
We'll carb load with very little sodium, thus ensuring full muscle bellies and literally no
subcutaneous water (water between the skin and muscle) to blur definition
2) Water loading and depletion — Here we'll trick our bodies into expelling excess water
to get that paper-thin skin look, thus letting those exploding muscles almost burst through
The last three days we'll slowly reduce our water while we continue to carb-load in a
sodium-free environment
We'll be carb depleting during the sodium loading phase and carb loading during the
sodium depletion phase
3) Sodium loading and depletion — This goes hand in hand with the water loading and
You'll load up on sodium to get the body used to very high amounts for a few days
The last few days when you cut down your water, you'll cut out all sodium
It's literally impossible to eat zero sodium, so that's the purpose of the sodium load
You'll make a little bit of sodium in the diet seem like absolutely nothing due to the three
days of extremely high sodium intake
The result is your body letting go of every bit of subcutaneous water, leaving you dry,
paper thin, and ripped to hell
You're also cutting out water as the days progress, but are still expelling it at the rate you
were while water loading
There are a few supplements you'll need as well and they can all be obtained legally overthe-counter
Many may use other prescription diuretic drugs during this time, but that's not needed,
nor is it encouraged
You can use just about any "water shed" type of over-the-counter diuretic
The info contained here will help you achieve your desired results, so dangerous drugs
just aren't needed
Our hypothetical event is Saturday, so we'll begin eight days earlier, as there are some
pre-seven day techniques we must utilize to make the final days very effective
So, for our Saturday event, we begin the second Friday before
All supplements will be taken in the same manner daily, with the exception of the carb
loading phase
Protein shakes and bouillon cubes (used for the sodium load) are to be taken with the
water you're allotted each day
The amounts below are indicative of a subject weighing about 220 pounds
You'll want to adjust up or down based on your weight
Remember, you should be in relatively good shape for this process to be productive
Here's how you'd adjust the program, up or down, based on weight
These are general guidelines from instruction and experience; your individual needs may
vary, so just use this as a starting point
1) Water: You'll want to adjust the amount of water by about 2-3 cups per every 10
pounds you deviate from our hypothetical example
Below I recommend two gallons per day because I'm using a 220 pound guy as an
A 230 pound person would consume two gallons, plus those 2-3 cups
If one weighed 210, he'd drink 2-3 cups less than two complete gallons
2) Carbs: The depletion days would be the same as far as timing of meals
To figure out your amount, you should be eating an amount in grams that's about three
times your bodyweight in clean carbs during the carb-up phase
In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds, you'll need to eat 600 grams of carbs
This will differ based on bodyweight, but it's pretty accurate
3) Protein: During the depletion phase, you want to get about 1
5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of lean bodyweight
During the carb load phase, you can concentrate on carbs as the main focus and get as
close to your bodyweight in protein as you can
For these three days, you can consume just your bodyweight (or a little less) as the focus
is the carb up
You need only enough protein for maintenance; we aren't building or rebuilding anything
right now
I've never seen this to be size dependent so there are no recommendations on how much
salt you should have
The key here is making the body think it's taking in a ton of sodium, which it is
After this loading phase, you'll want to get as close to zero sodium as you can for those
three or four days
It's impossible to consume no sodium, so the sodium load makes the body "think" it's
receiving none at all, as it's used to extremely high levels
A little confusing right now, I know, but everything will click as we break it down day by
Friday — Perform a quick two-set-per-body part workout utilizing high reps (12-15)
followed by a posing session to "squeeze out" all that subcutaneous water
Post-workout have some kind of MRP (meal replacement powder) with about 25 grams
of carbs and 50 grams of protein
(Remember to adjust these numbers if you weigh more or less than 220 pounds
For the second post-workout meal, have half a cup of oats and two chicken breasts
Take 300 mgs R-ALA and 50 mgs Vanadyl Sulfate (VS) with your MRP and second
post-workout meal
(The ratio of carbs to protein is different than normal post-workout percentages, as
usually it's two parts carbs to one part protein
Saturday — Perform 40 minutes of morning cardio, just enough to get a sweat going
You should not be stimulating the quads doing this cardio
The only carbs you should take in today are half a cup of oats at meal one and an MRP
after posing practice at 5:00 p
Again, 300mgs R-ALA and 50mgs VS apply to both carb meals and all similar carb
meals for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
You should shop for your water, bouillon cubes, ALA, VS, diuretics, rice cakes, honey,
Raisinettes (yes, the candy) and other accessories today
Sunday — This is the first stage of the carb depletion phase
After cardio, take one bouillon cube: drop it in hot water and drink
There's usually about 2000mgs of sodium in each cube, so it's pretty strong
Our sample 220 pound guy gets two gallons of water today
He'll use water from this two gallons to make his bouillon drink
Have half a cup of oats at meal one with three scoops of low or no-carb whey protein
Meal two will be flax oil and protein, meal three beef only, and meal four flax and
protein powder again
Perform a workout doing arms (3-4 sets, high reps) at 4:30 or so, and have an MRP as
post-workout meal number one and half a cup of oats and chicken for post-workout meal
number two
The beef should be 8-10 ounces and relatively lean
As far as your shakes, have three scoops of protein in each one, or about 60 grams of
protein (again, for our 220 pound example)
Have another bouillon cube at night, also using water from the two gallons
You want to totally flood the body with salt and water today
Monday — This is the second stage of the carb depletion phase
Today you won't eat oats at meal one, just have lean beef
Have a bouillon cube with meal one using water from the two gallons again
Meal two will be flax oil and protein; meal three will be beef only; and for meal four
you'll have flax and protein powder again
Your workout today is chest and shoulders (3-4 sets of each, high reps) at 4:30 or so with
posing to follow
Have an MRP for your post-workout meal, and one and a half cups of oats and chicken
for post-workout meal number two
Tuesday — This is the third stage of the carb depletion phase
Have a bouillon cube with meal one using water from the allotted two gallons
Again, meal two will be flax oil and protein, meal three will be beef, and meal four will
be flax and protein powder
Your workout today is for back, traps, and calves (3-4 sets of each, high reps)
Consume no post-workout carbs, just a regular low or no-carb protein shake (with no flax
oil) for post-workout meal one
Take a bouillon cube and drink it down using water from the two gallons
Prepare chicken and sweet potatoes for the next day
You'll use fresh chicken breasts, not the frozen variety which have been drowned in
sodium broth
Wednesday — Now we enter the first stage of the no-sodium carb loading phase
Perform 40 minutes of morning cardio (last session of the program
Drink water after, not during, each meal to avoid bloat
Boil chicken in distilled water or bake plain and shred it up
Alternate chicken with potato, just potato, chicken with potato, etc
Your meal schedule looks like this: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00
Take dandelion root and B-6 (or whatever diuretic supplement you chose) with meals
one, three, and five
Thursday — This is the second stage of the no-sodium carb loading phase
Water allotment today is half to three-fourths of a gallon
Chicken and sweet potato are prepared in the same manner
Meal times are 8:00, 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, 6:00, 8:30
Take diuretics at meals one, three, and five again
If you look really bloated for some reason, double them in the late afternoon and take
another double dose at night before bed
Don't panic though, the next day is when you really tighten up and dry out, provided
you've been following the above instructions to the letter
Friday — We now enter the third stage of the no-sodium carb loading phase
Use discretion as to how much diuretic aid you use, and how much coffee to use in place
of water to act as a diuretic
(Protein in every meal adds a diuretic effect as well
) A glass of red wine in the evening can also aid in expelling out some excess water the
night before your "event," but you're not trying to get a buzz here
Now, look at yourself and ask, "What can I get away with
" Some kind of solid, starchy carb once or twice, preferably two smaller servings
Bring in faster acting sugars prior to your event in the car on the way or upon arriving at
the event
This will bring vascularity into play and help absorb the starchy carbs into the muscles
Don't go overboard with the Raisinettes and prepare to stun all onlookers
The seven day prep period doesn't sound like fun, but I guarantee you'll look your
absolute best
It's these final seven days that can really show off the hard work you put into lifting and
dieting correctly
The average weight loss this last week is five to eight pounds
Those of you who hold more water and are "thick skinned" will tend to lose far more
I recommend that you practice this once or twice before your event so that you can find
out exactly what works for you by tinkering with the amounts
Your body will absorb all of these nutrients at an accelerated rate and you'll want to
watch out for edema (very bad bloating of the extremities)
Remember, take pictures of yourself on your special day so that you have memories that
will last a lifetime
Throwing a themed birthday party can be a lot of fun – but it can also be a lot of expense
and effort
Choose a few of these tips to help keep the costs down, give the party a great flair, and
keep you from burnout in the process
Make sure you get the team right, check the team colours, and get planning
Everybody knows that a party has to have streamers
You could throw up streamers in the team's colour, but why not find somewhere that will
give you a bulk discount on footy scarves or flags and use them to decorate the room
So you want to make the cake special, but you're no cake decorator
You can either get a cake decorated at a cake shop with the colours of your team, or you
can do it at home
Either purchase or bake a cake and ice it with the main colour of your team
Using a piping bag, run a border of icing of the second colour around the top edge of the
cake, and place a small piece of in the middle as a decoration on top
Obviously you'll want to use something small and lightweight as decoration so as not to
squish the cake – options could be a keyring or stand AFL pens up in the centre of the
cake in place of candles
Can't afford to purchase AFL balloons for the party
Just purchase two bags of plain balloons in his favourite footy colours (for example, red
and black for St Kilda) and string them up together
If it's a simple logo, you could even consider drawing the team's logo on the front of the
If the birthday boy or girl is wanting as part of their present (it would be fitting, given the
theme of the party
), why not consider using it as the table centrepiece
Purchase an AFL cooler bag, unzip the top, and stuff it with the rest of his birthday
present peeking out the top
Or fill it with cans of drink for the party guests to help themselves to
Consider sprinkling AFL confetti or stickers down the table centrepiece, or candies in his
team colours
Remember those scarves or flags you used in place of streamers
Send them home with the party goers when they leave
Perhaps they don't barrack for his team, but hey – propagating his team is a great way to
make converts to the cause
What else would one have at an AFL party than footy food
Go for meat pies, chips, sausages, coke, beer – anything you would find at an AFL game
If this is a child's party, face painting is a must, painting each child's favourite team
colours (don't force them to choose the party boy's team colours as there may be some
tears and very strong opinions shared
Reruns of footy games playing in the background, particularly if the party boy's team has
been in the premiership lately, would be a big hit
Make sure that each part goer gets to take at least one item of home with them – it doesn't
have to be big – perhaps a keyring or a pen – keep it simple so you keep within your
Really, when it comes down to it, just relax, have a good time, make sure there's plenty of
team colour around with some pieces of AFL merchandise, and enjoy the party
8 Creative 50th Birthday Party Ideas For The Woman In Your Life
For an exciting and memorable 50th birthday celebration for a special woman in your
life, you can include recorded and live greetings at the celebrant's party, decorate the
venue with the many details of her life, put on costumes that were the fad during her
youth, serve foods popular in the olden days, customize with a childhood theme the
celebrant's cake, show some cartoons that were popular in the 1960s and the 1970s,
choose a 50s theme for the party, and go for anything gold
Turning 50 is an important milestone for any woman
Although it is thrilling to throw a party for a celebrant, the difficult thing about doing it is
coming up with an idea that makes it more amusing and worth treasuring
For a fun-filled, exciting and memorable 50th birthday party, here are some unique ideas:
Get sentimental with recorded and live greetings at the party
For a 50th Birthday celebration, one of the many special 50th Birthday Ideas is to play
recorded and live greetings at the celebrant's party
Aside from recording wishes and greetings on your own, you can also gather audio
messages from the celebrant's family and friends by availing services offered online and
compile them on a CD
To add to the surprise, let someone special to the celebrant yet unable to join the party
call her during the celebration
To set a sentimental mood for the celebrant, let that someone greet to her live during the
Women love scrapbooks, magazines, and photos, especially during their early years
A creative idea would be to make the party location a walk down the memory lane of her
Hang her pictures from childhood to the present, like her school pictures, wedding,
family pictures and the like
For table decorations, make copies of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics, as well
as enlarge her best portraits from her younger years in large vintage frames
A place like this will definitely be memorable and meaningful
Encourage your loved one and guests to wear the fashions of the 70s and early 80s to
prompt memories and make the event more enjoyable
Look back in time by playing music and party games from those years
Her 50th birthday will surely be fun-filled, and she will enjoy it as much as she enjoyed
her birthdays when she was younger
On the 50th birthday of the woman who is close to your heart, take the opportunity to
relive the good old years
Bring back memories by serving the celebrant her favorite pastries, dishes and candies
she used to love when she was young
She will surely enjoy all these goodies with her friends
You may anticipate an evening filled with good humor and good memories
Consider her favorite childhood theme for her birthday cake
Surprises play a unique role in birthday celebrations
Adorn her birthday cake with her favorite icons and themes from her childhood to make a
memorable and surprising 50th birthday celebration
However, make sure that the icon you chose was really her childhood favorite
Play popular cartoons that were running in the 60s and 70s
Bring out the child in the birthday celebrant by showing cartoon clips popular during her
Show cartoon from the 60s and 70s, like Casper, Mighty Mouse, Go Go Gophers, and
George of the Jungle, just to name a few
You will be surprised just by how much she will truly enjoy watching her childhood
Get into the spirit of 50 during the celebrant's party by using a 50s theme
If it's possible, you can ask her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s
For example, if the celebrant is a music lover, one can give her a CD containing 50 songs
from her childhood
Another idea is to display 50 kind words that would describe the celebrant and display
them on a screen in the venue
You can also have 50 of her family and friends line up and say one adjective each that
best describes the celebrant
Whether it is funny, sentimental or serious, it will surely ignite the event
Gold is a radiant color for a 50th birthday, so decorating the party site in gold would be a
lovely touch
Give out gold-themed invitations and encourage the guests to use golden paper and trim
to wrap their gifts
You can also ask the guest to wear gold clothes, accessories or the like
For this golden birthday, be sure to play golden oldies and, if possible, use golden
Make sure that the venue is exceptional to make the celebration more sentimental and
The venue can be in the celebrant's ancestral house, vacation home, a ferry, or in a luxury
Events like this come once in a lifetime, so throw out the best possible party ever
8 Creative And Memorable Ideas To Celebrate Her 50th Birthday
Getting sentimental with recorded and live greetings at the party, decorating the venue
with everything special to her life, putting on clothes like in the days she was younger,
distributing old-fashioned goodies in the party, decorating her birthday cake with her
favorite childhood theme, playing popular cartoons that were running in the 60s and 70s,
opting for a 50s theme birthday party, and theme up with gold will make a 50th birthday
party celebration more exciting and memorable for a special woman in your life
For a woman, her 50th birthday is very special occasion
Throwing the celebrant a party is a very exciting thing to do, but it can also be difficult
making it more fun and memorable than her other birthday parties
If you want to give your special lady a truly memorable, exciting and unique 50th
birthday party, just follow these tips:
Include recorded and live greetings at the celebrant's party
One of the many fantastic and memorable 50th Birthday Ideas includes playing videotaped and voice-recorded wishes from guests during the celebration
Aside from recording wishes and greetings on your own, you can also gather audio
messages from the celebrant's family and friends by availing services offered online and
compile them on a CD
Arrange a call from someone very special to the celebrant yet unable to attend the party
to add an element of surprise
To make it more memorable and heartwarming, let the person greet the celebrant live
during the party
Decorate the venue with the many details of her life
Women love scrapbooks, magazines, and photos, especially during their early years
To make the party location more unique, make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life
Hang pictures of her from her childhood up to the present along with her family and
friends, including school pictures, wedding pictures, and family pictures
You may display some of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics on every table as
well as enlarge and display in large vintage frames her best portraits from her youth
A place like this will definitely be memorable and meaningful
Wear clothes that were in fashion during her youth
Bring back the fun times by asking the celebrant and the guests to dress like they used to
dress in the 70s or early 80s
Play some groovy music and enjoy some fun party games they used to have back then
The 50th birthday of the celebrant would surely be as enjoyable as any birthday that she
enjoyed in her youth
Bring back the past on the celebrant's 50th birthday
Bring back memories by serving the favorite candies the celebrant used to love when she
was young, as well as favorite pastries and other favorite dishes
These goodies will surely be a hit to her and her friends
You may anticipate an evening filled with good humor and good memories
Customize with a childhood theme the celebrant's cake
There are always plenty of surprises during birthdays
Make her 50th birthday more surprising and memorable by personalizing her birthday
cake with her favorite icons and themes from her childhood or youth, be it a cartoon
character, favorite movie, or actor
Just make sure what you choose was really her favorite when she was young
Make her feel like a child again by playing cartoon clips popular during her childhood
Some 1960s and 1970s cartoons include Saturday Morning Cartoons, Mighty Mouse,
Casper, Go Go Gophers, and George of the Jungle
You will be amazed at the extent of joy that she gets while remembering her carefree
childhood days
For a 50-year-old's party, get into the spirit of the celebration with a 1950
You may encourage her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s as much as possible
For example, if the celebrant is a music lover, one can give her a CD containing 50 songs
from her childhood
Another idea is to present on a screen 50 kind words that would describe her
You can also have 50 of her family and friends line up and say one adjective each that
best describes the celebrant
It is either serious, sentimental, or funny, still you are assured it will liven up the
Gold is a radiant color for a 50th birthday, so decorating the party site in gold would be a
lovely touch
Make golden-themed invitations and ask guests to present their gifts in gold
You can also ask the guest to wear gold clothes, accessories or the like
Finally, prepare golden songs and golden table setting for the celebrant and each of the
guests too
To make it more memorable, celebrate the party in an exceptional place
It can be the celebrant's ancestral home, a boat, vacation resort or elegant hotel
Give this special lady the best 50th birthday ever; after all, it only happens once in a
You and your groom can stretch your creative minds when choosing your groom's cake
Traditionally, the groom's cake was meant to be carried home by guests
For this reason, it was made with durable ingredients such as fruit
Unmarried females would actually sleep with their piece of cake
They reportedly would dream of the man they were supposed to marry
It's safe to say that your women guests will most likely forgo sleeping with a piece of
your groom's cake
The final decision may ultimately be yours, but at least ask him his opinion before you
throw down money on it
You probably don't want to end up with a groom's cake that the groom will hate
Consider bold cake flavors such as a rich chocolate fudge torte, red velvet or tiramisu that
will complement your wedding cake
Consider these great cake flavors: hazelnut, pumpkin, coconut cream, almond, banana
walnut and carrot to name a few
Pleasantly surprise your guests with fillings such as praline, peanut butter, Irish cream,
coffee or cappuccino
Your groom wants a cake that resembles a large mouth bass and you are not thrilled with
the idea of a fish near your wedding cake
However, if the idea is just eating you away consider offering the grooms cake at the
rehearsal dinner instead of the reception where only your close family and friends will
see it
If the budget allows consider having two cakes - the fish cake can be for the rehearsal
dinner and the cake of your choice could be for the reception
A bit of advice - try not to make the grooms cake a source of contention
When everything is said and done you will most likely feel regret for causing a rift
between you and your husband over a cake
Two tiered cake with chocolate frosting adorned with chocolate covered strawberries and
greenery, a tuxedo, a shirt and tie, John Deere logo or tractor, deer, a sports ball, the logo
of his favorite sports theme, his company logo, a musical instrument, his favorite pet, a
cake in the shape of his name, a cake in the shape of the state where he is from
The table that the grooms cake sits on should be decorated as well
You could also use items that have meaning to the groom such as a childhood photo
- Save money by purchasing your wedding cake and your groom's cake from the same
- Pay someone to bake and frost a cake, but ask a friend or family member to decorate it
for you
There is no rule book that says you have to have a groom's cake
Be creative and offer your guests a unique cake experience
Whichever cake you choose it should be a reflection of you and your groom's personality
Have fun with it and it will be a great addition to your wedding
8 Unique 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Her That Are Fun And Memorable
Making a memorable and fun-filled 50th birthday celebration would include playing
recorded and live greetings at the birthday party, creating a memory-filled venue for the
party, wearing clothes that were in fashion during her youth, being sure to offer oldfashioned treats and snacks, considering her favorite childhood theme for her birthday
cake, playing some 1960's and 1970's cartoon clips, going with a 50s birthday party
theme, and going for gold theme
For many women, their 50th birthday heralds a new era in their lives
Amidst the excitement of throwing a birthday party for a celebrant comes with it the
challenge of making the party more enjoyable than her other birthday parties
If you want to give your special lady a truly memorable, exciting and unique 50th
birthday party, just follow these tips:
Get sentimental with recorded and live greetings at the party
For a 50th Birthday celebration, one of the many special 50th Birthday Ideas is to play
recorded and live greetings at the celebrant's party
You may record the greetings yourself or avail yourself of services online that will gather
audio greetings from family and friends for the celebrant and compile them on one CD
To add to the surprise, let someone special to the celebrant yet unable to join the party
call her during the celebration
To set a sentimental mood for the celebrant, let that someone greet to her live during the
Women love scrapbooks, magazines, and photos, especially during their early years
Turn the setting of the party into a life-size scrapbook of her life, which will make the site
more exceptional
You can display photos of her all through her life with her friends and family including
her school, wedding and other family pictures
You may display some of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics on every table as
well as enlarge and display in large vintage frames her best portraits from her youth
The place will definitely be unique and heartwarming
Dress up like you were back in the years of her youth
Encourage your loved one and guests to wear the fashions of the 70s and early 80s to
prompt memories and make the event more enjoyable
Turn on some funky music and let loose with interesting party games they had all those
years ago
Her 50th birthday will surely be fun-filled, and she will enjoy it as much as she enjoyed
her birthdays when she was younger
Bring back the past on the celebrant's 50th birthday
Bring back memories by serving the celebrant her favorite pastries, dishes and candies
she used to love when she was young
These goodies will surely be a hit to her and her friends
You may anticipate an evening filled with good humor and good memories
Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme
The element of surprise always comes with birthdays
Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite icons and themes from the past to make
her 50th birthday more surprising and memorable
It is important though to know that the icon you chose was really her childhood favorite
Play popular cartoons that were running in the 60s and 70s
Show popular cartoon clips from her childhood to draw out the child in the birthday
Show cartoon from the 60s and 70s, like Casper, Mighty Mouse, Go Go Gophers, and
George of the Jungle, just to name a few
You will be surprised just by how much she will truly enjoy watching her childhood
Celebrate the 50th year of the celebrant's life by using a 50s theme at their birthday party
If possible, encourage her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s
For instance, if she loves music, you can give her a CD containing 50 songs from her
Another idea is to present on a screen 50 kind words that would describe her
You can also let 50 of her loved ones to line up and describe her in one adjective each
It will add up to the spice of the event, may it be serious, sentimental, or funny
Golden girl is what best describes the celebrant on her 50th birthday, so why not
celebrate the night in gold
Send gold-colored invitations and encourage guests to wrap their gifts in gold paper and
For this golden birthday, be sure to play golden oldies and, if possible, use golden
To make it more memorable, celebrate the party in an exceptional place
It can take place in the celebrant's familial home, on a ferry, at their vacation home, or in
a luxury hotel
This day will never happen again, so make the best out of it
Taking care of all the needs of the core of your business is tough
The last thing you want to do is pour over your financials, read the IRS website for tax
law changes, and sort receipts a couple weeks before taxes are due
Make sure you avoid these top ten mistakes small business owners make
Luckily there are some solutions out there to help make all that a piece of cake
If you want a more hands on solution, check our Check - Mark Payroll Software paired
with Check - Mark Multi - Ledger Accounting Software
If you'd rather leave it all to the experts, check out Check - Mark Payroll Services
1-Handling deductions incorrectly- Many either claim deductions they aren't entitled to or
don't take all the exemptions and deductions they should
2-Not keeping up to date with current tax laws- tax laws constantly changes
The IRS doesn't care if it's your first time doing your business taxes or your 25th time
They expect you to do it accurately the first time around
If you are running a business, that's a lot to keep up with
3-Classifying workers incorrectly- You can't assign a worker as an independent
contractor but treat them like an employee (set hours, benefits, etc)
4-Borrowing from Employee Withholding & Social Security- If you borrow from
employee withholding or social security, you are personally liable and can face huge
You must obtain a Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) to
determine how much to withhold from each employee
5-Assigning excessive compensation- Did you know you can't pay yourself
“unreasonable compensation”, even if your business is doing fantastic
6-Not keeping proper documentation- You need to keep organized
Many use a tax organizer to keep things organized but even then you need to take the
time to stay up-to-date
Even though you aren't required to save business receipts under $75, you still need to
know what they were for
You need to be keeping up with your current financial state throughout the year, not just
only paying attention during tax season
7-Mixing up office equipment and supplies- Some things are depreciated and some are
deducted and can't be mixed up
Along with office equipment versus supplies, don't mix up business and personal
deductions…although you can deduct a home office
8-Negligence or fraud in reporting- There is a 20% penalty for negligent reporting and a
75% penalty for under reporting income with fraudulent intent
9-Not preparing estimated taxes- Quarterly payments gives you more chances of messing
Make sure you get those payments out on time and don't let the deadlines sneak up on
Underpaying taxes means big, fat penalties (average of $848) and overpaying means an
interest free loan to the government
10-No check system- You need to have two people involved in accounting- one who
write checks and the other who does accounting
Never have it be the same person or you can set yourself up for trouble
There are many reasons to go to Batam island, probably thousands of reasons
I've listed the top 20 reasons to travel to this beautiful country filled with warm, fun
loving, people, and very beautiful feminine women
Batam women are friendly and hospitable In comparison to others Asian countries and
some Western countries, the women in Batam Island are much friendlier and
You can easily make new friends with young sweet Batam girls—just by being sincere,
and they will make you feel at home very quickly
More Women then Men The ratio of women to men are higher then in most other
countries in the world
Especially in Batam, where it is believed there are 100 women for every 40 men
If you are Singaporean , American, German, British, Australian, Japanese—or from any
other country, then Batam women will love you
They have a thing for foreign guys—most Batam women are fed up with Batam guy's
reputation of �players'—but can you blame these guys
With such nice ratios of women to men and numerous hot young ladies to go around, it's
very easy to fall to temptation
Great place to learn Bahasa Indonesia If you want to practice some Indonesian language,
then this is a great place to start
Be sure to practice some basic phrases before you come
You will have plenty of women to practice with trust me
Be sure to go to a 'sea food restaurants' while your down there
Great weather all year round The average weather in Batam fluctuates around 28
Pacific Discotheque , Almost half of the girls you will meet here are working girls
Either way, it's a great way to warm up with the local ladies
Friendly Indonesian culture In Batam it is culturally accepted to treat everyone,
especially foreigners—with great hospitality
A smile and a friendly greeting is very common from strangers
Stable political climate compare with others area in Indonesia and improving economic
situation – Compared to other area in Indonesia , Batam is experiencing a period of
unprecedented economic growth and investment
Pay for play is always an option, especially in Nagoya, There are many popular places in
Nagoya where you can find plenty of young hot working girls
The Euro, Pound and Dollar are stronger then the Rupiah (the Indonesian currency) Your
currency is stronger
This means while in Batam most local goods will be much cheaper for you
Especially the Euro and Pound, you guys will live like Kings
Investing- Apart from life's pleasures, Batam is also a great place to invest in
The Batam economy and importantly the rates of interest and currency are recognized as
stable and supportive for foreign investment
The city is also experiencing unprecedented growth
Batam is not a earthquake risk unlike other area such as Sumatera, Jawa in Indonesia
Cost of living very low compared to Singapore, Japanese, American and Western Europe
You can live like a King in Batam
You can live with 50% of what it would cost you in Western Europe, USA, Japan, UK,
Canada, Australia and other wealthier countries
Batam has a great night life scene, There are numerous night clubs, cafes and bars in the
major metropolitan center like Nagoya
#17 Batam island is beautiful and very near Singapore (take only 1 hour by Boat),
#18 Batam shopping tour is perfect for you, you can combine your shopping tour with a
Spa, the spa is truly a must place to go
The prices are really reasonable once you've tried one of their massages or facials
They truly give you personal attention and you feel so pampered by them
Q (Customs and Immigration) facilities for international departure and arrival with visafree and visa-on-arrival ports of entry and port official's that recently changed more
professional will encourage more foreigners to travel to Batam island
All the young Batam ladies that are waiting for you
Remember, in Batam there are more +women then -men = great news for you
Some people say that the tradition of giving Easter eggs began with the Chinese, who
gave eggs as gifts in the celebration of spring
Regardless of its origin, there is no question that most people prefer chocolate Easter
eggs today
Here are a few of my favorite chocolate quotes that you can use in Easter egreetings,
postal greetings and invitations, etc
"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of the pieces " ~ Judith Viorst
"Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate
Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate
6 "Once in a while I say, 'Go for it' and I eat chocolate
" ~ Leslie Moak Murray in �Murray's Law' comic strip
"Stress wouldn't be so hard to take if it were chocolate covered
"Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment
"Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays
"There's more to life than chocolate, but not right now
"If you are not feeling well, if you have not slept, chocolate will revive you
" ~ Marquise de SГ©vignГ© (French writer and lady of fashion)
"The greatest tragedies were written by the Greek Sophocles and English Shakespeare
"Life without chocolate is life lacking something important
" ~ Writers Marcia Colman Morton & Frederic Morton
"My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start
So far I've finished two bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake
If you are planning a beach themed wedding or you are getting married on the beach,
then here are 25 beach themed things for your wedding reception
Invite your guests with quirky flip flop printed wedding invitations, perfect for a laid
back beach wedding
Name your reception tables after famous sea faring movies, such as Casablanca, Finding
Nemo and Castaway
Hold your reception on the nearest pier and fill it with a traditional beach funfair
Let your guests lounge around on the beach in colorful deck chairs
Hand out pairs of flip flops to your guests so they can stroll along the beach or go for a
paddle in the sea without ruining their expensive wedding shoes
You could even serve it from a vintage ice cream tricycle
Place your name cards in cute sea shell holders on your tables
Serve your guests fish and chips either plated for a sit down meal or in traditional
newspaper cones for a more informal buffet style
Display your name cards on delightful little deck chair photo frames which your guests
can take home afterwards
Top your wedding cake with a beach themed wedding cake topper
Have your wedding cake decorated with sea shells, starfish and sea horses
Write your guests names on beach pebbles and use as place cards
Keep everyone entertained with beach games or provide them with buckets and spades
and have a sand castle competition
Make your own sand castles with heart shaped buckets
Light your tables with little sail boat tea light holders for a romantic atmosphere later in
the day
If you are having a destination wedding send your guests invitations shaped like travel
passes or airline tickets
Write your guests names on little wooden sail boats available from toy shops
Serve up your guests an ocean feast with local seafood such as oysters, squid, prawns and
even caviar
For wedding favors give your guests seaside themed cookies shaped like bikini's, ice
creams, palm trees or flip flops
They are perfect for a beach wedding with their light and airy appearance; they are the
perfect choice for a light and floaty beach wedding dress
Make sure your guests know where to seat with a seating plan accented with sea shells
and starfish
Keep the bugs away with plenty of citronella candles dotted around the tables and
reception area
Make sure your guests don't get lost on the way to the reception with beach signs placed
around the locality
Welcome your guests to the reception area with a handmade driftwood sign complete
with your names and wedding date
Celebrating 30th birthday can be so much different like when you were in your younger
Most likely, you don't fancy with as much excitement when it comes to having 30th
birthday cake ideas
After all, you believe fancy cakes are only for younger ladies and a lot younger boys
But why confiscate a birthday cake out of your party if it can set the celebration even
more of a unique one
There are other 30-ish people that celebrate with fancy or simple cake ideas, so why not
It is usually added with the favorite candle lights, but in this particular celebration, these
are going to be numbers 3 and 0 shapes
For some, it is even more fun to make two cakes to accommodate those two numbers
For others, number candle lights are out of options
They simply have the numbers carved in each cake after taking out the oven to cool them
Adding frost and sprinkles in festive colors will finish the birthday cake
The birthday cake can be integrated with a favorite theme that compliments the
personality of the celebrant
For example, if he or she is fond of sports, sewing, magazines, clothes, shoes, and others,
the cake can be decorated as inspired with a particular interest that the person celebrating
the birthday has
Plastic or wax figures modeling a specific interest or hobby will do for the decoration
Be creative as you can and you will come up with the best cake idea that will surely tell
who and what that person is like
Gag gifts can be placed on the cake to create lighter fun of the celebration
For example, if the person is into cross-stitching you can add a needle and yarn on top of
the cake as decorations
For more fun, you can add a rectangular piece that resembles a computer, and then add an
inexpensive reading glasses on top as if you are warning the celebrant about the eye
straining habit he has
It will make the celebrant feel much appreciated and acknowledged
The cake idea will also set that festive mood to kick off a celebration that would surely be
remembered by everybody, and much more by the celebrant
If there is no one to bake the cake idea, this can be easily ordered from bakery and
confectionery shops
You can instruct them how you want the cake to look like
You can order from these dealers through the comfort of your home
There are many cake ideas and designs that are available online, so you can take time to
select one that will best fit the celebration
You can also order a custom cake design by giving online staff instructions on the
specifics you want out of it
You think of a theme, plan the menu, and try to find the best birthday cake for him or her
More often than not, the problem lies in finding cake designs, since there are fewer cake
ideas as a person gets older
Here are some 60th birthday cake ideas that you can choose from
Instead of the usual 1 big cake, why not make two or three smaller ones of different sizes,
and then stack them up according to size
You can make a two-tiered round cake and decorate it with icing figures of her favorite
Or you can use white fondant icing and place small colored icing fruits around it
You can also use fresh flowers or glazed fruits to decorate the cake
Just be sure to advise guests if the decorations are inedible
You can also bake two rectangular or square cakes of different sizes
Cover them with fondant icing so they would look like wrapped gifts, complete with
ribbons and wrapping paper
With white icing, you can make a small name card at a corner and write "Happy
Birthday" on it to make it look like a real present
Place the smaller cake on top of the other, at any angle, for a more interesting effect
For him, you can create a cake with champagne bottle design
Some white icing can be placed on the bottle opening to simulate foam
A golf lover would like a birthday cake with golf clubs as design
If he is fond of collecting vintage cars, a cake in the shape of a vintage car would be
Remember that the birthday cake design must also depend on the personality of the
For a person who commands respect and authority, his birthday cake must also reflect the
Instead of the usual colorful icing, create a simple yet elegant birthday cake by decorating
it with gold or silver icing in classic designs
There are many 60th birthday cake ideas that you can think of
All you need is a little patience, and lots of imagination
What matters is that you are able to make someone's birthday really special and
As he approaches the golden years of his life, be thankful of every year that he gets to
spend with you
So by the time that someone in your family turns 60, finding the design and throwing in a
party would be a piece of cake
A Deep Fish Fryer and California Rock Cod Combine to Make a Delicious Meal
One of my favorite fishing trips is to the north coast of California for rock cod, and one
of my favorite ways to prepare it is with a deep fish fryer
The problem is you have to catch it before you can cook it, and that's why I like fishing
for rock cod
If you can get your boat in the water, and you know where the reef is, you are going to
catch fish
And a fresh catch along with a deep fish fryer, combine to make a delicious meal
After all, one of the reasons we fish is to put food on the table
After spending a day on the water, and the time and effort to clean and prep your catch, a
tasty meal of deep fried rock cod is a nice reward
When selecting your deep fryer, the first choice you have to make is, electric or gas
If you're like me and do a lot of outdoor cooking with no electricity available, your only
choice is a propane burner
They are well built, portable propane burners, and easy to use
To prepare your rock cod for the deep fryer you will want to fillet them
You will have to cut out the rib cage and check for any other bones you may have missed
Keeping your pieces of fish approximately the same size, helps ensure that all are
properly cooked
You can use a batter or coat it with egg and breadcrumbs
I generally prefer a beer batter, but, it comes down to personal preference
Make sure you use a vegetable oil with a high smoking point
I generally use peanut oil, but canola oil or soybean oil will work as well
You don't want it to fall much under 350 degrees , or the oil will soak through the batter
making the fish taste greasy
When cooked at the proper temperature, your batter will be a crispy golden brown and
the cod will be moist and delicious
So, make sure you have a quality thermometer with your deep fish fryer
If not, you can drop a small piece of bread in the hot oil, if it turns golden brown within
45-60 seconds, the oil temperature is fine
Don't overload your fryer, as this will lower the oil temperature
Just fry 3 to 6 pieces of fish at a time, depending on the size of your fryer
And now, it's time to eat, and there are a variety of tasty ways to consume your deep fried
rock cod
It tastes great all by itself, or dip it in your favorite sauce
Whether you like a crispy shell or a soft shell, deep fried cod fits very well in either, and
makes for a delicious meal
So, if you like catching fish, give California rock cod a try
Just remember, you need to know where the reefs are, so make sure you get some local
A Fairy Theme Party For Your Childrens Birthday Is Great Idea
If you are kid loves pixie dust, Tinkerbell and also the Disney Fairies, then why not have
a Disney Fairies themed party
Getting a theme for a children's event is basic and makes it so very much a lot more
enjoyable and entertaining for the kids as well
To commence, you'll have to have to send out some invitations to visitors invited to your
themed party
If you are creative it is possible to make your own invitations or basically invest in them
If you are not in a position to locate any fairies invitations in stores then try and uncover a
related theme or design for the invitations that feature fairies or something that can relate
to the theme
Plan the entertainment and things to do for your visitors making use of video games, arts
and crafts or any other enjoyable things to do that the kids will delight in
If you are Getting video games, then make the fairies theme come into the video games
as well
Play music from the Disney soundtracks or music that the kids delight in listening as well
and use this for the things to do and video games as well
If your video games or things to do have to have prizes then invest in some gifts and
treats for prizes as well
Opt for some themed party supplies and decorations to decorate the table and also the
Some items which you may possibly would like to pick when shopping for themed
decorations and supplies consist of; table covers, napkins, plates, cups, hats, streamers,
cutlery, banners, blowers, a centerpiece, a pinata, favors and gifts for the visitors
Make the foods basic, it makes it very much easier on both you and also the visitors
Common foods for kids consist of finger foods like pizza fingers, sausage rolls, chips,
bread, cakes and biscuits
Sandwiches are also a Common option of foods for kids having a selection of several
filling choices and also the sandwiches could be cut into diverse shapes like stars, fairies
and other shapes with foods cutters as you would for cookies as well, to illustrate the
fairies theme
you'll have to have a cake, which it is possible to either Opt for to make yourself or
purchase one particular at a store
If you are not in a position to uncover a Disney Fairies cake, then decorate one particular
with some fairies or related cake decorations and figures
By carefully planning and making use of your creativity, you and your kid will have an
unforgettable party and your visitors will delight in themselves
Most people are familiar with the old joke that there is only one fruitcake in the world; it
just keeps getting passed around because "no one likes it
It could be that most people don't realize how good fruitcake should taste
Fruit cake has taken a lot of abuse in recent years, but there is a reason why it is a holiday
According to the Joy of Cooking, fruit cakes are mainly butter cakes that only contain
enough batter to bind the fruit, which is usually candied fruit
The finished cake is soaked in various liquors and covered in powdered sugar to prevent
They can be kept for many years in a tin or another sealed container
The German version is called Stollen and includes almonds and spices such as cinnamon
It is a chewy version that is baked in a shallow pan
Far from there being only one fruit cake in the world, there are actually many varieties
Some delicious varieties feature apricots, pineapple, macadamia nuts, apples and
Because fruit cake preserves well, it is a great gift idea
It is a stunning and tasty gift and even better when accompanied by such items as
gourmet peanut butter and chocolate
Many fruit cake fans recommend not eating it right away
Set it aside so that the liquor has a chance to age the fruit
Fruit cakes have been known to last 25 years or even longer, so there is very little risk of
The holidays, when fruit cakes traditionally make their appearance, are all about
indulgence, so it is not a good thing to worry about the nutritional value of fruit cake
Fruit cake contains about 140 calories, depending on the recipe used and the size of the
This is comparable to angel food cake which also typically has less than 200 calories
It is far better than banana cake, which has more than 400 calories
Fruit cake also has about 5 grams of fat, but no saturated fat; 115 mg of sodium, 25 grams
of carbohydrates, including 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of protein
Fruit cake also provides small amounts of iron, riboflavin, niacin, foliate, phosphorus and
While fruit cake can in no way be considered health food, it is not as sinful as other
holiday treats
When prepared the right way, it really can taste as decadent as those other treats
This year, consider giving a gift of gourmet fruit cake from a company with years of
experience in their preparation
Gourmet fruit cake companies use the highest quality ingredients to assure the best
tasting product
Giving a sampler of fruit cake varieties will expose the recipient to a wonderful holiday
Gourmet fruit cakes will not be passed from home to home; they will be put aside and
savored for years to come
Many people think that cake decorating frosting is difficult to make
Nothing could be further from the truth, as you will see be following the recipes outlined
in this article
Here is a simple cake decorating frosting recipe for Butter-cream frosting
Put the butter and solid shortening in a bowl and beat it with and electric mixer at a
medium speed
Gradually add the confectioner's sugar one cup at a time
When all of the sugar has been added to the bowl the mixture will look dry
Add the 2 tablespoons milk and beat the mixture until it appears light and fluffy
Too create some designs you will need your frosting to be different consistencies
You can make frosting with various consistencies at home
In a large mixing bowl mix sift the confectioner's sugar and the egg white powder
Cream the shortening and add the salted water to it
Gradually add the confectioners sugar to the frosting little by little
At a medium speed mix it for 5 minutes with a hand held mixer
If you are using a stand up mixer use it on low for 2 minutes
This this will make your frosting a stiff consistency
If you want to make flowers remove one cup of the frosting from the bowl and keep aside
to make flowers
To get a frosting with a medium consistency add 2 teaspoons of water to the remaining
You and use frosting to create whole flowers or just petals
You can remove 1 cup of the medium consistent frosting and add light syrup
Color gels are great for changing the color of your frosting
It is easier to mix gel colors together if you want to make different colors
Use a flat toothpick to streak the color into your icing
Each time use a different toothpick to add the color so that the basic gel color jar will not
be contaminated with other colors
Use these great frosting recipes to bring your cake decorating to life
Because Mardi Gras, the last day of Carnival is celebrated around the world in Central
America, Europe, South America, the U
, the Caribbean Islands among others, recipes and food are varied
In New Orleans the main cultural influences are French, Cajun and Creole
Some of the most popular Mardi Gras foods include Louisiana deviled crab cakes,
crawfish pie and Louisiana bayou fish fry
Magazines like Bon Appetit, Every Day with Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart Living
often feature these and other Mardi Gras recipes in their February issues
Another popular New Orleans dish is gumbo, a thick, spicy and hearty stew that may
include several types of meat, bell peppers, celery and onions and is typically served over
And because New Orleans is on the Gulf, seafood is a vital part of main course for Mardi
Gras foods
Popular seafood main dishes are Crab Creole Shrimp, Creole crawfish boil and a fried
catfish po boy sandwich
Find recipes for these Mardi Gras main dishes in Food & Wine, Bon Appetit and
Cooking Light
Desserts are also an essential part of the Mardi Gras feast
Bananas Foster is a popular traditional Mardi Gras dessert that features bananas cooked
in a sauce made from butter, brown sugar and alcohol
Other popular traditional desserts are the beignet, a French-style deep-fried doughnut
sprinkled with powdered sugar and the paczki, a fried-doughnut dish from Poland
During Lent, ingredients like flour and lard were forbidden, so the pastry was created to
use up these substances on Fat Tuesday
Above all the most popular traditional Mardi Gras food is the King Cake, similar to
brioche, a sweetened yeast bread, decorated with a sprinkling of colored sugar
Find recipes for bananas foster, beignets, packzkis and King Cake in food magazines like
Cooks' Illustrated, Cooking Light and Bon Appetit
Since Maui and Hawaii in general have been blessed with the most wonderful fruits and
flowers, the best cakes on the island tend to take advantage of them
There are companies on the islands that have been creating designs and recipes for
wedding cakes for over 50 years
Several, in fact, have created wedding cakes for the rich and famous for weddings not
even held in Hawaii
The cakes are produced to order and then flown to their final destination to be enjoyed at
the wedding reception as if it were happening right on Maui
In addition to the fabulous fruits and flowers available, there is an abundance of dairy
products from some of the happiest, healthiest herds of cattle anywhere in the world
These natural items, unequaled in quality anywhere else in the world, combined with the
talents of Hawaiian cake makers, are responsible for some of the best Maui wedding
cakes ever
There are creations available from Maui wedding-cake producers that simply can't be
reproduced anywhere else
Sweet pineapple butter cream fillings, decorated with some of the most beautiful flowers
are a mainstay of the better cake makers
Frostings made from freshly picked sugar cane, grown a few miles from the bakery, can't
be duplicated using packaged products from your local supermarket – even if they
originated from Hawaii
For the adventurous, there are flavors and fillings available made from eclectic
combinations of fruits and flowers that are as unique and wonderful as any found on the
No matter what you desire for your Maui wedding cakes, you can rest assured that it will
be of the highest quality, made from ingredients that were still growing a few hours
before they reached the oven and that there is no other place on earth that such a
wonderful creation could have been produced
A Mod Monkey 1st Birthday Celebration Can Be Enjoyable And Effortless
When you are ready to grab all the decorations you require for a Mod Monkey first
birthday party, discover them all right here and you will not need to go anywhere else
The large selection of mod monkey 1st birthday supplies are all just perfect to celebrate
your child's 1st birthday
Balloons to party hats to t-shirts are all accessible in one place for your shopping
Usually you've to visit various shops to locate all of the party supplies you will need
when it comes to planning a birthday party
Not whenever you pick the Mod Monkey as your theme
They even have 1st birthday for twin girls supplies and monkey 1st birthday suggestions
if you're attempting to think of a great theme for your child's birthday
Mod Monkey t-shirts might be a wonderful thought for all of the small ones who're
helping to celebrate and they'll enjoy wearing their monkey t-shirt
Bake your own cake for the party using the Mod Monkey cake pans
If you're prepared for the greatest Mod Monkey first birthday party you'll have to take a
look at all of the great concepts you'll locate right here
The large wall decals may be used to decorate the area for the mod monkey first birthday
A Mod Monkey centerpiece, balloons, napkins, plates and party favor bins are all offered
to help make this a great monkey-themed celebration
Monkey 1st birthday toppers, a pull-string pinata, a monkey gumball machine and loads
of other enjoyable monkey themed concepts will provide you with some wonderful
suggestionsfor planning this birthday party
Whenever you pick from the vast selection of mod monkey 1st birthday suppliesit is
possible to get everything together one time and you'll be prepared once the big day
All you'll need to do is ensure the invitations have already been sent and decorate and
you'll be prepared to go
If you're planning an occasion that will break away from the standard everyday run-ofthe-mill affair, then you're likely already looking at unique venues, non-traditional music
and dress
You'll want to add your cake stand to your list of things to update as well
Today's modern cake stands are not the tired, boring barely-noticed stands that your
grandmother used
Modern cake stands are updated for today's styles and trends; they also have a variety of
uses beyond simple dessert support, and can be used to help emphasize the theme of your
If your event will feature a cake, whether for a wedding, anniversary celebration,
business function or family reunion, then you'll want to make sure to choose a cake
plateau or stand that will showcase the cake appropriately
First, take into consideration the design of the cake
This will help you to determine whether pedestal or tiered cake stands would be more
Next you'll want to consider your theme – are you looking for something more
whimsical, more elegant, or perhaps a unique cake stand that has been hand painted
Of course if you're looking for a wedding cake stand, you'll also want to take into
consideration the color scheme of the wedding as well
Just make sure you match the style of cake stand to the style of the event
To create a truly attractive display it is important for the stand to complement the style,
color and design of the cake
For instance if your wedding is featuring a modern style cake, you wouldn't want to
display it on an ornate metal stand; simple stands with clean lines are a much better
choice in such a circumstance
Modern cake stands don't have to be saved just for displaying a cake
They can be incorporated into just about any room's decor with relatively little difficulty,
or they can be used for presenting appetizers at another event
Tiered cake stands can be used for setting off a lovely family photo arrangement
Wedding cake stands can make an excellent floral display after the wedding is over and
because they are made to handle a fair amount of weight, you can even use them for a
more permanent potted plant arrangement
If you remember that the job of your cake stand is to display one of the focal points of
your event, you'll have a much easier time narrowing down your choices and finding just
the right one
Keep in mind for certain events a single use riser that can be decorated to fit the theme of
the event may be the best choice
Like most mothers, I feel a deep connection to my son
A few years ago, I experienced "mother's intuition" at its finest, in a strange and
wonderful way
My son, Sam, was attending college in Boston and he called to say he wasn't feeling well
What started out as a bad cold had progressed to what seemed like a nasty flu
He went to a walk-in clinic, was prescribed antibiotics and a cough suppressant, and was
told to take the medication and return in two days
I spoke to him on the phone after he had returned from the clinic
He was going to take his first dose of medication and go to bed
Because he was under a doctor's care and on medication, I trusted that he would soon be
back to his old, healthy self
A few hours later, I felt a strange urge to meditate and send some "healing energy" to my
I had never done anything like it before, and didn't know where the impulse came from
While I had been dabbling with meditation, I had never attempted to use it to send energy
to anyone
But there the compulsion was, sitting in my head (at least I thought it was in my head—I
found out later that it actually came from my heart)
Strange as it seemed, I decided to listen to this natural inclination
I began to meditate and I visualized Sam standing before me, facing me
In my mind, I put my hands on his head and started to massage his scalp
I was hoping these efforts would help him to sleep really well so he would wake up
feeling better in the morning
In the visualization, he leaned into me and placed his head on my shoulder
I kept massaging his head and his back, returning him to an upright position because it
was easier to massage him that way
But Sam kept leaning into me and putting his head on my shoulder
This happened quite a few times in the meditation, so I eventually gave up and continued
to massage his head and back from this position
After about 20 minutes of visualizing this I grew tired and fell asleep, hoping that he
would have a restful and restorative sleep
Meanwhile, a few hours after talking to me on the phone, Sam took his first round of
Shortly after, his world began to tilt and flash and he started to vomit blood
His room-mate called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital via ambulance
Sam was experiencing a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic he had taken
Completely unaware of his crisis, I was engaged in my impromptu meditation, sending
Sam "healing energy" because of the strange compulsion I felt
When Sam came home for Christmas two weeks after his trip to the hospital, he and I
were talking about what happened
I remembered the visualization and I was curious about the timing of events
I didn't mention the visualization until he had explained the timeline of his ordeal
I was dumbfounded when he told me that he was in the ambulance heading to the hospital
somewhere between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm
This was the exact time I felt the need to visualize the healing massage
It was the exact time he kept leaning into me and putting his head on my shoulder as I
tried to massage him
A native English speaker friend recently took the IELTS exam as part of a professional
course she was taking
This article, in her words, is her fascinating story of IELTS preparation and the IELTS
Test experience
I am now most certainly able to empathise with the non-native students who need to take
the exam to enable them either to obtain their professional qualifications, or to achieve an
academic qualification in the sector of Higher Education, or to qualify for their visa status
in the country they wish to live or study in
While you're reading this, you're probably thinking 'A native speaker
My English cannot really be more fluent, I'm educated to post graduate level, so I
consider myself to be capable of entering for an exam at a fairly high academic level
I teach English for Academic Purposes, which includes the IELTS exam, so I spend a
large part of my day telling students ' Do this while you're reading and you'll really
improve your reading speeds
Try this and your writing will look much more controlled and fluent
Approach the listening part of the exam like this and you should have no problems
Speaking- learn these grammar tricks, learn those items of vocabulary and the exam will
be a piece of cake
Of course, what I was to find out on the day of the exam was, that no matter how much
you study and practise, nobody can help you with the nerves that overpower you,
especially when not obtaining the IELTS band you've been asked for can really affect
your dreams and your daily life
And as time in the exam goes by, the more you realise this, the worse your stress levels
become and sometimes the more your chance of getting the necessary IELTS band
The night before the exam, I prepared myself well in what I considered could be my
I tried 3 of the reading passages from one of the Cambridge Exam Practice Books and
even though I was watching Eastenders at the same time, I still managed to get 100%
each time in only 15 minutes per passage
I then took my own advice, gave myself a rest from studying for the rest of the evening,
went to bed and got a good night's rest
On the day, I woke up with enough time to get to the centre without panicking, having
eaten a healthy breakfast, as I didn't want to feel hungry during the morning (a very long
morning, with Listening, Reading and Writing and no break from 9
00pm) and then 14 minutes of Speaking exam after a short time to recuperate
I did the listening exam with almost no problems, I am inclined to lose concentration but
because of my good night's rest I was able to focus quite well
I always tell my students to do passage 3 first in the reading exam, as this is the most
difficult and you can give yourself a bit more time because, hopefully, you can manage
the other 2 passages in less time
Another of my tips is that if you have a passage with names in that you have to match
opinions to, then scan for the names in the text and underline them, read the section
around the first name, find the key words and then look for the opinions with the
synonyms in, so that you can successfully match the opinion with the name
I, however, began looking for the opinions first and couldn't find them
I easily wasted 10 minutes doing this and started panicking as I realised how the time was
running away
The more I panicked, the more difficult it became to concentrate and find the right
This resulted in my having to guess the final 4 answers in the last 30 seconds of the exam
and knowing that I had said goodbye to the IELTS band 9 I was hoping for
This small episode helped me understand how students, who can do everything
successfully in class, can suddenly see their life's dream disappearing, when they realise
that this time they're not going to get the IELTS band needed, putting them under even
more pressure and their whole morning goes into freefall
The most important advice to gain from my experience is to practise the skills and tips
your teacher gives you
Do this, you won't find yourself under pressure and panicking in the IELTS exam and
you will get the IELTS band you need
Most people, especially kids, fancy cupcakes all year round
Considering a self-contained cake in a form of a cake
Look no further as this article will surely give you a step by step guide on how to make
First thing, you have to prepare the ingredients you will need in making your very own
This includes 2 boxes moist butter cake mix, food coloring, 1 ВЅ tsp of marshmallow
flavoring, plastic sandwich bags, 4 containers of white butter cream of frosting and 6 tsp
of marshmallow frosting
Simply follow the directions found at the back of the cake boxes in making two smallsized round cakes
You can also opt to make as many cupcakes as you can
Make sure to cool those cupcakes before you start decorating them
Use Вѕ cup of butter cream frosting to squeeze in around the cupcakes
Then, coat the sides and top area with butter cream
Place the cake inside the refrigerator and let it chill for about 2 to 3 hours
Use the remaining butter cream frosting and divide it among 4 separate bowls
Pour in one and half teaspoon of marshmallow flavoring in each of those separate bowls
After which, add up different food coloring in each of those bowls
After mixing the bowl, pour in the colored frosting into four separate sandwich bags
Each bag should have at least ВЅ cup of each colored frosting
Cut just a small opening at the bottom part of each bag
This time lightly apply different sizes of dots on the top portion of the cake
Chill those cupcakes using colored butter cream frosting
For an appealing presentation, pile up the cupcakes on a four level pyramid on top of the
In order to come up with perfect cupcakes, take note of the following ideas
In storing unfrosted cupcakes, make sure to keep them inside the freezer only for two
You can choose from a wide variety of sizes ranging from 2 ВЅ inch size to 3 ВЅ inch
extra large size
It is best to spray canola oil when making moist cupcakes
In making large-sized cupcakes, you can spray the pan with canola oil so that the batter
won't stick
It is also recommended to use shiny pans when baking your cupcakes
Nonstick pans are better however you can also use cupcake pans that come in different
shapes such as hearts and stars
In checking whether cupcakes are already done, you can use a toothpick
Prior to baking, preheat the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes
You have to check the cupcakes from time to time to avoid over baking
Cupcakes can be a total treat if you simply know how to make cupcakes look and taste
There are several guidelines that you can check by visiting various websites
Remember that the key ingredient in making those cupcakes look more appealing is
through exploration
Lb cake, basically a straightforward butter cake, has gone through a number of changes
since the time it has been created
With the initial ingredients needed to cook a pound cake, people have put in other
ingredients to come up with unique variations of the dessert
One variation is the lemon lb cake which is tasty to consume and straightforward to make
Let's have a look at a few of the lemon single pound cake recipes
Single lb cakes, as suggested by its name, tend to be the desserts which are created using
a lb
These kinds of thick and hefty desserts tend to be thought to have been introduced inside
Great britain, a long time ago
Although basic ingredients of the pound cake are usually still the same, specific
modifications have been made (like adding baking powder or soda) through the years to
make the pound cake lighter
One can also find cakes in a number of flavours and textures, one of them being the
lemon pound cake
Listed below are some lemon pound cake recipes which would help in making mouth
watering pound cakes
In a large mixing bowl, take butter, and with a electric hand mixer, start out whipping it
at a moderate rate
Add oil into the butter and blend all of them nicely together
When the butter and oil have been completely blended nicely, add sugar and continue the
After sugar, comes the eggs which should be added one at a time
Put in flour and milk, however they should be added at the same time
First add some of the flour, followed by some milk and mix nicely
Continue this process until eventually all of the milk and flour has been added in the
mixing bowl
Be sure all of the ingredients have blended well after which you can pour in the lemon
extract and stir once again
Grease a microwave pan and transfer the whole mixture into it
At the same time the cake is being baked, get going preparing the glazing
Within a small bowl, mix each of the ingredients and stir till the sugar melts entirely
When the dessert is fully formed, take it out of the oven and give it time to cool for
around 10-15 mins
Once it gets entirely cooled, pour in the glazing using a spoon over the cake and enjoy the
delicious pound cake
At last days behind to New Year many families in searches a good toaster oven
And only one kitchen good may to meet requirements
Everything from chickens and roasts to cakes and pies
One can easily handle it even without having the adequate knowledge about it
Breville toaster oven is safe to use as it is bounded by heavy electrical isolation
This is probably because of this reason that its popularity is increasing day by day
In addition to all these features, Breville Toaster is energy efficient and saves a
considerable amount of energy
However, Breville toaster oven do also have certain problems which may, sometimes,
limit the use of this part
One of the problems is that the machine may go off after fifteen to twenty minutes from
This problem is mostly occurred in the large model of this device
However, the company has managed to remove this flaw from the new version of this
Many users consider first beep of this machine a problem but it is actually not as this
beep is needed for better work after the temperature reaches to the thermostat
I use it a couple times a day since I gave myself this great present
My only complaint as I see many others have is that I wish it had a light on the inside to
see what I am cooking
I have made many, many things in this little oven, including pizza, bread, rolls, cinnamon
rolls, sweet & baked potatoes and mostly anything I ever cook
I seldom use my oven any more except for baking a cake or a big roast or turkey
I am so so pleased with my oven and it was worth every penny
I have bought the bamboo cutting board and use it and keep it on top of the oven
Breville makes a fantastic product as far as I am concerned
Civilization as it is known today could not have evolved, nor can it survive, without an
adequate food supply
Food has remained one of the primary basic needs of every human being
But in this fast paced world of technical advancement we fail to recognize the importance
of taking a balanced diet
With the arrival of numerous cookery shows food has evolved into a whole new
A TV cooking show allows you to watch the preparation of a dish on the television which
is prepared by a celebrity chef
The host of the show prepares one or more dishes during the course of the show and also
guides the audience through all the intermediate stages of cooking the dish
Actually these cookery shows have evolved in such a way that there are exclusive
channels for such shows
Let's talk about one such food show which is aired on TLC by one of the world's most
influential cooks Nigella Lawson
She is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster
She graduated from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford Univeristy
She went on to become the deputy literary editor of The Sunday Times in 1986
Nigella is the daughter of Nigel Lawson, who was a former Member of the parliament
and the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet and Vanessa Salmon,
a socialite and the heiress to the J
Her parents divorced in 1980 and this led to a strained relationship between Nigella and
her parents
She enjoyed cooking right from her childhood as her mother influenced her a lot
She hosted her own cooking show called Nigella bites and the show was filmed in her
home in west London
Nigella is known for her charismatic appearance and her unique way of presenting her
Let's learn to cook one of her most famous recipes the chocolate cheese cake
The ingredients required for the cheese cake are graham cracker crumbs, butter, cocoa,
semi sweet chocolate, cream cheese, sugar, custard powder and eggs
The graham crackers are first processed and the butter and cocoa are added to it and
finally it is pressed into the desired shape and freezed to make the base
To make the filling the chocolate is melted and set aside to cool
The cream cheese is beaten in order for it to soften
Now sugar and custard powder are added to the mixture
Once they are mixed well, the eggs along with sour cream and the melted chocolate are
added to make the batter
A spring form tin is seated in a roasting pan and the cheese cake filling is poured into it
The roasting pan is filled with water just enough to come half way up the cake tin
The top of the cheese cake needs to be set but the bottom should still have a wobble to it
It needs to be put in the refrigerator once it is no longer hot and left overnight to set and
In order to make the chocolate sauce, ingredients such as chocolate, cream and the syrup
are melted and then poured over the cake
Finally the cake is done and ready to melt in your mouth
The best part of the show is the way in which the ingredients are described and prepared
She is the bestselling author of eight books Nigella Express: Good Food Fast, Feast: Food
to Celebrate Life, Nigella Fresh, Nigella Bites, How to Be a Domestic Goddess, and How
to Eat
More than 6 million copies of these books have been sold all over the world
I recently watched a show of hers on TV provided by FIOS TV and it was a visual treat
I love to write about food shows and various recipes presented by hosts such as Nigella
In my free time I like to munch cookies and watch my favorite cookery shows on TV
from service providers such as Fi - OS TV
Along with a huge name in Laptops, Acer is lying on the crest of a wave in the universe
of desktop PCs as well
For many desktop computers and their rich features as well as wonderful performance
Acer had earned huge popularity amongst the consumers
To flourish you with a combination of excellence and quality, Acer Aspire IE-3470 has
cooked the goose of all the other computer brands
It is a technologically advanced and multifaceted designed desktop PC which is efficient
enough to meet the demands of home users
Apart from the functionality and high configuration, the Acer Aspire IE-3470 brings a big
bundle of alluring features that attract the young and dynamic users
The system has a TFT display that enhances the quality of the images and graphics and at
the same time augments the overall value of the system
The Intel core 2 duo processor and 1024 MB RAM have made the system step up too
high in the Acer desktop pc price list for its trouble free and speedy functioning along
with a mind-blowing performance
Multi tasking is not an issue with Acer Aspire IE-3470 because of its high-end processors
built in it
This Acer computer has provided uncomplicated working to the users and thus replaced
the other desktop computers not only from their priority list but also from their minds
The desktop computer is installed with a storage capacity of 160 -320 GB which easily
prevents stuttering and stands more than sufficient for a home user
Acer Aspire IE-3470's hard disk controller acts like a cherry on the cake by ensuring
prolonged and systematic functioning of the computer
The DVD-RW optical drive of the computer will add another reason to your Why-to-buy
-this-PC list
The DVD-RW drive will facilitate you by running CDs as well as DVDs
Acer desktop computers are climbing the ladder of success after the launch of this power
packed device and would soon reach the sky
If a speedily working system cum multi tasking device with a TFT screen is your arena of
choice for a desktop computer, Acer Aspire IE-3470 is any day a good choice for you
As you may well know, there are several different types of cake pans available on the
Some recipes will specify the type of cake pan you should use
Metal and glass cake pans are two of the most commonly used cake pans for baking
This article provides a brief review of metal and glass cake pans, and gives you some tips
on how to adjust baking temperatures based on the type of pan you use
You will also find out the effects on the finished cake based on the type of cake pan you
Metal cake pans are generally one of the most widely used types of cake pans and the
easiest to handle
Based on the materials used to make them, metal cake pans can be divided into the shiny,
light-colored type and the dark-colored type
Shiny, light-colored cake pans tend to reflect heat a lot
The result is that the cakes you make will have lighter and tenderer crusts
If this is what you want from your cake, then shiny, light-colored cake pans are the way
to go
Dark-colored cake pans are normally the non-stick type ones, and they absorb heat much
more than the light-colored pans
When baking using a dark-colored cake pan, you will get a cake with a darker crust
Since these types of cake pans absorb more heat than normal, a general rule of thumb is
to lower the required baking temperature by 25o - F
Glass cake pans are in actual fact called cake dishes, but it is not uncommon to hear
people referring to them as cake pans
For the sake of simplicity, we also use the term glass cake pan here too in this article
Since the cake pans are made of glass, they initially do not absorb heat as readily as metal
However, once they start to absorb heat, they retain it very well, leading to a very high
internal temperature
When using cake dishes for baking, a general rule of thumb is to lower the required
baking temperature by 25o - F, same as for dark-colored cake pans
Different types of cake pans are made from different materials, and this affects heat
absorption and retention
Baking time should be adjusted accordingly to accommodate for the type of material the
cake pan is made from
That is I'd by no means put myself forward as a cook at all, unless you'd call making
spaghetti and browning minced-meat for bolognaise sauce culinary achievements
However, there's something about special occasions that brings the frustrated pastry chef
out of me and sends me galoping into the kitchen, my head jammed with intricate cake
decorating ideas
It all started when my wife was approaching her thirtieth birthday
I decided to mark her entry into her fourth decade by baking her an amazing cake
I imagined her admiring gaze as she watched me pull this monstrous cake from the
hidden depths of our under-used oven
By this time I was so keen to get started that I had to force myself to calm down, sit
down, and get my ideas down on paper
I began to sketch a few decorating schemes in red pen on the back of an envelope in timehonored tradition, and eventually decided on a colossal triple-layer chocolate gateau with
an enormous suspension bridge spanning a river of blue icing and a little plastic model of
our family car perched in safety on top
I'd like to be able to say that my cake decorating ideas usually come out as gorgeous as I
imagine them, but I'm just not so good at being economical with the truth
In this case, the lovely triple-layer chocolate supension bridge cake decorating fantasy
turned out as three limp, amorphous layers, crisp at the edges and doughy in the middle,
featuring a delightful San Andreas fault running through the centre, as if there had been
an earthquake in the oven
It tasted alright but it looked like something that had been salvaged from its own private
So when my son's birthday came around, I resolved to try again
On this occasion I decided to plumb for a less imposing single layer cake swearing that I
would sit tight and wait for the cake to cool before even thinking about decorating it
I reckoned that by waiting I would avoid the fault lines that had swallowed up the bridge
and family car in the adventure on top of my wife's cake
Instead of cooking up intricate cake decorating ideas on the back of an envelope like a
power-possessed architect, I resorted to a basic design that would be difficult for even me
to make a hash of
Really, it's one thing being able to come up with tons of great decorating ideas, but quite
another to pull them off
I made the body of the cake and let it cool down according to the promise I'd made to
myself (and according tothe instructions on the box)
It took all my will-power not to dive in brandishing my trusty icing spatula
This time, I'd chosen to frost with chocolate fudge icing and top it off with my own
sketch of a lamb in the centre, which was meant to resemble the cuddly toy my son sleeps
with at night, ringed with 5 candles
I figured if I held my natural cake decorating flamboyance in check, the cake would come
out okay
Until I attempted to transfer my creation from the kitchen counter to the fancy plate I'd
prepared, lost my balance and dropped it
The result resembled the aftermath of an earthquake, including fires and distraught
My wife commented on the 'natural disaster theme' that ran through my cake decorating
repertoire, which was funny, I guess
I rescued the candles, but the lamb was badly singed and, sadly, did not survive
Affordable Christmas Gifts Ideas for a Married Couple
If you have friends who are a married couple, there are Christmas gift ideas that are not
that costly and within your budget which you can give
It can be challenging looking for Christmas gifts for couples instead of one single person
With creativity and planning, you can give very memorable gifts that the couple will
never forget
There are many Christmas gift ideas you can choose from when you go shopping online
thus you need to be patient and resourceful when looking for such gifts
For Christmas, you can give edible gifts that the couple would both enjoy
If you know how to bake, make delicious cookies that have unique shapes
You can place them in specially wrapped Christmas boxes, baskets or tins
Make sure the box, basket or tin can be reused by the couple
You can also make cake, homemade chocolates or candies
You can accompany these gifts with a pack of coffee that can be brewed as coffee go
well with the pastries
Christmas gift ideas include gift baskets filled with items that the couple are interested in
If they are a couple enjoying playing games together, you can fill the basket with handy
cardboard games
If they have a pet they take care of, you can place pet food inside the basket
Make sure to decorate the basket with a ribbon and place Christmas candy canes inside
One of the best Christmas gift ideas that you can give a couple is a gift check
It can be a gift check on spa services that they can both enjoy
You can also give them movie passes or vouchers so that they can take time off their
busy schedules to watch a move together
It can also be a gift check for a dinner at a restaurant
If the couple travels together plenty of times, you can give them prepaid phone cards for
their mobile phones so that they can keep in touch with their children while on a trip
You can also give them simple house decors that they can place in their bedroom such as
a photo frame with their picture in it
You can also give scented candles, toiletries wrapped in a gift basket or a home repair
You can also give the couple a t-shirt each that has the same design
You can also give them identical hats or sun glasses
Other ideas are a For Him and For Her coffee mugs, signing pen, or a traveling kit
There are many gift ideas you can give a married couple when you shop online
The internet has many websites that can provide you ideas
When you plan to get Christmas gift ideas, just make sure you know what the couple's
interests are and start from there
One of the largest fitness workouts for ladies within the past couple of years is cardio
Fitness and martial arts facilities throughout North America have skilled a substantial
number of ladies signing up for these classes
A lot of it might be credited to Billy Blanks and also the Tae Bo phenomenon
There are numerous rewards for women to incorporate cardio kickboxing into their
physical exercise schedule
For many, cardio kickboxing has helped many girls lose weight where other programs
have failed
Weight loss for ladies does not imply they have to stick using the usual mundane
workouts which include running on a treadmill
Fitness for women does not need to be the very same old boring workout routine
It's okay for ladies to bring out the "tiger" in them once in a while
Traditionally women have been taught to be gentle and non-aggressive
This explains the underneath representation of women in most martial arts schools
While kickboxing is a primarily male dominated sport we're seeing extra and much more
girls acquiring into it as a signifies to relive anxiety and lose weight
First you have to discover a fitness facility or martial arts school near your area
Some places even have classes in kickboxing and fitness for women only
Once you enroll you must set your mind on a objective so that you can maximize your
results from the class
Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast - it's what we all want right
What is uncomplicated to me may possibly be the worst factor for you and what you
consider is really a piece of cake could be my greatest challenge
Because of that, I thought I'd discuss some preferred procedures to shed weight speedily
and you can decide which you assume are difficult or quick techniques to shed weight
For quick results it is all going to come down to beginning now and pushing via till you
reach your goal
Okay, it is unquestionably an helpful technique to drop some weight, but easy
Here are 7 cardio kickboxing suggestions to support weight reduction for women:
If your instructor desires you to complete 100 crunches then attempt your most effective
to attain that benchmark
If you're unable to reach that that number then that is okay
The wonderful thing about cardio kickboxing is you are able to cease to take a breather
anytime without having falling behind the class
Nonetheless just sitting there and watching the rest of the class because you are lazy is
wasting your time
Remember you paid for the class so you mine too place inside the work though you
happen to be there
It's critical to have enjoyable but make certain you put in the suitable effort and intensity
Your instructor normally sets the timer for 2 or 3 minute rounds
So ensure you do not play patty cake using the punching bag
Your punches and kicks should be carried out with full energy and intensity to obtain
your heart rate up
Make certain you breathe effectively in the course of training
Exhale when you throw your punch or kick, and inhale whenever you retract your arm or
Doing this properly supplies more oxygen to the lungs enabling you to workout much
more effectively and longer
Well, if you are short on discipline and short on time but don't thoughts some serious
exertion - a hardcore boot camp may well be the answer for you
There are actually bootcamps offered in most cities now where you'll be able to meet just
about every morning at a crazy early hour and participate in a myriad of activities to
support you shed pounds quickly
If you do not need to spend the income or cannot work a conventional fitness bootcamp
into your schedule, think about a DVD boot camp
DVDs, if difficult adequate can be uncomplicated approaches to lose weight fast since
you'll be able to do them on your own time
You can find many good DVD alternatives for boot camps - some well-liked ones are
programs by Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks and Barry's Bootcamp
I started making bread at age 21 because I had married and moved to Guatemala and it
was next to impossible to find sandwich bread worth eating
Even without an oven I made bread, using an electric fry pan with a small cake cooling
rack set inside
I baked one loaf at a time, so baking was a 2 hour process with a recipe that makes 4
She only made bread for special occasions or holidays, and her recipe came from her
The bread is a rich butter and egg dough and makes wonderful, warm colored and slightly
sweet bread
It is heaven with a leftover ham or turkey sandwich
The memories of that bread had me longing for the recipe and know-how to make it
Mom gave me her recipe, and I started out killing the first packet of yeast, due to over hot
I have never done that again, so the lesson served me well
Learning how to knead bread was the next thing to learn, but that was easy
Bread needs to be manipulated so the gluten can build, giving elasticity
Learning to knead dough is only a matter of practice; the dough doesn't mind if your
kneading skill is nonexistent
As long as it is being moved around for about 10 minutes, it will be just fine
Forming the dough into loaves is another skill that comes with time
If your first loaves are a little lopsided, they will still taste good
If you add a little too much flour the bread will still be delicious
It may be even more delicious, once you learn the right consistency and feel of the dough
That will not take away how good your first loaves will taste and smell, with the
wonderful yeasty aroma wafting through the house while they bake
I recommend your first bread making be completely by hand, because you will learn the
look and feel of the dough
This gives a better understanding later on, if you decide to use a heavy duty stand mixer
Bread making machines are nice, but even while I owned one, I still took the dough out
and formed it into loaves to bake it in the oven
I used the poor machine to its untimely demise in one year
It did the same work the bread machine did, but better
Regardless, all the time of making bread by hand has allowed me to make it easily in
unfamiliar surroundings
When visiting my sisters I have made bread without the benefit of a special mixer or
Long ago I learned the basics and they serve me still
When Mom gave me her recipe over 40 years ago, she was still using cake yeast
I have used regular dry yeast for most of my baking career
The recipe called for mixing the dough and allowing 2 or more hours to rise, then
punching it down and allowing a second rise before forming the loaves
These days, with Instant Yeast, or Instant Rise, Rapid Rise or whatever name it goes by,
the whole process goes much faster
With Instant Yeast, the second rise is not necessary, and the first rise is usually less than
two hours
The other up side of using instant yeast is not worrying about killing the yeast in too hot
It can be added to the flour at the beginning and that whole step is avoided
There are many recipes for bread, and many books are available
Any general cookbook will have a recipe that will work well
Count on at least 4 to 5 hours from beginning to end, but keep in mind that most of this
time is not spend actually doing anything more than waiting for it to rise
If you have family and spend time on a Saturday morning making bread, there is plenty
of time to spare to be with the children
I had 4 children and made all our bread since they were born
I hope it was informative and helped you along your own culinary journey
You will find many more recipes and helpful tips on my web site
I am on Facebook at A Harmony of Flavors and share a recipe or tip each day to the fans
that have liked my site
With regard to the nutritive qualities of brown bread, Professor Jago (who I think one of
our highest authorities) says that whole meal, and flour from which the bran and germ
have not been removed, do not keep well
These bodies contain oil and nitrogenous principles, which readily decompose, producing
rancidity and mustiness in flavor
Not only do these changes occur in the flour, but they also proceed apace in the dough
The diastastic bodies of the bran and germ attack the starch, and more or less convert it
into dextrine and maltose; they further attack the gluten, and that remarkably elastic body
which confers on wheaten flour, alone of all the cereals, the power of forming a light,
spongy, well-risen loaf
The gluten, under the action of the bran and germ, loses its elasticity, and becomes fragile
and incapable of retaining the gas produced during fermentation; the result is heavy,
sodden, indigestible bread
Evidence of this is found in the fact that while whole-meal loaves are so excessively
baked as to produce a crust two or three times the ordinary thickness, the interior is still
in a damp and sodden condition
"Not only, then, on the ground of nutritive value may the use of a pure white loaf be
urged, but such bread is more healthily made, and will be sweet and free from acidity
when whole-meal and dark breads are sour and unwholesome
It has also been pointed out that the nutritive constituents of the bran are so locked within
it that they escape unaltered from the human body
Such, in brief, is Professor Jago's opinion of whole-meal, and bread made from it
My own opinion is that Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest is very forcibly
illustrated in the milling of cereals, and the adoption of food most proper for the human
We have had brown bread and white bread before the public from time immemorial, and
what is the result
Why, for every sack of wheat-meal bread which is baked we have a thousand sacks of
fine or white bread
And what of our hospitals and our army and navy, with medical men at the head of them,
watching the results of this food or that food, and its effects on the human body
I admit that brown bread does suit some constitutions; but to the majority of people it is
nauseous, frequently causing flatulency
I will just quote another good authority -- Professor Charles Graham
In his lecture upon ''The Chemistry of Bread-Making," delivered before the Society of
Arts in December, 1879, he said: "As regards the importance of the constituents of bran, I
say that the analyst, and the physician who makes use of the analyst as his supporter, in
bringing before us the importance of brown bread as compared with white, and who
assert that in rejecting the bran we are guilty of a serious waste of flesh-forming and
bone-forming material, should not take a mere chemical analysis as all-sufficient to
establish their point
A table showing, from an analyst's point of view, the comparative merits of various
substances for feeding purposes, shows hay to be of high value as a food, and even oat
straw -- as, indeed, every farmer knows from experience
Still more valuable for their heat giving, and especially for their flesh-forming, materials,
are linseed- cake, rape-cake, and decorticated cotton-cake
Now those who hold, from mere chemical analysis, that bran is of such high value as a
food material that its omission from flour would meet with grave censure, should, from a
similar analytical standpoint, urge us to eat hay, oat-straw, linseed and cotton cakes
Doubtless these substances are of high value as food for cattle, because the herbivorous
oxen can digest and utilize them with ease; not so with man, who would starve in a field
where a cow or a sheep would fatten
As with hay or linseed cake, so with bran; I hold that the best mode of digesting such
food substances is first of all by the aid of our hoofed friends, to convert them into milk
or cream, or bacon, beef, or mutton
Now these are the scientific opinions of two of our very highest authorities
But of late I have been making brown bread out of a blend of cereals made and milled by
an enterprising firm of millers in the North of England, and I must really say that it meets
a long-felt want, as it produces a brown loaf which is free from that nauseous taste of
which complaint is so often made with brown bread, and has a good nutty flavor of its
In conclusion, let me say that we have reason for great hope for the future of the Bread
and Confectionery trade
Many earnest minds are devoting both time and money to the development of this
important industry, and their efforts cannot fail to result in bettering the knowledge and
lightening the labor of the practical baker
Amazing Army Birthday Parties - All-American Ideas For Decorations and Party Food
Ideas for Army birthday parties, including decorations and party food, to help you create
the great adventure
ARMY PARTY DECORATIONS - Your party colors should consist of various shades of
Army green, along with red, white, and blue to represent the American flag
However, you will want to be careful how you use your party colors to ensure your decor
doesn't get too busy or look confusing
Party Table - For example, emphasis red, white, and blue for your mess hall table with
the use of a tablecloth, paper cups, plates, and silverware in those colors
To tie the Army greens into your party, create a centerpiece in those colors and attach a
bouquet of balloons
Camo The Party Room - Start by turning your main party room into everything
camouflage, no more white walls or ceiling
Cover up your ceiling by hanging green netting from it
Create camo "wallpaper" by gluing pieces of black, brown, green, and tan butcher paper
Mess Hall - For a really fun idea, pitch a large green tent to serve as the mess hall and
serve up your Army grub to all your brave soldiers
Sick Bay - You could also set-up a small tent to serve as your first-aid center
Army Soldiers - Scatter a few life-size cardboard soldiers around your party area to make
it look like an army base
In the alternative, you could have some of the parents or older siblings dress up in Army
camos and stand guard over the premises
The country's flag should be visible, as should other army related paraphernalia
ARMY PARTY FOOD IDEAS - After a long, hard day at battle, send your soldiers to
the mess tent and serve up some Army-inspired foods
Try to serve your food up so that it looks like it is served in army type utensils
Military Munchies - Turn military helmets upside down, line them with camouflage
fabric, and fill with your favorite munchies
Things like chips, cookies, nuts, and crackers, all work very well
Cannonballs - Cook up your favorite meatball recipe in a marinara sauce
Army stickers together with a toothpick in between
Put a toothpick in each of your cannonballs for easy snacking
Birthday Rations - MRE's - Give your soldiers real MRE Army food, which stands for
Meals Ready To Eat
Army Cookies - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out cookies in the shape
of tanks, trucks, jets, etc
Decorate with various colored green, brown, and black frostings along with edible
decorations to create the vehicle details
Camouflage Cake - Bake a sheet cake and frost it white
Cover the cake with a camouflage pattern by spraying the cake black, brown, and green
using Wilton's Color Mist food color spray
Create an Army scene by topping it off with plastic Army men, tanks, tents, and trucks
Swamp Water Punch - Make lemonade and add some green food coloring
For added fun, make ice cubes with "bugs" (raisins) inside of each cube
These ideas for Army birthday parties will help get you started in creating an Army
adventure for your special "soldier
If you have never had the pleasure of dining at one of the many home style eateries that
are sprinkled around the deep south, down around Louisiana and Mississippi then here is
some information you may not know
That is that many of what you would call holiday dishes are served year round down
So because they serve these dishes so often, they do like to make them extra special
Even so, come thanksgiving they pull out all the stops, so plain old thanksgiving recipes
like roast turkey just won't cut it
Simply put, a turducken is a boned turkey thats stuffed with a boned chicken that is in
turn stuffed with a boned duck
Then this whole "thing" is injected with "flavor sauce"
It's fantastic but be forewared that you will need a full house full of guests to get a
turducken eaten cause it can feed an army
Also don't put any classic turkey stuffing in one because they take hours to cook
In fact, it can take up to four horse to fully cook something like this
Another one of the tasty southern recipes for thanksgiving you may not have ever heard
of is a snack that you simply must try
Not don't be shocked but it's deep fried "dill pickle chips"
I thought the same thing when I first heard of them but believe it or not, they closely
resemble fried green tomatoes in taste and texture
Down around New Orleans they also do great pork dishes around holiday times and for
In fact one of the most popular thanksgiving recipes of this type is a pork tenderloin thats
been injected with a wine based flavoring sauce
Your going to have to experiment around with your flavoring because often times they
will have up to three separate pork tenderloins with three separate flavors set out
The origin of Tissot watches can be traced back to 1853
The reader must be aware of the fact that Tissot watches are from Switzerland, the land
of watches
The hallmark of the product lies in the fact that one can afford high precision instruments
without making a deep dent on their pockets
The watches that are being manufactured by the company range from normal casual
wears to sport watches
They host the most numerous watches in any niche and this has been attributed to one of
their successes
In this article, we shall be looking further into the different Tissot watches that are
available in the present days
It will be surprising to learn that the first watch from Tissot was created by the
collaboration of a dad and his son in their workshop
Right from the days they were introduced in the common market, Tissot watches has
tasted only success
In the olden days people used to wear their watches around their necks, in the form of a
However, Tissot had introduced pocket watches by then and people found the idea
People needed their privacy even back then and Tissot watches were the first ones to
provide them with it
Most of the Tissot watches come with a guarantee of two years, and if you find a product
which is labeled as Tissot, yet does not give the desired two years warranty, you know
whether to proceed with the purchasing or not
You must have come across watches that don the time from two different zones
Such watches are known as dual zonetime watches and Tissot watches were the first to
introduce the watches in that niche
You must have come across many watches which have been created using plastics
In fact, most of the watches that are available today are made from plastics
Guess from where those manufacturers got this idea
Ever came across a watch that has been manufactured from wood and stone
Do not fret because you will be able to find watches constructed using the above
materials in the stables of Tissot only
The distribution of Tissot watches is worldwide and not concentrated to a country like
some of the leading competitors
They have sponsored various sporting events and they are also known to release limited
edition models concerning such sporting events which are sold all over the world as hot
Tissot watches always come in a presentation box that will include a history of the
company along with the warranty details and information regarding various leading
brands from Tissot watches
Make sure never to invest on fake Tissot watches, because plenty of them are in existence
this day
Do research online to differentiate between genuine and fake Tissot watches
Have you ever put on eyeglasses after applying your makeup and wondered what
happened to your look
Many women with eyeglasses slap on their makeup in one of two ways
Putting on too much makeup can make someone look old, dated, and quite unfashionable
Wearing too little makeup when you wear eyeglasses can make you look sickly, meek,
and unapproachable
Fear not, there are a few tricks that you can utilize that will make your makeup
application look professional and chic without trying too hard - all while wearing
prescription eyeglasses
Makeup is supposed to make you look like a well-kept version of yourself, so it's no
surprise that so many women take it very seriously
The first mistake many women make is the wrong foundation
Since you wear eyeglasses, you have likely experienced the foundation cake that forms
under the nose pads or on the sides of your nose, right
Your skin secretes oil which mixes with a lot of liquid foundations and causes a cake-like
appearance under your frames
It goes on evenly and, since it's powder-based, your oils won't mix with it like they do
with liquid foundation
Additionally, liquid foundation isn't always easy to put on and many women cake it on
under their eyes which are only magnified when you wear glasses
Applying a mineral-based powder foundation will keep that from happening because
there's a more smooth application process with powder, plus the foundation itself is
The next step is blush and the best option is a cream or gel-based blush
A cheek stain is usually a great option since it gives you that just-stepped-off-the-skislopes look that so many women want to achieve without actually having to do any
physical exercise
Additionally, the days of the strip - you know, the strip of blush that extends from your
cheekbone to the apple of your cheek - is long gone
Try a bronze-toned cream blush just under your cheekbone and blend it upwards, then
apply a rose-tinted gel blush to the apple of your cheeks
It'll look more natural and give you more definition without drawing too much attention
Remember this tip: eye makeup is your friend when you wear eyeglasses
Since your eyes will be somewhat magnified, play up the colors and textures
Put a base color on your eyes in a neutral shade and build from there
You're not trying to out play your eyeglasses - you can let them be the main feature - so
stick to neutral browns and soft tones on the lid and a darker tone in the crease to add
Line your eyes boldly with a black, dark brown, or even bright green or blue shade - just
for a bit of accent
Then, add a lot of mascara but avoid the spider eyes
You don't want to compete with your prescription eyeglasses
For bold, black eyeglass frames, red lips add a nice retro feel
It's always a good idea, though, to start light and apply a darker or more bold color if
It's easier to put more on than it is to take some of it off - regardless of the shade
Your makeup should never really compete with your eyeglasses but they should
compliment them
Maraschino cherries (pronounced mair uh SKEE noh or mair uh SHEE noh) are a
specially ready type of cherry, a fruit that grows on a tree and has a single pit
The word cherry comes in the identify of a Turkish town, Cerasus, and cherries have
been known for over a couple of,000 years
The title maraschino refers on the marasca cherry plus the maraschino liqueur
manufactured from it, where maraschino cherries had been initially preserved
Maraschino cherries take the 1st part of their name from your cordial with which it used
to become flavored
The cordial is produced from your marasca cherry, so a maraschino cherry was initially a
cherry flavored with cherry cordial
They ended up, at very first, produced for and consumed as a delicacy by royalty and the
Analysis has revealed that many dyes are toxic and can be carcinogenic due to the fact of
analysis with chick embryos, rats, and dogs
Red Quantities 1, four, and Yellow Quantities one,a couple of,three, and four ended up
taken out from your approved list in 1960
The ban on Red Amount four was lifted in 1965 to enable the coloring of maraschino
cherries which is considered to become generally decorative
The cherries had been very first released from the United States from the late 19th
century, exactly where they have been served in fine bars and restaurants
From the turn in the century, American producers have been experimenting with flavors
for example almond extract and substituting Queen Anne cherries for marasca cherries
In 1912, the USDA defined "maraschino cherries" as "marasca cherries preserved in
maraschino" beneath the authority in the Food and Medicines Act of 1906
Throughout Prohibition in the United States as of 1920, the decreasingly favorite
alcoholic range was illegal as well
Wiegand, a professor ofhorticulture at Oregon State University, produced the modern day
method of manufacturing maraschino cherries making use of a brine remedy instead of
Thus, most modern-day maraschino cherries have only a historical connection with the
liqueur maraschino
Today you will discover two fundamental sorts of cherries, sweet and sour
Even though maraschino cherries might be manufactured from any of the a lot of types of
cherry, they are commonly built using the sweet cherry known like a Royal Ann
Most cherries which are built into maraschino cherries come from Oregon
You can buy them with or without stems, based on your intended use
Although the maraschino cherry undergoes a preservative process, it ought to be stored in
the refrigerator, as soon as the packaging have been opened
Maraschino cherries are an ingredient in many cocktails
As being a garnish, they frequently decorate baked ham, cakes, pastry, parfaits,
milkshakes, ice lotion sundaes, and ice lotion sodas
They're also applied as an accompaniment to sweet pan
Are Wedding Cupcake Trees Really Less Expensive Than Traditional Wedding Cakes
Many couples today are opting for wedding cupcake trees in place of traditional wedding
cakes in order to save time and money and add a little convenience to the cake serving
portion of the reception
Since Wedding cupcakes don't have to be sliced up since each cupcake is an individual
serving in itself
And since each is a miniature wedding cake on its own, guests can choose to take them
home as favors and eat them later
There is such wide array of tiered designs, tree stands and decorations that wedding
cupcake trees can be as extravagant or as simple as you would design a traditional
wedding cake
Also, each cupcake can be decorated to look like a miniature wedding cake on its own
So are wedding cupcake trees really cheaper than traditional wedding cakes
They can actually cost about the same or even more than a traditional wedding cake
because they may end up being more work, especially if you want the same decorations
on each cupcake as you would a wedding cake
The cupcakes may cost less to begin with, even as little as a buck or two each if you do
them yourself
But since each cupcake would be considered a serving, it could still cost you up to $3
And obviously you don't want the same type of cupcakes you'd have at a birthday party
So now each cupcake is the work of a larger cake, but on a smaller scale, individually and
multiple times, instead of decorating one large cake or a few cake tiers once
And then if you want additional things like fancy cupcake liners or special fondant icing,
it adds more cost to the whole project
Setting up a Wedding Cupcake Tree - Convenience or Costly
Once the cupcakes are delivered, esigner charges for setting up wedding cakes, it may
cost you just a little more to set up a lot of cupcakes
There could be a little more involved to neatly arranging a lot of little cakes onto a stand
than arranging a few tiers of larger cakes
If you are going to get charged a set-up fee, though, you can always ask your bridesmaids
or family members to help arrange the cupcakes before the reception instead and save a
little money there
To be just average means you are just middle of the road
If you are average, than you have a lot of company
You are considered common, conventional, every day familiar, regular, and humdrum
Those are some synonyms that describe the average Joe
I don't know about you, but I do not really want to be just average
As an interesting point, you may be considered above average for the one specific thing
you do very well
My wife is an artist when it comes to doing cakes and cupcakes
She will do the most pretty cakes, and they taste nice too
She just has that really special talent[**] that is far above the average person, when it
comes to decorating cakes
What are a selection of the prerequisites which will take you there
Why do you need to be a successful network marketer
This is going to be a crucial account for deciding if you are average or above average
How bad did Michael Jordan need to play basketball for his highschool team after he did
not make the cut
The very next step was to work harder than any person else did
Everyone knows what all that tough work did for Michael Jordan
When I played sports, I needed to be the best I might be
I would be in the gymnasium working out on the bench press
I was trying hard to get the last push I had in me
I was prepared to give up, when a friend of mine came up to identify me
He would encourage me and before I was done, I might do three, four, or five more
You see, I had a psychological block in me that said I could only do so much
When my mate came to help me out, he pushed me beyond that line that I thought I could
not go
That is the line that separates success from failure
it requires effort, persistence, and the will that announces, I'll never give up till I reach
my goal
I will be able to never quit till I cross over that line to my success
Line up with coachs, and folk that work hard, that will encourage and challenge you
across that finish line
You're the average of the 5 folk you spend the most time with
Are you looking for a delicious green tea cake recipe
This is a moist and delicious green tea cake recipe
This recipe is for a traditional Japanese Pound cake
* In a large bowl combine together flour, baking powder and green tea powder and mix
them with a wooden
Mash it slightly with a fork so it's easier for to handle
* Insert the mixer and turn it on high, then slowly add the sugar and continue mixing it
until everything
* Then gradually add beaten eggs until you get a mousse the consistency of a batter
* Keep the mixer running and add your flour mixture to your butter-egg bowl
* You will see that the pound cake is baked when the sides of it turn golden brown and
pull away from
Matcha green tea powder is used in so many ways today - as a flavouring, in health foods
from snack bars to
cereals, in confectionary and in cafes as a component of lattes, milkshakes and smoothies
made from the green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea tree
Studies have shown that matcha, or green tea powder, contains up to 13 times the
antioxidant EGCG (epigallatecatechin-gallate) that loose leaf green tea contains
When matcha powder is brewed, it is whisked in a small bowl with hot (not boiling)
water until it becomes
Because the leaves are directly drunk in powder form, instead of infusing the
water, the tea is so much higher in the antioxidants and vitamins than any other teas green, herbal or
Listed below are some of the health benefits of matcha green tea:
Increased calmness and reduction of stress (from L-theanine)
Cancer inhibiting activity (due to polyphenols and catechins)
Relieves constipation (aids absorption of dietary fiber)
Strong blood detoxifier (due to high chlorophyll content)
Your family doesn't have to drink green tea to enjoy its health benefits
For scores of couples getting married today are no longer hurdled by the customs and
They keep a safe distance from the likes of arrangements for their parents' wedding
Now they are able to plan a wedding that very much suits their own personalities and
You will come across with couples who are planning a military wedding
The foundation of a military wedding is no dissimilar to any traditional white wedding in
terms of the format as well in reception
In military wedding, your wedding cake and toppers could be the potential areas where
you can still be more than a little creative
Often you might find your cake studded with an aircraft carrier or a Hercules shaped
army wedding cake toppers
To make it a focal point of your reception, you must go with the aircraft carrier designed
army wedding cake topper
You are best suited to an army wedding cake topper which is big enough to feed your
assembled guests
On other occasion, you could opt a cake that you like in terms of flavor and color
To mark such a grand day, sticking with a fairly conventional shape when many army
wedding cake toppers available today, is not a good idea altogether
Picking a brand new custom made army wedding cake toppers could be a nice solution to
your problem
Being hand made from porcelain, if the wedding is sooner than 2 weeks, these are just the
perfect piece
You will required no base as it can be directly fix on the cake
Army wedding cake toppers showcasing nuptial, in the company of two sabers crossed
and put at the back of the couple would be ideal
Marine cake topper could be a viable option in the case of a person who calls themselves
This excellent porcelain cake topper cold be the wonderful finishing touch for your army
In this type of army wedding cake toppers, the dapper groom is wearing his dress blues;
his blushing blonde bride in her tulle veil is holding a white bouquet
Baby Baptism Gifts - Cuddly, Plush, Character Toys or Posh, Personalized Keepsakes
Exciting, cuddly, plush animals would undoubtedly be baby's immediate favorite
Nowadays there are a variety of characters appearing on our televisions, food products
and generally in our everyday lives
They pop up all over the place and media gurus are pushing their images in pretty much
each and every way possible
Young children are very receptive to advertising and marketing and will instantly
recognise these characters, their music and catchphrases
Nonetheless these days, cuddly playthings do not have to stop at just being cuddly
They can be adapted with wheat bags, which when heated in a microwave, turn the toy
into a safer model of the classic hot water bottle
These toys supply night time consolation or soothing cuddles for a sick infant
The wheat is from time to time infused with a lavender or similarly soothing fragrance
which secretes when heated and is non toxic
Do make sure that if you get one of these toys, that it is from a trustworthy store to be
sure that you avoid any damaging imports
Other soft animals may incorporate a light element, which offers consolation at evening
time, or tunes which will delight at any time
Newborn infant toys include crackly fabric and diverse textures to stimulate senses,
bright colours and bells
Soft baby toys turn out to be best friends and the very special kinds can frequently last as
long as the regular keepsake items
Personalized or traditional Christening presents in contrast are ideal for nostalgic
journeys to past events, folks and situations
A keepsake or memento may be on display or shut away for safe keeping for months or
years at a time
When it is brought out, it will bring back countless memories of relatives and particular
We constantly keep exceptional memorabilia such as baby's first garments, first tooth, a
lock of hair, photos or cards
These can be stored in a keepsake box along with silver jewellery and be brought out
from time to time to show guests or to keep as personal memories
Bookends and money boxes will adorn a nursery or child's bedroom and then may be
kept when the little one is older
These can turn out to be heirlooms to pass down to the child's own future kids and
Quite a few of these traditional gifts are also constructed with current characters in mind,
so provide fascination in subsequent years to see how our culture has transformed
Some characters will last intact or with slight alterations and others may be unfamiliar to
future generations, but will reflect in style our generation nowadays
So no matter whether you go for a typical Christening keepsake or opt for a plush soft
toy, the final decision is totally yours
Whatever you give, will be given with love and received with joy and happiness
So whatever you choose, you can be certain that you will make the correct choice
Baby Diaper Cakes for Your Special Baby Shower Party Celebration
However, if you're worried about finding some creative ways to decorate consider
creating usable Baby Diaper Cakes
While the name conjures up some possibly unpleasant thoughts, Baby Shower Diaper
cakes are definitely not meant to be consumed by guests
Instead, they are fun centerpieces that can be used by the new parents long after the
shower has come to an end
By combining a cute idea with a useful end product, baby nappy cakes are one of the
most popular trends in babyshowers today
These beautiful cakes are hand assembled with the highest quality ingredients and are
spectacular table centerpieces and all the ingredients are usable by mom and the new
The Baby Shower Invitations and Baby Thank You Cards are designed to coordinate and
match the diaper cakes by artist and designers
This is very special and unique since many companies don't offer this special service
If you've been invited to a baby shower, the diaper cakes make a memorable and practical
baby shower gift
Cakes baby shower involve a little more effort than just stacking a whole bunch of
diapers in the center of a table
There are three main ingredients to diaper cakes: about 50 diapers, 1 foot of ribbon for
each diaper and some tape
You should ensure that the tape does stick well but it doesn't rip the diapers when the
finished product is disassembled later
One of the worst parts of creating Baby Shower Party Diaper Cakes is getting all of those
diapers ready
To make them look nice, you have to roll them up and tie them with the ribbon
While the job isn't hard, doing it fifty times can make your wrists hurt, your eyes sore,
and your mind screaming: why didn't you just buy one
That's why it's a good idea to call in some friends to help you with this part of the baby
shower party process
Usually, you'll make the top tier first by attaching five or six of the tied diapers around
the outside of the bottle
Use the remaining diapers to make a second tier and finally a third, larger tier
You can make as many tiers as you want but remember that's going to take a lot more
In his example, you'll use about 27 to 29 diapers on the largest tier
When the tiers are finished, you'll put your baby diaper cakes together using the tape
Tape the largest tier to a serving platter or a circular piece of cardboard
Add the additional tiers then wrap more ribbon around the entire product
Place all of the other items you've bought on the cake but secure them with the existing
You can read more about Making Baby Diaper Cakes and Creating Baby Shower Party
Diaper Cakes
Baby Einstein Birthday Party Ideas For Your Little One's 1st Birthday
A Baby Einstein birthday is a favorite with both baby and his or her parents
This is a party with a purpose and it offers many fun opportunities for exploring
Here's some ideas to help make it a learning extravaganza
invitations out of card stock and cut outs of various animals like dogs, turtles, birds, cats,
frogs, along with many others that children love
Write your party message using a bright gel pen, along with all the necessary party details
Add a nice touch to the invitations by having them hand-delivered with a small beanie
toy or a tiny stuffed animal attached to your invites
ADORN YOUR BABIES - As your guests arrive, be sure to provide each one with a fun
painter's cap that is decorated with their name, along with one of the Baby Einstein
You can use fabric paints to create your masterpieces
Painter's caps may be found at local hardware stores or craft shops
BABY EINSTEIN DECORATION IDEAS - When selecting decorations, primary colors
(red, blue, green, and yellow) are the perfect choice for a Baby Einstein party
One fun idea for decorating your ceiling would be to twist various colored streamers
across the entire ceiling
This will make for a rainbow of delight as your little ones discover what looms above
Cut out of card stock or poster board lots of ABC's, 123's, and various shapes
You can attach them to fishing line to hang from the ceiling or affix them to your party
room walls
You will also want to hang lots of colorful streamers around your windows and door
frames, along with having plenty of colorful balloons throughout the party area
To give your table a festive look, cover it with a Baby Einstein printed tablecloth
Add a centerpiece, which could consist of a small stuffed animal, like an elephant or
gorilla, with a bouquet of colorful balloons tied to the animal
BABY EINSTEIN PARTY ACTIVITIES - You will want to be sure to have plenty of
activities planned, which will ultimately help to create a wonderful party for your baby
Puppet Show - Hire some teenagers to put together a puppet show for all the little ones to
Bubbles - Little ones love to try and blow bubbles, chase, pop, and catch them, so
incorporating a little bubble time would be a perfect add-on
You might also consider have other child-safe toys available, to ensure there are enough
toys to go around
Photo Cake - Dress your little one in a Baby Einstein costume, take a picture and have a
bakery put the photo onto your cake
Caterpillar Cake - Make cupcakes and frost them in primary colors
Cover a cake board or a piece of corrugated cardboard with foil
Then lay the cupcakes out in a windy fashion to create the caterpillar body
A Baby Einstein birthday will give your little one a whole new way to discover the
world, not to mention this is a smart way to host a fun party
Baby Einstein Birthday Party Supplies For Your Child's First Birthday
It doesn't take a genius to know that Baby Einstein birthday party supplies are a great
choice for your little one's next birthday celebration
First birthdays make an especially good occasion to use these colorful, cheerful party
The Baby Einstein line is among the most popular birthday themes for young children
and it isn't hard to see why
It contains plates, cups, napkins, and all the other basics you need to make throwing a
terrific party easy
The designs offer such fun characters as the lion, the duck, and the rest of the gang that
children always love
Set a Baby Einstein Favor Box next to each 7" Dessert Plate
Buy them empty and pack them with anything you choose
They carry that same lovely animal-theme as all other Baby Einstein birthday party goods
Or, buy some pre-filled with a 5" Kitten Bean Bag, Color Clay, a cookie cutter, miniature
rubber ducky, 2 maracas, and a Baby Einstein sticker sheet
When you present the birthday boy or girl you might want to dress the guest of honor in a
Lion or Dragon Costume
Both are durable, easy to wash polyester and provide skid resistant soles
The bottom snaps make them convenient for emergencies and the hood will keep your
baby nice and warm at the party
Keep the costume from getting soiled with a Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Bib
The happy little Baby Einstein caterpillar announces your little one's first birthday on the
front, while the red trim makes it a cheerful covering
Made of soft, washable fabric, this item can be used over and over again long after your
party is a lovely memory
When it's time for cake and refreshments, top the cake with a Baby Einstein #1 candle
Your child's first birthday cake just wouldn't be the same without that cute colorful
caterpillar worming his way into the hearts of all the guests
These are so cool you'll want a few to put aside for your collection
Keep those memories forever with a Baby Einstein Keepsake Scroll
You inform the vendor of all the wild and wonderful events that happened the day your
child was born
Choose the 7" x 9" or the 11" x 14" and have it framed if you want
Decorated, like all the other Baby Einstein party goods, with a Baby Einstein design,
you'll treasure it for a lifetime
Baby showers are an exciting way to welcome a baby into the world and are great
occasions for the parents-to-be to receive the blessings of all their well wishers
Generally given by friends and co-workers, baby showers are much more than just parties
They provide a chance for the guests to get together and maybe even meet the new baby
if the baby is already born
Baby shower cakes are also known as diaper cakes or just baby cakes
Unlike regular cakes, these are made of several baby items like diapers, bibs, pacifiers,
bottles, shoes, socks, and toys that new parents will need for the baby
Baby shower cakes look just like conventional cakes but they are far from edible
Baby shower cakes are decorated to suit the theme of the party
The size of the cake can also differ according to the kinds of gifts it contains
They can be placed as a center piece at the party and later taken home by the mom-to-be
as a gift
Baby shower cakes can be based on several themes like, teddy bears, duckies, baby
booties, baby bottles, storks, nursery rhymes, or fairy tales to make them look cute and
The rest of the gifts can be based on the theme of the baby shower cake
There are special stores that make and sell baby shower cakes
There are also several websites on the internet that offer advice for decorating baby
shower cakes
These sites also make and sell baby cakes as per the personalized requirements of the
Another way to get ideas for baby shower cakes is to attend a few baby showers or to ask
a few people who have had a baby shower or arranged one
Baby Shower Party Diaper Cakes for Your Baby Shower Party
Baby Shower Party Diaper Cakes, Usable Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers
Are you throwing a baby shower for a good friend or family member soon
If so, you might want to consider having some Baby Shower Party Diaper Cakes
Baby Shower Diaper Cakes aren't the latest baking recipe making a splash at baby
Instead, these Baby Diaper Cakes are meant to serve as creative centerpieces for the
event that can be taken home by the parents and used when the new baby arrives
Here are some ideas for unique and interesting baby shower baby diaper cakes
Creating Multiple Centerpieces for the Baby Shower Party
While the original Baby Shower Party Diaper Cake was meant to be a showcase piece on
the main table at babyshowers, that doesn't mean you can't change things up a little
If you're having a relatively small guest list with only a handful of tables for guests, why
not have individual babyshower diapers cakes for each of the tables, or even better yet,
why not "cupcakes"
These could be smaller versions of the main centerpiece or each one could be a unique
piece on its own
The diaper cupcakes and diaper wipe cases make ideal supplements for the diaper cakes
Making these smaller cupcake diaper cakes would require more baby bottles (the cakes
are built around the bottle) and only about ten disposable diapers tied up with ribbon
You'll still want to add pacifiers and teething rings or other items as embellishments on
the cakes
However, you could choose certain embellishments for each of the baby diaper cakes and
have a pacifier table, a bib table, and so forth to make finding seats easier for guests
Not only might you want to make more than one of these baby showers nappy cakes but
if the new parents are expecting a large turnout on delivery day you might want to make a
few changes to the traditional model
Consider creating one mammoth examples of tier diaper cake with three of all the
embellishments you've chosen
You could choose three different colors for the accessories, ribbons, etc
Another idea would be to make separate diaper baby shower cakes for each of the
expectant newborns
These could all be lined up on the main table in a lovely pattern and would still look
If your time or budget is an issue, you could make smaller versions of each of them, too
If the parents are expecting around any particular holidays, you might want to consider a
seasonable theme for your cakes baby showers
For example, if the baby is arriving around Halloween, choose orange, brown, and black
ribbon for the diapers
Look for Halloween-themed baby accessories, especially bibs, or items that are going to
work well with your color theme
Make sure to fill that baby bottle in the middle with candy corn or other Halloween candy
Be sure and look for our beautiful matching baby shower invitations and baby thank you
cards, with lots of unique baby shower wordings, verses and sayings
You can create baby shower diaper cakes for almost any season or holiday, including
Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter
All you need is some creativity and a lot of baby diapers
You can read more about Making Baby Diaper Cakes and Creating Baby Shower Party
Diaper Cakes
The first year of the baby is filled with milestone, laughter and surprises, so you and the
rest of the family want to commemorate the baby's first birthday with adorable baby's
first birthday gifts
There are so many choices of birthday gifts for you to choose from, from ceramic
mealtime sets, cuddly toys to heirloom
Commemorate the occasion with unique personalized birthday gifts, either embroidered
or engraved with the child's name, initials and the date
Celebrate a first birthday with gifts that will entertain the child and dazzle parents, too
Inside an elaborately decorated plush birthday cake, you'll find plush toys in the shape of
a musical teddy bear, a camera, an ice cream sundae, a birthday party hat and a wrapped
As a finishing touch, the colorful birthday cake toy holds a 2''x 2'' photo
This My First Birthday Cake Baby Gund Playset will delight a little one with six presents
in one
To celebrate a baby's first birthday this Happy Birthday Occasion Bear makes a cute and
thoughtful gift
This adorable plush teddy bear is sure to become one of your little bundle of joy's
favorite cuddly friends
This bear arrives beautifully packaged in an adorable gift box that reads Happy Birthday
Celebrate a first birthday with this fun and fabulous My First Birthday Plush Baby Album
Adorable and affordable, this plush picture album comes packaged for giving with a gift
Festively decorated for a birthday party, this baby photo album is designed to hold twelve
4'' x 6'' photos of friends and family
In bright, vibrant colors, this plush photo album can be embroidered at no additional
charge with baby's first name or initials
Festively dressed and musically inclined, this precious teddy bear plays “Happy
Birthday” for your little boy
A lovely toy for a birthday boy, this cheerful teddy bear is a gift parents and baby will
This Baby Boy “My First Birthday” Musical Teddy Bear is a Baby Gund bear with
beautiful keepsake appeal and all the quality you've come to expect from Gund
A wind-up key cues this precious birthday bear to play “Happy Birthday,” and he wears a
bow around his neck and an adorable hat in blue
Personalized Baby Girl's "My First Birthday" Gift Set
This Personalized Baby Girl's My First Birthday Gift Set comes complete with an
adorable birthday crown and embroidered personalized bib
This sweet personalized and pink 1st birthday gift set is perfect for a first birthday
celebration for a sweet little girl
This gift set from Baby Gund can be personalized with the birthday girl's first name for a
special touch
Each gift set comes complete with a personalized bib and a pink crown
Adorned with cupcakes teddy bears and the words My First Birthday this gift set is truly
very special
This personalized birthday gift set comes packaged in a clear gift box for a pretty display
and gift giving ease
Browse the Internet to see plethora of gift suggestions for the baby's first birthday
Apart from 1st birthday gifts, for birthday party and baby shower organizers, almost
everything that these parties will need are available online as well – from from baby
shower decorations, baby shower invitations, baby shower supplies to etc
As the story is told, on my first birthday I saw the cake on the coffee table and took my
first steps as a toddler to seize the prize
Photos show an adorable outfit with new white shoes and what started as a clean face all
totally smeared with gooey pink icing
Even though I was the star of the show I don't remember a thing
First birthdays are an important event - but they're truly more for the parents than the
The real memories are yours, but the embellished stories become 'real' to your child over
This is why it's so important to plan a party that will not only be a highlight of your life
but will hold special lifetime treasures for your little one, too
Of course, the baby will delight in opening their first birthday gifts
Careful, thoughtful planning is the key to a happy, fun occasion
It's best to keep things simple and to invite only children and adults that your baby enjoys
being around
If your one-year-old is shy, keep the guest list small
On the other hand if you have an outgoing, 'life of the party' baby - the more the merrier
At this age it's best to have the party at home rather than trying to entertain a group of
crying babies who are uncomfortable in new surroundings, such as a restaurant or other
public venue
Consider the temperament of your guests as well as the 'guest of honor
Give some thought to how many of the tiny guests are crawling, walking or running
Make sure you plan the party in a space where there's plenty of room to move around in a
safe environment
Loud noises can startle little ones, so avoid loud music and balloons that may burst
It's a bit early to have ponies to ride and clowns that may frighten rather than entertain
Your birthday boy or girl may be a 'clinger' at this age
If so, make sure that you have someone to help with the party hosting duties and
activities so you're free to hold your baby during the party, if necessary
Of course, you'll want to invite everyone who remotely knows your sweet birthday baby,
but it's easy for the list to get out of hand
Of course grandparents and other close relatives with their children should be invited
If you've connected with other parents who have babies around the same age, absolutely
invite both the baby and the parents
Do be aware, though, that they may bring their child's siblings whether invited or not
Probably 2 or 3 other adorable babies is enough at this tender age
How long should the party last and what time of day is best
An hour and a half is more than enough for a first birthday party
Consider the weekend so you can have a late morning or early afternoon event
Plan a quiet place in the room with a comforter or two on the floor just in case
Is cake and ice cream enough, or do you feel compelled to have a theme for the party
Again - keep in mind that it's really for you, but it's not necessary to go overboard to
impress the guests
Your baby could care less if the plates, napkins and tablecloths feature their favorite
cartoon character
But, if a theme makes it easier for you to plan a fun party, then go for it
Some general ideas for baby themes might be teddy bears or other cuddly stuffed animals
for little girls and cars and trucks for little boys
If your baby has a favorite book or toy, maybe that will give you some ideas
Define an area on the floor with a colourful rug or blanket and have a collection of
similar - or even the same - toys
Be sure to have one for each child to take home if you like, or consider other ageappropriate party favors such as a coloring book and washable crayons or soft or
inflatable balls
One fun idea is to set up a maze made from soft materials that the babies can crawl
through or roll over
Anything new will attract their attention and keep the fussing to a minimum
Let the older children be the 'helpers' so they feel they're a part of the activity, too
Party food should be simple, and the easiest plan is to provide something that everyone
attending the party can enjoy
Avoid anything that could cause choking, such as whole grapes or nuts
Better choices are cheese and crackers, fruit cut into small pieces, pizza, animal crackers,
and of course cake and ice cream
The most important thing to remember is to make baby's first birthday a fun event for all
and as stress-free as possible for Mom and Dad
Be sure your camera is ready to capture this special event - then 'let them eat cake
If you love baking cakes in short intervals at home, then you need to be aware of the
baking techniques and storage criteria
The equipments generally involves the cake storage tins, cake stands, cupcakes giant or
small, the baking equipments, the decorating material, and the icing products
Cake often loses its taste if kept untouched for a long time after baking it
So it must be stored in the cake storage tins until you want to eat it
People can surprise their partners by preparing a special cake at home and engraving their
partner's name on it
Especially when the women spend hours for buying gifts for her boyfriends or husbands,
it's easier for them to bake a special cake of her partner's choice and store it in the cake
storage tins till she is ready for the surprise
Even the men can go with the recipe and bake a cake for their girlfriends and this could
rally be one of the most surprising gifts for women to see her partner cooking only for her
Cake storage tins can be used both for baking the cake as well as storing it
They are available in different patterns to make a cake of one's own choice of style
The cake retains its taste and freshness for hours in the cake storage tins and such tins
could also act as an option of taking gifts for women
Their also exist some numbered cake storage tins in the market which can be used to
make birthday cakes for children according to the age to which they have grown up
Some of the cake tins are available with different themes like music themed including
guitar shape tins, animal themed including dolphin shaped or butterfly shaped cake tins,
or sports themed including football shaped cake tins
Such kinds of tins are really loved by the children
The choice of cake storage tins can also depend upon the size of the cake like a sandwich
cake tin is available which is used to prepare layered cakes
There are two or three layer pans attached which help in making the desired number of
cakes on the same time
Such types of cake tin play an apt role as they do not let the cakes to stick to the base and
such tins can also be expanded or enlarged according to the desired size in mind
You can prepare the cakes in portions and amaze the people with your creativity
So come out with your own way of decoration and taste and take a chance to surprise
your beloved in a good manner
You will surely end up retaining his or her affection
Christmas cake is an internal part of the traditions performed on the Christmas day
Christmas cake is mainly a fruitcake served on the Christmas Eve in countries like United
Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Philippines and other commonwealth countries
Well, to make an event or celebration more special, a cake is an exciting option as it adds
more charm and joy to the celebration
Similarly, the Christmas cake is a must on Christmas day because Christmas is a very
important festival
You may get hundreds and thousands of Christmas cake recipes on the web but it
completely depends on your taste and requirement of which recipe you pick to cook for
your family on the Christmas Eve
Everyone has a different taste and liking and especially taste and choice of vegetarians
completely differ from the choice of non vegetarian
Innumerable collection of cake recipes can be easily found online
All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you are all set to begin with
your first step
The first and the foremost step towards finding the best traditional Christmas recipes is
search, search and more search till you get the best output
There are various websites that offer cookery books on affordable rates
You can get them at discount rates too during the Christmas season and make you
Celebration more special and joyful
Moreover, rushing at the last minutes when it comes to cooking can spoil your meal but
search the web for last minute cake recipes can help you a lot
Many websites also provide the last minute cake recipes under the category of last minute
cooking recipes
For people who do not have much time to spend in the kitchen cooking meals during
Christmas can pick some last minute cooking recipes and begin with their celebration
Lots of hints and tips are also added to the websites for the visitors to help bake the
Christmas cake to the best
Before, you begin with your search for Christmas cake recipes, it is very important to
know a few basic things about what actually a recipe includes
The best recipe mainly consists of all the way from mixing the ingredients to decorating
Step by step illustrations and process with the key stages along with the hints, and tips
make up a good and useful recipe
Well, when it comes to something traditional, classic, Mexican, English and Irish all
types of Christmas recipes are in heavy demand during the Christmas season because
during the end of the year, Christmas is not only the occasion that excites you but new
years too is not far
Both the occasions are the most widely celebrated events throughout the world
Irish Christmas recipes are most commonly used during the winter seasons as they serve
the most traditional Irish food and customs
You get to see the whole of Irish traditions in the Irish recipes served during the
Christmas season
Its holidays and a good time to serve your loved ones with traditional meals so, do not
forget to add a bit of Irish recipes in your Christmas meal
Baking is an art of making different kind or breads, cake, biscuits and other bakery
The place where these products are baked is known as a Bakery
Bakery products are an integral part of our daily life
Right from morning breakfast to dinner we use bakery products everyday
These days there are various additions in the product count of bakery products
Pizza, burgers, and patties have also taken place into hot items of these bakeries
According to the sources the art of baking was developed by ancient Egyptians between
2600-1200 BC
During that time bakers used to make breads and cakes for eating as well as breads and
cakes of various shapes (like animals) were used for sacrifices
The art of Baking was also popular in Roman Empire and there are proofs of existence of
bakeries in Europe too during Middle age
Under The Roman Empire the baking was a highly respected profession
These days' bakery products are in great demand, as people want to spend less time
cooking for them
They rather like to spend time in working so that they can earn some extra bucks
So, they rely on different kinds of bakery products like readymade breads, slices, pizza
and patties which make most of their meals
Even kids love to have various bakery products in their lunch
Now bakers only control the machine operations, rest all work and labor is done by
automated machines
These high-tech machines have made the baking process easier, efficient, and they
produce products with more quality
Baking is very sensitive work, which needs a lot of expertise and knowledge of different
hygienic and scientific principles
At the same time a perfect bakers has to understand the taste nerves of people and the
traditions of that particular region of operation
Without knowing the likes and dislikes of different people, one cannot be a perfect baker
That is the reason baking is called an art, it's not an easy work, but people who love
baking loves their professions
It's really a pleasant experience to bake various kinds of mouth watering bakery products
for people and get appreciation
This is my favorite birthday cake recipe that my mom made for me every year
We got our favorite meal and she'd make whatever cake we wanted
I made it for myself once I was out on my own and finally realized just how much effort I
made mom go through each year
I love this cake because it is unlike traditional cake recipes
Reserve the egg yolks for the caramel topping below
Combine all of the other ingredients and then add the egg whites
The following two recipes are the frosting for this cake
Put the first four ingredients in a double boiler and heat over medium heat
With an electric mixer, beat the mixture until it stands in peaks
Add vanilla and spread frosting over caramel topping on cake
Baking Supplies Needed To Make Sugar-Free Desserts
Living a healthy lifestyle has become an important way of life for many Americans
This health-conscious lifestyle combined with the excitement of creating delicious sugarfree desserts has made baking much more enjoyable
There are thousands of recipes available, allowing you to create almost any snack
Baking supplies are an important part of any recipe as they allow you to bake your
dessert properly and with the best chance at great tasting results
Many types of baking supplies are available and the best choice for your dessert varies
depending on the recipe and ingredients
For example, mixing bowls and baking pans are available in many styles such as stainless
steel or ceramic, all of which can be used to bake sugar-free desserts
Cookies are a favorite among bakers because they are fun to make and taste great upon
exiting the oven
Cookies are especially popular around holidays such as Christmas
Most households bake Christmas cookies in many varieties and flavors
A sugar free chocolate chip cookie recipe consists of the following ingredients: butter or
margarine, brown sugar, Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, vanilla extract, eggs, flour,
baking soda, salt and semi-sweet chocolate chips
After gathering your ingredients, there are several pieces of equipment needed to help
ease your baking process
The following list contains some equipment ideas for creating your sugar free cookies
Mixing bowls are available in several types and varieties
Several choices of mixing bowls are stainless steel, ceramic, glass, wood, plastic and
With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which type of mixing bowl
works best for your baking needs
1) Stainless steel is the most popular type of mixing bowl because it can be used for most
general mixing needs
2) Ceramic mixing bowls are an excellent choice for baking breads and dough
Another use for Ceramic mixing bowls is to serve your desserts if they require staying in
the bowl
3) Glass mixing bowls are ideal for mixing small amounts of ingredients
You may also serve a glass bowl inside a larger bowl as this creates a more formal
delivery for your creation
4) Wood mixing bowls are recommended for serving salads and other vegetable mixtures
5) Copper mixing bowls a great choice for mixing eggs
This is due to a tight bond created between the copper and the sulfur contained in the egg
6) Plastic mixing bowls are a good choice for mixing your baking ingredients
They are also useful because you can microwave them without causing any problems
There is a big selection when it comes to deciding which type of mixing bowl you need
and this mainly depends on what you are going to be baking
When baking sugar-free desserts, it is recommended to purchase a stainless steel or glass
mixing bowl
Both choices provide versatility allowing you to use either bowl for your baking needs
Banh Chung – A Dish Strongly Containing Characters Of Vietnamese Nation
Every country or ethnic group all over the world has their own traditional dishes of their
And each dish has a meaning and contains a distinct character
In Vietnam, there is a traditional course which is both original and nutritious and was
attached to the age-old legend of Vietnamese nation
Banh Chung (square shape) and Banh Day(round shape) are simple food but bring along
profound thought about universe and human life
According to Yin and Yang philosophy (originating from China; Yin is negative while
Yang is positive), Banh Chung has a square shape of the earth, containing green colour of
life and prosperity - that is negative; on the contrary, Banh Dayis round-shaped, has white
colour of glutinous rice and symbolises for the heaven - that is positive
And as Vietnamese conception, "square - round" is always a very good thing
Banh Chung and Banh Dayare considered as solemn and noble dishes of Vietnamese
Vietnamese people always suppose that Banh Chung, negative, symbolises for Mother
whilst Banh Day, positive, is a symbol of Father
Therefore, they are used in worship the ancestors, grandparents, earth and heaven in order
to express the "when drinking water, remember its source" spirit of Vietnamese that
indicates the gratitude to parents' giving birth and bringing up which are as immense and
heavy as the firmament and ocean
Until now, Banh Chung and Banh Dayare the only dishes recorded in Vietnamese history
The legend has it that they appeared from the 6th reign of King HUng Vuong, after
expelling An warriors
The King intended to pass the throne to one of his sons on the occasion of spring
He gathered all his sons and said: "Who can find out delicious dish which has thoughtful
meaning to display on the banquet, I will give my throne"
The sons raced against each other to find out tasty foods and uncommon things with the
hope of becoming the king
The 18th son of the 6th Hung Vuong, Lang Lieu (his proper name is Tiet Lieu), who had
grateful and good-natured personality, was very worried about this as his mother had
passed away and no one could give him advice
One night, he dreamed and met Lamp Genie who told him: "In the heaven and earth,
there is nothing as precious as rice which is the main source raising human beings
Hence, take glutinous rice to make round and square cakes to be symbolic for Heaven
and Earth
Then cover them with leaves and put core inside to imply the giving birth merit of
He chose type of glutinous rice, good green peas and fresh half fat and half lean pork
On the due date, all the sons brought their salvers full of mountainous delicacy and sea
Different from the others, Lang Lieu only had "Banh Day- Banh Chung"
The king took it as a surprise and asked; Lang Lieu then told the king about the dreaming
The king tasted cakes, found it very delicious and praised their meanings
As a consequence, he gave his kingship to Lang Lieu, the 7th Hung Vuong
Since that event, on every Lunar Year's Tet or wedding and funeral, the common people
imitated the way of making cakes
Gradually, it has become a custom in worship the ancestors, heaven and earth
Banh Chung, a unique cake which is uncommonly tasty but only made from very simple
materials that are easy to find
Without discriminating regions, at everywhere in Vietnam, people can find out stuffs to
make cakes
Banh Chung is cooked from glutinous rice, green peas and pork and is parcelled in
Phrynium's leaves
Rice is the symbol of the wet rice and tropical culture which brings along strongly the
characteristics of Vietnamese nation
Besides, pork is supposed to be the most gentle kind of meat and green peas are both
sweet-taste and nutritious
Put all these stuffs together and intermingle them, we can create a dish whose flavour is
great, fragrant and good for health
Because the cake is covered with phrynium leaves, it looks green and has more sweet
smell than banana leaves
The cake must be packed closely and water must not be allowed to enter in order to have
good cakes
The bamboo strings ought to be tight; otherwise, the cake will not be as delicious as
Nevertheless, if it is too tight, the cake is also impossible to give you the best taste
Time to cook this type of cake is rather long, maybe more than 10 hour, so that grains of
glutinous rice would be well-cooked and stuck together
It is much different from cooking Xoi (steamed rice)
Due to cooking in such a very long time, the stuffs like pork which must be half fat and
half lean, rice and peas can be over-done
And they have enough time to give out all their quintessence, making a collective flavour
for cake
Inside the recipe is a philosophy of harmonious life of Vietnamese community
People who have experienced the older Tet holidays (in the 40s - 50s of the previous
century) often recall about traditional Tet holidays with Banh Chung that was made from
meticulous choices in all materials
In the atmosphere of these Tet holidays, people no longer see the scenes of women and
girls hurrying in wash phrynium leaves, soaking glutinous rice and flay green peas, or the
scene in which children eagerly watched their parents packing cakes and all the families
staying up late to watch the cake pot among warm the atmosphere of charcoal
However, although time is passing by and the country is now integrating more and more
into the global environment, the traditional customs will never be lost in the hearts of
Vietnamese people
And though the Tet holidays' atmosphere of cooking Tet's cakes is not as bustling as in
the old days, the traditional dish "Banh Chung" always appears on the altar worshipping
the forefathers of each family
They are often celebrated by a baptism party to note the special occasion
Some planning on the decor, food, baptism favors and the baptism cake is needed to have
a baptism party that is successful
Here we share some helpful hints on how to do this
Having a list of whom you plan to invite to the baptism party is crucial
No one wants to overlook an important member of the family
Having the list will make it easier for you when you are getting the invitations in order
When mailing the invitations make sure that you give people a fair amount of notice, as
many times guests will be coming from out of town and will need to make arrangements
in order to attend
Most of the time baptism parties are held as soon as the church service is over
Knowing that this is what will be happening should make it relatively easy to choose an
appropriate location for the party
Some people choose to have the party at their own home, while others are more inclined
to rent a hall of some sort
A lot of this depends on the size of the gathering that you will have
Food is one other major thing that needs to be addressed when planning a baptism party
Pickle, sandwich, cheese and cracker, are all forms of trays that are popular for this type
of gathering that you are planning
Make sure that there are cold and hot beverages available for the people that are coming
to the party as well
Lastly, you will need to plan for a cake of some sort
If you want to order one, make sure that you do so ahead of time to make sure that it will
be ready in time for the party
Other children are often present at this type of party
This means that you will want to makes sure that there are things that are available for
them to play with
This means that you will have no time to get things ready before having guests arrive
Be sure to have all of the things that need to be done completed ahead of time will help
the party go well and do not forget to place the baptism favors
Many people make things that they need the day or night before the event so as they are
not rushed
Having the help of friends and family is a great help when it comes to the prepping that is
needed to be done
Often people turn the kitchen area of their home into a mini assembly line to make sure
that all of the tasks are accomplished in a certain order
There are a lot of people that make lists of the things that need to be done for the baptism
party that they are having
This can help make sure that nothing on the list is missed
Do not forget to send thank you cards to the people that brought your little one a special
gift to commemorate the occasion
They will be thrilled to receive this gesture in the mail
An all-American favorite, baseball is adored by people of all ages
Whether watching it on TV, or just playing catch in the backyard, or joining little league
to professional league, baseball is a major part of many people's lifestyle
Especially for people who have baseball contribute to their love life, baseball sometimes
becomes a major part of their wedding
Whether meeting each other on the stands or being the number one fan of your favorite
player, some couples meet and develop their relationships through baseball and have
grown their love not just for each other, but for the game as well
You can make your wedding cake shaped into a baseball or a small baseball field
Sometimes, the pre-nuptial photo shoot is being held on a baseball field, complete with
baseball shoes
As for wedding favors, there are a lot of small giveaways or token that can truly
complement your baseball themed wedding
- Cookies and cupcakes – These American favorites will truly be a treat as well
You can never go wrong pairing everyone's favorite sport and snack
Cookies shaped as baseballs are yummy treats that you can either purchase online or
make personally
You can decorate cupcakes with toppers or candy sprinkles and shape them into baseballs
Either wrap these in a clear bag with ribbon or present them in a plain white box with a
personalized sticker with your wedding details
- Whistles – These can be given as favors as well but expect that everyone, including
adults will want to blow their whistle
While it can be fun, it may ruin the romantic ambiance
If you are giving these away, then you may want to consider placing them inside a box
and giving them out at the end of the wedding
- Key chains – Shaped as baseballs or baseball bats, you can readily purchase them from
local stores or online bridal favors shops
Some sporting goods stores may have such items as well
You can also attach a personalized key chain tag or plate to these for a unique
- Candles – A classic wedding favor, you can have candles shaped as baseballs
You can either use your wedding color motif or your team colors (if they are not the
- Bubble head frames – These cute photo frames has the typical baseball player in his
outfit while his head is made into a photo frame where you can insert your photos
These may be pricier but they are both practical and decorative at the same time
A sports themed wedding can be fun but romantic at the same time
If baseball really does have a significant role in your relationship, why not incorporate it
Just make it classy and grown up or else, your baseball wedding may look like a
children's party – all too fun but lacking romance and elegance
With a sports themed wedding you can both have fun with, make sure your guests leave
your wedding as happy as the two of you with great wedding favors they can take home
If you're destined for a beach wedding, you may be interested in beach wedding cakes
Beach weddings are often destination weddings, a popular choice by many couples who
are looking to wrap their honeymoon and wedding into one, or to have a smaller, intimate
and inexpensive event
To boot, getting married near the shore is extraordinarily romantic, and can make your
wedding experience and memories, that much more special
If you're a bride-to-be, looking for a beach wedding cakes, what design should you be
looking for
It depends on the couples' style, interests and hobbies
It depends on theme of the event, the time of year, the characteristics and layout of the
To get ideas on which cake may be right for your beach wedding, we've rounded up lots
of ideas that we've included below:
Sea Shell Cakes - You just can't go wrong with sea shells on a beach wedding cake
Beaded periwinkle, Florida cone, and maculated ear moon, are some of the most beautiful
sea shells for decoration
Small pieces of coral, is also another great choice
), or can be made from a variety of icing, molding paste or chocolate
Sea shells can be used subtly or as the main design of the cake
A cluster of shells, as the seashell cake topper is a must for this cake design
Marine Wild Life Cakes - Incorporate enchanting sea creatures, such as anemones,
turtles, tropical fish, sea lions, jellyfish, sea stars, dolphins, whales, or sea horses
We did a wedding in Monterey a few years ago, and the reception was at the Monterey
Plaza Hotel - which is right next door to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
The entire wedding party visited the aquarium the day before the wedding, experienced a
private tour and had a wonderful time
The aquarium was the perfect inspiration for the theme of the cake
The cake designer subtly incorporated some of the sea creatures from the aquarium into
the dessert
The topper was a large pearly clam with jewels and pearls pouring out of it, cascading
down the side of the cake
(not real pearls, but fondant balls covered with pearl dust
Surf Cakes - Crashing waves encircling the cake is the perfect trim for a cake with a surf
This style cake is most appropriate for couples who surf, or just love the waves
The surf can be puffy foaming waves, or just subtle hints of wave shaped frosting
Incorporating some blue into the cake can help it look more like the ocean
Airbrushing blue onto cake's frosting, gives a real nice blended, and realistic effect
Add in a surf boards or figurines surfing as your cake topper, and you're set
Tropical Flower Cakes - Hibiscus, cymbidiums, tuberose, or any of your tropical
They can be used as a flower cake topper, they can cascade down the side of the cake or
tiers, or used sparingly throughout
Tropical flowers can also completely cover the cake, or be used just on the base
Wherever placed, they will dress up the most plain and dull cake - and make it instantly
gorgeous looking, and smelling
Sandcastle Cakes - Sandcastles on wedding cakes, are usually used as a toppers
But, we have seen entire cakes shaped like castles, or at least the top half of the cake
shaped like a castle, with a few traditional wedding cake tiers below it
To get the sandy effect, the cake can be sprinkled with fine graham cracker crumbs or
brown sugar
Palms and Coconut Cakes - To remind you of your beautiful location, how about a subtle
design of palm leaves circling the outside cake
How about a cracked open half of a coconut as a cake topper, with bride and groom
figurines lounging in it, as if it were a hammock
Buried Treasure Cake - You don't have to be in the Caribbean to pull this off
The topper could be a treasure chest with gold coins and jewels pouring out of it,
cascading down the side of the cake
If you're in love with Pirates, make have figurine cake toppers of a bride and groom
one as Captain Jack Sparrow, and a fair maiden in her wedding dress, of course
Bamboo and Tiki Cake - Coat the outside layers of the cake with confections made to
look like bamboo
We once attended a luau wedding and the cake had miniature tiki torches sticking out of
the top, and around the cake on the table
When the bride and groom cut the cake, tribal drums were playing in the background
Ocean Activity Cake - Love to go snorkeling, fishing, diving, boogie boarding, or
How about bride and groom figurines fishing for wedding rings off of a pier
This would be easiest to incorporate into a cake topper, but don't forget figurines can be
anywhere on the cake
Any of your favorite ocean activities can be incorporated into your cake
Sea Bird Cake - Sea birds in flight, in love, with their long necks forming a heart
Best as a cake topper, but can be incorporated throughout the cake tastefully if sea birds
are your thing
Lighthouse Cakes - Is your wedding near a really cool lighthouse
We've seen a lot of lighthouse cake toppers, but we also had a client who had her baker
create an entire cake as a lighthouse
Another client had the two bottom layers of the cake as tiered rounds, and the top half of
the cake was a lighthouse and its surrounding area, right down to the boating docks below
Many bakers use crushed crumbs, like graham crackers, or brown sugar
The base of the cake can be covered with "sand", or the top of each exposed layer
Our favorite, is when a pile of "sand" is formed at the base of the cake and spread out on
the table a couple inches around it
Anchors, ropes, buoys, wooden docks, life preserver rings, etc
These can be made from marzipan, subtly sprinkled around the cake, placed as the base,
or used as a cake topper
Beach Relaxation Cakes - Our absolute favorite beach wedding cake is 2 Adirondack
chairs as the cake topper, with 2 pairs of flip flops beneath them
Figurines of the bride and groom sitting in the chairs is optional
A regular beach or lounge chair can also be used instead of the Adirondacks
One of our other favorites was a figurine bride and groom snoozing in a large hammock
as the cake topper, with sand and miniature beer bottles beneath them
Swimming Pool Cakes - Not with real water, we promise
Picture this: the top cake layer made to look like an endless swimming pool
This can be done by cutting the top square edge off of the cake (like a router would carve
out the edge of a wooden table), to simulate an endless pool
Figurines of the bride and groom's heads could be sticking out of the top of the pool, with
shades and sunhats on, holding cocktails of course
Or a hula bride figurine enticing the groom on the top of the cake
The cake could be wrapped with a sarong, or beach umbrella, Hawaiian cocktails,
pineapples, or anything else Hawaiian could be incorporated
Beach Colored Cakes - Just want to use beach themed colors
Stick with white, tan, off-white, teal, and of course, blue
The use of blue can be subtle as the color of the frosting, or air brushed onto the outside
of the cake for a blended or accented look
Benefits Of Almonds: One Of The Best Skin Nutrients
The best way to relish them and preserve all the health benefits is to eat them raw,
unsalted, with the skins
There are many different and easy ways to enjoy these delicious edibles: add sliced
almonds on salad, eat them raw for a snack on a backcountry trip or for breakfast in your
cereals, or spread raw almond paste on a rice cake
You can even use them as a nutritional enhancer in baked goods
Flavonoids and vitamin E: high level of antioxidants
Some studies reported in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry show that eating
almonds with the skins increases levels of flavonoids and vitamin E in the body
Flavonoids are antioxidants with health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antitumor
Almonds contain high levels of powerful antioxidants, which protect your body at
different levels
They deactivate free radicals - cell-destroying compounds that can cause health problems,
such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, and skin damage
Researchers found that the principal flavonoids in almonds - catechin, epicatechin and
Kaempferol - provide the highest degree of protection against oxidant-induced cell dealth
than any other flavonoids
Furthermore, antioxidants and vitamin E in almonds work together and are more effective
when taken in conjunction with each other
They prevent the oxidization of LDL, the 'bad' cholesterol
Most of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated, also known as "good" fat
In winter season, they provide you with the essential oils that are good for your skin
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) are essential for skin membrane function, cell division, brain
development, immune function, and anti-inflammatory responses
Dry skin, cracked nails, constipation, dry hair, sore joints: all these conditions can have
benefits from essential fatty acids
There are two classes of EFAs : Omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic
Most oils don't have the proper balance and it is advisable to use a combination of
different kinds of oils to get the ideal ratio
Good sources of omega 3 are found in fish for example
Other studies found that eating a handful of almonds a day as part of a healthy diet
lifestyle lowered their LDL cholesterol by three per cent, without causing weight gain
In some cases of chronic skin conditions, weight gain can trigger inflammation and
weight management becomes a serious concern
Almonds add extra calories to a diet but they are also very satiating
They contain healthy fibre, which help to eliminate and control hunger
Taking magnesium on a daily basis also help improve energy levels and emotional state
Because emotional stress and fatigue are factors that usually trigger chronic skin
conditions, magnesium is essential
The typical American diet is frequently very low in magnesium and eating almonds help
meet daily recommendations for magnesium
The Recommended Dietary Allowance for magnesium is 400 mg per day
In about 23 whole kernels, you get about 76mg of magnesium
Other good sources of magnesium are: spinach, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, and whole and
unrefined grains
Magnesium is also essential for the conversion of vitamin D to its biologically active
form that then helps the body absorb and utilize of calcium
In the case of psoriasis, vitamin D can prevent psoriatic cells from growing and retard the
production of new skin cells
Almond is also loaded with minerals like phosphorus, zinc, calcium and folic acid
For people who are lactose intolerant, it is a very good alternative to cow products
It is high in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids and provides naturally occurring
vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E
It can be used topically for aging skin, skin itch, dryness, stretch marks, and many other
skin issues
Applying pure almond oil on the body is very moisturizing and nourishing for the skin
Almond oil is also a good oil for cooking because of its high smoke point
So if you think you need to take care of your skin, control your cholesterol levels or just
care for your overall health, almonds are your absolute answer
Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For A Lifelong Remembrance
Your best friend is among the most important person in your life with whom you share
the deepest of secrets
He or She is someone you feel should be truly thanked and gratified for always being for
Birthdays are a great time to show your love and gratitude to the many special people in
your life with mouth watering cakes and unique birthday gifts
Typically, the most challenging part of a birthday celebration is finding the perfect gift
for your loved ones
Sometimes finding a perfect present for your best friend can be quite a daunting task
Your best friend deserves the best and hence you cannot settle down for anything less
The gift has to be truly unique and distinctive to show your appreciation and gratitude for
the friendship
You can start by searching on the internet for a suitable gift for your best friend
There are various websites that offer some unique, useful and unusual gifts which would
truly describe your friendship and shows how much you really care about the friendship
Some of the basic birthday gift ideas could possibly include: bestseller books, some latest
gizmos, deluxe bath pillow, health or body spa specialty items and a scrape book with all
of your fun memories
If your best friend happens to be an art lover, shop for replicas of some ancient gift items
or modern art memorabilia
You can even gift a personalized engraved bottle of vodka or champagne
It reflects the time spent on gathering the many favorite songs of your friend
But as far as the most perfect birthday present for your best friend is concerned, nothing
can beat a pair of tickets to a sporting event or concert
This gift is something that a person rarely treats themselves to
Apart from these birthday gift ideas for your best friend, you can always think of other
ideas which are truly unique and thoughtful
Best Funny Christmas Party Games & Favourite Festive Songs People Will Play This
This is difficult to answer because, one particular party game seen as fun in the eyes of
some folk - may not be seen that way by others
Because of this we find ourselves in a catch 22 situation
Do you invite the people over for Christmas you know will like your selection of party
games, or, those you prefer the company of, but won`t like your games
Do you dismiss the idea of having any Christmas party games at all
Not on your Nellie, come on this is the season of goodwill; it is a time for festive fun and
Whatever games you play should make no difference, however if they do, then for the
guests that refuse to jolly should be politely asked to leave
This may sound harsh but we cannot have one person or two at a push, spoiling your
Christmas day
Christmas is a time for happy gatherings, and if any kiljoy`s sit round the Christmas
dinner table, or in front of an open log fire to play games, then "no happy" gathering it
will be
Best Christmas party games you will find are played at office Xmas parties, Children's
Christmas Parties, and at family celebrations, and why
Because they add fun and spread the Christmas spirit
This game has you give each guest on arrival a small token
Tell all they are not to utter this word at all during the Christmas occasion you celebrate
If a guest overhears another guest utter this specific word at any time they take that
person`s token
The guest with the most tokens at the specific designated time of ending the game wins a
special gift
If possible for this particular game is to avoid volunteers, as more often than not they can
sing and do not embarrass easy
We want fun right, and if at someone else's expense then so be it (in a nice way)
It's more fun to hear voices like that of a wailing banshee, or watching the footwork of
those who believe they have feet like Micheal Flatly
Let everyone showcase their talent by singing or dancing
Contest winner tags should "Best Singer" "Best Dancer" "Worst vocalist" "Most Unique"
"Most Funny" This game guarantees the air to fill with laughter
Remember Christmas celebrations should cater for all age groups so organize for the
young and old
Best Christmas party games are the ones people can join in with
This game includes all participants of each side to hold hands while passing bows along a
Hands must not unlock at any time while passing bows
Divide the group into teams of 6 to 10 people and have the team's line up side by side,
either sitting or standing next to each other
Now prompt each player to hold the right wrist of the person to their right
You can use a Christmas cracker bang to start the game - both teams must now pass bows
down to one end and place them in the bucket or bowl
Note: If a bow is dropped, it can only be retrieved while still joined to the wrist of a team
member, and if the chain breaks all the bows currently being passed must move back to
the beginning of the line
) Not to worry if you have no bows, I am sure you can find other as a substitute
Gather together 10 to 20 small Christmas items and place on a tray
Examples: bows, Christmas stocking, bells, Christmas tinsel, Christmas lights, gift labels,
candles, Christmas video, nutcracker, etc…
Now give the players paper and a pencil and have them write down as many of the items
as they can remember
The one with the most correct items written down wins
Why not fill the tray with treats, like cookies, cake, tubbed jellies or assorted types of
The winner of the game gets to take home the treats
This fun game becomes more serious for the participants purely because of this
Well wouldn`t you want to take home a bag of yummies
Kick start the festive spirit by providing everyone with a Christmas hat
Not only will this add "moving color" to the room, it will have everyone excite
themselves even more
Listen to the laughter as each person puts on their hat
Kill two birds with one stone and buy Christmas crackers which contain hats
If there are any lively games to be played make sure the charismas tree or lighted candles
or any type of breakables are moved out of the way
There are games you can play before sitting down to feast, however normally folk are
famished and just want to get stuck into the turkey, so consider playing the best
Christmas games after everyone has eaten and had time to digest their food
Nevertheless if you want to keep your guests occupied till dinner is served, play the
"guess me" game
You might stuff the socks with a small ornament, roll of tape, a fir cone etc
Have each person feel the contents of the sock and write down their guesses
This is why this game is best played with two socks so they get a pair for the prize
Remember that music is the most ideal aside from playing the best Christmas games to
get everyone in the mood
Keep music lively; avoid slow and somber sounds as this can dampen a person`s sprits,
who at this particular time may have something to feel saddened over
Your quest is to help this person, "not to forget," but to enjoy
Slade`s 'Merry Xmas Everybody' has been voted the most loved Christmas song by the
British public
Let us not forget why we celebrate Christmas day December the 25th
While we give gifts and pleasure in our kids delight and cook dinner we often overlook
"the reason for the season", the birth of God's son, Jesus Christ
Loving Father, Help us remember the birth of Jesus
that we may share in the song of the angels, the gladness of the shepherds, and worship of
the wise men
Close the door of hate and open the door of love all over the world
Let kindness come with every gift and good desires with every greeting
Deliver us from evil by the blessing which Christ brings, and teach us to be merry with
clear hearts
May the Christmas morning make us happy to be thy children, and Christmas evening
bring us to our beds with grateful thoughts, forgiving and forgiven, for Jesus' sake
The best laser hair brush is designed with several unique features to benefit us, the
The lasers are embedded within a familiar hair brush, and there should be at least several
rows of laser diodes (not simple light emitting diodes or LEDs) that deliver a precision
pattern of low level laser light directly to your scalp
Laser hair brush manufacturers recommend using the brush three times a week, 10-15
minutes per use
The lasers in the brush deliver healing, stimulating low level laser light to the follicles to
promote the hair growth, and no prescription drugs are necessary for exceptional results,
although studies have shown that use of prescription drugs for hair re-growth do not
counteract the benefits of the laser therapy
When you wash your hair, use a liquid or cream shampoo
Shave a portion of the cake of soap and drop it in a small amount of water in the pan
When the soap has melted, use it like any other liquid shampoo
In a hard-water area, be doubly sure to use a detergent shampoo
It used to be that blowers were the only tool women can use to style their hair
Thanks in large part to advances in technology, more products have been invented to
achieve this goal
Being a flat iron, this product helps in removing the curls or frizz from your hair
There are different types of combs for the different types of hair and having the right
brush is key especially in maintaining your hair quality
These are the brushes that hair stylists utilize whenever a customer with curly hair
frequents their salon
The smaller the curls, the smaller the round brush but nevertheless, it is a round brush
Paddle brushes are ideal for people having long and medium hair because this is an
excellent brush for straightening hair
Another great quality of this brush is that it makes hair smooth as it grows longer and
with time this brush can actually contribute to healthier hair
A paddle brush is ideal for untangling hair and helps give volume to the hair
It is no longer surprising for hair salons to have a section for both men and women all in
the same grooming area
While salons are the predominant way in which people care for their hair commercially,
it is also not uncommon for people to have personal dressers
But let us look at hair maintenance as it relates to the right hair brush
Another similar attachment is a plastic pick piece that is attached to your hair dryer
Like the brush nozzle, the plastic pick allows you to comb through your hair as you dry it
This prevents snarls and allows your hair to dry quicker, as you are combing it at the
same time
The cost of hair extension vary depending on the type of hair extension that you want to
Basically, the cost varies between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars
The reason for the disparity of cost is dependent on whether or not you want a synthetic
or real human hair extension
Eat a diet rich in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to produce hair
Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, Biotin and protein are some of the most important nutrients
in this case
Eat in more fruits and vegetables as in general they contain high amounts of vitamins and
minerals that are very beneficial in promoting hair growth
The holiday season arrived and once more, it is for radio and television the opportunity to
make us enjoy the Christmas music we love
While historians are not sure of the origins of Christmas caroling, we tend to think that
originally carolers were roaming from one house to a different one, singing Christmas
songs and receiving food or some hot beverage
Then came radios echoing the beautiful melodies of Joy to the World as well as Silent
The birth of television allowed us to enjoy the holiday season by creating a wide variety
of Christmas shows that we enjoy each year
One of these well-known classics is Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", especially
adapted for these shows
Who does not know the story of this old miserly, avaricious, selfish and vindictive man
called Ebenezer Scrooge, who became a kind, generous and grandfatherly gentleman
Many carols are largely and regularly featured in any adaptation you care to watch
The familiar words to "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Hark the Herald Angels Sing",
and "Silent Night" are sung by numerous young boys caroling, also known as wassailing,
in hopes of receiving some cakes or a hot cup of the alcoholic drink
And what about the famous film "It's a Wonderful Life", starred by James Stewart
Remember George Bailey and the angel Clarence Odbody
The angel has been sent on earth to show George, depressed, all the good he has done to
people around him
At the end of the movie, the entire family gathered around the Christmas tree and sang
"Joy to the World"
In all film genre, there is one whose music will become an international and eternal
The famous "White Christmas", performed by the great and unequaled Bing Crosby
Nowadays this song is still regarded to be the most popular Christmas song in the world
Bing Crosby held a Christmas special for many years until his death in 1977
These shows hosted a myriad of Hollywood celebrities like Cyd Charise, Carol Burnett,
Michael Landon, Connie Stevens and many more
Everyone of them would sing such classics as "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas",
"Jingle Bells", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and many others
Bing Crosby's last Christmas show was unforgettable as David Bowie did a duet with
Bing Crosby
Exactly like White Christmas, it is for sure one of the most wonderful Christmas songs
ever created
Although now you're apart, you and your ex girlfriend do share a lot of sweet memories
that just won't fade away just like that
This includes your first eye contact, first date, first kiss and first hug
You've been there for each other for better or for worst
So, do not hold anything back because you think she might think you are desperate and
be turned off by your feelings of wanting to have her back
For me, if someone has feelings for someone and does not take any action on it, it is
really sad
You must tell her what you still feel for her and what she really means to you
You must sincerely regret the mistakes of the past and change for the better
You owe it to yourself to try and not spend the rest of your life wondering what might
have happened if you did
I've identified a couple of easy ways of getting back together with your ex girlfriend:
Don't sit and wait as at some point it may be too late to do something about it
For some women certain psychological techniques might work and some won't
That means methods of approaching should also be different
My experience tells me one way of getting back together (depending on the
circumstances) is to tell her that you still have feelings for her
2) Be honest and tell her everything that's on your mind
If you manage to get a hold of your ex girlfriend, take a plunge and let her know what
you feel
Do not turn it into a huge argument that could get things worst between the two of you
Just tell her what you think and how you feel with your own words
You can exercise at home what you're going to say and how you're going to say it
Every word that gets out of your mouth must be backed up by concrete actions
You must act quick if you want a fighting chance to regain your love
Although it may seem like getting your ex back is difficult, it is very easy
If you strongly believe you don't have a chance with her than you won't
Although counter intuitive, if you believe it's easy than getting back with her will be a
piece of cake
Here are some additional tips for you to get your ex back:
If it is hard for you to reach that positive state in your mind, know that there are many
other people out there that suffer from relationship problems and break ups
There are also so many other problems in the world that are far more worst than yours
Although it may sound a little funny, thinking of other people having it worst than you
might actually cheer you up
A positive state of mind can and will influence everyone around you
Your ex girlfriend will certainly notice it and will be intrigued
Ideas on getting her back will start flowing naturally
Tip # 3 - Be contempt with the changes in your life
Although we may act selfish in the name of love, love in itself is the most altruistic
feeling we ever experience
You should not enter a relationship hoping that someone should make you happy and
If you forget about being happy with yourself, you will end up disappointed if they fail to
do that and your life will fall apart if they leave you
Best Way To Win With A Real Betfair Betting System Technique
A win rate of 90%, wow that in fact would be rather special, now see inside your mind's
eye the income possibility
truth of this matter is, by having a football betting technique that has been specifically
designed for the purpose may well render this viable
What would you imagine the response will be from nearly all individuals at any time you
asked the next question
Imagine if I informed you that it was possible to be a winner ninety percent of this time
using a proven football betting method
You would anticipate the reply (when they stop laughing) to become somewhat along the
lines of “It is just not possible, the bookies simply would not permit it
No football betting technique can possibly succeed 90% of the time"
Hence, the next question nonetheless remains unanswered: Is it actually a 'mugs game',
becoming a winner 9 times out of 10 just through following a proven football betting
system ,is that reality or fairy tale
What if you found a football betting system which includes a confirmed account of
results which was highly profitable, boasting lots of years of established results as a
consequence enjoyed a win rate in excess of 90%
It undoubtedly would not be a mugs game in that case, it will be an enormously smart
What about this - a football betting system with the power to make you cash in just the
same way as the bookies churn out their considerable annual profits, would that get your
juices to flow
Okay now this is achievable - betting exchanges present the reliable feature of lay betting
(accept bets similar to a bookmaker) by employing a football betting system that
demonstrates ways to lay bet the outcome, that's how the bookmakers always seem to
repeatedly come out on topeach and every year
To profit from football lay betting you ought to employ a football betting system
produced exclusively for lay betting, what's more a betting exchange similar to Betfair
that puts the icing over the cake, offering a definite chance of collecting a return nine
times out of ten
Over the long-term, no more than a miserable two percent of all punters make any real
money from their gambling activities
If you remain focussed and begin to believe and lay bets in an identical manner like a
bookie, then you definitely can without doubt propel yourself into this very important
winners club
Yes, but applying any old football betting method is quite plainly not good enough, the
system applied ought to include full use of the betting exchanges, providing you with a
true chance of becoming a winner nine times out of ten Only a betting strategy carefully
produced for the intention of lay betting on the betting exchanges should meet your
No, to obtain the desired long-term results you must make totally sure the football betting
system used has been purposely produced with football lay betting in mind
Lay betting losers for profit (laying), what precisely is it
At this point this could be virtually any sporting occasion that you can think of, football,
rugby, tennis, golf etc
Colossal proceeds are made every year by the bookmakers by way of their fundamental
interest of 'laying bets'
It may be the case that you know entirely nothing at all on the subject of betting
It really is imperative to absolutely recognize the differences concerning �lay betting' in
addition to �back betting'
It is just thinking in a distinct way from the norm concerning betting - even so, to make
certain of success generated by lay betting on football you ought to find out all that you
can about the subject
It actually isn't as complicated as it might seem to you right at this moment
By taking a useful look at the help section within the Betfair Betting Exchange website
can help immensely as well as give you the basics, their help section is thoroughly
educational and should give you all the information and guidance essential in support of
lay betting
Quite possibly, you might already understand the basics of lay betting and just have need
of a little refresher about the way it all works
In that situation, a football betting system with a proven winning track-record of
profitability will aim you in the best direction
Just now you could be feeling a little bit mystified
That will help you to understand lay betting more, together with the betting exchange
lingo that is used, I recommend you pay a visit to the Betfair website
By visiting the help section of their website should offer you a much better insight into
general lay betting and the way it all works
Best Wedding Cakes Mississauga -Know What You Want
Finding the right wedding cake bakery in Mississauga or just finding the right wedding
cake style should not be a chore
Be sure to have at least an idea of what you want your cake to look like
For this go through wedding magazines, Google images for fancy designer wedding
This way you will find a large variety of cake designs that you will either hate or
absolutely love
You are bound to find the right cake design that fits your personal taste and style
Find a picture of what you would like as a guide, but be aware of your budget
If you absolutely love a particular cake design that you feel that its out of your budget
voice your concern to your Mississauga wedding cake baker
If you are open to them creating a wedding cake design in your budget, that looks like the
expensive one you love
our baker could pleasantly surprise you with what they design for you
Remember the wedding cake bakers in Mississauga are artists who love what they do,
and will go out or their way to please you if you are open to suggestions and easy to work
Be sure to have your wedding colors picked out and finalized before you even step a foot
in to a bakery
Bring swatches of your wedding colors that you want your cake to match
Do not bring pictures as often the colors in pictures are slightly off and the picture colors
can fade in time
You don't want to be unpleasantly surprised on your wedding day that your cake is not
exactly the color you requested
So be sure to bring actual swatches of the colors you want your wedding cake to be
Most importantly, do not break the bank on something that will be eaten by you and your
Be flexible and work with your Mississauga wedding cake bakery on a design that will fit
your budget
For those couples that consider themselves high-spirited and vivacious, why not represent
it on your wedding cake at the very top
Typically you'll find a boring bride and groom atop a cake, both formally suited for the
long-established wedding ceremony has been done so often
That's what you and everyone else presume to see on the top of that wedding cake
Why not be venturesome and put a bike on the top as an amusing alternative
You are and your betrothed are of course in this affair together
It takes two to do the deed, so do a double-seat, as an alternative
That way you can exhibit that the two of you are together on the same pathway, pedaling
at the same speed, and will always seek to arrive at your final destination together
What more could any wedded pair truly wish and hope for
You want your marriage to be a partnership, but also a bit of an adventure
You want to stay as fit and lively as when you very first met, and seeing that little bike as
a reminder in all of your wedding photographs will be just the right push to keep
motivated to keep going
If you find the right cake topper, you can always add a spice of comicality as well
Install training wheels on the groom-to-be's bicycle and see if that doesn't elicit a laugh or
We've all seen those toppers where the groom-to-be is dragged by the wife – why not
have him tied to a bicycle
Or search for one where the bride-to-be is on the handle bars, being guided to paradise as
the groom-to-be pedals their way forward
Whether you want to symbolize your fit and active way of life, your adventurous
personal spirit, or simply want to have a bit of fun, a bicycle wedding topper can really
top the cake
A final consideration: who is to say that a pair of white sneakers don't look excellent with
a white wedding gown
Who would want to ride off to the setting sun on an old horse when they could pedal off
into marital bliss
Bilingual Legally Compliant Canadian Food Labels: Accessible With ACC Label
Food labelling is a crucial part of product development
Food products may be nutritious, delicious, and attractively packaged, but unless their
labels conform to Canadian regulations, they may not be sold in Canada
ACC Label is a team of nutritionists, food scientists and translators offering labelling
expertise to companies interested in marketing food products in Canada
They provide database and laboratory nutritional analysis to determine the nutritional
composition [protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc
Database analysis consists of determining a product's nutritional content on the basis of
the nutritional values of its ingredients
Good database analysis, however, is not just a matter of entering data into nutritional
analysis software and letting the computer do the rest
Extensive food science and nutrition knowledge are necessary to ensure reliable data
ACC Label's nutritionists have perfected the database analysis methodology to provide
accurate results
Laboratory analyses consist of chemical breakdown of the actual products
ACC Label contracts with laboratories fully accredited by the Standards Council of
Canada for such analyses
Once the nutritional composition of the food product is known, ACC Label produces
compliant, print-ready Nutrition Facts tables
In addition to nutritional labelling, ACC Label provides food label regulatory analysis
determine whether all the mandatory labelling elements are displayed as required by
ensure no label elements are misleading and illegal;
The importance of the legal compliance of food labels cannot be overemphasized, as the
consequences of inadequate labelling can be very costly in fines, seizures, label reprints,
Equally important is the linguistic quality of texts
Just as poor graphic design or low quality packaging, poorly written texts convey
carelessness and give the impression that the product is of inferior quality
For outstanding linguistic quality on food labels, you want to rely on people passionate
about words who can convey messages with style
Also, you want people with a good knowledge of Canadian labelling requirements who
will not alter the legal compliance of your labels
Finally, you want someone familiar with the particularities of the two Canadian official
languages, as Canadian French and Canadian English differ from Parisian French and US
To complement their nutritional and label regulatory analysis services, ACC Label's
offers the linguistic services you need, whether you speak English, French, Italian or
The production and sale of quality food products is a challenge in itself
Dealing with food labelling regulations, nutritional analysis and linguistics is a totally
different matter
To food manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers who wish to focus on what
they do the best, ACC Label offers peace of mind with respect to their food labelling
Constructing your own bird feeders is a nice approach to attract birds to your house
Building bird feeders can be quite a fun hobby, and the birds will surely appreciate it
Bird feeders need to be made from durable material, because they will have to withstand
various varying weather condotions
Redwood, red-colored cedar, or even cypress wood may be used to build a bird feeder
You can utilize the left-over material from the house building to create a bird feeder too
Hopper Feeders are usually convenient as you simply have to lift the cover and pour in
the food
They will generally hold multiple days worth of food
The actual hopper feeder has trays on both sides for birds to land on and also the bird
seed is protected from rain and compacted snow
The wood feeder can be reloaded with seed from the top also it can hang from a tree, pole
or a hook
Platform Feeders attract a wide variety of birds and allows many to feed simultaneously
They can be put up from a hook, placed on the floor, or installed on a pole
They usually possess screen at the base which allows water to drain, helping keep seed
Some have a top for protection from rain and also snow
Platform feeders are made to accommodate birds of all sizes
Tube Bird Feeders have more than one giving station with perches that provide several
The particular tube style bird feeder shields seed from weather and allows several birds to
feed simultaneously
Suet Feeders hold purchased suet cakes or perhaps suet cakes you are making yourself
generally in a line cage
We've also outlined some feeders here which use a peanut butter suet stuffed into holes
Choose the feeder that fits best with the kind of birds you need to attract
Remember to make use of squirrel baffles whenever mounting feeders on poles in
addition to from above
When possible, make an effort to place your own feeder where squirrels cannot access all
of them from above or even where they're unable to jump to them
otherwise, without protection, you've just built the squirrel feeder as well
You should think about how to keep the bird feeder well stocked regularly, with feed
When the birds arrive a few times in order to find the feeder empty, you can find chances
of them not really returning to the feeder again, due to lack of food
You should make the proper arrangements to always keep the feeder filled with foods,
especially, in case you are working or, preparing to go out for a holiday
During the winter months, be sure to keep a check about the feed, as very cold
temperature ranges can deep freeze the food solid, thus, discouraging birds through
coming to feed from your feeder
There are numerous of bird feeders plans, which are available that you can choose
Most bird feeders plans, have attached with them, comprehensive description and
guidelines, to direct a person in maintaining the feeder the right way, that also includes a
Now begins your time to consider the kind of birds you would like to observe
There is no other time where a cake fits in more besides from birthdays and a
magnificently decorated cake makes for a present itself
Parents wish to celebrate this special day in their child's life with all they can
A well adorned or a themed birthday cake is the most important item on the list
While choosing a theme for the cake decoration it is crucial that you keep the likes and
dislikes of your child in mind
If your child is fond of a guitar then get the cake decorated like a guitar
Also come up with exclusive birthday cake decoration ideas that will truly surprise your
child and be remembered for years to come
Many who do not have the time or skill to bake and decorate a cake themselves often
purchase it from a vendor
There are many topics to select from for cake designs
Amongst the most popular cakes seen at birthday parties
All you need is a big sheet of cake that has been cooled well
For the balloons frost a few cookies with colored frosting and place them on the cake as
if they were a bunch of balloons
Use colored icing to make the strings of the balloon
Kids always love cartoon characters from the latest movies
You can use this as a theme for the birthday cake decoration of your child
You can do the cake decorations with toy story characters buy purchasing the toys and
placing them on the cake
Also you can add to the cake decorations by icing some designs on the cake
For this you need three round 8 inch cakes and a cake baked in a four to six inch deep
bowl and a Barbie Doll
Cut the domes of the three 8 inch round cakes and cut a 2 inch hole in the center of each
Then you can place the cake baked in the bowl on top of the stack with the dome side up
Now place the doll in the center hole and decorate the rest of the cake as if a flowing
princess dress
Cut the cake like the peace sign and flip the four pieces
Now place the pieces with all the four corners facing the centre
This make a cute looking butterfly all you need to do is decorate it accordingly
To get more artistic ideas you can search the internet or a better way would be to buy
cake decorating DVD or join cake decorating classes
This will give you a exhibition of how to embellish the cake and teach cake decorating
We welcome you to the tasty, yummy and finger licking world of cakes
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Choosing the perfect wedding cakes is an important step in the planning of any wedding
While the cake is not the most important decision it is one of the main focal points of the
reception and if done incorrectly, it could potentially put a damper on the day
To ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you get exactly what you want
We are more experience in Birthday cake Delivery in Bangalore
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Birthday Cake Ideas To Inspire Creativity And Create One-Of-A-Kind Cake Art
Birthday cake ideas to help you create the wow-factor
With a little brainstorming, time, and creativity you'll be whipping up confection
masterpieces in no time at all
Here's a few categories to serve as a springboard for your brainstorming:
Although there are many different birthday cake options from which to select, your
choice depends upon whom it is for and how old that person is going to be
Generally, you will find the more unusual or elaborate cakes are created for a baby's 1st
birthday or a child's special day
The market tends to cater to this group by providing the widest range of cakes available
Birthday Cake Ideas For Kids - If your child likes animals, then you have a myriad of
For example, you could have a cake made into the shape of an elephant, dolphin, bunny,
teddy bear, turtle, cat, frog, or even a ladybug or bumble bee cake might be appropriate
A popular theme that works well for either a boy or a girl is a clown or other circusrelated cake
They are usually very bright and colorful, which makes for instant attraction and a great
focal point for a party table
Birthday Cakes For Girls - For a little girl you might consider making a princess, fairy, or
mermaid cake, or a cake that is dedicated to their favorite doll or toy
Another option is to have a bakery turn a photograph of your child into an edible image
and use that as a part of the cake's main decoration
When little ones see themselves on a cake, it always attracts their attention and brings
many a grin, not to mention constantly sneaking peeks at themselves
Birthday Cakes For Boys - If you need a cake for a boy, then you might want to focus on
their favorite sport, a car-shaped cake, or again their favorite toy
Some other cake ideas that boys might enjoy are trains, trucks, airplanes, or pirates
Milestone Birthday Cake Ideas - If you're celebrating a special or milestone birthday,
then you could make a cake in the shape of the age like a number 1, 16, 30, 50, 100, etc
Depending upon how many guests you plan on serving will help dictate the ultimate size
of your age cake
Although this is a great idea, this type of cake isn't something that you would want to
create year after year
The cake theme basically comes down to focusing on what the child is most interested in,
so, as a parent, you have the opportunity to be the Cake Hero and provide your youngster
with a cake that will make their eyes open wide and smile with delight as they shout out,
Bottom Line: When you're trying to come up with some birthday cake ideas, brainstorm
Make a list of what the person is most interested in, their likes and dislikes, the era of
their birth, along with considering their profession, hobbies, and age as possibilities to
help you create a that cake masterpiece
Plan your baking and assembling steps in advance and the result is a gorgeous, delicious
Marzipan, at room temperature (recipe follows), see note
Line the bottom of the pan(s) with a round of parchment paper
Fill a medium saucepan half full of water and bring to a boil
Using a hand whisk, beat the eggs until blended in the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer
(The water should be at least 2 inches below the bottom of the bowl
) To prevent the eggs from cooking, use your hand to stir the mixture constantly until it
feels quite warm
The eggs should remain liquid and not become opaque or cooked
(Failing to mix constantly will result in very sweet scrambled eggs
) Immediately remove the bowl from the heat, fit the mixer with the whisk attachment
and start whipping the eggs on high speed without stopping for 3 to 4 minutes
Meanwhile, melt the butter and pour it into a small bowl
The egg mixture is ready when the eggs have just cooled and at least tripled in volume
When you lift the whisk out of the bowl, the batter should fall of the whisk in ribbons
Pour a generous cup of batter over the melted butter mixture in the small bowl
Slowly pour the butter mixture over the remaining batter in the bowl in a circular motion
(If you add the butter mixture too quickly, it will sink, reducing the volume and
toughening the cake
) Gently fold together until none of the darker butter mixture is visible
Carefully pour the batter into the prepared 9 x 2-inch pan; it should be about two-thirds
Set the cake pan(s) on a baking sheet and immediately place on the center rack in the
If using a 9 x 2-inch pan, bake for about 30 minutes and wait to open the oven until the
cake has baked at least 25 minutes, or it may fall
If using two pans, bake for about 20 minutes and wait to open the oven until the cakes
have baked at least 15 minutes
The cake is done when it just starts to pull away from the sides of the pan
(The cake will not spring back when gently pressed, and a toothpick will not come out
clean when it is ready
Remove the cakes from the oven and immediately run a metal icing spatula or knife
around the inside of the pan(s) to loosen the cake
Let cool for 5 minutes, then unmold and let cool completely
The cakes may be stored, well wrapped, in the refrigerator for 1 day, or frozen for up to 1
(1) For optimum moistness, this cake is best baked in a 9 x 2-inch cake pan, then cut into
3 layers
(2) Genoise may be cut into layers as soon as it is cool
If the cake has been refrigerated, cut it as soon as you remove it from the refrigerator
If it has been frozen, let it thaw about 30 minutes, then cut
Always cut off the top layer first and place it cut side down
(3) If you precut the cake layers well before icing the cake, keep them covered with
plastic wrap
Vanilla genoise dries out very quickly when left unwrapped
Put the confectioners' sugar in the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer fitted with the flat beater
With the mixer running on medium-low speed, add the almond paste about 1 teaspoon at
a time
Add the corn syrup and mix on low speed until incorporated
In a small bowl, combine the water and food coloring
With the mixer on medium-low speed, add about half of the food coloring mixture and
beat until incorporated
Continue gradually adding the food coloring until the marzipan just comes together and
reaches the consistency of sugar cookie dough
It should be smooth but not crumbly or overly sticky
If more color is desired, knead it in by hand after removing the marzipan from the mixer
(Remember it is easier to add a little more color at the end than to make a new batch
) Different colors have different intensities and will require different amounts
Store in an airtight container or covered in plastic wrap in the refrigerator for up to 1
In a small saucepan, combine the water and sugar and bring just to a boil over medium
Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 month
In a heavy saucepan, warm the half-and-half over medium heat until it begins to simmer
Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix the cornstarch with the sugar
When the half-and-half is simmering, slowly add about half of it to the cornstarch
mixture, whisking constantly to incorporate
Whisk this mixture into the simmering half-and-half and continue to whisk vigorously
and constantly until the pastry cream thickens, 2 to 5 minutes
Remove from heat, add the vanilla and transfer to a glass or metal bowl
Let cool completely, stirring frequently to prevent a skin from forming on the top
Cover and refrigerate for at least 5 hours or up to 3 days
When you are ready to assemble the cake, make the whipped cream: In a deep bowl,
combine all the ingredients
Using an electric mixer or a balloon whisk, beat the mixture until soft peaks form
Using a long serrated knife, level the top(s) of the cakes
Place the top layer of the cake, cut side down, on a 9-inch cake cardboard
Brush it lightly with soaking solution, being careful not to oversoak it
Spread the cake with a thin layer of the raspberry jam
Set the middle layer of the cake on the whipped cream
Place the remaining cake layer, cut side down, on the top of the pastry cream
There should be just enough whipped cream to seal in all the crumbs and to prevent the
marzipan from resting directly on the cake
Mound the remaining whipped cream on the top of the cake and, using a metal icing
spatula, spread into a dome so that the cake almost looks like an upside-down bowl
Soften the edge where the top of the genoise ends and the dome begins by beveling it
with the flat part of the spatula
Bring the marzipan to room temperature at least 1 hour before assembling the cake
Before attempting to cover a cake with marzipan for the first time, practice covering an
inverted 8- or 9-inch bowl
Once you are comfortable with this technique, gather up the marzipan, knead it into a ball
and reroll to cover the cake
Lightly dust the work surface with confectioners' sugar
Frequently dust the marzipan with plenty of confectioners' sugar and turn the circle to
make sure the marzipan is not sticking to the work surface
Using your hand, brush off the excess confectioners' sugar
Don't worry if a lot of confectioners' sugar clings to the marzipan; it will be absorbed
Set the cake near the rolled out marzipan, about 6 inches away from the edge of the work
surface, so that you can see and reach around the entire cake
Loosely roll the marzipan onto the rolling pin, starting at the back and rolling toward you
Lift the rolling pin with the marzipan rolled around it
Unroll the marzipan over the cake, starting at the front and unrolling toward the back,
while making sure to cover the entire cake and cardboard
When finished, some marzipan should drape onto the work surface all around the cake
At this point, the dome of the cake will be smoothly covered, but there will be folds or
creases on the sides
To remove the folds and creases, lift the outside edge of the marzipan with a hand on
either side of a fold and, without tearing or stretching, gently pull the marzipan out and
down until the fold disappears
Once all the folds are eliminated, rub the palm of your hand around the sides of the cake
to further smooth it and eliminate air pockets
With a rolling pizza cutter or small, sharp knife, carefully cut off the excess marzipan
along the bottom edge of the cake cardboard
Slide the icing spatula under the cake cardboard and tilt the cake up enough to get the
palm of your other hand underneath to lift it without touching the sides
Turn the cake, checking to make sure the cake and cardboard are completely covered
with the marzipan
If not, gently push the marzipan down, using the palm of your other hand
Set the cake down and sift a fine dusting of confectioners' sugar over it
Cut three elongated ovals about 3 inches long by 1 inch wide out of the remaining
marzipan to make three leaf shapes
Lightly score the top of the leaves with a knife to create veins
Place the marzipan leaves, spaced evenly apart, on the center of the domed cake top with
the steam ends touching
Gently press the stem ends into the dome to secure the leaves to the top of the cake
Lift the sepals so they will set over the marzipan leaves and insert the rose into the center
of the dome
The finished princess cake may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, but it is best
the day it is made
Remove the cake from the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving
A birthday just isn't a birthday if the ceremony doesn't include the most sumptuous
ingredient of cakes
It doesn't take much to figure out the reason behind the popularity of cakes as the demand
for these baked delights maintain an all time high at bakeries all over the world
The scope of applying varied ingredients like fruits and chocolate make them all the more
desirable, as even bigger ceremonies like weddings take the occasion to a higher level
with cakes
However, the classic ceremony that rests specifically on the wonders of cakes to add
more pizazz is a birthday
Perhaps that is the reason why bakeries come up with specialised delicacies for the
purpose in the form of birthday cakes
Smearing the top of a cake with wishes for the birthday person takes up a favourite part
of the activity besides planting stylised candles on it
This tradition is more often than not, observed on birthday parties of children who seem
to recline in a sheer abandonment of joy and laughter along with the smudging of cake
over the face of the birthday kid
The magic of cakes just doesn't seem to wear off, and with the participation of many
delicacy specialists into the league of cake making, the tempo takes on an even greater
Lots of icing on the cake with creams of all sorts can give them an even more desirable
presentation to the helplessness of the drooling onlookers
The latest in the birthday cake bandwagon is the inclusion of the element of innovation,
which sooner or later was bound to happen
With children unmistakeably falling prey to the innocent gimmicks of their favourite
characters, birthday cakes have started coming in various designs and shapes of cartoon
The resultant factor is a gleeful gathering of a frenzied group of animation lovers taking a
bite of these popular cakes
Birthday Party Checklist - Preparing For The D-day
special parties must go along with a simpler birthday party checklist
A child's birthday party needs the use of a checklist to plan the various tasks
Forgetting to place an order for the birthday cake is a disaster
Holiday parties may be good but they occur during a complex time of year
A birthday party checklist can help minimize the unpleasant affect of the time
A birthday party checklist is needed for the events of any sized party
A very high society party can be particularly cumbersome to organize anyway
The party checklist must contain: numbered addresses, address invitations, mail
invitations, order party goods, order cake or deli items, plan entertainment, and
Highly budgeted plans will use two or more party checklist
Individual party checklists can be used for different events and payed individuals
Birthday party checklists for the florist, caterer, dress maker, tux rentals, limo, band,
rehearsal dinner, and invitations etc
input for initial meeting, reveal brochures to party organizer; 50% pre-payments for
contractors; and supervise beautification of church and reception hall would be typical
Delegating some of these to a qualified person who can, really is necessary in larger
occasion planning
A Birthday party checklist is a highly useful planning tool for the many things to do in
preparing for all birthday party
Arrange them on the list according to necessary preparation time then prioritize the
individual topics
Some things on the list will not be ready but rather is only need to be on the list by the
amount of advance notice necessary
Placing on the birthday party checklist of shipping time that is feasible will be helpful for
internet orders of the party goods or other things
Birthday Wording Ideas: The Best Quotes, Quips And Sayings For Invitations, Favors,
Toasts And More
Someone special is about to have a birthday and you're looking for just the right words to
use for this happy occasion
Maybe you're seeking to add an appropriate quote to personalized party invitations or
Perhaps you want to put a short saying in icing on the celebrant's cake
Or you might need inspiration in wording a toast or the message inside the birthday card
Whether you're searching for funny quips or heartfelt sentiments, here are some tips to
help you find the best
Use your favorite search engine to serve up some great wording ideas
Search for specific terms like "funny birthday sayings" or "milestone birthday quotes"
Don't just limit yourself to websites devoted entirely to quotations
For instance, on a site that sells personalized invitations, there's a page with gems like
"more candles: bigger wish
You can find websites with free content entirely dedicated to special occasions
Plus, a lot of scrapbooking sites offer ideas for titles and journaling that might give you
just what you need
If you have any greeting card software such as Print Shop Deluxe or Greeting Card
Factory, you may not be aware there's a hidden treasure of special occasion wording
ideas built right into all these programs
Then choose "sentiment" and it will open up a large list of suggestions to use in the card
you're making
Well, you don't have to make a card or even know how to create one to take advantage of
this feature
Just find the birthday category and scroll down the list until you find a quote or words
you like
If you want a rich source of material for the speech you plan to give at the party, go to the
Browse through birthday cards and take notes of phrases, jokes and plays on words
For example, you might find a card that says something like, "on your birthday, I'm
wishing you something you've always given me: happiness, laughter and lots of love"
That would make a touching toast or inscription to write in a greeting card
Of course, you can't use their wording for any commercial purposes
But you can borrow a line or two for personal use to help you express yourself to the
Check out the imprinted napkins and paper plates, especially in the milestone section
You'll find phrases like "aged to perfection" or "forty is 4 perfect 10's
These would be great for the top of a birthday cake, on invitations and favors, or
anywhere else you need a short saying
Find quotes you like, but then change them to make it your own wording
For example, say you found the quip, "I'm not old, I've just been young a very long time
It's just that he's been young for a very, very, very, very long time
Combine quotations, jokes, phrases, and then put your own spin on them
Change the words to suit the celebrant and use language that reflects the way you
naturally speak
You don't have to struggle to find perfect wording ideas for that special person's birthday
There are plenty of resources that are available and easy to use
Collect the quotes, draw inspiration from cards, and change them to reflect your own
Then use those words to express a very happy birthday to the guest of honor
Body Fat Burning Foods That Will Skyrocket Metabolism By 100%
We live in a society where weight-control is a multi-billion dollar industry, we are all
desperate to lose weight and lack of knowledge is the main key to weight gain
This article provides a free list of fat burning foods for the best ways to lose weight and
burn fat quickly
You'll find all the answers to all the questions you've asked about what foods you should
eat to burn off surplus fat
This article will show you how to transform food from an enemy into an ally
The secret to these super foods is that don't miraculously melt fat, they just take more
energy to digest which means you are burning up more calories
Avoid or have in very small quantities the following non-fat burning foods:
Drink plenty of water, black, green and herbal tea around 2 litres or 3
Coffee is not to be counted towards your fluid intake- try and limit the intake of coffee as
this has been linked to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels
Aim to exercise 30 - 45 minutes at least four times a week by choosing to power walk,
cycle or swim -all excellent and fun ways to burn off fat quickly
Of the three I would advise you to start on the power walking, it's the easiest and mix it
up with some resistance workouts to strengthen the muscles and burn fat quicker
For more tips on how to burn body fat efficiently and boost your metabolism 100%
naturally follow the link below
Bride Insights Into Wedding Cake Toppings, Wedding Cake Ornaments And Wedding
Cake Toppers
Wedding cake toppings and Wedding cake ornaments (aka Wedding cake toppers) are the
outgrowth of a number of old traditions from around the world
In the United States Wedding cake toppings, ornaments, and toppers showed up in the
traditions of American family's even before the American Civil War (or for Southern
families “The War of Northern Aggression”) and grew in popularity to be common in the
Decorative Wedding Cake Toppers became more popular immediately after World War I
In the 1920's, the High Society in the US eagerly adopted the use of putting bride and
groom figurines on top of wedding cakes
Historically, there are two significant events which boosted the popularity and use of
wedding cake toppers in the form of small figurines of the bride and groom atop the
wedding cake
First, the well-known and highly respected American etiquette expert, Miss Emily Post,
in her 1922 Best-Selling book clearly stated that the: “wedding cake is an essential of
every wedding reception,” and Emily Post further counseled and commented about the
placement of the bride and groom figurines as a wedding cake topper, “the wedding cake
is almost always ordered from the caterer who delivers it shortly before the hour of the
It is usually in several tiers, beautifully decorated with white icing and topped by small
figures of the bride and groom
Secondary, American businesses, including the retail giant Sears, Roebuck & Company
(now Sears Brands, LLC), began marketing and selling wedding cake toppers of a bride
and groom figurines for the top of wedding cakes
In an informative article in an issue of The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, June 2006
entitled, “Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers,” Robert Reed wrote, “In 1924 one U
wholesale catalog was offering an assortment of wax bride and groom wedding cake
Selections included a hatless groom or a groom wearing a "high hat" or top hat
The bride meanwhile could come with or without a cloth veil
All of the bride and groom wax figures were about two inches tall
The catalog listing offered them as a couple, or in groups of 100 for wedding favors
Reed added the importance of including a wedding cake topper in the 1927 mail order
catalog from Sears, Roebuck and Company: “The idea of wedding toppers in general and
bride and groom toppers in particular had expanded enough in 1927 for the Sears and
Roebuck mail order catalog to include a whole page of wedding cake ornaments
The following year Slack Manufacturing offered bride and groom figures made of
The bride wore a paper dress and the groom wore a paper suit
Both figures were about two and a half inches tall
The usual wedding cake toppers or wedding cake toppings traditionally featured a
miniature bride and groom figurine
These miniature bride and groom figurines could come in a wide range of poses
During or immediately after major Wars, the groom might be featured in a Military
uniform from one of the various arms of the Military (Army & Army Air Corp, Navy, Air
Force, Marines, or Coast Guard)
Some grooms who were Policeman or Fireman might be shown as figurines in their
It has always been a long standing tradition that the bride and groom would remove and
save the Wedding Cake Toppers or Wedding Cake Toppings as an important memento of
the wedding ceremony and wedding reception
Tied in with the removal of the Wedding Cake Toppers or Wedding Cake Toppings is the
removal, saving and freezing the top layer of the wedding cake for the bride and groom to
thaw out and eat to celebrate their First Wedding Anniversary
As time passed in the Twentieth Century the range and variety of wedding cake toppings
expanded beyond solely using the bride and groom figurine wedding toppers to include a
wide range of wedding cake topping or wedding cake ornaments
Some wedding couples choose instead of the wedding cake toppers using a bridge and
groom, to select such wedding cake toppings as: cupids, cherubs, hearts, love birds, silver
bells, flowers, fruit, or even a small framed picture of the wedding couple (maybe an
engagement photo of the wedding couple)
As a side note, the terms wedding cake toppings, wedding cake toppers, wedding cake
ornaments, or wedding figurines are pretty much completely interchangeable
The term Wedding Cake Toppers usually refers to bride and groom figurines that are
made of paper mache, plastic, porcelain, and now polymer clay
While wedding cake toppings, usually of a bride and groom figurine, made of out of
shaped and colored icing may also be referred to as “icingtons
Those new to UK 90 ball bingo may well be confused when playing the game in a local
bingo hall for the first time
The bingo caller calls each ball by not only its number but by a slang name
A few of the fashionable bingo clubs have now stopped using the bingo balls slang names
as they believe giving names such as “two fat ladies” for the number eighty eight is out
dated and old fashioned
The practise though is still widespread throughout the UK and it just a bit of harmless fun
If you read through the names below it soon becomes clear how each ball got its name
Many names were simply generated from the shape of the number such as “legs 11” for
eleven, two fat ladies for eighty eight and even one little duck for the number two
Others relate to British culture such as “Was She Worth It
” for fifty six which was the pre decimal price of a marriage licence
Brownies also known as chocolate brownies or Boston brownies, obviously named after
its color, are small chocolate cake-like bars
There are different theories as to the origin of brownies but they more likely started from
chocolate cakes, only they are shorter and denser
Brownies are about an inch high and has a thick and chewy texture that contributes to its
There are various types of brownies with different consistencies and, of course,
The basic types are the classic fudge brownies, the softer cake-like brownies, chewy
brownies, and blondie brownies, also known as butterscotch bars, which are made
without using chocolate
Those who are just learning how to bake usually start with brownie recipes
Kids can also bake these dessert treats, often using a brownie mix, which are available in
While the recipe for brownies seems to be fairly simple the results often vary
You may have experienced baking brownies that are undercooked inside or too dry
Generally, if you want fudge brownies, you should remove the pan from the oven when
the sides of the brownies have moved slightly away from the pan's edges
If you want cake-like brownies, insert a toothpick into the brownie's center and if moist
brownie crumbs attach to the toothpick your cake-like brownies are done
Another tip for perfect brownie desserts is to place your baking pan on a cookie sheet that
has been preheated so that the brownie bottoms will not get burned
Brownies are typically served hot with a glass of milk
A dessert of brownies served with ice cream is called “brownie à la mode”
Some of the popular icing flavors used are chocolate, vanilla and mint flavored sugarbased icing
While brownies are without question delectable desserts, they are quite fattening
However, you do not have to give up baking or eating them altogether if you are
conscious about your weight
To cut down calories in brownies, substitute chocolate bar, which contains 50 percent fat,
with unsweetened cocoa powder, which has only about 10 percent fat
There is really no difference in the taste so you do not have to worry that your low-fat
brownies will not taste as good as the original recipe
In fact there have been so many variations on the “original” brownie recipe
Today you will find peanut butter brownies, cherry brownies, chocolate cheesecake
brownies, and so many others
So feel free to try new ingredients and flavors when you are making brownies
They are quick and easy to make and with so many flavoring options, you will not run
out of ideas whether for everyday or special occasion desserts
com for useful tips and info about Food and Drinkand Coffee
Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas That Will Make You Shiver With Excitement
Winter is a festive and whimsical time for a wedding
Even if you have a blistering cold blizzard outside, you can still have a romantic, warm
and inviting wedding reception indoors
When planning a winter wonderland wedding, you will want to use the season as
inspiration for your decorations, flowers, wedding cake, and even the menu you serve
Remember to keep things elegant, classy, but also add in some of your own personality
The winter wedding traditionally sticks to icy blues, whites, silvers, and golds; and then
pairs it with a vibrant color or two
If you are unsure of how to decorate for your winter wedding, here are just a few ideas:
Flowers are an important part of the wedding, but also the most expensive, especially in
the winter
When hosting a winter wedding, try to get flowers that are still in season or are easily
grown through winter, such as roses
Pair roses with greenery, such as ferns, eucalyptus, or pine cones if you can
The more greenery you use as fillers, the less you have to worry about the high cost of
the flowers itself
Purchase ivory, white, or deep red roses, and pair them with your greenery
When using pine cones, have them custom sprayed with silver, white, or gold luster paint
This can easily be done by yourself if you are looking for a DIY project
When you think of winter, you think of cool, clean colors
Keep your centerpieces cool with clear glass vases filled with crystals or pearls in a white
or icy blue color
Fill them with flowers and dangle large strands of pearls or crystals from each
Topiaries are also popular for winter wonderland weddings, because often they remind
people of Christmas trees
Purchase white or traditional green topiaries and decorate them with silver, blue and
white snowflakes, ornaments, or just ribbon
If you are looking for something simpler, fill large silver or white trays with pine cones
and candles
You should keep your table decorations elegant, but still festive
Use a neutral or pastel colored tablecloth, such as icy blue, white, or ivory
Use a vibrantly colored table runner for your accent such as deep red or green
Decorate your table with faux snowflakes and a lot of candles
Use chinaware that is accented with gold or silver etching
For place cards, find holders that are in the shapes of snowflakes, stars, or at least match
the colors of the overall wedding reception
Tie off napkins with snowflake napkin rings or strands of tinsel
The winter wonderland wedding cake is one of the easiest decorations out there
Keep it simple, but you still want to match your wonderland whimsical feel
A few ideas could be an icy blue cake with white and silver sugar snowflakes on each tier
Another idea is a white cake surrounded by deep red and white roses and sparkling silver
fondant ribbon borders
Top off your cake with a snowflake or winter scenery topper, or just keep it simple with a
floral bouquet
Wedding cakes can be found in many sizes and styles, from the conventional towards the
contemporary, through the extravagant design that takes up fifty percent of the dance
floor to the simple one tier cake which rests within the corner until the cutting ceremony
The point is, it doesn't matter just what size and style your selection of wedding cake is any budget wedding cake may effortlessly be modified to suit your theme by using a little
effort and creativity
People frequently think of the standard tiered cake for wedding parties, but you can find
ways to cut expenses and adhere to your spending budget in the event you study
alternative alternatives
Just like any other cakes, your budget wedding cake will probably be available for family
and friends to view and enjoy on your wedding day, and it will still seem great no matter
what it price
Clearly, the design of the cake could make a distinction to the cost; simple simple iced
cakes are generally the cheapest, but they can effortlessly be embellished to fit your style
A square or round budget wedding cake can be ornamented with ribbons or blooms to
customise it to make it unique, and this also might be applied to a single layer or tiered
cake within the traditional manner
Check out your neighborhood shops prior to you rush into a decision, and do not
overlook that you simply are able to buy a spending budget wedding cake from your
nearby baker or high-street shop should you be on a small spending budget
They will typically offer a selection of simple designs that you simply can decorate
yourself that also makes your budget wedding cake distinctive
You might find that you simply get a much more individual service from the
neighborhood shop, specially in the event you are located in the area and so are identified
to them - you might even obtain a price reduction in return for a testimonial if you're
thrilled with the outcomes
Cup-cakes have become well-liked as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake
recently, and they are able to look appealing on tiered stands put on each and every table
at the reception
Be careful should you choose on this alternative, although, as they can sometimes
function out much more expensive per head and may be better well suited for smaller
sized weddings
An additional option to reduce cost would be to get a friend or family member who's
good at cooking help you make your own budget wedding cake
This is very a huge challenge, even so, and should you entrust it to an individual you
already know you must be absolutely confident in their abilities
Do not think about this alternative if your own baking abilities aren't up to it as it is a
highly skilled job and extremely straightforward to get wrong
However, in case you might get a fundamental cake baked for you, enhancing a budget
wedding cake can be a satisfying and quite affordable encounter
One more thing to take into consideration is the amount of individuals that may be
sharing your budget wedding cake
Refer to your guests list just before buying so that you do not over estimate the scale and
wind up over budget and with lots of uneaten wedding cake left over
Whichever choice you decide on you are able to make sure your budget wedding cake
will take pride of place alongside the bride and groom at the reception and your guests
will feel it looks great whatever the price
Business Holiday Cards Etiquette- When Professional Translation Is Necessary
There are written rules and unwritten rules that go with sending holiday cards both
nationally and internationally
Several rules overlap when it comes to common sense and basic manners
When it comes to sending off international holiday cards for businesses- when is it okay
to trust in basic translation or when to hire a professional translator to write those very
important messages
One very important rule of thumb- purchasing pre-made holiday cards with a message in
the foreign language already printed on the cards is most likely written and spelled
You can order these cards online from multiple locations and feel good about what
message you are sending out
• Maybe the most important thing you can do is pay attention to traditions and religions
If you are unsure if your client celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas , send a
“Happy Holidays”, “Seasons Greetings” or “Winter Wishes”
• Make sure your list is up-to-date with correct names and addresses
Not only will you save on postage by avoiding “return to sender,” you won't want to
forget new clients that you will want to stay in contact
• Even though you may have 2000 holiday cards that you send out- be personal and sign
each one
It makes a huge difference professionally and personally
Going a step further and writing a personal message can make the world of difference
Only make sure your message to foreign countries is properly translated
• Don't forget to include the staff or the spouse in the greeting portion of the card and
always use proper titles
All of these tips will ensure your don't embarrass your company as well theirs
To make sure your national and especially international cards are delivered in time, send
them out early
When thinking if you should send anything besides a holiday-appropriate card, like
sending chocolates, fruit cake or other edible packages, think about the shelf-life and how
the food will be received
More than likely if you wanted to send smoked fish, tightly wrapped chocolates or
canned nuts will always ensure that the food is fresh
Sending spoiled or stale food is much worse than not sending anything at all
Buy Branded Children's Clothing At Below Wholesale Prices
You don't always have to pay full retain price when buying branded children's clothing
like Oilily baby clothing, Oilily children's clothes, Cakewalk oilily, room seven oilily,
Cupcakes and Pastries baby clothing, Ferd Kids clothing etc
In fact, you can buy at some online stores for below wholesale prices
You're no longer limited to what your local retailers have to offer
With online stores, you can shop around and find the lowest prices on your favorite
brands like Ferd Kids clothing or Cupcakes and Pastries baby clothing without leaving
your computer desk
Here are some tips to ensure getting the best children's clothing for the best price
You can only find the best deals on brand name children's clothing, e
The Oilily children's clothes that includes Oilily baby clothing, Cakewalk oilily and
Room Seven oilily, if you do a comparison
You'll need to factor in shipping because most stores will not ship for free (except in rare
cases when you're buying in huge quantities)
Buying online doesn't eliminate the usual "extras" that are tacked on to the price of retail
If you find an online retailer offering below wholesale prices for branded children's
clothing like Ferd Kids clothing or Cupcakes and Pastries baby clothing, verify that this
is true
Many claim to do so, but might only offer a few items below wholesale and then jack up
the price on other items to make up for it
It's important to find a clothing store that offers great deals on every item and every brand
If you're going to look for savings, you might as well shop for the best
Getting good brand name clothing for your kids might help you save time and money in
the long run
The clothes will endure more rough play and won't fall apart in the wash
You might be tempted to buy the cheaper brand shoe, but then find yourself disappointed
when the shoes only last a few weeks
Boys are notorious for wearing holes in their pants knees or wearing the soles right off of
their shoes
Simply put, brand name children's clothing tends to last longer, whether its girls clothing
or boys clothing
Here are some brand names to look for when shopping for high quality kids clothes:
Oilily baby clothing, Oilily children's clothes, Cakewalk oilily, room seven oilily,
Cupcakes and Pastries baby clothing, Ferd Kids clothing etc
These and other brands boast quality material and good workmanship to make children's
clothes that last
So the next time you're in the shopping mood, check out online retailers first to discover
the savings being offered for brand name children's clothing
You can potentially save hundreds of dollars while getting durable, fashionable clothes
The Christmas tree has become an important symbol in our society which represents
relatives reunion & lovely cheer
There is nothing that will set a Christmas tree apart from the rest over the creativity
present in choosing ornaments that reflect our persona & values
Every year that they decorate our Christmas tree they are not only thankful that we have
been able to visit all the places they have as a relatives, but they also look forward to
visiting new places & adding to our eclectic Christmas tree decor
So when you get right down to it, when you personalize your Christmas tree you are also
making a record of your life - told in ornaments
Using environmentally safe is the best way to prevent your tree from an early decay & is
an integral part of Xmas Tree Decoration
Christmas tree decoration ranges from bells, stars, plastic ornaments to stockings,
garlands, candles & twinkling lights
Christmas tree ornaments can be over generic colored glass balls & white lights; they can
be used to personalize your Christmas tree
Personalized Christmas tree ornaments can be either personal
Having homemade on your Christmas tree is much more sentimental than having store
bought ornaments
It gives your home that warm, elderly school Christmas feeling & is a great way to bring
the relatives together for the holidays
Most homemade Christmas tree ornaments can be created with items present in or around
your home, with tiny to no cost to you
If you require an Ornament for your Christmas tree & you do not have time or the budget
read this
Christmas is all about having fun; recalling back to when they were children & reliving
the magic
But a quantity of the things they keep in mind & laugh at now didn't appear so comic
when we are children
Than be a slave to traditions that you know your children don't enjoy, why not generate
new traditions that involve lots of Xmas games that they will treasure forever
In the event you do make dough based ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree, keep in
mind you will need to make a hole in the cookie before it cools; that is the way the cookie
doesn't crumble
Then when they do icy, you can thread a decorative ribbon to hang them on the
Christmas tree
The Christmas tea table is often adorned by the prime edible ornament, the Christmas
The prettier it is, the better it is for adornment two times lunch is out of the way
Cake decoration is only limited by your imagination
However, you can think of other things that are less common to adorn the table as an
edible ornament
In the event you are skilful, you can generate simple models with ginger bread, moving
up a level from the elderly gingerbread man
Before Christmas, purchasing nice quality & distinctive Christmas tree decorations gets
more important
This guide will help you how to decorate your tree without making it overdressed & will
provide tips for several types of ornament
Thomas the Train and his friends have been a favorite of kids for years
They're always off on some adventure and they never say quit
Re-create that spirit for your boy's next birthday party with Thomas The Tank Engine
birthday party supplies
It's 31" long and plays a delightful Thomas happy birthday tune
Give it a tap and have Thomas say a special birthday greeting for all the guests
Make your decorating chores easy by stocking up on Train Door Activity Hangers
You can cover these foam door hangers with colorful stars, letters, and train-themed signs
with just a little bit of glue (part of the kit)
It dries quick and you'll be ready to spread them all over the party room
Now add to the look with some Removable Wall Decorations
They feature all those fun Thomas friends that kids love, along with the main train
They come in multiple colors and will stick to any smooth surface, like a door or
Then, when the party is over, they come off easily without staining
Thomas makes that fun and simple with the Thomas & Friends Cake Topper
There's no better way to top off that railroad yard cake design you worked so hard on
Now let everyone know that the party is about to begin
When the train pulls into the station all the kids can toot on one of their 5" wood whistles
Hand one out to each guest and line them up to form a choo-choo train themselves
They'll travel right through the station to where you've got goodies waiting
March them over to the table and let them have some juice from the Train Cups
These colorful red and yellow cabooses have a removable top and a bendable straw
Just watch out for anyone who gets the idea to run it off the rails and onto the floor
You can prevent that if you keep the kids busy with some Thomas & Friends Sticker
Activity kits
With a hundred reusable stickers and two fold-out scenes, the partygoers will be
concentrating for a long time with these
They can make up stories themselves as they move Thomas around from Chicago to New
Some clothes for the occasion would be the perfect complement to the decorations
The Engineer Hat and Red Bandana are ideal for that
Let everyone imagine what life was like long ago when train engineers wore a striped hat
and waved to all the wide-eyed kids as they passed by
It's a gigantic 52"L x 26"W x 38"H and has two flap doors and a sunroof
The children can take turns being the engineer or fireman
That will make the perfect ending to a fun Thomas the Train birthday party
Cake Decorating Book - Make your cake look more delicious
Everyone loves to eat cake, which is nicely and perfectly decorated
But due to lack of decorating skill ones wish is not fulfilled up to the maximum level
Now with the help of cake decorating book one can easily decorate the cake and make it
look more rich and delicious
These books are specially designed for preparing cakes
They also provide you with additional mouth watering recipes and tips to make your cake
more delicious for consumption
Cake Decorating Book is a perfect choice to decorate the cake
This book provides you essential tips, together with illustrated pictures to decorate your
birthday cakes, Christmas cake, wedding cake and party cake
If you want to decorate the cake for any special occasion then you need to purchase a
cake decorating book
Now days you can find huge collection of such books online
This book can help you to decorate your cake in a professional manner
Cake Decorating Books not only help you to decorate your cake but it also helps you to
make your cake delicious, which is an added advantage
Cake decorating book, which is offered online, requires no fundamental experience
With the help of cake decorating book you can prepare exclusive decorated pastries or
This book is published in such a way that no one can refrain oneself from making a
decorated cake
It is necessary that one should decorate the cake as it gives a distinct and appealing look
that creates the desire to eat it
This cake decorating book is also perfect for beginners, which gives step by step
instructions and guidance
This is the product which is prepared through a long process to mix many ingredients that
are baked in an oven
But the process is not complete until the product has been decorated with some artistic
designs that make it an elegant piece
But this is not just something you do for her sake
You need special cake decorating equipment for best results
To begin, you need the powdered sugar will enter for the first time in the process
Its purpose is to obtain a smooth surface on which the rest of the decor will be held
They come in different shapes and sizes, and elbow to make the best professional-looking
You may have to put some drawings or figures on the cake, which coincide with the
For example, could be one for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other occasions
You will find that the market there are many decorative materials to help you make all
these models and not have to fight hard you will not have to use your free hand
To do this you need a syringe-like device from which narrows the inner contents of the
form as you want
The customer may choose not to floral arrangements, and this can be arranged for you or
you can do yourself
When the kit just decoration, it is rarely go wrong and you turn the ordinary product of
baking something worth stealing glances
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impress your friends and family
Cake decorating is a great thing in the world today
Lots of people watch these shows about cake decorating and wondered how they do
As a professional pastry chef, I can tell you that most of them buy cake decorating kits
These cake decorating kits are the best and set up with all the necessary tools to start
One thing I will say that if you are a professional, spend a little more and buy Wilton
Wilton has some of the highest quality cake decorating kits on the market right now
I and many other pastry chefs prefer, when possible, to use only the Wilton products
After being in the food industry for almost six years, I have been around a lot of tools
Many have either broke or just felt cheap and flimsy
That is why I recommend Wilton cake decorating kits over any other cake decorating kit
out there
For those of you who are just home bakers, Wilton makes kits for you as well
My favorite cake decorating kit for home bakers or just beginners is the Wilton student
basics cake decorating kit
This kit is what Wilton has their entire students buy if they are enrolled in the basic cake
decorating classes Wilton offers
Not only that but each of the many Wilton student kits comes with a book
This book you can use with the class, or if you do not want to take the class this book will
allow you to learn step by step
Probably my favorite kit is the Ultimate Wilton cake decorating kit
Although it is a little expensive you do not need to buy anything else again
This kit has tips, bags, icing colors, fondant tool, etc
You may ask, what are the best cake decorating kits
There are cake decorating kits for students, and there are cake decorating kits for bakers
like me
With a wide selection of cake decorating kits to choose from I can help weed through a
bunch of garbage
Believe me when I say there are many kits that are garbage too
The 101-piece kit professional cake decorating is a little cheaper, but will work
It comes with everything you need, even food coloring
Then there are many very good student cake decorating kits available for anyone who
will take a Wilton cake decorating class
Even if you do not take a class, you can benefit from these kits as they come with a book
to start
Probably my favorite kind of cake decorating is fondant and gum paste, and there is a
cake decorating kit just for that
Even you can create the most exquisite cakes you've ever seen using a few simple cake
decorating techniques
Have you ever seen a cake at a wedding or a birthday party and was awestruck by the
design of the cake
Creating an extraordinary cake like that is a lot simpler to make than most realize you just
need to have the right information before you begin your cake designing journey
Although you may not have all the tools you need to make an extreme cake and you'll
probably end up having to purchase some items, it will save you time and money in the
long run
In addition, having the right tools to properly design and build a cake will save you a lot
of frustration
Another important factor in cake desing is the foundation or recipe
Not all cakes are the same and some cake recipes can be a disaster to try and build a
decorative cake
Knowing which recipe you need will save you so much time and ensures that your cake
isn't doomed from the beginning because you didn't use the correct ingredients
You need to know which types of cakes perform best under which conditions
To find out, you'll need to get the cake decorating secrets guide
Making a cake using the cake decorating techniques we've talked about will help you a
great deal and will save you time and money in the long run
Let your inner creativity come out when designing one of these extraordinary cakes
And make your friends and family give you the pat on the back you deserve for making
such an awesome cake
Also don't forget to let the artist in you come when making a cake
Cake Decorating: Adding the Finishing Touches to Cakes
Once your cake is beautifully frosted with one of the many possible types of icing, you'll
want to add some finishing touches to make it unique and unforgettable
Such finishing touches add textural contrast as well as color, and can turn a relatively
plain cake into an artistic masterpiece
Fresh berries make for beautiful, colorful garnish for frosted cakes
Berries can be rolled in superfine sugar, glazed, or just used plain
Some good choices are strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries
Raspberries can also be used, but be aware that they are extremely delicate, and may
become mushy very quickly
On a chocolate cake iced with chocolate frosting, an arrangement of mint leaves and
fresh strawberries will add color
They can be used as is, or frosted lightly with sugar and egg white
Sliced fruit such as peaches or nectarines can be used, perhaps with a few spoonfuls of
whipped cream; but you should serve the cake as soon as possible after the fruit is added,
since it will discolor when exposed to air, and may also bleed onto the icing
Berries are a better choice than sliced fruit if your cake will not be served immediately
after decorating
Another way to decorate a cake so that it looks beautiful and unusual is to use edible
fresh flowers
You may choose to frost the cake first, dust it with powdered sugar, or just leave it
Some flowers that can safely be eaten are nasturtiums, marigolds (better in salads and
cooked dishes than on cakes), violets, honeysuckle, rose petals (flavor is stronger in the
darker colors), carnation petals (cut off the base of the petal, as it is bitter), fuchsia, and
It's pretty and delicious to spoon a generous amount of slightly sweetened whipped cream
on top of the cake, and then sprinkle with the edible flowers of your choice
You can dip the flowers in superfine sugar to give them an elegant, sparkly appearance
Caution: be very careful to eat only flowers that are clean, fresh, and free of pesticide
Also, be certain you have correctly identified all flowers used as a garnish, and that they
are truly edible
More strongly-flavored cakes like spice cake, gingerbread, and carrot cake are
appropriate for garnishes and decoration featuring toasted or candied nuts
You can sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the cake, or press them into the frosting on the
bottom edge of the cake, for added flavor and texture
One delicately-textured cake that nonetheless benefits from a garnish of toasted, sliced
Brazil nuts is a coffee-flavored sponge cake with sweetened, coffee-flavored whipped
cream used as a frosting
Try baking this cake in a tube pan, and press the sliced nuts into the whipped cream on
the sides of the cake
If you find decorating cakes intriguing and interesting, you might think about going into
the cake-decorating business
Whether you live in the city or in the country, unusual and individual cake decoration is
always in demand by people who entertain a lot, or who just love unique things
Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, graduations -- the list of events that may
require decorated cakes is very long
Most important of all is that you have fun with cake decorating
You don't have to produce perfection: the cake will be eaten, after all, and is not meant to
be admired for decades
Don't be afraid to try new ideas, and your cakes will be the talk of the town
Here's another first from cake decoration idea, healthy cakes and desserts to satisfy the
entire family
Sugar free, low glycemic, gluten free, low fat yummy treats for everyone to enjoy
I know it all sounds to good to be true, however you can indeed satisfy your cake
decorating desires and still present mouth watering treats for your famliy and friends
Check it out for yourself in the healthy cooking section of my cake decoration idea
For the longest time, all the so-called "healthy" desserts were either "low carb"… and full
of harmful chemical sweeteners… or they were "low fat"… and full of sugar
Very few people know it yet, but there is a better way…
Gone are the days you must choose between your health and the enjoyment of decadent,
sweet treats
But thanks to the latest sugar alternatives you can enjoy low-glycemic, all-natural
desserts that are so delicious you'll swear they're bad for you
You'll hardly believe that you can achieve the "sugary" results you desire in your dessert
recipes… with non of the guilt
Have a look at these for a sample of what you can enjoy
Primal Protein Brownies (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 0 grams sugar)
Flourless Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 0 grams sugar)
Coconut Cupcakes (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 1 grams sugar)
Yellow Cupcakes (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 0 grams sugar)
Lemon-Ricotta SoufflГ©s (Gluten Free, 1 grams sugar)
Grand Marnier SoufflГ©s (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 1 grams sugar)
Coconut Macaroons (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 1 grams sugar)
And that is just a small sample of what you can expect
And each one is so delectable, your friends and family will be amazed when they learn
just how good-for-you these desserts can be
So as I stated you can have your cake and eat it to, check it out on my cake decoration
idea website under healthy cooking and see you there
Looking for the most effective and convenient means of improving the look of your cake
It is also one of the fastest approaches in improving the look of simple cakes
Airbrushing is a technique in which edible colors are used to spray using a special needle
It can be a good business investment especially if you want to stay in the business of cake
Below are the steps on how you can practice airbrush design:
В· Airbrush equipment that is specialized for designing cakes
The first thing that you have to do is to purchase colorful edible paints to use for
Before you procure your airbrush machine, make sure that you conduct your research on
the brand and materials used
Typically, this machine is available in all leading cooking stores
Cover the cake with an even and thin layer of white icing
The popular picks for white icings are vanilla and cream cheese
Do not mix the colors, load one color separately to make the cake look neat and tidy
You can do this by spraying on a piece of paper towel
Point the airbrush to the cake surface and then pull the trigger
Maintain your position, preferably 45 degrees angle
Do not spray more than eight inches away from the surface of the cake
Move the airbrush across the cake, spraying the soft colors first
Before you load another color, make sure that you clean the airbrush thoroughly using
hot water
Use the stencils to maintain the lines of the cake
Outline the airbrush designs with the use of cake decorating icings
This step will give a new view refreshing look to the cake
Add decorating flowers and plastic decorations to make your design stands out
You may experience some problems in the airbrush machine like spitting of paints and
If you're still experiencing technical problems, check the airbrush needle if it is bended or
A cake is an excellent treat at any party, especially baby showers and bridal showers
Asides from making a great centerpiece for your snack table, cakes are a delicious treat
that everyone will enjoy
Here are some of the most popular flavors for cakes:
1) Cheesecake - Cheesecake has always been a top cake flavor for exquisite occasions
Like other cakes, they can also be decorated with custom lettering specific for your
special occasion
2) Funnel Cake - Funnel cake is another great party cake
It is not so big, so it does not usually serve as a centerpiece
Nevertheless, it is not difficult to make and can be a nice treat for your guests
3) Chocolate Cake - Chocolate has always been a popular flavor, particularly among
women, so it is no surprise that chocolate cake is one of our top ten shower cakes
4) Ice Cream Cake - Ice cream cakes are a delicious treat, combining two party favorites ice cream and cake
These cakes are also decorated to suit your occasion
Although such cakes are challenging to make at home, they can be purchased from your
local bakery
5) Pound Cake - Another common cake that often makes its way into baby and bridal
shower celebrations is the pound cake
These cakes are often sliced into less filling segments than other cakes and are a nice
complement to other snacks
6) Carrot Cake - Carrot cake is another cake that is commonly available at celebrations
and usually contains sweet decorative icing
7) Red Velvet Cake - This layered cake is a popular southern cake and contains both
vanilla and cocoa
8) Strawberry Cake - Strawberry cake is another favorite, especially at parties where
there are kids
Fresh strawberry toppings can make these cakes even more tempting
9) Pineapple Upside-down Cake - Another sweet treat is the pineapple upside-down cake
Although this cake is rarely the centerpiece, it is often a popular choice on the snack table
10) Dirt Cake - Dirt cakes look like dirt, but taste like cake
As an example, for a baby shower, the dirt cake can be placed in a flower pot shaped
container and then baby feet lollipops can be planted in the dirt to make an eye-catching
There are other cakes, like banana cake, and many more
Cakes are a fine food idea for any party and will be greatly appreciated by your guests
When I am writing articles I am always thinking of ideas or ways to make life a little
Cooking can be very time consuming but enjoyable and I know that America is changing
it's thinking on the what we eat
We are becoming a more health concern country and that is very good we need to make
some changes for the good
But I must say we have to have our goodies or snacks from time to time
It's nothing like a good treat that's bake right in our homes
Have you ever thought about making cookies from cake mix, yes cake mix and it's very
good and doesn't take a lot of time to make
Moms can make a batch of cake mix cookies for the kids to take to school or for little
snacks at home
Now remember we are changing the way we eat so we can't eat to many of these good
I know once the smell is in the house it's very hard to resist but we have to be strong or
all the cookies will be gone
(Smile) Today we are very busy people and it's good to be able to wipe up a quick snack
for the family or kids and there friends
It's nothing like having a nice cup of milk with these cookies
And you can do them in so many different flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry,
orange frosting and so much more
I know they sound so good but remember only a few at a time or the kids will be upset at
Baking cake mix cookies gives you home baked cookie flavor without the effort of
baking cookies from scratch
You can even make sandwich cookies, your own soft chocolate cookies sandwiched
together with a creamy filling
Rip open a box of cake mix, plop in two eggs and a little oil, mix together cake mix, eggs
and oil in a large bowl
Just follow the recipe and make "little balls" and you'll be good to go
I've tried several variations so far yellow cake mix, with a chocolate drizzle this were ok
Then I tried chocolate cookies, rolling some of the balls in powdered sugar, and some in
cocoa powder
I followed the recipe exactly choosing a butter yellow cake mix
Then I rolled the balls in a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon
I think they're my favorite cookie of all time, even better than chocolate chip cookies
These are great cookies when you don't want to mess with a lot of ingredients
I used a cookie scoop, patted the cookies flat and dipped them in a mix of cinnamon and
1 cup of chopped nuts, raisins, oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips, M&M'SВ® etc
Drop by teaspoon about 1 inch apart onto greased cookies sheet
With so many different types of cakes and each country have their own regional
favourites, it is no surprise that cake shops are popular all over the world, but is there a
difference in their wares
France is renowned for creating some of the best pastries and cakes in the world
In fact, it is not so much a bakery, as it is an artist's workshop
Called patisseries in France and Belgium, a baker can only gain the title of licensed
maГ®tre pГўtissier (Master Pastry Chef) once they have completed an extensive training
are more commonly referred to as cake shops and often sell a wide range of products that
are freshly made on site
These can include bread, pies, pastries, cookies and muffins
Though many Western style pastries have grown in popularity in China, local bakeries
still produce local products such as egg tarts, moon cakes and sun cakes
Traditionally customers can also enjoy hot drinks with their purchases
Bringing together products from all around the world such as pretzels, bagels, cookies
and muffins
Two American products that have grown in popularity all around the world are the glazed
doughnut and the cupcake, with specialised chains and stores constantly opening around
the world
Kennedy famously said “Ich bin ein Berliner” while visiting Berlin, he was actually
calling himself a doughnut
The traditional filled doughnut reportedly originated in Germany, which is famous for
many baked products including strudel
However, bread is a staple in German cuisine and, as such, the country produces a wide
range including wheat bread, Schwarzbrot, rye bread and Pumpernickel, which is a
sweet-tasting product
Cakes are used in a wide range of celebrations, but due to the heat of the country,
chocolate and icing are not commonly used
Indian sweets, known as Burfi, are always infused with spices and colours such as saffron
making a selection, not only mouth-watering but also eye-catching
The Middle East and North Africa have always produced a wide range of pastries and the
countries in the regions are filled with bakeries and cake shops
Mainly nut based, products such as dziriate are filled with almond paste and are
incredibly tasty
It is not uncommon to sit back in a local cafe with a cup of mint tea and enjoy a plate of
cornes de gazelles, which are crumbly, crescent-shaped cookies filled with cinnamon and
As you would expect, chocolate and fresh cream do not keep well in the hot climates
No matter where you are in the world, it seems that man's love of cakes is universal
Today, wedding cake stands are not just a party accessory but a symbol of prestige as
They are available in a wide variety to meet the growing demands from the modern
Some of them are attractively designed and are made of precious metals like silver, so
you can preserve them as a valuable party accessory for your home forever
Apart from wedding celebrations, you can also use these stands for celebrations like
Christmas as well as special days like wedding anniversaries and birthdays
They are designed to meet the needs of a large party like a wedding reception
These stands are accented with intricate metal works
They are compact and require less space on your party table
While selecting the party stands, priority should be given to their quality
They should reflect your emotion towards your guests
The gorgeous stands should act as the symbol of your prestige
They should convey the love and respect you hold for your dear guests
These party stands are also available in a range of budgets suitable for different types of
party needs
You may select them according to your specific party needs and budget available to you
Well, you need not hurry through the streets for selecting the party stands
There are good online stores that supply high-quality party accessories to your home
All you need to do is to identify the best shop online and select the cake stands that meet
your needs
They will deliver the products to your home without charging you extra
Identify the wholesale shops online where you can procure these party items at the best
What are the best kinds of bakeries in the Philippine that provides the best sets of cakes
philippine and pastries throughout the country
When it comes to bakeries or bakeshops in the Philippines, there are only two kinds of
these things, and that is the Goldilocks Bakery and Red Ribbon Bakeshop
Some have said that cakes philippine from Red Ribbon are much better tasting than that
of Goldilocks, having a more "Foreign" taste on their collections of cakes and pastries
Others have stated that cakes and pastries Goldilocks are more on the "Original FilipinoIngenuity" and are better tasting for some that have grown to love its cakes
Another major difference between the two is that Red Ribbon cakes and pastries are more
expensive than those cakes coming from Goldilocks
Many Filipinos have also stated that Goldilocks has a more Filipino-induced feel not only
on their cakes but also on the common theme their bakeshop has whereas Red Ribbon is
more on the American-Induced feel
Although both have major differences, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon still has their
similarities in terms of providing service for Filipinos and foreigners alike
One common similarity between the two are their collection of cakes
Though both have different tastes of cakes, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon has their
similarities such as the popular Chocolate Mousse and and Chocolate roll
Another similarities in services is by providing specialized cakes for special celebrations
such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christening, new born, character cakes
(marvel and DC heroes, Disney characters, etc
Another main feature that these bakeshop and bakeries have is by offering delicacies
other than cakes philippine
Red Ribbon's fast-food menus ranges from popular french cuisine such as spaghetti,
Carbonara, and Lasagna to popular dishes in the Philippines such as the popular palabok
Goldilocks' collection of fast-food is more on traditional Filipino delicacies such as beef
caldereta, kare-kare, bitik tagalog, fresh lumpia, laing, pinakbet, rellenong bangus, and
many more
Goldilocks' range of thrist quenchers ranges from the popular halo-halo to main con hielo
One great accomplishment that these two bakeshops have also achieved to open their
branches out of the country
Goldilocks' branches all over the world are mainly on countries where Filipino
expatriates live such as in California, two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, and two more
outlets in Vancouver, Canada
Goldilocks bakeshops have now reached 192 branches all over the world
Red Ribbon has also been popular for outside of the country, especially when it has 20
branches in California alone
There are also two branches of Red Ribbon bakeshops Las Vegas, two in New Jersey,
and one in Metro Phoenix
Red Ribbon's branches of bakeshops all over the world has grown to 189 outlets
But their true similarity lies in the service they offer for Filipinos
Both bakeries were founded by Filipinos whom wanted to share their success in the
As Philippine's pride, Red Ribbon and Goldilocks have shown the world the true qualities
of Filipino ingenuity
With These Tricks You Can Turn Your Normal Campfire Into A Delightful Spectacle Of
No, we are not going to go into strange magic tricks, what we are going to do is tell you
how you can add some chemicals to your fire and create a dazzling spectacle of colors
what will amaze everyone
You may not want to do this all of the time as the novelty will soon wear off
Do them in a timely fashion and keep the kids surprised
Adding a small amount of chemicals to a hot burning fire can have an 'Ooooh-aaaah'
It's important to do these only after all cooking has been done on the fire and when there
is little wind so the smoke can rise up rather than into campers' faces
You may be able to purchase these chemicals in a grocery or dry goods store, in the
laundry or cleaner section
Find copper sulfate in swimming pool supply stores
Copper Chloride, Strontium Chloride, and others my be best found at fireworks supply
Practice before using them at a campfire so you know how much to use and how to best
apply for maximum effect
Listed here are some chemicals and the flame color they produce
Copper Sulfate (tree root killer for plumbers) GREEN flame
Potassium Chloride (water softener salt) PURPLE flame
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salts) WHITE flame Sugar sprinkle into fire for tiny sparks
Powder Coffee Creamer throw a handful into the flames above the fire for small sparkly
Flour toss a small amount into flame to make a flash flame
Iron filings toss a small bit into flame to make gold sparks
Powdered aluminum toss a small bit into flame to make silver sparks
Magnesium shavings toss a small bit into flame to make very bright silver sparks
There are many ways to get the chemicals into the fire
The bottom six chemicals can be simply tossed into the fire in small amounts
For all of the rest you will need to prepare the chemicals at home before hand
You can purchase paraffin blocks or you can use old candle wax from around the house
or pick some up at a goodwill store or a Salvation Army store
Using small paper Dixie cups, pour in about Вј inch of a chemical into each cup
Pour just enough wax into the cup on top of the chemical and using a stir stick gently mix
the two together
You want to make sure each of the little pieces of chemical is coated with tax
Today, instant noodles have been popular all over the world and have become an
essential food for many people
For most busy people in the modern times, eating instant noodles seem to be an inevitable
It is said that the first people who created the instant noodles is a home cook in
Yangzhou, China
He added eggs into flour, sliced the flour into thin pieces, and cut them into filaments,
boiled them in hot water, fried in oil and then put them outside to let them dry
These noodles in hot water can be softened at any time, eating them can be very
The emergence of instant noodles has started an upsurge in the food industry, it not only
adapts to the fast pace of modern life, but also saves peoples' time, so instant noodles
make a significant contribution
Although the taste of instant noodles in the food industry is more and more delicious,
most people feel it is not healthy
In fact, as long as the more advanced production process, instant noodles can also be
healthy to eat
1, It is the best to cook the instant noodles, you are free to add some vegetables and
ingredients in them, and an egg can brings enough nutrients
2, Pour the noodle soup, and then add hot water or other soup
Do not put all the spices, just put a half, then add some other healthy spices, you not only
can taste better but also eat more at ease
3, All we have to remember that instant noodles are for emergency only, up to eat once a
day, we cannot eat that every day
4, who often eat instant noodles should eat eggs, cakes, fresh fruits such as apples, pears,
tomatoes, cucumbers, chocolate, milk or beef, bacon to meet human nutritional
General instant noodles are tested like twists and turns, this is because in the
manufacturing process, in order to save easily, noodles get dehydration after frying
There are gaps in the tortuous noodles, it is more conducive to have a preservation with
the instant noodles
Mackerel can be canned in water, salt water, tomato sauce, olive oil and other vegetable
Of course, fresh fish taste much better when compared with canned fish
As lean fish protein source, many people prefer mackerel canned in salt water, while
mackerel canned in various oils or tomato sauce they generally avoid
Mackerel canned in olive oil taste much better than mackerel canned in salt water, but it
is also much more caloric - single tablespoon of olive oil has around 15g - 135 kcal
To reduce amounts of fats in such canned mackerel, many people put canned fish in
strainer and wash it using plenty of fresh lemon juice
On the other hand, those who are worried about sodium levels should choose mackerel
canned in plain water - it can be almost tasteless - just taste of fish, but those cans contain
nothing but the fish meat and plain water
Content of mercury in canned mackerel is relatively low, especially when compared with
mercury levels of large predatory species like tuna or marlin
Some mackerel species, like king mackerel can have moderate levels of cadmium,
mercury and other heavy metals and pollutants
For example, FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) reports from 1990-2010, state that
levels of mercury in swordfish:
According to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and FDA, children, pregnant
woman and those women trying to get pregnant should eat no more than:
- King mackerel - generally this kind of mackerel should be avoided,
- Mackerel (Spanish, Gulf) - consume no more than three 180g (6 oz
- Mackerel (North Atlantic) - consume no more than two 180g (6 oz
Other people can safely follow these recommendations - after all, what is safe for
children and pregnant women, it is also safe for others
Mackerel from much cleaner seas (some parts of Mediterranean, for example) can be
eaten more often - it is very important to read the labels and follow the recommendation
guidelines regarding mercury levels in the fish
Various canned mackerel recipes enable every person to enjoy this type of food avoiding
Generally, when planning such meals, one should try to consume some healthy fiber
source (leafy or green vegetables, salads, whole grain bread etc
) with canned mackerel - such foods are very voluminous when compared to usable
calories that body can digest
Also, they are very low on simple carbs and rich in complex carbs and digestive fibers they are digested slowly and such meals supply the body with more or less constant flow
of macronutrients avoiding strong rise of blood sugar and insulin spikes
If you are hard gainer and you want to gain weight, preferably muscles, then add some
source of simpler carbs like potato salad, sweet potato, brown rice etc
to increase daily amount of calories - according to your dieting plan
Such meals provide more calories and are easier and faster to digest
Although exact nutritional values depend on mackerel specie, fishing grounds, seasons
, canned mackerel is great source of fish protein, fat soluble vitamins (like vitamin D),
minerals and healthy fats and it should be part of healthy diet of anybody wanting to
become and stay fit
Just be careful about what mackerel specie you are consuming
Carbon Copy Pro By Jay Kubassek - Scam Or Legitimate Business Opportunity
The Carbon Copy Pro by Jay Kubassek is being researched by many prospects
So is it a legitimate business or just a bunch of hype
This article will give you an honest, unbiased look at the system
Successful online marketer Jay Kubassek has announced to the public his lofty
aspirations for his Internet marketing system Carbon Copy Pro
He intends to develop 100 new millionaires over the next five years
There were multiple cases of business people that reached massive success during the dot
com boom
The internet revolutionized the business industry and padded business owner's pockets
The dot com boom busted in the '90s, but what remained was a wealth of high tech,
modern technology
The second wave of internet success is now upon us
With this new era brings a more realistic outlook armed with proven technologies
There is a major online movement taking place with internet marketing
Entrepreneurs are laying solid foundations to earn millions online
Jay Kubassek, already a successful salesperson, focused on creating a complete selling
What he came up with combined the capabilities of modern technology with the latest
Web 2
The system that Jay created attempts to eliminate a lot of the guesswork from sales and
Trying to get rid of the human factor in selling, Jay Kubassek has attempted to create a
system that eliminates cold calls, personal sales, and generating leads
While you have to admire the effort, what no one will ever be able to do is remove the
human element from sales
Involved in a prospect's decision to join a program, are very personal and emotional
If there truly was a 100% automated system that existed like this on the internet,
everyone would be wealthy
The hard truth is that selling and marketing online involves branding yourself and what
you have to offer
Carbon Copy Pro works as a funnel system into the program Wealth Masters
Monthly advertising dollars paid from members of the Carbon Copy Pro system are spent
to generate leads
Most people interested in getting started with a home business opportunity are going to
want to talk to the person of the website that they are investigating before they join
It all relates back to the need for the personal human touch
You just can't get that from a replicated system that hundreds of people are utilizing as a
face plant
While the Carbon Copy Pro system is not a scam, some of the claims might be inflated
It is too early to tell whether or not Jay Kubassek will reach his goal of creating 100 new
millionaires in the next 5 years
The honest truth that any successful internet marketer will tell you is that achieving
success online requires educating yourself, not being afraid of the phone, and a lot of
hard work and determination
Meerschaum is a soft, light weight and absorbent mineral, naturally found in Turkey and
different regions of the earth
A meerschaum pipe has spent many hours being elegantly carved
Carvers with years of experience take thoughtful carefulness in carving your meerschaum
Your brand new meerschaum pipe is a piece of art and a thing of magnificence and
Because you invested so much of your cash and feelings in your meerschaum pipe, you
actually need to maintain it properly and ensure it's a source of pleasure that will last you
for many years
If not taken care of correctly, you meerschaum pipe will not endure for you nearly as
long as you require
Worse yet, if not taken care of correctly or dealt with forcefully, it might crack and need
to be replaced
All the time handle your meerschaum pipe with dirt free hands
Meerschaum is a porous mineral and may retain any stains passed to it from your hands
A meerschaum pipe when new, is layered with beeswax
Dealing with your pipe when it's very warm assists to remove the beeswax and permits
the pipe to color quicker
If you have to remove the stem out of your meerschaum pipe, carefully pull and twist the
stem in a clockwise manner
When replacing the stem, also twist it in with a clockwise manner
Never twist the stem counter-clockwise, it could break or crack your meerschaum pipe
Do brace the stem with your fingers while taking it off
Never remove the stem from your pipe when it's hot
Meerschaum is softer while it is hotter and can shatter a lot easier
Unlike briar pipes, meerschaum doesn't need a cake build up to hinder it from burning
Any cake build up ought to be cleared away since it heats up quicker than the bowl and
can cause it to crack
If it's good to clean the bowl of your pipe, gently tap it in the palm of your hand while
grasping the shank along with your other hand
If there is more remains inside the bowl that may not be removed by tapping then utilize
a pointy but blunt tool to loosen and remove it
In moderation, you can use a pipe cleaner solvent, but do not permit it too deep into the
Never gash the bowl of your meerschaum pipe nor utilize alcohol to clean it
Don't use pipe sweeteners inside of your meerschaum pipe
The sweetener might be absorbed by the mineral and plug up the pores
By no means drop nor bang it on unyeilding surfaces
By no means permit cake to build up within the bowl
Do not take the stem out of a meerschaum pipe when it is still very warm
Do not use smoking pipe sweetener on a meerschaum pipe
Through proper care, your meerschaum shall be an artful thing of magnificence, pleasure,
a treasure and heirloom for years
There are many typical cakes in Venice, indeed, which are appreciated both by children
and by adults
Carnival is near and you can get there with your funny mask or completely disguise
yourself and enjoy the parties or lost yourself in the little streets
Venice is the ideal destination not only for those who have a passion for art in fact here
you can visit a lot of churches and there are events and exhibitions in all the seasons),
who love the sea (famous in the history is the Lido with the Biennale of Cinema), or who
want to spend a romantic holiday in this strange place without cars and traffic, but also
for the gluttons
If you are here during the Carnival time you have to taste the inimitable cakes
Among the most famous and representative cakes of the lagoon city, the pastries that are
made during carnival deserve a special mention
Venice Carnival, famous all over the world and considered as one of the most fascinating
carnivals on earth, is one of the main events in Venice, and to celebrate it properly,
Venetian confectioners (and housewives too) always make some traditional cakes, like
"fritoe", called also in Italian frittelle, and "galani", which are also called "crostoli"
Fritoe and galani are ancient cakes, which are part of the history of the Republic of
Venice: fritoe, in particular, have been considered as the national cake of the Serenissima
for a long time, and in the past they were made exclusively by "fritoleri", who even gave
birth to a corporation which was active from the 17th century until the end of the
You can taste these fantastic cakes in many different places in Venice, the so called
Bettole (a kind of bar where a lot of venetians get in order to have some food and a glass
wine of course), these clubs are situated in all the centre of Venice and also in the islands
like Murano, Burano and Torcello
Fritoe are fritters made with eggs, flour, sugar, raisins and pine nuts, fried in oil and
sprinkled with sugar, and are widespread in the whole Venetian region
Galani, another typical carnival cake, are likely to be even more ancient than fritoe, and
can be described as very thin and crumbly rectangles of pastry
You can find many kinds of these cakes, with other creams inside like chocolate and
vanilla and other delicious things
Among the typical Venetian cakes that we can eat throughout the year we cannot help
mentioning "baicoli", i
Thin, crisp and not too sweet, they are perfect with tea and hot chocolate, but also
accompanied by a glass of sweet wine, and are now widespread all over the world
Last but not least, other traditional cakes are "zaeti" (poor cooking little cakes made with
cornmeal), and "franfraniche", i
So if you have not yet visited this wonderful city, consider the offers for the Carnival and
enjoy your holiday and the food, and in the spring time you can definitely fall in love
with Venice
I don't make it to Barnes & Noble too often but when I do, the bargain bin gets my full
A couple of Friday's ago I wandered into B&N for a quick low-fat latteВў and a little bin
How could I not come home with, "Crave, a Passion for Chocolate", by Maureen Mc Keon
Mc - Keon goes into full detail about the characteristics of different chocolates, and how
to work with them
She offers basic recipes, those with chocolate and nuts, chocolate and fruit, cool and hot
chocolate and frostings
With visions of chocolate dancing in my head it took what seemed like forever to narrow
down my first recipe to bake from the book
In reality, Charisse chose the recipe; it's Carrot and Walnut Cake
This one's a bit time intensive with all the chopping and grating but I didn't care, because
I was also geeked up about trying out my new mixer
And wouldn't you know it, the only thing that had to be mixed was the eggs and sugar
Now I'm a card carrying member of the chocoholic society, but when I read that
1 Вј cup grated dark chocolate went into the batter I was a bit skeptical
But blogger buddies the skepticism flew out the window at first bite
Was this a chocolate cake with carrots, a carrot cake with chocolate or both with walnuts
thrown in
All of the above, and then top it off with a Lemon Cream Cheese frosting
9 oz superfine sugar (if you don't have superfine, give the regular a whirl in a food
2 cups firmly packed coarsely grated carrots (3 small to medium carrots)
Butter 2-8" round cake pans and line bottoms with parchment paper
(This blogging thing is slowly pushing out of my comfort zone
) I'm getting used to the idea of not greasing and flouring or using my pan grease to
prepare my pans
In a large mixing bowl, using an electric mixer, beat the eggs and sugar until pale and
increased in volume about 5 minutes
And my mixer did an outstanding job in those 5 minutes
Add the sifted dry ingredients and fold in using a rubber spatula
Add the grated chocolate, walnuts, carrots and oil and fold in
Pour the mixture into prepared pans and bake for 40-45 minutes, or until cakes test done
Allow to cool in the pans for 10 minutes and then turn onto wire racks to cool completely
Beat all the ingredients together until light and fluffy
Decorate with coconut or chocolate shavings if you feel you just have to have a little
J It's best to let this cake chill in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight to allow the
frosting to firm up for better slicing
If you're in a hurry to get into it, just swipe all the gooey goodness that collects on your
knife and have at it
carrot and walnut cake, carrot cake and chocolate, Maureen Mc - Keon, walnuts,
vegetables in cake, lemon cream cheese frosting, cream cheese frosting, chocolate
cookbooks, chocolate cake with walnuts,comfort desserts
It is easy to estimate how much food can be consumed by some 2-4 people, but what is
these 4 people become 20, 30, 40, 50 or more
If you are on a catering business, this is perhaps among the things you should be more
adept to calculate
If there is a surplus and the client has agreed to pay for it, the better
However, it would be a sure dilemma if the foods have run out way before the end of the
You need to determine from your client the number of people expected to attend the
occasion, the time duration of the party, what foods are preferred to be served by the
client and when each dish shall be served
To be on a safe ground in determining how much food to prepare, it is better to add a
little extra servings in foods and drinks
For the drinks and beverages, assume that each person will drink three servings
Coffee for instance is demanded during mornings, late afternoons and after meals
Water is essential and is greatly demanded especially on hot and summer days
Keep in mind to prepare creamer and sugar substitutes
If you are hired to cater for a breakfast meal, here is a useful guideline
Bread and desert may be served in breakfast catering
For pastries, two pieces of bread per person may be enough
For fruit salads, each guest may consume half to one cup
If fresh fruit is to be served expect each person to consume about three to five pieces
The proportioning of the appetizer is based on the event catered
There are evening functions which have no dinner, for this about ten to fifteen appetizer
pieces per individual should be prepared
When foods are served buffet style, people tend to consume more amounts compared to
when foods are served on trays
If the evening function includes serving of dinner, three to five pieces of appetizer will do
If bread is required by the client, allot one to two pieces per person
If there is going to be sandwiches served buffet style, assume a person to be able to
consume one to two sandwiches with 4 oz
of the main entree should be prepared for each person, 4 oz
For a pastry dessert like tart and cake, assume that each guest will be able to eat a single
If desserts of creamy variants like mousse and pudding are to be served, 4 oz
Celebrate That Special Occasion With a Power Rangers Theme Party
For nearly twenty years, the Power Rangers have been very popular fighting forces
Throw a fun Power Rangers party for all those who love Power Rangers, and those who
grew up watching the Power Rangers in the early 1990's
Powerful Power Rangers Invitations: Send the party guests homemade Power Rangers
party invites by designing the party invites with the celebrants Power Rangers or all the
Power Rangers
Use bright and bold lettering and let all the party guests this party is not one to be missed
Power Rangers Banner: Make a great Power Rangers banners by utilizing the Power
Rangers logo and other Power Rangers symbols
Print out the letters of the Power Rangers logo in sections and tape down on a piece of
card board large enough to fit the lettering
Once the logo is traced on the card board, now spray paint or paint the Power rangers
logo with silver or a selected color
Using silver spray paint will give the banner a nice luster shine to it
Around the silver spray paint the edges of the lettering red
After the letters have been colored and other designs added the excess can be trimmed
and the banner is ready to be displayed
The amount of detail put into the banner depends on the party hosts willingness and time
put into the banner
Also, be sure to make enouhg time for the other homemade party supplies and
decorations that will be needed for the Power Rangers party
Power Rangers Party Supplies and Decorations: A Power Rangers party should utilize the
colors of the Power Rangers (red, pink, blue, black, green and yellow)
Decorate the party area with plenty of balloons (grouped together with curling ribbon
held down with balloon weights), streamers, confetti, and various tableware items such as
cups, plates, and napkins
Print out Power Rangers images of the Power Rangers, villains and posters and hang
around the party area
Cut out Power Rangers symbols and paste on shaped cut outs and hang around the party
area as well
Additionally, other Power Rangers symbols can be hole punched and hung around the
room as well
* Ranger cakes (different colored cupcake icing on chocolate cupcakes)
Offer party guests a variety of healthy options at the Power Ranger party with still
offering standard party food and drinks such as chips, soda, burgers, and hot dogs
Celebrate Your Happiest Occasion with Do-it-yourself Wedding Cake
As a milestone of life, weddings call for special planning and a great attention to detail
For many women, getting the perfect dress and shoes to match is one tough hurdle
However, having the most wonderful wedding centerpiece like wedding cake is even
It is simple: create your own wedding cake and make them the centerpiece for the
Cupcakes grouped beautifully on a chic wedding cake stand would be no more better for
stylish yet chic wedding details
It is truth that cupcake stands can really make for a very interesting attraction in your
You can even make the stands match the colors and themes of your wedding
If you are just considering make cupcakes for beautiful wedding cake, there are some tips
and tricks for your to complete the beautiful yet stylish picture of wedding cake
When you are making the wedding cake yourself, first, you need to choose a recipe, two
or three recipes are much better if you can
Cakes are not just made up of flour, eggs and sugar, but on that level a Picasso is just oil
and canvas
It is not the components that make up a masterpiece
Well, it is the fact that not every scratch recipe can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled and
cake mixes can be multiplied
Moreover, cake mixes survive because they have come upon a formula that makes the
cake reliable
Because the pastry chefs do assure that buttercream is far easier to work with than any
other form of icing out there
Both for stability and displaying the beauty, a cake stand can help you place the wedding
cake tier on the appropriate plate and slip it into place on the stand
With chic grouping, some wedding cakes can even been never the better to be the pretty
centerpiece of the wedding
When complete the cake and the stand, you can also decorate the wedding cake with
fresh fruit, flowers, either artificial or real, crystal cake jewelry can all be used to flatter
that cake on the stand
Some cakes stands for wedding cake can even enable you decorate the cakes with some
popular elements like LED lights, candle lights, silk flowers, acrylic paint and tulle
If you are making the cupcakes for wedding, then even you can have many more choices
to add the personality of you and your spouse to be
Whatever, grouping the cupcakes for wedding is probably another tough thing to do
But there are always ways out to achieve a chic yet stylish look of wedding cake, which
would make every guest stunning in that sweet blessedness
However, the cake has to be made in the last couple days before the wedding when there
is no room for errors
Whether it is a do-it-yourself cake, Aunt making the wedding cake or a close friend the
labor of love is intensely beautiful
Celebration Cakes to Inject More Fun into Your Parties
Its a rough and tough world we live in which is punctuated with celebrations to make our
lives better and to provide us enough motivation to continue our journey called life
And celebrations are sweetened with cakes – that also serve the purpose of inspiring us to
fill sweetness in our words, in our behaviour towards others
But to cut a long story short, we find no celebration good enough unless it has a
celebration cake
You have lots of bakery around where you can order for just about any kind of cake –
chocolate, vanilla, pineapple etc
But why should you settle for less, when you can have beautiful looking cakes that are
well designed and fantastically decorated
So the idea is to do away with the ordinary looking, mundane cakes and bring home
decorated celebration cakes
The inclusion of such designer cakes would punch in a new life and joy in your parties
When you bring celebration cakes that have unconventional designs, you make your
parties more memorable
It is just like decorating a room or a hall where the party would be held
You can manage with simple walls with no decoration as such
But you don't want a makeshift kind of an arrangement
You would want to make your guests feel good and bring them into the party mood with
beautiful decorations with balloons and streamers
Similarly, a plain looking cake may look delicious and people may just finish it no time,
but that would be such a commonplace kind of an arrangement
On the other hand, if you consider decorated and designed celebration cakes, then you
might just find your guests awestruck and happily twittering about how beautiful the cake
And the best part is that you don't have to shell extra money for such kind of cakes
You would get them at reasonable rates when ordered online
Life, it must be said, loses all its meaning without any enjoyment
Celebrations, therefore, form an integral part of life without which life would drag
These days, with life gaining tremendous speed and people getting more and more
engrossed in their activities, the value celebration has become even more important
It breaks the daily grind and monotony and fills one up with enthusiasm and vigour to
take on life with greater zeal
Celebrations are also important because it ensures the participation of the entire family
In this era of cutthroat business, such moments are rare because everyone is so occupied
with their work that rarely are they able to take time off from their busy schedule
So, whenever an opportunity arises, one must celebrate it just to keep oneself going
To think of any celebration without a cake just does not seem right
No wonder there is such a demand for celebration cakes
The advent of the Internet has served a plethora of options for people who now have a
whole lot of varieties available to spice up the occasion
There are different ways how one can produce some really nice celebration cakes
Take for example an occasion when a kid's birthday has to be celebrated and the kid is a
hockey fan
In such a case, it would be a very good idea to get the cake prepared in the shape of a
hockey field
Similarly if the occasion is to celebrate a couple's 25th marriage anniversary then it
would be a nice idea to get the cake prepared in the form of the figure 25
However, getting the celebration cakes prepared alone would not do
Some importance should be given to the decking up process as well
One of which is to use plenty of colour and sweetener so that not only does the cake look
attractive, but it tastes delicious too
Adding cherries would also give a very colourful look to it
These steps would ensure that celebration cakes prepared for the occasion would actually
do full justice to the celebration and add sheen and glamour to it
Celebration Cakes: Simplest Way Of Making Any Occasion Memorable
One of the joys of living is celebrating moments which make lives worth living
It wouldn't be a misnomer to state that life without celebrations would be a dull, insipid
Celebrations are a means of breaking the monotony of routine life
Celebrations also allow one the opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and
The value of celebration, therefore, can at no cost be negated
One thing that is invariably attached with celebration is cakes
No celebration can boast of being a success till the time a customary cake is not prepared
for it
Indeed, celebration cakes are the life and soul of any occasion
The advent of the Internet has increased the options for people when it comes to
preparing celebration cakes
No wonder then that the market today is replete with a variety of celebration cakes which
can be utilised on different occasions
Take for instance an example when the occasion is the celebration of the birthday of a kid
who is a piano fan
The best celebration cake for this occasion would be the one prepared in the shape of a
Similarly, for celebrating an occasion when your son has topped in his class, the best
cake would be the one which might have been prepared in the shape of a cup won by him
However, one must also understand that merely preparing a cake would not do, for one
also has to deck it up properly to match the occasion
Some of the most common ways of decking up celebration cakes are by preparing them
in different colours, adding a fair sprinkling of cherries and chocolates and writing some
message on them
For example, if it is a birthday cake for 'Chris' then it would not be a bad idea to write
'Happy birthday Chris' on top of it
Such innovations would ensure that the occasion or the celebration is brought to life, with
the celebration cakes playing a major role in it
Cheap wedding cake ideas normally involve spending hours in the kitchen creating your
wedding cake masterpiece
This is fine if you are a talented cook or have friends and family that are, if you don't then
this could add to your wedding day stress
The cheats way to having a beautiful cheap wedding cake is to buy your cake, now that
wasn't too much of a surprise but I don't mean the perfect wedding cake that is going to
cost you hundreds
What you need to buy is pre-iced cakes - different sizes if you want tiers and cupcakes if
you want a cupcake tower
The way you are going to make them your own is by decorating
Have a look through wedding magazines and online and you will find that most wedding
cakes are either unusual or simple
The unusual cakes are really cakes that you would not associate with being a wedding
cake; deep cheesecakes and chocolate gateaux spring to mind
The good thing about choosing this style is that it can easily be your wedding dessert and
therefore saving you money on your wedding breakfast
You need to think about how you are going to display these cakes - the easiest way is to
hire a cakestand with support for the individual layers and then you don't have to worry
about stacking the cakes
If you went to a local baker and ordered 3 cheesecakes in different sizes it will cost you a
fraction on the price of a normal wedding cake from the same shop
Cheesecakes are tasty but the traditional cake is normally thinner than you would want,
so that it looks good in photos ask for it to be make deeper
To avoid the cheesecake spilling over the sides you can decorate the cake with lady
fingers or charlotte sponges and then add more fruit to decorate each layer
Bunches of berries tumbling over the edge looks lovely
Chocolate gateaux look great as wedding cakes and you can add your personal touch by
decorating the sides with chocolate matchsticks or chocolate fingers then make chocolate
shavings to scatter over the top
Berries look great with chocolate to add a touch of colour
For those of you wanting a more traditional cake then it is worth going to the
supermarkets and choosing their celebration cakes, these come pre-iced and on board
ready to either stack or decorate
For a very simple and beautiful look use flowers either real or sugar crafted
There are lots of people who love to create decorations with sugar craft, so ask around,
somebody will know somebody
Another way to decorate your cheap wedding cake is to use sugary crystallised petals and
they are very easy to make yourself
You will need organic rose petals, egg whites slightly beaten and caster sugar
Brush the petals with the egg whites and then coat very generously with sugar, place
them on a plate to dry overnight
You can use this process with fruit and leaves and it looks stunning
The best way to come up with more cheap wedding cake ideas is to find your ideal
wedding cake and then work out how you can re-create the look using shop bought cake
and your imagination
Chia Seeds Health Benefits Will Help You Avoid Allergies
What do chia seeds health benefits have to do with allergies
Allergies appear more common nowadays than they once were
There are scores of scientific hypotheses about why this is transpiring, but one thing we
know for sure: allergies are an unfortunate fact of life
It feels like every time you go out for lunch with your friends, at least one person drills
the server about the contents of the menu to be certain they will not come down with an
allergic reaction
Maybe you have allergies yourself, or it's possible your child has allergies
If that's the case, you are very well aware of how troublesome it can be to manage a
proper diet without inducing your allergies
Gluten is a protein substance that is rendered when starch is removed from cereal grains
It is what gives cohesiveness to dough, so it is used in a number of bread recipes, in the
form of wheat, rye, and barley
Gluten constitutes about 80% of the protein contained in wheat seed
As you are aware, wheat is found in various products: cookies, breads, cereals, biscuits,
pies, cakes, pastries
Unhappily, gluten-free foods don't always taste great either
If you have a gluten allergy or know anybody with a gluten allergy, there is a natural
whole grain which will change your life
You will never again have to get worried about replacing yucky-tasting foods for gluten
in your recipes, and you will achieve a whole lot more health benefits than wheat or other
grains provide
It was harvested by the Aztecs and Mayans from time immemorial, and they admired it
so extremely that it was included in yearly tributes to the elite priests and ruling class
Messengers, runners, and warriors ate chia to sustain themselves on the mountainous
trails of South America, and even today an indigenous tribe of Mexico has become
legendary as super athletes attributable to their diet of chia
Chia is a teeny seed overloaded with dietary fiber, protein, nutrients, and the most
substantial quantities of omega-3 of any plant-based source
You can ingest it raw, grind it up, use chia flour for baking, and add it to stews, soups,
salads and anything else
It is adaptable, easily digestible, and in every instance gluten-free
Moreover, it has a mild taste so it doesn't have an impact on the flavor of whatever you
are preparing
Here are a few more of the health benefits of chia
All 8 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein)
Phosphorus to help maintain the health of your kidneys
Potassium, which regulates blood pressure and ensure the correct functioning of cells
Magnesium, which is important for retaining a healthy heart
Magnesium stabilizes your heart rhythm and helps to protect against abnormal blood
Antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in the body, which promotes heart health
If you are passionate about preserving a sensible eating plan and shunning gluten, the
best thing to do is to keep some chia in your pantry at all times
Chia seeds boast a shelf life of five years, so even if you don't cook with it frequently,
you do not need to stress about it going bad
You will be relieved to have finally discovered a fantastic gluten-free whole grain to
enjoy in recipes, and the health benefits of chia will make you appreciate it for its own
Chia seeds health benefits will not only be sure you never have to stress about allergies
again, but they'll make you more energetic and give you a sense of well-being
Choose From The Great Selection Of John Deere 2nd Birthday Party Supplies For All
Your Party Needs
Watch your child's face light up with excitement when you choose the John Deere 2nd
birthday party theme for his celebration
Include all the fantastic John Deere 2nd birthday party supplies that you will find here
and you can decorate using a farm theme
What a fantastic time he will have along with all his little friends that have been invited
to share in his special day
Use the green and yellow streamers to decorate the area and give all the kids a John
Deere hat to wear
The John Deere tractor stand-in will make a fantastic idea for getting pictures of all the
kids and they will take pleasure in showing off their �ride
' The John Deere plates and cups and napkins feature the well-known tractor and a piГ±ata
in the shape of a tractor can be an additional fun addition to the party
This will be a fantastic John Deere second birthday
Select from the extensive choice of John Deere 2nd birthday party supplies for example
the Ultimate Party Pack
This features all the items required to set up for this theme
From the invitations to the napkins, centerpiece, balloons, confetti and candles for the
cake, you will not be disappointed when you purchase this party pack to provide
everything needed for a fantastic John Deere 2nd birthday party
The placemats are actually activity placemats and they can be purchased with the party
favor boxes as well
They contain a John Deere notepad, a sticker sheet, crayons, a corn squirter, a John Deere
blowout, a 5-inch cow - all the items your party goers will enjoy playing with during or
after the party
Providing a John Deere second birthday for your child is easy when you shop for all the
items needed here
You will not have to chase around all over town trying to find the items you require and
when it is time to set up the party you will be ready
Needless to say, not only can you find all the party supplies you require, but this theme
has a big choice of books, toys, games, clothing and you can even purchase boots for the
little farmer
Would you like to master one technique that would allow you to produce an incredible
variety of lovely French cakes right in your own kitchen
The good news for those of you who love elegant cake,s but are perhaps not the most
talented of cooks, is that making French choux pastry is dead easy
And it truly is the basis for so many desserts - you could even invent your own
If you've ever had a cream puff, you have had choux pastry
It is a very simple concoction made from water, butter, flour, and eggs
The pastry dough itself is sticky and looks hopeless, but when you put it the oven it puffs
up spectacularly
The secret to the puffiness of the cream puff is in the mixing
Or I guess you could use your mixer if you've already been to the gym today
And be sure to follow your choux pastry recipe to the letter, carefully measuring all
ingredients, adding them in the right order, and following cooking instructions
Once you have choux pastry down, you can make all the cream puffs you could ever
want in a matter of minutes
You could try any one of these elegant French cakes now that you know how to make a
choux pastry
(As you go down the list, the cakes get more complicated
Chouquettes: These are small puffs without the cream, topped with big grains of sugar for
a little sweetness
French kids love these for snacks, and they'd make a quick-to-fix treat anytime
Fill your cream puffs with custard, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, or whatever else
you might want
You can sprinkle them with powdered sugar or drizzle them with chocolate sauce or
Eclairs: These are small oblong cakes made from choux pastry
They are traditionally filled with chocolate or coffee cream and than iced with a fondant
in a like flavor
Rum and raspberry flavored Г©clairs are also sometimes made in France
Religieuse: A large cream puff, with a baby cream puff riding on top
The puffs are filled with different sorts of creams, the tops covered in icing, and perhaps
a little butter cream for a final decoration;
Three or four cream puffs are filled with ice cream and chocolate sauce is drizzled on top
Of course you could do this with different fillings and toppings
Now that's an elegant dessert, that is not much work at all
Paris-Brest: This is a wheel shaped cake that was originally made to commemorate a bike
race between Paris and Brest, on the Atlantic seaboard of France
The cake is sliced in two and filled with praline cream then the top is dusted with
powdered sugar and almond slices
A base of layered pastry dough is topped with a ring of filled cream puffs then topped
with a hardened caramel
Whipped cream is mounded in the center before serving
Croquembouche: The masterpiece of French choux pastry desserts
A mountain of filled cream puffs are held together by caramel and further decorated,
perhaps with dragГ©es
It is a special cake reserved for special occasions in France and you will see it at
weddings and christening parties
Unswettened choux pastry can also be used to make French appetizers
Bite sized puffs are filled with cheese spreads, salmon mousse, foie gras or whatever else
suits your fancy
If you add grated cheese to your choux pastry you get gougГЁres
Cocopure chocolate tea is a new, revolutionary product that combines Resveratrol and
green tea extracts with cocoa to form an antioxidant-rich beverage that can be served
either hot or cold
Forget about the stereotype that comes to mind when you think of cocoa - the chocolate
bars, chocolate cake, and the like
Cocopure is a healthy drink that contains a very low amount of calories (ten per 7
4 grams) while serving up a super-sized amount of energy, while providing other benefits
such as cardiovascular and arterial health, healthy cholesterol levels, and a boost to your
immune system
Never thought you would associate those benefits with cocoa, did you
If you're someone constantly on the run, but you've grown out of the carbonated drinks
phase, and aren't a coffee lover, Cocopure chocolate tea is a great answer
Or, even if you still like your coffee, why not throw some Cocopure chocolate tea in to
spruce up the taste without adding all the sugars and carbs that come from other
This is the perfect combination of health and energy, both of which are at the forefront of
American's minds when it comes to consumer products
And unlike the unhealthy energy drinks, when Cocopure delivers a burst of energy, you
won't have to worry about falling right to sleep, or crashing
Since Cocopure is comprised of pure cocoa, this makes it a drink that anyone (yes, even
diabetics) can enjoy
The problem with the processed chocolate found in candies and treats is that corn syrup,
oils, and other elements were used in making them
This brings a negative connotation to the word cocoa or anything associated with it, even
though it has been proven that cocoa in its pure state provides several health benefits
The only thing that's hard to believe about Cocopure is how long it has taken for it to be
It's hard to imagine anyone would turn down trying a great tasting and healthy drink for
some of the "Americanized" food that we know all too well these days
Lastly, Cocopure developers offer free trials of the product, so as clich
Whether you're looking for a good meal replacement, an energy supplement, or would
just like a healthier alternative to the foods we are surrounded by day in and day out,
Cocopure chocolate tea is the solution
Drink it cold with some yogurt for an early morning meal, toss a spoon in your coffee to
give you a boost, or just warm up a cup on a chilly night
The concentrated green tea in Cocopure provides the body with loads of antioxidants
(several times the amount per serving over regular green tea), which helps ward off free
radicals in the system, and boosts the immune system
The difference in Cocopure is all about the non-processing and the natural state in which
it's served
You may get some benefits of cocoa from drinking a cup of chocolate milk, but is it
worth all the extra fat and calories that come along with it
Cocopure is well known for its great taste as well, so you really don't have anything to
lose by trying it
Mention coffee cake and images of Grandma's house sitting around the table with a fresh
baked streusel cake and lots of family chatter
It's doubtful that many of the cakes considered coffee cake today actually contain coffee
Many consider a crumb cake served with coffee a coffee cake while others insist that the
recipe contain coffee to be considered a coffee cake
The coffee cake as it is today is an evolution across time and continents
Cakes have been being baked since the Biblical days of honey cakes
Next came what is known as the fruitcake, a culinary invention of the French known as
These same galettes led to sweetened yeast breads or rolls which finally evolved into
Danish coffee cakes that were made with coffee
As time progressed and recipes changed and were handed down there were inevitable
Perhaps more coffee was added or even taken out all together
By the time the late 1800's rolled around the coffee cake was a household name in
America with countless numbers of recipes and variations with most being either streusel,
crumb or streusel-crumb combination
Today's coffee cake hasn't changed that much from those of the late 1800's
The recipes have been changed and there are literally thousands of variations, but overall,
it is still either a crumb cake or a streusel cake or some combination
Add pot of piping hot coffee and no one really cares what it's called
Following are two recipes for simple yet scrumptious coffee cakes
Bake one up and gather the family together and swap stories while enjoying great food
and even greater company
Pour remaining batter into pan and sprinkle with the other half of the cinnamon and sugar
Bake in 350-degree oven for one hour or until toothpick inserted near center comes out
Add eggs one at a time, stirring until fully blended
Combine dry ingredients and add to creamed mixture alternately with sour cream
Cut chocolate syrup into batter in pan (using knife to cut into a decorative pattern)
I have recently started collecting Fairy figurines with my grand daughter
I have always collected dragon statues, but I don't think that would be something she
cares for very much
It all started with the new movie from Walt Disney Tinker Bell, she really likes the
characters and the fairy wings
Yes she has a fairy outfit she wears every day around the house
There are so many beautiful Fairy figurines to choose from, they come in all sizes and
style and price range for any budget
The cheapest figurines of fairies are those made of resin, but they still look really
You can also get fairy figurines made of porcelain, crystal and pewter
It doesn't matter what your taste when you collect fairy figurines
A porcelain fairy doll is the perfect gift for a little girl or a young lady
This would be something that she will treasure for a lifetime
It is easy to tell the difference between angel and fairy figurines, due to most angels are
always pure white, whereas the fairies are usually in many different colors
A graceful fantasy fairy figurine with butterfly wings is one of the more elegant fairy
figurines that you can purchase
Many collectors love fairies displayed with the moon
Miniature fairy figurines make the perfect cake centerpeice for birthday cakes
Browse the catalog of online websites just to see all the different figurines of fairies and
that are available for you to purchase
Commercial Baking Supplies For A Successful Bakery
Even if a bakery has an excellent staff, without the proper restaurant equipment and
commercial baking supplies, it is difficult for it to remain as a viable business
Following is a list of commercial baking supplies needed by any good bakery
Floor Mixer – One of the essential pieces of machinery for any bakery is the floor mixer
This allows the user to create large batches of products
Even if a smaller model meets your needs for now, you hope to grow, and the smaller
model will need to be replaced
The floor model can accommodate 50-pound bags of mixes along with other needed
ingredients for large batches of baked goods
Commercial Baking Pans – Available in many different sizes and shapes, these are the
essential tools of a bakery
You will want a large supply of sheet pans, pie pans, muffin pans, and cake pans
With a large supply of pans, it is possible to work rotating shifts to improve productivity
Some pans will be in proofing while others are in the oven baking and the third set is in a
rack cooling
Bun Pan Racks – These tall racks will probably see the most use of any equipment in the
They work to transport pans, proof dough, cooling and storing completed items
Covers keep the baked goods free of debris on the rack
Proofing cabinet – Not all dough can be proofed on a bun pan rack in a warm area
A heated proofing cabinet is ideal for these needs
The proofing cabinet can also keep baked goods warm when transporting to the front of
the house for customers
Smaller items – There are many smaller items including pastry cutters, rolling pins,
spatulas, and pie markers that will be needed
Purchase as many of these common items as the budget will allow
It is better to have the items on hand than have to rush to a supermarket for an inferior
residential item at an often outrageous price
You will need a scale to weigh flour and other ingredients as well as plenty of measuring
containers for the larger quantities needed
These can be used for cooking times as well as to remind the baker to place an item in an
The key to success of any commercial bakery is to have the right tools along with a great
If you produce a quality product, the world will be at your door
There are some people who seem to be natural bakers
They just seem to able to bake the perfect cake and other baked goods
In contrast others may follow the same recipe and have no luck at all
Instead the top or bottom is overdone or the cake is too dense or dry
For these people it can be discouraging to keep trying if there aren't enough successful
But there are some common baking mistakes that may be affecting the finished product
By keeping these in mind while crafting your next cake you should have better luck in
your future baking endeavors
This is often caused by too much flour or baking powder
An oven temperature that is too high or baking for too long can cause a dry cake as well
Too little liquid can be a cause, however you don't want too much liquid either as that can
cause another problem
Excess liquid can cause a cake to fall, meaning it will sink in the middle
This can also be caused if the cake isn't baked long enough or if you open the oven to
check on the cake and let the oven door slam shut
It is best not to open the oven while the cake is baking
Occasionally old baking powder can cause this as well
If the cake is too course it may be because of too much baking soda or too little liquid in
the batter
It is very important to measure all of the ingredients very carefully for your cake to turn
out well
A course texture can also be caused by baking at a temperature that is too low
To make sure your oven is actually heating to the temperature you set use a heat-resistant
thermometer to check it
Some ovens run hotter and some run lower than what the dial states
If you have a hard time cleanly removing the cake from the pan there are a few things
you can do
First make sure you use enough oil and flour when greasing the pan
The other thing that helps with this is removing the cake at the right time
If you try to remove it too soon while it is still too hot it may stick to the pan and crumble
If the cake is too cool it can also become stuck to the pan and be difficult to cleanly
Cooling the cake in the pan on a wire rack can also help with this
By practicing a few times while keeping these tips in mind you should start to get the feel
for these things so you too can easily bake the perfect cake
Communicating With Your Young Child: Focus On Strengths
Effective communication with your young child doesn't just happen
In previous articles we've discussed that talking and listening are important
We also talked about the importance of sharing our adult control
There is another area to consider: focusing on strengths
When we focus on the strengths of young children we encourage and support them in
ways that opens up the channels to effective communication
We set the stage for children to want to communicate with us because we are building
trust and establishing an emotional environment that is conducive to exploration and
developing confidence
What do we mean by “focusing on strengths” and how do we accomplish this
Focusing on a child's strengths means that we pay attention to what the child CAN do
instead of looking at what the child cannot do
It means that we encourage what the child does well instead of worrying about the areas
that are perhaps not developmentally “on schedule
” It means that we understand that although children pass through all the same
developmental milestones they do so at varying rates
Your child may learn to read in pre-school while your neighbor's child may learn to read
in second grade
It means we measure a child's development according to his own pace instead of going by
a pre-set scale
We respect individual differences and levels of development
We simply look for those strengths and support them
We have learned the importance of observing and listening in the first article of this
Now we use those observation skills to note what our children's strengths are
For example, you know that your pre-school child loves drawing and painting but she
isn't writing her name yet, even though her classmates are
Instead of panicking and having her trace her name ten times a day, focusing on her
strengths would mean that we support her love for drawing, painting
As she continues to paint and draw she will actually strengthen all the skills needed for
learning to write
Painting and drawing are actually pre-reading and pre-writing skills so as she practices
these she is moving towards writing
She is strengthening her small motor skills and her visual skills and forming beginning
letters in the squiggles of those drawings and paintings
Another example: your toddler is crawling around everywhere
However, your older daughter was already walking at this age
Instead of pulling your toddler up onto her feet in an effort of getting her to walk simply
let her crawl as much as possible
Give her more practice crawling and when she is ready she will begin to stand and walk
By crawling she is strengthening her large motor skills and when she is strong enough
she will stand and walk
Consider this adult analogy: Imagine that you are taking a beginning class in cooking
You're pretty good with scrambled eggs and you can make toast and coffee but you've
burned every cake you ever tried to bake and your pot roast isn't really edible
You put yourself in this cooking class ready to learn the next step towards good pot roast
and the teacher comes in and asks you to make a three course French gourmet meal
I don't know about you, but in that situation, I would definitely feel overwhelmed - and
incompetent besides
I might be tempted to leave that class and vow to eat in restaurants the rest of my life
I certainly wouldn't be terribly excited about continuing my exploration of the world of
This is exactly the experience we don't want our young children to have
We don't want to discourage them by asking them to do what they cannot do
We don't want them to lose their natural enthusiasm for exploring and learning about
their world
We do want young children to feel confident, successful, curious, and eager to explore
their world and we want to establish a lifelong love for learning
We want them to be confident and to feel successful
It is accomplished when we use those strengths as a foundation for moving on to the next
level of growth
When these goals are established, young children will experience a world where they
want to communicate
This is the environment in which they will develop language and where we can talk
effectively with our young children
Summer always means exciting fairs and carnivals to go to
People look forward every year to the wonderful food and treats at these events—nothing
is quite the same as carnival food
Ever wonder what goes in to bringing you all the delicious foods at these events
Companies like Concession Obsession make carnivals and fairs possible by offering all
the Concession Equipment needed, from popcorn makers to coffee and espresso
What follows is a look at the variety of Concession Stand Equipment needed to prepare
the most popular items in carnival food—equipment that Concession Obsession
specializes in supplying
Everyone loves hot, fresh popcorn, especially at movie theaters and at carnivals
Concession Obsession carries a great variety of popcorn machines, so popcorn sellers at
fairs can do a good job meeting the demand for popcorn
Concession Obsession's popcorn makers are of the highest quality: most are made in the
United States, with American parts and labor
Barbeque is another perennial favorite at carnivals and fairs
To supply fairs and carnivals with great barbeque, Concession Obsession has barbeque
grills and char broilers
In addition to these popular barbeque preparation items, Concession Obsession also
offers "tailgating" grills and trailers
What would a fair or carnival be without funnel cakes
People stand patiently in long lines to get themselves one of these fair and carnival
Concession Obsession carries funnel cake fryers, cake mixes, ring molds and toppings,
making funnel cake concession stands able to deal with the demand for funnel cakes
In addition to popcorn, barbeque and funnel cakes, no fair or carnival would be complete
without hot dogs
Concession Obsession has a variety of concession equipment for sale that will help
vendors be successful when selling hot dogs
The company offers hot dog roller grills, hot dog rotisseries and hot dog steamers
For the nostalgic, the company also offers old-fashioned hot dog carts
Other "must haves" at fairs and carnivals include candy apples and cotton candy
Concession Obsession has concession equipment for sale needed to provide these staples,
from apple slicers to old-time cotton candy carts
When thinking about the concession stand equipment that makes fairs and carnivals
popular, do not overlook beverages
When it comes to beverages at fairs and carnivals, a great variety of concession
equipment is needed
Beverage equipment includes blenders, juicers, drink dispensers, slush machines and
frozen drink machines
Concession stand equipment related to coffee and espresso is also needed—things like
jumbo coffee and tea urns, coffee machines and brewers, coffee decanters, carafes, air
pots and espresso machines
As Concession Obsession is fond of saying, the company "has you covered" with their
beverage concession equipment for sale
In order for fairs and carnivals to be successful, they must offer all of the classic
favorites, such as cotton candy and barbeque
A behind-the-scenes look at the concession equipment needed shows that Concession
Obsession specializes in bringing food operators the things they need to operate
successful food and beverage stands at fairs and carnivals
With the right equipment, concession stand operators can do their part to ensure that fairs
and carnivals are memorable for everyone
Container Gardening; Select Your Container and Grow
A nice thing about Container Gardening is that vegetables and flowers can be grown in
almost any type of container
Just make sure there are sufficient drainage holes drilled in the bottom of each container
Four to five one-half inch holes will be sufficient
After the holes are drilled, put a piece of window screening inside the container
The precaution is in selecting which container is best suited for what vegetable
Root crops like carrots, tomatoes, and other large plants require deeper containers
On the other hand, leafy vegetables do not need such deep containers
Here are some containers I use for the various vegetables I grow
For tomatoes, I always select dwarf, determinate tomato plants
These grow and produce extremely well in 3 to 5 gallon cake frosting plastic buckets
Any bakery will be happy to save their buckets for you
Remember, you can only plant 1 tomato plant per container
Green peppers grow and produce well in smaller buckets
Usually 2 to 3 gallon cake frosting buckets are sufficient
These containers can only handle 1 plant per container
I cut off the top of a 1gallon milk jug just below the top of the handle, and use them
This gives you a container that is about 7 inches deep
You can only grow 1 banana pepper plant in a gallon container
The nice part is that the gallon milk jugs sit very well on 6 inch window sills
Gallon milk jugs can also accommodate 1 cucumber plant, 1 green bean plants, 4-5 leaf
lettuce, and even one cherry tomato plants
All you have to do is buy liquids in gallon containers, wash them out and use them
Since the roots run fairly deep, green peas need containers around 12 inches deep
Make sure you do not plant too many peas in any one pot, or you will crowd out the
To be safe, experiment with planting either 1 or 2 plants per container
The depth of these buckets is sufficient to handle a bean plants root system
Just like the peas, experiment by planting either 1 or 2 plants per container
The last thing you want to do, is crowd out the root systems of the plants in the container
Herbs can be grown in smaller containers, but need a large surface area
38 quart plastic ice cream buckets can be used to grow shallow-root herbs successfully
Shallow-root herbs need any container between 4 to 6 inches deep to grow
This is why coffee containers and plastic ice cream buckets can be used
If you do not know which herbs have shallow root systems, you may need to experiment
And when you find out which herbs grow best in the coffee can containers, you have a
very good supply of herbs for your cooking needs
Leafy vegetables such as radishes, spinach or leaf lettuce can also be grown in either 34
If you like radishes and or lettuce, these containers will work well
Make sure the treated wood does not have creosote, or penta as preservative
The treatment includes alkaline copper quat or ACQ, and copper azole or CBA-A AND
I am sure there are lumber companies that handle this type of treated wood
I know for sure that Home Depot carries lumber treated this way
No matter which lumber company you go to, make sure you look at one of the ends of
each board you by
There you will find a small tag stapled on that will tell you what the lumber was treated
Only choose treated lumber that clearly shows it was treated with alkaline copper quat or
copper azole
Containers made from wood can be made to what ever length, width, or depth you need
When containers of this depth are made, you can plant lima beans, snap beans, beets,
kale, lettuce, or peas
In other words, any plant can be grown that will grow well in about 10 inches of soil
This is because you need to put the potting medium in until it reaches about 2 inches
from the top of the container
The size of container you make is determined by three things
Second, the root depth needed for a particular plant
Third, the width of the container needs to be wide enough to accommodate the plant you
want to grow
Convection Microwave Oven: A Greatest Asset Of Kitchen
In the modern times, an oven is considered as the greatest asset of kitchen
It has made the cooking processes look interesting and easy amongst the home makers
The convection microwave oven is considered as a perfect blend of a standard microwave
oven and a convection oven
The users can quickly and easily cook the food in the convection microwave
While, with the help of convection oven, one can grill or browned or crisped the food
Therefore, it can be said that a convection microwave oven can be preheated to bake
cakes which may not be possible with standard microwave ovens
This type of electronic appliance was initially considered to be high-end kitchen widget,
as it was expensive than a conventional microwave
With the passage of time, the price of convection microwaves has dropped down and now
it can be brought for around the same price as a conventional microwave oven
Some of the best selling ovens from the renowned brands are the Electrolux Midea 25L,
Haier HR-25EC, Samsung C103FL and lots more
Let us have a look at some of these performance-oriented overns
The Electrolux Midea 25L convection stainless steel microwave oven is a versatile
product which can be used to grill, heat as well as reheat the food items
There are 10 power levels in this microwave, which saves time and help you to cook food
at a fast speed
The LED display of the oven helps the users to view their food, while they are cooking
This convection plus grill microwave is considered as best for the office goers who
usually have less time to spare on cooking
The Haier HR-25EC helps the users to stay out of those disturbing and time-consuming
kitchen activities
This trusted home appliance from Haier has a convection capacity of 25 litres
With a push button and control panel, one can easily operate this gadget
The energy-efficient microwave oven comes with user-friendly and advanced microwave
features including auto defrost, child safety lock, cooking end signal and digital time
The Samsung C103FL is another best selling 28 litres convection microwave which uses
900W of MWO power
This microwave is empowered with some of the best features such as 318 mm of
turntable diameter with a membrane panel
This bio ceramic convection microwave is also equipped with a 1300W of grill and
features such as auto defrost and auto cook
The convection microwave comprises of various features such as one touch Indian
Lastly, it can be said that this oven grill plus convection is considered as best for easy and
quick cooking
The moment, one hears the name of cookies or cakes his mouth is filled with waters
The bakery products are generally very popular due to its taste and varieties
They are available everywhere and can be presented at any occasion
Among them cookies and cakes are very common and famous
It is due to their exotic taste they hold special place in the hearts of all people
Cookie is taken from the word kiekie, which refers to small cakes, small, sweet, flat or
slightly raised confection
Cookies are now eaten during coffee breaks, as a snack, for dessert, and even given as a
welcoming gift
So cookies can be referred to biscuits, which are soft to eat and can stored for several
days in jar
There are varieties of cookies made from almonds, pasta and other nuts
Cookies can be Amaretto Cookies (Almond Macaroons), Chocolate Chip Cookies,
Coconut Macaroons, Crispy Oatmeal Cookies, Linzer Cookies, Checkerboard Cookies,
Chocolate Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter Sandwich
Cookies, rocs de Reyes, conch, Bonillo
Wide range of cookies is available in market offered by different bakeries
When people return to home after work, they generally want to have tea or coffee, at that
time serving cookies is nice
Cookies are one of the fastest and easiest things to make
Any party whether it is birthday, anniversary, or any happy occasion is incomplete
without cake
Cake serves as the complete menu at any happy occasion
Cakes refer to round, flat, unleavened breads that were cooked on a hot stone with
ingredients such as chocolates, vanilla, strawberry, sugar and eggs
It is the mixture of all these along with dry fruits
Even cakes too have wide range like Blackberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, Boston
cream pie, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Almond Torte, Chocolate Banana Cake, Chocolate
Meringue Cake, Coconut Cake, Orange Chiffon Cake, Yellow Butter Cake with
Chocolate Frosting, Vanilla Cupcakes (Fairy Cakes)
The aroma of all these cakes adds new life in the entire environment
Cakes or cookies both holds special place in bakery products
For any person, who is fond of sweets, it is very difficult to distinguish between them
If birthday is incomplete without cakes then snacks without cookies is not good
Both are the part of same bakery products only differs in name
Cooking games can work as a wonderful introduction to real cooking or preparing which
happens in the kitchen
When making an attempt a uncomplicated recipe online, let's say pancakes, you will
discover which components are needed for the combination
Immediately after the components possess been combined with each other into a batter
the fun can begin… Frying pancakes and throwing them up in the air and afterwards
again again into the baking pan
Students have quite a few organic games available online
Among the most intriguing online games is the cooking games
Cooking games is very exhilarating because you get to generate a thing and everything in
the finish large industry, even however practically
There is completely no age barrier to be enjoying cooking games
Cooking games can work as a wonderful induction to real cooking which happens in the
People throughout the industry are taking assist to realize a recipe better
When making an attempt an straightforward recipe on the web, let's say pancakes, you
will discover which components are needed for the combination
Immediately after the fruit components possess been combined with each other into a
combination the fun can begin
Preparing pancakes in a baking pan and getting fun throwing them up and straight down
to generate the yummiest pancakes
Most cooking games are rhythm-type games, other folks are far more realistic, enabling
the gamer to component master as a chef or even a waitress
Even with the wide variety of choices available, these games possess been most typical as
games for kids-specifically puny women
The most typical class is truly the virtual way of cooking
Doing so will allow you to be with you far more regarding products and excellent recipes
from all close to the planet
These folks also instruct you on how to bake and cook these amazing excellent recipes
The games normaly normally requires you from the pledge starting of a preparing
administer with cleaning the leeks to reducing them into high-quality slices and
afterwards cooking them with lime oil inside a sauce pan
Occasionally it could perhaps even consider you one stage more fully and you will be
able to gather regarding a unique stage, similar to building the garnish of a cake or do the
desk ornament
Doing so is where one can truly show off your talent, since the web primarily based
cooking games doesn't let you taste which you cooked afterwards at least one can get
satisfaction from how it looks
Various kinds of cooking games consist of one stage more fully and teaching you how a
prosperous fruit enterprise operates
Orders need to be done, the money flow needs to be used prepared and you'll be able to
realize the significance of customer service
A written content customer indicates quite a few far more enterprise etc
These games are an original class of certainty game, some arguing that cooking games
assist build real-life skills
These folks may be a far cry from prior games focused to women which generally were
generally makeover games, dress up games, or style games where one can pick a gown
for your doll or use make-up; quite a few of which are obtainable as online games as well
Cooking games provide a "how-to" for those fascinated by fruit
Games where the gamer normally requires on the chef role may be of interest, not just as
youngsters games, but also for all those who enjoy rhythm games or puzzle games
Students have some sites that show loyalty to their potential buyers and offer you new
excellent recipes on cooking games
It 'greatest to reside state of the art so that the greatest may be a skillful kid and truly
enjoys cooking games
Additionally the security of cooking games ought to be very safe
The place picked need to be both dependable and safe to use
Cooking With Offset Smokers – Basic Tips for the Beginner
Cooking with offset smokers, also called barrel smokers, can be a fun and rewarding
Offset smokers have a separate firebox attached to the cooking chamber which allows for
direct grilling in the firebox, and direct or indirect cooking in the smoking chamber
When mastered, the indirect cooking method turns out fantastic barbecue, smoked meats,
poultry, and fish
The secret of the indirect cooking method lies in the ability to maintain an even cooking
temperature over a long period of time
For the novice, this can be a difficult and frustrating skill to learn
This article offers some basic tips that will help you become master of your offset smoker
When buying an offset smoker, one of your main considerations should be the thickness
of the steel
This makes it more difficult to maintain a consistent cooking temperature
Also, the temperature near the firebox can be hotter than at the other end of the cooking
The thinner the steel, the more pronounced this heat difference will be, and you may have
to rotate your meat fairly often
You can still cook exceptional barbecue and smoked meats with a thin gauge steel
smoker, it just takes a bit more work
They are built to last with heavy 10-gauge steel and 1200 degree heat resistant paint
No matter which offset smoker you choose, the key to low and slow cooking is to
maintain a consistent cooking temperature
To do that, you need to get a feel for how your particular smoker cooks
It takes practice, a little experimentation, and a lot of patience
Here are a few simple tips to help you get started
It's really a simple process, just like seasoning a cast iron skillet only on a larger scale
First, coat the inside of your smoking chamber with cooking oil
Next, build a fire in the firebox and add wood chips for smoke
Maintain the temperature at 250 to 275 degrees F and let it go for two or three hours
adding chips for smoke when needed
The oil and smoke will create a barrier on the inside of you smoker and protect it from
This is also an important step for the simple fact that it gives you a dry run on your new
Charcoal burns at a consistent pace, and is much easier to control than wood
Once you've mastered the charcoal fire, go ahead and experiment with wood if you'd like
But until then, do yourself a favor, cook with charcoal and add wood chips for smoke
*Pre heat the cooking chamber to the desired cooking temperature
You cannot maintain an even cooking temperature if you keep opening the lid
If you are cooking a lot of meat and are using all the grill space, you may need to open it
occasionally to rotate the meat away from the firebox
*When adding coals, use a charcoal chimney to pre start them prior to adding them to the
Adding unlit coals will cool your fire and you don't want that
Again, you want your fire to burn as consistently as possible
Clean the ashes in the firebox and the grease from the cooking chamber
You should get in the habit of doing this after every use
You don't want them building up in your barrel smoker, they can trap water and cause
Well, thanks for reading and I hope these tips help
Go grab a beer, or a glass of wine and fire up that offset smoker
But don't drink too much, you have to pay close attention to that fire
At first, the halogen oven started as Home TV shopping product, but within few months
it made its entry into the mainstream retailing business
On seeing the demand for it, many retailers came up with the supply
Cookworks is one of the leading names in manufacturing kitchen appliances
Their cutlery sets, bread toasters, sautГ© pans, sauce pans and other appliances have
already been quite popular among customers
Their products have been quite famous for quality and high performance
Halogen ovens from Cookworks are completely different from other ovens, they are
digital ovens with 12 litres capacity and with the help of extended ring the capacity can
be expanded up to 17 litres
It is multifunctional; it performs the function of grill, fryer, broiler, toaster, heater, baker
and defroster
The main feature that attracts customers is its uniform cooking and even heating of the
food content
Halogen oven is very ideal for busy people as they can save a good deal of time
There is no chance for accidental burning of the hands as it has cool touch body
So it is safe to touch the oven even during cooking, more over it belongs to non-stick
variety, which helps in cleaning the vessel easily without any scraping
Cookworks has taken extra initiative in making the oven the most energy efficient and it
is one of the most appreciated features
When compared to conventional ovens, the consumption of electricity can be controlled
to 50%
So the maintenance cost is much lesser when compared to other ovens
The maximum cooking period required for any type of food is just 60 to 70 minutes
Depending on the type and weight of the food, the time may decrease
It is better to avoid over cooking as nutritional level of the food will be lost
For beginners, it is better to insert a fork to check whether the meat is cooked and
inserting thermometer will help to know the exact temperature
You need to get used to this type of cooking using halogen ovens, as it requires less time
and the right temperature settings
It is safe to use halogen ovens as the equipment employ radiation heat for cooking
In this kitchen appliance, the temperature and the heat setting is completely under control
and it is never at a level that poses risk
Halogen bulbs are used in this appliance to cook the food, and again these bulbs are
manufactured by market leaders like JML or GE
It is worth investing in halogen oven as the safety measures are good and it suits modern
day lifestyle
In terms of decorating, the entire population of the world is divided into two groups:
those who enjoy decorating cakes for fun, and those who live for decorating cakes
In whichever group a person may belong, he or she must have background knowledge
about the different techniques and skills associated with cake decorations
As such, it is important for people to learn about the different kinds of decorating ideas
that could spark their interest whatever their reasons for cake decorating may be
The basic thing about cake decorating that every enthusiastic baker should have an idea
about is the style called layering
Although some people might consider layering a cake to be too over-the-top like a
wedding cake, it is actually a good way to make the cake more presentable and attractive
in normal occasions
Layering cakes could be dependent upon the situation, as every kind entails different
materials and preparations
Some bakers could use rotating boards like a miniature Lazy Susan or a drum board for
cake layers
These pieces of hard materials are good choices for those cakes that have four layers or
less, because five and above layers would be too much for the drum board or rotating
stand to handle
In between layers, it is a good idea to also place a flat board
To finish it off, a layer of cream could conceal the boards
The cake should then be placed in a large enough freezer so that the integrity of the
whole cake could be maintained
When people think about frostings or cake icings, many ideas could come to mind
However, the following essential techniques are valuable in every baker's arsenal
One of the most popular cake decorations that bakers could ever use is the royal icing
Royal icing requires time to prepare for, but this added effort bears good results
Royal icing is a good addition to a cake because it makes it a lot more appealing and
To prepare this kind of icing, only metal utensils and bowls must be used, because plastic
utensils tend to collect oil that could compromise the integrity the royal icing
Other than that, a good selection of sugar and meringue powder would complete the
whole package
Aside from royal icing, smooth icing could also work nicely, because it offers a nice and
even layer of cream on the base of the cake
It is practically free of lumps, so it creates a smooth finish in the end
For a classy and messy finish just like in sweet wedding ceremonies, butter cream icing is
also a good idea
Another good addition in any baker's cake is gum paste
Gum paste is a valuable commodity for bakers due to its moldable properties
With ample amounts of tylose, sugar, eggs and vegetable shortening, this cute edible clay
could not only look good, but taste good as well
When it comes to ideas in cake decorating, the combinations are limitless, which is why
it is up to the baker to power up his imagination for better outcomes
Ingredients: Rice: 1 cup Water : 3 cups Thick curd: - 3 cups Finely chopped coriander
leaves – ¼ cup White grapes (slit into halves) – 1 cup Broken Cashews – ¼ cup Curry
leaves – 15 Red chilly – 2 Mustard – ¼ tea spoon Asafetida – 1 pinch Sugar – ½ spoon
Ghee – 2 tea spoon Oil – 2 tea spoon Salt to taste
Method: cook rice in a pressure cooker with recommended quantity of water
Take out the rice from cooker and spread it in a large bowl and allow it to cool
When rice gets cooled add finely chopped coriander leaves, curd, grapes, salt and sugar
to rice
Place a ladle on stove and roast cashews with ghee and add it to rice
When it crackles add curry leaves, chilly and asafetida
This acts as an instant energizer and refreshes body and mind
It is an ideal health food for those who are debilitated and weak and require easy
assimilation and quick energy
Texts of ayurveda recommend rice gruels along with buttermilk for digestive disorders
such as diarrhea, dysentery, morning sickness, colitis, and jaundice
They help to relive constipation and promote digestion
These berries act as cardiac tonic and increase blood hemoglobin
Grapes are known to balance rakta (blood) and pitta
They strengthen the lungs and help in patients who are recuperating from tuberculosis,
bronchitis and asthma
Grapes help in cystitis and burning micturition as they sooth the inner layers of bladder
and act as diuretic
Fertility of men and women increases with the regular consumption of these berries
They strengthen the female reproductive system and increase the sperm count and sperm
Grapes play an important role in boosting immunity of skin and thus protecting it from
various skin disorders
curd:Intestinal infections like cholera, typhoid, amoebiasis etc usually surface during
Consuming curd daily during summer helps to increase intestinal flora (friendly bacteria
present in intestine)
These bacteria increase the resistance of our intestines to these infections
Probiotics are the good bacteria that promote healthy digestion and build immunity
The most common friendly bacteria (probiotics) are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria
These probiotics are easily available in the form of curd (yogurt)
Persons who cannot digest milk can digest curd easily
Consuming curd rice daily especially during summer, keeps the digestion and intestinal
problems away
According to ayurveda curd absorbs water from intestines (hence called as Grahi)
By the virtue of this property it is widely used to treat diarrhea and dysentery
It mitigates vata dosha, increases kapha and pitta
Curd helps to increase quality and quantity of semen, strengthens the body, accelerates
digestion (agni), stimulates taste buds and acts as an appetizer
Curd reduces irritability of bladder and helps in emptying bladder easily
Cortigiano: Popular Cairo Restaurant Opens Branch in New Cairo
As one of the more popular restaurants in Cairo, Cortigiano has never been considered a
groundbreaking chain, but remains afloat thanks to its varied options, basic approach to
its cuisine and reasonable value for money
It's no surprise then to find the chain pop up in the expanding food complex that is
Emerald Empire in New Cairo
Greeted at the ground floor entrance, we made our way upstairs to the seating area;
boasting its signature homely decor, the lighting is low and rustic wooden accents are
As usual, the restaurant was bustling, inside and out, making it difficult to grab the
waiters' attention
As with many local chains, Cortigiano's menu is vast, and despite claims of being an
Italian restaurant, is largely international
Separated into sections of soups, appetisers, salads, chicken, meat and seafood dishes,
along with pizza and pasta options, the number of different choices can be a little
From their equally packed drinks menu, we ordered several cans of soda (6LE), but were
quickly forgotten about until mid-meal, after several reminders
However, almost immediately, a basket of sliced white bread was brought to our table,
along with a small serving of butter
Again, service was slow, but we were impressed by the generous portion sizes
The chicken soup transpired to be a warming, creamy concoction, complete with hearty
chunks of chicken
Although the tomato soup was also pleasant, it tasted a little more artificial
For our mains, we ordered one fish fillet with lemon sauce, aka filletto di branzino (49
95LE) – pasta with mushroom, chicken and a creamy sauce
We ordered both with penne rather than spaghetti, and one without mushrooms
Unfortunately, the lack of kitchen coordination meant we received our mains before we'd
finished our appetisers
Seemingly forgetting our request, both pastas sported pieces of mushroom, meaning one
was sent back, and didn't reappear until near the end of our meal
Despite a generous amount of each ingredient, the pasta pieces were on the wrong side of
al dente, whilst the sauce, chicken and mushrooms were under-seasoned
Our complaints led to a visit from the manager, and one dish being taken off the bill
The fish dish was also substantial in size, with the fillet deep fried in breadcrumbs
Tasting largely of oil, we proceeded to cover the fish in the generous amount of overly
sweet, slightly gloopy lemon sauce
The side of vegetables was nothing out of the ordinary, but sprinkled with a little too
much pepper, whilst the mound of mashed potato was smooth and flavourful, but served
After a less than satisfactory meal, we didn't feel inclined to order any of their available
desserts; chocolate cake, cheese cake, fresh fruit or ice-cream (15
Staying true to their reputation, Cortigiano serve up generous servings of comfort food
for an endless - seemingly unmanagable - stream of hungry, unfussy diners
Cowboy Birthday Party Supplies For A Buckaroo Fun Day
Your birthday party planning doesn't have to be like corralling wild horses
You can tame that effort with ease, thanks to Cowboys party supplies
Everyone can get dressed for the occasion with any of these great choices
The Straw Cowboy Hat comes in sizes that will fit boys, girls, Moms, or Dads
For the little birthday buckaroo, there's a cotton Cowboy T-shirt that will fit just fine
Complete the ensemble with a Red Bandana and a Cow Print Vest
You can get the complete look in one package with the Cowboy or Cowgirl Costume
The set includes a great lookin' hat and some faux-suede armbands and vest
Stick on the rodeo buckle and strap on those cow print chaps
For yourself, pick out a Bull Rider's Costume that includes a belt buckle, black fauxleather vest and some chaps trimmed in blue
Pull on some boots and then it's time to start your kids cowboy party
Now that everyone is dressed for the party, pick out some Cowboy party decorations
You can get a Cowboy Centerpiece as part of the Deluxe Pack or separately
Place some Cowboy Blowouts next to each plate so each guest can toot when the cake
Once everyone is seated serve the refreshment in a big Western Boot Cup
Be prepared for a stampede since everyone will want one as a keepsake
You can calm them down by handing out Cowboy Sticker Sheets
Fold them into a Favor Box along with a replica of Cody the Cowboy or Charley Horse
Empty favor boxes feature those two great characters (along with their friends, Curly Bill
Cactus and Fernando Snake on the side)
Now you can bring out the cake and sing "Happy Birthday"
Make sure the party room is decorated with plenty of inflatable balloons like the ones that
come in the Deluxe Pack
You can make your life easy with a Disposable Balloon Helium tank
Scatter them above the corral and get ready for a fun time
The Charley Horse Pinata will raise those good spirits to a whoop
This 20" high item holds a ton of candy or small toys for all the party guests
Or, choose Curly Bill Cactus for your pinata instead
Either way, once the birthday boy or girl yank the string you'll hear tons of rowdy shouts
as the goodies come tumbling down
Cowboy birthday party goods make it easy to arrange the best darn celebration you ever
did see
Whether it's the tablecover, the centerpiece, the huge personalized Charly Horse Banner,
or any of the dozens more accessories, your party planning chores are over, pardner
Whether you have ribbon left over from Christmas, have just accumulated spools and
spools from your scrapbooking projects, or have a secret addiction to buying cute ribbon,
there is a way for you to put it to good use
Ribbon is a fairly inexpensive craft item, making it easy to get carried away
Every time you visit your local craft store there are new styles, colors and sizes to choose
Instead of letting your ribbon addiction take over your life, let it take over your crafts by
trying out these 25 ways to use your ribbon
Stamp on plain colored ribbon to create a completely new and personalized look
Create ribbon flowers and attach your “petals” with a button or rhinestone in the center
Tie spools around gift boxes and packages as a fancy decoration
Use ribbon to personalize the bottom of a lampshade
Tie around the base with a bow to match your space
Embellish your ribbon with buttons and tie around your wrist as a bracelet
Spice up your ponytail by wrapping it with a ribbon bow or use it as a headband to
coordinate with your outfit
Tie ribbon around a vase to create a playful piece
Add ribbon around the base of a cake to create an elegant and classy finish
Tie leftover ribbon pieces on the rings of a spiral notebook
Weave together strips of ribbon to create one-of-a-kind placemats for your kitchen table
Frame your photos with coordinating or contrasting ribbon
Thread through cardstock and tie in a loop to create a personalized gift tag
Tie ribbon around jars in your kitchen to create a personalized and practical decoration
Sew ribbon on the edges of your pillow cases and bed sheets to match your bedroom
Hang a long piece of ribbon and use it to store and showcase your earrings and hair
Tie back your curtains with coordinating ribbon to let in extra light and to add a
decorative touch
String your ribbon with beads to create a homemade necklace
Tie different ribbons into bows and use to decorate your Christmas tree instead of
Cut a strip of ribbon to create a cute bookmark for your favorite novel
Use thick ribbon as a belt to coordinate with any outfit
Tie around the binding of a scrapbook or photo album to personalize it
Tie ribbon around napkins to create inexpensive napkin holders for your next party
Use as inexpensive embellishments on your favorite scrapbooking pages
Make your own French ribbon board to showcase your photos and keepsakes
After you've implemented all these great ideas to use your ribbon, it should free up some
space in your craft room for some new spools
Guess it's time to go shopping at your nearest craft store again
Once again, it is Nina's birthday, and conditions for Mama Baker to rub some dough and
place it in the oven
Tens of recipes lie in the book beside her and even, more in her head as she prepares the
historic cake for her little sweet heart
However, which of these, she asks, would be appropriate for Nina, which one of these
recipes is beneficial for a four year old girl
Indeed, everyone adores cakes, from the young child to the elderly grandfather
Some like them with much sugar and specific additives like food colour while others
prefer them otherwise
However, what could be the essence of a treat if it ends up poisoning one's health and
particularly that of a child
It seems almost impossible for one to avoid excess sugar and other unhealthy additives in
cakes bought from the shelves of shops as the most love such contents
It is common knowledge that children love sweets; sugary foods and anything that makes
Nina smack her lips and keep her smiling whenever he sees mum or dad, but one must
not give in to every �sugary' request just to make her happy
Aside from tooth decay that is usually caused by sugar, excess fat in some baking
margarine could cause obesity in children
Using fruits, nuts and vegetables in making that historic cake will certainly keep Nina
smiling on her birthday
It is advisable to use exclusively organic ingredients for baking and cooking in general;
sugar, flour, eggs, milk, and even dried fruits must genuinely be without chemicals
Fruit puree will be an excellent substitute for sugar in that cake and a reduced- fat, olive
oil based- spread could replace that butter
Baking powder forms the basis of cake preparation, but not every baking powder is
suitable for baking
Some are said to contain aluminum, which is possibly linked to Alzheimer's disease
Therefore, it is advisable that one selects aluminum- free baking powder for a healthy
Chocolate is a favourite ingredient for many baking mums but for proper condition this
could either be reduced or replaced with natural cocoa powder
One can add a small quantity of this cocoa powder to chocolate and use instead of
hundred percent chocolate
Now, who will not like a beautiful dream lasting for hours or even days if possible
Although, it is almost impossible to conserve a birthday cake or any cake in general for
more than a day or two, for the sake of a lasting taste in the mouth; it will undoubtedly be
exciting to keep that unique cake for a few more days
Cakes should be placed in a cool, dry place, where they come into contact with much air
One can ice cakes in the refrigerator in order to protect them
Finally, if you are stuck for ideas, you could try some of these long time childrens
classics; Banana nut bread, Apple cake, and Blue Muffins
You need to bake a cake for a special occasion, you know you are creative, but you need
a fresh idea to work with
Every celebration includes a cake to be shared among the guests and family members
It is tradition to have a cake baked by a bakery, or to have a relative bake a cake for the
If you are the designated cake decorator, you may be looking for a new idea for your next
* Characters: There are hundreds of famous characters to use for cake decorating
You can make any cake special by drawing in Dora the Explorer, or Blues Clues
Or you may want to cut up the cake to make the entire cake into a favorite character
* Themes: Maybe you would like to go with a 50's theme, underwater adventure, sport
theme, or a roaring 20's theme for your cake decorating
Use your creativity and find a theme that will thrill the person you are making the cake
for, and the guests
You may want to have a masquerade party in that theme
* Motor Cakes: Boys are usually crazy about trucks, cars, fire engines, boats, tractors,
helicopters, or airplanes
Again you can use your cake decorating expertise to make a farm with a 3-D tractor, a
racing strip, or a scene showing a fire being put out by firemen
Of course it all depends on what the particular birthday boy is fond of
* Animals: You can also use an animal theme by cutting the cake to look like any animal,
or draw in a scene using animals
It could be a zoo scene with several animals or choose one animal and decorate the cake
with other decorations showing where it came from
* Food: Maybe you are making a cake for the opening of an Italian restaurant
You could create a scene depicting the building, or if it is for a chef opening the
restaurant, a scene of the kitchen with different Italian dishes would be fun
You can also cut the cake to look like a hamburger, hot dog, taco etc
The sky is the limit when it comes to cake decorating using a food theme
* Holiday Themes: I remember when bunny cakes became popular at Easter, Wilton has
pans and decorating supplies for all holiday cake decorating designs
A heart on Valentine's day, or a 4 leaf clover on St
Patrick's day is a wonderful way to say happy holidays
* Your Own Creation: If you have been involved in cake decorating for quite some time,
or if you are a novice with an artistic flair, you can create your own cake based on the
theme or the celebration
Whatever cake you make will be the center of attention as cakes usually are at a
It has become tradition to have a outstanding cake at every celebration
Knowing that you are the one who is artistic enough to make this cake, and the praise you
will receive from others, will give you a bushel of satisfaction
The first birthday party of your baby is one that nobody must forget - its purpose is to
celebrate life, happiness and fulfillment
Fortunately there are several very appealing and creative first birthday party ideas that
you can choose from
The key to finding the most suitable birthday party theme or idea is making sure that it
matches the guests - if the guests are younger, then you can always opt for some party
games and even inflatables
That being said, here is a brief overview of three of the most creative party ideas and
Everybody loves balloons, especially toddlers who would play with them all day long
Besides this, the modern balloons come in all shapes or sizes, and the most appealing
ones are certainly those that depict their favorite cartoon characters
Nonetheless, given the fact that this is a first birthday party where toddlers and children
are invited, it is extremely important to only get mylar or foil balloons instead of latex
balloons just to avoid the choking hazards
Also, it is important to make sure that there is at least one adult supervising the entire
The good news about inflating these balloons is that you can easily do it with a helium
tank – add a couple of rented inflatables to the party and the success is guaranteed
All guests will be satisfied: the little ones will play until they get exhausted while the
adults can sit and chat without being bothered
If there is anything children love more than balloons, it has to be cars
Toddlers, generally speaking, are very fond of cars, planes and aircrafts of all kinds, and
the good news is that you do not even need to invest in expensive decorations when you
can actually make your very own
You can easily create planes, automobiles and trains by using cardboard and different
airplane designs that you can cut and paint however you want
Besides this, you can turn them into a great keepsake at the end of the party, as you will
surely want something to remind you of your child's first birthday party
Perhaps the most exciting party of all is the storybook party
This is a win-win situation where both the parents and the children can have fun – when
the little ones get tired of playing around, they will surely want to sit and listen to a great
Contrary to popular belief, stories are not exclusively for bedtime, and a storybook party
will never go old-fashioned
A good story and a delicious piece of cake will certainly appeal to even the most
demanding toddlers
In the end, there is nothing more interesting than watching as all their favorite characters
come to life, and this is precisely the secret ingredient for the success of every children's
These are three outstanding first birthday party ideas
However, it is important to remember that since there will be adults invited to the party, it
is important to keep them entertained as well
That being said, opting for exquisite, clean and safe party rentals will certainly add to the
party spirit
Creative Uses intended for Edible Images and Frosting Sheets
There was a period when only professional bakeries could have the funds for the
machinery to produce Edible Images
Now even cake decorating hobbyists can print edible images in your own home using
their computer and their printer with the only cost being the edible ink and edible paper
Here you'll learn to create your individual edible images including ways to set up, use
and maintain your personal edible imaging technique
You will find new and creative uses for edible images with every cake you make
Listed here are some creative ways edible images can be used:
Print an outline or coloring book page onto frosting sheets and apply it to a frosted cake
The frosting sheet will dissolve and only you may know you used an outline
Frosting sheets make cut-out cakes quick and trouble-free
Print your edible image on the shape and size you would like your cake
Cut out the edible image and then remove it from your plastic backing
Gently place the edible image in a zip-loc bag until able to use
Using the plastic backing like a template, attach it to a sheet cake with toothpicks
Cut around the template with a sharp, serrated knife
You may create buildings and houses, baby blocks and present cakes or just a dart board
without ever having to pick up a piping bag just by covering the tops and sides of a cake
with edible images
Activity cakes are cakes which are topped with an edible image of an activity table such
as a maze, dot-to-dot or color by number
Kids enjoy finishing these fun cakes with tubes of colored frosting
Try using them with gelatin, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, gingerbread houses or hard
If it is possible to print it, it will become an edible image
Always print test and practice pages on regular paper
Purchase your printer first after which your supplies as opposed to purchasing them
together as a kit or package
Use a search engine to locate in-stock printers at the best prices
Shop online auction sites like e - Bay for your new printer
Find free printable, frames, fonts and image editing software over the web
Airbrush cleaning fluid is not just good for removing clogs from your print head, it's also
a great cleanser in case you get edible inks on your hands or counter tops
Going through trouble aligning your shaped frosting sheets
The leftover pieces should be considered to color, stamp, paint or airbrush on using
edible inks
If possible, put it aside for a mosaic or to chop colored pieces out of it for future use
Creative Wedding Cake Stands - Superb Wedding Centerpiece
A wedding is one of the most special occasions a man and woman celebrate together,
enjoyed with family and friends
In fact every person dreams his wedding event will be perfect and unforgettable
But such a momentous occasion demands unique and detailed planning
From months ahead the bride and the groom stay busy in looking for the perfect dress and
shoes for the big day
Bizarre ideas come to mind related to decorations and flowers arrangements for
weddings, booking hall for marriage and reception, music and spectacular wedding cake
ordering for the wedding event
Many search for ideas on what would function as the most wonderful wedding
One great idea is displaying your dazzling wedding cake on splendid Wedding Cake
Unveiling your glittery wedding cake on wedding cake stand is the most creative way of
exhibiting it in front of your guests
A paramount idea of placing your cake in the picturesque stand is to make your own
wedding cake stand the centerpiece for your wedding
In general, cake stands are as remarkable enticement as traditional wedding cake itself in
any wedding party
They are easy to make and reasonably priced in comparison to standard wedding cakes
The most inexpensive wedding cake stands are made on a round or square base
depending on the shape of the cake ordered from the baker
You can enhance the beauty of the cake stand by decorating it with beautiful satin fabric
to match the bridesmaid colour
You can even use real or imitation flowers and leaves for this purpose
You will get innovative ideas from local fabric or arts and crafts store to make your stand
Use these ideas and see how they work to transform the look of your ordinary cake
platform to an exceptional work of art
The Internet will also provide you with plenty of stunning ideas on how to make a
wedding cake stands that stands out
Use your creative idea and online advice on how to make perfect stand for creating a
superb wedding cake stand and add an incomparable touch to the exhibit of your wedding
The most stylish way to present your wedding cake is to use the theme of your wedding
or the common interests shared by both you and your partner in your cake stand
For example if you enjoy surfing, use a miniature-sized surfboard as the wedding cake
If you want to use a simple cake stand, just buy a ceramic pedestal stand and paint it to
match your colour scheme
Another idea is that you can ask your cake designer to decorate a stand that will
synchronize with the design of your beautiful cake
Apart from making a wedding cake stand at home you can also opt to buy specialized and
elaborate cake stands from online suppliers
Search for stands with unique designs such as those that revolve slowly
Most trendy stands are those that have 10 cascading tiers
You will get to keep different type of cakes at each level
Cricut Cake Machine - A Must Have For Cake Decorator Enthusiast
Have you discover concerning the incredible Cricut Cake machine which can be used for
cutting edible cake decorator
This personal die cutting machine is helpful for decorating cake and pastries and thereby
can make perfectly ornamented meals products within an extremely fast manner
This Cricut Cake personal electronic cutter slightly differs from other Expressions model
with regard to its meals secure plastic, stainless steel design
One of probably the most essential benefits of Cricut Cake machines that will be every
thing which will be coming in contact with the food will be food secure and also the mat
is created to become secure for the food and does not have any adhesive
However, it ought to be mentioned that some type of short cutting should be used so as to
make certain that your food does not get stuck to that mat
So, whilst using the Cricut Cake decorator, you must take care that ingredients has
consistency of a gum paste
Cheese, fondant and tortillas function particularly well using the same
You are able to actually produce designer pastries provided you can manage to bring
about proper consistency of ingredients
The Cricut Cake machine also offers a gum paste that is premade for sale in frosting
sheets or little tubs
Nevertheless, you are able to basically use anything with comparable consistency for
generating this incredible food grade die-cut machine work for you personally
Aside from these qualities, Cricut Cake machine will function like every other Cricut
Expression models
In fact, the cartridges which you might have bought for Expression may also function
with this innovative, new and efficient for cutting machine
You will find new cartridges designed by Cricut so as to enhance the process of cake
Inside a nutshell, this Cricut for cake machine is really a blessing for food fanatic as it
will be possible for anyone and everyone to create amazing cakes and pastries decoration
with the exact same
However, let me let you know that practice is needed to master anything and this really is
no different
So, keep utilizing the Cricut Cake machine till you're a pro at it, after this, you'll have the
ability to dazzle everyone using your culinary abilities by offering the incredible and
beautiful Cricut Cakes when you are preparing a party or perhaps a gathering inside your
For much more detailed information you are able to certainly take a look at the different
Cricut Cake reviews that are published on the internet so as to obtain a comprehensive
concept concerning the various features and price
Cuisine Sante International Makes Anyone a 5-Star Chef
Cuisine Sante International sells cookware worldwide
The company advertises that the cookware promotes healthy living via waterless and
fatless cooking
We felt that this would have to be some spectacular set of pots and pans
Partly curious and mostly skeptical, we set out to see if Cuisine Sante International could
substantiate the claims and live up to the hype
We wanted evidence, so we put the Cuisine Sante International cookware to the test and
here are our results
At first glance, the cookware looks rather ordinary
The Cuisine Sante International cookware that we tested had a deep chrome-like luster
and looked like an ordinary set of high-end cookware
We then started to thoroughly inspect the cookware, examining the base construction;
lids, handles and all features that Cuisine Sante International claims make such a
significant difference in the cooking process
Overall, Cuisine Sante International cookware is constructed out of the highest quality
and the surgical "Chromo-Titanium" makes clean up is a breeze
Abrasive cleaners are not recommended for this product, but the best thing is, you do not
need them
Instead of screw on handles, which often get loose or lost, the Cuisine Sante International
cookware handles are spot-welded
Screws and bolts become loose over time because of the heating and cooling of the
They also provide a hiding spot for germs and bacteria
Cuisine Sante International's spot-welded, eliminates those problems
Cuisine Sante International cookware products are also versatile
Each piece can be used on the range and can go directly into the oven as well and
withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees
The handles are made out of a new Du - Pont product that is heat resistant; they stay cool
to the touch and they're guaranteed for life
What normally happens when you open and close the cover
Most forget that you also lose the natural moisture in the food
Every time you open the cover you lose water and steam
Cuisine Sante International cookware lids are constructed out of heavy-duty glass
The lid also has a pressure release valve to minimize pressure build up and condensation
Last but not least, each lid also has a thermometer
It will act as your own personal Chef to guide you throughout the cooking process
Instead of relying upon unreliable cooking times, cooks can heat their foods to the
recommended temperature and then they are cooked perfectly
The thermometers are removable so each covers is 100% dishwasher safe
Overall, Cuisine Sante International cookware lives up to the hype
The claims are believable and one would be challenged to find a set of better-constructed
From the lids to the handles, Cuisine Sante International has succeeded in creating a set
of first-class cookware
Cuisine SantГ© International products can be found in their signature showrooms across
North America
See what makes Cuisine SantГ© International one of the world's top cookware companies
See the products sand enjoy a delicious healthy cuisine prepared in a fun pressure free
Enjoy a great meal and see firsthand why consumers and chefs all over the world have
made Cuisine SantГ© International their preferred cookware
Visit the website at and find a showroom near you
Cupcake Tips: How to Transport Cupcakes and How to Freeze Cupcakes, Plus a
Christmas Cupcake Recipe
Looking for some cupcake ideas for this Chistmas season
Or maybe you just have some basic cupcake questions you need answered
Thinking about making some cupcakes for a holiday party at work or for your kids'
school party, or maybe you will make some for a bake sale
Hey, this is Rick again and I recently invited a special guest to help answer some
important questions and share some Christmas cupcake ideas
Our Guest this time is Leigh Wyryha who is a professional cake and cupcake designer
She offers some gems of information as well as a yummy, to-die-for frosting recipe
If you plan to bake this holiday season you do not want to miss out on these great tips
Here are the notes from the cupcake tips interview
First a little more background on Leigh before we jump into the cupcake discussion
She started baking cakes and cupcakes when she was very young
She enjoyed adding her own personalized details to every edible piece of art she created
What first started out as a hobby making cakes and cupcakes for friends turned into a
full-line of work for her as she now owns her own bakery shop where she produces
stunning culinary masterpieces for any occasion
She has mastered many methods of decorating, storing and transporting her tasty treats
and edible masterpieces over the years
We've been asked about some of these techniques so that's why we decided to bring over
an expert
One of the most asked questions online is how long cupcakes last before they go stale
She quickly responded that each baker has their own method of how to store cupcakes
She likes to store them in special plastic airtight containers in order to keep them fresh for
as long as possible
Typically, though, cupcakes get stale after 2 to 3 days
Furthermore, she likes to keep them in the freezer
Which brings up another curiousity for most recreational bakers, "What's the best way to
freeze cupcakes so they don't get damaged
Since Leigh bakes for a living she relies on freezing cupcakes to keep them fresh
She often receives big orders and is not able to bake them all at once so she places them
in the inside the freezer in the airtight containers
She then frosts them after dethawing at room temperature
She says they even taste the same as if she frosted them the first day
One of the most challenging tasks for any baker is how to deliver baked goods
This is one of the most asked questions on the internet
In Leigh's case she uses special cupcake containers she bought at Wilton's which can
store up to 48 cupcakes at a time
These containers are such an integral part of her business that she uses 2 to 3 at a time for
her bigger orders and she even stated that the cupcakes still arrive to their final
destination in perfect form
Now since the holidays are here it's always fun to learn how to make a new flavor,
something you've never done before
So Leigh shared with us her favorite holiday frosting recipe, cinnamon marshmallow
She picked up the recipe a few years back and swears by it's fabulous taste
She frosts cupcakes with this recipe every Christmas Eve for friends and relatives
They're such a hit with everyone that would tend to be gone by the time she was ready to
try any herself so she finally decided to hide some in her cupboard
And she's just so nice that she shares the recipe right here
Directions: Bring 2 inches of water to a simmer in the bottom of a double boiler
If you don't have a double boiler you can fill a large pot with 1 to 2 inches of water and
place it over low to medium heat until the water begins to simmer
Use a Pyrex or stainless steel bowl as your upper saucepan and place it on top of your
pot, making sure your bowl does not touch the simmering water
Heat over the simmering water, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves, about 3
Beat with an electric mixer on high speed until the batter is shiny and thick
Remove the top pan from the heat and continue beating for 1 minute to cool
Pipe or spread onto cooled cupcakes or cake and sprinkle with cinnamon
***TIP: It takes some extra time to make, roughly 20 minutes, but it's well worth it
Finally, Leigh shared with us her favorite Christmas cupcake recipe, Christmas Bulb
There it is, a treasure chest full of helpful cupcake tips for the holiday season, the best
way to freeze cupcakes, store them and how to transport them as well
Then to top it off how to make a delicious cinnamon marshmallow frosting as well as a
divine holiday treat, a Christmas Bulb Cupcake
From setting the date to returning from the honeymoon, there are dozens, if not hundreds
of choices to make
One of these choices is the cake for the wedding or reception
Here is an inexpensive way to reduce the hassle of the wedding cake
While traditional wedding cakes remain the most popular choice, there are several others
gaining popularity
Cupcake wedding cakes are one of these alternatives
Cupcake cakes are cupcakes arranged in an elegant stand or tray to resemble a wedding
These cakes can be any shape and size that traditional cakes are but have a couple distinct
Traditional wedding cakes are almost always made entirely of the same flavor
Some guests may prefer a different flavor and by using cupcakes you can offer this
Using different flavored cupcakes allows everyone to choose based on their individual
Cupcake wedding cakes can also be less costly than traditional cakes
To keep costs down even more you can make the cake yourself or get friends and family
to pitch in to make it together
If you are going to make the cake yourself you will need to decide how many cupcakes
you will need and how they will be displayed
A bakery may be able to assist you with a cupcake stand or there are many choices
available through the internet
Some stands may work better during transportation than other stands
Another option is to use trays, cookie sheets, and boxes to lay the cupcakes in and set up
the display at the wedding reception site
Don't be afraid to ask family and friends to help move the cakes if you have made them
Cupcake wedding cakes can look stunning and can be coordinated to multiple wedding
They are flexible, easy to manage, and make a great choice for any wedding
Use your imagination and create something extravagant or keep it simple and focus on
other parts of the wedding
To have a small budget for your wedding means that you have to cut costs wherever you
Cutting the costs on the wedding Catering can be done without your guests feeling that
they have just been to the cheapest wedding ever
By changing small things, you can really make a significant difference in the cost of your
wedding catering
One of the most important parts of your wedding is the Reception, and a greater
percentage of the success of the reception, depends on the food
It is very important to impress your guests with the presentation, the taste, the theme and
the quality of the food
To save money, doesn't necessarily mean that you have to skimp on any one of these
important factors of the food
To save on your wedding food, you will have to do more research and comparing of
This means more work for the couple and those helping them, but it could well be worth
it at the end
By saving money on your catering, you might end up having more money to spend on
things such as the Honeymoon or starting your life together
Consider these factors when trying to save money on your wedding catering:
1) Cater your own food: It might be that you are one of those lucky brides that have a few
aunts or friends that are excellent in the kitchen
Most of the time, family and friends are very willing to help with your wedding in any
way possible
Remember to give them a special thanks and acknowledgement when it is time for the
2) Hire an independent catering company: If are having your reception at a Hotel or
somewhere similar, you can usually only choose from the menu they offer
By choosing a venue that allows you to use an independent catering company, you can
drastically reduce the costs of your reception food and have more of a say on what you
want and don't want
For a great but affordable outdoor wedding, you can hire a marquee and a catering
company and choose any location you want
If you want to save money with your reception food, try and keep the reception as
informal as possible
3) Save on Beverages: The days where the bride and groom paid for an open bar to let the
guests drink alcohol into the early mornings, are long gone
There are a few things that you can do to save a lot of money on the beverages
By placing 3-4 bottles of a selection of wine on each table, gives your guests a choice of
white or red wine
You will usually see that guests don't drink more than two glasses of wine anyway and
you can always supply a bar to buy their own drinks for those who feel like having
something else
Make sure that you supply endless amounts of juice and water in jugs
You can make it special by adding a slice of lime with mint leaves or you can add a few
berries in a nice grape or berry juice
Another thing you can do is to leave out the champagne and ask the guests to top up their
glass with their favorite drink for the toasts
Most of the guests don't even enjoy champagne and it only goes to waste
4) Individual Picnic baskets for every family or couple
Another informal outdoor wedding idea is a mid morning picnic on the banks of a lovely
lake with lots of shade
You could have a nice folded up blanket and picnic basket for each family
In the picnic baskets you can have the plates, crockery, nice bottle wine and juice, and a
variety of finger food
For a breakfast, you might have muffins, cheese, fruit skewers and other breakfast finger
The guests can then make themselves comfortable under a big tree on soft grass while the
bride and groom might have a more comfortable couch or table and chairs
You will not only save money on the food and drinks, but save money on the reception
venue, furniture, linen and much more
You can decorate the setting with drapes and ribbons with crystals and flowers hanging
from the trees
You can have a few comfortable seating like couches for the older people
This can be a very relaxed and inexpensive idea, but this is only recommended with a
younger and more adventurous crowd
5) A Country themed wedding: Theme weddings can be so much more than just matching
the favor and invitations to the theme
It is very important to choose the right wedding food to match your theme and
personality and this can also make the choosing of the theme very fun and exciting
For an informal outdoor country theme, you can have an old fashioned country BBQ
Although this is informal, it can still be done in a stylish way with fresh country salads
garnished with herbs, corn on the cob, fresh fruits and home baked bread with butter
For the meats you can have all sorts of hand sized lamb cutlets, mini spare ribs or honey
glazed chicken
You might also consider whole lambs on a spit and have the caterers carve it to perfection
If you concentrate on your country theme and make sure that your food looks good as
well as taste fabulous, you can definitely make a huge success of your wedding bbq
6) Make an appointment to talk to your butcher about less expensive cuts of meats
Any good butcher will be more than happy to show you the differences in prices of meats
and also their quality and what they can be used for
For the best prices of seafood and fresh produce, visit your local produce Market to
compare prices
Substitute expensive seafood like prawns and scallops for calamari or mussels and use
chicken instead of a prime beef fillet
If your food is tasty and festive, your guests will never miss the expensive cuts
7) Serve the wedding cake as the dessert: Spend a bit more on your wedding cake and use
that as the only desert
If you have a rich dark chocolate mouse cake, you can serve it with a scoop of vanilla
bean ice cream dusted with coco for an extra special finish
Most guests will appreciate that more than to have a dessert and then wedding cake
Most of the time, the guests doesn't even eat the cake because they are too full and the
lovely cake will just be wasted
Make your wedding food a priority when planning your wedding
Remember that food is a big part of a celebration and should therefore add to the
festiveness of the day
For singles living in this part of the world, dating in Pretoria offers a range of options to
consider for the first date
Dating experts all advise that the best option is to stick to somewhere neutral and public,
such as a coffee shop, for a low-key and short date
The main reason for this is that it gives you less pressure to have to stay put for hours on
end if things do not work out as well as you had hoped with the person you are meeting –
imagine sitting through a painful dinner with stilted conversation and a growing sense of
Even lunch is a bit too much pressure, and cocktails, while tempting are also not
recommended as ideally that first date should be alcohol-free
Coffee or something simple and low-key in a nice setting gives the least pressure – all
you will need to get through is a cup of coffee after all, and if you really do not feel
sparks, you can politely take your cue after you've had the last sip, without any further
Here are some of the top ideas for dating in Pretoria, from the first date venue to the
second or even fourth date you may enjoy in the city:
Now that we have determined that coffee dates are the best ideas for first dates, how do
you choose the right sort of coffee shop
Dating in Pretoria is all about making the right impression, but at the same time, it's
always best to keep it simple
Consider an outdoor venue if the weather permits, such as the beautiful Ludwig's Rose
Farm, which is situated just 10 minutes out of the city
This beautiful farm has the spectacular backdrop of masses of roses, with a coffee shop
perfectly positioned to get the best of this stunning scenery – not to mention some of the
best chocolate cake in the country
The Pretoria Zoo is another fun idea, arrange to meet at the restaurant within the zoo
grounds and if things go well, you can take a stroll around the zoo afterwards
You could also consider the Pretoria Botanical Gardens for another excellent venue –
enjoy a good cup of coffee in the Mokha Restaurant that overlooks the wetlands
While the first date may seem to be the most important, more often than note it is the
second date that is the make or break date
You have had a chance to meet, you probably get along – now to see if your date was
simply on their best behaviour, or if there will be sparks
You have a few more options to consider for the second date too – if you are easily able
to enjoy conversation with your date, then you can consider lunch, or even dinner
If you met your date through dating services, you should have a good idea of their
interests and likes and dislikes, so you can get a bit more creative when planning your
The Pretoria Art Museum gives a chance to stroll around and discuss mutual interests,
while hiking along a trail such as Moreleta Spruit Hiking Trail is great for outdoor types
A rugby game at Loftus is recommended only if both parties enjoy the game, while a
good dinner at a restaurant such as 643 at The Sheraton Arcadia is also ideal for dating in
Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, with her closest friends and family
members as witnesses to the beginning of her new life as the wife of her beloved
Sometimes, however, our loved ones' partners are not so beloved
We'd rather not have them attend the wedding and reception, fearing that their presence
or behavior may ruin an otherwise beautiful occasion
The truth is that no matter where we go in life there will be difficult people to deal with
We can't choose our loved ones' partners for them, and accepting them into our life
gracefully is a sign of maturity
Showing proper etiquette on your wedding day will raise your esteem in the eyes of your
family and friends, but you shouldn't have to deal with their bad manners in return
Here are some tips on handling unwanted or uninvited guests:
How to Deal With Friends or Family Members Who Over-Indulge in Alcohol
You may love your Aunt Ethel dearly, but Uncle Fred just can't seem to control his
drinking habits
You don't want him doing the hokey-pokey on your wedding cake or offending other
Ask an usher, or a member of your family who has some influence over Uncle Fred, to
keep and eye on him and remove him from the room if he becomes too belligerent
For a larger reception where alcohol is served, you may even want to hire bouncers who
can discreetly handle those wedding guests who have over-indulged
Unless you feel no celebration is complete without intoxicating liquors, as unfortunately
many people do, you may choose to have an alcohol-free reception
This may upset some of your guests, but remain firm in your convictions
One would hope they could remain sober for a few hours out of respect for your wishes
If all else fails, make sure someone keeps the video camera on Uncle Fred so you may
have a shot at winning the big prize on America's Funniest Home Videos
How to Respond When an Invited Guest Asks to Bring a Date
Weddings are celebrations, not dating opportunities
Don't let Cousin Brittney to guilt-trip you into allowing her boyfriend-of-the-week to
accompany her
Get yourself off the hook by explaining that the catering has already been ordered and
you just can't fit in another guest
Some brides may find themselves unable to turn down such requests for fear of offending
the inquiring guest
The invited guest is the one exhibiting rude behavior, not the bride for denying the
You may want to ask one of your bridesmaids or another person involved in the wedding
planning to take care of the RSVP's and handle any such rude requests for extra
If a close friend or relative has become engaged since the wedding invitations were sent
out, it would be courteous of you to welcome the newly intended partner to your wedding
and reception
Since you can expect a small percentage of your invited guests not to attend, even though
they may have sent their RSVP accepting your wedding invitation, it's likely that you will
have an extra seat available to accommodate the extra guest
What to Do When You Don't Like the Live-In Partner of a Wedding Guest
In today's society, couples who live together as man and wife without the benefit of
marriage are socially accepted as a couple
It would be discourteous to invite your friend or relative but to exclude the live-in partner
However you feel about the live-in partner, he or she is still your friend's or family
member's chosen one
Include his or her name on the invitation, but don't allow this person's presence to ruin
your day
While it's courteous for the bride and groom to welcome each guest at the reception, you
won't have much time to spend with each guest
Speak to the person briefly and then excuse yourself to speak to other guests
Some couples are happy to have their youngest family members and their friends'
children as wedding guests, while others prefer to celebrate in a more adult atmosphere
Couples who don't wish to have children attend the wedding and reception should state
this clearly on the invitation
While this may delight some guests, it may upset others
Stand your ground, and tell any angry parents who refuse to come that you will miss their
presence on your special day
Send your invitations far enough in advance of your wedding date so that parents have
time to arrange for a sitter if they wish to attend
Cousin Brittany may just have enough gall to bring her current boyfriend along anyway,
even though her request was turned down
Older relatives may bring adult children, even though their names weren't included on the
invitation Accept the presence of these uninvited guests with charm and grace, instead of
lowering yourself to their level of boorishness by turning them away
Those who are socially ignorant enough to crash your wedding may feel their uninvited
presence at your wedding ceremony gives them the right to attend the reception, also
You have every right to turn these people away from your wedding reception, as well as
anyone else who is not on the guest list
Have security personnel at the door (ask your ushers if they would perform this service,
or hire professional security guards if you think this is going to be a major problem) who
will only allow invited wedding guests into the reception room
As brides, we want our day to be perfect, but few weddings are
Relax and enjoy the day, and ignore any rude behavior displayed by your wedding guests
We are only responsible for our own attitudes and behavior
Be a gracious, courteous, and charming bride, and send your guests home with wonderful
memories of your beautiful wedding ceremony
Decadent and Luxurious No-Bake Desserts Make Easy Gourmet Gifts
For birthdays, holidays, and just as a general pick-me-up, nothing beats a gourmet dessert
If you want to brighten up someone's day with a special gift or even just treat yourself,
you can order desserts online and have them delivered directly to your door of choice
Gourmet gifts are great for employees, loved ones, friends, and anyone who has a sweet
To get started with exploring the range of sweet gifts that are offered online, you can
choose from miniature treats, or larger full-size cakes and pie
If your recipient has special dietary issues, be sure to take that into consideration
Today's range of gourmet gifts out there on the market now come in sugar-free versions
for diabetics and kosher versions as well, so that you can be sure to find something that
can be enjoyed without guilt
When you order desserts online, one thing to take into account is how the treat will get to
In the past, ordering desserts through the mail or online was extremely costly, or could be
a bit risky since the dessert might get squashed, melted, or lost en route
Yet today's cakes are sent in insulated containers, packed in dry ice to make sure that they
stay cool and fresh
The range of gourmet gifts available these days online used to only be available at
upscale cafes and bakeries, but you can now have these treats delivered directly to your
own home or to the house of a friend
They have been served for over 50 years, ensuring that the recipes have been perfected
over time to melt in your mouth
When you order desserts online, you can indulge your senses and make any day a
Miniature desserts such as Petit Fours, Mini Cream Puffs, and shot glasses filled with
decadent mousse and pastry are the perfect items for entertaining, without any need to
slave over a hot oven to prepare them
If you don't want to send cakes as gourmet gifts, it's definitely possible to order desserts
online just for yourself
You can choose from a wide range of desserts, without any need to bake them at home
and have them delivered to your door in perfect condition
Popular options include the Black Forest Cake, Lemonade Cake, and Chocolate Cream
Other delicious flavors like Carrot Cake are available without any dairy, so if you are
lactose intolerant you can still have your cake and eat it too
Decorating Ideas For Cupcakes With Team Logos As A Super Bowl Dessert
They are so simple to make, and make a great presentation
They can be made in any flavor, decorated or not, and are always a sought after treat
If one has a little artistic ability they can be made elaborately, though this is not a
requirement for the enjoyment they bring
I decided to try out some thoughts and designs, and will pass on my results here
Making cupcakes is as simple as having muffin tins and paper liners
Even the paper liners are not mandatory, though they help make it cleaner to pick up and
Making a cake mix, either from scratch or from a box and filling muffin papers about half
way and baking for slightly less time than a full cake layer is all easy as 1, 2, 3
Once made, if decorating muffins is a frightening prospect, let that go and just enjoy
A simple smear of icing will make a delightfully edible treat
Actual decorating is really just, well, the icing on the cake
The main idea is to enjoy the process and have treats for guests and family
This year, the team colors are purple, black and metallic gold for the Ravens and red,
metallic gold and white for the 49ers
These colors, or some combination, can be used as the main icing color or in
Party decorating shops or cake decorating shops will likely have little decorations to use,
such as little footballs or goal posts and such
If you choose to take the time to make your own, you might look for a small candy mold
in football shapes
Melting chocolate or chocolate bark and filling the molds is quick and easy
Once the halves are chilled and hard, a dab of melted chocolate will glue the halves
Allow to set and then make the laces down the side with white icing and a small holed
icing tip
Decorate some cupcakes with brightly green tinted icing and either just smear it on or use
an icing tip number 233 to mimic grass
Even a small star tip can be used to create a grass effect
Set a little chocolate football onto the grass and there you have it
If you already have small Easter egg molds, these can be used the same way, by just
planting the rounded end down onto the green icing grass surface
I chose to attempt a loose facsimile of the actual logo for the teams
Making a brilliant red frosting for the background field of the 49ers look, I used a flat
icing tip number 45 to make a rectangle in an approximate gold color over top
I piped in 49ERS in red using a number 4 round holed tip, then outlined the letters and
numbers in white using a number 3 round holed tip
For the Ravens, I frosted the cupcake in deep purple
Using a toothpick, I traced an approximation of the raven logo, and then used black icing
and a number 3 round holed tip to copy over that traced outline
I used white icing and a number 3 round holed tip to trace around the black icing to make
the figure more noticeable
Whether you take the time needed for making team logos or not, the goal is to have a
sweet treat for all to enjoy
If you do not have the skills to use all the icing tips mentioned, simply spread on a couple
of the team colors, half and half on top of a cupcake
Or ice the cupcakes in any color you prefer and pipe on RAVENS or 49ERS on each
The ways to decorate are only limited by your imagination
I hope it was informative and helped you along your own culinary journey
You will find many more recipes and helpful tips on my web site
I am on Facebook at A Harmony of Flavors and share a recipe or tip each day to the fans
that have liked my site
Wanting a different idea for your wedding or events dГ©cor
The quality and uniqueness of them are bound to wow your guests
They dye well and come in multiple colors which will coordinate with any theme
One of the hottest trends in weddings and special events right now are ostrich feather
They are easy to assemble and consist of high quality products
Here is one example of what is needed and how to put the centerpiece together:
Eiffel tower vase – they range in size from 16"-28"
Use a white vase instead of a clear vase so the items inside will not be visible
Ostrich feathers – drabs are 12"-16" or the best quality feather is plumes which are 18"22"
Floralytes – these come in multiple colors and are used to illuminate the vase
Depending on the size of your vase you will want to use either 2 or 3 lights per
Straight Stem Foam Bouquet Holder – this item is used to hold the feathers
The lights will come together on a wire therefore you will need to tie them around the
stem of the bouquet holder
You are going to want to stagger them so they will hit different areas of the vase to
ensure that the entire vase is lit up
It is recommended to use 20-21 feathers per centerpiece for guaranteed fullness
Simply put the feather quill ends in the foam of the bouquet holder
Work your way up in a circular motion placing smaller feathers on top until desired look
of the centerpiece is reached
It is a good idea to make up your feather arrangements a few days before the event
This gives the feathers time to settle, resulting in the classic arched shape of the plume
Keep in mind most floralytes are one time use so if you are assembling the centerpieces a
few days before the event, you are not going to want to turn them on until the actual day
of the event
Take a new approach to accenting by using ostrich feathers instead of just flowers
Mix some feathers in with other fresh flowers or make a bold statement by allowing them
to make up the whole bouquet
Another way to incorporate them into your dГ©cor is through the cake
Get creative and let ostrich feathers produce a spectacular cake topper
Have some fun and Accessorize with ostrich feathers
Place them in your hair or on a headband versus the traditional tiara or veil
Have one peeking out of the top corner of your dress or dangling from your wrist
For outdoor weddings during the warmer months, supply a hand fan for your guests
Add some feathers to them for an ancient Egyptian look
Or crop them shorter and add to an oriental fan for a western look
There are so many ways to use this fashionable look, so let your imagination run wild
Decorating Your Cake With Fruit or Other Healthy Toppings
Everyone loves cake on their lips…but not on their hips
Candies and chocolate and icings are full of sugar and fat
Not everyone in attendance at your party will want to indulge on such a treat
You could be stuck with miles of cake or cupcakes that might go to waste because your
guests are watching their waist
There are ways to have your cake and actually eat it too when you decorate your cake
with fruit or other healthy toppings
Fruit is not only a healthier option than candy cake toppings, it's also colorful and
provides various shapes and textures to your cake
Depending on the theme of your party and the colors that are dominant in your
decorations, you can dress up any cake with fresh or dried fruit
Slice strawberries long ways, use wedges of star fruit, sprinkle blueberries or raspberries,
or section oranges or mandarins for bright, vivid additions
If you decide to use fruits in a decorative manner on your cake, be aware that fresh fruit
will moisten the cake and help it spoil quicker
You'll also want to make sure that the fruit flavors don't clash with each other, the cake
itself, or any icing you choose to put on it
Stay away from fruits that oxidize too quickly (apples, pears, bananas) as no one wants to
eat a cake with wilting brown fruit on top
Have you ever wondered how your bakery gets those fruit-covered tarts to look so shiny
and wet with flavor
If you take apricot or raspberry jams, or any other flavors, and heat them in the
microwave for a minute or so, it will form this vibrant and delicious glaze that you can
dabble over fresh fruit or over a bare cake itself
Get a new paint brush ad become the Di - Vinci of your kitchen as you slather the
sweetness over a pound or angel food cake
Instead of plopping gobs of fat-laden, sugary-sweet icing on top of a cake, you can use a
simple ingredient fresh from your grocer's freezer: whipped topping
Cool Whip or generic store brands provide a sweety, yet less fattening icing to cupcakes,
cookies, and cakes
Replace the heavier frostings with a layer of fat-free or reduced calorie whipped topping
You'll have to serve the dessert immediately after "icing" to ensure freshness
You won't miss out on any taste, even though you may save your waist
Nuts provide extra protein for us, so why not toss a handful of chopped favorites onto
your next cake
German chocolate cakes slather on walnuts to the icing, but you can do it without the
Add coconut slivers, almonds, ground peanuts, roasted macadamia, or chopped pecans
with your other decorations
Be careful, though, to inform your guests of the nut toppings as some people are allergic
to tree nuts and ground nuts
No matter what kind of party you're hosting, you can find healthy alternatives to top your
cake instead of the lardy icing
You have a dream, a vision of the wedding cake you want to have
To accomplish this goal, you need to start at the beginning, and that means asking
yourself some further questions
This questionnaire will help you find the perfect cake for your wedding
The purpose of these questions is to get you thinking practically about the cake
To give you a place to start, keep in mind that the average wedding cake costs about $5 a
This may seem like not much unless you realize that $500 for a cake to feed 100 guests is
a significant amount of money, especially if you only have $10 000 for the whole
Well, if you plan outdoor mid-summer wedding , your cake needs to be heat-proofed as
much as possible
Think about colors as well, a winter silver -white scheme might look great on your
December cake
Don't forget to consider the time of the day your cake will be served
If the cake is coming after an evening reception diner, then the slices can afford to be a
bit smaller and you can plan the size and style of your cake accordingly
Or, if you will have a cake and champagne at a short mid-afternoon reception, then the
cake serving should be generous
Make sure that your RSVP date should be early enough for the caterers and bakers to
plan accordingly
Don't forget to count musicians, photographer, officiate, bartenders, clergy and etc
Eleven year old boys should probably be counted as four adults
The formality of the wedding will set the tone and size of the cake
A cake with large pillars might look out of place at a small simple country ceremony
Take in consideration everything, the formality of your dress, the reception hall, the food,
the flow of the party in general
Do you really believe that wedding cakes are made for beauty and ceremony only
Well, if the day without chocolate for the bride is like a day without sunshine, then why
not incorporate this into your wedding cake
This is you day, and your cake, especially its flavor, should reflect the bride and groom's
Aunt Stephaney is allergic to strawberry but this the groom's favorite dessert, well, this
isn't Aunt Stephaney's wedding, is it
There is no way you can please all of your hundred guests, so choose the cake with a
flavor you absolutely love
Simple white with a few flowers or something dramatically non-traditional
Make sure that style, mode, theme and colors of your wedding are incorporated into your
wedding cake look
We hope this brainstorming questions will help you to create a list of the important ideas
and preferences in term of taste, looks, setting you will after incorporate into a vision of
the ideal cake for your wedding
With the tremendous speed of the current times the time that one invests behind anything
is very calculative and balanced
The seafood recipes prove to be a good example of the combination of health and taste
The crab cakes allow you with the freedom to gorge on your favorite food as much as
you want without being conscious of the added weight
The precise reason of this complacence is the health values that these recipes contain
The seafood recipes usually benefit the functioning of the brain a lot
The tremendous benefits that these recipes impart are simply incomparable
They are like the small energy givers that continue to nourish the body without taxing the
taste buds
The crab cakes are the palatable marriage of outstanding health with that of delectable
The things that more often than not restrict you from being a connoisseur of seafood is
the location and the availability
However this problem has been catered to, now even the special recipes turn out to be not
only available at the venues close to your residence but also in your own residence
These ready made recipes have left you without any dearth of any kind
The seafood recipes have a plethora of collection pertaining to the crab cakes itself
Of the various choices of trip to heaven dishes, one is that of the Maryland Crab Cake
The ingredients required and the process involved has been elaborated as below:
* a pound back fin Blue crab meat or other lump crab meat
* Free the meat of any form of cartilage put it in a bowl and keeping it for future use
* Now the saltine crackers need to be crushed in a fine manner
Post that step fold in the crab to ensure the proper execution of the steps and not overdo it
Now leave the entire preparation for at least an hour of refrigeration
* The last step in the preparation involves the frying part
You need to heat a couple of table spoons of vegetable oil in a non stick fry pan
The proper frying that is when the crab cakes turn golden brown usually takes up 3-5
minutes on either side
The garnishing of the seafood recipes like most dishes deserves a special attention
The garnishing adds to the appetizing factor of the dish
This recipe can be garnished with remoulade, tartar sauce or simply a squeeze of the
The seafood dinner therefore open up a smorgasbord of mouth watering dishes, knowing
to cook which will earn you the key to establishing yourself as an adroit chef in your
This recipe will also add to your culinary knowledge
Delicious Father's Day Crafts: Bake a Personalized Cake
Playing sports in the backyard, the protection from monsters in the closets, afternoon ice
cream runs and help with your homework, the role your dad plays in your life is one-of-akind
Father's Day is your chance to show your dad just how much you care
From neck-ties to t-shirts, choosing gifts for your dad can be challenging
This year, why not do something a little more creative
Father's Day crafts can be the perfect gift for any age
Get your siblings or children to participate, or use your own creativity to create a Father's
Day cake that is sure to please
Satisfy his sweet tooth with a homemade cake decorated to match his interests
Consider some of the following cake ideas to help you get inspired:
Showcase your dad's favorite sport with a delicious Father's Day craft project
Using a sports ball shaped pan, you can create a 3-D golf ball cake that will impress even
the hardest-to-please father
You can personalize a cake for your grandfather, uncle or neighbor using the same pan
Turn your golf ball into a baseball, basketball, tennis ball or bowling ball just by
changing the way you decorate
By carving a rectangular cake into the shape of a trophy, you can give your dad an award
that will satisfy his sweet tooth
Using a rich gold colored frosting, decorate your trophy to include handles, detail work
and a large #1
You can even personalize it with his name and use sprinkles to add a little sparkle to your
There is nothing wrong with making a simple cake that comes from the heart
The point of Father's Day crafts is to give a personalized gift from your heart to your
Don't worry about being the best cake decorator on the planet; just make something that
comes from the heart
Cake baking can be a great way to get the entire family involved
Split up the tasks and let younger kids help mix ingredients, set the timer and help choose
Baking is a popular past time enjoyed by many people around the world
The main benefit of baking is the enjoyment and satisfaction of creating your own
Everybody has their favorite dessert, but it is important to eat these baked goods in
To many, desserts seem unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar
However, this is not always the case because there are several healthy sugar free
alternatives available
When you decide to bake a treat for yourself, first consider what you would like to bake
and add sugar-free ingredients
There are many possible choices when it comes to sugar free snacks such as cookies,
muffins, cakes and pies
You can eat much healthier while enjoying the same great tasting snacks
These delicious sugar-free desserts can be created in the comfort of your home or
purchased at your favorite local bakery
The main benefit of choosing sugar-free snacks is the fact that most contain either low
calories or zero calories, depending the on the chosen sweetener
Low calories can help prevent obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease
Switching to artificial sweeteners provides many benefits and all of your favorite snacks
can still be created
A bakery is an excellent location to satisfy your craving for a delicious snack
Most bakeries have several options available for you to choose from and you can either
order your food made fresh or purchase something pre-made
This is a great place to find cakes, pies, cookies and muffins, and, depending on the
bakery, may come sugar-free
These are all great desserts, but are healthier if made with sugar-free ingredients
A bakery can also help you find the perfect goodies to fulfill your craving because of the
many sugar alternatives available on the market
If your favorite sugar substitute is Splenda, the bakery should have cakes available that
use that product, and if they do not you should be able to request a custom baked treat
Muffins, cookies and pies are an excellent dessert to choose when beginning to learn how
to bake sugar free
Muffins provide a tasty snack, which requires less than an hour to prepare and bake
Muffins also require minimal preparation due to the simplicity of the resulting product
Cookies are very similar to muffins as they are easy to bake and do not take long to create
Holidays are an excellent time to bake because there are many delicious seasonal snacks
The fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving are a time of year when pies are
popular desserts
You may also want to consider baking a healthy pumpkin pie with Splenda
Once you get used to baking some simpler products such as pies, muffins and cookies it
is time to take a step further and begin baking a cake
Cakes are also easy and should not take very long to master
You may want to consider baking a sugar free cheesecake because sugar substitutes like
Splenda work best when the main purpose of sugar is to sweetness to the finished product
The recommended alternative to using sucrose is a product called Splenda
Splenda, also known as Sucralose, is 600 times sweeter than your standard table sugar
This granulated sugar alternative scales perfectly with the amount of sugar requested in
the recipe
One tip to remember when cooking with Splenda is that it causes your snacks to bake
Keep an eye on your snacks to help prevent it from burning
Another important tip to consider is not to replace ingredients such as brown sugar,
honey, molasses and fructose as these are necessary in their natural form
Splenda has a brown sugar substitute, which serves as an excellent substitute to brown
sugar but remember not to substitute brown sugar with Splenda
Baking is an enjoyable process, and you can bake while eating healthy at the same time
There are many excellent treats to be made which fulfill your sweat tooth while helping
you stay healthy in the process
Several options are cakes, pies, muffins and puddings
These sugar-free products can be purchased at your local bakery or created in your own
The sugar substitutes replace table sugar, which is also known as sucrose
This helps prevent several major diseases, which can be caused consuming too much
A few tips to remember when starting to bake sugar free are to discover the substitute you
like best and stick with that until you perfect your recipe
Splenda is best when added to a recipe as a sweetener
Next time you decide to bake yourself a delicious snack, remember that you artificial
sweeteners like Splenda are a perfect substitute to your standard table sugar
Splenda provides the same sweetness as sucrose with added health benefits
When you begin baking sugar free, these tips should help you learn the basics of sugar
free baking along with some desserts you may want to consider baking
Designer Wedding Cakes - How to Choose the Right Designer Cake for Your Wedding
Designer wedding cakes now form part of the most important things which are needed for
a successful wedding
Wedding is a very important thing that requires adequate planning many months before
the real day
For couples not too rich, there is need to save money, sometimes taking months to get
enough money ready before telling the public about the plan to get married
In order to make guests enjoy every moment of the wedding ceremony, designer wedding
cakes are one of the things presented
Designer wedding cakes now form part of the most important things which are needed for
a successful wedding
A wedding is a very important thing that requires adequate planning many months before
the real day
For couples not too wealthy, there is a need to save money, sometimes taking months to
get enough money ready before telling the public about the plan to get married
In order to make guests enjoy every moment of the ceremony, the wedding cakes are one
of the things presented
If you are planning your big day, it is important to know how to choose the right cake
Some of the ideas that would help you choose the right design are:
Shapes- A good design should have good shapes which are interesting to look at
The shape of your wonderful design is one of the things which make your wedding a
special one before your guests
You should choose a cake which is based on your needs
You can always find unique wedding cakes with shapes like airplane, football stadium,
sunflower, heart and so on
Ingredients- You should consider the ingredients before you choose final design
It is not easy to turn down wedding cakes after they have been made
You should ensure that your designer wedding cake does not contain ingredients to
people are generally allergic to
This would ensure that everyone enjoys the cake on your wedding day
Size- When selecting your cake, you should consider the number of visitors who will
The type of event is what determines the size of a cake
In the case of a wedding ceremony, many people are usually invited
Therefore, you should ensure that your selected design is big enough to go round your
guests and provide enough portions sufficiently
Creativity- Creativity is very important in choosing design
You should ensure that the cake represents something on your wedding day
For instance, if you are your partner have something in common, such as a hobby, you
could choose a wedding cake that represents that thing
Therefore, you should not choose wedding cakes with the usual one pose groom and
Instead, you should look for at unusual designer toppers which make weddings special
You should not assume that designer cakes are cheap
Neither should you think that they are too expensive for you to get one for your wedding
The most important thing is choosing the one that is within your budget and would say a
lot of things about you on that day
For instance, wedding cake toppers should match your wedding theme if you are
planning a beach wedding
It is important that the cake design be according to your theme
For instance, the trending for designer wedding cakes nowadays include fondant frosting,
which though very good, still cost more than almost ordinary cakes which similar base
but with a butter cream frosting
Although weddings are really expensive because of the things you have to put together,
you could still have a cake that would still represent your personality and make your
guests enjoy every bite of the cake
Designs Tips And Ideas For Working With Buttercream Icing
Creating beautiful and mouth-watering cakes is not as scary as it might seem
A variety of resources are available to guide you through your cake creating
experience—books, websites, online videos and classes are just a few ways that you can
learn how to decorate cakes
This guide covers the basics of making and decorating tasty and beautiful cakes with
buttercream icing and details
We explain the basics of icing, tools needed for decorating, how to design your cake, and
how to transport and assemble the cake
In addition to buttercream, we touch briefly on fondant and royal icing, which can be
used to make accent details for the cake; however, you can make a beautiful and edible
creation using only buttercream
Icing 101 There are hundreds of different icing recipes and options for cake decorating
As an amateur or a pro just looking for inspiration, fundamentals are always at the core of
any success project
Here is just a sampling of information from my new e - Book "Buttercream Cake Design
Poured icings, spread able icings and rolled icings are just a few available
For most special-occasion cakes, the tastiest option is buttercream icing
In recent years, rolled-fondant icing has taken over as the "look" preferred for cake
creators and brides-to-be
However, those cakes are more expensive and less tasty than cakes decorated with
buttercream icing
In this section, we discuss the basics of buttercream, royal and fondant icing and provide
recipes for each
It is possible to decorate a cake entirely with buttercream and have a beautiful design
In case you are ready to try some details with fondant, you will be able to branch out
The green and pink cake pictured above is iced with buttercream, with the detailed polka
dots and diamonds made of fondant or gum paste
The cake to the right is decorated with buttercream, satin ribbon and flowers, for an
elegant and wholly edible look
Traditional buttercream icing is made mostly of eggs, butter and sugar
Versions best suited for home-decorating of cakes do not contain eggs
Buttercream is the tastiest of standard cake decorating icings and is quite flexible
Various consistencies allow decorating of the entire cake, and creation of larger details
such as flowers and small, intricate details such as scrollwork
Dha, Krill Oil & Green-lipped Mussel – Which Is Best
DHA is the most biologically useful omega 3 fatty acid
Over the past year sellers of dietary supplements have promoted various forms of DHAcontaining oils such as krill oil or green-lipped mussel as superior to DHA-containing
fish oil
The purpose of this brief review is to set the record straight as well as explain the extreme
value of DHA to your health
Fish Oil is now recognized as an important nutrient for the prevention of heart
arrhythmias that lead to sudden death
These omega 3 oils have significant scientific proof that they can extend your life
They are also a superior nutrient to assist fat-related calorie burning
They promote the health of your white adipose tissue so that you can lose weight or
maintain a healthy weight more easily, as well as helping you not become type II diabetic
What are Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and How Much Do You Need
Omega 3 essential fatty acids are a unique type of fat that cannot be produced by your
body from other fats and thus must come from your diet
All cell membranes in your body can use them to regulate health, and minimally they are
needed for growth - which is the original reason for them being termed essential
The length of an omega 3 fatty acid, in terms of its carbon spine, is very important
The shorter omega 3 is called В±-linolenic acid (ALA)
It is 18 carbons long with three unsaturated bonds (starting at the 3rd carbon - thus the
name omega 3)
ALA is the type that is found in non-animal omega 3 oils such as flax, chia seeds, perilla,
and walnuts
Another 18 carbon omega 3 is called stearidonic acid, and this time has four unsaturated
Black current seed oil is a rich source of stearidonic acid
Fish oil is composed of two main types of omega 3 oils, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
These oils are longer in length (EPA is 20 carbons, DHA is 22) and they have more
unsaturated bonds (EPA has 5, DHA has 6)
The number of unsaturated bonds in an essential fatty acid is also important, as these are
points of interaction in your metabolism
DHA is by far the most biologically active omega 3 oil, due to its length and the number
of unsaturated bonds it possesses
It is the dominant type that is found in your cell membranes
DHA, not EPA, is the primary fatty acid associated with cardiovascular health and
improved circulation
Plant-based omega 3 oils can be converted to DHA by your body's enzyme system;
however, this process is inefficient
Research shows that ALA is made into DHA at only a 2 - 5 % rate, meaning it is an
inferior source of omega 3 oils for cardiovascular health
When animals are range raised then the ALA omega 3 in the grass they eat is converted
by the animal to EPA and DHA and stored in their fat
Most of the animals in the American food supply do not eat grass and have little omega 3
oils in their fat, leaving fatty fish as the main dietary source of DHA omega 3 oil
Fish have their own problems, meaning they are prone to accumulate mercury, PCBs, and
other fat soluble toxins
Farm raised fish are not raised in cold, deep ocean waters, and therefore do not make as
much fatty insulation to protect against the cold, and thus have lower levels of EPA and
Our food supply is lacking in high quality DHA, compared to our evolutionary diet
Making matters worse, omega 3 oils, which are anti-inflammatory in nature, are
overwhelmed by the widespread use of pro-inflammatory omega 6 oils such as soy oil,
corn oil, sunflower oil, and cottonseed oil
The typical American diet can be as high as 30:1 in favor of omega 6
Too much omega 6 oil blocks the enzymatic conversion of ALA to DHA
And today, most soy and corn oil is genetically modified with toxins spliced into the
DNA of the food, making them even more pro-inflammatory
Government guidelines for omega 3 consumption are 1600 milligrams per day for men
and 1100 milligrams per day for women
2% of total energy (1300 - 2600 mg for a 2000 calorie diet)
No guidelines are given for the amount of the very important DHA
Since ALA may not be converted to DHA, the government guidelines are somewhat
DHA is the key biologically active essential fatty acid that you want to make sure you get
in adeqaute amounts
Specific amounts of DHA have been extensively tested in humans
In patients with persistently elevated triglycerides 2160 mg of DHA lowered their
triglycerides by 27% within three months and sustained that reduction at six months,
whereas half that dose did not
1560 mg of DHA has been shown to improve heart rate variability in overweight adults
and do the same for athletes
Having better heart rate variability is a main way to stop cardiovascular-related death, as
well as to be able to exercise healthier
In a four ounce serving of salmon or tuna you will get about 2,000 mg of EPA and DHA
(1200 mg of EPA and 800 mg of DHA)
Japanese men consuming this amount of fish every day have half the rate of heart disease
and twice the blood levels of essential fatty acids, compared to Japanese men living in
A study in Alzheimer's patients with 1700 mg of DHA proved significant uptake and
incorporation of DHA into cells membranes and significant inflammation reduction
In fact, DHA is known to boost brain cell health and protection by a variety of
mechanisms, even protecting against Parkinson's
This data means that if you have cardio risk factors, especially if you are overweight,
have high blood pressure, elevated triglycerdies, or cognitive decline, a highly protective
dose of DHA is in the 1500 - 2000 mg a day range
Data shows that 2000 mg of DHA optimizes plasma levels, though does in the range of
4000 - 6000 mg of DHA per day have been tested in humans
If your problems are less concerning, you can benefit from 400 - 1000 mg of DHA per
In my opinion everyone at any age should have at least 100 - 300 mg of DHA per day, as
part of a healthy diet, just to meet basic nutritional needs and help prevent obesity (many
Americans are lacking)
Smaller doses of fish oil have been proven to improve circulation in even healthy young
people, meaning that it is likely to help prevent the slow and gradual decline that
accompanies the wear and tear of aging by maintaining more optimal health
The amount of DHA in fish oil will vary from 10% - 20% of most formulations
Thus, in traditional fish oil capsules you will need 5000 - 10,000 mg of fish oil (5 to 10
capsules), to get 1000 mg of DHA
These capsules also contain larger amounts of EPA than DHA
EPA can actually get in the way of DHA getting into your brain, EPA is not the primary
oil needed for health benefits, and EPA is a primary blood thinner (meaning you can
bruise too easily before you get to a dose that really helps)
When I design dietary supplements I use a special fish oil raw material that is 50% DHA
and 10% EPA, so that you can get the higher levels of the beneficial DHA without
getting too much of the blood thinning EPA
The material I use is also molecularly distilled, meaning any mercury, PCBs, or other
toxins have been removed
Even the very conservative Mayo Clinic has come out and said that Americans should be
taking fish oil for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
The actual scientific facts as they currently stand paint a different picture - DHA is the
proven supplement, not krill oil
One of the problems with krill oil is that a Canadian company owns the patent on it meaning you are paying for a product with no raw material competition
Krill oil has a grand total of six small published studies, funded by the Canadian
company or published by one alternative medicine journal whose owner also owns a
dietary supplement company that sells krill oil
In one small comparative study of krill oil and fish oil the authors claimed krill oil
superiority by comparing it to a dose of fish oil (containing 360 mg of DHA) that is
known not to be a therapeutic dose for lowering triglycerides - meaning they proved
In reality, krill oil only has 40 milligrams of DHA per capsule
Furthermore, comparing the cost of molecularly distilled fish oil to krill oil you will find
you are paying seven times the amount for the DHA in krill oil
Proponents of krill oil argue that it has an antioxidant within the oil
This is interesting, but most people taking fish oil take other supplements with many
Another argument is that the krill oil contains some choline and that the structure of krill
oil DHA is a diglyceride form that is similar to what cell membranes want to use
It is a nice theory, except that humans easily convert the triglyceride form of DHA in fish
oil into the form used in their cell membranes - and it has been proven that fish oil DHA
significantly raises the cell membrane amount of DHA - something krill oil has not
New science is showing that metabolites of fish oil called protectins and resolvins are
important in guarding against type II diabetes
These byproducts of fish oil metabolism will be made in proportion to the amount of fish
oil consumed
There is not one study showing that krill oil prevents heart disease or reduces mortality,
not even one study in a large population of users that proves anything
I have no objection to anyone taking krill oil, but it is not the same thing as taking a
cardio-protective dose of proven DHA
The facts are the facts; you need DHA and lots of it
Fish oil has thousands of clinical studies showing its effectiveness, including many
human randomized controlled trials
The company promotion on its website states, “The omega-3 fatty acids found in greenlip
mussels are up to 250 times more effective than other omega-3 oils in the market
these omega-3s are of such a high concentration and natural balance that it would take
247 capsules of salmon oil for example to equal just 1 capsule
” Other websites promoting this product refer to fish oil supplements as obsolete
Yes, it is just another network marketing company doing its thing
Yet, the message is not truthful and may have the net result of harming those who need
proven amounts of DHA and EPA to protect their cardiovascular health
Green-lipped mussel has been around for several decades and has a handful of studies
showing that it has anti-inflammatory properties and may help improve pain in mild to
moderate osteoarthritis
Some preliminary test results show that its main biologic activity is to reduce
lipoxygenase activity, possibly reduce COX2 activity, and reduce some inflammatory
cytokines such as TNFa
However, there are numerous nutrients with proven human clinical trials, which cost far
less and have much better studies, that do the same thing (5-Loxin, curcumin, and
quercetin to name a few)
Furthermore, new science is showing that excess leptin, due to obesity, is turning on gene
signals and inflammatory cytokines that are driving the process of joint destruction in
both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
In this study curcumin was able to stop this inflammatory response
However, getting to the source of the joint destruction problem means people should
learn to eat in harmony with leptin, at which point there would be less inflammation in
the first place (actually solving the source of the problem)
I don't have a problem with anyone who takes green-lipped mussel for inflammation and
likes the result
Personally, I have seen consistent improvement for less cost with much better studied and
documented nutrients
What I do have a problem with is green-lipped muscle being promoted as a superior
omega 3 supplement, claiming to be hundreds of times more potent than fish oil and
therefore fish oil being obsolete as a dietary supplement - translation: buy green-lipped
muscle and not fish oil
These wild claims of superiority are based on one 12-year-old animal study, Antiinflammatory activity of a lipid fraction (lyprinol) from the NZ green-lipped mussel
The funny thing about this is that the company making the wild claims is using a study
done by their competitor's product as “proof” of their own supplement
Network marketing companies typically concoct their own “studies,” which are seldom
published, and then exaggerate the meaning of their findings
In this case we have a situation wherein the findings from another company's product are
being extrapolated over to their own product
In fact, the unsubstantiated claim that their product is twice as potent as the one studied is
being used to further exaggerate the claim of potency
The dose of green-lipped muscle used in the study was abnormally high: 50 mg of
Lyprinol per kg, or three capsule per day for a rat
If you are a 132 pound adult that means you have to take 1 bottle (60 capsules) of
Lyprinol per day to reach the dose that was studied
However, the new product making the outrageous claims appears to have around 37 mg
of green-lipped muscle per capsule, meaning that you will need 83 capsules of it per day
to approximate the dose used in the study (retail value = $69 per day)
The study involved inducing inflammation in the paws of rats and then measuring the
inflammation by subjective observation over a 16 day period while various doses of
different nutrients were used in different groups
The results showed less swelling in the Lyprinol group compared to the salmon oil group
However, the results of the study are not statistically significant
In fact, no statistical analysis of the data was published - meaning that the study has no
scientific validity
Currently, this study is being used to claim the superiority of green-lipped mussel to fish
Those promoting this notion compared the milligrams of Lyprinol to the milligrams of
fish oil, and multiplied that by the statistically insignificant amount of improvement,
which was arrived at by subjective measurement in the first place
And now you, the consumer, are supposed to believe that fish oil is obsolete
In addition to the obvious shortcomings of this study, and preposterous promotion of it as
proof of superiority of an ingredient, the primary method of benefit of fish oil in your
body is not by modulating inflammation
Fish oil modulation of inflammation is a secondary benefit
This means the study is irrelevant as to whether or not you should be taking fish oil for
your cardiovascular health and longevity
The essential fatty acids in the product are mostly from Hoki fish oil, not green-lipped
Each 150 mg softgel capsule of the product contains a proprietary blend of Hoki fish oil
and green-lipped muscle, amounting to 106 mg of fatty acids per capsule
Most of these essential fatty acids are from the Hoki fish oil, since the company has
stated that its green-lipped muscle oil is 3% DHA
If it were all from green-lipped muscle the 106 mg would yield 3
Based on the C of As on the company's website and various components of the oils, it is
possible to reverse engineer an approximation of their proprietary formula
Doing the math suggests that one of their 150 mg capsules is 44 mg white grape seed
extract, 37 mg green-lipped muscle oil, and 69 mg Hoki oil
This means that the amount of DHA per capsule from green-lipped muscle is
approximately 1
The product that makes fish oil obsolete due to its “superior” essential fatty acids is
mostly low potency fish oil from Hoki fish
This is now the most expensive DHA supplement on earth
04 cents for each milligram of DHA, making it 36 times the price of high quality
molecularly distilled DHA
There is solid science that omega 3 fatty acids are vital to health
The EPA and DHA in fish oil is the subject of thousands of studies that now support
cardiovascular benefit and reduced cardiovascular mortality as the primary reasons for
taking them
DHA is the most biologically active essential fatty acid, proven to be the main factor
behind the cardiovascular protection of fish oil
DHA is used by all cell membranes in your body, especially your brain
It helps your metabolism by boosting the metabolic function of your white adipose tissue
and guarding against type II diabetes
Every person should be getting 100 mg - 300 mg of DHA per day for general health
A basic cardio-protective dose of DHA ranges from 400 - 1000 mg of DHA per day
Maximum doses of DHA that optimize blood level transport capability is 2000 mg of
DHA per day, and would be especially helpful for lowering triglycerides and for stubborn
weight loss problems
Take whatever supplements you want, but do yourself a favor and add up all the DHA
you are getting so that you arrive at an amount that is scientifically proven to be
beneficial to your health for your specific health situation
While you could create your own Diaper Baby Cakes, most of us don't have the time to
tie ribbon around dozens of individual diapers then assembled everything with tape
Plus, some of us just don't have the creativity, the patience, or the craft skills necessary to
make the type of baby cakes we want the guest of honor to have
Remember lots of people will be seeing these diaper cakes baby
However, before you buy there are some things to consider
If you are planning on buying shower cakes, find out what brand of diaper was used to
create the finished product
Anyone who has been a parent knows there are some real differences between the quality
of diapers and sellers of baby shower cakes are probably more inclined to use the
cheapest brands on the market that are not always the best
Since the purpose of the cakes for babyshower is also to provide something useful for the
parents, you want to make sure the diapers are the same brand they will be using for the
If the diaper cakes for the baby shower is being made from scratch, ask if you can pay a
little extra for the diapers you want to be used in the cake
Another important question to ask if how the tiers were assembled in the finished cake
Because the diapers should be easily removed from the cake for later use, the tiers should
never be attached using anything other than adhesive tape
If glue was used, the diapers will be practically useless and that's a huge waste
considering the cost of diapers and of a cake
If the cake has not been assembled yet, you could ask to have the tiers sent to you without
being assembled then you can do the finishing touches using tape to make sure the diaper
baby cake can be easily taken apart by the new parents
Make sure to ask about the products being included as the accents and embellishments to
the baby cakes
Obviously, the diapers should be new but some sellers will sneak in used items as a way
to save on their own costs
Most people don't feel comfortable reusing some items, such as pacifiers, especially from
babies they never met before
Or buy the baby diaper cake without those items and add them yourself later
If you do have them included in the Diaper Baby Cakes make sure to ask about the
products that are included, such as which brands they are
Make sure you get products the parents are going to use for their baby so nothing ends up
being wasted
Here are some of the MANY benefits you will find from some of the baby shoppes while
looking for the biggest and best way to buy diaper shower cakes, popular baby names,
announcement cards and online invitations
* Print and Ship Your Order the SAME DAY it is Approved
* You Can Add a Photo, Picture or Logo to Any Cards
* We Can Modify Any Card Design or Color on our Site
* If you don't find Exactly What You Want, Ask Them to Create a Design Just For You
* Receive a Proof by Email within One hour during the Business Day AND make
unlimited changes at NO extra cost
* See Your Personalized Diaper Baby Cakes BEFORE You Buy with their patented
Instant Preview Features
Diaper Cake Designs to Celebrate Newborn Baby Girls
Welcome a new baby girl with diaper cake designs that are full of sugar and spice and
everything nice
Diaper cakes are a fun and unique way to add originality to your baby shower gift
You can turn simple items into exciting masterpieces and create adorable works of art to
celebrate the new bundle of joy
From cute, to elegant, to sugary sweet, designing a diaper cake for a newborn baby girl
can be so much fun
Transform a typical tiered diaper cake into a beautiful gift by adding a few feminine
Wrap the diapers in pretty patterned blankets, add a few dainty roses made from socks
and washcloths, and accent with silk leaves and delicate lace
Attach little pink bottles of lotion, oil, and shampoo or wrap the bottles in matching
cloths and tie with a ribbon
Tiny stuffed animals, toy blocks, silver plated coin banks, or engraved cups also make
great additions to this thoughtful gift and provide a special keepsake for the new little
Welcome the newest princess with a castle cake made from layers of folded diapers
wrapped in pretty pink ribbons
Create towers from rolled diapers, towels, or covered baby bottles, and top with peaks
made from covered foam
Add some sock flower decorations, a wand, a crown, a few plastic balloons, and even an
"it's a girl" flag
If you are feeling extra creative, add a drawbridge that opens up to reveal baby supplies
hidden inside
Every little girl dreams of becoming a beautiful ballerina, spinning in circles before an
audience of adoring fans
Ignite the fantasy by creating a cake that will transport your newest dancer to a
dreamland of stardom and fame
Begin with a tiered cake, wrap a tutu around one of the layers, add a few hair accessories,
a pair a of dainty shoes, a pair of cute baby-sized tights, some glittery stars, and even a
small picture frame
You can create beautifully feminine doll cakes that include everything from baby dolls, to
rag dolls and Barbie dolls
Arrange rolled diapers in a circle, insert a Barbie down the center, then cover the diapers
in fancy material or decorate them to look like a dazzling ball gown
Design a diaper purse or high-heeled shoe and place a couple of rag dolls or Barbie dolls
Make a diaper carriage, fill the bottom with supplies, cover with a blanket, and top with a
soft baby doll
You may also wish to begin with a traditional tiered diaper cake and sit Barbie dolls on
the various levels
Add other Barbie themed items such as a brush and comb set, hair accessories, and bibs
Of course, the Barbies can also be substituted for other popular themes such as My Little
Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Winnie-the-Pooh, or Dora the Explorer
From tea party accessories, to an Alice in Wonderland theme or tiers of adorable
ladybugs, you can find diaper cake designs and ideas that will give you a unique and
personal way to welcome a very special newborn baby girl
Different Components Of Whey Gold Standard Protein
100 Whey gold standard proteins is one of the expensive nutrition supplements that exist
It is a form of whey protein isolates that contains 90% pure protein by weight
It has won the best optimum nutrition supplement award for all the consecutive year
starting from 2005 to 2010
This pure, unadulterated form of whey protein provides more energy
It has less of saturated fat, cholesterol, lactose and other carbohydrates
With the higher amount of protein percentage this 100 whey gold standard protein, has
always been the leader in all respects
Whey gold standard protein contains 2% of total fat and 3% of saturated fat
Among the other ingredients this protein powder contains cocoa I
processed with Alkali, natural and artificial flavors, lecithin, creamer, salt, Potassium and
amino acid
The creamer in this gold protein powder includes sunflower oil, modified food starch, Dipotassium phosphate, Tri –calcium Phosphate etc
Amino acid, also known as building blocks of protein is an important ingredient in 100
whey gold
Its presence in gold protein powder helps it in participating in all the vital chemical
process that sustains life
Some of the amino acid that optimum protein contains is Tryptophan, Valine, Threonine,
Lysine, Phenylalanine etc
All these above mentioned amino acid are essential and are well known as EAAs
Along with the EAAs, gold standard whey protein also contains some conditionally
essential amino acid (CAAs) and non essential amino acids (NAAs)
Among the CAAs present in Optimum nutrition protein are Cystine, Tyrosine, Glutamine
Precursors etc
Aspartic Acid, Serine etc are some of the NAAs present in this protein supplement
All the amino acid present in the optimum nutrition are vital to your vibrant health
These acids are utilized by your body in making crucial substance
They not only support the biochemical reaction within your body, but they also influence
the hormone level
Moreover amino acid acts as neurotransmitter, transmitting messages within the neurons
to the brain which is quite important
Above all the amino acid, in whey gold standard protein enables vitamins and minerals to
carry out their job properly and efficiently
100 whey gold standard proteins is the best protein supplement
It tastes great and considered as a fantastic food supplement right after workouts for body
The intake of this supplement protein provides incredible strength, in just two months
The consumption of whey gold standard protein after workout makes your muscles full of
energy all through the day
Some of the flavors include banana cream, extreme milk chocolate, caramel toffee fudge,
chocolate malt, chocolate mint, delicious strawberry, double rich chocolate, mocha
cappuccino, strawberry banana ,cake butter etc
All the flavors are easy to make and are packed with whey protein isolates
Since whey gold standard protein can be easily digested and provides a lot of energy, it is
one of the favorites of athletes and weightlifters
The amount of protein that you need to consume everyday depends on your body weight
The natural response to the warmer weather would be to enjoy the outdoors rather than
baking in your kitchen, but it is quite the opposite
Although you are working in the heat of the oven, the snacks you can create are enough
to cool you off while enjoying the process of creating deserts yourself
The countless flavors that are fitting for the summer atmosphere will make you forget
about the heat in the kitchen
Many baked goods also do well when served cold or frozen, making them perfect to help
you cope with and enjoy the summer
When it comes to baking in the summer, fruit is often the centerpiece
Strawberries, mangoes, limes and a wide variety of melons are commonplace
Homemade cream mixed with berries also finds its way into many summertime desserts
Muffins and pastries with exotic fruit flavors also stand out this time of year
From decadent to fun, there is an abundance of variety available when it comes to
summertime cakes
Using fruit for baking is wildly popular in the summer
The sweet juicy flavors refresh the palate and provide a wonderful touch to recipes that
fit the warm weather
Taking your favorite fruits and turning them into jams and preserves is not only delicious,
but also relatively easy
If you really want to make the activity outstanding, bake your own bread to go along with
the jam
You can even bake the bread over a fire when you are out camping for a perfect culinary
Pies are also a popular use for sweet, summertime fruits
If a classic pie does not quite fit your style, you can use piecrusts, cookie dough or even
basic pizza dough to make fruit pizza
Make the dough yourself, use yogurt or a similar spreadable food for your sauce and
spread fruit around the dough to make an irresistibly sweet delight
Muffins and pastries are also very popular baked goods for the summertime
Mixing your favorite fruits into your favorite variety of muffin dough can make a perfect
summer breakfast
Peaches, strawberries, raisins and bananas make for wonderful ingredients in your
muffins and pastries with these fruits are a perfect baked good for your sweet tooth
Kiwi, pineapple and blueberries also go wonderfully in your muffins and pastries in the
Banana cakes, strawberry shortcake, pineapple cakes and others are all extremely popular
when the weather heats up
Fruit filled cheesecakes also tend to be baked frequently in the summertime
Including ice-cream with your cakes is a great way to keep everybody cool
Another summertime trend is making cakes in exotic shapes
Whether it is a watermelon cake both in flavor and in design or a towering castle of
confectionary delight, the options for cake design in the summer are infinite
Other popular elements of design are flowers, butterflies, vines and collections of fruit
As if the fruit muffins, pastries and cakes are not enough, summertime baking also
features includes ice cream
Bake some French toast or Belgium waffles then add your favorite ice cream, fresh fruits
and any other toppings you may enjoy
You will have yourself a dish to cool the summer heat and delight your taste buds
When you have exhausted these recipes, you can try making your own scones or fried
Another option is to make your own jam to go with your dough
If there is still more that you want to do, try fondue
Melt some chocolate or peanut butter and add in your homemade jams, this allows you
have all the dips you could need
Bake some fried dough, mix in fresh fruit, and dip it all together to liquefy your dessert
However, in the end it all boils down to using a wide variety of fresh fruits
Whether you are making jam, bread, muffins, pastries, and cakes or enhancing your ice
cream, the key to baking in the summer is in the fruit
The crucial part of getting the fancy wedding cake for a wedding is to know where to find
a good fancy wedding cake
There are a lot of cake shops to choose from, and picking the right one must be done right
in the beginning
This means that we must do our research and not just stick to the one we found first
I remember a wedding several years ago where the cake was bad, needless to say the
wedding though it went well, was ruined
Very unfortunate, I hope this article will serve you well in finding the elegant wedding
cakes for the upcoming wedding
Wedding cakes come in all different fancy wedding cake types, fancy wedding cake
designs, and also fancy wedding cake prices
If effect, you have a number of options when choosing a fancy wedding cake for a
Wedding cakes can be truly beautiful if you put some time and effort into them, and even
if you are not actually making the fancy wedding cake yourself, you still are going to
want to have an idea as to what you want the fancy wedding cake to turn out like, so that
they are personalized and thus so that the wedding overall will go over much better
Remember whether you are making the fancy wedding cake yourself or are choosing to
go with a wedding planner to organise the cake, there are many people out their who
know about fancy wedding cake and finding the best fancy wedding cake maker to make
the cake
They can help you with all aspects of the fancy wedding cake making and delivering
There are so many different fancy wedding cake styles and fancy wedding cake flavours
that you can choose from when it comes to the perfect fancy wedding cake, and so your
options are wide open, it depends on how creative you are and how much time, effort,
and cash you want to spend on the fancy wedding cake
::: Tips for finding the best fancy wedding cake for a wedding :::
Remember, you have a lot of options on where to go, to get a fancy wedding cake
* Look back at past weddings, and contact the couple to find out where the cake came
* Look at a fancy wedding cake shop which has been running for several years
* You get what you pay for, if budgeting don't go for the lowest price
* Remember the key is a good fancy wedding cake delivered before the wedding event
There is truly a multitude of options in regards to where you can go to find fancy
wedding cake for an upcoming wedding, and so really what you should do first here is
simply find out where the closest location is to you that offers cakes for weddings, so that
you don't have to worry about going completely out of your way every time you have to
go in there
There are many more aspects to consider when buying a fancy wedding cake
Use common sense and you will find a spectacular fancy wedding cake for the upcoming
A wedding cake must be done correctly the first time round
We have so many options and able people to help make the upcoming wedding a success
There are 2 factors which makes a wedding cake part of a successful wedding
They are getting the wedding cake in time, and getting the wedding cake how you want
By now, you should have some great tips on how to find a perfect wedding cake
With so many options and places where you can buy a wedding cake, we can make it a
hassle free process, by asking around
By asking friends and family, we can find a perfect wedding cake to make a perfect
The best crab cake recipes are simple to make and yummy to eat
There are hundreds of crab cake recipes available, and some are just much better than
The seasonings you choose to use play an important role in the resulting flavor of your
crab cake
Using too much salt will spoil the flavor; remember that crab has quite a lot of sodium
already in it
Remember that the better quality ingredients you use, the better tasting your crab cakes
will be
The method you choose to cook them will have different outcomes, too
Baking your cakes will draw out more moisture than frying your cakes, and so the baked
recipes will have an added amount of wet ingredients
There are several types of crab that you can easily use in your crab cake making
We found a delightful Dungeness Crab Cakes recipe and included it on the website
Dungeness Crab is easier to find than some other types of crab
To make them with Blue Crab, use only fresh crabmeat, not pasteurized crabmeat
The cooking process for this crab species is the same as for the Dungeness crab, however,
the results will not be the same
These crab cakes are chocked-full of delicious blue crab meat and are absolutely worthy
of being in the "best crab cake recipes" category
Whatever you have on hand will be fine with any of these great crab cake recipes
I usually opt for fresh breadcrumbs over the canned variety, leaving the bread out to dry a
bit before I turn it into breadcrumbs
These recipes I have the best results with can be deep-fried, pan-fried or lightly drizzled
with oil and baked in the oven from 350 to 400 degrees
Deep frying your crab cakes will produce a crispier outside than baking
Pan frying your recipe is another option to produce a crispier cake, but the clean up is a
bit more than if you choose to bake them
Use a good olive oil and turn them halfway through to ensure even browning
Be certain that your oven is up to temperature before you place your baking sheet inside
At a constant oven temperature of 350, they should be ready in approximately twenty to
twenty-five minutes
Baking them at 400 degrees will ensure a crisper crust and they will be ready in a shorter
amount of time
Depending on which method you choose to cook your crab, they should be ready for you
in under 6 minutes
When pan frying, allow two to three minutes per side, turning halfway through the
Broiling will take as much as 5 minutes per side, depending on how hot your own broiler
Deep frying is the quickest method of cooking because they cook evenly all over at the
same time
I'm sure you can ask a hundred crab lovers from all walks of life and get a hundred
different answers and a hundred different crab cake recipes
I have tried many different crab cake recipes, and the best ones I have posted on the
website for everyone to enjoy as much as we have
Have you noted down all the important points that you would like to highlight on the day
of your wedding
Are you completely at a loss on whether things will work out or not on the big day
When you have Satellite TV by your side you need not have to worry at all
Various types of wedding related shows are featured on numerous channels that will give
important tips and advice on how you can make your wedding day special
By viewing these shows you will get effective solutions to all your wedding related
Wedding is one of the most important and scared occasions cherished by the newly weds
and they want to make it special in every possible way
Wedding involves a number of people which includes the bride and groom to be, their
families, friends and relatives
It is a memorable day in everyone's life and it has to be a special occasion
When we talk about wedding a lot many things are involved, bridal shower, bridal party,
the best man and the maid of honor, the veil, exchanging the rings, kissing the bride, the
groom's cake etc
let us explore how DISH Network channels can make your big day really special
To make all heads turn towards on the big day you can visit some of the best spas in town
a couple of months before your weeding takes place
Various types of lifestyle shows are aired on numerous channels
You can get to visit some of the best spas for a completely new makeover through your
These renowned spas provide you the best of their aroma therapies and other skin and
hair treatment within your predefined budget
They also offer exclusive bridal makeover packages suiting your budget
The show host and the camera crew will take you into those spa resorts and give you
detailed description and the services that these spas can offer
These spas also have gyms and yoga classes to get that perfect figure and healthy mind
The Satellite DISH TV channels feature how the gym and yoga experts demonstrate
some physical workouts which you can try doing in home as well
Get that glowing skin and beautiful hair by pampering yourself with the products
recommended by the spa experts
If you think that spas are becoming too expensive for you, you can visit some of the best
salons to get a stylish look
The lifestyle channels also feature good quality beauty salons as well
Their wedding packages are generally pretty much economical and will definitely suit
your budget
The HD channels also feature some of the renowned wedding planning institutions who
can lend you a helping hand on the occasion of your wedding
The lifestyle shows showcases different types of wedding packages that the institutions
offer based on preferred budget
The finest of the wedding planners will help you with the location of the wedding,
reception party, catering, flower decorations, transport, seating arrangements,
photography, wedding cake of the groom till the clean up
Last but not the least is the wedding attire for both the bride and groom
You can purchase the latest of the wedding collections of the high esteemed designers
from a designer shop
This also includes the beautiful accessories as well
Djeco Toys are a worldwide famous European company situated in Paris, and specialise
in producing high quality and uniquely designed French toys, puzzles, games and
products for children
The founder of Djeco Toys – Frederick Michel Dales took over the family toy business in
the 1990's, and created his own line of imaginative toys to sell
Today, Djeco Toys makes and distributes various toys including blocks, puzzles, pull
toys and mobiles all based on Dales' original designs
There are several kinds of Djeco Toys available these days, and these are excellent
candidates as birthday presents for your children
Here are a few of the most popular imaginative Djeco toys:
Djeco Birthday Tea Party Set: This is a wooden party set that features all the bits and
pieces needed to celebrate a birthday over and over again
It includes a colourful brightly painted high quality serving tray, sugar dish, teapot,
birthday cake, candles, tea cups, saucers, spoons and so on
Djeco Stylish Eve Magnetic Puzzle: These wooden magnets feature images of �Stylish
Eve' – a female character with different outfits to mix and match
They are an excellent decoration for fridges, and suitable for kids who enjoy dressing up
They are also an excellent learning toy as they can develop motor skills
Djeco Wooden Tree House Layer Puzzle: This wooden puzzle features 3 layers of
enchanting wildlife, and is designed to develop both problem solving and motor skills
Djeco Wooden Robots Magnetic Puzzle: This is a beautiful wooden magnet puzzle which
is bright and coloured and features four robots
The robots are made up of three pieces, so kids can mix and match them to make all
kinds of different creations
Djeco Labyrinth Animals: This game is great for hand eye coordination
Children use the magnetic pen to move the coloured balls around the maze
It is a puzzle that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family
Djeco Ballerina Silhouette Puzzle: This 36 piece puzzle features a pretty scene of little
ballerinas performing a concert
The puzzle is made of thick coated card, and is suitable for 4 year olds
Djeco Dragon's Castle Puzzle – This is a 54 piece jigsaw puzzle with a gorgeous
illustration of a majestic dragon and castle
It is the perfect present for 5-6 year old aspiring knights
Matchmaking services are the solution to meet thousands of single women and men
online these days
Online match making service is the most effective way that provides the method to meet
singles online
What you need is to search for the best matchmaking sites and sign up with them
When you search for the best ones, you only need to type some keywords like "free
matchmaking", "match making me", on Google or other major search engines, the first
page is the most popular dating sites that you can register with
You should sign up with more than one site to increase your chance in seeking a perfect
There are free matchmaking sites and paid services
It is up to you to decide which one you should select to use the service
Free match making websites don't charge membership fee for using their service
Paid sites will require you pay the cost of premium services, monthly or quarterly
There are many matchmaking websites out there that you can sign up with for free
So, you may consider the free services because you don't have to pay anything
You may think that free sites don't have as much features as paid websites
Some free match making services have the same features as paid sites and may have
millions of singles available for you to search
You can read successful stories that have been posted on any dating site to know how
popular they are
In the advanced world we live in, thousands of people are using matchmaking services to
find their second half
You can meet your perfect match on the Internet for just a few simple clicks of your
Without paying any money by using free match making sites, you are able to find your
perfect love match
One of the best benefits of the today's matchmaking services is the 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, so that singles can get on the site to look for their partner
You can match people who have the same likes and interests at ease
Why do you have to dress up to go to a bar or club to find your lover
In this modern century, you can just go online and look for the perfect half
Come on, we are in this modern century, looking for love and relationship online is a
piece of cake
To pursue a long lasting love and relationship, you should go online
As seen on TV, popular online match making services have connected thousands of
relationships every year
With computer internet industry being mobile, you can search for your perfect love
matchmaker from virtually, anywhere, anytime
To speed up with the searching process, you should join a few dating sites at the same
Of course, contacting some singles at the same time is a good idea
Don't limit yourself to date only one person at the time
Why do they have to stick with only one person as they can date with a few
Take action to register for a free personal profile and start dating
Even if you are divorced, don't you let your past relationship keeps haunting you
Don't Buy Hens to Keep at Home Until You Answer These Questions
Before keeping chickens in your garden or backyard, you should consider these five
When you have the answer, you can google "Chicken Breeds" and match your criteria to
a breed of your choice
It's generally agreed that the minimum sizes for a hen coop should be 4 square feet per
bird on the outside and 1 square feet for each bird
We use an old dog kennel to keep our 6 chickens in
Having a 'proper' hen house or coop allows you more space and options for perches and
nest boxes
You might consider using part of your garage as a hen house
We know someone who made a run alongside their garage, and a hole in the garage wall
They housed the chickens inside a hutch in the garage, and let their chickens out into the
run each day
The only problem is with static housing is that the ground it sits on will get destroyed
quite quickly and quite completely
The grass and greenery will be scratched away, and the remaining earth will be a mud
bath in the wet, and a dust bowl in the dry
Because there is no greenery, more food is required for the hens
(type in 'arc' to google to see pictures of what an arc looks like
) The joy of the ark is that you can move it around the garden and give your chickens
fresh grass to eat and scratch every day or so
The downside is that no matter where you put your ark on your lawn, the chickens will
scratch up and soil that area
This will take a few days, to recover (or weeks depending on how often you move the
A fully grown chicken will eat about 120grams of layers pellets a day
You can vary the meal with scraps from the kitchen
Things that chickens eat include pasta, cake, rice, sweetcorn and lettuce
In the UK, DEFRA (the government department for agriculture) has now issued laws to
ban feeding table scraps to chickens
For large flocks, where the scraps come from restaurants or commercial premises, this
makes sense
For a few hens you're your garden being fed with your own scraps, it is nonsense
Another important factor in your bird's diet is grit
Chickens hold a certain amount of grit in their gizzards, (an organ that grinds up any feed
they've eaten making it easier for digestion
If your chickens range about your garden they should find the grit they need from their
The layers mash also contains some grit but if you find the shells are thin or soft, then
you can buy grit from some pet shops or country stores
Most chickens which are raised in a garden or back yard are allowed to free range, or
have a run that is frequently moved so that they get fresh ground to scratch
Your choice is to let your hens have the complete run of your garden, or construct a 'run',
covered in chicken wire to restrict them to about 12 yards by 3 yards at a time
When we allowed our 12 hens to have complete freedom of our back yard, a fox would
take one every 2 months or so
But then the fox began to come more and more frequently
Their movements are much more restricted, but we haven't lost one in the 18 months that
we've had the netting
You will have to make your own decision on safety versus complete freedom
If you have a flock of 5 or more hens it helps to have a cockerel to boss the pecking
order, keep the hens happy, and strut about the place like he owns it
They crow (very) early in the morning, which upsets the neighbours, and some (not all)
can become aggressive and attack you
They attack by running at you, leaping in the air with a great flapping of wings, and
hitting you with their feet
The attacks can be noisy and frightening, but are harmless to adults
Hens will lay the same number of eggs each month, whether you have a cockerel in the
flock or not
If you are keen to have a cockerel, we recommend getting 3 to 5 hens without a cockerel
at first - then when you have had them for about six months, add one to your flock
So there are five questions to ask before getting your first hens
Keeping chickens at home can be one of the most enjoyable things you can do this year
If you don't like having them after six weeks or so, sell them on or give them to a new
Whether it's for party, large or small, or the birthday celebration of a friend or family
member a birthday cake is in order and will forever be remembered and appreciated
Yes, there can be gifts, however, for many children the birthday cake is what birthday's
are all about
Oh what a special moment as the child blows them out
Cutting the birthday cake is a special moment for so many birthday celebrating children
Therefore, it is worth putting time in planning the birthday cake
And, it doesn't necessarily mean one has to spend a lot of time in this planning process
As important as taste, the shape, color, size and decorations of the birthday cake all need
to be taken into consideration
It is always better if we could design the birthday cake, or it's decoration and frosting, in
cartoon characters or some favorite play toy (i
Such theme or toy ideas could be Pirates, Princesses, Cinderella Castle Cake, ice Cream
Castle Cake, Pirate Cake, Pirate Ship Cake, Princess Cake, Splendid Castle Cake,
Treasure Chest Cake, Bowling Ball Cake, Bowling Lane Cake, Football Cake,
Skateboard Cake, Wings, Train Cake, Dump Truck Cake, Fire Engine Cake, Outback
Jeep Cake, Racetrack Cake, School Bus Cake, Space Cake, Football Cake, Basketball
Cake, Car Cakes, Pickup Truck Cakes or a very simple Colorful Call Birthday Cake
shape or frosting design
If the birthday cake design is different, meaningful, the kids, children and adults will
appreciate it
Here are a few design ideas for your next birthday cake for older teens and adults: Apron
Cake, Artist's Palette Cake, Boom Box Cake, Checkers Cake, Chinese Checkers Cake,
Domino Cake, Groovy T-shirt Cake, Pizza Cake, Private Eye Cake, Remote Control
Cake, Smiley Face Cake, Teeny Tiny Cake, Tub Cake, upside-Down Cake, or a Volcano
All birthday cake decorations are generally done to the top and sides of the cake
The table on which the birthday cake is placed also should be decorated suitably
This birthday cake recipe will give you a 4-layer chocolate cake with whipped cream as a
filling between the layers
4 small cans or cupsof Ready-to-Serve Chocolate Pudding,
Bake according to the directions found on the Devils Food Cake Mix box
You can frost the entire cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting and, optionally,
sprinkle the sides with chocolate or colorful sprinkles
The recipe Chocolate Whipped Cream consists of Frosting:
Another fun idea for birthday cakes are the candles: Buy the 'trick' candles - the kind that
don't go out when you blow on them
For more informative birthday party ideas visit: ~Ms
In fact, a cake is a universally liked and preferred dessert item
It is said that food should not only taste good but also look good; this is what makes us
want to eat it
No matter how light the cake is if there is no icing on it the cake may not get a second
Therefore cake decorating is the key factor in the presentation of the cake
When preparing a cake, once you are done with the baking part you have to think about
the decorating of the cake
The cake decoration can depend upon the occasion or whoever's going to eat the cake
Whether it is made for a party for adults, for a wedding or for kids, the look, the color and
the design of the cake decoration will be different
The aim of cake decorating is to enhance the appearance of the cake
Often the cake is covered with icing made out of sugar
Sometimes fondant icing is used for cake decoration
Sometimes decorative candies, colored sugar or a glossy blanket of glaze is used to
decorate the cake
Vanilla extract or essence is the most preferred flavoring
If time is a precious commodity then instead of making intricately designed decorations,
sugar particles colored with edible food coloring can be sprinkled on instead
Cake decorating done by just sprinkling also looks good
Cake decorating is made easy these days as there are many cake decorating kits readily
available on the market
The tools are in the form of syringes or piping bags
The tips of these differ so that different shapes can be made
Some of the cake decorating kits shows different methods that can be used to transfer an
image or a picture onto the cake
Some basic tips or molds are used to easily make an open or a closed star, round drop
flower, leaf or a basket weave
Decorative borders can be made from icing sugar or flowers made from marzipan make
great cake decorations
Over the years many have developed their own styles and methods of cake decorating
This method uses a fondant-covered cake and it uses intricate dimensional borders
On the other hand the European style of cake decorating involves covering the cake with
a smooth layer of icing
Then it uses royal icing to pipe flowers on the cake
The Australian method also uses royal icing but a delicate lacework and detailed curtain
work and extensions are added
The Wilton uses butter cream icing to cover the cake and it is also used to pipe decorative
borders and flowers
Easy Lesson Plans Based On The Amelia Bedelia Books
Amelia Bedelia is the central character within a selection of kids' books written by Peggy
Parish, an American author
The leading character of the series starts out as an elderly housekeeper, almost a Miss
Marple acting personality
The original book from the novels was released in the early 60's
As the housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia posesses a issue in she believes exactly what is
required of her way too literally
Should you get her to cook a delicious sponge cake - you will get a cake that has a
sponge in it
Or if she might be asked to "dust" the furniture around the room, she will do exactly that
with enthusiasm and large volumes of "dust" sprinkled all around the household furniture
Young people adore her and she creates a pleasant basic entry inside the challenges of the
English language
Just after Peggy Parish passed away in the late 80's, her nephew, Herman Parish, started
off the books again but this time writing about a considerably younger Amelia Bedelia
The collection has now been around for longer than 30 years and also has morphed down
into a superb training unit for children
You will discover Amelia Bedelia lesson plans for instructors that supply an exciting
means of helping young boys and girls all kinds of things which includes reading
The funny selection of novels together with lesson plans for teachers has turned into a
solution of teachers in early school levels which includes kindergarten
Typically the books feature warm pictures that are perfect with the humorous atmosphere
of the books
The newest selection of books featuring Amelia Bedelia growing up doing all the stuff
young people do make the books perfect for small children
The publication Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School, tells us the story of a little Amelia
trying to puzzle out a variety of new words and vocabulary
In her own special approach, when her teacher at school commands her to remain glued,
she does simply that by gluing herself on the seat
The publication permits teachers to explain the types of misunderstanding and double
meanings of phrases to young people
There are lesson plans intended for each story brimming with exercises and games that
course instructors can use to help keep youngsters encouraged and engaged with all the
reading material when they are discovering idiomatic expression together with the
definitions of words
In addition, the many Amelia Bedelia books teach young people its acceptable to
accidentally make a slip-up, and that they will learn from this
It can also be fun to produce new lesson plans using the selection of books, simply let
your imagination go
Instructing young children how to read can sometimes be complicated, particularly if the
youngsters are not involved in the information
The popularity of the Amelia Bedelia books along with the associated lesson plans for
school teachers, help school teachers with arranging activities to match reading material
The lesson plans involve activities in phonics awareness, oral reading recommendations,
crafting activities to go along with the books, and word searches to boost vocabulary
The novels also present young people a feeling of confidence while they find out the
explanations of words
They will wind up being aware of a lot more than Amelia does as she continues to follow
the literal meanings of the words
So youngsters feel better about themselves as well as their familiarity with the written
Many of the things to do in the lesson plans that work along with the Amelia Bedelia
novels include things like doing things like creating puppets, theatrical exercises like
pretending to be Amelia, and acting out just how she'd deal with things, making items
which could explain what words imply to Amelia, like building a scrapbook or designs
Other suggestions in the lesson plans include word games in which children can try to
consider words or sentences that could be a challenge for Amelia
One important thing that Amelia always gets right at the end of the book is cooking food
Food preparation with young children instructs them about words, vocabulary,
mathematics, co-operation, and the way to stick to guidelines
After the cooking activity, one idea could be to come up with cooking instructions in
cook books that might be puzzling to Amelia
Set a game amongst the students, to see who is going to come up with the very best or the
most hilarious information
Give the students suggestions for instance a drop of oil, or a pinch of salt, or whip butter
until soft
Visual aids can also be entertaining to create to help Amelia Bedelia make it through all
the misunderstandings
Have the children make drawings with samples of the proper way to prepare a meal and
the incorrect way to cook based on an awareness of the cooking terminology
If baked properly, the cake's texture will be light
This article will give you guides and steps on how you can properly prepare a sponge
Sponge cake is a delicious dessert that can be eaten with icing and fruits
Certainly, this delicious and mouth watering cake will make a great addition to the center
piece during birthdays and other celebrations
Using a medium - sized saucepan, melt 2 teaspoons of butter and mix with milk
Get a small bowl and mix the baking powder, flour and the salt
Get the half of the flour mixture and add the egg mixture, beat them until it looks smooth
Mix the vanilla extract using a low setting of heat
Grab the remaining part of butter and then use it to grease the pan
After greasing the pan, get the mixture and pour it into the pan
The cake is done when it springs back to shape after pressing or putting pressure
You can also use a toothpick to check if the cake is cooked
It is cooked when the toothpick comes back clean after insertion
Put the cake into a pan for 10 minutes to let it cool
Use a wire rack or a sheet of parchment paper to let it cool
The sponge cake is done if it goes back to its original shape or springs back after
Use a pan in cooling the cake; give a minimum of 10 minutes before transferring the cake
to a wire rack or parchment paper for cooling it completely
В· 2 Teaspoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
Surely, by following the simple step by step guidelines, you'll be able to come up with a
mouth - watering sponge cake
You can add it in one of your birthday cake decoration ideas
Make your cake more attractive by adding cake decorating flowers, candy sprinkles and
Now that it's the new year, it's likely that your new resolutions are being put to the test
Though many of us say that we're not making resolutions, almost all of us do think
secretly in our heads that we'd like to do something to make ourselves better in the
coming year
For many, these resolutions are about diet, exercise and saving money
These are some of the most common goals that a person can have, and some of the
hardest to stick with as well
If you've resolved to lose weight this year, you can get a boost in the right direction by
eating smoked salmon
If you've had smoked salmon before, you might think that the idea that you can and
should eat smoked salmon as part of a healthy diet is crazy
When you've had it in the past, it was likely as part of a celebration, because of its rich
and indulgent flavor
And it's likely that it was prepared in a way that was less than healthy
However, if prepared in a healthy way, smoked salmon is actually a great part of a
balanced and healthy diet, and is a great taste for you as well
It's quite possible that you've never heard of the great health benefits of smoked salmon,
but there are many different ways that it is great for you
It has, of course, the same great health benefits as a regular portion of salmon, since it is
simply the smoked version
You will see, when you eat smoked salmon, that it's a great way to get omega three fatty
These have been found by doctors to have excellent benefits for your heart, to the point
that they've been added to other foods
When you eat smoked salmon, you get them naturally
There are other great health benefits to be found when you eat smoked salmon
It is also an excellent source of protein that happens to be low in calories as well
When eating equal portion sizes, smoked salmon has less calories than steak
This may be somewhat surprising, especially if you think of smoked salmon as something
Smoked salmon also has less calories than baked chicken
This means that it's an excellent way to get the protein you need to stay healthy without
all the calories
And when you eat smoked salmon, you'll also see all of the great meals that you can
make with it, that will satisfy your hunger, give you the energy you need to get going,
and not weigh you down with unneeded calories
Smoked salmon with light cream cheese on a rice cake is one example of a great light
smoked salmon meal that satisfies
When you're serious about dieting this new year, it's a great time to eat smoked salmon
With smoked salmon, you'll get the protein that you need to energize your day, without
the calories that you're trying to avoid
Edible Cake Decorations - Rewards Of Creating Your Dearest Edible Pastries
Usually, when it comes to parties, a well-decorated and delicious cake makes all the
Edible cake decorations are, without a doubt, the best option for you because they are
hand crafted and made with marzipan
Generally, Christmas cakes are known to be made with the primary ingredient of
marzipan paste
Taking into consideration that this decoration is hand-made, molded and shaped, there is
a very small possibility that two cake decorations will look exactly the same
Most sources claim that marzipan originated in China, while some other sources dispute
this claim by stating that it was rather in Ancient Egypt
No matter where this edible cake decoration originates from, it is used extensively today
and can be seen at various events form weddings to birthday right on to Christmas and
Halloween celebrations
Edible cake decorations lend a trendy, yet refined, and sociable feel to any celebration
you may have
On the other hand, having a cake decorated with non-edible materials can spoil the fun
when it comes to eating it even if it is a piece of art
Edible cake decorations can drastically change a regular cake into a fun and eye-catching
work of art that is not only has a personal touch of fashion, but also can create an
immediate impact on the people or the event it's at
Specialty ingredients and edible cake decorations made from chocolate, and specially
created hand made sugar flowers to sprinkle and sugar icing ornaments, edible cake
decorations are a marvelous idea for a special occasion
Here you can find a short list of the best kinds of edible cake decorations
Fondant can have a wide array of different colors, flavors, aromas and hues to enhance its
natural essence
* Wafer or Rice Paper – Edible cake decorations create with starch; divisible into any
shape or size without any hassle, which creates a wonderful image
* Daisy Sugar Flowers – Beautiful edible cake decorations that have bright colors and are
often the best choice for a girl's birthday cake
* Double Heart Quins – Very common for occasions such as Valentine's Day or
weddings, these decorations offer a romantic note to any cake
* Edible Easter Rabbits – The modern symbolic representation of Easter, the edible
bunny will always be the best option for an Easter edible cake decoration, as it represents
the spirit of the holiday
Twenty-three chefs who cooked for world royalty and heads of state (The Club des Chefs
des Chefs) were, during their 1987 visit to the U
, wined and dined with the best our finest chefs had to offer
Lunch at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, where they ate homegrown new potatoes,
string beans with cream sauce and corn, charcoal-grilled chicken, and baked ham, washed
down with homemade root beer and peppermint tea, served by the family in a barn lined
with handmade quilts
The chef for the president of France said, "Cooking has evolved so much
Nobody presents the true product as it is, and all of a sudden we were presented that
One they described as a light "pain d'epices" (spice cake) with a layer of chocolate filling
Gilles Brunner, chef to Prince Rainier of Monaco, was so taken with the cake, which he
described as a chocolate gingerbread, that he tried to get the recipe
The Amish family did not want their identity revealed, which refusal greatly hampered
efforts to identify the cake as well
Research by Phyllis Richman, then food editor of the Washington Post, seemed to show
that the mystery dessert was Amish applesauce cake with chocolate frosting, and the Post
printed a version of it contributed by Betty Groff, a cookbook author from the
Pennsylvania Dutch country
Which applesauce cake turned out to be pretty much what our family had been enjoying
since my father married Edith Kennedy in 1977, and which Edith's family had been
enjoying long before that
Her daughter, Lorenelle Doll, who gave me the recipe, says that it was a favorite of my
father and Lorenelle's husband Arnie
(So far as I know, Edith didn't actually feed any to a French chef
I like to think Edith's version is better than Betty Groff's, because that recipe says to
"frost with vanilla or chocolate frosting if desired
" Whereas Edith's gives a recipe for chocolate frosting MADE WITH BUTTER
And in my view the humblest frosting made with butter is better than the fanciest frosting
made without
Edith Kennedy Glidewell went to be with her Lord in March 2002, but before that she
gladdened many hearts in many ways, this applesauce cake not the least of them
Add the cake mixture and bake at 350 degrees 50 to 60 minutes, until the top of the cake's
center springs back when touched
Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, and cook 1 minute
Cool and beat until the frosting has a satin finish
Eight Basic Steps to Making a Useful Wedding Planner Binder
To make a wedding planner binder, you 'll have to label your dividers, put in your
dividers, put in lined paper for each section, attach back pockets to your dividers, insert
clear book sleeves, prepare self-adhesive business card holders, use sticky flags for
notable suppliers, and decorate your binder as desired
Utilizing binders in your wedding planning can help you effectively organize your
wedding notes, supplier details, as well as other notable paperworks to make your
wedding preparations a lot easier and your wedding day more successful
Even if other specialized wedding planner materials are attainable in many bookstores,
personalizing your own wedding planner binder can help serve your special wedding
planning needs as well as provide you extra space for your wedding details
To make a wedding planner, follow these very easy guidelines:
To begin with, take your subject dividers and label them distinctly according to your
basic wedding needs
These typically include the church, vicar, reception location, attire, flowers, food
vendors, wedding cake, entertainment, photographer and videographer, wedding ring,
invitations, favors, wedding party gifts, registry, as well as transportation
You can add more sections or remove other sections depending on your own wedding
preparation needs
You may also divide your binder sections into sub-sections for a more tidy planner
For instance, under the attire portion, you may break it down by bride, bridegroom,
bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents, if included
When inserting your dividers, make sure that each tab is noticeable and readable;
otherwise, some wedding plans might be left out during your preparations
To do this, do not hide or overlap the labels with each other
As much as possible, don't put the same colored tabs alongside each other to refrain from
Once the dividers are in place, put in lined paper where you can jot down your notes and
plans, and various details about your suppliers, such as contact details
Allocate around 15-20 sheets of paper depending on the needs you foresee
You may also add more sheets, including a few sheets of bond paper, at the back section
of your binder so you can easily find and insert these sheets into other sections when you
need them
Back compartments are essential for placing pictures, stubs, and other items that are
important to your wedding preparations
Go for vinyl sleeves, which last longer than brown envelopes that can easily get torn
You may choose to glue these sleeves or purchase adhesive back pockets for more
Other items that are very big to fit in your back compartments may be contained in clear
book sleeves
Insert clear book sleeves in each of your sections or at the back of your wedding planner
binder so that they can easily be removed and moved into other sections
These are very important for items such as supplier packages and arrangements, gown
and attire pictures, wedding cake images, ceremony venue and reception layout, and
Especially when attending wedding fairs and meeting potential service providers, you
should be getting business cards from the different vendors so that you will have more
connections and options for your wedding
Arrange your business cards by placing them in the right section in your planner
Utilize self-adhesive business card holders that easily stick to your lined paper to make
business cards conveniently visible when you need them
You may insert some of these business card holders in your back pockets so you can
easily find one to use as you contact other vendors during your wedding preparations
Utilize sticky flags for important service providers
Purchase some sticky flags and use them to tag notable service providers
These sticky flags are also useful when there are urgent matters you need to attend to first
Finally, you can add finishing touches your wedding planner binder in any way you want
You may choose the same theme or motif you are opting to use for your wedding
Do not forget to write your contact details in your binder just in case it gets misplaced
An ideal spot would be on the first page of the binder
To ensure you're making a really functional and efficient wedding planner binder, it must
be able to hold all your important notes, ideas, and service provider details in a very
harmonized manner
The more organized and less cluttered your binder is, the more stress-free your wedding
preparations will likely be
That will help make your wedding day a great success
Using the right accessories will surely help you make the perfect wedding planner binder
Elegant Fall Wedding Decorations and Ideas That Celebrate the Season
There is something to be said about the beauty of the autumn season
Leaves are changing, the temperatures are cooling and everyone is settling in for the
holidays that are just around the corner
A fall wedding is a good time for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions
Though the wedding is inspired by the season, it still needs to be decorated to follow that
inspiration and carry the theme throughout
The table decorations are one of the most important parts of a wedding
This is because your guests will spend a large portion of their time at their table so it is a
prime opportunity to showcase your theme
Use fall-inspired centerpieces such as platters full of leaves, acorns and pine cones
If you are using flowers throughout the reception, then use centerpieces of fall flowers in
watering cans or soup cans
Label table seats with leaf place card holders and tie off napkins with cut strands of leaf
The altar and pews are the easiest places for fall wedding decorations
Since the pews are the first thing guests see as they enter the church, you will want to
focus your decorations on them first
Use simple swags of ivory or bright white tulle on the backs of each pew
Integrate garlands of fall leaves or fall flowers such as sunflowers or daisies
At the end of each pew leave a hurricane lamp with a fall candle and surround them by
autumn leaves
At the altar, keep the theme going with garlands of fall flowers and candles
Rather than laying down rose petals or other flowers, use fall leaves to create a carpet
down the aisle
The wedding cake or cupcakes are one of the biggest centerpieces you will have at your
Therefore, they need to be decorated to go along with the wedding theme
If you are using cupcakes, top each one with a gumpaste acorn, leaf or sunflower
Wrap the cupcakes in fall cupcake wrappers and place them on a cupcake stand that
towers just like a wedding cake
If you are using a wedding cake at your reception, keep it simple by using ivory or white
Use a garland of leaves cascading down the side of the cake or make a cake topper using
fall flowers
A autumn theme cake can also be decorated with fondant twigs and gumpaste leaves to
give a more literal approach to the theme
Fall wedding decorations need to include seasonal flowers
Autumn flowers are ivory, green, orange, red and yellow in color, but you can pair them
with purple or pink as well
Try a combination of brown twigs with bright green and dark orange flowers
Integrate pink into your fall decorations by using deep orange, ivory and a pastel pink
Some of the common fall flowers used in weddings are sunflowers, Gerbera daisies,
cherry blossoms, peonies, lilies and roses
No matter what flowers you use, ensure that you use the same ones in your wedding
bouquet, boutonnieres, centerpieces what other accents throughout the reception
Employee Birthdays - Why Should We Celebrate With Business Gifts
So an employee's birthday is a great opportunity for a company to show they appreciate
and recognize all their hard work over the past year by giving them business gifts
Signaling out workers on their birthday and handing them gifts will go a long way in
creating positive moral
Workplaces displaying a high and positive moral will become a more productive
The more productive the company's workplace, the more probability of success
Employees will tend to work harder once they know their work is not taken for granted
But many businesses struggle when it comes to employee gifts and their birthdays
Larger businesses with many employees will most likely not know their employees well
enough to know individuals likes and dislikes
This could make buying a gift very difficult, because you do not want to be insincere
with your corporate gifts
You want your workers to know that you have taken time and thought into the gifts and it
actually means something
If every employee gets the same gift, it will not be special enough to warrant a positive
effect on the workplace or your business
Every worker is unique, so each worker should receive a unique corporate gift
There are many gift ideas to choose from, but if you are finding it difficult you should ask
for help
Recruit your assistant or the employee's manger or someone who is close to the employee
and would know something about them
One good idea is to initiating a fast and easy survey to all new employees about
themselves and their background
This will surely come in very handy when their birthdays roll around
Also, another good idea would be to take time out during the day to celebrate the
employees birthday
Take about 10-15 minutes to recognize the employee and purchase a cake for everyone to
Taking some time during the business day will show your employees they are not just a
number but a valued member of the company
If you are in the mindset that Birthday gifts for your employees is just not worth the
effort or the cost; you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture
Finding ways to motivate a workforce has always been a difficult task for companies
In a lot of workplaces, where employees feel under appreciated for the work they are
doing, tend to be less productive
If an employee does not have a good atmosphere to work in, their work will suffer and so
will your business
Employee gifts are a great way to show an employee that they and their hard work are
Having a happy workforce and having employees excited about working for your
company will increase the workplace moral
Employees will work harder and help grow your business
Your investment in an employee gift of $25-$45 could potential be worth thousands to
your company because of the greater work effort it creates in your workforce
Do you always prepare cakes that are a little too sticky or a little too hard
Do you want to change your baking skills drastically over the summer months so that
when the festive season comes again you can wow your family and friends with fresh
baked cakes and cookies
However, for such drastic changes you need some serious guidance from an expert in the
DISH Network brings you a wide array of satellite TV cookery shows where you can get
to learn the basics of baking learning these basics you can gradually start baking a lot of
yummy pies and other baked dishes
DISH Network is well known for its highly entertaining programs
However, the satellite TV provider also bring you some educative programs as well
Watching these programs you can gain a detailed knowledge about different things
The lifestyle channels on DISH Network often acts as the perfect source of learning new
You will find a wide variety of baking recipes in those cooking channels
You can note them down and practice them at your home
On different satellite TV channels you can see programs like �Cake Boss' and �Cupcake
Wars' which show you each of the steps of quality cake making
In these shows you can learn anything from making the best pumpkin pie to baking the
perfect cake
The shows also educate you about the variety of cakes as well as cake baking problems
Watching these shows you can also get to learn about a few important tips about baking a
If you apply those tips in your day to day cooking you can learn baking some of the basic
confectionaries in no time
Watch the DISH Network shows where the ace bakers from across the country
You can also get to learn it from the bakers with international fame
You can have a great time watching the best of the baking chefs from different corners of
world giving you as baking class
You will also get to see the cake decorations that can make your cake look great
Want to bake some great biscotti, shortbread or chocolate cookies
Then you are sure to get a plethora of choices for the same
On different DISH Network channels you can get to see some great cookie baking
These programs offer very simple yet tasty cookie recipes
With the cookie recipes you can make great cookies even from store bought cookie
You can also bake some great pies and pastries with DISH Network baking shows
You can also learn some great pie decoration and recipes from the satellite TV shows on
You are sure to have a wonderful cooking experience for all other satellite TV cookery
shows shown on DISH Network
So get ready for the festive baking from today with DISH Network baking related shows
Essentials For A Great Wedding Night - Cakes, Fun Friends, Sweet Honeymoon Spot,
And A Limo
There are only two or three things in life that match your wedding as one of the turning
points in your life
Wedding - that special occasion that transforms your life
Makes you feel glad to be alive and count your blessings that you found your special
someone who has made you a promise to spend every waking minute of her life with you
As you share your joys, sorrows and serene moments together - it's a journey that lasts a
It's the stuff that makes poets write, inspires artists and transforms life
And the day itself - wedding day - the big one is as special as it comes
You are surrounded by friends you haven't seen in a while and family you haven't seen in
a longer while
All are in one place for just only one thing - to witness, bless and cheer for your
And you would want to top that special day with a more special night
That's where you plan to spend your honeymoon and the way to get there
The best ride to your honeymoon suite is a limousine
As you sit back and relax on the comfortable seat, you will be sipping champagne with
your new partner and not just smile at what just happened but also look forward to the
things to come
The Los Angeles Limousine will ensure that your journey is just as wonderful as the
occasion has been
As you cruise along the night city roads and the memories you have share, there is no
better way to do it than in a limousine
This stylish dream on wheels would provide you with all the comfort and privacy, as you
and your partner relish the occasion, drunk on life and sharing moments that would last a
life time
Imagine your surprise, as just as eager you to get to the honeymoon, you realize that it
has started already
They say sometimes in life, the journey is just as important as the destination
Cruise to your happy bright future with class, comfort and style
Beautiful by Estee Lauder can be correlated to a beautiful garden of amazingly fragrance
and very pretty blooms on a summer day
The delicate, acclaimed scent of this fragrance can best be described with one word,
has been making women feel beautiful for 25 years and will continue to do so for many
Don't miss out on this amazing creation from Estee Lauder
There are lots of different perfumes which can make you feel pretty but this one takes the
cake as it truly does make you feel beautiful
The really inspirational story behind Beautiful Estee Lauder and the fact that the
company has shaped the existing beauty industry in the USA at least is that its founder
Estee Lauder believed more in inner strength and beauty of women rather than the
products that she sold
In spite of all the products that she sold worldwide and especially in America she had
unceasingly maintained that a woman would be most beautiful if and when she felt
beautiful from the inside and not what she applied on the outside
Something that women, all around the world should genuinely take to heart
It is the Beautiful Estee Lauder <> line of fragrances however that sell the most and are
still popular today even though this line had been launched way back in 1985
They call Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume the fragrance of a thousand flowers
It got this name because they used over 2000 different flowers when perfecting this scent
The fragrance that is signature to this line is very feminine and has a variety of the most
tantalizing scents- such as tuberose and cedar and jasmine and Lilies and carnations all of
which combine to set up a fragrance that has captivated men and women alike for the past
so many years
these days however this signature fragrance is available not only as a perfume but in a
variety of forms such as in a scented body lotion and shower gel for bathing as well
Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume, in my opinion, it is one of Estee Lauder's leading
smelling perfume
When they set out to organize this fragrance they had a concept
They wanted every woman who wore this scent to feel as if she was the loveliest woman
in the room
I for one can say that they accomplished this concept
No one can wear this perfume for long without getting a ton of compliments
It has such a great appeal that other women just can't help but ask what the name of the
scent is
With over 200 ingredients in the bottle, you can be sure that you will smell exceptional
and classy all night
The cool thing about Beautiful is that it smells so much better on a women skin then it
does on guys
You can without a doubt smell the difference by testing this yourself
It was made to compliment every woman's singular DNA giving people of these women
a scent they can for sure call their own
This may be the reason why so plenty consider Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume their
signature scent
Every Mc Must Be Well Prepared With Some Rib-tickling Jokes Before The Wedding
The Emcee runs the show, directs traffic and delivers some hilarious wedding jokes and
one-liners like the host of a comedy show
It is therefore very important to have good, clean, humorous material in his or her arsenal
There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to where or when the Emcee should deliver
Good jokes can and have been delivered practically anywhere during the reception
However, one of the best times to share some jokes is when introducing the guest
A few of the attendees who usually give speeches and toasts at most wedding receptions
are the Best Man, the Maid of Honor and, of course, the Groom
The Emcee must have enough funny material for the entire reception because there are
other guests who may want to say a few words, particularly the bride and groom's parents
The Master of Ceremonies must not take over the proceedings with too many jokes at one
The jokes should be spread throughout the entire program
Jokes can be delivered before the introduction of each guest speaker or after the guest has
given his or her speech, or both
If the Wedding MC is not too familiar with the speakers, here is a good tip that can make
things a bit easier
A few weeks before the big day, he should gather all the relevant background information
from the bride and groom concerning the various guest speakers
With some background knowledge at his disposal, he will be more confident that he will
not embarrass anyone or himself by incorrectly pronouncing the person's name or telling
an inappropriate joke
Without this background knowledge one could easily introduce the groom's father by
commenting that he is a good example to follow, not knowing that he has been divorced
4 times over the last 10 years
Before the reception, it is always a good idea to run a joke by any one of speakers if, for
any reason, the MC feels it may embarrass that guest
Another good time to give some humurous jokes is during the announcements
Throughout the reception the Emcee will be required to give a few announcements
Some of these announcements may include the arrival of the newly married couple, how
long the formal part of the program will be, when the speeches and toasts will begin, the
sequence in serving the meals, where and when the bouquet and garter toss will start,
directions to the bar, the name of the DJ or band, and what time the dancing will
Other announcements may include directions to the restrooms and where the designated
smoking area is
These are great opportunities to deliver some related jokes to liven up and entertain the
Jokes can also be introduced during the various activities, whether its when the meals are
being served, while the guests are eating, during the selection of the music, before the
sticking of the cake or during the bouquet and garter toss
Proper selection of jokes is vital to avoid embarrassing or humiliating the audience
Generally, the use of dirty jokes which include swearing should be avoided at all cost,
particularly if there are children around
Of course, there are weddings where only adults are invited and the couple may request
or allow dirty jokes
Wedding jokes are an important part of any wedding reception and proper delivery of
jokes is essential to be successful as an Emcee
Jokes can be found almost anywhere, but it takes know-how and practice to deliver them
effortlessly to bring the house down
Exceptional Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself For Your Baby Shower
A table arrangement can be a rewarding addition to your party
It can likewise have a negative effect and stall the get together
Whether you are preparing for a wedding, a baby shower or just a holiday get together
with your best of friends, read on for unique ways to make a home-made table
arrangement that will have them saying "Oh wow
Diaper cakes are one of the most known baby shower centerpieces
They look like cakes, but they are made completely of diapers and other functional baby
gifts, such as onesies, changing blankets, cuddly toys, and more
For the most basic diaper cake, only roll up a lot of diapers and tie them together with
Tie all the diapers together so they form a roll, resembling a cake
You can make multiple tier diaper cakes, by stacking the levels on top of one another
Another method to keep the diapers together is by using glue, but using tape is usually a
better idea
That way it is easier for a pregnant woman to separate the diapers for future use
Use what's available from nature to beautify your tables with seasonal contributions
Circular vases filled with citrus slices are a charming means to add bright colors to a
summer wedding
Simply slice and add to the vase for a sweet smelling centerpiece
You could also merely add them whole to any glass vase for a charming detail
In autumn, liven up your centerpieces with translucent bowls filled with apples and
colorful leaves
You could create a simple spring centerpiece, ideal for a baby shower, by concealing
painted eggs in wheat grass
As we all know, most folks can decorate with flowers
If you dare to set yourself apart, you might want to try something really different
A goldfish or beta fish swimming in a fish bowl on each table is a beautiful change from
the commonplace
If you're into sweets, this one is sure to indulge your sweet tooth
Stick a bunch of suckers into a color foam block you purchase (the type used by florists)
Another idea is a cake with baby inspired features
Just purchase or make a cake of your favorite flavor and embellish the frosting with
ducky or teddy bear displays
A chocolate fountain is another fun thought for a centerpiece
Party goers have such a ball dipping strawberries, pretzels, and other treats
Interactive table displays can really rev up a gathering as attendees play along together
Inspire your guests to indulge themselves with one-time-use cameras as your centerpiece
If the venue for your party is out of doors, you might think bubbles a charming
It doesn't have to cost a lot and can bring out your inner child
Exciting and Fun Birthday Parties West Palm Beach for Kids
Nobody can ignore the truth that most of the parents can be wanting forward to
celebrating the Birthday Parties West Palm Beach of their kids in an excellent way
After all, all dad and mom can be in a dream to celebrate the birthday party of their
children in a good way, particularly if it is the first yr birthday
Most of the people will rejoice the birthday of their children in with filled with grandeur
until their kids turn into 9 or 10
If you're looking for fun actions to your child Birthday Parties West Palm Beach, listed
below are some concepts for that
In case you are planning on throwing a celebration when the weather is scorching you
can purchase or hire an inflatable water slide
Parents love these slides as a result of children have such a good time taking part in on
them and the dad and mom get to sit down again and calm down whereas watching there
kids play
There are such a lot of issues that must be performed to plan and arrange the right
Birthday Parties West Palm Beach
The first and infrequently crucial thing to do is ask your baby what kind of celebration
they wish to have on their particular day
I like to recommend a themed party because in all actuality a kid's birthday party that
has a central theme is way simpler to plan
Once a theme is chosen, it's essential to next after all provide you with the guest listing,
find a location to host the social gathering, come up with food and drinks, and plan get
together activities
Choosing the Birthday Parties West Palm Beach theme is the very first a part of the plan
and it will rely upon the choice and age of the birthday celebrant
Children, teen, and adult events have totally different themes you possibly can select
Pirate, Princess, Superhero, Fairy, and Tea occasion are the most popular birthday
parties for young teens and children; whereas Soccer-themed, Pageant-themed, and
Tropical Luau are examples of adult parties
For the reason that assortment of themes is so huge, you can ask the particular person of
which theme she or he prefers
Brainstorm various social gathering themes and birthday celebration concepts which you
could incorporate to help create simply the proper celebration theme
In case your little one is sufficiently old to assist decide upon a theme, by all means
contain them, especially if the occasion is in his or her honor
Take into consideration an individual's likes and dislikes, profession, is it a milestone
birthday, favourite toys, sports, etc
All of these things will assist you to determine what one of the best theme to pick is
Clearly, the flavor of the cake must be the one which your child is loopy about
Now add some actually beautiful and memorable balloons to the get together
combination, also in vibrant colours and with the message imprinted on them for all to
see as they float above the group
) protected, with these extremely exciting celebration ideas
In case you're planning on pulling off the surprise Birthday Parties West Palm Beach of
the century, guess what, you will must plan, put together, and prioritize your duties even
more so for success
Plan well ahead-This is essential for numerous reasons
Firstly, it will be sure that everyone gets their invite and might ship again their RSVP
with plenty of time for you to be able to cater for the right numbers
Secondly, it makes the whole course of easier for you and more pleasurable to do
6-eight weeks earlier than the social gathering date is an efficient time to start
Extreme Acai Berry can help you Look Better and Feel Better by flushing your body of
all that excess waste, that is weighing you down
Basically, you can lose weight 100% naturally and feel better at the same time
Extreme Acai berry is more potent than any other supplements that exist in the market
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Extreme Acai Berry contains the most powerful and effective ingredients for internal
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Acai Berry
Acai berries are among the most nutritious foods of the Amazon, rich in B vitamins,
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Acai berries are also a great mix of protein and dietary fiber
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Acai is being recognized as one of the richest nutritive fruits on earth
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If you want to boost metabolism, you should try Extreme Acai Berry Today
Are you tired of seeing the traditional three tier wedding cake with simple white frosting
and the little bride and groom wedding cake topper
If you are after a very formal or classic wedding then this is the exact cake you want
However, today many couples are opting for alternative wedding themes and a more
relaxed feeling overall
With popular wedding themes like fairy tales, Dragonflies and other fun and light or even
whimsical themes a traditional wedding cake no longer fits correctly in its place
It is nor time to take that old wedding cake out of the closet it and give it a whole new
America seems to be in love with the idea of a makeover from the hit TV shows like
Extreme Body Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover and the ever popular Pimp My Ride
America seems to be in a love with makeovers
Well, wedding cakes are no different and today's couples are going for more unusual,
light and fun ideas for wedding cakes
So why not try some of these custom wedding cake ideas
There are a ton of different wedding cake toppers on the market today and you are no
longer stuck with what your local bakery has
You can now easily shop online and find retailers selling a wide variety of wedding cake
You can have anything from the traditional bride and groom to the whacky and wild
If you are willing to pay a little extra you can get a custom wedding cake topper sculpted
out of special non toxic clay like material and created in the likeness of you and your
If you are really into a sport or want to show something unique about the two of you as a
couple then a custom wedding cake topper is the way to go
The artists can easily make a couple doing just about anything
So if you are avid rock climbers then you can have a bride and groom fashioned in your
likeness that are on the top of Yosemite Half Dome, or whatever sport or activity you like
If you don't want to be that adventurous then you might want to go for a custom initials
wedding cake topper
These are beautiful wedding cake toppers created from your initials and then decorated
with small crystals
Whatever you choose there is a wedding cake topper either already made or that can be
custom made to fit your wedding theme
If you just go to your local bakery or even a small wedding cake shop you are likely to
just find the standard wedding cake offerings or the traditional cake
However, if you really want to do a wedding cake makeover ask if they can do themed
wedding cakes
There are a wide variety of options for a custom wedding cake and some of the ways that
you can customize are listed below
If you are not sure about all of this and want to stick somewhat to tradtion then why not
go for the traditional cake but add some flare to it through the decorations and frosting
Most wedding cake bakers can add a wide variety of different ornaments and decorations
to the wedding cake to really make it stand out
Sure you can go with the traditional shaped cakes like the three tiered circle or even a
tiered square cake but that does not mean you can't go a little crazy and get some
interesting decorations put on it with unique frosting ideas
Try to pick up on the theme of the wedding as much as possible
Fairy Figurines - Small, Dainty And Delicate - Perfect For The Curio Cabinet
Fairy figurines come in all sizes and price ranges
The cheapest figurines of fairies and angels are those made of resin, but they still look
really elegant
You can also get fairy figurines made of porcelain, crystal and pewter
It doesn't matter what your preference if when you collect fairy figurines
Each one is a work of art and when combined with figurines depicting angels, you have a
truly fanciful collection
Mini figurines or larger varieties - it doesn't matter because you can combine them all and
have an elegant display
A porcelain fairy doll is the perfect gift for a little girl or a young lady
It will be something that she will treasure for a lifetime
These dolls come as fairy figurines in various sizes, such as 16 inches tall or a mini fairy
figurine that is only 4 inches tall
It is easy to tell the difference between angel and fairy figurines because the angels are
always white, whereas the fairies are usually in various colors
A graceful mini fairy figurine in metal cast with real butterfly wings is one of the more
elegant fairy figurines that you can buy
Each fairy figurine of this nature is cast from bronze and lead-free pewter with the wings
coming from butterflies at a nature reserve
The wings are not used until the butterflies reach the end of their life cycle, so you don't
have to worry that they are being harmed in order to bring you mini fairy figurines
The idea behind this is that the spirit of the butterfly lives on through the figurine that you
have displayed in your home
Wedding fairy figurines make the perfect cake topper for the wedding cake
Along with these, you can also get angel and fairy figurines to celebrate the birth of a
baby and to use as a birth or christening gift
Use a Christmas angel as the focal point of your centrepiece during the holiday season or
have a fairy figurine in your sign of the Zodiac
When you want to start a collection of mini fairy figurines, the choices are almost endless
in the wide variety of figurines that are available
Add an African American fairy figurine to your collection
These fairy figurines are made from polyresin and feature a fairy balanced on a musical
instrument decorated with colourful flowers
You can get this type of figurine with a magnet on the back in addition to a mini fairy
figurine that you can place in your curio cabinet
How about fairy figurines showing a couple kissing
This would be the perfect addition to your collection
Browse the catalog of online retailers just to see all the different figurines of fairies and
angels that you can purchase
Autumn is an excellent time of year to get married
When you finally decide to take this step in your relationship, there will be many
necessary preparations
You need to choose a wedding theme, stationery, and most importantly a wedding cake
The cake is one of the most important aspects of the wedding and guests are usually
anxious and excited to view the cake
The cake that you decide on will become a focal point of the reception topped only by the
bride and groom
Depending on the time of year, there are many designs to choose from, this is mainly
decided upon by the colors, and holidays around the time of the wedding
The first step when choosing a wedding cake is to choose the size and shape that you are
looking for
Wedding cakes are entirely customizable because they are baked to order
This means that you can tell the baker exactly what you are looking for and they can
create it for you
It is helpful to provide the baker with an image of the cake, as this will make the baker's
job much easier
The traditional wedding cake is a three-layered pound cake fully decorated to the theme
of your wedding
This cake can be round, square or a combination of both shapes
The foliage changes color while the weather becomes cooler
This imagery is beneficial when it comes to choosing a wedding cake
Colors that represent the autumn season include yellow, gold, bronze, orange, red,
burgundy, and brown
These colors all represent the colors of leaves and foliage
1) Choose a theme for your cake along with the size and shape
2) Decide on the cake's flavor; the most popular choices are vanilla, chocolate, a
combination of both or even pumpkin to emphasize the fall season
4) Decorate your cake with a cake topper or other decorations related to your wedding's
During the autumn season, many colors come to mind
The main colors of this beautiful season are brown, red, orange and yellow
These are all popular color choices when decorating a cake
In the fall, you may choose chocolate icing or vanilla; just be sure to include some
complementary colors
Vanilla icing seems to work best because you are able to include decorations such as
edible leaves or flowers
These decorations can be any fall color such as red, orange or brown
These colors and memorable decorations can give your cake that autumn feel that you
have been seeking
Fall Wedding Cake Decorations Finding the perfect decoration is one of the main
advantages of planning a fall wedding
Many couples use the autumn holidays to their advantage when it comes to decorating a
wedding cake
The harvest theme is one of the most popular choices
This theme consists of edible leaves matching the colors of the surrounding foliage
This brings the beauty of the outdoors into the reception
A cake with brown, yellow and red leaves laying across the cake and surrounding table
are sure to capture the interest and delight the taste buds of your guests
This is a great theme to consider when planning an autumn wedding
The grand decoration, the scrumptious wedding feast, designer bridal gown, gold printed
invitation letters - you have planned for them all
The wedding cake-the most delicious aspect of any wedding planning - adds extra zing to
your wedding celebration and gives the invitees the sweet luxury to indulge in
Here are a few ideas to make your fall wedding cake a hit with the guests with its unique
fall feel and special fall taste
When you are having a fall wedding, your wedding cake should also be based on a
seasonal theme and rightly reflect the essence of the season both in taste and in its
While serving any type of cake in the fall wedding is at least grammatically correct-to
keep with the true spirit of the season, serve your guests a delicious alternative to a
traditional cake -a spiced cake or a spiced chocolate cake
Here is the recipe for a spiced cake that you can get custom made by a renowned baker or
someone reputed for baking skills
* Mix butter with sugar and beat them with electric mixer until they form a light and
fluffy mixture
* Add eggs, one by one into the mixture and keep on beating
* Take a separate bowl and mix flour, salt, ginger, and cinnamon in it
* Add this mixture to creamed batter, beating at low speed all the while
* Now grease a baking pan and pour the batter into it; bake at 350В° for 45 minutes
If you want to come out with an even more stunning fall wedding cake, try a spiced
chocolate cake
You can use the same ingredients and follow the same steps as the spiced cake; only you
will need some additional ingredients such as 1 and ВЅ cups of sour milk and at least an
ounce of semi sweet chocolate
Before adding the baking soda in the batter, dissolve it into sour milk and grate the
chocolates before adding them to the batter
* Not the taste alone-the look and feel is also important to bring the seasonal touch
For that, use the decorating accessories only in the vibrant fall colors like flaming orange,
golden, copper brown or burgundy
* Create the replicated fall leaves and pinecones out of sugar
* At the base of the cake, scatter pumpkin and squash pieces
Also sprinkle marzipan fruits and macadamia nuts for a more obvious fall flavor
So now you have your spiced up, specially decorated fall wedding cake - share it with
your friends and loved ones and take your share of the bites while hoping for a long,
sweet, and spicy married life
*Protein Power The combination of fat, protein and fiber in peanut butter makes it hard
to break down, so it lasts longer in our systems – providing us more energy
A perfect, protein packed, summer dinner kids adore is Spicy Peanut Noodles
It's served chilled or at room temperature so this is a great dish to make in the morning
before the day begins
Edamame is also packed with protein punch and would make a great accompaniment to
these noodles
You can buy them in the freezer section of your local grocer for ultimate ease
Spicy Peanut Noodles Whisk together: -4 Tablespoons each creamy peanut butter
(organic if available) and low-sodium soy sauce -4 teaspoons fresh lime juice and a
pinch of red pepper flakes Toss with: -4 Cups of cooked pasta (spaghetti holds the sauce
well) -A seeded, sliced cucumber -Top with a few sliced scallions
If you are considering any type of home improvement or you love tinkering with your
house, it's a great idea to subscribe to this breath of fresh air type of magazine
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She has kept us up to date with the ideas that she has culled from recent and back issues
For example, she suggested that we use some more vinyl sliding since some of the
original sliding had badly aged
The copy of the magazine showed us the fastest method of improving this part of the
house and also showed us detailed instructions as to how to perform the task as
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I'm not going to pretend to say that taking care of a home is a piece of cake
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Now my wife has even stopped nagging me about the smallest things since I finally took
her advice to use this popular and incredible publication as an educational tool from this
moment forward
You can find Fine Homebuilding magazine and other home relatedmagazines like
Architectural Record in your local public library
You can even find this in a waiting room of a home improvement or real estate agent type
of office
If you are interested in getting a discount or a coupon to subscribe at a reduced rate,
consider using a consumer business or library subscription service like Magmall
They've got hundreds of popular magazines at lower discount subscription prices
And if you buy a gift subcsription you can write your own message which they will send
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Weddings are a great ceremony to mark the pleasure and joy
At this vital point, you will not leave any stone unturned to impress your guests
You will decorate your cake as well as your cake topper to mark the occasion in a grand
You will surely bid on a wedding cake topper that is perfect for the firefighter wedding
Fire fighter wedding cake topper with the red bunker suit and tools are at hand
In this figure, the happy bride is holding a bouquet of red roses
You will get to see that the heart is trimmed in a variety of white flowers with satin spun
roses and pearl sprays
The base of this structure is adorned in white lace with white flowers and pearl sprays
with a rib boned bow of red and white with the Maltese tools symbol hanging from the
Firefighter dog tag necklace is a good example of a fire fighter wedding cake topper with
You will see that necklace chain is included in it and it could be a very nice gift to show
support to one of the bravest
Firefighter carrying bride figures is a tall figure in which black helmet is attached to the
fireman head
You will get a glimpse of a real mini veil on bride
Dual firefighter wedding figures could be a marvelous fire fighter wedding cake topper in
which the bride wears a black helmet with a real mini veil
Fireman wedding flutes denote a pair of bride and groom, etched toasting flutes with all
along fireman helmet and bridal veil
Firefighter veil engraved toasting & plate set and firefighter fabric guest book & pen are
other good pieces which could be decorated at the top of your cake as a fire fighter
wedding cake topper
If you are not content with all these, then embroidered fire ring pillow would douse your
Firefighter carrying bride wedding invitations is really an elegant panel invitation with
tissue, inner and outer envelope
Each such fire fighter wedding cake topper shows an invitation which contains return
name and address
EMT ambulance wedding napkins is another such fire fighter wedding cake topper with
white luncheon or beverage napkins
This particular figure with your choice could well be used to imprint the names and
wedding date
If you have started planning a fireman wedding then you might be thinking about black,
red, yellow and brass of fireman regalia and fire trucks
If you are going to marry in the fire hall, then ideally a fire truck could be your topper to
the ceremony
Fireman wedding cake toppers will show your penchant about the profession
For this classy treat, such settings are built with gorgeous neo-classical flair
To make this even more charming, along with the cake, you could further look for
fireman-related ornaments in the form of hydrants, dalmations, Maltese crosses or
matchbox-style fire trucks
To feel the authenticity, wrap attractive copper or silver wire around the middle of the
ornament, then bring up and form into a simple coil to create your own place card holders
The bride dragging her fireman groom as a fireman wedding cake topper is a fabulous
In this topper, scratch marks made from the groom and it is great for the groom cake
Climbing fireman with bride wedding figure is a perfect fireman wedding cake topper in
which each of the figures is fine porcelain
You might get helmet which comes with figures and there is an insert on the groom that
attaches to the cake
Climbing fireman to bride wedding figures and no frills fire bride dragging fireman are
some better example of fireman wedding cake toppers
In both these figures, the fireman bride is dragging her fireman groom
In fireman helmet wedding cake topper, bride wears a black helmet and extinguisher in
hand with scratch marks made from the groom
This could be an alterative fireman wedding cake topper for those not wanting figures on
their wedding cake
Fire engine wedding cake topper is a gold plated fire engine adorned with sparkling
swarovski crystals
In this figure, wheels really work and it could be a great birthday or retirement gift
Mini fire heart axe type of fireman wedding cake topper contains wooden handle
It encompasses heart in the middle of the black blade
It is always advisable that you make your own patterns and draft them all by yourself
If you are fond of drafting patterns for your clothes on your own and believe in the
independence and perfection that it gives you, then one thing that you must be careful
about is to make sure that you settle only for the best
It is great to think about wearing clothes that are designed exclusively by you and thus
look great on you
However, unless you have the right kind of guidance and the exact pattern drafting tools
that you need for such work, your clothes will not fit you well and your designs may well
not suit your body type
Once you have the exact tools that you need, your work will become way easier and far
more accurate than it can otherwise be
In fact with these five must have pattern drafting tools, even a beginner can easily make
his own pattern drafts
To make patterns that are unique and stand out and at the same time suit your exact body
frame, what you need is the perfect pattern making system
In the Lutterloh Pattern Making System you will find just that
It is the most important pattern drafting tool that you must have on yourself
It is extremely easy to master this simply yet internationally designed system that makes
your sewing designing and drafting work as easy as eating a delicious cake
All you need to do is to feed in two major measurements and the Lutterloh system will
ensure that the designs you draft fit you really well
Whatever is the kind of design that you choose to opt for, the Lutterloh System will work
real wonders for you and that's a guarantee
Whenever you think of accurate fitting you must keep in mind the Designer's curve
Make sure that the Designer's curve is the one that brings to you its international rulers
made from acrylic that is not only transparent but of top class quality and comes with the
perfect front and back arm hole
This makes taking the correct measurements really easy for you with the guarantee of
accuracy as well
The Tailor's Curve is another such tool that you must have on you
It is only a Tailor's Curve with the best inseam, upper inseam, hip curve and proper front
and back crotch curve measurers that makes sure that your suits, coats and other clothes
are fitting you perfectly
Without this essential pattern drafting tool your sewing experience is complete
The Vellum Paper is the best medium to jot down your draft
It is of top class quality and can even come with interesting patterns of its own so that the
clothes you design look even more graceful
It is only a great quality paper that can give you a clear idea of the designs that you draft
You must make no compromises when it comes to this and Vellum Paper must be your
first and only choice when you are in search of perfection
Just as it is important that you measure your curves perfectly, it is also mandatory that the
smaller details like those of your buttons, hooks, eyes and snaps are also spaced out well
and in a uniform fashion
This is made possible by the Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge also popularly referred to
as the Button Spacer, the expanding sewing gauge or rather the Expanding ruler
With its special L shaped rulers it gives you the accurate measurement so that you can
make sure that each button hole and each hook is just where it should be
These five essential pattern drafting tools will make your sewing patterns as perfect as
those of any professional
They are all easily available on the internet itself so that you can design your own
patterns from home itself
These tools together with your imagination can work wonders for your wardrobe
There are lots of reasons why we ought to give her a gift on her exceptional day
No gift can equalize her abiding love and care for us
For this reason, it is important to think of an exclusive gift that she will truly cherish
These can be a magnificent flower garland, her favorite perfumes, a sparkling necklace, a
set of her fantasy cookware and so on and so forth
Here are some of the most fantastic gift to give to mothers on their special day
Mothers admire them especially if she loves collecting flowers in her little garden
Give her a flower or an orchid that she can lookout for to keep her mind of qualms and
other problems
Carefully check the whole structures of each plant
Find a nice pot to arrange your beautifully picked flowers
Indulge Her With Age Defying Cosmetic Gifts And Spa Gift Certificates
You may opt to give your mom a basket of Age Defying cosmetic collections or a gift
certificate to a Spa resort
Afterall, she took care of you and nurtured you, now is the time to give back and remind
her how gorgeous she is
There are no age defying sets that could ever give back her lost years but to spoil her with
the luxuries of basking on a spa resort could give her the chance to relieve and release the
stress that she may possibly have
Return her sacrifice with some priceless gadget like the latest and high technology mobile
phones on this special day
After so many years of prioritizing your needs on her budget list, now is the time to show
her that she is distinctive
Special mobile phones are wonderful gifts to show her how much you love talking to her
A surprise special birthday dinner party with the whole family is the most excellent gift
you can give her
Have it framed and place it on your mom's keyboard or coffee table
Give Her The Best Vacation With A Gift Of A Traveling Package Of Her Choice
Time out and give your mom a break with the lavishness of a travel package
With all her duties and responsibilities as a mom, a moment of escape becomes a luxury
Find a good destination place for her to luxuriate
You can go along with her to cherish those moments
The things mentioned above are just some of the finest gifts we could give to our mothers
on her special day
Her birthday is an opportunity to show your love and pamper her with the love she had
indulged with you
There are lots of pricey gifts that you can surely think of but the things that are priceless
like a good laugh or naming your child after her are the best gifts of all
Give something from the heart and surely it will be appreciated
Five reasons why you should choose organic cakes, over non-organic
Organic food doesn't just apply to fruit and vegetables; at The Healthy Cake company
natural organic cakes are baked as standard
Organic food is grown using organic gardening and farming methods
Not only is organic food free from any pesticides so its better for your body, but it is also
better for the planet too
Here are the top five reasons why you should go organic:
Nutrition- Due to the preventative farming methods such as crop rotation, fresh organic
produce contains twice the amount of nutrients compared to non-organic produce
Reduce and prevents some allergies and disease- The pesticides and fertilisers that are
used to carry out traditional farming contain chemicals, which are absorbed by the
In the past the chemicals have been blamed for triggering a range of common allergies,
and have also been linked with cancer and Alzheimer's disease
Eating foods which are free from these chemicals can help to reduce the risk of
developing these conditions
Free from genetic modification- There has been very little research carried out on the
lasting effects of genetically modified foods
There has been some speculation that this research has been neglected due to the profits
that this type of production method generates
Each and every cake at The Healthy Cake Company is GM free, so you can indulge
without worrying about what you are putting into your body
Promotes a healthier environment- Organic food isn't just better for our bodies, but it's
also better for the planet
Organic farming methods protect the soil and safeguard its nutrient content, to preserve it
for the future
Secondly, this type of agriculture uses less water and non-renewable energy
Thirdly, the production of organic meat is more humane compared to intensive farming
Organic livestock are fed organic food, have unrestricted access to roam in open spaces
in the fresh air, and are not fed antibiotics as a standard preventative measure
They are also not injected with hormones, and are slaughtered in a much more humane
Saves the wildlife- Because intensive farming involves using chemical fertilisers and
pesticides the seeds, berries and surrounding vegetation within close proximity of the
farmed crops can become covered in chemicals too
This can have a damaging effect on the wildlife that depends on this vegetation to
survive, and a shortage of food can cause their numbers to drop
Intensive farming also involves cutting down trees and removing shrubbery, destroying
the natural environment of thousands of different species of animals, insects and even
micro organisms
So to do your bit for your health and the planet please visit for all your baked goods
If you are looking for healthy cakes such as vegan cakes, or free from cakes such as dairy
free cakes and gluten free cakes The Healthy Cake Company can produce high standard
cakes to order, alternatively you can make your own using ready to make cake mix
If you have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse, throwing her a Minnie Mouse birthday
party is likely a no-brainer
However, if this is your first Minnie bash, you might not be aware of some of the great
Minnie Mouse party supplies you can buy or what sort of ideas you can implement to
make the party even more special
Here are five steps to guide you through planning your Minnie party:
You can buy pre-made Minnie invites for about $5 per 8 pack
If your party budget allows for it, you can always hire a graphic designer to make custom
Minnie Mouse invitations
Expect to pay at least $1 to $2 an invitation for custom ones
Plan your menu – You can stick with standard kid\'s birthday party food favorites like
pizza or hot dogs or you can have some fun and create a Minnie inspired menu to serve
your party guests
You could cut out Minnie Mouse shaped finger foods such as little sandwiches or chicken
Minnie cake or cupcake ideas – No birthday party is complete without cake
Whether you want cake or cupcakes for your party, you have many options available to
Obviously, since Minnie Mouse is so popular, you can find many bakeries that can make
a Minnie Mouse birthday cake
If you want to cut costs though, you can easily make one yourself
Make a standard size sheet cake and buy a Minnie Mouse cake topper or decorating kit
If it's cupcakes you desire, you can add Minnie Mouse cupcake rings to the top of each
They are cute and double as a fun favor for the kids after they are done eating their
Minnie Mouse party supplies and decorations – There is a wide variety of Minnie Mouse
party supplies available
You will find Minnie plates, napkins, table covers, cups, and centerpieces for dressing up
your party table
You can also find Minnie balloons, banners, steamers, and ceiling danglers to decorate
your party space
If you want to really give the room some wow factor, a Minnie Mouse scene setter can be
used to cover a large portion of the wall and to set the mood for the party
Games, party favors, and entertainment – The entertainment is important when it comes
to a child's birthday party
You can find Minnie party games to purchase such as Pin the Bow on Minnie
You can also purchase a Minnie pinata to fill with candy and toys
If you have someone willing, you can rent a costume and have a friend or family member
dress up as Minnie Mouse
Sets of Minnie Mouse ears or favor bags stuffed with Minnie inspired toys and candy are
a couple of good options
These five steps should get you on the road to planning the perfect Minnie Mouse
birthday party for your little Disney fan
Now, Sundaes are one of most popular products in summer
They have great combination of ice cream with different taste based syrup or sauces
Often, in taste chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch and caramel and some toppings like
chopped nuts, maraschino cherries and whipped cream are used to give tasty sundaes
With Ice cream production, ice cream maker are also known for its best sundaes flavors
around the world
They also have their popular sundaes flavors with different taste
Baskin Robbins: This is chain ice cream parlour founded in 1953 by Brut Baskin and Irv
They have their 31 flavors of ice cream and largest food franchised seller in world with
first ice cream cake maker
Burj Al Emlaaq: It is seven layered with choice of cake between Chocolate Brownie and
There is hot with a dollop of a cherry and real cream
Boom Berry Waffle: It is vanilla and strawberry flavors ice cream topped with fresh
strawberry and bananas
Brownie A la Mode: there is Scrumptious brownie with covered by your favorite ice
cream flavors, grainshed with your choiced two topping and real cream along with
chopped almond and cherry over top
topping between Chocolate fudge and Caramel, cake pieces, an extra Emlaaq scoop o f
choice and hot topping between Chocolate fudge and Caramel along with topped
Banana Berry Crepe: combination of stunning banana Berry crepe loaded with very berry
strawberry ice cream and banana and cream
Scoop Al Emlaaq: Served in a freshly baked waffle cone, it is 6 layered Emlaaq scoop of
your choice topped with cream and cherry
Baskin Robbins has very taste of sundaes with new flavored of month dishes
They have great combination of lots of sauce, cream and syrup of different taste and
Food Dehydrator, Essentials You Must Know Before Purchasing
Food dehydration or food drying for preserving purposes has been around in one way or
another for centuries if not millennia
Until the last hundred years the food drying process has been relegated to finding a flat,
dry surface that happens to be in direct sunlight
You can only imagine the hazards involved with this outdoor process ranging from bug
infestation to inclement weather
Fast forward around a hundred years later and what you have got in today's marketplace
is a healthy diversity of self contained, electronic food dryers or dehydrators
As you might guess, they are not all created equal and vary widely
This article is one of several that will walk you through some of these differences
Most modern food dehydrators can vary in shape from cylindrical columns with layers of
trays to horizontal boxes with adjustable trays
These Dehydrator units all have their good points and not so good points
Let's talk about some of the more controversial elements of both vertical and horizontal
food dehydrators
A food dehydrator works best when the airflow is moving un-impeded from one end of
the unit to the other end
This air flow can be vertical or in other words…up, that is originating from a heat source
at the bottom of the dehydrator and flowing up as in fan driven or convection (hot air will
always rise)
The other air flow alternative would be a horizontal dehydration unit
This is where the air begins movement from a fan and heat source at one side of the unit
and moves horizontally across the food trays, once again in an un-impeded or un-blocked
Now of course, the million dollar question, which one is best, a vertical flow cylindrical
unit or a horizontal flow box unit
When you are standing out on an open plane and feel the wind blowing against you, how
is the wind blowing
Most food dehydration experts agree that the horizontal air flow or box unit is the best
The horizontal air flow throughout the box is the same whether you place the food slices
in the back or the front
In most vertical or stackable dehydrators the air flow is best near the bottom and become
less effective near the top
This requires you to be more aggressive in switching out the tray placement for more
even drying of your food slices
The word marriage stirs images of a bliss full blending of the essence of two individuals
into one
In the world of food dehydration it is a consequence that you will want to avoid at all
With today's food dehydrators you can conceivably dry a wide variety of foods all at the
same time within the same dehydrator
However the mixing or marriage of essences (tastes) and odors will always be an issue
With the horizontal or box dehydrator the air flow keeps the odors relatively contained
within that immediate tray area
While the vertical or cylinder dehydrator will need to have more frequent tray changes or
positioning to avoid this air flow mixing
Either way, both types will work well for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs
You just need to be a bit more aggressive in maintaining even air flow with the cylinder
Both types of dehydrators work well for drying meat into jerky but be aware, it is
recommended that meat be done at a whole separate time than the soft and more fleshy
fruits and vegetables
If you do meat dehydration then unit cleaning takes on a very important purpose
Proper and regular cleaning of any piece of kitchen equipment is an essential and
inevitable chore that will always be needed
The great thing is, these units are very easy to clean and when done properly should
never get too dirty in the first place
All of the trays are porous, hand washable plastic and should not require any cleaning
solvent other than soap and water
As bits and pieces fall down into the bottom of your dehydrator unit just a quick scoop
with a damp rag should usually do the trick
If your heating element is exposed, make sure that all bits and pieces of food debris are
removed from this area
If you are using wax dehydrator sheets on your trays always discard the sheet after every
use and line the tray with a fresh dryer sheet
After drying meat always wash thoroughly with soap and water every area where the
meat may have made contact
This will insure that no cross contamination will happen within your dehydrator and
increase the years of use and enjoyment from your unit
While there are some minor differences between the different styles of today's food
dehydrators, they should give you and your family many years of healthy foods
Whether you are dehydrating fresh fruits, veggies, herbs or meats today's modern food
dehydrators, with a little maintenance should last for many years
And, we love to eat delicious, colorful, delightful, and appetizing food
It is easy to name the dog from the name of the food
There are many cute and pretty food names for dogs
After you added the ingredients and presented the food, you can see the vibrant of color
from the food
It is no wonder that we sometimes base the dog names from the color of the food
The common colors between food and dog are orange, black, brown, white, and light
The popular foods with orange color are almond, apple, caramel, honey, and marmalade
Thus, the dog owners like to use the above food for dog names
And, apple comes in green, yellow, orange, red or mix
With an apple a day, the fruit lowers many health problems
By heating sugar, the sugar melts to form the caramel
The color ranges between light orange and dark brown
Next, the honey is sweet flower nectar from honey bees
Finally, the marmalade is preserved food from citrus fruits
Most dog breeds can come in various colors, but some pure dog breed just come in
specific colors
For example, Doberman, German Shepherd, and Pit Bull are usually black
Cinnamon Bun is baked bread with white sugar glazed
Therefore, Cinnamon is a cute dog names for German Shepherd and Pit Bull
When you mix coffee and frothy milk with cinnamon sprinkles, the coffee turns to beige
or light brown
The Border Collie and Dalmatians are usually black and white fur
Dalmatians are tall and slender white dog with black spots, while Border Collie is breed
to herd with black and white fur
Naturally, Oreo can be pretty dog names for the breed
Oreo are two black crispy cookies with white cream in the middle
Brown foods are Brownie, Biscuit, Muffin, Cupcake, and Chocolate
Brownie is chocolate cake which is top with chocolate glazed and crushed nuts
It is in smaller portions in a small and thin paper cups
Chocolate which is one of favorite comfort food and snacks are confections from cacao
Sugar is a sweetener which is derived from sugar cane
On the other hand, the marshmallow is a soft and spongy confection
Marshmallow is perfect for white Poodle, and Pomeranian
For example, the wrinkle of ginger skin may resemble the face of a Mastiff or Shar Pei
For example, the back legs of a puppy are small and cute
For example, dog may like biscuits, cookie, and muffin
Since the dog likes the food so much, we may call the dog Biscuits, Cookie, or Muffin
Food is one of the great places to find inspiration for dog names
Food may have cute attribute that reminds us of our dog
It may be the taste, smell, color, texture, history, and origin
A cupcake is a miniature cake designed for one person to eat
Traditional cake recipes consisting of flour, sugar and eggs along with flavors like
vanilla, chocolate or fruit flavor are also used for cupcakes
Cupcakes are generally topped with icing made of butter, confectioner's sugar and
It is a popular practice to decorate the tops of cupcakes with colored icing and decorative
elements like marzipan and candies, much like traditional cakes
A great place to find cupcake recipes are cooking magazines like Bon AppГ©tit, Gourmet
and Everyday Food
Cupcake baking surfaced in 19th century England when it became more convenient to
bake many cupcakes in cup-size molds or ramekins instead of one large cake in a cake
Cupcakes are called such because they are the size of a teacup or because ingredients
were measured in cups
cupcakes became synonymous with children's birthday or school parties, served in lieu of
traditional cake, in which utensils are needed to divide it into individual servings
Acceptable cupcake eating-etiquette permits eating cupcakes with hands
Cupcakes are usually wrapped in a paper or foil cup
While traditional cupcake recipes are not particularly healthy because sugar is a main
ingredient, recipes can be altered to make the dessert more healthful
Using fruit, buttermilk or pudding as a substitute for vegetable oil decreases the fat
Also, leaving off the icing decreases the fat and sugar content thus making cupcakes a
healthier dessert
Find healthy cupcake recipes in cooking magazines and food magazines like Cooking
Light, Diabetic Cooking and Vegetarian Times
Recently cupcakes have made many appearances in pop culture
Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan was featured in an episode of the HBO hit TV series “Sex
and the City,” in which two characters devoured the bakery's famous cupcakes and the
movies Prime and The Devil Wears Prada
Celebrities have also drawn attention to cupcakes by flocking to bakeries in L
Celebrity cupcake haunts include Sprinkles, Auntie Em's, Sweet Lady Jane and Susie
Cakes in L
Find other celebrity cupcake hangouts in magazines like Cosmopolitan, In Style and In
Elsewhere specialty cupcake bakeries continue to pop up across the U
including cities like Nashville, Austin and Chicago
The most popular cupcake flavors continue to be traditional flavors such as vanilla,
chocolate, red velvet, carrot, banana and coconut
Four Ways To Make Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Unforgettable
When hosting a party to highlight your 50th wedding anniversary, you can recreate the
past, follow a gold motif, play a memorable picture show during the event, and give your
guests personalized keepsakes
Reaching 50 years of marriage is a milestone that should be honored by family and
This is a singular and momentous affair which needs to be shared and enjoyed
One way to celebrate a 50th anniversary is to share the occasion with close family and
friends by hosting a party
Here are a few hints to help you make your 50th anniversary a memorable one for you
and your family:
If you want a new and exciting way to throw a 50th wedding anniversary party, you can
make the theme set in the past
Understand the cool features from half a century back (when the original wedding was
conducted) and try to include those elements in the theme of the current party
You and your spouse can wear clothes that were fashionable during that time and ask
your guests to do the same
Select a play list of love songs popular during that year, and hire a band to play them for
Decorations can include framed posters of movies and celebrities that were famous all
those years ago
Ask caterers to make a special menu of food items that were popular then, too
The suitable color for this particular celebration is gold
Gold is the traditional symbol for 50 years and is a great source of inspiration for the
wedding party
For the party invitations you can use paper lined with gold foil, with the writing in gold
Also you can request that guests obey a dress code that includes the color gold
The party site can be decorated in a gold theme: golden table clothes, gold draperies, gold
candle holders in the centerpieces or gold (yellow) roses and goldenrod in vases
Dishes that symbolize gold or wealth can also be placed on the menu, such as a roast
duck and truffles, or a cake that has gold toned icing and edible gold shavings
Assemble pictures and mementos of events from the 50 years spent as a married couple
Convert it into a movie after scanning it so that you may entertain people during a gettogether
Family and friends will be entertained by the audio-visual show that contains your old
photographs and memorabilia
To bestow the pictures on display a more individualized and sweet touch, a love song that
is a favorite of both of may be played as a background music
A 50th anniversary is a momentous event and the party should be memorable enough to
live up to the occasion
You can even give something back to your guests in the form of personalized keepsakes
like anniversary messages or speeches that you've recorded and put onto a CD from Life On - Record
Life - On - Record provides a toll-free number that allows the couple's family and friends
to place heartfelt wishes and messages that will be recorded on a CD, and presented as a
special memento
There are various ways to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, and this can be enjoyed
with the people in your life who took part in making your marriage special and beautiful
From Past to Present - Wedding Cakes Throughout History
The history of the wedding cake can be dated back as far as the Roman Empire where the
groom would eat a part of a loaf of Barley and break the rest over the brides head
This was to symbolize the dominance the male had over his bride and the breaking of her
virginal state
Typically before the 17th century the wedding cake was sweetened bread, consisting of
flour, sugar and water
By the nineteenth century the wedding cake became extremely popular and a focal point
of the wedding
Early cakes were single tiered, plum or fruit cakes
Many traditions and superstitions came from the sharing of the wedding cake
One notable superstition was that sleeping with a piece of cake under ones pillow would
make the dreamer, dream of their future spouse
The tradition of the white wedding cake, symbolized purity and innocence and first
appeared in the Victorian times
Wedding cakes were also white to symbolize affluence, status and wealth as the whiter
the icing the more refined the sugar which was quite expensive
The wedding cake has always been linked with the bride and never more so that in
today's culture where the bride often matches her wedding cake icing to her gown or to
the theme of the wedding
Today's wedding cakes can take many colors other than white with wedding cakes
becoming more and more a part of the wedding color theme
Originally the wedding cake used to be single tiered which the bride and groom cut and
distributed to their guests
With the size of weddings increasing and the need for larger multi-tiered cakes it is now
the duty of the wedding reception venues or caterers to cut the cake and distribute it to
the guests
In keeping with some of the older the traditions it is common for the bride and groom to
distribute wedding cakes to the guests in either decorative bags or boxes
However it is also common for the wedding cake to be served as a part of the dessert or
even as a part of a fourth course with after dinner cheeses and tea and coffee
In some countries it is tradition for the bride and grooms to feed off the first piece of cake
In other countries it is customary for the bride and grooms to smash a piece of cake into
the other persons face
This tradition is not dissimilar to the breaking of the loaf of bread over the head of the
bride; however it does not have the same meaning
Brides can also save the top tier of the cake to eat at their one year anniversary
This tradition originates in the 19th century as the newlyweds often saved the top tier of
the cake for the christening of their first child which was usually 9 months after the
wedding night
Now days the two traditions are disassociated as the more and more couples are having
children later in the marriage
The tradition of the wedding cake has its roots hundreds of years ago but is still common
place in today's weddings
It's is still a central part of the wedding reception even though the meaning and
superstitions associated with wedding cakes have changed
Wedding cakes are now more elaborate and decorative than ever before and truly make
and elegant statement at the wedding reception
Fructose Malabsorption Symptoms, Diet, Food To Avoid
Fructose malabsorption is a common digestive problem seen in people with low fructose
absorption ability
Here we will discuss the causes, symptoms and the diet food needed for a patient
suffering from fructose malabsorption
This disorder is mainly caused due to the lack of fructose or fruit sugar carriers in the
small intestine of patient
As a result, intestine will get accumulated with fructose leading to dietary fructose
intolerance or fructose malabsorption
Small intestine of a patient with fructose malabsorption grabs less than 25 gm of fructose
while it ranges from 25 to 50 gm in the case of normal person
Fructose malabsorption can be caused as a result of celiac disease, over use of high
fructose corn syrup or due to overgrowth of bacteria in small intestine
Disease may be also inherited from parents or can be formed due to chemotherapy, and
dumping syndrome
Do you know what will happen to the unabsorbed fructose
When reaching large intestine, the unabsorbed fructose in food is metabolized by colonic
bacteria to small fatty acids and gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane
This may create in the formation of flatulence which is the expulsion of gases from
Now we will come to the effects caused by malabsorption of fructose
Patient suffering from this disorder is subjected to rapid bacterial fermentation, high
osmotic load, poor skin, nail and hair
When not considered at earlier stages, it may even lead to osteoporosis and anemia
Disease alters bacteria profile, promotes mucosalbiofilm, decrease folic acid amount,
tryptophan and zinc concentration in blood
Occurrence of severe stomach ache followed by constipation or diarrhea is another
problem suffered by fructose malabsorption patients
Disease creates many ill health like vomiting tendency and bloating in patients
Treatments for fructose malabsorption can be done according to the test results based on
hydrogen breath test and stool test
Following diet with proper medication is the best way to control disease
Patients must avoid the consumption of food items with more fructose than glucose
Fructose monosaccharide is sweeter than glucose but occupies an equal caloric value as
that of glucose
Watermelon, honey, pears, apples, spinach, pumpkin and fruit juice concentrates are
some of the food items which contain a greater ratio of fructose when compared to
Unsweetened milk, yogurt and cheese are preferred than sweetened milk products
Favored fruits include berry fruits and citrus fruits which contain a fructose level equal to
or less than glucose
Patients are advised to avoid over consumption foods with high fructan level, sorbitol and
Sorbitol or glucitol, derived from glucose usually makes fructose absorption slower
leading way to osmotic diarrhea
Pears, grapes, apricots, plums, raspberries and strawberries contain a high amount of
sorbitol concentration
Xylitol is a substitute for sugar usually found in vegetable and fruit fibre
Mushrooms, raspberries and plums are some of the food contents rich in xylitol
Try to reduce regular inclusion of pizzas, cakes and biscuits in diet
Taking glucose rich fruits like banana in diet enhances the fructose absorption to a great
With proper diet and medication, fructose malabsorption can be easily controlled
Fruits For Diabetes-what Fruits Can A Diabetic Eat
Diabetes is a serious disease that affects quality of life and may even shorten a person's
life span
Diabetes decreases the body's ability to use blood sugar for energy
Diabetics have blood sugar levels that are out of balance and require treatment to be
maintained within a normal range
Proper diet that is low in fat and simple sugars and high in fibre and complex
carbohydrates can help balance the blood sugar and control weight
Avoid processed sugars, including those in cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream, sodas,
honey, chocolate, and desserts
Choose the diet such that the approximate calories from the various components of the
Ayurveda includes diabetes mellitus in the prameha category
Pramehas are a list of urinary disorders, especially characterized by profuse urination
with several abnormal qualities
Out of these, diabetes mellitus is termed as madhumeha
Most of the treatment methods for diabetes mellitus regard it as a largely dietary disease
The Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes mellitus is based on an entire change in the lifestyle
of the person
Nature provides us with extraordinary gifts which can help us come over a lot of health
There are various kinds of fruits in the natural world which can help us controlling
A diabetic can choose from a wide list of fruits that Mother Nature provides in order to
get rid of disturbed diabetes
The following is a list of fruits that a diabetic can opt for:
- Powder of rose apple stones (powder of Jambu or Jamun ki Guthali)
All these fruits are rich in pectin and have a lot of nutritional values
Diabetic patients can wander in garden of nature and pluck any of these nutrition rich
fruits in order to control the disease that they have been fighting with various kinds of
Apples reduce inflammation, have low sugar levels and have rich water content
Oranges are a low fat snack, good in taste and low and burning sugar properties
Bananas have been misinterpreted for having high sugar levels or fattening; instead they
are low-fat treat which does not raise glucose levels
They also contain potassium which reduces sodium in the body
Do not consume too many bananas but 1 small one is ok in a day
Natural fruits are always better to have rather than indirect consumption or fruit juice
So, go ahead, having lots of fruits and control your diabetes quickly with exploring
various manifestations of nature
Stick to a good lifestyle, appropriate exercise regime
Cake toppers have come a long way since the traditional bride and groom, cherubs, doves
and wedding bells
Now they are full of charm and romance and are a delightful new collectible whose
popularity is on the rise
They can be made out of plastic, paper, hand-blown glass, metal or polymer clay, and are
usually between 6” to 7
Most online sites offer Caucasian, Hispanic and African-American brides and grooms, as
well as inter racial couples
They also offer various Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine groom cake
Baseball, basketball, football, fishermen, golfers and hockey players (as well as pro and
college teams) are well represented
And for professionals, there are cake tops for firemen, airline pilots, doctors, mail
carriers, cooks, plumbers and many more
These are some of the more comical cake tops we found while searching the Internet:
A new type of cake topper collectible is hand sculpted from polymer clay to resemble the
bride and groom
You will need to send pictures (full front, full profile and full body) so they can make the
personalized clay figures in your likeness
Another custom-made wedding cake topper that is carefully created from your photos is
the Wedding Couple Bobbleheads
Each one is specially made including 3D modeling of the face and head, including hair,
eye and skin color
Currently one company offers the traditional bride and groom, a dancing couple, fireman
couple, and military couple
The grace lent by a five yard saree woven in silk or cotton and displayed in a rainbow of
colors, remains largely unparalleled
The modern forms of dressing don't come even an inch nearer to it
This primary attire of Indian Women has even taken the world of international fashion by
storm, what with saris designed by Indian designers selling like hot cakes in international
Like Indian music, the modest Indian saree comes in a plethora of designs
Interestingly, these sarees are given interesting names based on the history that surrounds
them or the imagery they conjure up in the mind of the beholder
Examples of Indian Traditional saris, rather fabrics that these saris are made up of are
chanderi, paithani, maheshwari, Ganga-Jamuna, Ghatchola etc
each of these types of sarees are typical of one or more Indian Regions to which they
genetically belong
But thanks to the blurring of boundaries between the regions and the nations, there is an
archetype designed in the elegance of the region apart from that of its birth
They are traditional Maharashtrian saris whose border or pallu is made intricately with
two colors, one on the front and another matching or contrasting color on the rear side
This essentially symbolizes the two greatest rivers of the Indian Subcontinent: Ganga and
Yamuna or Jamuna
The two rivers are juxtaposed against each other but they instead create a harmonious
design and look when adorned on a sari
Originally, the design of Ganga Jamuna fabric was done on an off white spread of cloth
with the silver threads intertwined with the golden ones and serving as a lavish pallu
The sleeves of the blouse adhere to the set combination
But nowadays these profuse patterns are colored in bolder hues such as black and maroon
You can also match a typical Ganga Jamuna blouse with the contrasting saree of your
choice and make a style statement of your own
there is actually no end to the height of fashionable creativity that can be achieved with a
And you will be amazed to find the saris that come out from the workshops of artisans
and weavers in contemporary sari centers of India such as Varanasi, Madhya Pradesh,
Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
The Ganga Jamuna saris range between Rs 2000 to Rs 6000 depending upon the fabric
The most commonly used are cotton, silk, brocade or a combination of the three
These saris are an not only an ideal wear for occasions such as wedding or a puja when
set in lavishly luxuriant fabrics such as tusseur, brocade or silk, but can serve as a smart
formal wear when woven in cotton
But the best is yet to come…these sarees are the most versatile form of Indian wear as
they can be wore two way as there are no loose threads to distinguish the two ends
Blouse is so designed that it is possible to flaunt it in both the ways
So get one today and epitomize the quintessential Indianness
Gay Party Organizer Hans Biedermann Baden bei Wien Austria
Hans Biedermann is well established Gay party organizer in the heart of Vienna, Austria
His main expertise are gay party plans, underground party organizing
His core services are gay only hotel reservations, gay escort only services and complete
privacy to the clients
Hans Biedermann is one of the successful gay party organizers in the Baden bei Wien
(Baden near Vienna) Austria
He has more than 8 years of successful service record in event management, hotel
relationship management
Hans is one of the few person offers gay party services in Austria
He has great reputation in the Vienna gay community
Hans Biedermann will organize the party for any international customer and would book
a 4 star hotel accommodation in Schloss Weikersdorf Residenz & Spa Baden bei Wien
He has made special arrangement with hotel management so your gay experience would
be very smooth and memorable
Please contact his for booking in advance and be ready to experience the most fun night
with a gay
You would have access to more than 15 gays and could select any one for the celebration
Hans and his team would pick you from the Vienna Schwechat Airport and made some
special customs clearance in the VIP lounge
Separate luggage transfer from the airport to the hotel
Introduction to your selected gay partner before transferring into Vienna by fully airconditioned luxury car (BMW, Audi or Merc), which is available throughout the trip
A brief sightseeing of Vienna - possible stop at the famous Sacher - an Austrian
institution for coffee and cake - before the coach will take you to the hotel of your choice
for check-in
Luggage, welcome gift, welcome letter, fruit, flowers etc
Cocktails are served at our downtown luncheon venue until all parties have arrived,
followed by a light choice menu
After lunch the tour could continue with an excursion to the Schönbrunn Palace - the
former summer Residence of the Habsburgs
The guided tour through the magnificent 36 rooms takes a good hour, whereby our
history is unfolded
In the evening leave hotel by horse drawn carriages for one of the ancient palaces in
Vienna, such as the Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Palais Pallavicini or the Palais Ferstel
Fanfare trumpeters announce the guests arrival before cocktails, followed by a gala
dinner and Viennese show
Inside the cosy hut enjoy typical Austrian food and atmosphere, which is created through
a tyrolean "Stubenmusi" throughout the dinner
Takes you to Vienna's most important sights, such as the Vienna State Opera, Hofburg
Imperial residence, the Museums of Fine Arts and Natural History, the Parliament and
the Town Hall, with the highlight being a guided tour of the Schoenbrunn Palace - the
former summer residence of the Habsburg family
Continue on to Krems, where a most selective wine tasting of a selection of more than
140 of Austria's leading vintages is taking place at the Austrian Institute of Wine, before
returning back to Vienna
If you are having a baby shower for a buddy, a relative or even yourself, select a baby
shower diaper cake
A diaper cake is a unique shower highlight that your company will love
A specific table focal point, in this case is a Christmas Diaper Cake which will pull the
decided upon focal point into the decorations
You can mirror the focal point with Christmas Baby Shower Invitations, Thank You
Cards, Christmas Baby Shower Favors and other trimmings such as Christmas Baby
Shower Banners
Practically, how many of these trimmings bought for the shower will ideally be used once
the event is done
Diaper Cakes, depending on which one you decide upon should provide the mother to be
with tons of diapers to utilize with the new bundle as well as some keepsakes for the
many trips down memory lane she will take as her child grows up
Choose the Theme for Your December Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Considering you are reading this chances are you are organizing a December Baby
Shower and are considering using a Christmas Theme
This is a wonderful moment to give the family expecting a new addition, since everyone
is currently in a festive mood
Perhaps the only negative to being born during this time of year is that as the little one
grows up he or she will probably be short-changed in the gift department
I know this since I know of six close friends as well as family with their birthdays at the
end of December and the beginning of January
I did it right with a January 23rd Birthday ;-) Back to the topic at hand, choosing the
theme is more of a question of what idea of Christmas you would place your focus on
Several good thoughts would be to utilize the familiar figure of Christmas -- Santa Claus
You could consider the more traditional theme such as Gingerbread Men
Whatever theme you decide upon, one thing is for sure, you will probably use reds,
greens and white for your Christmas Baby Shower
A commonly asked question we are asked on the above topic is if a Christmas theme for
a baby shower is gender specific and our statement on the case is No
If you feel differently on the gender question we supply Christmas Diaper Cakes
available in adorable crawling babies clothed in both green and red outfits
Several of our more popular December baby shower themes for a Christmas Diaper Cake
are our:
Christmas Baby Theme (Available in Caucasian and African American)
Christmas Express Train Baby Shower Theme (Gender Neutral and my fave
Once you are ready to purchase your diaper cake for your baby shower besides the
thoughts above regarding the theme, it is also important to be certain you purchase from a
reputable company that has been in business for a long time
Choose a business that uses top quality diapers such as Pampers or Huggies and
assembles the Christmas Diaper Cake in a sanitary environment since the idea is the
newborn will be wearing the diapers and the newborn should be the first one to get them
Some other thoughts we here at Candles & Favors feel is quite important when
purchasing a diaper cake is: Personalization of all our Diaper Cakes which include two
lines of text to give it that personal touch
Various sizes available such a 1 tier or 2 tier diaper cake; Candles & Favor's cakes go all
the way to 4 tier so that we have a unique baby shower gift to suit every budget
All of our diaper cakes leave on it's way to your event within two days
Each are shrink-wrapped to ensure it stays sanitary and assembled at your event
Candles & Favor's offer coordinately items for your shower
If you may be as busy as most people these days, you can totally save time if you
purchase from a company that provides multiple items within the same theme like baby
shower invitations, thank you cards, diaper cakes, personalized banners and favors
Birthdays come every year and with them bring another year of life experience, more
friends to spoil you rotten and another number to your age
There's always need to mark a birthday through presents and celebrations and, with the
ever-expanding Internet, there's never been more ways to find the perfect 21st birthday
Buying online is a fantastic way to ensure that the gift you get a loved one is as unique
and memorable as they deserve
Or rather than buying a physical gift, birthday ideas that include a memorable trip away
with family or friends is always something to consider
Whether it's a holiday abroad with family, a day trip to a favourite city or a popular
festival in the UK with friends, at 21 you often find the urge to branch out and see more
of the world that surrounds you – and there are an abundance of companies throughout
the UK who specialise in organising the perfect day out
Whether you live in the UK or are visiting around the time of a birthday, a trip to London
is a must and so a little investigation into what's available is worth it to find that perfect
Ideas could include tickets to popular attractions such as the London Eye, the Dungeons
or a theatre show, or the wilder option of giving spending-money for a night in London's
top bars and clubs
Whatever is chosen in the end, the UK's capital is the place to do it
Presents of all types and sizes and can be found anywhere from endless online shops
From clothing and jewellery companies to CDs, books and DVDs – shopping online is
often an easier and cheaper option, with a never-ending selection from hundreds of
different websites
It's also always worth making the effort to make a gift unique and personal
There are some great companies online dedicated to creating personalised presents such
as t-shirts, mugs and even canvas prints
They can also be specially wrapped on purchase and then delivered to the birthday boy or
girl in time for the big day
Delivery within the UK is often cheap and there's always option for insurance or special
delivery for those gifts that are worth the extra cover and the guarantee that they are
delivered intact
Another idea, albeit an elaborate one, would be the �first car' option, if the 17th birthday
didn't bring that
Companies like Auto trader specialise in affordable options for that little car that's so
important in the road experience building process
The 21st birthday brings a new exciting chapter in life and is celebrated across the world
in a variety of weird and wonderful ways
For example, in Australia it is an old tradition that 21-year-olds are given a key to their
house and the freedom to go out at night without curfew
Although, young people have much more freedom these days, so usually a large vat of
the popular box wine �goon' would suffice
In Russia, rather than the western tradition of birthday cake, pie is a traditional dish of
choice and a birthday message is often inscribed into the crust
And, in Holland, the 21st is the final �crown' birthday, so a large gift is usually on the
Or there's always Argentina's example, which sees the birthday boy or girl having their
earlobes pulled for each year of their age
In the UK, the classic party with balloons, streamers, cake, music and games would be
appreciated at any age
For a bit of nostalgic fun, a clown or crowd entertainer could be an exciting idea, to add
that extra memorable touch to the big day
Everyone celebrates a birthday and celebrities and public figures are no exception to the
rule that the 21st must be celebrated in style
In America, the 21st birthday brings �legal age' - so it's no secret that alcohol plays a huge
part in marking an American birthday
Actress Reese Witherspoon met her first husband and father of her children at her 21st
birthday party in 1997 and allegedly introduced herself by saying to him �I think you're
my birthday present
' High School Musical star Zac Efron hit the town on a Saturday night with hard liquor
and a horde of friends, while apparently solo singer Taylor Swift celebrated her 21st last
year with pizza, a punk CD and a few close friends
There's really no set way to celebrate a monumental occasion like the 21st birthday – it
just has to be memorable and unique to the birthday boy or girl
So it's that special time of the year when it's the birthday of your man – your boyfriend
and you don't know what to give him on his special day
The best birthday gifts for boyfriends are gadgets that they can make excellent use of and
even play with
Other popular men's birthday gift ideas can be: space shooters, mechanical robots,
shower radios, sports watches, digital cameras, mini table tennis, desk darts, ice crushers,
puzzles and brain teaser games, sports shoes, gym wear, computer accessories, fitness
products and apparel, mini Digital Camera, electric shaving set, desktop Air Conditioner,
tone touch-screen Calculator and monthly planner, drinking (cocktail) games, alcohol
sensors, Computer extension cable, Stop Watch, bedside FM radio alarm clock, Wall
Clock, Key Chain cum Bottle Opener and miniature Golf putting set
Your boyfriend's birthday is coming up and you have absolutely no idea what to get him
Fortunately, there are some suitable and unique birthday gift ideas available today that
are guaranteed to wow any guy
If you are confused over what to get your man on his big day, here is a list of great
birthday gifts for him
A birthday present does not always have to be something expensive
Be creative in thinking of a romantic birthday gift for your boyfriend
If he has always given you flowers before, why don't you return the favor by giving him a
dozen red roses
It will make him remember you as the only girl who ever gave him roses for his birthday
Cook him his favorite dish and call him over for a romantic picnic or dinner
Bake him a birthday cake, invite his friends over and surprise him with a birthday party
Shower him with love notes, or make his entire day special by giving him a different gift
in the morning, noon and at night
If your boyfriend is a big sports fan If your boyfriend is sports lover you can get him
tickets to an upcoming sporting event
There is heaps of sporting goods stores in local malls or online that will offer a variety of
sports memorabilia from different sports and within all different budgets
If your man really likes to take part in sports first hand, get him some work out
Fill up a gym bag with some new t-shirts (with his favorite teams), hats, towels, and the
If your boyfriend loves literature, think and you've got the wiggle room in your budget;
consider purchasing a first edition of his favorite book
Can't figure out whether which Truman autobiography to buy your history buff
Consider purchasing a gift certificate to your local bookstore,
If your music-loving man doesn't already have an i - Pod, or another mp3 player,
definitely consider purchasing one for his birthday
Tickets to an upcoming concert or a chance to see a favorite band are also great ideas for
birthday gifts
Not to mention the fact that you and your man will likely have a great time jamming out
Boy, planning a kids birthday party can sure be a lot of work
But you can meow like a pussycat instead of roaring like a lion if you use Madagascar 2
birthday supplies
Get two times the fun and two times the adventure with all your favorite characters from
the films
Make your safari a lot easier by ordering a Madagascar 2 Deluxe Pack
It holds an entire continent of things to meet all your party needs
You can use the Madagascar 2 Invitations to make sure everyone knows there's a wild
party on the way
Once the guests arrive, greet them with a Personalized Birthday Banner
It has a terrific design of the African veldt and you can select any words you want for the
It's an Africa-sized 61" wide x 18" high, so no one will miss this welcome message
Made of durable nylon with metal grommets, you can hang it outdoors with no worries
Or, use it indoors and rest assured no storm of kids will do it any harm
When the animals stampede, serve them cake and milk using Madagascar 2 plates and
They'll get pacified once they see the great activity mats
Decorate the party room with the Mylar balloons that display your child's favorite Disney
The Madagascar 2 Deluxe Pack also includes two colors of curling ribbon, crepe paper
rolls, and star confetti
Treat your guests by offering Favor Boxes with a jungle of goodies inside
Each box holds a 5" Alex the Lion Bean Bag, a few animal finger puppets, and a pair of
toy binoculars
Before you leave on that trek the kids will want to put on their Escape to Africa tattoos
There's Gloria the happy hippo, Marty the zany zebra, and many more
Whichever character a child wants to become for the day now one will have any reason to
Featuring all the great characters from the film, you can fill this 17" cube with an African
savanna's worth of goodies
Let the birthday boy or girl pull the string then watch them flow down like a great river in
the Dark Continent's mountains
A removable sticker keeps the fill spout nice and secret
When it's time for the cake, you'll get plenty of animal shouts when the guests see the
Madagascar Cake Topper
After the cake the kids will have fun spinning its propeller and rolling it along the floor
Make sure they don't eat the Volcanos off the cake, though
Your child's birthday celebration will be something to remember when you use
Madagascar 2 birthday supplies
They'll roar with delight and your expression will look like Melman the grinning giraffe
Now, why not have some of that rhinoceros milk as a reward for a job well done
What makes deep fried peanuts a gourmet snack food
I am sure many people would say they do not cost enough, or what can be gourmet about
a peanut
George Washington Carver developed many uses for the peanut that we never think
It is a cool nut that is not a nut, it is a legume
A legume is a plant that encloses its seeds in a pod, so peanuts are like a bean that grows
It also is the crop of choice for one of our former presidents Jimmy Carter
If that does not make it gourmet I don't know what would
Because there are so many different food items made from peanuts, it can be used so
many different ways, and it is the chosen crop of a former president deep fried peanuts
have to be a gourmet snack food
So what are the food items that we use from peanuts
There are so many this can not be an exhaustive list but will cover many of the main
We all know about peanut butter, and what a great choice to mix with jelly on a sandwich
It is also used in many Asian dishes as a thickener in soups and stews
Many times Chinese, dishes have peanuts sprinkled on top to give the dish some crunch
Of course you can eat them raw, or roasted with salt or honey glazed on the nuts
Here in the south, we have a couple of unusual traditions with peanuts
You can be driving down the road and many road side produce stands will have signs
advertising boiled peanuts
Raw peanuts with the shell are dumped into a pot of boiling water which can have
different flavors like salted, garlic, or Cajun
The shell is cracked and the juice is sucked out and the peanuts eaten
So with the shells on, you drop the peanuts into hot grease and fry
Then as they come out of the oil sprinkle your favorite flavors on the shell
What else can we use the peanut for besides eating
Everyone who loves deep frying knows that the longest lasting and safest oil to fry in is
peanut oil
Most restaurants use peanut oil because it lasts so much longer than vegetable oil in their
deep fryers
The second reason is peanut oil has a lot higher ignition temperature than other oils
So when making funnel cakes or deep fried turkeys, your risk of fire is reduced greatly
Peanuts can also be used to make cosmetics, fuel for biomass stoves, dyes, paints, stains,
paper glue, gas and hundreds of other things according to the Tuskegee University web
The last group and probably the most used but least thought about are medicines
Peanuts and peanut products can be used for rubbing oils, castor oil substitutes, laxatives,
and even for venereal disease
That George Washington Carver was an amazing inventor
He came up with all of these uses and did and only sold three of them, the rest he gave to
The last reason deep fried peanuts can be a gourmet food snack is a former president
grew up on a peanut farm
Every body knew the peanut farmer from Georgia in 1976
The campaign was as much about rural people and peanuts as it was about the candidates
Now, Plains Georgia has an annual celebration of the peanut and the former president
There are images of the peanut all over the town, a 5K race, beauty queens, and several
other competitions during the festival
Carter and the influence the peanut and farming had on his life
If a president had a significant experience with a peanut, then I think you should also
Go find some deep fried peanuts, boiled peanuts, or some honey roasted
A cake topper is most definitely the most crucial piece of decoration on a wedding cake
It may be a good idea then to steer clear of the usual one pose bride and groom stand up
topper that will look the same as all other toppers
Consider instead some ideas for unusual wedding cake toppers
Unusual wedding cake toppers however don't come around everyday and those that are
available may not exactly fit your taste
It would be a good idea therefore to have a unique topper specifically made based on
your own design idea
Here are some unusual wedding cake toppers to think about
You may want to have unusual wedding cake toppers that don't really stray too far from
If you want the usual romantic couple but not the common upright pose, then you can just
fix the pose
You can have bride and groom toppers posed on their first dance, kissing under an arch
or frozen in the act of reciting their vows
Some unusual wedding cake toppers also make use of variations on human shapes such
as curved stick figure in an embrace
You may be a passionate environmentalist or just a great admirer of nature
If this is the case, then you can easily pick unusual wedding cake toppers based on nature
You can have a pair of intertwined trees or tropical tress
You can also borrow from the animal kingdom and pick pairs of lions, dolphins, foxes
and bears
The more unusual wedding cake toppers would include pairs of frogs, crows and bats
The important thing to remember about unusual wedding cake toppers based on nature is
that they should fit your theme which can be a beach theme or a nature them
You should also be careful that you do not mind all other implications of nature based
unusual wedding cake toppers
Ravens, crows and bats for example may look like symbols of death to other people
Another popular source of unusual wedding cake toppers would be the world of fantasy
You can have fairies, castles, unicorns and figures in royal attire
Again, you should check the message your fantasy topper is sending out
Unicorns are usually known as elusive creatures and may be understood as reflecting the
state of happiness of your union
Some unusual wedding cake toppers of the fantasy type may also make your cake appear
like a birthday cake for a five year old kid
It will take amazing craftsmanship to create a fantasy topper that will fit a wedding scene
Unusual wedding cake toppers that are growing in popularity are toppers that show a
couple's common interest
You can have a pair locked in embrace while holding fishing rods or golf clubs
You can also have casually dressed topper figures on top of a basketball or soccer ball
Go all out on the ultimate unusual wedding cake toppers
Pick out Frankenstein or Dracula and their brides or skeletons locked in perpetual
Make sure you are comfortable with such a defiant concept before taking the risk with
such unusual wedding cake toppers
Every year we experience new things and our lives move in new directions
It is for this same reason that each year our birthdays can take on and different meaning
to our life
Every celebration is a milestone of sorts to the accomplishments we have achieved or the
lessons we have learned
When choosing the right phrase to honor a passing day of birth, one should dig deep to
find the words that best fit the events and life of the celebrant
When it comes to normal paper birthday invitations, the wording isn't as important as
when deciding what to say on a magnetic invitation
Birthday save the date magnets have a longevity that just blows traditional paper
invitations out of the water
Nobody keeps paper invitations for years and years, but birthday save the date magnets
are on refrigerators for centuries
This is why what you say on your save the date magnet is totally important
Lasting impressions and treasured keepsakes say something way more powerful and
Great birthday save the date messages come in all shapes and sizes
From laugh out loud funny to get me a tissue sweet, there are literally thousands of
birthday quotes, sayings and ideas that will make your birthday save the date invitation a
real keeper for each person that receives one
Most birthday save the date magnets have room for a nice small quote and then the
details of the party
If you are celebrating a birthday over 60 perhaps adding "Grow old along with me the
best is yet to be" would be an appropriate quote
For a younger 20 something celebration "All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece
with me" is a great way to set the carefree mood of the celebration and give people a
daily reminder that life is there to be lived, you just have to dive in
Birthday save the date magnets can become the daily inspiration your friends and family
need to get through their own next birthday
A classic comical phrase to match up with an image is "Old age is for Sissies"
I love this one as a million different photo ideas come to mind
Point is there is a lot you can do with a birthday save the date magnet that will make it a
lasting treasure
In addition to your awesome birthday saying, you will need to add the date, time and
place of your celebration, so make sure you leave enough space for these important items
Most paper birthday party invitations make their way to the circular file and you are left
looking for some kind of party favor that's not too expensive that you can pass around to
Birthday save the date magnets take care of the party favor and the birthday invitation in
one simple step
Give your guest the birthday invitation they can treasure and that reflects the real
emotions behind your celebration
A wedding is not totally complete if the wedding cake or the brides' cake is not present
It has been a tradition that every wedding must have this kind of stuff
But in South America, they have this tradition to make a cake for the groom
The grooms cake becomes very popular in every wedding
Unlike a typical bridal cake, it is not colored white and is usually simpler but with a
playful design aspect
I can be as uncommon as a chocolate fruitcake with chocolate frosting, toppled with
creamy colorful truffles and chocolate shavings
It could be in any form depending on the design that a bride or the groom hobbies,
interests or wants
A long time ago, it is just a piece of something that could be eaten (Like carrots, spice,
cabbage, turnips) cut into 5x5 inches then wrap in a foil and tulle and tied by a string in
which the color is the same as the wedding motif
It will then be placed in a large, creatively decorated basket
The guests will take one before they leave, put it under their pillow at night and whisper a
prayer for the newly weds
It will never be eaten but will be kept for some good luck
As time evolved, groom's cake also becomes modernized
The cake made of carrot or any vegetable was replaced with a dark cake wrap in a box
This boxed cake is being distributed to the guest before they leave
But most of the couples that are planning to wed these days do not abide to the traditional
one; many choose a non-traditional or interest based groom's cake
Interests based are cakes that are decorated or made out of the thing that interest the
If the groom loves guitars, perhaps a 3D guitar shaped cake will suit him
If he is a writer, then a 3 dimensional book shaped cake is the best
If he loves music, round one with some floating candy notes and a silver frosting that
resemble to a CD will be the best cake for him
If he then loves basketball, a basketball court-shaped cake with some basketball uniform
and balls decoration will be great for him
If he is a computer geek, try to make a computer-shaped cake
Or if the groom is a football player, a life size cake shape in helmet would be fantastic for
There are lots of varieties to choose from, depending on the personality of the groom
The non-traditional cake is the one that is creatively decorated and is not commonly
associated with the groom
It is all for the sake of creativity and glamour to the wedding
It could be a cupcakes toppled with candies or colored truffles
There are actually lots of designs one could choose for the cakes
Some internet surfing or chatting with some friends will certainly help
Or browsing with the nearest bakery store would likely give you some great inspiration
and ideas for your grooms cake
There are some species of mushrooms that will benefit from using straw or manure as a
bulk substrate to maximize fruiting potential
The bulk substrate only needs to be pasteurized to be used
First you will need to chop your straw into 1-4" pieces
If you need straw it will be available in our substrate section
Straw only needs to be pasteurized for use as a bulk substrate
You will need to place something heavy on the straw to keep it submerged
Insert the thermometer into the middle of the straw layer
You want to leave it submerged for 1 hour between these temperatures
While your straw is being pasteurized you can prepare your colonized substrate to be
ready when the time comes
If you are using grain spawn you can break up the contents by slamming the jar against a
tire or using your hand
If you are using half-pint substrate you will need to remove it from the jar and put it into
a Ziploc bag
Using your hands, carefully crumble the cake from the outside of the bag
Once the cake is in smaller sections, while keeping the bag closed, break up the cake
from the outside of the bag
Try to break the cake into pieces the size of Whopper candies
Prepare all of your substrate and set these aside while you wait for your straw to finish
After one hour has passed in the desired temperature range for pasteurization, we will
need the straw to cool
Clean out your sink with Lysol and put the drain catcher in
Carefully empty the pot with the straw into the sink and let it cool to about 90 degrees
Now we are going to mix our spawn with the newly pasteurized straw
Alternate between a layer of straw and a layer of substrate and mix it well
Just spread the mixture of colonized substrate and straw across the bottom of a grow
You will need to place your grow chamber in a dark, warm place so that the substrate can
colonize the straw
Open your bag of casing soil and spread it evenly over your straw layer
After the casing layer has been applied, put the grow chamber back into a dark, warm
place for about 4-5 days
After this time, relocate your grow chamber to a zone in your house where the
temperature is 70-80 degrees
You will also need to expose the casing layer to light for at least 12 hours daily
8 x 4 x 18" 2 Mil Gusseted Poly Bags (These are not autoclavable)
Load your large tray with dehydrated manure or compost
Soak the substrate down with a garden hose and mix it around thoroughly
When full saturation has been reached and water begins pooling in the bottom mix it
around some more and stop adding water
When you load the manure by hand, gently squeeze each handful
You want the substrate to be moist not soaking and dripping
When squeezed gently, only a few drops will come out of the substrate
EXAMPLE: Submerge a household sponge in water & fully saturate it
Continue to slowly squeeze the sponge (very gently), until;
That is the same saturation point, you want a SUBSTRATE AT
Now, its time to pasteurize the bag, or multiple bags
Seal the bags with a rubber band or twist tie but allow it to remain loose so steam can
The pot should be large enough to allow the bag to set in
Buoyancy will cause the bag to float so you can use something to weigh it down
Be vigilant about keeping the neck above the water
Insert a probe thermometer through the neck and into the substrate
Heat the stove and pot until the internal bag temperature is between 160-170F
When it has reached this temperature, set a timer for 60 to 90 min
and monitor the temperature so that it remains in the 160-170F window
When the time is up, remove the bag and allow to cool overnight
Follow the same procedure for mixing spawn with your pasteurized substrate
Feel free to use this article for your website but please leave the document intact,
including the link section
If you use our article, send us an email with a link to your site
India is a large country with multiple states and each state has its own culture and
traditions and its own individuality and the most amazing factor is, there is nothing
common among these states except for the factor that we are all Indians
Passing through state gives one a feeling of passing through different countries
Among all these styles of dress wearing, saree is most commonly used in each state, and
one of the innovative ways to wear this is half saree also commonly known as Half
Davani, most commonly worn in Southern parts of India
This is a traditional outfit worn by unmarried girls in the Southern India
This style of wearing saree was only restricted the village belles and was only used by
them never to be worn by city girls
Today teenagers and young women make it a point to include atleast one pair of this
dress to their collection and beautify their wardrobe
All, thanks to our movie stars and television actors because of whom this half saree is
patronized by today's generation, not only this, but today these half saree's are flaunted by
models while walking on a ramp, and the icing on the cake is even the designers are
taking interest in changing the simple half saree to a in- demand fashion wear
Half saree's are more comfortable than sarees and fuss free, just a long flowing skirt,
matching blouse and a saree-wrap tucked across the skirt and you are ready
During festivals like Onam and Pongal, these half sarees are a hit among the teenagers
and it adds to the beauty of festival with colourful dresses
It's amazing to know the transformation these half sarees have undergone, from rickety
village roads to racks of big designer boutiques and shopping malls
The styles and patterns have been modified keeping in mind the changing fashion trends
In India these half sarees have different names according to each state a few of them are
half Davani, Langa voni, Mundum Neriyathum, Ghagra-choli, though in different names
patterns are all similar but with a touch of the state's art
These traditional dresses are in no match to any other western wear and our traditional
wear is always classy and elegant, it always brings the beauty and sensual side of the
Indian women
Luckily, thanks to our internet we can always surf through different sites and look out for
the best apparel and later on buy exactly what we have in mind
If you are a busy bee then internet shopping is for all those busy bee's who can just log in
select something they like and receive the product right at your door-step, that sounds
fuss free and mess free
Children that have birthdays around Christmas really feel just like they're being cheated
simply because they're encompassed by Christmas in addition to holiday decorations
If perhaps your child's birthday is around Christmas time, why don't you encourage them
to throw a Christmas themed birthday party filled with Christmas costumes
Many people don't understand exactly how many enjoyable Christmas party materials out
there which may very easily translate into a birthday party very well
You could actually be in a position to persuade someone to put on a Santa outfit
During the organizing as well as preparations, begin by making a few birthday invitations
These may be created using regular card making supplies, or you could recycle old
Christmas cards straight into invitations
This is achievable by tearing of the part with the greeting, along with writing the
invitation's information on the back of the Christmas card's image
Make use of a ruler to generate sharp lines, and to make sure almost everything is
consistently spaced out
In the event that you determine to not produce invitations this way, there tend to be
several websites supplying free printable birthday party invites - and some of them are
generally for Christmas themed events
On each invite, ensure you include information about dressing up within Christmas
If perhaps you obtain requests for recommendations, let them know they may dress as
elves, as characters from their favorite Christmas movie, characters from their favorite
Christmas tale, or make use of outfits from a Christmas play as well as pageant they were
in sometime previously
Think about providing a prize (you will need more than one) to anyone showing up inside
a Santa costume
Be sure you have several additional elf hats set aside in case someone doesn't show up in
a costume
That way, in the event that they've forgotten or even couldn't figure out what to dress up
as, they won't feel overlooked
Fill goodie bags (they have several really cute clear ones with Christmas scenes, winter
season scenes, along with candy upon them via party stores in addition to at the Dollar
Store) with Christmas styled straws (several look like candy canes), many different candy
canes, foiled chocolate candy, packets of hot cocoa, and also packages of apple cider
You could furthermore toss in one or two Christmas ornaments, too, if perhaps you'd like
Don't forget to go all out whenever putting together the food as well as beverages for this
particular birthday party
Fill plastic champagne glasses together with candy canes, in addition to salty snacks that
were dipped in chocolate and then rolled within candies
Fill smaller sized tumblers with Christmas colored M&Ms, colorful foiled candy, and
Put a number of plastic wine glasses around the table with one Christmas ball inside of
Sprinkle some glitter along with tinsel on the remaining table for extra sparkle along with
Put down plates of Christmas themed cookies, in addition to Christmas cupcakes
Don't neglect to serve sparkling cider and egg nog, too
A few recommendations for that incorporate a Christmas tree shaped cake, a Santa
shaped dessert, or even an elf shaped cake
You might also have the cake decorated to look just like a Christmas present as well as,
whoever shows up inside a Santa costume may deliver it to the birthday boy or girl
Ensure you have lots of cameras around for visitors to capture candid shots of these kinds
of memories
Have an Electrifying Wizard of Oz Theme Party for a Timeless Adventure
The Wizard Of Oz is a classic, timeless, wonderful, cinematic masterpiece that has
touched the minds and hearts of millions for many decades
Print out various pictures of the characters or scenes from the Wizard of Oz movie
Place the invitations details in the open spaces of the pictures where the invitation details
can be read easily
For example, one invitation may read I'll get you my pretty and your little dog
too&hellip;if you don't attend (insert name) birthday celebration
Most people will find that having the Wizard of Oz party supplies available to decorate
the party area will add to the event
To give the posters, cut outs etc a shine and shimmer, apply matching glitter on to the
Make a great Wizard of Oz banner utilizing the same type of font as was used in the
Cut out each of the letters individually and punch holes in the corners of the letters and
tie decorative ribbon through the holes and tie together
Making Ruby Red Slippers can be made quite easily and these adorable Ruby Red
Slippers will make a great party center piece
Place The Wicked Witch of The West brooms throughout the party location as well
Place a blue and white checkered table cloth on the party food table with all the goodies
on top
Create the most famous road of them all, The Yellow Brick Road, for the Wizard Of Oz
To The Yellow Brick Road, use cardboard pieces taped together
Paint the cardboard the same color yellow on the cardboard
Once painted and dried, tape the cardboard together
The cardboard can be taped to the floor area so that it will not move as it is stepped on
Wind the road throughout the party from the entrance way all the way to the Emerald
City (which can be the food table)
Have a wide variety of tasty foods and drinks for the guests
*Serve various red and yellow colored drink in tin cups (in honor of the Tin Man)
*Place large lollipops in Dorothy's picnic basket with straw
*Pound Cake (looks like yellow bricks when cut open)
*STRAWberry Jolly Ranchers in a glass jar decorated with a ribbon around the opening
with blue and white checkered fabric over the jar opening
The Wizard of Oz will remain a great movie, 100 to a 1000 years from now because how
it resonates with the appeal of the characters and the wonderfully executed story
Now the reception is over, it is time for the bride to leave the fathers and house to be with
her newly wed husband
Here we have the Vidaai ceremony in which the bride gives a tearful farewell to her
Now one last ceremony before the couple start their married life
The bride is considered as Laxmi of the house and is welcomed to the groom's house
All the grooms' family gather around the couple and then they play some games
These are fun games which are intended to help the bride mix with the groom's family
After some of the games, the bride and groom are left together to start their married life
A winter wedding can be one of the most magical events to take place in your life
However, for this to take place, you need to know some of the things that would make
your winter wedding one that is full of magic
First, you have to consider why you want to have the wedding during winter and, if it is
because you are happy to have it, it is time to get to work and ensure that your wedding at
winter is as flawless as snow
There are several components that you need to consider in this regard
This is a time where temperatures are freezing and, you need to be prepared to deal with
You do not have to be all covered up and looking like frozen people at a ceremony of
There are many options of dresses and cover specifically made for winter occasions
As a couple getting married, you have all the love to keep each others warm but, you
have to get through the ceremony and party first
Your maids can wear something elegant yet warm to ensure that nobody is turning solid
from the cold
The other thing to seriously consider when you are having your winter wedding is the
kind of location or venue to hold your ceremony
You need to look for a place where all people can feel safe and warm while they are
enjoying the winter wedding
An outdoors venue will not serve you any justice in this case
Therefore, you need to ensure that the venue is warm enough for your entire guest to
You can therefore have the wedding at an inn that has a fireplace
This way, you will have an intimate event that will be fun
You can also look into a private mansion where you can treat your guests to something
elegant for winter
Winter might bring with it bitter cold but, you will be surprised at how people draw
closer together just because of winter
For your wedding, take advantage of this and make sure that people are treated to
something real special
At a winter wedding you will have to consider the kind of food that you cater for your
The food needs to be just right and suited for this cold season
Warm pumpkin soup is probably not a bad idea for the guests
It is vital that you make everyone recognize that this is indeed, winter which you are very
proud of
A squash dish will see that you make the occasion pleasurable
You can also go with eggnog, spiced wine and even hot chocolate
Your theme will be winter and, for the cake, you need to go all out in white
You can have snow flakes on your cake, as you look to make the most out of the wedding
The food must be in plenty because when it is cold, people will just have an appetite
Make the wedding as personal and enjoyable as possible by planning it in the right
Healthy Cake using Mixed Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts
Among the many edible root crops, the most versatile by far is the carrot
Unbeknownst to many, it comes in a variety of colors such as purple, red, white and
A lot of cake recipes include the carrot because it is incredibly easy and fun not just to
cook and bake, but also to savor and digest
Not to mention the nutritional value of carrots, this carrot cake recipe is exceptional
The truly amazing thing, though, is that the beta carotene in carrot is further increased
when cooked or baked rather than when eaten raw
Carrots are usually used in bread, juices, puddings, soup, jams; it is also a staple
ingredient to stir fried vegetables, most stews and a wide array of food, including the
following healthy carrot cake recipe
Treat yourself to this veritable treasure trove of health
- Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F or 175 degrees C
- In a large mixing bowl, sift together the whole wheat flour, cake flour, brown sugar,
cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda and salt
- Dig a hole in the center of the dry ingredients and pour in the molasses (if you will),
canola oil, eggs and orange juice
- Mix until the dry ingredients are thoroughly blended then stir in the orange zest, lemon
zest, raisins, dried figs, sesame seeds, carrots and cashew nuts until all are incorporated
- Bake for approximately 1 hour or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake
comes out clean
Another indication that the cake is done if the cake springs back once it is lightly touched
- Remove from the oven and allow to cool for a few minutes
- Remove from the baking pan using a spatula to ease around the edges of the cake
- Gently transfer to a wire rack to cool completely before slicing
Here Is Why Rice Cakes Are Bad For Rapid Weight Loss
If you are on a diet and yet struggling to lose weight, it is pretty clear that to improve
your weight loss rate you need to get rid of your poor food choices
Most importantly, you need to bid goodbye to your junk food buddies and embrace the
organic and REAL foods in their place
Nevertheless, no matter how much we monitor our food consumption habits, one or two
bad foods almost always manage to sneak past our sharp watchful eyes
Yep, rice cake is one food which is usually eaten by wannabe weight loss strugglers,
especially those who are dieting
Funny enough, they seem to be ignorant of the fact that this "low-calorie" food is
preventing them from losing weight fast
These people make such poor food choices because almost always they think in terms of
They feel that in order to lose weight, all they need to do is to reduce their total calorie
Now, calorie-wise speaking, rice cakes are of course low on calorie
But if you wish to burn fat fast, they are harmful for you
They are equally bad if you wish to strengthen and tone up your muscles
You see, when you are on a diet, you would inevitably feel hungry because you are eating
much less food than you are used to
As a matter of fact, when you are dieting, you are actually eating the RIGHT amount of
However, since your body is used to your overeating habits, it has difficulty in adjusting
itself to your new food habits
Have you noticed that with every lump of rice cake you put in your mouth, you get
hungrier and bite on another cake
It is not actually your fault; rather, the inherent fault of rice cakes
Even though rice cakes are low on calorie, they don't satiate you fully
They are just like any other light snack; you won't feel satiated until after you have
consumed a whole sack of rice cakes
I don't think I need to tell you that overeating results in weight gain
Does this mean that you could never eat rice cakes
Ideally, if you are serious about weight loss, you should snack only on those foods which
are rich in fiber content, as they would fill you up quickly
Keep in mind that the less food you eat, the faster you would lose weight
But if you are addicted to rice cakes, you would never be able to control your food intake
The only time you could have rice cakes is when your body is in serious NEED of
Normally, your body uses carbohydrates to produce energy
Usually, after a long and intense workout session, your body loses its carbohydrate
This is when it needs carbs the most, and you could replenish your body by eating rice
Generally, try to avoid rice cakes as much as you can and if ever you want to have them,
never eat them except after a hard day's workout or strenuous activity
When your little guy asks you about his birthday party this year be ready with Ben 10
Party Ideas
Ben 10 is an animated series about Ben Tennyson who found an alien gadget called the
It allows Ben to change into 10 different alien forms
You can find lots of different decorating ideas for this party theme
You will find many paper party supplies with this kids theme hero on them
You can make your own birthday banner, you can find printable coloring pages to use as
party favors or a party activity
You will be able to find a lot of make it yourself and printable ideas online
Use Ben 10 clip art to make your own birthday party invitations
You can find free, printable coloring pages to use as decorations, party favors and a party
Pin the tail on the donkey can become Pin the Omnitrix on Ben 10
Print out pictures of Ben's alien forms and hide them in the party room
You can even buy an edible cake topper for the top of your homemade birthday cake
It will also save you a ton of money, and your kids will be amazed at how talented you
So this year when your child asks, "Mom, Can I have a Ben 10 Birthday Party
If your kids love to watch Handy Manny on television you won't be surprised when your
son or daughter asks the big question this year
" You don't have to even think about it before you say, "Yes, Honey, You can have a
Handy Manny Birthday Party
Because it's easy to throw a party with Manny as the theme
Your computer is filled with free party ideas, free clip art, free coloring pictures and lots
of how to make a cake recipes
and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home
With the clip art you can make your own party invitations
You can find party supplies with Handy Manny right on them
You can find a Handy Manny Pinata for a fun party activity
Turn free coloring pages into a fun party activity and a free party favor too
You will find lots of them in your child's favorite flavor
There will be lots of frosting recipes too, so you are sure to find exactly what you need
Now for the extra special effect for the top of your homemade cake
Just put it right on top of your frosted homemade cake and you've got a beautifully
decorated cake that you made yourself
There are lots of classic fun party games that kids have been playing for decades
How did these fun games stay around for such a long time
Just add a little twist to them and make them fit your party theme idea
Pin the Tail on the Donkey becomes Pin the Tool on Handy Manny's Tool Belt or Print
out some free coloring pages of Handy Manny and have a coloring contest
Your prize can be some Handy Manny coloring pages to take home, and some crayons to
go with them
Give all the kids name tags in the shape of a tool cut out of colored paper
Hide some plastic tools around the yard or house and let everyone try to find them
You can also give each child clues written on paper that will lead them to another clue
So this year when your child asks if they can have a Handy Manny party you can say yes,
High PR Directory Submissions Boosts Your Site Rankings
There are myriad ways that can be adopted by various online businesses, so as to improve
their placement in search engine rankings
Some of the common approaches involve seeking help from directory submission
services for directory submissions, high PR directory submissions as well as manual
directory submissions
High PR directory submissions are one of the most preferred directory submissions by
almost all online business
High PR directory submissions help increase your site's rankings in major search engines
such as Yahoo, Google and Bing
You can rely on such directory submissions to achieve substantial growth in your online
Therefore, a high PR directory submission is a step on the right direction as it leads to
huge traffic volume to your new website
Major search engines such as Google have a preference for manual directory submissions
as compared to automatic submissions
Manual directory submission services are favored because they possess the ability to
endure any possible threat
You will notice that most automated directory submissions are listed as Spam by search
engines thus it is important for you to avoid such minor complications that may cause
havoc to your website
It is better to use manual directory submission services so as to avoid such problems
Choosing a highly regarded directory submission service allows you to embark on
directory submissions manually to various directories for your online business
The main undoing of directory submissions done manually is that they are tedious
Thus, it is important to opt for a directory submission that you are comfortable with
There are two main advantages that come with directory submissions with the help of
directory submission services
First, embarking on directory submissions through the use of directory submission
services is the perfect solution to achieve top page rankings on major search engines page
rank results
Directory submission services will help you submit to a high number of online directories
Additionally, directory submission services allow you to outsource for directories that
have specific categories relating to your product
Therefore, it is evident that directory submission services play a significant role when it
comes to directory submissions as they make the work much easier
Another advantage of using directory submission services to undertake a directory
submission on your behalf is that they give you value for money
This is because directory submissions as well as high PR directory submissions are not a
piece of cake
The advantage of high PR directory submission is that it guarantees quality services to
prospective clients who search for your products online using search engines
High PR directory submission uses SEO techniques such as keyword rich content to
ensure that searches conducted by online visitors using keywords give quick and desired
results by the search engines
Finally, a professional directory submission service has vast knowledge of all the SEO
friendly directories to fill your website with
As a result, it is recommended that you go for the best high PR directory submission in
order to achieve a successful online business
Diets often exclude goodies such as cookies and cake
Now, in a bit of a earth shaking discovery, Tel Aviv University researchers found that
dessert, when taken as part of a 600 calorie breakfast that includes both proteins and
carbohydrates, can actually help individuals struggling with weight lose pounds and keep
the lost weight away in the long run
Daniela Jakubowicz, Dr Julio Wainstein and Dr Mona Boaz of the Sackler Faculty of
Medicine of the Tel Aviv University and the Diabetes Unit of the Wolfson Medical
Center, the best time to indulge in sweets would be in the morning as this is the time the
metabolism of the body is most active
The body is also able work off the excess calories during the activities through the day, as
added by Prof Oren Froy of the Hebrew University Jerusalem
As further explained by Prof Jakubowicz, "Attempting to avoid sweets entirely can create
a psychological addiction to these same foods in the long-term and by adding dessert
items to breakfast can control cravings throughout the rest of the day
The conclusions were reached after a thirty two (32) week long study and would be
published in the journal Steroids
The participants who included dessert to their breakfast menu, such as cookies, cake or
chocolate, lost on an average forty (40) pounds more compared to the control group
She added, "What's more, they kept off the pounds longer
It is well known that the morning meal provides much of the energy for the tasks done
during most of the day
The meal also aids in brain functioning as well as kick-starting the metabolism of the
This is what is crucial for the weight loss and maintenance regimens so very important
for overweight individuals
Breakfast is also the meal that regulates ghrelin, the hormone that increases hunger pangs
The study found that the ghrelin levels increase before every meal and becomes
suppressed the most after a hearty breakfast
The participants were one hundred ninety three clinically obese non-diabetic adults
The individuals were assigned to one of two diet groups with identical calorie intake, as
men consumed 1600 calories a day while women consumed 1400
The first group though was fed a low carbohydrate diet with a low calorie breakfast,
counting up to 300 calories
The second group had a 600 calorie breakfast that was high in protein and carbohydrates
that included a dessert item either chocolate or some other pastry
At sixteen weeks, participants in both groups had lost about thirty three pounds each but
the dramatic changes occurred after the sixteenth week
At this point, the participants in the low carbohydrate group regained weight on the
average of twenty two pounds per individual while the other group still kept on losing
weight, at an average of fifteen pounds each
By the thirty second week, the high calorie breakfast group had averaged a weight loss of
forty pounds per person compared to the other group
The study authors noted that one of the major challenges would be keeping the lost
weight away permanently
One of the key elements is satisfying cravings as observed that the low calorie group
often left unsatisfied and upon registry of weight loss, they lose their controls eventually
ending up regaining the lost weight
Prof Jakubowicz added, "But the group that consumed a bigger breakfast, including
dessert, experienced few if any cravings for these foods later in the day
" She concludes that a diet must be realistic to become part of the lifestyle that includes
curbing cravings that is one key for success compared to deprivation for ultimate victory
over weight
The cobbler is a fruit dessert cooked in a deep dish, and usually having a thick crust with
the interior filled by one or more kinds of fruit
There are numerous variations on the cobbler theme referred to as Bird's Nest Pudding,
Brown Betty, Buckles, Crisps, Crumbles, Grunts, Pandowdy, and Slumps
All are based on seasonal berries or fruits, may be found in mixes such as blueberry
cobbler mix, and are simple to prepare from home because the recipes rely more on the
flavor of fresh fruits and berries than fancy crusts, fillings, or other pastry confections
The different names refer to the different crusts, shapes, and cooking methods
For example, crisps and crumbles have a crust similar to a biscuit
Slumps and grunts are shaped like dumplings, with an internal consistency more like a
Buckles and crumbles are more like a cake with blueberries added to the batter
The pandowdy is cooked in a deep dish and has a biscuit-like crust that is broken into
pieces and sunk into the pie in order to allow the various fruits to come to the top
Although pies, a distant relative of the cobbler, date back to the Roman Empire, the fruit
cobbler and its variants were invented by the American colonists as a dessert utilizing the
locally available resources, and which was reminiscent of their favorite English desserts,
such as puddings
Cobblers did not become a dessert until after the era of American colonization
Prior to that, cobblers were often enjoyed as a meal
In Great Britain today, the term "cobbler" often refers to a dish made with meat and
vegetables and served as a meal
There are mixes available for these British versions of cobblers, just as there are premade mixes available for blueberry, and other fruit, cobblers
In American the most commonly used contents for stuffing are fruits including apples,
cherries, blueberries and peaches
There are many alternative variations to standard recipes for this type of dessert, and
many use other fruits as substitutes
If you search online or look through cookbooks you will be able to find many of these
Cooking is much simpler today than it was in the past because pre-packaged mixes are
widely available
Blueberry cobbler mix is available to purchase in stores and is made by a variety of
companies, including Gullah Gourmet, a very popular brand in the South
As with all foods, there is a history to be traced, a beginning and an evolution
Where did the pretzel originate and how has it changed
History or tales of the pretzel state that as early as 610AD at a monastery somewhere in
Southern France or Northern Italy, monks used scraps of dough and formed them into
strips to represent a child's arms folded in prayer
The three empty holes represented the Christian Trinity
The monks offered the warm, doughy bribe to children who had memorized their Bible
verses and prayers
The monks called it a Pretiola, Latin for little reward
The word was later adopted and adapted by the Italians into the word Brachiola, which
means little arms
A page from the prayer book of Catherine of Cleves depicts St
Bartholomew surrounded by pretzels, which were thought to bring good fortune,
prosperity and spiritual wholeness to those who ate them
The Pretiola journeyed beyond the French and Italian wine regions, hiked the Alps,
wandered through Austria, and crossed into Germany, where it became known as the
Bretzel or Pretzel
In medieval times merchants traveling to the Frankfurt Fair risked being robbed by
In order to guard the tradesmen, the towns' people would ride out, greet the vendors and
offer them pewter pitchers of wine and loads of crisp dough on their spears, called Geleitpretzels
The shape of the Pretzel worked its way into the culture not only as a reward but as a
symbol of good luck and prosperity
Before Easter chocolate there was the Easter pretzel
The pretzel was served with two hardboiled eggs and hidden around farms for children to
Weddings in Europe for a time used the tradition of the bride and groom tugging at a
pretzel like a wishbone, the larger piece assured the spouses fulfillment of their wishes
German children had other connections to the pretzel, too
They tied pretzels on a string around their necks at the beginning of a new year for
prosperity, health and good fortune
Pretzels are shown in paintings with one of the more famous pictures called "The Fight
Between Carnival and Lent" by Pieter Bruegel in 1559
The pretzels are shown in the lower right hand corner
A 17th century woodcut, copied from a cathedral in Bern, Switzerland, depicts the
"marriage knot" as being a pretzel
Another story states that during the 1500's, the city of Vienna was under siege by
Ottoman Turks
Thwarted in their efforts to break through the city's walled fortifications, the Turks began
tunneling below ground
Pretzel bakers, working through the night, heard the strange noises in the cellars, and
notified the guard
The city was saved, and the grateful emperor awarded the pretzel bakers an honorary coat
of arms
European countries are not the only countries with pretzel stories
Within American, the pretzel was said to be discovered in the late seventeenth century
when a baker's helper fell asleep tending pretzels baking in the hearth
When he awoke, the flames had died and he believed the pretzels hadn't cooked long
enough and started the fire up again
When the Master Baker came in, he was furious that an entire batch of pretzels were not
fit to eat
In the process of throwing them out, he tasted one and realized he was on to something
Not only did he like the taste of these delicious crunchy morsels but realized due to the
moisture being baked entirely out, that freshness was preserved and they would keep
longer to sell
Others say the immigrants brought the "bretzel" to the United States during the 1800's
It had been Americanized and claimed to have even been on the Mayflower and traded
with the early Native Americans, who loved them
As far as commercializing the pretzel, history shows that in the town of Lititz in
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a man named Julius Sturgis began selling the pretzel
Pretzels later become industrialized, that is, made in mass, in 1935 when the Reading
Pretzel Machinery Company first introduced the automatic pretzel twisting machine
Prior to that, most commercial pretzels were actually shaped by a cracker-cutting
machine, then placed on baking pans and put into the baking ovens by hand
This innovation made pretzels available to people in all parts of the country, and helped
the fledgling industry grow
Today, annual pretzel sales top $180 million and are the second most popular snack, right
behind potato chips and just in front of popcorn
Pretzels today are made from many different grains
Toppings go beyond coarse salt, poppy or sesame seeds, and now boast such exotic
coverings as cheese, chocolate and pizza flavorings
Although pretzel rods, ultra thin pretzels and pretzels chunks, clumps, sticks, rings and
chips are also sold by such companies at Bachman, Snyder's and others, the original
"pretiola" shaped snack still sells best
Pretzels have also found their way into salads, hors-d'ouvres and to accompany soups,
dips and fruit
The pretzel has survived many years of competition from other snack foods and has
survived - so who is to say they don't represent good luck as this is quite the feat
There is nothing better than the sweet smell and delicious flavor of fresh homemade pies,
cakes, and cookies
Baking for the holidays should be both rewarding and fun
Have them go with you when purchasing the ingredients
It will make the day more meaningful and also will get your children interested in
actually helping to prepare your family favorite treats
You can always take the easy way out and purchase Mrs
But of course, it's just not the same as made from scratch and certainly not as much fun
you want everything festive, special, and homemade
The aroma of homemade delights baking in the house gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling
There are a lot of helpful tips to sweeten your holiday baking experience
And with the added tasks of gift buying, decorating, and planning your holiday events,
some useful tips will come in handy
especially if it saves you some time in the kitchen
Unfrosted cakes can be frozen for up to 4 months, but no longer
To freeze layered cakes, place the cooled layers on baking sheets, and then freeze until
Transport the layers to large freezer bags and then seal them in freezer wrap
Angel food and chiffon cakes can be frozen for up to 3 months
The fragile sponge-texture may crumble and deteriorate if stored in freezer longer
Loosen wrap and thaw cakes at room temperature for 3 hours before frosting and serving
Homemade fruit pies can be frozen for up to 4 months
Store them in freezer bags and then seal them in freezer wrap
Thaw them at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours before serving
it is best not to cut slits in the crust tops or brush with egg white until thawing
Before assembling pies, treat light-color fruit with ascorbic acid color-keeper
Store in large freezing bag and then seal them in freezer wrap
Uncover and bake for 55 to 60 minutes until the crust is golden brown
Cookie dough can also freeze well for 4 to 5 weeks
divide dough into small sections and form into logs
And remember, you can do this 4 to 5 weeks ahead of time
Roll spoonfuls of the dough into balls and place on cookie sheets lined with waxed paper
and put the sheets in the freezer for about an hour
Then place the dough balls into a large resealable freezer bag
When ready to use, you can then bake the frozen dough balls at the normal temperature
without thawing
Just make for sure you add just a few minutes to the baking time
Important Note: Always make for sure you label everything before storing in the freezer
Frozen Desserts: To make serving frozen desserts easier, dip knife in warm water before
Cookie Tip: Allow cookie sheets to cool slightly between baking each batch to preven
cookies from flattening and not hold shape
Glass Baking Pans: For best results, when using glass baking pans, always reduce the
oven temperature by 25 degrees
Golden Crust: Give partially baked pies a golden crust by brushing the edges with a
lightly beaten egg white
Pumpkin Pie Tip: For real homemade pumpkin pies, picking the right sized pumpkin is
Crust Tip: Too much flour or water will make a crust tough, while too much shortening
will make it too crumbly
Cinnamon Sticks: They just have a pleasant aroma and can also infuse festive holiday
treats with appealing taste
A cinnamon stick can also be used as a stirrer for hot cocoa, coffee
Just a few simple tips such as these can ease the stress a bit from the hustle and bustle of
the holidays
Homemade Baby Gift Basket And Diaper Cake - Thoughtful Ideas For Babies
Gifts have been very popular in any type of occasion and so as with a baby shower party
There are different things that can be considered when it comes to baby gifts, it could
gifts that are bought from stores or gifts that are homemade
Homemade gifts are very thoughtful and practical idea, so here are some helpful ways to
make a homemade baby gift basket and diaper cake
Before you start making your own baby gift basket, first is you need to decide the on the
size of basket you will need
You can find different sizes of basket from craft stores, there are choices that have
handles or without handles
Baby gift basket don't have to be a real typical basket, in fact you can use different
containers such as laundry basket, baby bath tub, pail, bucket and the like
After that, decide on what theme of your baby gift basket will be
There are lots of choices for themes, one of the most popular is baby gender theme
For a baby girl, you may use traditional basket that has different shades of pink, and
shades of blue if for baby boy
You can then incorporate very childhood ideas like balloons and clowns
Other theme choices are animals, cartoons, super heroes, sports and more
Whatever your choice is, just make sure that embellishments should fit the theme
Once your decorative basket is ready, you'll then need to pick the items to include in the
One good idea is to focus on infant's daily essentials
You could make a gift basket that contains supplies for the newborn child such as
clothing, feeding bottles, layettes or bathing products
However, before buying these products, make sure to read all the labels which can give
you assurance that they are safe and healthy for the child's use
After you have purchased all the items that are needed, you can then place them neatly in
your basket and wrap them with decorative wrappers or cellophane
Finish the basket with bows and ribbons to add extra effects
To start with homemade diaper cake, first thing you need to do is to choose for the right
diapers for your diaper cake
Choosing attractive colors and prints is a very good idea
You can select a perfect mixture of numerous sizes that can be use when the infant grows
Once you have selected the diapers, you will need to hold one diaper and cover it around
with elastic band, add five diapers to make a tight package of six diapers
This is now the uppermost level of the diaper cake
Repeat the process but you need to add at least 15 diapers to make the center layer
Next, add at least 30 diapers to make the base layer
You can interchange diapers in the canter layer with a surprise presentation
Bring all the three layers together into a cylindrical shape
You can use wooden pins to secure all the layers together
You can then finish the cake by wrapping elastic bands with beautiful colored ribbons,
you can also add other embellishments to add special effects
Lastly, make the base of your diaper cake by cutting a round portion of cardboard
Make sure to put your diaper cake on the bottom of the base, you can then cover the cake
with netting or cellophane
Homemade baby gift basket and diaper cake are few creative ideas you can consider to
come up with thoughtful and practical newborn gifts
You can make make these gifts more special by adding personalized items like
personalized baby blankets, clothings, bibs, baby toys and other personalized baby
products and supplies
Homemade Baby Shower Decorations: Use Baby Shower Decorations To Create A Party
Decorating a baby shower can take up quite a bit of the party budget, so it pays to explore
homemade baby shower decorations as an option to ensure the best bang for your buck
Go online and research craft sites to see what options are viable for your baby shower
Great decorations will help give your party a fun feeling
Homemade baby shower decorations can be as easy or elaborate as you wish to make
Making them by hand will also make it simpler for you to fit them to match the expecting
couple's likes and personality
Be sure to get their input before you start crafting the decoration so that the baby shower
theme will reflect their interests
Once you know what mom-to-be likes, you can determine the theme of the baby shower
If she wants a traditional party with decorations such as china and silver, your homemade
baby shower decorations can be tailored to reflect this by utilizing materials such as lace
Given that an emerging trend in baby showers is using popular cartoon characters as the
party theme, your handicrafts might depict the cartoon character that you choose
Homemade baby shower decorations can easily be complimented by store bought items
that are available at affordable party stores
Making your own baby shower decorations are a great way to throw a wonderful party
while still keeping a reasonable budget
They're also a great way to hone your artistic skills while showing off your creative
Your homemade baby shower decorations should be kept relatively simple so that they
best accentuate the theme without drawing too much attention to themselves
Handcrafted floral arrangements complimented with a variety of toys as decorations can
help create a cozy space and relaxed atmosphere for friends and family
A larger baby shower would require additional decorations
You can increase the number of flowers, wall hangings and toys to accommodate the
larger spaces required to host additional guests
The additional toys and decorations can be gifted to the expecting couple or given as
small souvenirs to your guests
You can also use these handcrafted decorations for future baby showers or children's
Homemade baby shower decorations let you utilize traditional party items in unique and
new ways
Balloons can be used to create a colorful focal point for the table or spindled together and
attached to the ceiling
You can also use them to decorate your baby shower by tying them to baby items such as
bottles, pacifiers or rattles
Utilizing a variety of baby items that mom-to-be will need once the party is over is
another way to have an affordable baby shower that still has great decorations
For example, you could arrange diapers into a classic 'diaper cake' or turn a baby bath tub
into an improvised drink holder once you fill it with ice
Bassinets are useful and make convenient containers for gifts brought by those who
attend the baby shower
One unique idea is to make a chandelier from an umbrella by hanging it upside down and
then tying colorful streamers to it
This also makes a great post-party gift for mom-to-be
When trying to keep within a party budget, handcrafting the decorations for your baby
shower are not only cost-effective, but a great way for you to show off your creative side
We all could, but for those that can't let's bring the tropics to us- a yummy pineapple
Citrus flavored cheesecakes are quite tasty and are especially appealing as the
temperature heats up
So as summer inches closer and the heat rises, why not make a fruity cheesecake
Plop some vanilla ice cream in a bowl and pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea and
you've got yourself a treat
Want a truly tasty combination, try coconut ice cream with this cheesecake recipe
If you've never had coconut ice cream you are missing out, and none of that fake coconut
flaky stuff, I mean flake-free, true coconut
It must be produced somewhere in southern Florida or imported from the Caribbean
where you can access fresh coconuts within a stones throw
Besides key lime cheesecake, pineapple cheesecake is my favorite
A key piece of equipment is a springfoam pan so if you don't have one make sure you
stop by the store to pick one up, they are not that expensive, anywhere from $6-10
It will help you produce a variety of great cheesecake recipes from scratch in your future
I do like a lot of no bake recipes, but in my opinion they don't beat the baked versions
Once you complete this tantalizing treat you will only have to decide whether to eat it
yourself or share
Any good treat makes a great edible gift so perhaps surprise someone special in your life
with a homemade baked good as a "thank you" or even as a extra birthday gift
Or you might even have a friend in the office who is recovering from an illness
Either place the cake in a large cookie tin lined with wax paper or find a cake box with
window lid
In meantime combine cream cheese, sugar and milk and mix at medium speed with
electric mixer until well blended
Add eggs, one at a time and mix well after adding each
Then loosen cake from around inside of rim of pan with sharp knife
Chill in refrigerator for about 3 hours or overnight before unbuckling and removing the
rim of the pan
Combine sugar and 2 tablespoons of water in a small saucepan
In a small bowl, combine cornstarch and remaining water until smooth then stir into
pineapple mixture
Bring to a boil and cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened
Honda's new VFR1200F is one of this season's most hyped motorcycles
Promising plenty, the Japanese giant is claiming it to be its next flagship model
That declaration has been backed up to some extent by early tests of the bike in Japan
Impressions of the V4 sports tourer ridden briefly on road and track in Japan were largely
But for a more of a real world test, I flew out to Spain to try the bike on a wide variety of
roads, and did so amidst some very different and sometimes quite challenging weather
The conclusions I drew from that experience weren't quite what I'd anticipated
As someone with much experience of VFRs and their trademark easy-going, versatile and
effective character, I thought this new machine would represent a real step forward - as
you would do of a bike wearing the iconic VFR badge, and costing not far short of
We've had to wait a long time for a significant update of this model, which should have
given its designers a perfect opportunity to get things just right
However, I don't think the new Honda lives up to those high expectations
The designers of next year's incarnation seem to have dropped the ball (or maybe used it
to play a different game)
It's an excellent bike in many areas, but it's nowhere near as good as Honda claims it to
And in the context of its rivals, it sadly falls short of their standards
This was apparent from the early stages of the test, even if some of the very first
impressions of the bike were actually quite good
There's much on the VFR to be visually seduced by, and the style of the bike is
something I'm especially impressed by
Looking bang up to date with its futuristic bodywork (and a lot better in the flesh than
pictures) the VFR's X-shaped face around its headlight and air intake area is sharp and
As too is its layered bodywork designed to protect the rider from excessive engine heat,
as well as keeping the bike more stable at speed
The bulky exhaust end can isn't the prettiest thing, though with emissions laws being as
stern as they are these days, it's a forgivable aesthetic flaw
At least it doesn't hide the lovely seven-spoke rear wheel, bolted to the single-sided
swingarm housing the final drive shaft
The overall build quality and finish oozes quality and goes some way to justify the hefty
price tag
However, checking its spec in a bit more detail reveals omissions that make that cost
harder to swallow
Neither a centre-stand, rear hugger nor luggage are standard fitments; though the panniers
and top box aren't exactly capacious
Instrumentation is very basic compared to some bikes in this class, and there are no
advanced electronics like traction control, push button-adjusted suspension or engine
management options
This can be termed as quite a basic motorcycle by the latest standards
And that's despite its throttle by wire, clever narrow engine layout, and 7000-mile service
Equipment like the rumoured trick cylinder management system seems like an age away,
though the VFR with the very effective and hi-tech automatic gearbox we tried earlier in
Japan will be available at the end of 2010
Honda VFR 1200FEarly riding impressions made me value the VFR more, even if
conditions were hardly what you'd normally equate with Spain
With grip not at a premium thanks to overnight rain making the roads look very greasy, I
had to tread carefully at first
But in typical Honda fashion the low-seated VFR coped with the challenge of reduced
friction admirably, proving to be an extremely easy bike to manage
It takes little time to feel at home on, though the average steering lock can lengthen the
process at times, with the stupid reversed horn and indicator switchgear conspiring to
prevent it ever being fully possible
The big 1237cc V4 engine is, just as you'd expect, extremely torquey and very flexible
One of the very few Hondas to feature a digital gear indicator, the device illustrates the
motor's strength perfectly with the number it displays often being academic to prompt
Gaining momentum is swift and civilised and can normally be accomplished by right
wrist movement only, thanks to the engine's rapid response
To begin with I was cautious with the digital throttle, but as the V4 is one of the key
allies to security in these conditions, I soon became bold enough to open it more
Along with the very useful and usable engine torque is a beautifully linear increase in
power to accompany the rise in revs
There are no peaks or troughs in the delivery to make life either inconvenient or
unpredictable at any point
Honda VFR1200FIn saying that, the very same feature can actually make the engine feel
quite lifeless on occasion
And though it's probably as powerful as the 170bhp Honda claims, the way the power is
spread gives you the impression it might be around 20bhp shy of that
It might be potent, but it can also be very deceptive
Even the distinctive drone from the exhaust isn't anywhere near as audible as it could be
At higher revs under little load, some high frequency tingling comes through the back of
the fuel tank, and if you ask a lot of the V4 at low revs in bigger gears a light shudder
briefly runs through the bike before it smoothes out and forges ahead
I have to admit I quite liked the 'imperfections' as I felt they gave the engine some much
needed character
Fifty miles were soon dispatched in the usual fuss-free VFR style, though over a coffee I
felt quite unmoved by its achievements so far
Sure it had brought me to this stage in complete comfort thanks to its highly effective and
relaxed nature, effective fairing and screen and, to this point at least, supportive yet plush
enough seat
But the whole journey, though not exactly thrilling thanks to it being largely comprised
of motorway, had seemed easy to forget
If this motorcycle was going to make an impression on me, it was going to take a fair bit
longer than the trip had allowed so far
Luckily the route then climbed into the mountains and twisted marvelously upward
allowing the chassis to give a good account of itself - though perhaps it didn't perform
quite as well as the Honda engineers had claimed it would
At the earlier break in the journey, the VFR's project leader had told me his bike was
unique, describing it as a sports bike with ability to tour comfortably - in effect a sportier
sports tourer
The next stage of the journey brought that issue and others into question, perhaps
revealing the reasons behind some of the bike's shortcomings
Firstly, though I felt very confident riding along the still wet mountain roads primarily
because of the excellent feel generated by the Dunlop Roadsmart tyres and suspension,
manoeuvering the Honda did sometimes take more effort than a sportsbike normally does
On most occasions, the bike belies its approximate 280kilo fully wet weight, but there are
definitely times when it's more apparent
I wouldn't describe it in any way as a handicap, and with the steering itself feeling quite
light and quick to help begin the process of changing direction, negotiating the tortuous
route never challenged me physically or mentally
Even so, when I did notice those extra kilos, the sportsbike class wasn't the first I'd place
this machine in
Though I would concede the shaft drive arrangement felt just as neutral as a final chain
Honda VFR1200FHeading for the lunch stop didn't make me think of the VFR as too
much of a tourer that readily either
I and another journalist both ran out of fuel before we got the chance to sit down and fill
our own tanks
With only 150 miles recorded that was a very poor reflection on the long-distance
potential of the bike, especially as the early part of the trip had been covered at a
moderate pace
Honda staff claimed my bike only needed 14 litres to fill, suggesting it hadn't actually run
dry, and had therefore recorded a healthy 50mpg
The other bike, they said, can't have been full in the first place
Worried, I later checked the consumption of my bike at the end of the test and got a
consumption figure of 39mpg which, given the four gallon tank would give a maximum
range of just under 160miles
In real terms that's nowhere near good enough for a bike in this class, as you'd have to
stop and fill a fair bit before then to avoid pushing
Given the scarcity of petrol stations in more remote parts of the UK and Europe, that
might mean having to refuel every 100-120 miles or so to be certain of continuity
That's simply not far enough to be considered acceptable as a tourer in my book
The ride back to the hotel was a bit more pleasant
With the ambient temperature gauge reading bigger numbers, the roads became drier in
places and generally easier to read
This allowed more enjoyment and a better assessment of the bike
Honda VFR1200FNoted highlights by the end of the journey were quite numerous
Comfort had been maintained well, thanks especially to the wind protection at high speed
- though my positive opinion of the seat wasn't shared by all
Strong and safe braking from the excellent Combined ABS system was very impressive,
even if not as good as the superior electronic version fitted the CBR sportsbikes
And ride quality from the excellent suspension, along with the engine's nice manners that
once again prompted compliment, all helped to end the day well
But sadly spoiling that was the absence of any really endearing personality from the bike
There's no doubting the VFR is a very accomplished machine, and one that's easy to ride
and like
But as for loving it, well that's a completely different story
Whatever Honda's claims about how it sits in the market (see revealing separate section
on the VFR's project leader that helps explain what he thinks of the VFR's position), the
bikes it's bound to be compared with (ie BMW's K1300S or GT, Kawasaki's ZZR 1400 or
GTR 1400, Suzuki's Hayabusa, Triumph's Sprint ST, or Ducati's Multistrada 1200) either
beat it on price, equipment or, more importantly, sheer appeal
It might turn out to be a slow burner that you need lots of time and miles to bond with
more, and only a long test on the bike in the UK will give us a chance to discover that
In the meantime my opinion of the VFR1200F is that it's still a very good bike, but you'd
only really think it was the best in the class if you hadn't had the chance to try any of the
If you did that, then you'd appreciate the points I'm making about the Honda being a bit
like a lovely big chocolate cake with insufficient icing
Sometimes, as it is in this case, even being very good isn't quite good enough
It goes on sale in February, and only then will we begin to really see if Honda's got it
BOX - VFR Project Leader - Yosuke Hasegawa talks about his bike
The overall project leader for the VFR, Yosuke Hasegawa talked to us about the
development of the VFR1200F
YH - We weren't looking at any other bikes in particular when we designed the VFR
We've gone in a new and different direction with our bike
It's really unique in that it's basically a sportsbike more capable of touring; a more sporty
sports tourer
A bike like the Suzuki Hayabusa is not really a sports tourer, it's more of a superbike
CIA - The original VFRs were great all-rounders that were also very friendly
Aren't you worried the VFR1200F will be seen as too powerful or sporty for typical VFR
YH - Ten or twenty years ago the VFR 750 and 800 might have been enough
But these days customers want bikes like the VFR1200F
It was our aim to make it perform as strongly as it does
YH - Older, more sensible riders who used to have sportsbikes and now need something
more comfortable and practical
But these riders still have a sportsbike in their minds
CIA - Do you think the VFR1200F is the new VFR and Super Blackbird rolled into one
But I think we will keep making the VFR800 (Honda UK confirmed it will still be sold
here in 2010)
I cannot say if there will be a new Super Blackbird, and neither can I say if Honda will
use the new 1200 V4 engine in other bikes
I do think you'll see the automatic DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) on other Hondas
CIA - Why doesn't the new VFR have more electronics like traction control
YH - Traction control is used more on touring bikes
The VFR is more of a sportsbike and has appropriate technology like TBW (throttle by
We're still developing traction and stability control systems, so maybe we'll see them and
other electronics on the VFR in future
That's the direction in which bike design is heading
CIA - Why isn't there a cylinder management system on the VFR
YH - We've been too busy making bikes for the huge supersport category
And we've taken longer than normal to make the VFR
It's needed lots of effort and we're really happy with it
The capacity is very similar to the K1300S, and because the fuel consumption is very
good we think the tank is not really too small for a sportsbike
CIA - Do you think the VFR is an expensive motorcycle
YH - We are very aware of costs at Honda, and I have done everything possible to keep
the costs down
CIA - What did you hope to achieve with the VFR engine design
YH - We wanted a good sound and feel with little vibration
It was important to have a good beat and character
We think we have a V4 engine that's somewhere between a V4 and an in-line four
Suspension: Front: 43mm inverted telescopic forks, adjustable preload and rebound
Rear: Pro-Link rising-rate monoshock, adjustable preload and rebound damping
Brakes: Front: twin 320mm discs with six-piston radial C-ABS calipers
Rear: single 276mm disc with twin-piston C-ABS caliper
Traditional lobster cakes are made with lump lobster meat, are fried in clarified butter,
and served warm
While this is a delicious way to serve them, it is by no means the limit on what you can
You are really only limited by your own creativity when it comes to preparing and
serving lobsters
Many times lobster cakes are served plain, but if you want to change up the flavors, a
great way to do that is with a flavorful sauce served along with your lobster
You can serve your lobster cakes with a nice Hollandaise sauce, or maybe even a citrus
If you prefer a more spicy flavor, go with a chipotle sauce
Try a teriyaki sauce or other Asian sauce variation
If you see a sauce recipe that you think might taste good, give it a try
You can even change up the flavor of the lobster cake itself by changing the ingredients a
Try adding some Cajun, southwest, or Asian seasonings to the lobster mixture before you
cook it for a different taste
Another way to change up the traditional Maine lobster is considering how it is served
Rather than serving just it plain, try serving your lobster on a sandwich
Try serving a couple of small lobster on a hoagy roll with lettuce, tomato, and some
seasoned mayonnaise for a Lobster Po'boy
You could also serve it open-faced on a piece of French bread topped with one of the
sauces you created
Simply serve one of your lobster on a bed of mixed salad greens with raspberry
vinaigrette on the side
The point is, your lobster can be as traditional or as creative as you want them to be
The only thing that is limiting what you can do with the lobster is you
Whether you serve them as a main dish, an appetizer, or on a sandwich or salad, it all
depends on how brave you feel with your creativity
Have fun and change up the flavors from time to time
Who knows, you may come up with a new taste sensation
How Is Social Media Affecting The Event Planning Industry
In the past, the event planning industry was used only by the elite
Today, it is being increasingly seen as a way of eliminating headaches and hassles
normally associated with events, corporate as well as private ones
According to a recent research the event planning industry is expected to grow by 20
percent from 2006 to 2016
It is no wonder that social media like Facebook and Twitter is being integrated into
weddings and corporate events
The massive boom in the events planning industry can be attributed to built-in event tools
of social networks
Social media has helped the Events planning industry cut down the cost of
advertisements and has resulted in the rise in their popularity and profit
Social media like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter has also increased the face to face
interaction taking place during corporate events
The fact that attendees “Tweet” before the event means that they learn more about the
number of people attending, and more importantly, who is attending the event
This has helped promote a wider homogenous interest in the events and target particular
Many corporate events planners are also tying up with Foursquare and other similar
location based social media websites to create �badges' to promote events
These websites are also being used to offer tips to the attendees recommending the
important parts of the event, including drink or food items they should not miss
The goal of integrating social media with events in such a manner is to engage potential
customers into conversation even before the event takes place
On the other hand, corporate events at companies like Apple are extremely hush-hush
Organizers and Event planners use Twitter lists to ensure that people attending the
conference are not tweeting anything that violates the company's confidentiality policies
Social media like Facebook and Twitter is increasingly being used to organize, plan and
promote weddings: be it a small wedding or large one with over thousand guests
Irrespective of the number of attendees, a wedding planner can benefit largely due to
social media
For one, it can promote as well as advertise the services of the planners and secondly the
planner gets access to a larger number of resources
Today, a Wedding planner can literally sit in Melbourne and yet plan a wedding in Perth,
thanks to such social networking
This saves the costs on printing wedding invites and RSVP cards
As can be seen, wedding and corporate events planners are increasingly using Twitter,
Facebook and other such sites to give, receive and spread information about upcoming
Think twice, and don't act whimsically, because looking after terrapins is not a cake walk
But in case you are determined to have these small and cute creatures, then some research
work is very much needed
A good knowledge about terrapin habit and habitat, their uniqueness, feeding pattern,
mating ritual, hibernating etc
It would not be wrong to mention here that terrapins are cold blooded reptiles and survive
long in captivity (about 30 years), provided you take loving care
* A good pet store in the locality is a good option as their expert can demonstrate live
how to handle your terrapin as well as can give you valuable tips
But discuss with them so that collection can be done safely and conveniently
Make sure that you are not being cheated with any sick terrapin
* Breeders know the best; Purchasing from them is another safe alternative to get healthy
Both hardy (European) and half-hardy (North-American) species can be chosen
Commonly kept terrapins are Red-eared sliders, Yellow-bellied Terrapin, Map terrapin,
Вї The coin sized hatchling grows fast, so plan the size of your terrapinarium accordingly
(3' x 1' x 1' for two baby terrapins)
Вї Water temperature needs to be maintained between 240 to 260Вє - C with the help of a
thermostatic heater
Вї You would need an water filter, a siphon, and a net to keep the water clean
Вї A fluorescent lamp has to be fitted which can emit UV-A and UV-B light
Вї Construct an elevated basking area with white spot lamp, inside the tank
Вї Keep some small logs and pebbles inside the aquarium
Вї Their food should be a balanced combination of 50% fresh vegetables, 25% meat and
25% of commercial supplements
Вї They should be heavy, healthy looking with clean and freely opening and closing
mouth, bright eyes with no discharge, active with easily moving head and limbs
Avoid one with any crack or wound on the skin and the shell
How PHP Can Place You on the Right Track to Development
Getting a better understanding of the client requirements is a must before starting off any
But developing your project that takes into account those requirements in a way that all
of them are met precisely requires using a technology that is dynamic and highly
And when it comes down web application development, nothing beats PHP
PHP is an amazingly useful platform with its cluster of frameworks that have made the
prospect of web application development an incredibly easier one, and also much more
rewarding as compared to the other platforms
The PHP frameworks are many in numbers and there are some that are ranked among the
very best:
These 6 frameworks can easily be dubbed as the best frameworks, not only of PHP, but
also among the major frameworks used in developing web applications
Every PHP framework has its own set of features and wherewithals that let developers
create powerful applications
These frameworks have a set of unique as well as some common features – each with a
different flair
Once you get a hold of how they work, you are better equipped to developing
applications that are closer to the specifications you have in mind
PHP applications can be tailored in a straightforward manner
As and when you feel that you need to create certain edits in the app in order to make it
more suitable for the market and fall in line with the current trends, you can do so without
a deal of trouble at all
There are several default functions that can be accessed without any fuss to make the
required customizations
Apart from the default ones, you can also make use of the extensions that can be
downloaded free of cost
When you want to customize the app as per you deem right, there is nothing better than
these extensions, really
And when it comes to protecting your application from hackers, there is much to rejoice
in terms of the security and authentication features of PHP
Each of these features assure you to a great extent that your apps cannot be easily broken
into by the malicious coders who would otherwise wreck a technological havoc if they do
hack the app
Now, when the purpose is to create apps that are efficient enough to give you that
competitive edge in the market you are vying for, you need quality developers
And PHP might be easy to learn and code, but you still need the insightful eye and
analytical mind of an expert when you don't want your app fall in a herd of apps that look
and function in much the similar way
When you are eyeing uniqueness of the applications, you have to go for developers who
have the programming flair to bring in that uniqueness to your app
Now, you can go fishing or these programmers by posting advertisements in the job
portals, which would mean you will have a sea of developers to choose from
But this quantity may not mean quality, since you would require a lot of time and a cleareyed vision to scan and pick the right developer
So, instead of this conventional method, you can search hunt for developers on the
communities that exist on the Internet
These communities aren't short of exceptional developers who can really add a lot of
value to your projects and give you some serious edge over the business adversaries
Choosing PHP development and finding the right developers for your project can be your
way to technological empowerment
There are two distinct methods when it comes to how to apply gold leaf to paper or
Raised gilding involves knowing how to apply gold leaf onto a gesso base and when
carried out in the traditional manner involves such a considerable degree of skill and time
that 23 carat gold leaf is normally used
However flat gilding involves knowing how to apply gold leaf directly onto the paper
There are numerous methods, some of them very old, many of them very new
The following method involves the use of traditional materials but is quite predictable
I was using a brush or a wide flat nibbed pen and working on a heavy acid free cartridge
Adhesives have been obtained from fish glue, hide glue, rabbit skin glue, egg yolk and
acacia gum (gum ammoniac) to mention the most popular
The basic idea of these traditional sizes is that the size is allowed to dry, then is remoistened by exhaling on it
This imparts just enough tackiness to allow the gold to adhere to the size
Place a few crystals of gum ammoniac in a small plastic or glass container with a tightfitting lid
Allow crystals to soak for 12 to 24 hours, shaking occasionally, until the liquid is milky
Strain through a piece of nylon stocking to remove any impurities
If you just paint or write letters on your paper it will be quite difficult to see them, I
advise mixing a little red colour to the size, that way your letters or whatever you are
attempting to gild will be easily visible
So you simply write with a pen or paint your letters onto the paper and leave the piece
You then breathe warmly on the letters and immediately lay the leaf and gently press it
through the cotton wool pad
There may be places where the gold has not stuck, simply repeat the procedure and add
small patches of leaf until it is covered
Allow everything to dry, and then brush away the loose leaf
The imitation gold leaf can be lightly burnished with a pad of cotton wool
If you want to treat your dog to something special, then the best way to thank your best
friend is to give them a birthday party
You do not really need to know your dog's real birth date to give them a birthday
Just choose a date sometime soon in the future, preferably the date of your party
A dog birthday party can be a lot of fun for your furry friend
It can be a special occasion where you invite their puppy friends to come along and have
a good romp around in the back yard
You can plan party games for them to play and even have prizes in the form of special
treats or toys
If you are not sure how to throw a dog a party and you want some guidance, then you can
find help with dog birthday party planners
They can help you throw the best birthday party for your dog and even help you choose a
birthday party theme
Popular dog party themes include Scooby Doo, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Lassie and the
Wild Wild West
If you do not want to hold your dog's birthday party at home, consider going to a local
You can invite all your dog's friends down to romp around in the sun together in a wide
open space
Do not be surprised though if you have uninvited guests of the furry kind
Be prepared for dog party crashes if you throw your dog's birthday party at your local
dog park and take extra food and gifts
You can be creative and send it with a good doggy bone, that your dog's friends are sure
to remember
Make sure to have some doggy bags ready with special treats and a simple toy or two for
your guests to take home
Your dog will love you for inviting his friends and making his birthday that extra special
At your dog's birthday party, you can organize some doggy things to do along with the
usual romping
Taking photos in costume can be fun for both you and your dog, and it will provide your
dog and you with wonderful memories
You can also reward your dog and his friends for completing tricks like lie down, roll
over, stay and heel
If your dog and his friends like to play fancy dress, a door prize for the dog with the best
birthday hat can give your dog's birthday party some extra fun
Of course, there is the birthday cake and the song, happy birthday where you can reward
the best howl
You can make your dog a birthday cake that they will thoroughly enjoy
There are many recipes for dog birthday cakes online
Some are of the sweet variety such as Peanut Butter Carrot Cake or the more savory
flavours of Pumpkin and Sweet Potato or Bacon and Chicken Layers
Most of all though do not forget the humans, the other dog owners who might want to
have a drink and a nibble of human food and a chance to share their best doggy stories
Dogs are part of the family, which is why your dog deserves to celebrate every birthday
in style
You can make many dog memories for a picture album of your dog's birthday party
Make sure to show the album off and share its enjoyment with your dog and his friends
when they next come to visit
The use of the wedding cake knife stems from a tradition that originates from the ancient
Roman Empire, although a knife was not used in those days
Instead, a loaf of bread is broken by the groom over the head of his bride
The use of a knife is a variation from the past but the symbolism of the cake remains the
Thus, hundreds of wedding cake knife and server set designs are available on the market
But though their presence ensures that you would not run out of options, they also make
the choice more confusing
In order to select the right set for you, there are some considerations that you need to take
Think about the kind of wedding theme that you have before purchasing a wedding cake
The specifics of your theme should always be your initial consideration for the knife
You should also consider the kind of wedding cake that you have
Its colors, decorations, flowers, and other accessories installed on the cake should be
complementary with the design of your cake knife
Wedding knives are priced differently so you should decide on the amount you are going
to spend
The price ranges from 20 dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the design and
quality of the knife set
The key is in finding the best quality set that is within your budget range
You can do some research first in order to arrive to a good decision
Go through bridal magazines, online sites and catalogs and get any set that is appropriate
for you
A wedding cake knife is also made in different shapes
The kind of shape will determine the kind of server that you should buy
In any office where there's commission salesperson, there's the potential for a battlefield
Strategies can be incorporated into the office environment that fosters exceptional
working conditions
Depending on the number of your staff, there's often the situation of some people forming
cliques and office friction occurring
There's a variety of reasons for this, including gender, age, cultural and personalities
However, involving some �bonding' activities can help to eliminate this
In a team where people are working together competitively, it's essential to incorporate
activities that foster unity and healthy relationships
You've probably heard the saying “A team that plays together, stays together”
Socialise together – Organise a regular time when you can share some fun times together
Try different restaurants, have a group booking at the latest movie, attend sports events
together…even re-create the progressive dinner
Exercise together – Start a sporting team that enters competitions
It may be ten pin bowling, the local half marathon, or plan to walk one of the local
walking tracks
If there's nothing suitable, challenge a local business group to a top team competition
where you have a variety of unusual activities (remember the Top Team television
Help the Community – Find a project or people in your local area that need assistance
and get involved in charity work
You can organize a concert and donate the proceeds, sponsor people in activities or paint
a house for an elderly resident
There's loads of alternatives and there's the universal law of what �you give comes back
to you in greater amounts'…so it opens you to abundance flowing back into your life
Research from the United States and Europe reveal that the easiest and best way to create
the �feel good' factor is give a compliment
Heart beat monitors have proven this and it's as easy as sharing words of appreciation
This also lets people know that they are valued and reduces any barriers of discord that
may crop up in the office
It's important when giving compliments that they are genuine and from the heart
These can be given either face to face at the appropriate time, or at a weekly sales
meeting, or people draw a name of another member of staff from a hat, to pay a
compliment to
A copy of it can also be displayed on a board in the office or on their desk
People re-create the �feel good' factor whenever they re-read them
One important message for the receiver is for them to �thank' the person who gives them
a compliment, rather than �shrug it off' as unimportant
Society once deemed it as derogatory to accept one's good
Thankfully the importance of this gesture has been recognized, especially in the matter of
boosting one's esteem or belief in themselves
These are great for creating a positive environment and lots of variety for other ideas on
this theme
Here's one: each staff member donates a dollar per week and from the draw (which
people must submit an entry about a good deed from a fellow worker) a name is picked
and that person wins the weekly coffee shout
You can also create some fun, with people bringing unusual gifts (home grown tomato,
baked cake or balloon for everyone's desk) to include some light-hearted �blackmail' so
they're entered in the coffee draw
Some offices may have this idea and it gives people something to strive for
A real estate client I coached continually won this award
She was a grandmother who had started her real estate career by default
As a people's person, her natural manner was to help people and she'd been doing it
naturally for over 60 years…in fact, an expert
This caused her grief because integrity was important to her
They had also started eliminating her from some office activities, when she came to me
for coaching
We analyzed the situation and she learnt about herself and her personality, then her coworkers
The situation improved for awhile, however a year later she was working for another
company who were benefiting from her expertise
People only usually become acquainted with each other when they first start working
Consequently there is lots about each others past that they are unfamiliar about
where they've travelled, sports achievements, hobbies, or past goodwill deeds
To add variety at meeting have people (draw a name from hat again) and be nominated
for the next meeting to share something about themselves
It may be they've visited the Taj Mahal and were in awe of the architecture, the love story
behind its creation and the reason for their journey to visit it
something they've sacrificed for to achieve or a shared success or the funniest moment of
their life, are all strategies to create harmony and positive vibes in the workplace
The added bonus is people improve their skills in public speaking and boost their esteem
The above tips may not be new, but try sharing the organization of them, rather than
dumping it on one person
Eliminating ego and working from the heart, will have a constructive affirmative edge to
your workplace situation, thus creating a harmonious team
How to Customize Cake Boxes and Other Creative Ideas Birthday Parties
Organizing a party for children does not necessarily need to get complicated or expensive
In this article we will talk about some creative ideas such as using special cake boxes and
making personalized T-shirts that kids will love to make your party unique
If you have ever been to a birthday party for children then you must have noticed that the
most important thing at the event is making sure kids are having fun, that's all that
It does not really matter if the curtains do not go well with the table cloths you chose or if
the sound system is not perfect; as long as everyone is having fun nothing else really
Forget about the Boring Traditional Cake, Try Cupcakes Instead
If you have attended a birthday party or a wedding in the last couple of years, I am sure
you have had the chance to experience one of the best trends ever; I am talking about
cupcake cakes
The best thing about them is the endless amount of possibilities they offer in terms of
decorations and designs
On top of that it is a great way to reduce the overall cost of the event while engaging
children with colorful and innovative designs
An excellent way of getting the most out of the whole cupcake experience is serving
them inside personalized cardboard cake boxes that children find interesting
If the birthday boy likes video games, you could get a bunch of stickers to decorate the
boxes with video game characters
Alternately, if the birthday party is for a girl who likes fairy tales, you could decorated
boxes with stars and sparkles
It will bring the cupcake eating experience to a whole new level
Another creative way to surprise children is buying a pack of wholesale T-shirts and
decorating them with bright colors and creative designs
Some of the T-shirts could have wings on the back or Dragon faces in the front
Stimulating children's imagination is the most important thing to keep in mind when
organizing a birthday party
Finding creative ideas to organize a unique party does not necessarily have to get
Ideas can go all the way from using customized cake boxes or handing out colorful Tshirts
The most important thing is having an open mind and ensuring your guests have fun
during the event
A wedding is like a synchronized symphony of various elements
The entire event is planned with a theme, color pattern and dГ©cor sense
That is why if the cake and the flowers and the bridesmaids have to be in sync with the
entire wedding theme, why not the chairs
In fact the chairs are the piece of furniture that is used in the largest numbers in a
For the folding chairs to look in tandem with the entire wedding dГ©cor, you can use
various designing elements
The first idea that springs to mind when one thinks of a decorated chair is to include
flowers or bows on chairs for a cool touch
If the bride and groom chairs are also bigger folding chairs, then they can be decorated
using artificial flowers and ribbons
If you have the budget, then consider using real flowers as they look really great in
outdoor weddings
Keep in mind to use flowers of the wedding theme color
While sticking flowers to folding chairs, make sure you remove the stem, and then stick a
dozen buds on a ribbon and stick the ribbon on the chair's top
As compared to other chair decorations, flowers and ribbons are the most cost effective
For the guests' chairs, you can tie bows on their backs or even add half dozen flowers to
their backs
For weddings where the budget can be extended a bit, you can use folding chair covers to
cover plain looking chairs
Chair covers come in various fabrics and colors and patterns
All you have to do is focus on the pattern that matches your wedding dГ©cor and your
entire look will be perfect
Even the guests will feel more welcome when they will be seated on well decorated
If you don't plan on buying the covers, you can visit a chair cover rental store, which can
provide covers to dress up your chair with
The only snag with renting chair covers is that you may be forced to fulfill a 'minimum
order' requirement
You can also take the smart route by simply covering the back
All you need is a fabric, and you can wrap it around the back of metal chairs
While doing this cover the front and the top of the chair is covered with the fabric
Tie an elegant bow and decorate the bow with a flower
You can make your dressing up the chair exercise a lot easier by ordering or renting
white colored chairs
White is a color that goes with weddings seamlessly, and looks great while adding to the
entire dГ©cor
In case you do not get white chairs, and are stuck with boring brown, grays or greens,
then you can decorate them with balloons, ribbons and bows
If you have the time and the workforce, you can paint your old folding chairs into a
brighter color or the color of the wedding theme
With a good paint job, the chairs can become a masterpiece
This decorating idea obviously will not work for rented chairs
Follow these easy steps to decorate your plastic or metal folding chairs and make them fit
for a memorable wedding ceremony
In all honesty the Walmart 'free' gift card is not totally free however it is really close
For a very long time now and especially before the Xmas holidays the free Walmart gift
cards are really well-known offers on the internet
Though everyone knows that nothing in life is without charge, the price is often very
Most free gift card programs necessitate program participation before you can obtain
your free gift
What this usually means is that the sponsor wants you to check out several advertising
products from sponsors who then pay them for these "trial" clients
Such promotions include a number of goods types and offer types
Mainly the campaigns involve free samples with a full money-back guarantee
The most cash you may drop oftentimes is what you have paid for shipping or handling
which usually tends to be lower than $5
What do you need for you to obtain a free Walmart gift card
It relies upon generally on the specific deal and who the sponsors are
There are usually two sorts of Walmart coupons that you may acquire on the internet, a
$500 and a $1000 one
Naturally, the latter will demand you to join more offers although they are still the same
type of cost-free trial offers therefore there is no need to worry
The promotions in most instances range from Blockbuster to Video Professor to Acai
Weight Loss supplements to Coffee trials to Net - Flix consequently there is perhaps a
possibility that people may even be really interested on one or maybe more of the offers
In all instances, irrespective of what the offers are you may subscribe for just about all,
cancel and refund the offers you do not like plus still get your free Walmart gift card
Nearly all persons who shop on the web do terminate most of the trials they participate in
and so you shouldn't feel bad for doing so yourself, if it part of the game
It's a piece of cake to cancel, all it itakes is a quick email to say you're cancelling and you
are finished
The least complicated and most proved technique to get a Walmart giftcard for yourself
or your friends & family members is the following: visit one of the websites that offer a
free Walmart gift card, enter your e-mail and take a look at what the prerequisites will be
Sign up for the required offers and ensure you take notes of their cancellation policy,
some involve a phone call, some an e-mail message, for some you have one month to try
out the product, for others 2 months
When the gift-card is along the way, cancel the offers you really don't like and retain the
ones you do
In the end, you get a free Wal-mart giftcard and even a few good zero cost trials of
If all of this is too much for you and you feel a little intimidated by the process, the one
step you should definitely do is go put in your email address to see what the requirements
When you have them in front of you it is a lot easier to make a judgement on whether you
can do it or not
And take into account - it may take a bit of effort , but you DO eventually get a FREE
$500 or even $1,000 Walmart coupon
If you're in the market for a wedding cake, then you'll likely after really low wedding
cake prices, right
Directly below are a few simple tips & techniques that can help you get the lowest
wedding cake prices possible
Ask around and try to find an at-home baking specialist with solid experience
Such individuals can often bake fabulous cakes & desserts; not to mention they'll likely
have the cheapest wedding cake prices around
Before committing to any service, be sure to sample the work and also ask about any of
their references
A simple cake with just a few decorations and a basic design is far less expensive than a
5-tier cake with intricate designs and a ton of decorations
This is the easiest way to get a cheap price for your cake
With fewer people at the wedding, you won't need nearly as much cake, which therefore
translates to less money spent
If you keep the guest list to less than 100 people, you could spend $2
50 per slice and only have to shell out $250 for the whole thing -- now that's cheap
For super low wedding cake prices, following these tips & techniques is a must
Most people don't think of going into business when they start cake decorating
Usually it is a hobby or because they want to make wonderful cakes for family events
Most people start a home cake decorating business because when they made these great
cakes for family occasions, and those who saw the cake wanted them to make cakes for
their special occasions
There is also the appeal of working at home, you have the freedom to work when you
want, as long as you get the cake to the customer on time
Many of these artistic cake decorators have children at home and want to stay at home
with them, and be able to make a living too
Maybe you have been thinking of starting a cake decorating business in your home
Think about why you would like to start a cake decorating business
If you have a good business plan and are good at time management, this can be a
lucrative business
Even though your main reason to start a home business is to stay at home with the kids,
or to save cash on a daily commute
Your main reason for wanting to start a cake decorating business at home should be that
you are getting so many cake orders that it is taking a lot of your time and you feel you
can go into business and make a go of it
The cake decorating business can be fun, but it is also a lot of work, and you will need to
have enough money to get your business off the ground
You will need a few icing tips (the ones you use most often), a heavy duty mixer, mixing
bowls, food coloring, spatulas, the right cake pans, enough room to work without being
cramped, and an oven
The cake decorating business is time consuming, but it is very rewarding and enjoyable
You will need to remember that family and friends are customers, and you will need to
charge them for the cakes they want you to make
You have expenses and it will cost you to make a cake and you are in the business to
make money
You may want to give them a discount, but you will definitely need to charge them for
your time and the money you put into making the cake
You will need to check nearby bakeries and stores to find out what they charge for cake
Don't put your prices lower than the bakeries, try to charge around the same price and let
your talent show the quality of your cakes
You will never be able to charge for your time, after all is said and done, you will
probably be making about $1
Although, the more cakes you make, the faster you will become, and you will be making
a bit more for your time
While bakeries make good cakes, you can make cakes that taste as good or better
You can also offer different options such as, a variety of cake flavors, a willingness to
offer unique decorating options, and discounts or specials from time to time
At first, it is a good idea to charge around the same as the bakeries, when you become
more experienced you can evaluate your prices
Once you become more popular and have made a name for yourself, you can charge more
The advantages of operating a legal cake decorating business from your home are:
You can work when you want and take a break when you need one
Worm infestation is a serious worldwide health problem, but it is found much more
frequently outside of the United States
The worms that infect humans are usually of three types: roundworms, tapeworms, and
In the United States, roundworms or tapeworms are the most frequent, and these range
from less than and inch to up to 15 or 20 feet
The most common worms in the roundworm family are: pinworms, roundworms,
hookworms, and whipworms
At night the female pinworms pass to the anal region and lay their eggs
This causes sever itching, and the eggs can be transmitted to the mouth when the hands
become contaminated, either by scratching around the anal area or by coming in contact
with the pinworm eggs on contaminated bed clothes
More than one member of the family may be contaminated
It is important that during treatment, all underclothes and bed clothes be changed and
sterilized daily whipworm and roundworm infection can be prevented by proper disposal
of human waste
Hookworm disease is contracted by walking barefoot on contaminated soil
Prevention of this disease depends on proper sanitary disposal of human feces and
wearing shoes
Tapeworm infestation is acquired by the ingestion of eggs or larvae in uncooked meat
To prevent infection with tapeworm it is necessary that all beef, pork, and fish be
thoroughly cooked before eating
Many persons infected with worms have few if any symptoms
With a heavy infection of the worms, anemia or weakness may develop
Trichinosis, which is acquired by eating improperly cooked pork, frequently causes
muscle pains; the worms may also lodge in the heart, brain, or eyes
Children are frequently restless during the night with gritting of the teeth, a dry cough,
and a slight fever
The cause must be corrected, and this usually means the correction of unhygienic living
conditions and the proper cooking of all meat and dish
It is easy to remove the worms from the body, but this does not necessarily cure the
Do not eat food robbed of its life-giving properties such as white flour products, cane
sugar products, vegetables cooked in lots of water and the water thrown away, peeled
potatoes, candy, cakes, ice cream, and meats of all kinds
Constipation, if present, must be overcome by herbal laxatives
Fast 2 or 3 days and eat raw pumpkin seeds generously
Fennel seed, slippery elm, white oak bark teas will drive them out
Cut up an onion and soak it for 12 hours in a quart of water; then squeeze the juice out
and take for 4 days
Take as much juice as possible, fasting while taking it
Gives tone and strength to the stomach, stimulates digestion and improves the appetite
It's good for those with poor digestion or a lack of appetite
Follow the directions on the label and don't take extra doses
Worms do not like fennel as it is a sedative to them, and they will pass from the body if
the bowels are kept loose (herbal laxative)
It is a tonic to the stomach and will strengthen it
There are many reasons that people have to lose weight from cosmetic reasons, serious
health problems, and reducing the incidence of complications prior to becoming pregnant
What I am able to explain to you I have been able to achieve and I want to be able to help
as many of you as I possibly can
Obesity has reached epidemic proportion in the US over the past decade, and there is no
end in sight
There is no single reason that this disease process is out of control
Being overweight is associated with heart disease, strokes, hypertension, arthritis, and
The steps that I am getting ready to explain are very easy and straight forward to
implement and follow
The most difficult part of this plan is to maintain consistency and persistency
Eating breakfast lunch and dinner along with a mid-morning, mid afternoon and evening
A protein snack prior to going to bed with minimal to no carbohydrate intake will allow
only a minimal amount of insulin to be released and will prevent minimal to no fat uptake
at night
Most people make the mistake of decreasing their intake to little or nothing
By spreading the same amount of calories out to 5 or 6 meals a day, the metabolism
actually increases by 10 percent which causes fat to be utilized and removed from the
There should be protein, non starchy vegetables and a fruit at each meal
Never miss breakfast and eat oatmeal, grits, or cream of wheat along with eggs (3 to 5),
bacon, sausage, or Canadian ham
Eating breakfast is important to elevate your metabolism
Tuna, skinned chicken breast, and steak with the least amount of fat are ideal
As adults become older, they lose their thirst mechanism and stop drinking the proper
amount of fluids
This leads to the body becoming acidotic which leads to chronic diseases (heart disease,
hypertension, arthritis, cancer, and obesity)
So the first thing to do when there is a sensation of hunger is to drink two glasses of
This helps to flush out all the toxins in the body and assures that the body is fully
hydrated and prevents acid build up
It also happens to help increase the body's metabolism
Start off by drinking two glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner
No carbonated drinks, diet drinks, sweet tea, fruit juices, milk, milk shakes, or alcohol as
they contain unnecessary carbohydrates which leads to weight gain
3) Walk on the treadmill or ride stationary bicycle slowly every morning prior to eating
breakfast and one hour before going to bed at night
If you are not able to talk while on the treadmill, or riding the bicycle in normal
sentences, you are exercising too fast
You can also walk for an hour twice a day if there is no access to a treadmill or stationary
If you are unable to walk or ride a bicycle due to physical reasons, then I recommend you
walk in the pool for an hour twice a day and move upper extremities underneath the water
as you walk
4) Lift light weights in the gym 4 times a week for 30 minutes
(squats, dead lifts, incline bench press, pull downs, pushups, and pull ups)
This helps to convert fat to muscle which increases the body's metabolism
It reduces the amount of blood sugar as it helps the muscles take up sugar from the blood
stream which reduces insulin resistance and retards or prevents the onset of Type I (non
insulin dependent) diabetes
5) You may eat or drink one hour a week whatever you want
Normally the first two weeks you will do so, but after that you will not want to do this
I normally do this 1 hour "happy meal" for lunch on Sunday afternoon
By following the steps above, I assure you that you will lose 30 pounds of weight in 30
Please do it for the right reason and that is your health
Continue to be consistent with these steps after 30 days and do not go back to your old
Ingridman taught me invaluable lessons on how to lower a wedding cake price while still
going for the classiest of cakes
After her successful wedding, she told me how she managed to treat her guests with a
mouthwatering cake which was bought at reasonable price
She told me the reasons why most wedding cakes turn out to be expensive are because
the cake pans used to bake them are expensive
I will list some of the ways by which you can lower a wedding cake price and choose the
best cake for your wedding:
Before you agree to give an order to the baker, make sure that the decoration and design
is the right kind to suit your taste
Go through referrals and see what prices are being quoted
Look through the samples first before deciding on your cake
A supermarket could offer a wide range of cakes at a lesser cost than your bakery
Decide on how you want to decorate your wedding cake…whether you want to keep it
simple and cute or splendid and rich
Bakers who are not specially into wedding cakes could still bake the best cakes and cost
Home bakers too do not charge much and could make lovely cakes
There are disposable pillars available with your local baker or rental companies which are
a better alternative than those crystal pillars if you want to cut down on the cost of the
Let the baker or your local rental company helps you with the disposable pillars instead
of the crystal ones
Another great idea would be to find prices at a cake making or culinary school near your
Students have baking and decorating cakes as part of their curriculum
You can be assured that you will get gorgeous cake and have your wedding cake made at
a very low price
If students are baking and decorating wedding cakes as part of their curriculum, the per
person charge may be greatly reduced
You can even save on your wedding cake topper prices
Ingridman's case her uncle asked her what she would like to have as a wedding present
Often relatives and well wishers would ask you to ask what you need as a gift
Ingridman did, which you may want to do, is that if you buy a multi-tiered cake, see that
you decorate it yourself or have the florist do it for you
If you want flowers on your cake but the cost of the artificial flowers isn't fitting in your
budget, let your florist put real flowers on the cake
Ingridman put it, before you meet with any baker, look around for the best samples
com Wedding Cake Picture Gallery you will find amazing and interesting varieties of
wedding cakes
Expect to pay per slice of the cake as the cake cost depends more on style than flavors
Before sign up with your baker, shop around or decide what is the topper you would like,
what style you would want for you cake, what flavor is the taste of the season for you and
how tiered it should be…but the most important see that your mouthwatering wedding
cake comes at mouthwatering price
It is important to get what you want, at a price which does not tug at your purse strings
How to Make a An Organza Cake Stand Cover or Skirt to Protect Cakes and Pastries on
Your Cake Stand
Cake stand look so pretty when they are adorned with delicious cakes, buns and pastries
But the sweet smells of sugar, cream, jam and sugar also attract the attentions flies when
having tea time alfresco
The simple solution is to make your cake stand a cover or skirt that is see through enough
so that you can still see the appetizing sweet treats, but it keeps the flies from getting in
there first
The cake stand skirt just adds to the chintz look, and patterned or coloured organza can
really create a shabby chic quaint effect, which is so, old English tea parties
I've called it a skirt because it does look like the cake stand is wearing a Victorian
Half inch wide satin ribbon to use as a draw string,
To start off you need to take some measurements from your cake stand; you need to
measure the height from the table to the top of the handle, the radius of the top plate and
the circumference of the bottom plate
Draw a rectangle (landscape) on a piece of scrap paper, the long edge needs to be the
circumference of the bottom plate plus half the circumference again
The height of the rectangle should be the height of the cake stand plus the radius of the
top plate
In addition you need to add 6 inches for the top ruffle and chasing for the ribbon draw
string, and further half inch for the bottom hem
5 inch wide lace with scallops will not be as wide as in reality
You need to measure the lace across the narrowest point
With two stripes of lace you need to deduct 4 inches from the width of the rectangle in
Cut out the organza to this size and hem one of the long edges turning it up half an inch
From the hem at the bottom of the fabric, mark out 3 inches, and cut a strip off the
bottom which is 3 inches wide and hemmed on 3 sides
Sew lace over the top of the overlocked edge, turning the raw edges of the lace in
Sew another length of lace over the top of the bottom hem, taking care to fold in the raw
edges of the lace
Take the larger piece of organza and overlock or zigzag the two remaining long raw
On the top edge make a 3 inch hem, and sew into place
From this stitching sew another line of stitching just above to create a chasing for the
The distance needs to be about three quarters of an inch, so that the ribbon can lay flat
inside the channel
This piece of organza can now be stitched to the lower piece on the top lace stripe
Finally thread ribbon through the chasing and draw the skirt up, so that it gathers around
the handle of the cake stand
Dinners can retrieve a cake either by lifting the skirt or parting the skirt where the two
sides join, below the bow
Being made from organza the cake stand skirt is machine washable on a low temperature
and can be ironed on a low setting
How to Make a Medieval Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper
Are you having trouble finding a medieval bride and groom for the top of your wedding
My husband to be was going to be dressed as a knight, and I was going to be a princess
with long pointed sleeves and a crown
I trawled the internet looking for a suitable bride and groom to adorn the wedding cake,
but I couldn't find anything that I liked
I did however find websites offering to make personalised cake toppers with prices
starting from ВЈ150
What I did like about this idea was that the bride and groom are based on you; your
colours, your costumes and your design
After further searching I found a blog that customised salt and pepper pots to make
personalised bride and groom cake toppers
This is where I got my idea to make my own bride and groom based on the salt and
pepper pot shape and simple-ness, made from air drying clay
To make a personalised medieval bride and groom cake topper you will need
A block of DAS air drying clay in white, Air drying clay doesn't need firing
Stick on daimante gems and maybe some Organza or fabric from your dress
DAS is the original non cracking air drying clay; it can be drilled, sanded, painted and
varnished, so it is perfect to make your medieval wedding cake bride and groom
To start with I created the basic pepper pot shape
The bottom is a short stubby cone shape with the point cut off
If you start off with a chunky sausage, and then roll one end to be a bit slimmer
Then I rolled a ball for the head, and fixed it on top
This is the basic shape for both the bride and the groom
From there I rolled smaller sausages for arms, and slimmer sausages still for the hair and
For the knight's helmet, roll some clay out flat with a wooden rolling pin
I cut a strip of clay, with some slight shaping at the mouth
Wrap this around the head, and cut out a circle for the top of the helmet
The knight's cape was also cut from a rolled out piece of clay
I �gathered' the cape a bit at the back so that it gave the appearance of cloth
I did have problems getting all the clay to stick together and as it dries some parts did
break off
Simply use some super glue to stick back together when the clay has dried
Because the bride and groom are quite chunky, they do take a week or so to completely
Painting your medieval bride and groom is time consuming because you have to keep
waiting for the paint to dry, and you can only really paint one colour at a time
After painting you can other embellishments to make the toppers look more like you
I stuck on daimante gems to the bride where I would be wearing a crystal necklace, and I
also added daimante gems to my toppers crown
With a small piece of organza and fur fabric I made the bride a cape which was similar to
the one I was going to wear on the day
One thing to bear in mind if you are making your own personalised bride and groom is
that you need to prevent the real groom from seeing your cake topper bride, otherwise
they will know what you are going to wear for your big day, and you don't want to spoil
the element of surprise
If you need something to adorn your head to finish your medieval or renaissance
costume, you could make yourself a fabric medieval circlet
A medieval circlet is a hoop shaped �crown' that sits on the head and can be worn with or
without a veil
If you are making a fabric medieval circlet, you can tailor make it to compliment the rest
of your costume
If you have made your dress, you would use left over fabric to make the circlet
First you need to cut out the fabric that will form the main part of the circlet
If you are making the circlet for someone you know, you can measure their head to make
the correct size
Otherwise cut a rectangle of material that is 60cm long and about 6cm wide
The width is your own personal preference, and you can make the circlet chunkier or
thinner if you prefer
Fold the strip in half lengthways with the right sides of the fabric together
Sew along the length edge and turn right sides out
Fold the end bits of fabric in to cover over the ends
With the seam on the inside, bring the two tube ends round to meet one another and sew
them together to form a hoop
Try to keep the stitches small and discreet, but don't worry about them too much because
they can be hidden under ribbon
At the seam that you have just stitched (the back of the circlet) anchor a length of ribbon
with a couple of stitches
Now wrap the ribbon evenly around the circlet to give a candy stripe look
Then cut a couple of lengths of ribbons to tack to the back of the circlet
Tie a bow in one of the lengths of ribbon and sew this in place on top of the other tacked
Add a veil to the circlet by simply taking a rectangle of organza, edge the organza with
ribbon and then gather the top edge with a row of running stitches
Sew the gathers to the back inside edge of the circlet
How To Make A Unique Baby Carriage Centerpiece Out Of Towels
A baby shower calls for sentimental and cute decorations
You have significant freedom when it comes to the selection of the centerpieces
In fact, you can create these yourself to make them even more effective
Centerpieces use shapes and symbols associated to motherhood and taking care of a child
The centerpiece can be made of anything that the young mother will need and use
The making process is nearly identical for all of these items and you will produce
something beautiful and practical at the same time
To make a towel baby carriage centerpiece, you will need certain materials
Two white bath towels (you have freedom in terms of color here, as well)
You can add other goodies to the centerpiece to make it even more useful
Baby lotion and other baby care products can be placed inside the carriage
Make sure you purchase in advance everything that you want to place inside the baby
carriage centerpiece
The four face towels of each color will be used to create the wheels of the carriage
Roll it around the small wheel you made out of the first towel
Use one of the bath towels to make the base of the carriage
The edges should be placed at the outer side of the base
This wire will be used to support the baby carriage canopy
Use the second white both towel and secure it around the entire length of the wire
You can naturally make it more elaborated and eye-catching
Use the ribbons to decorate the canopy and the base
You can also make roses out of paper or you can print and use baby shower clip art
To make the centerpiece useful, place various baby care products inside the carriage
Use plastic wrapping to protect the baby carriage centerpiece from accumulating dust
Take it out and display your skills during the baby shower
If you like the idea, you can also work on other crafty and beautiful baby shower
The easiest one to make is a baby shower diaper cake
It resembles a bridal shower towel cake and gives you the chance to present the future
mom with some of the supplies she will need during the first months of her baby's life
How to make an everyday birthday cake evolve into a cool birthday cake
Are you bored with the same birthday cakes year after year, do you envy your colleagues
who come up with unique birthday cakes delivered to their loved ones every year
Well birthdays do come only once a year, and there is no harm in celebrating each
birthday with a special touch
With various varieties available in the market you can never run out of ideas
But of course the best would be a homemade cake made with love, this also gives you the
opportunity to go crazy with some wild ideas you can getter from various cake stores and
For example if you want to make your special someone have a royal celebration – you
can try out a cookie crown cake
With frosting and candy to add the rich look, you can be sure that the birthday celebrant
is going to feel like a prince or princess on the special day
Is the birthday boy or girl crazy over any specific animal or cartoon figure
Once you get the cake shape template, the rest is simple
After baking the cake to that template, you can use any colour frosting and different
candies and cookies to get the desired look for the cake
This can even be done to resemble a large ice cream cone, or a favourite flower
This can even be done to resemble the trade they work in – whether it's a doctor – still a
student (maybe a book) – or a writer (a large pen) you can create the cake in any shape
you can set your mind on
With a simple square or circle baked cake, once a photo is pictured on top of the cake,
nothing will make the cake more unique than that
Many bakeries simply scan the image and change it into an edible image on top of the
You can get many photographs merged together through photoshop or any image editing
tool before you run off to the bakers
Through this method, you can show a history of details or a bunch of different friends all
on the same cake top
Let your mind run crazy – set no limits as now anything you desire can be achieved in a
cake to celebrate that special someone's special day
Guidelines and methods for creating your own iced roses to decorate wedding cakes,
birthday cakes or celebration cakes; outlined below are several methods that will suit
bakers of all skill levels
*If you are not accustomed to working with fondant icing or have not made roses before
then make sure you buy enough fondant for several attempts- practise makes perfect
These instructions once perfected will give you perfect roses commonly used on wedding
cakes; this method is tricky and it is recommended you practise making the roses before
the day of preparation
Break off a small piece of the fondant and roll it until you roughly have a 1" diameter ball
Shape the ball into a cone by pinching one side of it; ideally you want the cone to be 1
To make a petal roll a ball of fondant roughly a quarter of the size of the previous, do not
worry too much about size, if in a later stage you are finding that the sizes of the petals
are too small then start again
Once you have your ball we want to flatten it to form a petal; use your thumb and press
down on the ball
You want to create a circle that is 2" in diameter, it is important that the petal is about Вј"
thick on the bottom and thin on the top
*For a more realistic look ensure that the petal tips are paper thin
Having created the first petal, apply to the base of the cone, carefully wrapping it around
finishing with a furl at the top to create a bud
It is best to start by applying the thick side of the petal to the base of the cone then
carefully wrap the thin �petal' around- slightly bending it over itself to create a bloom
Do the same with the three remaining petals; applying them from the bottom bud and
delicately shaping the thin top to replicate a rose's petal as it unfurls from the bud
Make five more petals, this time slightly larger than the originals but ensure you still keep
the tips as thin as possible
Apply these final petals lower down on the base than the previous petals, spread the
petals evenly round the base layering them up and curling the edges back a slight bit
more to create more bloom
Continue layering the petals on until you are satisfied with the fullness of the rose
Here is an even simplified method for creating a less detailed rose, although in my
opinion it is a more modern look
This method will give you a rose that if kept pure white with perhaps a small silver sugar
ball placed on top of the bud will be suitable for wedding cakes; however, if used with
bright colouring they will be perfect for birthday cakes
This method is easy to change and I recommend experimenting to create variations on the
basic rose
5cm in thickness, 15cm in width and 20cm in length
Arrange the rolled out icing in front of you so that the 20cm length is the side closest to
This is another dish that originated from the Kenya Coast; here we will teach you how to
make Kenya Biriani Recipe for your family or guests
Kenya Biriani Recipe is a highly nutritious and delicious food that is a basic staple of
Kenya Coast people
Making Kenya Biriani is a process that dates back thousands of years, and many
variations exist both within regions of Kenya and around Tanzania
All the history and variation doesn't mean that making Kenya Biriani is complicated
Meat ( mutton leg, a lean cut of beef, goat or chicken)
1 teaspoon each of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and whole black peppercorns
Oil for frying 1 smallest size tin tomato paste Method to make Biriani Recipe
Cut the meat into biggish pieces and put into a heavy saucepan with the pawpaw and
garlic and ginger
Add the sour milk or yogurt, and the juice of the two limes
Whilst this is cooking, grind all the spices together and set aside
Slice the onions and fry in oil until brown and crisp
Peel and slice the potatoes and fry in the same oil until golden brown
Remove and keep on one side - apart from the onions
Check the meat to see if it is nearly ready, then add the spices and the skinned tomatoes
together with 4-5 tablespoons of the fat used to fry the onions and potatoes
Mix together well, then add the tin of tomato paste
Continue cooking over low heat until the meat is really tender and the sauce thick and
It is almost certain you will have to add a little warm water before the meat is cooked
Cook for a final 15 - 20 minutes to make sure all the flavours have blended together
Put a good layer of the rice at the bottom of a fireproof dish or casserole
Pour over the meat mixture, and cover completely with another layer of rice
Now put in the fried onions, reserving a few for decoration, and cover them with the rest
of the rice
Take the sliced potatoes and tuck them at the edge of the dish, and across the top, pushing
them into the rice
Sprinkle with the reserved onions about 30 minutes
Biriani can be served at table in the casserole if it is decorative one, or else you will have
to remove the meat and the vegetables keeping the layers as cooked and serve on a big
Having been born from a family of many girls, I was not supposed to cook when all my
sisters are present but when I joined work and start to live on my own, that's when
cooking lessons became a reality
Of course not every person like cooking but for those who enjoy to explore new foods
and have the taste for delicious yummy yummy, this recipe in a must not miss
One of the nicest lamp shade are those made with mica
One reason for this is that it's durable and strong plus these kinds of lamps are easy to
Mica lamp shades is one of the lamps that came along before electricity
A few years after 1930s along came the earliest electric lamps
Some features of Mica lamps that appeal to people are:
These beautiful mica lamp shades produce a warm soft light;
Mica lamp brings a sense of soft beauty into a room
Mica is group of silicate minerals and the word �mica' is derived from the Latin word
�micare' which means �to glitter'
Mica produces a marble look and mica lamp shades are easy to make and you can do it
yourself as well
In this article we'll show you how to create your own mica lamp
Before you start on your project, check if you have a tape measure, a metal lampshade
(with strong frame) and shears
Now purchase the amount of mica sheets you require to make the mica lamp shades
It comes in four colors, dark amber, standard amber, stained amber and white
If you have a lamp shade that you may already have at home and decide which area you
would be adding the mica too, or if you plan to do a full mica lamp shade, then measure
the entire shade
Once the amount is decided purchase your mica sheets
Slip it into the metal lampshade or fit into desired areas
Hold mica sheets in place with glue or tape or if you have tabs at the back of the fold,
fold them in to hold the sheet in place
Mica lamp shades can be designed by using circular or square or even rectangular shaped
If you don't have a metal frame to make your mica lamp shades, don't worry there is
another option, though it may require a little more work
Bend one of those hangers into the shape of a circle
Use a mug or a round container to get the desired shape
Do the same with another hanger and make it larger so that it can be the lower rim
Take 3 or 4 hanger pieces cut to the same measurement and connect both rims with them
leaving equal spaces between them
Take 3 hanger pieces which have been put to the same measurement
Taking a separate hanger bend it to the shape of a small circular, large enough to rest on
the bulb rim
You can attach these by using thick wire and then attach it to the lower rim
Now take the mica sheets and drill small holes in the corners each sheets (4 holes)
Taking 3 inch sections of craft wire attach the mica to the rims, both up and down
And now you have your very own home made mica lamp shade
You can use stencils and paint on your lampshade to add a little bit of color if you desire
Anyone who has interest and has a passion for lamp shade can make their own lamp
Making of mica lamp shades is an interesting project
How To Make Paleo Cookies – The Hidden Art Of Making Mouth-watering Paleo
If you want to learn how to make paleo cookies, then buckle up because in just a few
moments…I'm going to reveal the hidden art of making a bunch of very palatable paleo
This paleo cookie recipe is pretty simple actually
See, I was watching a kung-fu flick the other day, and the main character was talking
about learning “the hidden art of tiger claw technique”
Truth of the matter is I came to know a lot of delicious paleo diet recipes from a
collection of downoadable cookbooks
There is huge selection of recipes in there, not just cookies mind you…
No hidden art …I learned how to make paleo cookies from downloadable cookbooks
Anyway, you can check out the paleo diet cookbooks at the bottom of this recipe
With all that cleared up, let's get down to business on making those tasty paleo diet
You'll need - -> 3 egg whites, 2 tsp of ground cinnamon, 1 ВЅ tsp of ground nutmeg, 2
cups of pecan nut meal, 2 tbs of melted honey, and a fan-forced oven
Plug in your fan-forced oven and pre-heat it to 180 В°C
Plop all ingredients in a bowl with the exception of egg whites
Get another bowl, put the 3 egg whites in it and beat them until they form stiff, firm
Next, in a gentle manner, fold egg whites that were beaten just now into pecan nut meal
Now take out a sheet of baking paper and lay it out on the baking tray
Scoop small pieces of mixture and put them onto the tray
Alright, go ahead…Enjoy your pecan nut cookies – paleo style
Now that you already know how to make paleo cookies, why not try your hands on other
delicious and interesting paleo recipes like banana custard, coconut citrus cake, meatball
minestrone, special paleo chicken skewers and more
How To Make People Happy: 5 Happiness Tips That Make People Feel Awesome
Who says the world has to live under gray skies all the time
And the world will definitely become a better place if we all did our part in keeping our
neighbors cheerful
If you want to learn how to make people happy, read this article
You can't make others happy if you're wallowing in depression yourself
And even if you do succeed in making someone happy, that joy won't last long when they
see how miserable you are
The guilt will set in and before you know it, that person is just as unhappy as you are
Besides, knowing what makes you smile and laugh will help a lot when it comes to
determining what makes other people tick
A proven way on how to make people happy is by sending them a totally unexpected
You don't have to buy them a car to make them glad
Little things like a cup of coffee or a slice of cake does wonders for a weary soul
The fact that it's unexpected only adds to the experience
Smiling is very important when it comes to learning how to make people happy
This works well not only for people you know, but also for strangers on the street
Happiness is infectious and when you're smiling, most people can't help but smile back at
You may not think it's a lot, but one smile is like a shot of sunshine to a person
Just make sure you're putting on a genuine smile because people will know if you're
faking it
If you find it difficult to put on a "real" smile, just think of your favorite things or
experiences when you're smiling to someone
Sometimes, learning how to make people happy is as easy as accepting them
You yourself might also harbor a few uncertainties of your own
Imagine what it would feel like if somebody went up to you and told you that they like
you just the way you are
It acts as therapy for those who just need someone to be there
Listening to others also makes them feel like they're worth something
Learning how to make people happy doesn't have a set formula
Everybody is different and responds to different things
However, these tips mentioned above cut across most barriers
Check each one out and see what works best for you
Chintz cake stands are making a comeback as shabby chic becomes desirable
Cake stands are great for displaying cakes at parties and BBQ's and are space saving
when table space for food is limited
Cake stands are really easy to make, and once you have made one and discovered how
easy it is, you'll want to make more
The first thing to do is to find 3 plates in descending sizes
The plates can be matching and that looks really nice, but equally odd plates can be as
If you are choosing odd plates its nice if you stick to a theme, so for example collect 3
pink plates, or plates with spots
Sticking to a theme with odd plates gives the cake stand some continuity
Car boots and charity shops are great places to source decorative plates for cake stand
You will also need a 6mm carbide spear tip drill bit to make holes in the plates
The carbide spear head drill bit is much easier to use than a diamond drill bit because it
doesn't slide around on the plate when drilling the hole
The carbide spear tip drill bits are inexpensive, costing just a couple of pounds
You will also need a cake stand handle with a bolt and washers
Again these can be bought quite cheaply for a brand new handle
Ebay have cake stand handles listed from around two pounds, which come complete with
the washers and bolt
To make your cake stand you need to give the plates a good wash and a thorough drying
And then you need to mark the centre of the plate with a permanent marker
The easiest way to find the centre of the plate is to draw around the plate on some scrap
paper, and cut it out
Open out the template plate and you should now have a diamond shape in the middle
Place the paper over the top of the plate, with the pattern side of the plate upwards and
mark a dot on the plate through the hole in the paper
Set the drill up with the 6mm carbide spear tip drill bit, and make sure that the drill is not
set on hammer drill
Pour some cold water onto the plate that you are going to drill; the water will help to keep
the drill bit cool
The water also prolongs the life of your drill bit
Try to keep the drill as straight as possible when drilling, so that your hole is straight
through the plate, this will avoid your handle being at a �funny' angle when the cake stand
is made up
You should drill slowly and only apply a light amount of pressure
If the drill bit develops yellow, brown, blue or black �burn' marks around the tip, you
need to slow down and drill slower
Once you have drilled all three plates, clean the plates up and then you can start to build
the cake stand
Starting at the bottom, push the bolt through the bottom of the biggest plate and on the
bolt add a washer to sit on the face of the plate
Then screw on the first straight part of the cake stand handle
Onto the op of the spindle add another washer and the middle sized plate, then another
washer, and then screw on the second spindle
On the top of the spindle add a washer, the smallest plate, another washer and then finally
the handle spindle part
If your cake stand handle is at a bit of a funny angle you can correct this by gently
bending the spindles
See how easy it is to make a beautiful shabby chic cake stand
So why not try something a bit different, like a strawberries and cream stand
The larger dish at the bottom for strawberries and the top smaller dish for whipped cream
Again have a large dish at the bottom to hold the strawberries and marshmallows for
The second plate can hold tea light candles to melt the chocolate and on the top tier have
a small bowl or a china cup to hold the melted chocolate
With homemade cake stands the possibilities are endless, and you can easily create
beautiful table decorations and centrepieces that look professionally made at a fraction of
the cost of a shop bought one
So get down to your local charity shop and see old plates with new eyes
When a person decides to retire, a retirement party is often provided to the retiree
As a tradition, a cake is presented as a tribute to the retiree
The center of the celebration will be the retiring person
But at the food corner, the CAKE will absolutely be the center of attention
Typically, cakes during this type of occasions are simple
Commonly, retirement cakes are easy to slice and are shared by the hosts and guests
That is the reason why a retirement cake must be large enough to feed a large crowd
In small retirement celebrations, a square cake or a round cake with two layers are very
Below are the procedures in creating a basic butter cream designed cake:
Bake a cake that is large enough to serve the expected crowd at the party
As soon as the cake is cooled, spread a thin layer of frosting
After the icing is placed, nicely set all the crumbs of the cake
Write a sincere message on the top of the cake using a thinned layer of butter cream
Style your cake with decorating flowers, candles and other decorative ornaments
You can also create a border around, the top and bottom of the cake
Create patterns that will serve as borders of your cake by piping the butter cream frosting
To personalize the retirement cake, design it with pretty ornaments and cake decorating
Let's say you already purchase your ready - made fondant from a nearby baking shop
Just add color on your fondant using your special designing tools
You can also use a cookie cutter to form various shapes such as stars, plants, animals and
cars and place it on the cake to make it look appealing
To improve the over - all look of the fondant cake, use small templates and cut out the
Aside from the lettering, you may also use a cookie cutter, scissors or just a knife to cut
out seasonal stuffs such as autumn leaves, snowflakes and flowers shapes
Fondant and butter cream are commonly used since they are easy to decorate
You have grown up hearing how your grandmother could bake a cake without ever using
a recipe, the story may even claim she never measured anything
However if we ordinary humans want to successfully make a cake we need to follow a
recipe and measure carefully
When you are going to make a cake, preparation is absolutely vital
It is very important to preheat the oven in order to ensure that baking times will be
You also need to properly prepare the pans you will be using
Most baked items require a pan to either be greased or greased and floured
To grease a pan, use a paper towel or pastry brush to apply a thin even covering
Try using solid vegetable shortening, it won't add flavor to your cake
You can also use a cooking spray specifically for baking
If a recipe calls for greasing and flouring a pan, grease the pan as usual and then shake
the pan to coat all surfaces
Turn the pan upside down to get rid of the excess flour
Before you start to make a cake, make sure you have everything you need
Check to be sure you have all of the ingredients the recipe lists
Don't substitute ingredients unless the recipe lists alternatives
When you are a little more experienced then you can play with your recipes
Especially with a cake, if a recipe calls for butter, use it
A cup of liquid does not have the same volume as a cup of dry ingredients
On the other hand, if you use a liquid measure for dry ingredients, you will be adding
extra and your baked goods may be too dry
It is best to use a clear standard liquid measuring cup
Place the cup on a level surface and fill to the desired mark
With dry ingredients, lightly spoon the ingredients into the proper cup and level it off
with a spatula or knife
When measuring solid fats and brown sugar, firmly press the ingredient into a standard
dry measure cup and level it off with a knife or spatula
Measuring margarine or butter is easy, as the wrapped sticks are marked for each tbsp
Dry measure cups are also used for sour cream, yogurt or whipped cream
Along with liquid and dry measuring cups, you need a set of measuring spoons
Most sets have four spoons for Вј, ВЅ, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon
Fill the spoon with dry ingredients and level it off with a spatula or knife
Another necessity for successful baking is a good basic cookbook
You can go on line and find charts that will show you the metric and imperial equivalents
of both liquid and dry measures
There are also instructions for how to halve or double a recipe and oven temperature in
Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
High altitude baking requires adjustments in temperature liquids baking powder and
sugar, there are also charts that can give you these adjustments
Cakes, biscuits and muffins, cookies, yeast dough and quick breads all have their own
altitude adjustments
These tips are actually making a couple of cakes will soon turn you into an expert
Without your keychain, your house keys, car keys and office keys will be all over the
place or get scattered or lost inside your bag or home
Key chains can help organize your life and remove unnecessary stress brought about by
lost keys
There are many keychain styles, designs and materials available when you go to the
department store
However, if you have a passion for arts and crafts, you can easily make your own key
The materials you will need are simple items you can easily find at home or at an arts and
crafts store, and making them can be a fun bonding activity for the family
To make the keychains, you will need aluminum foil, permanent markers, an oven, and
for the main keychain you can choose between a piece of transparent shrinky dink paper
or a cake pan, depending on the end product that you want
This is purely your preference, but if you use transparent paper, make sure that it is the
thick plastic coated kind and not thin transparency film
First, you have to cut your transparent paper or cake pan depending on the size and shape
of the keychain that you want
But when using transparent paper, cut its size to six times larger than your intended
keychain as they will shrink during the process
For the cake pan on the other hand, you can make several key chains so the rest of the
cake pan will not be discarded
When you have the desired shape and size, you can write your message or draw an image
on one or both sides of the keychain, again depending on your preference
You can use different colored pens as long as they are permanent markers
The use of crayons, whiteboard markers or ordinary colored pens is not advisable because
they will melt and fade towards the end of the process
Next, line your oven with the aluminum foil and put your keychain in it, baking it for two
to four minutes until the message gets really embedded and will not get scratched or fade
After two or four minutes, turn off the heat and leave the keychain in the oven to cool
If you can take it out safely, you can have it cool outside the oven as well
Finally, you can add a key ring on the top side of the keychain (by pinching a hole just
big enough for the string to be inserted) where they keys will be placed
Be sure to use a color that can complement you main keychain for a full coordinated look
Now, your keychain is ready to use and you can do the rest of the key chains in another
This is the classic keychain procedure, however, you can use other alternative materials
such as wood (you simply have to carve it the desired shape), or beads (string them
together to form a three-dimensional shape)
Just add a little creativity and you can make one key chain after another and get the same
wonderful effect
How to Make Your Own Stepping Stones - Step-By-Step Instructions
You can gather your own materials and with some smart shopping, make a garden full of
stepping stones for the price of a do it yourself kit that will only make one stone
Each child could make their own personal stepping stone for the garden
Disposable aluminum foil baking pans - cake pans, pie pans - in various sizes and shapes
(Tip: To make things more interesting and fun try to find fun shapes like hearts, stars,
bunnies, flowers, etc
Shop around holiday times to stock up on fun shapes to make in the spring or summer
Around Easter time you can usually find bunnies, eggs and flowers, Valentine's Day you
can find hearts
Small rocks, marbles, glass decorator rocks, broken pieces of pottery, small mosaic tiles,
or fish tank rocks
Most all of the items can be found at dollar stores or craft stores except for the mortar or
concrete mix which can be found at stores like The Home Depot and Lowe's
2) Set out your pans on a level surface outside where they will not get wet for at least 24
I prefer to lay them out on the ground so I don't make a mess on my tables
3) Mix concrete or mortar following manufacturer's directions
Leave about ВЅ inch space from the top of the mixture to the top of the pan
If you have really deep pans, only fill the pan with a mixture of about 1 ВЅ inches thick
As the mixture starts to set you need to start putting in all of your items
Push your rocks, glass, marbles, or pieces of pottery firmly into the mixture
You want to make sure they are deep enough into the mixture to stay put but not be
covered by the mixture
You can also use a stick to write words into the mixture or have the kids press their
handprints in for a cherished keepsake
7) Once stones are dry gently remove them from the pans
Sometimes they don't want to come out so you might need heavy duty scissors to cut the
pan away from the stone
Be careful if you have to do this because the foil pan is very sharp
This is why I recommend using disposable pans in case the stones do not want to come
8) If you have any rough or sharp edges you may want to file them down with an old file
or some heavy duty, very rough grit sandpaper
Now you can add a more personal touch and fill your garden with unique, hand made
stepping stones
How To Meet Norwegian Singles Online At Norway Dating Sites
Meeting Norwegian singles is just a click of a button away
In the past, you had to hustle so as to get your love but the story is different with
Norwegian dating sites
What these sites do is bring all singles together at your disposal
You don't have to worry anymore since you can always get them from your living room
Even with your internet enabled phone, you can be able to meet these singles online
What makes it simpler is the fact meeting Norwegian singles online does not require you
to scratch your head
You are not required to think hard what you are going to tell your preferred partner
In fact, the work has been simplified for you; all the singles that are available here know
that they are looking for partners
Because of this, it becomes extremely easy to say 'I love you' and be loved back right
Once you have accessed Norwegian online dating services, you will come face to face
with reality
This is because you will get a lot of singles who are hungry for love
Since this is the case, you are more likely to get your partner
It does not matter who your preferred partner is, Norwegian dating websites will provide
him or her for you
All you need to do is to shop around for the best suitor for you
Shopping for the best candidate is not a hard task
On these profiles, you are going to charge who you want and who you do not want
Although not every part of information is given on these profiles, you are likely to get
important information that can help you make a choice
For instance, you will get the information about the occupation, place of residence and
even interests of a particular partner
The good thing about Norwegian dating sites is the fact that you get to choose before you
can say hello
By the time you say hello, you would have chosen already
Besides, you are given all the time in the world to make your choice, nobody is going to
pressurize you; you have plenty of time to do your shopping
After you have landed at one of the Norwegian singles, you need to start a formal
As said earlier, enticing a Norwegian girl online is like a piece of cake
You are not supposed to be an expert to do it; all you need is to make the first step
What is more, these online singles are always online
This means that you can easily reach them whenever you say hello
In most cases, you will get a response immediately
At this stage, your journey to a relationship has already begun
This means that you decide how to continue with the relationship
It is advisable though for both of you to know each other even better
Afterwards, you can decide to meet and formalize your relationship
The good thing about meeting single Norwegian women online is the speed at which the
relationship starts
You do not have to wait for days or weeks or even months to get a 'yes' from someone
Furthermore, meeting Norwegian singles online is easy and flexible too
There is no much hustle at Norwegian dating websites
All hurdles have been removed and replaced with smooth path
Every child has something he does well and enjoys doing
Encourage that natural talent with fun and educational toys and activities from online
retailers like Sensational Beginnings and Hearth - Song
Musically inclined children can compose their own music with instruments made for
smaller hands, like drums, pianos, guitars and horns
Give future vocalists a selection of music CDs and a microphone so they can belt out
their favorite songs
MP3 players and headphones made with large colorful control buttons will provide hours
of listening enjoyment and are perfect for road trips
A top-notch math and science education is the foundation for later learning and critical
Give your burgeoning scientist a leg up with counting and math toys, clocks for learning
time and map puzzles
You'll also find kid-friendly microscopes and kits and games that explore the human
body or birds, insects and wildlife
Older children will enjoy hands-on activities that explore wind and solar power, rocks,
outer space, physical and earth science, and more
If your children love to help you in the kitchen and have inquisitive taste buds, hand them
their own aprons, chef's hats and cooking utensils
Younger children will spend hours with kitchen play sets, especially if they're stocked
with colorful cooking tools, pretend food, serving ware and tea sets
Older children will enjoy cooking and baking treats they can eat using special kits and
pans for making giant cupcakes and cream-filled cookies, unusual cakes, gingerbread
objects and colorful iced cookie shapes
Throw in a child-friendly recipe book for even more ideas of things they can whip up in
the kitchen
Easels and desks give children a place to create without having to worry about making a
mess, and some also help keep their supplies in one place
Equip your budding Picassos with paint, crayons, chalk and colored pencils
Then throw in drawing pads or big paper rolls and see where their imaginations take them
Other children will enjoy putting together sewing and craft projects that make unique
jewelry, woven and knitted accessories, pottery, quilts, stuffed animals and more that
they can use and give to others
Another great idea is a tie-dye or make-up kit that lets your children exercise their inner
If your children are out to save the world, encourage them to explore their dreams with
dress-up apparel, accessories and toys
Firefighters will love putting on their gear and racing to the scene with a fire extinguisher
in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other
Add a pedal-powered fire engine to sneak some fitness into their play
Wannabe police officers can save the day wearing utility belts equipped with handcuffs, a
nightstick and other crime-fighting gear
With a detective kit, they can learn about the science of law enforcement by collecting
and comparing fingerprints and investigating the crime scene
Future doctors can check their vital signs with working stethoscopes and play medical
Christmas is an ideal time of year to plan a wedding
Spirits are high and everyone seems to be in a festive and happy mood already, and your
event will only add to those good feelings
Christmas weddings are especially easy to set the mood for with many of your
decorations already a part of most venues' dГ©cor
Celebrate the romance of winter by planning your own Christmas wedding
Most people who want a Christmas wedding don't schedule it for Christmas day
Your friends and even family will want to spend the day with their loved ones, opening
presents and cooking a big Christmas dinner
Instead, plan for any weekend in December, but set it as soon as possible because
Christmas weddings are popular and the venue of your choice may book up early
When visiting a possible location for your wedding, keep in mind if you are planning
early, they aren't going to have their Christmas decorations up
Ask to see photographs of their venue during the holidays so that you know what to
Be sure that these decorations aren't going to clash with other ideas that you may have of
your own
Christmas weddings are filled with many options for colors including deep reds, greens,
gold, silver, white and even black
You can even decide to go for a winter white wedding and stick with silver and white
Play around with ribbons and papers that feature these colors until you come up with a
wedding color scheme that you are happy with
All of these color choices will be mixed throughout your wedding dГ©cor, attire and
Your wedding invitations can be a simple and classic wedding invitation or you can have
a little fun with it by customizing your own Christmas themed wedding invitation
Instead of sending flat card invites, you could send out mini Christmas presents with your
invite packaged inside
You could also send out rolled up scrolls tied with a silver ribbon and a snowflake
hanging off the ribbon
To keep your wedding from becoming too busy with Christmas colors and dГ©cor, keep
your wedding attire for your bridal party simple
Choosing a simple black dress for your bride's maids and use accessories such as colored
ribbons in their hair or placing snowflakes and bells within their bouquet are great ways
to add just a touch of Christmas to the wedding
For the bride consider wearing a white cape or white muff as you walk down the aisle
Many couples offer some sort of "confetti" type product to throw on the couple as they
exit the church after the wedding
Instead of the traditional colored confetti, bubbles or bird seed throw snowflakes
You can purchase snowflake shaped confetti in white and silver from many craft stores or
you can order it online
Place a little of the snowflake mix inside some white tulle rounds and closed up with
silver ribbon and you have the perfect exit
Remember that your venue may have Christmas decorations already up, but you may
wish to add your own touches to go along with it
If your venue doesn't have a Christmas tree on display, you may wish to provide your
own and decorate it using ornaments that blend in with your wedding color scheme
If you aren't able to have a tree at the wedding, consider adding one at your reception
Have your guests place their wedding gifts under the Christmas tree instead of on the
standard gift table
When planning the music to be played during your ceremony and reception consider
classic piano arrangements of popular Christmas songs
This will keep a romantic and classic mood throughout the wedding but remind everyone
of the wonderful holiday spirit you are all sharing
If you can arrange it, you may also start your reception off with a small children's choir
singing Christmas carols while you and your guests eat
The arrangements for your Christmas wedding can also be designed in a way that adds a
natural and warm feeling of Christmas to the day
Candlelight weddings can add a touch of elegance and give a soft romantic glow on a
wintery evening
Instead of large and expensive floral arrangements, consider placing poinsettias around
the room with pots in the color of your theme
You can replace expensive wedding favors for your guests with miniature wreaths at each
place setting
Bring the Christmas decorations even further by replacing large floral center pieces with
small pine trees decorated with lights and miniature ornaments that match your dГ©cor
Don't let your wedding cake miss out on the Christmas festivities either
Wedding cakes have come a long way and can be made to look like just about anything
You can go as simple as a lovely white cake tower wrapped in red sheer ribbons or as fun
as a cake that is shaped to look like a stack of Christmas presents, with ribbons and bows
as part of the decoration
Another popular treat to have at your wedding is a fully decorated and edible gingerbread
If you are having kids at your wedding, this will be especially popular with them
How To Plan For A Disney Cars Party Favors Birthday Theme
Thinking of surprising your little boy by arranging for a Disney Cars party favors theme
for him
Well, if this is the first time you are planning such a theme, then you might need some
help in the process
Disney Cars is a famous movie that is adored by children of all ages
Your kid will really look forward for his birthday
There are many websites that offer party supplies and other materials for arranging such
themes for birthdays
First of all you need to get started with the birthday invitations
You can either purchase Disney Cars themed invitations from the internet or create your
own ones
These cards are easy to make provided you have the necessary creative skills and time
Cut out pictures of Lightning Mc - Queen, Luigi, Doc and Ramone and paste them along
with the photo of your child
You can complete the invitations by adding wordings inviting the kids to the party,
specifying the date, time and venue
Streamers can be hung from the ceilings and balloons in red, white and black shaped in
any of the Disney Cars character can be hung at the entrance
For special effects, you might want to add race car checker flags along with standing
props of these Disney Car characters
Kids love piatas and you can even arrange for Cars piatas and fill them up with toys, gifts
and candies
You might even want to look at some of the party supplies and materials offered by a
number of stores online
Kids tend to be impatient and may get into tantrums if bored
Their boredom can be easily resolved by making them to take part in some fun filled
activities that can keep them busy till the rest of the guests arrive
Arrange for some coloring books or a sticker sheet and make the children draw and color
their favorite Disney car
The most exciting part of this Disney Cars party favors theme is the food and the
Kids love all sorts of food especially the birthday cake
The cake can be ordered or baked in the form of any of the Disney Cars character
Other food items can be given unique names and fruit juices and milkshakes can be
served as beverages
Desserts can be served in the form of ice creams, fruit salads and many more
Games are a great way to win exciting prizes as well as keep the kids in check
A list of games that are sure to be fun for the kids are Disney Cars relay, Ramon says, TShirt painting etc
You can even create a racetrack and allow the kids to race their favorite car
A Disney Car party favor box can contain the T- shirts painted by the kids, candies,
chocolates, Disney Cars stickers, whistles and toy cars
If you are not sure on what to give away as party favors, you can purchase readymade
party favor bags from any of the Disney stores at affordable prices
Boys adore these Disney Cars party favors themes and your son will not at all be
You can even take the help of your friends and relatives who have already organized such
This party is sure to be a success and will be the hot topic amongst your kid's friends for
years to come
If you are kid loves pixie dust, Tinkerbell plus the Disney Fairies, then why not have a
Disney Fairies themed party
Having a theme for a children's event is basic and makes it so a great deal far more fun
and entertaining for the kids too
To begin, you'll require to send out some invitations to visitors invited for your themed
If you are creative you'll be able to make your personal invitations or simply buy them
If you are not in a position to locate any fairies invitations in stores then try and locate a
related theme or design for the invitations that feature fairies or something which could
relate to the theme
Strategy the entertainment and pursuits for your visitors applying video games, arts and
crafts or any other fun pursuits that the youngsters will appreciate
If you are Having video games, then make the fairies theme come into the video games
Play music from the Disney soundtracks or music that the youngsters appreciate listening
too and use this for the pursuits and video games too
If your video games or pursuits require prizes then buy some gifts and treats for prizes
Opt for some themed party supplies and decorations to decorate the table plus the room
Some goods which you may possibly want to pick when shopping for themed decorations
and supplies consist of; table covers, napkins, plates, cups, hats, streamers, cutlery,
banners, blowers, a centerpiece, a pinata, favors and gifts for the visitors
Make the foods basic, it makes it a great deal less difficult on both you plus the visitors
Well-liked foods for kids consist of finger foods like pizza fingers, sausage rolls, chips,
bread, cakes and biscuits
Sandwiches are also a Well-liked selection of foods for youngsters with a selection of
different filling possibilities plus the sandwiches could be cut into distinct shapes like
stars, fairies and other shapes with foods cutters as you would for cookies too, to
illustrate the fairies theme
you'll require a cake, which you'll be able to either Opt for to make yourself or invest in a
single at a store
If you are not in a position to locate a Disney Fairies cake, then decorate a single with
some fairies or related cake decorations and figures
By carefully planning and applying your creativity, you and your kid will have an
unforgettable party and your visitors will appreciate themselves
Who doesn't like to have soup as a starter or as a dessert
Delicious soup can very well compliment your main course
You can make your children happy by serving them various kinds of soup
It fulfills the nutritional requirements of your children
Not only the children,the adults also prefer soup along with the main dish or separately
If you want taste and health together soup is the right option for you
You can follow our easy soup recipes to get ideas how to prepare various soups with
simple and healthy ingredients in no time
Tomato soup recipes, tortilla soup recipes,chicken soup recipes etc are most common
In fact these are also very popular soups that are served in different restaurants
How will it be if you prepare a dessert soup recipe and give your family a surprise
Instead of serving sweets,milk shade, chocolates you can serve ice cream soup
With our unique soup recipes you can prepare tasty ice cream soups
This unique sweet dish will surely bring a smile on the faces of your children
You can also delight other family members with this delicious delicacy
One of our most mouth watering ice cream soup recipes is Choco Carpet Delight
You don't even need to spend a lot on the ingredients
The ingredients are simple and they are easily available in the market
The ingredients that you need to prepare Choco Carpet Delight include:
Making a food item tasty is the first condition of successful cooking but the decoration
and the aroma add more charm to a preparation
Remember you have bought 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
Once you put them on the plate pour chocolate sauce over the scoops
The chocolate you scrapped is the next ingredient to be used
Home style Bagia za dengu recipe is wonderful as a main dish, and perfect as a side dish
for your favorite vegetable, meat, poultry, or seafood entrГ©e
Bagia za dengu is plentiful throughout the year, Have you ever tasted Bagia za Dengu
This site will teach you how to prepare dengu bagias and make money out of this recipe
Add garlic, then parsley and curry powder, mix well
Add water a teaspoon at a time, until it becomes a heavy mixture
In medium-high heat; Heat the oil in a pan, for deep frying
Drop a teaspoon full of the butter mixture in hot oil to deep fry until it turns golden
brown color
Remove from pan, put on paper towel or (chujio la nazi if you are in Tanzania) until it
cools down
Call you guest to enjoy our African Bagia Wa Dengu
Having been born from a family of many girls, I was not supposed to cook when all my
sisters are present but when I joined work and start to live on my own, that's when
cooking lessons became a reality
Of course not every person like cooking but for those who enjoy to explore new foods
and have the taste for delicious yummy yummy, this recipe in a must not miss
How to Shade, Roll Out, and Hand-Work Gum paste in Order to Make Great Looking
Once you've manufactured the recipe, you can shade it any coloring you want, or divide
the mixture and shade it a number of different colors
To paint gumpaste, apply tiny amounts of liquid or gel-paste food coloring with a
After that with your hands, work and work the color into the gum paste piece until the
shade is evenly applied
For those who would like a deeper shade, you're able to add ample color slightly at a
time, and re-knead the gumpaste till you achieve the preferred tint
Bear in mind, you may every time darken a color easier than you can lighten one
(Some celboards also have grooves for the flower wires
) Each time dust your work surface with cornstarch first
This is standard operation for rolling out gumpaste to cut any floral shape
After your work surface is adequately dusted, take a little piece of gumpaste, work it a
short time with your hands and after that place it onto the cornstarch-covered area
Bear inside mind, roll out one little piece of gum paste at a time to avoid drying; and
cover every petal and flower cut you make with saran wrap
(Or place under your vinyl practice board cover for those who have one)
When you remove gumpaste from a plastic bag or covered container, you will require to
re-work it with your hands till it's soft and pliable once again
If the gumpaste may be stored for some time and seems a little bit stiff, add a little piece
of freshly made gumpaste and after that re-knead it with your hands
Very easy rapid and popular method for making very small flowers Mexican hat System This system is wonderful
This method may be used for most very small flowers, including pansies, violets,
petunias, Hyacinth, and lots of others:
Insert hooked wire from top, which is barely dampened onto the hook
Be sure to notice whichthe leaf centers are also thicker than the sides
Some leaves are naturally shiny and this helps make them look real
I hope that this short article has helped you understand other ways to work with
For further information please pay a visit to supply site
How confident are you that you will be able to keep all the junk food in the house for a
full month and not eat any
Avoiding temptation and eating healthy is the number one strategy and will pay off well
in the near future
To test if you can really avoid temptation, even with all the food in the house, try the
steps below:
Wrap it in "plain brown paper" and stick it in the freezer
Put it out of plain sight and practice sitting next to it without eating it
Think about how good you will feel by not eating it and substituting a more nutritious
food that improves your health and reduces weight
Think about how you feel after you eat junk food and how much more positive you will
feel about yourself if you don't eat any ( or if you eat only a planned amount
Visualize yourself with a stunning body shape and how good you would feel once you
stop this habit of eating junk food
Think about how much you would be in control when you say "No, thanks" when
someone offers you junk food
Choose foods that are grilled or broiled than that are fried
Substitute your fried snacks with fat free versions and healthy snacks
Have a full health meal on time, or cook large meals and store in the freezer for later
This will prevent you from running out of food at home or tempting you to run to that
vending machine
Eat a big breakfast, this will stop you from going hungry or binging at lunch
Breakfast must consist of high complex carbohydrates and some milk
Try to eats fruits in the afternoon and drink plenty of water through out the day
Every time that you eat fried foods this is what you are doing: you are tripling the
calories per serving, and the other nutritional value of your food is cut by about twothirds
Cake = angel good cake topped with fresh strawberries
Potato Chips = Fat free or low chips, microwave popcorn
Cola = Fresh fruit juice or mineral water with a squeeze of lime
Cookies = Graham crackers with a little peanut butter
Hope the above article would have helped you in your determination to stop eating junk
How To Surprise Your Boyfriend And Share Love Quotes To Him
They are motivational and they help one to focus on goals and aspirations in life
While others are about devotion, credence and a whole lot more
Love quotes on the other hand are very fashionable particularly for individuals who are in
love, looking for love and those in a romantic relationship
If you have a boyfriend and you wish to show your affection, you can do it by sending
love quotes messages on his birthday or on your anniversaries
Keep in mind that the quotes you disclose must befitting to your feelings and the type of
bond that you two share
Of course, it will be irrelevant to send a wrong message
If you wish to awe your special someone with your selected love quotes, here are
resourceful ways to share them
Twenty years ago, people are used to sending cards by mail
The trend today is to send cards electronically using a powerful internet provider
You can also choose the pictures and melody that you want to attach to the e-card
However, personalizing the card is more appropriate especially if you are sending the
card to someone special like your boyfriend
Decide on a love quote that you feel will be valued by your boyfriend
If your boyfriend likes your cooking or baking, you can make cakes and pastries
Frost the love quotes in thick toffee or vanilla icing
You can also use different letter-shaped cookie cutters to spell out the romantic love
Use your talent and make one special sweater or shawl for your boyfriend
This gift is perfect to keep your boyfriend warm and snug especially in a cold windy day
Sew and knit the love quotes in big or small fonts depending on your preference
You can also attach your initials to personalize the sweater or scarf
To start making a personalized calendar for your special person, choose 12 photos of you
and your boyfriend, one for every month
For April since people are celebrating April fool's day for this month, you can use John
Donne's quote – “"I am two fools, I know, - For loving, and for saying so in Whining
Just improvise and you will come up with cool material
This kind of shirts are very fashionable among lovers
Instead of the usual L-O-V-E shirts L-O for the man's shirt and V-E for the lady's, why
not affix some popular love quotes or create your own quotes for a change
You may want to personalize the shirts to make them more unique
It will be so odd to see another couple wearing the same love shirts when you are out in a
Why not inspire your partner and share a couple of great love quotes to him
Just be creative and make sure that the quotes that you choose are contextual
--Although thin, clear soups are preferred by some and are particularly desirable for their
stimulating effect, thick soups find much favor when they are used to form a substantial
part of a meal
Besides giving consistency to soup, thickening usually improves the flavor, but its chief
purpose is to give nutritive value to this food
In fact, whenever a soup is thickened, its food value is increased by the ingredient thus
For this reason, it is advisable to thicken soups when they are desired for any other
purpose than their stimulating effect
The substance used to thicken soups may be either a starchy material or food or a puree
of some food
The starchy materials generally used for this purpose are plain flour, browned flour, corn
starch, and arrowroot flour
Any one of these should be moistened with enough cold water to make a mixture that will
pour easily, and then added to the hot liquid while the soup is stirred constantly to
prevent the formation of lumps
A sufficient amount of this thickening material should be used to make a soup of the
consistency of heavy cream
The starchy foods that are used for thickening include rice, barley, oatmeal, noodles,
tapioca, sago, and macaroni
Many unusual and fancy forms of macaroni can be secured, or the plain varieties of
Italian pastes may be broken into small pieces and cooked with the soup
When any of these foods are used, they should be added long enough before the soup is
removed to be cooked thoroughly
Purees of beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, and other vegetables are especially desirable for
the thickening of soups, for they not only give consistency, but add nutritive value and
flavor as well
Another excellent thickening may be obtained by beating raw eggs and then adding them
carefully to the soup just before it is to be served
After eggs have been added for thickening, the soup should not be allowed to boil, as it is
liable to curdle
--Soup stock, like many other foods, spoils quite readily
Therefore, in order to keep it for at least a few days, it must receive proper attention
At all times, the vessel containing stock should be tightly closed and, especially in warm
weather, the stock should be kept as cold as possible
Stock that is heavy enough to solidify into a jellylike consistency when it is cold will
keep better than stock that remains liquid
The addition of salt or any spicy flavoring also helps to keep stock from deteriorating,
because these materials act as preservatives and prevent the action of bacteria that cause
Bacteria may be kept from entering soup if, instead of removing the grease, it is allowed
to form in a solid cake over the top
No matter which of these precautions is taken to prevent stock from spoiling, it should be
heated to boiling point once a day when it is to be kept for several days
You'll want to plan at least 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure that you have plenty of time
to prepare
Begin by thinking about what activities you want to have included
Various websites can be extremely helpful in gathering unique ideas for invitations,
decorations, games, and food
Use Microsoft Word's Word - Art program to design the front of your invitation
Centered at the top, in a small light blue font, type the Star Wars phrase "A long time ago
in a galaxy far, far away
Create a second Word - Art text box with yellow font type to announce the party (e
Joshua's Birthday Party) similar to the Star Wars opening screen format
Use a silver ink pen to create stars (dots) around the edges
Cut and paste the front to white cardstock and list the party details inside
Magic Tricks – Look up a few good magic card tricks ahead of time that will impress the
Tell them that you are using "The Force" to help you read or move the cards
Light Sabers – Use paper towel rolls along with some kids paint or markers and have the
kids create their own light sabers
This can be a great opening activity as it allows plenty of time for the kids to get creative
It also gives them time to play with their new light sabers as other guests arrive
Lego Building – Give each of the kids a cup of Lego blocks and ask them to build their
own Star Wars creations
Depending on their age give them approximately 15-30 minutes to build their creation
Announce that there will be winners in various categories such as best Star Wars design,
most creative, or fastest Lego builder
Lego Piñata – Use Lego blocks to create your very own Lego Piñata
If you have enough grey Lego bricks you could make a simple rendition of the Death Star
Make sure you give careful consideration to the ages and abilities of your guests when
deciding what activities are appropriate
Use a sphere cake pan to create the Death Star or buy a cake decorating kit (available on
various websites) and use it to decorate a simple sheet cake
Also, check your local library – some libraries have various Wilton cake pans available
for checkout
Make a list of supplies needed for the party as well as a timeline of birthday activities
Be sure your birthday activity planning allows plenty of options for flexibility
It will help you relax as the activities take place
I believe most people have the some experience, but why
We see beautifully edited movies every day, at movie theatres, on TV and for us young
people on the computer and Internet
For Mac users, it is maybe cool to use i - Movie to edit and create their home movies
because it's free-charge, user friendly interface and simple to use video editing functions
With it, you can easily edit the video clips, add titles, and add music
Effects include basic color correction and video enhancement tools, and video transitions
such as fade-in, fade-out and slides
When you edit or create a movie, you sometimes need to upload to some video sharing
websites for sharing your hard work with more people
Photo - Bucket is among which the commonly used video sharing, image sharing website
But it is not always as easy as a piece of cake to upload your i - Movie video to Photo Bucket although it is supposed to accommodate a large variety of video files
Scene 1: "I have a Mac and I made a movie, if I want to put the movie on Photo - Bucket
or You - Tube etc
Scene 2: "I am trying to upload a video I made on i - Movie, and tinypic and Photo Bucket say they can't pick it up
How can I change the format of video so I can post it
Scene 3: "I exported my i - Movie video which is 2 minutes long as a Quick - Time video
so that I can upload it onto Photo - Bukcet
When I way trying to upload the video, a message popped up, saying, "Attention, Invalid
File Type" Why won't it allow me to upload the video
To import it to Photo - Bucket, two requirements needed:
It is said that the input video file format are ASF, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4 and WMV
Free users can upload up to 1GB of video files (with maximum of 5 min length) to their
account (up to around 10,000 files)
Pro users can upload up to 5GB of video files (with maximum of 10 min length) to their
account (up to around 50,000 files)
Therefore, you need to first make sure the videos are in right format with Photo - Bucket
(i - Movie is said to export MOV, MP4 file, but the two are container format that may
contain different codecs that are not workable with Photo - Bucket) and to make it a
certainty that the video file doesn't exceed the limitation
Don't worry, this is what i - Movie video to Photo - Bucket Converter can do
i - Movie Video to Photo - Bucket Converter is probably the first and most practically
and useful application in the world that specially built for Mac users who want to upload
their homemade i - Movie video to Photo - Bucket by just converting the i - Movie videos
to proper file format acceptable with it as so far easy management, editing and sharing
the people all around the world
i - Movie Video to Photo - Bucket Converter is also a good helper for you to do some
necessary editing before uploading to Photo - Bucket, with it, you can easily trim your
video to a certain length required by Photo - Bucket, add special effect to your video,
adjust the output parameters like Resolution, Frame Rate, Bitrate and Encoder etc
Have a happy journey with i - Movie Video to Photo - Bucket Converter
Reading your fortune with coffee is very similar to participating in a Rorschach test
You need to get the wider view and understand the symbols accurately to see what is
Here are step-by-step points on how to prepare to read coffee grounds:
You can use espresso coffee, but do not let any cream, milk, sugar or anything else to be
• Formulate your coffee in a French press as standard
• Then add a big spoonful of coffee grounds to your cup and pour the just this minute
made coffee over it
• Consume the coffee by holding the cup by two hands
• When done consuming the coffee, tilt the cup on a 90 degree angle and carefully rotate
the cup to let all surplus coffee grounds to be excluded onto a saucer
Don't beat the cup and don't swirl the cup more than three times
There are a few points to mull over when interpreting coffee grounds: the rim of the
coffee cup, the centre and the bottom of the coffee cup
The bottom is your past, the middle is your present and the top is your future
Here are a few examples of a number of things to watch out for when you are attempting
to read your coffee grounds:
• Cigarette s= You need to follow through on your arrangement
• Cows = Finding your self in the company with an ex partner
• Garlic = Strength in opposition to an aggressive individual
• Rocks = Road blocks on your road to achievement either real or imagined
• Shoes = You are going to have a great distance to journey before you are going to be
truly happy
• See-Saws = Highs and lows are headed your direction
• Tigers = Find your inner strength and move onward
• Trees = People find your insights noble and wise
• Weasels = Be careful you have a 2 faced person in your inner circle, trust noone
There are many, many ways to interpret coffee grounds
There are many coffee ground interpretation books out there
Get one and practice and the next time you have a friend over for coffee
How To Word Your Invitation When Asking Guest To Pay Their Way
You could offer appetizers, soft drinks, wine or beer and then have guests pay for their
main dinner
Depending upon the amount of people and how close these people are to you could just
call them
"We are organizing a party for John at La Casita Restaurant, Wednesday, October 14 at 6
If you are not providing anything like appetizers and dessert I would not call it an
The word Invitation denotes that the host is treating to something
That sort of gathering would only need a postcard saying, "We are gathering for a Dutch
Treat dinner to celebrate John's birthday
You are better off spending less money on invitations and decorations, etc
and treat folks to coffee and dessert (for those who do not want to have dinner)
" "As a birthday gift and wish I would love to have you bring me a scratch-off ticket
That is a lot of fun and it is a good way to minimize the guest's anxiety about "not"
bringing a gift
You will have organized the event for them and are creating the day to bring people
On the invitations explain the activities for the day and say that you would love them to
be there with the family but to enable the day to be a success each guest will need to pay
for their ticket and this is required by to enable the cruise staff to prepare for the numbers
If guests do not want to pay then they will be missing out
First, you won't call it an "invitation" or use the words "invited," since you are requesting
You would call it a "no host" or "Dutch treat" event
"We'd like to announce that we are honoring "who ever" at a Dutch Treat dinner on date
and time, at place
Include the reservation card for dinner with prices and selections
when they return it you know how many people will be there
I advise against having people let you know and then pay at the door
The best and most correct plan, however, is to invite all guests to a celebration which
includes cake, coffee, champagne, etc
at an hour after dinner like 8:30 and includes a card for those who want to come at 6:00
and pay for their dinner
That way you give everyone a true invitation and opportunity to come and be with you to
honor your father-in-law
At 8:30 with the full crowd, you can do special tributes and presentations, etc
Tables are set for dinner guests and extra tables for dessert only guests
Diapers make a great gift for an expectant mom or a baby shower as they are useful items
that every new mom needs
Instead of just giving the diapers, however, with a little creativity and time, you can
create various diaper crafts that will really spice up the presentation of your gift and
impress the new mom
Diaper cakes have been an inspirational kind of gift for the new mother to be and it is
also a great centerpiece
They are pretty, functional and a great help in terms of supplies for the baby
Why not put the girl into the baby girl diaper cake by embellishing it with butterflies
You can choose a design that fits the theme of the baby shower or the child's nursery
Do the simple rolling and taping of the diapers to make three layers, one extra large base,
a medium layer and a smaller layer to make the basic form of the diaper gift
For a diaper doll, do the basic rolls using different sizes of diapers and attach the heads
and arms where they should be
You can place this on top of the diaper cake if you like or a diaper doll can even be a
unique gift on its own
For a diaper wreath, which is easier to make, roll and attach together to make a wreath
Just remember to make a basic form of whatever it is you are trying to make
Buy some silk flowers that can best represent the favorites of the new mommy and buy
some silk butterflies to decorate the wreath
You can also attach other useful items like baby bottles or pacifiers
By rolling the diapers up and tying them together with ribbon or tape, you can make
number of different things
You can make a diaper teddy bear or a diaper ducky
A diaper doll house is also a simple craft project that would be well suited for a girl baby
shower or celebration
Just tie a few dozen diapers together to form the base and then add a roof, which can
consist of diapers positioned in a triangular arrangement
There are so many other embellishments for the different projects like silk, chiffon or
satin ribbons to go around the layers, paper raffia to give it that eclectic look, even some
of the baby chew toys are great decorations
The possibilities are really limitless – just get some supplies together and use your
creativity to create your diaper craft item
Finally, asides for diapers, you can also add other baby products and useful items to your
diaper craft project to make it even more useful and memorable to the new mother
Tuck in some baby toiletries like baby soap, baby shampoo, baby toothbrush and baby
These would be greatly appreciated once the baby is brought back to the home from the
hospital after birth
Don't forget to cut up letters for the baby name and tape them to your diaper cake or craft
Don't use staples or glue, but use easy to remove tape, ribbons, and rubber bands so that
the diapers can be easily taken apart and used
Noah's Ark is a very sweet, versatile idea for the baby shower theme
You get to play with lots of animals and boats, so and you can make a lot of decorations
based on that theme
This theme is perfect for moms to be expecting a little boy and they intend to name him
You can also organize Noah's Ark baby theme for ladies who are big animal lovers
The concept from the Noah's Ark, the animals coming in pairs on the boat, makes this
theme suitable when twins are expected
The possibilities are endless: Noah's Ark cake, foods shaped like little boats, and Noah's
Ark centerpiece
A lot of snacks can be made to look like little boats
You can take, for example, small lettuce leaves (they look like little boats) and fill each
one of them with shrimp salad, cream cheese or other type of filling
Also, red peppers make great boats: just cut them in quarters and put inside small bites of
hard cheese, bacon and olives
You can cook boat shaped pastries; it's actually very easy
All you have to do is buy frozen dough, cut the dough in rectangles, put some filling
(sweet or salty) inside squeeze the short ends to make it look like a boat
Another idea would be to bake or to buy biscuits shaped like little boats
You can decorate them with chocolate mousse and fruits, for a good looking and tasty
You can bake the cake in a normal tray, circular or rectangular, and to decorate it with a
marzipan boat and marzipan and jelly animals
You can find a lot of things to decorate the cake, so you don't have to waste a lot of time
You can also add a pigeon to the cake's decoration, since the pigeon was the first bird on
Noah's Ark that spotted the land
Noah's Ark centerpiece – make one from diapers and baby towels
Take some baby towels, roll them and tie the ends, to make a boat-like shape
You can add sails to your Noah's Ark made from baby diapers
Inside the centerpiece, you can put presents for the baby: animal toys and animal books
A great idea is to add some flowers to the ark, made of baby socks, or a teddy bear also
made from baby towels
All the other decorations from the party – balloons, tablecloths, napkins, plates and
glasses – can be printed with Noah's Ark themes
Search online and you'll find a lot of great party items you can order for a Noah's Ark
baby shower theme
A nice touch would be to put small animal toys inside the balloons, before you blow them
up, which will make great gifts for the baby
Also, remember to order invites that fit with the same Noah's Ark theme
Weddings – the greatest day of a girl's life, and that of her new husband, too – but a great
source of pain and problem at the planning stage
There is no shortage of ideas for planning a wedding, however, and here we look at a
great way to theme your big day in order to make in not just beautiful and unique, but
easier to plan and organize
Of course, there are traditional elements that are part and parcel of any wedding: the
church service and vows, the white flowing dress, the bridesmaids and the page boys, and
the reception and the cutting of the cake, for instance
There is one way, however, to add color and style to your wedding, and to make it stand
out from the crowd, and it is a theme that is becoming ever more popular across the world
as people latch on to how effective it is – the Tiffany Blue Wedding
Basing the wedding around a colored theme not only helps in the planning stage, but also
ensures that the occasion is much more of a special day, one that is not just another day
and another party
Let's have a look at some ideas that go with planning a Tiffany Blue Wedding
Often the most fraught and difficult of stages, deciding who will be invited to this special
occasion can be a source of much friction among the families of the bride and groom
Numbers will have to be decided first – often based on budget, naturally – and then
names drawn up on a list
A good idea for planning at this point is to separate the lists into two – one for the bride,
and one for the groom – and then, in each case, to split them again, this time into
essential attendees – the immediate family of each party and the closest friends – and
those that may well be invited, but are not vital to the occasion
This may sound harsh, but lets face it, when was the last time you saw Great Aunt
There can be some potential guests who you would invite out of a feeling of necessity,
but if they were not invited, would never be aware the occasion was taking place
Using this method, you keep the number sensible, while making sure that those who are
necessary to the proceedings are never overlooked
Of course, you need to invite them and here's where the theme begins: send them an
invitation – either a printed and personalized version, or a hand written, more personal
one – on Tiffany Blue paper, in a matching envelope, and enclosing a reply slip for them
to respond
You may want to tell them, at this point, that you are having a Tiffany Blue themed
wedding, and that each guest is invited to wear something in that color – a tie, perhaps,
for men, or a hat for the ladies – to help the theme along
An entire wedding party, each with some reference to the theme – no matter how small –
makes such an occasion much more unique and special
Attention to detail is the key to all good planning, and an idea at this stage – once the
invites have been sent – is to look at what is necessary for the day itself
First, there's the bridesmaids dresses – do you want them Tiffany Blue, or in a different
color but with blue adornments
Wedding suppliers and outfitters are so numerous these days that finding one will prove
no problem, and you will be able to investigate all possible avenues with expert help
Then there's the decoration for the reception room – is it going to be overtly Tiffany Blue,
or simply trimmed in such
Simple things such as the color of the tablecloths and drapes, down to such intricate detail
as the napkins and place setting cards, all can be incorporated into the theme and all can
be purchased or organized via a wedding planning agency or party supplier
If you want balloons, these can be themed in the color, and the most important of all
wedding decorations – the flowers – can also be themed in tiffany Blue, right down to the
bouquets for the bridesmaids and the buttonholes for the boys
Don't forget, of course, the cake: a tiffany blue wedding cake can make a superb
centerpiece to a Tiffany Blue themed wedding
You will want to give gifts to your guests, and unique tiffany blue favors to the
bridesmaids and pageboys who will have made the big day such a special occasion
The range of Tiffany blue themed wedding favors is truly enormous, and caters for young
and old, boy and girl alike, with beautiful and individual favors that will be treasured as
mementoes of the special occasion
You may want to give your bridesmaids something special, such as a silver necklace or
bracelet, presented in a specially made and personalized Tiffany Blue box
You may want to give pageboys a unique and beautiful crystal paperweight, also
presented in a themed box
How about a candy bar, personalized and wrapped in a Tiffany Blue wrapper
And for the older guests, a Tiffany Blue pen, or a picture frame, notebook, purse or
simply a Tiffany Blue goodie bag containing a variety of small and enjoyable gifts
All of these are available, in many designs and styles, at party and wedding suppliers, and
can be found with ease and ordered in the simplest way
The key to planning a Tiffany Blue wedding is to set your theme early, and keep things in
order: start with the wedding list, then send out the invitations, organize the events and
detailing of the day, and check on the finishing touches close to the occasion
Small details such as handing out Tiffany Blue confetti to shower the couple as they
leave the church, and sending out personally signed thank you notes after the event to all
the guests, these are those that make a Tiffany Blue wedding a special and original
occasion for all to enjoy
If you are looking to make a lasting impression at a baby shower and impress everyone
then the baby shower diaper cake is the perfect way to do so
The baby shower diaper cake is literally a cake made up of a bunch of baby diapers
The diaper cake can be designed to be as big as a four tier care or as small as a two layer
cake depending on the size that the occasion calls for
Now don't limit yourself to just baby showers, the diaper shower cake can also be used
for birthdays and other occasions; although baby showers are the most popular and often
where you will find this item
Since the diapers are white, you should use vibrant bright colors for decorations on the
diaper cake
When decorating your diaper cake you should use this as the perfect time to be creative
A baby shower in honor of the mother-to-be is an joy filled event to celebrate the coming
of a much awaited bundle of joy
For a long time baby showers were mainly for the mother to be but now things are
Baby showers are now becoming an event for both parents as they celebrate together
Because of the significance of the occasion you want to make sure that the baby shower
cake wording is appropriate for the occasion
Many find it difficult to find ideas for the cake and typically make the event a little more
difficult than it has to be
Now the wording greatly depends on the gender of the new baby as well as who is
throwing the party and how many kids will be in attendance
Writing on cakes normally is determined by the type of cake and the size of the cake
Tiered cakes with a cake topper typically has the inscription written on the sides of the
tiers where as single layered cakes have them on the top
If the gender of the baby is known, you can announce it on the cake
" is a way that the gender are usually announced on cakes
" are also common expressions used on cakes for baby showers today
Several other examples include "Thank Heaven for Baby (Boys) or (Girls)", "Mommy's
Little Girl or Boy", "Pink Or Blue We Love You"
Another way to provide writing for a cake is having the parents of the new baby express
their feelings of joy and happiness on the cake as the baby shower cake wording
For those fortunate enough to be having a baby boy :) (I have two daughters and love
them very much) this section is for you
The motifs of the parents to be a lot of the time determine the theme and how the baby
shower will be organized
It's no myth that the baby shower cake is the focal point of the baby shower and because
of such special consideration should be taken when picking out the cake
Being that there are so many suggestions and ideas for a baby shower cake it can become
quite difficult narrowing in on your selection
If you think that cakes for baby boys are limited, you are wrong
There are many ideas for baby boy shower shower cake, one given just earlier in the
Another great example of a good cake for a baby boy shower cake is a safari themed cake
or the father's favorite football team because we all know the son inherits this without
How about this idea, you can have a turtle themed cake which is extremely popular as
Sports themes are among the most popular baby boy themes for a baby shower
Putting together a couple pieces of rounded cakes are a great way to make a baseball,
basketball or eve n a soccer for
Using half spheres for this type of cake makes it easier
You can also add to this idea by have a basketball court, soccer field or a hockey arena
Birthdays are opportunities to remind your loved ones how much you love them
On your boyfriend's birthday, express your love for him and show him how glad you are
to have him as a part of your life
Make this birthday as special as you can, because being the love of his life only you can
Here we will talk about different ways you can make your boyfriend's birthday a special
There cannot be a better start than waking him up in the morning to your sweet voice
There surely is something about red roses that makes us feel so special and loved for
when we receive it
You can also sing him a song when you wake him up in the morning
Make his morning as special as ever, by bringing a sunshine to his face and a twinkle to
his eyes
You can even bake him a special birthday cake yourself for him
Write him a poem or a traditional love letter about your feelings for him
He obviously already knows that you love him, but reminding him will not hurt a bit
You can take him out for a surprise weekend getaway
It will be such a relief to spend the entire day with you, without any one to disturb you
The second option will be throwing a surprise birthday party in his honor
You can invite all your his close relatives and friends
These are few ways by which you can make his day, indeed a very special one
Make sure to treat him like a king, fulfilling all his wishes
You will probably be the first girl to ever do something this sweet for him
Birthdays are amazing and unique opportunities to remind our loved ones about how
special they are to us
On your girlfriend's birthday, give her a day that she will never be able to thank you
enough for
Here we will discuss all the different things that you can do on your girlfriend's birthday
to make it more special
Swear to yourself that on her birthday you are going to make it a point to treat her like a
Nothing can be better than being wished first by the one you love
If you can play a musical instrument, it would just be a plus point
It would be such a great way to start making a day special
You can also decorate her bedroom using balloons, rose petals, gifts, etc
Get her all the things that she had been always longing for, for a long time
You can get her a tiara and tell her that here is a princess to you
She must have been already throwing hints at you as to what she wants for her birthday
If you don't want to get her something from out, you can even make her something
You can bake her a cake or make her a greeting card
Finally end her day by doing something really special for her
You can arrange for a really romantic candle-light dinner for just the two of her
If her has a favorite restaurant, book the entire restaurant for the two of you
You can also plan the candle-light dinner for her at your place
This way you can plan yourself, as to how you exactly want the ambiance to be like
At the end of the day whatever you do, do it with all your heart
Girls can tell, something fake from the genuine things done
Make it a day that she will always remember all her life
"If Your Resume is the Cake, Your Cover Letter is the Icing
Cover letter writing is almost as important a skill for a job seeker to learn as resume
The cover letter accompanies the resume at all times as the primary support document
Whether you use traditional mail, email, faxing, or another type of electronic submission,
this should always be sent with the resume
There are, of course, other tools you'll use when job seeking
Your cover letter and resume come first of course, followed by follow-up letters, thankyou letters for after the interview, references, and job acceptance letters
If you have good cover letter writing skills, and good resume writing skills, the other
written tools should be a snap to compose
Your goal in this is to get the attention of the hiring manager, just as it is with resume
The method and format are a little different however
Your resume will cover all, or most of your professional career, and will be from one to
two pages
Your cover letter will be a very brief page serving as an introduction to the resume
Cover letter writing style must be direct, to the point, and able to grab the attention of the
reader quickly, with a goal of making the reader want to read the attached resume
Many people, when engaged in this type of writing, have a tendency to say too much
Good cover letter writing is short and punchy, and will take two or three key points from
the resume and emphasize them
The old adage "tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them
what you told them" holds true in both resume writing and cover letter writing
As an example, let's assume that you are a materials handling manager for a defense
contractor, seeking another position
In your line of work the buzz words are MRP, lean manufacturing, ISO 9000, and cost
Your writing efforts should reflect these buzz words to show your value to your current
employer and any future employers
Your resume will go into more detail about how you accomplished these goals
The cover letter will simply point out to the hiring manager that you accomplished them
An example of this would be two bulleted paragraphs in the body of the letter that say…
• Experienced in quality assurance and quality control, MRP, ISO 9000, QS 9000, and
Lean Manufacturing
• Demonstrated results in saving significant money for employers through cost savings,
inventory level reductions, and on-time supplier delivery
The hiring manager, according to many surveys, devotes only about fifteen seconds to
each resume and cover letter he or she reviews
With that in mind your writing skills need to be top notch to get this person to look at
your resume
Your resume writing skills need to be just as good to get the reader to want to grant you
an interview
In turn, your interviewing skills need to be excellent to get the hiring manager to offer
you the position
This long, and hopefully positive chain of events begins with good cover letter writing
skills and ends with job satisfaction and a nice paycheck
Increasing Chances of Pregnancy - How to Help Infertility
Trying to have a baby has never been an exact science
Just as no two woman's bodies or ovulation cycles are alike, there's no tried and true
method that works for everyone
When it comes to fertility, there are a whole bunch of factors that contribute to whether
or not you've got good ovulation pregnancy chances each month
The best thing to do, for women of any age, is to identify these factors and work on
increasing chances of pregnancy by adjusting the ones they can control
The first thing to take into considering is also the most important: your ovulation cycle
Pinpointing the exact date and even time that this occurs can be critical to you getting
Nothing can increase pregnancy chance more than intercourse just before ovulation
You can use predictor kits, charts, and all kinds of other tools to try and decide when this
monthly event will happen, but keeping regular track of your menstrual cycles is the best
way to know just how long they are
And no matter when you estimate that you'll be ovulating, make sure you have sex
before, during, and even after that date
When looking for easy ways to get pregnant, many women overlook what they're eating
(or not eating)
To help infertility you must prepare your body for conception, and that means putting
into a state where it's going to be ready to accept a fertilized egg
Prenatal vitamins are one great way of making sure you're getting everything your body
needs to prepare for carrying a child, but keep in mind that no matter what you do, your
general nutrition is going to be of even higher importance
Just as there are foods that will help you get pregnant, there are also foods that can
actually inhibit conception - make sure you know what these are, so you can avoid them
If you are on any sort of medication, this can also affect when to conceive a baby
Over the counter as well as prescription drugs can have adverse effects on your body,
working against you and your ovulation pregnancy chances
Safe pregnancy tips will also point out that many mothers don't realize they're pregnant
until a few weeks past the date of conception: taking the wrong drugs and
pharmaceuticals can actually be detrimental to fetal development
Consult with your doctor or fertility specialist if you're currently on any kind of
medicine; what you're taking may be harmless, but even if it's not there may be safer
alternatives that will help keep you on the path to pregnancy
You should also see your doctor if you get sick or develop symptoms that put you on
these drugs - even over the counter medicine - and ask whether or not you should be
taking such medications while trying to conceive
And when looking to create easy ways to get pregnant, why just concentrate on yourself
To help fertility in the male partner, there are a number of things that can be done
Diet, fitness, and even the male dress code come into play here, as all of these things can
affect whether or not you get pregnant each month
As men get older they tend to lose some of their sperm count, so this could be a pretty big
Wearing briefs all the time will move the testicles very close to the body, keeping them
unnaturally warm
This can destroy spermatozoa, and when trying to help infertility every single one counts
It's also been proven that male sperm (y-sperm) will die out faster than female sperm, so
if you're trying for a boy this can really dampen your chances at having one
The Getting Pregnant Plan is an amazing resource that shows you many other ways of
increasing chances of pregnancy
It goes over the ones listed above in much greater detail, but it also offers up tips, secrets,
and tricks to getting pregnant that many women just don't know about
No matter what your age or how long you've been trying for a baby, you'll find this type
of guide invaluable to you in your quest for a baby
Japanese food erasers are tiny, ultra cute erasers
I would not even think of using these to actually erase anything because they look so
These erasers are usually pretty small--no larger than a marble usually
They are also sold individually if you're trying to find specific food items to add to your
So instead of buying just a food item, you'll get a full meal
The color and detail on these erasers are incredible
They are brightly, fully colored and have very good detail
There are styles that are made more cute and cartoony, but some are also pretty realistic
There are many manufacturers of these lovely little food erasers so you have a very large
selection to choose from
Some big brand names that make these are Hapa Culture, Iwako, Itasho and more
If you've eaten it, there's probably a miniature eraser made for it too
There are so many varieties available it is mind spinning
These erasers make great gifts since they are so cute
They are pretty rare depending on where you are so they are special when the recipient
gets them
You will likely be able to find a food eraser for their favorite food too
The ones I have seen are non-toxic so you can give them to children too given they are
not too young to swallow it
I have not seen any other companies make these food erasers other than Japanese ones
You can be sure there are common Japanese erasers such as sushi, cakes, tea, and noodles
But they know everyone would love these so a ton of other foods are available
Indoor Bike Storage-how The Proper Storage Of Your Bike Indoors Even If You Have
No Room
Indoor bike storage can be a real challenge if you live in an apartment or perhaps all you
have is a single room
Still you need to keep your bike indoors as much as possible
There are just too many problems with storing your bike outside
So how do you store your bike indoors if you have limited space
We will answer that question and give you some great ideas for indoor bike storage here
Even if you have limited space you will learn here how to store your bike indoors
You will also find that by storing your bike indoors it will have fewer maintenance
problems, last longer and will operate more vigorously
When a bike is stored outdoors after each use it rarely gets cleaned
The dirt and grime a bike picks up when riding can break away at sensitive parts of the
bike if not washed away usually
It should come as no surprise that if you bring your bike into your home you will be more
inclined to clean it
Even if you do not wash it you will no doubt wipe it down and removing any dirt at all is
better for the bike that leaving it to cake on after each ride
There are some very creative designs in indoor bike racks today that allow for indoor
bike storage and they do not take up much room
The ceiling area of a room is something that is seldom used if ever
This can be made possible if you have a ceiling mount bike hoist
They operate with a pulley system so that with minimal effort a bike can be attached at
close to ground level and them very simply hoisted up and out of the way when not in use
There are some bike racks designed for indoor use that take up no floor space but they do
take up wall space
If you think about it, wall space is not really something you use regularly anyway
Sure you may have a picture or mirror hanging there-but that can be easily removed if it
provides you a space to store your bike indoors
If you have a little space to give up a floor bike rack can easily store one or more bikes on
a free standing rack
These fit conveniently in the corner of a room and only absorb a little floor area
One practical way to cut down the wedding expenses is to consider do-it-yourself ideas
There are several parts of your wedding where you can save money by making them
Aside from the popular homemade wedding favors that most brides are opting these days,
wedding centerpieces can also be made by yourself
It might sounds challenging, but not all centerpieces are difficult to do
Wedding centerpieces have been a traditional part of decorating a wedding
They can be anything that fits the theme of the event
If you want to create your own centerpieces, make sure to consider your wedding theme
Also, they have to match the color as well as the feel of your event
If you are looking for DIY wedding centerpiece ideas that are easy to make you might
want to consider edible wedding centerpieces
These are the type that come in nearly all forms that you can imagine
They may include candies, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines, and a lot more
When done beautifully, you can make a nice center of attraction that can start a
conversation at your reception
There are lots of online instructions on how to make edible wedding centerpieces at home
You can create cheap edible centerpieces such as lifelike candy flowers of almost every
You are free to add some special accents to the rest of candy flowers for further
You may also consider hand-sculptured white sugar gardenias that are easy to make as
If candies are not your type, and what you are craving for is chocolate, you can have a
chocolate fountain as your buffet centerpiece
Provide the guests with strawberries, which will also be sitting around the fountain or
maybe bread sticks if you like
A chocolate fountain can double as dessert for the guests too
Homemade cookies can also make wonderful wedding centerpieces
These are cheap to make, and you can be very creative on these ideas
If you are good at baking, it is an advantage on your part because you cannot just create
your own centerpieces with your personal touch, but you can also save a sum and use it
for other more important items
On the cookies, you might want to consider adding your monograms or some other
charms you want
One popular way to decorate cookies is adding frosting on the top of the cookies
Homemade cupcakes are also a great option you may consider
Bake your little cupcakes and arrange them on a layered holder that looks like they are a
real wedding cake when seen from afar
Do-it-yourself wedding ideas are practical options to save money on your wedding
The Internet can help you make whatever you want to make
You can also shop online for DIY kits and other materials you will need in making your
own wedding centerpieces, wedding favors, invitations, gifts and the like
If you decided to indulge in DIY wedding crafts, be creative and enjoy what you are
Above all, start as early as possible and consider your budget
Inexpensive Wedding Cakes - Tips For Beautiful But Inexpensive Wedding Cakes
Utilize these tips to take a bite out from the costs
Your low-cost wedding cake will still look and taste fantastic
In case your heart is set on a 3 tiered cake that will feeds 100, order it with plain white
frosting, no decorations, and decorate at the reception by using fresh flowers
Or you could wrap a length of lace around each and every level, like you would a ribbon
Stay with simple flavours and fillings, unusual flavorings increase the expense of the
Rather than a single huge multi-tiered cake, use a small tiered cake and several (as many
as you will need for the guests) sheet cakes
Serving will go more quickly by doing this as well
Lots of grocers have on-site bakeries, much like they've got on-site florist departments
Buy a sheet cake with white frosting to serve family and friends plus a smaller 2 tiered
cake to cut for images
Based on how many servings you will need, order a full sheet cake (one hundred
servings), a half sheet cake (50 servings) and a quarter sheet cake (twenty-five portions),
all iced in white
Use ready-to-use frosting that also comes in a can with a nozzle to touch up any kind of
errors as well as fill in the gap between your layers
You don't have to remove the cardboard amongst the tiers, it will help steady the cake
when it is time to slice
Don't get any higher than 3 layers, if you do you run the risk of the bottom layer being
squashed from the weight of the upper tiers
Order as much as you'll need in white paper wrapping, and white frosting
Make use of a tiered serving dish to organise the cupcakes
Or you can buy 2 or 3 cheap white plastic serving platters
Place three inverted wine glasses at noon, 4 o'clock and eight o'clock on the platter
Place the second platter on the overturned wine glasses
In the center of the 2nd platter, place three more inverted wine glasses
Position the final platter on the overturned wine glasses and fill with cupcakes
Use a two tiered cake for the bride and groom to cut at the reception
Purchase a sheet cake for however many guests are going to be attending
On a different table provide guests various toppings for the slice of cake
You can offer fresh strawberries, chocolate syrup, raspberries, sprinkles and whipped
Look at providing a number of flavors of ice cream
Use a friend, or quite a few friends cook the wedding cake using various sizes of heart
shaped pans
Each one could be iced in tones of pale pink, pale lilac, cream, and white
The cakes are placed on a table protected with a lace cloth
Rose petals in pinks, cream, and lilac - or what ever colours fit your colour design are
spread between the cakes
Not one of your attendees can realize how cheap the wedding cake is, they'll only be
impressed by exactly how gorgeous it was
So you are thinking of Sesame Street Halloween this season
With loads of cookie monster cup cakes, cookie monster cookies, cookie monster fun
games your party is sure going to be a great hit
The Sesame street party theme is quite popular for birthdays and Halloween, so the
supplies are quite easy to find
Most party supplier keeps supply of different types of Sesame Street party accessories
and finding one will not be very tough
You can choose Sesame Street pattern plates, napkins and cups and also pictures of the
different character like the favorite Blue Monster, Elmo and others and also the
Halloween costumes to make your party a big hit
You can disclose your cookie monster theme party right from the beginning
You can invite your guest in Cookie Monster style with cookie monster party invitation
This cards are quite easy to make and you can make them yourself just by spending a
little time
Just take a blue construction paper and cut into cookie monster shape
Cut a piece of white paper and write about the invitation and glue it
Find some clip and stickers with cookie monster character and pin them
To make the party a great success and to keep the children entertained you need to have
For this party of course your selection is cookie monster Pinata which the kids just love
Kids just cannot keep themselves from rolling as the Pinata breaks and all their admirable
goodies just spills out
There cannot be any cookie monster Halloween party without cookie monster cup cakes
For this you can bake your cake or cupcakes and with the cake topper you can decorate
the cup cakes with characters like Elmo and the original monster itself
“Ace of Cakes” and other Food Networks has become part of every homes
Through these shows, viewers are given free recipes and step by step guidelines in
cooking and decorating
Cake decorating stuffs and other cooking techniques of world – renowned chefs are made
available because of these shows
In this article, you'll find popular novelty cake designs that you can try
Carousel Cakes – The carousel cake is very popular
This kind of novelty cake emphasizes the decorator's skills
Depending on the cake decorator's style and creativity he or she can add animals or other
to make the cake appealing
Carousel cakes coverings can vary as well – from complex designs to simple toppers
As mentioned earlier, carousel animals can be added in this type of cake
It can be made from cookies to small plastic figures or even wood
In assembling the canopy of the cake, the easiest way is to a card stock
Remember that the size of the canopy also depends on the size of the base
After cutting, start decorating the canopy by covering the sheet with tissues or colorful
Game Board Cakes – Board games such as Chess, Monopoly, Candy Land and Life are
great ideas for cakes
These cakes are appealing and it brings back childhood memories
In making this type of cake, first, you must decide which board game you want to imitate
Keep in mind that the cake must resemble the actual board game
You can start frosting the cake with white colored butter - cream or cover it with a white
colored fondant
After frosting or covering it with fondant, now is the time to assemble the actual board
Let's say you are imitating a Candy Land board game, the blocks that serves as pathways
can be made with flattened fondant
Use rolling pin to flatten the fondant and then cut it into squares
To make the path attractive, alternate the colors of the square path
After which, you can decorate the board game with the use of gumdrops and even the
actual game pieces
Cakes that are inspired by movies – Everyone has a favorite movie
Nowadays, cake decorators are using movie themes as inspiration to their masterpieces
They use actions figures that are readily available in comic shops and novelty stores
They can also mimic the movie character to use by simply downloading the pictures on
the web
You can choose among these famous novelty designs to share with your beloved ones
and friends
In addition, you can also visit sites that offer help and tips in fondant decorating
This will surely help improve your skills in decorating
I don't know about you, but those sweet Girl Scouts and their addictive cookies sure did a
number on my waistline this year
I've never so enjoyed packing in the calories as I have taste-testing the oodles of fantastic
homemade cookie recipes that have been turning up
And I'm not talking about your everyday chocolate chip variety (which I WOULD gladly
eat every day, by the way
) No, what I'm seeing is an outbreak of awesome: in the form of ooey, gooey, one-of-akind cookie recipes in the recipes club Just a Pinch
Combining the richness of turtle candy, the cuteness of a cupcake and the bite-size ease
of a cookie is the recent recipe posting for scrumptious Turtle Cookie Cups on the site
Just a Pinch by club member Valerie Johnson
"These little cookie cups are very easy to make," assures Valerie
"I made them for Super Bowl Sunday and they were a big hit
If you like chocolate and caramel, I'm sure you will like these
These chocolate cookies are filled with soft caramel and topped with a pecan for the
perfect crunchy finish
And since each cookie cup is baked in its own little wrapper, they're ideal for bake sales
and party trays
Now, if ever there were a dessert whose very name screamed "party", it's the aptly named
Whoopie Pie
Growing up in the South, I've had to be taught the art of the Whoopie Pie from some New
England bakers
These filled, cake-like cookies are said to have originated in Amish kitchens as a way to
use leftover cake batter
The Whoopie Pie is a tough dessert to classify - Is it a cake, a cookie, an honest to
goodness pie
Angie Walker of Stryker, OH (also a Just a Pinch member) adds her own spin to the
traditional chocolate Whoopie with her Serene Sunday: Oh, the Sadness of Parting
Pumpkin Cookies
With a big name and equally big flavors, Angie's cookies are a spice-filled, pumpkinpacked treat
On the other hand, Kathleen Kulinski, another club member, has perfected what has to be
one of the most decadent no-bake cookies of all time
With ingredients to satisfy every craving imaginable - from salty to sweet - I urge women
everywhere to whip up a batch for those times when you need a little extra indulgence
"This [cookie] is a little bit chocolate, a little bit salt, a little bit peanut butter and then
there's the fluff" exclaims Kathleen
These chocolate dears are perfectly freezable, too
So make a lot, eat a few, and save the rest for your next "take me away" moment
Kudos to all the crafty cooks out there who are coming up with such inventive ways to
satisfy our collective sweet tooth
Thanks to you, our tables are a much sweeter place
If you enjoy these recipes, be sure to dip into some of the amazing recipe contests hosted
by Just A Pinch
Or, if you haven't done so, go ahead and join any recipe club and start exchanging YOUR
ooy-gooy ideas with other cooks from around the world
When you hear something contains 100 calories, it's a way of describing how much
energy your body could get from eating or drinking but contrary to popular beliefs it
doesn't measure weight or length
Most people see calories as something bad although in actual fact they are not
In fact, calories are very important to our well-being
And we are not burning enough of them off through physical activities, it can lead to
some serious weight gain
Most of us are experts at senseless eating both inside and outside the home
Most times, we unconsciously finish off of other people's plate, taste-test while cooking,
and simply swallowed up an entire cake without cutting a piece
In fact, some of us even resort to taste-testing at the grocery store, which unfortunately is
a great way to pack away a few hundredcalories
In some instinctive way, we consider this to be "free" food in every sense, just because it
wasn't served in a dish, portioned into a bowl, or eaten at the table
I have news for you - those nibbling frenzy does count
Here are a few primary, but certainly not all-encompassing, places where we are likely to
go off tangent:
As we are usually the primary cook at home, it makes us more in a position to eat and
nibble away all day
It's no wonder that woman pack in thecalories just preparing and cleaning up in the
minutes surrounding meals
We seize an extra handful of cheese to pop into our mouths as we sprinkle the rest over
the lasagna, and we all but lick the plates as we clean up
We also eat spoonfuls of cookie doughs, pie filling, and cake or pudding scrapings
What we forget to consider is that every spoonful of cookie dough packs a 70-calorie
wallop, which, if eaten every day, comes up to a seven- pound weight gain in one year
A potato chip, a French fry, a spoonful of spaghetti sauce, a taste-test mashed potatoesany of these nibbles may pack only about 10 to 20calories
Repeatedly tasting, nibbling, and munching add up the calories
In the same way, just cutting out this mindless eating could be the very ticket to health
Eating out is simply another opportunity for mindless eating
Sometimes those nibbles are in addition to what's already on our own plates; other times
we don't even bother to order an entrГ©e, having the full intent from the moment we sit
down to graze off other's meals
All in the name of not letting the food go to waste
When caring for children, we take mindless nibbling to an all-time high
For example, she never ordered anything while eating out preferring to finish off her kids'
meals instead
The problem is that she has five kids and more often than not, they, being kids, never
finish their meals
In the end, its like she's eating meals for three adults
Even woman who wouldn't dream of nibbling anywhere else are likely to pop this or that
into their mouths when they are caring for children
We finish off the last of the kids' sandwiches, eat the last third of a child's piece of
birthday cake, bite-by-bite finish off their pizza crust, nibble on the ravioli while serving
dinner, and dole out the snack in a one-for-you-and-one-for-me style
Like my sisters' kids, most are still in tune with their satisfied signals and so they leave
food on the plate, which is then ripe for the taking
Combine an engrossing movie, the comfort of the dark, and tasty food, and you are
presented with a perfect ambience for meaningless eating
Anyone is likely to overeat at the movies given half a chance
In some cases, the catalyst seems to be the container
And the fact is that women eat 40 percent more if served popcorn in a supersized bucket
than if given a large bag
We all look for cue to stop, and in this example, usually that cues is that we've reached he
bottom of the popcorn bucket
Food seems to vanish when we watch TV, read a book, talk on the phone, or surf the Net
Have you ever notice while watching a suspenseful TV shows that the entire bag of
pretzels seems to disappear and you don't remember taking a bite
Or, you're so engrossed in a book that you gobble a bag of chocolate chip cookies without
knowing it
The truth is that mindless eating often comes with some interesting subconscious
Calorie shifting is designed to confuse your metabolism by up-shifting and or downshifting into different calorie ranges, which may help your body burn morecalories
Most people fail to lose weight on various weight loss programs as many are really hard
to follow
There's one sure and easy way to lose weight today and it's called Calorie Shifting – a
program that tricks your body into making your metabolism go faster
With Calorie Shifting, you'll burn more calories and you'll lose weight
Let's say you consume 2000 calories on your current diet
If you have been consistently following your 2000-calorie diet, your body is expecting to
receive approximately 2000calories every day
The idea of calorie shifting is to trick the body into thinking that there has been no or
little change in calorie intake, therefore avoiding the body's tendency to trigger survival
Calorie shifting on the other hand involves eating a different amount ofcalories in a
periodic manner so as to not allow the body to sense and adapt to calorie change
This Programme essentially offers you an 11-day meal plan through its Diet Generator
The 11-day meal plan mainly consists of a lower-carb, higher-protein, low-fat diet
The key here is that you're not constricted in the amount you eat, so you shouldn't go
hungry with this diet
There is no calorie or carb counting, no limit on portion size - You "just eat short of being
After the 11 day meal plan there is a 3 day "cheat" - where you get to eat whatever you
Irish Wedding Traditions - Celebrate With Blessings And Luck
Irish wedding traditions are designed to help new couples be blessed with the luck of the
Irish, and this is after all well known world-wide as being the best luck
You couldn't do much better than marry on the 17th March which is St
Patrick's Day, but not everyone who wants to incorporate these traditions into their
wedding celebrations can be married on the same day
Let's start with the Claddagh ring, this ring is traditionally passed down the generations
from mother to daughter, and should only be given as a gift
It is not the kind of ring that anyone should purchase for themselves
The Claddagh ring has its traditions in the small fishing village of the same name in
Galway County
When a betrothal takes place the ring is worn in the right ring finger with the heart turned
After the marriage takes place it is worn on the left hand ring finger with the heart turned
It has long been considered to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day, but this is not so
in Irish traditions
The sun needs to shine on the bride for the couple to have good luck
Other Irish superstitions include carrying a lucky horseshoe, and a hanky which can be
turned into a baby's bonnet
Eating salt and oatmeal at the start of the reception, and the mother-in-law ensuring that
she and the bride remain friends forever, by breaking a piece of the wedding cake over
her head
An Irish wedding toast does not necessarily mean only the Best Man speaks
The couple speaks a special recital, and they are responded to by all of the guests who
toast with mead
Mead is a strong honeyed wine which is the oldest recorded alcoholic drink in Ireland,
and has very strong connections to the word honeymoon
Much the same as the rest of the Western World, Irish wedding dress fashions come and
However there is one particular thing that should be included in the brides' retinue and
this is Irish Lace
It can be incorporated into the dress, garter or veil, or even be given as a gift to attendants
An Irish color theme would be green, white and orange, perhaps not for the dress, these
colors might be more appropriate for the table settings
A traditional color theme would be the white green and orange and it would not be an
Irish wedding if there was no piper
As apposed to the Scots bagpipes the Irish piper can play the Uillean pipes and plays the
"Irish Wedding Song" on these
Dressed in his kilts, he will make an admirable impression on the celebration
The food may not sound very appetizing as the traditional Irish menu, even for a wedding
consists of soda bread, cabbage and corned beef
However this can be delicious if it is cooked correctly and everything tastes good after a
couple of shots of good Irish whiskey
Traditional Irish wedding cake is delicious it is a fruitcake laced with whiskey and filled
with cherries, almonds, spice and raisins
The word Honeymoon derives from the Celtic Mi na Meala
In medieval times the newly married couple was sent off with a supply of mead (honey
wine), two goblets and best wishes for virility and fertility
They drank this for the entire month of the new marriage and if a child was born 9
months after the day of the nuptials this was attributed to the mead
When I first began trading the Iron Condor, my game plan was to leave the trade on all
the way to the bitter end
After I placed the trade, I would just leave it be until expiration day where the options
would expire worthless and disappear into option heaven
I just assumed this was the most effective way to play the trade - especially since it
allowed me to save money from my broker by not paying to close the trade
Now, after experiencing too many nights where I couldn't sleep, a number of very 'close
calls', more than my fair share of stinging ulcers and even a near hernia, I've made a
change to the way I trade iron condors
Now - as soon as I place the trade, I set a contingent order with my broker to buy back
the call spread - as well as the put spread - once I've made the majority of the profit in
each spread
As an example - if I received a credit of a dollar (let's say about fifty cents each side)
when I put an iron condor trade on - I would immediately ask my broker to set up an
order to buy the vertical spreads on each side back when the price on them has been
reduced to about ten cents or so
Then I would set up a contingent order to buy back the put spread of my iron condor for
Okay, maybe it's true that doing this will cause me to make less profit than if I were to
just hold the trade through expiration and let the options expire worthless
Let's take a second look at the amount of money we are talking about here
Okay - sure - it's nothing to sneeze at - but when you step back, get a broader look, and
start to take a few other things into consideration - it can actually start to look quite
What's more important (at least for me) - is that by closing my iron condor trade early, I
have LOCKED IN FOREVER the majority of the gains on that side of the trade
And no matter what happens going forward - those gains that I've just banked CAN'T be
taken away from me
I have also given myself the opportunity to generate ADDED gains from my overall
position - without adding any extra risk
A lot of times, the value in options will evaporate really quickly during a trade
I've actually seen options lose most of their value in just a few days
Going back to our example - let's pretend that I put an iron condor on about 40 days until
Fifty cents for each credit spread on either end of the position
Immediately after placing the trade, XYZ heads downward over a number of days
On the fifth day (just 4 days after I put the trade on), I look at my position and see that I
can now buy back the vertical spread on the call side of my iron condor for just
If I do nothing, I am choosing to risk that CALL spread margin for the next 36 DAYS for
a measly $10
However, if I decide to just take it off for ten cents - I will have LOCKED IN the lions
share of the available profit in that call side credit - guaranteeing that return on
investment in just four days
Another thing to consider, is if the stock or index we are using abruptly changes direction
and heads back up (which of course DOES happen all the time) we really have nothing to
be alarmed about since we've removed those upper options and eliminated all upside risk
And - for icing on the cake - if it DOES head back up we have the opportunity to 'resell'
those identical credit spreads - the same ones we just bought back for ten cents - for
potentially the same amount of credit we originally sold them for - or perhaps even more
Doing this it's possible to wind up with an even greater ROI then were were hoping for
when we first initialized the iron condor trade
But let's just say we didn't 're sell' any options
Let's just assume that we closed the trade entirely when our contingent orders were hit
In this case what we've done is eliminated risk (good thing) - freed up capital (good
thing) - enlarged our return on investment over the number of days we have been in the
trade (good thing) - and gotten completely out of the market a while lot sooner than if we
had to sit around and wait until expiration day rolls around (and in my opinion this is a
good thing too
Trading this way lets me take a 'vacation' away from the markets until it's time to put on
another trade
It allows me to peel myself away from my trading monitor and get out and enjoy all the
other things in my life I'm interested in - without always thinking about how my iron
condor is performing - or fretting about what I'll do if there is a sudden stock market
Getting this 'trading break' - this freedom to go out and do things without always feeling
the need to check quotes on my phone - not having to worry about always being 'on
game' and strategizing in my head about what adjustments I might have to make - just
being able to sleep in mornings for as long as I please without stressing out about whether
the market is going to make an opening gap
Or at the very least they are WITHOUT A DOUBT worth every penny of the ridiculously
20 cents or so of potential profit left on the table in exchange for getting out of my
monthly iron condor trade early - at what is STILL an incredible monthly return
To some of you this may sound like a stupid question
Yet the real question is simply this, is it all right to sin if Jesus died for our sins
If Jesus died for our sins then it was seem that all we have to do is ask for forgiveness
after we sin and that will make everything o
There are a lot of Christians who are on death role for murder, vicious rapes, forceful
assault and battery, who feel in Jesus's eyes they have done no wrong
At least feel that Jesus is not upset about it and as long as they consider themselves as
Christians, all will be forgiven
They believe that as long as you are a Christian, as far as Jesus is concern you have a Get
Out Of Hell card in your pocket
If one was to take a tally of have many Christians there are in jail or waiting execution for
death role, I am sure it would not surprise anyone that they make up the majority by a
large margin
When someone asks why this is that so many Christians commit crime, it can only be
because they feel that no matter what they do against God's Ten Commandments, they
are assured a mansion in Heaven
We even see people who are not Christians or who are even atheist, joining the Christian
religion upon their final days on death role, just so that they can get into Heaven
Why worry about Hell or doing right and being good if all you have to do before you die
after murdering, stealing, and doing wrong is say I am a Christian, forgive me Jesus
Or Hail Mary, count some beads, father I have sin, erase that off my chart, but keep the
eraser close by, cause I am not through yet
If one knows that there is a speed sign posted for 55 miles per hour, but also know that all
of the police are on strike
How many people do you think is going to obey the speed zone
If your parents tell you that you must be home before midnight and you stroll in at six in
the morning from the pancake house, knowing that all you have to say to them is oh,
yeah, I'm sorry, forgive me
How many times do you think those children are really going to try to beat it home before
midnight instead of hanging out with their friend before rolling to the house
Simply what I am saying is, if you can have your cake and eat it too, then why wouldn't
As long as Christians keep saying that Jesus died for their sins, the more likely that they
will feel that it is all right to sin since Jesus paid for it in advance, why not use it
If you went to dinner at a fine restaurant and the owner says the food is on the house,
would you insist on paying
Or if he told you that your father paid for your dinner already, would you feel obligated
to pay for your meal again
As long as you believe that Jesus have paid for your sins, even though no where in the
bible does Jesus say this, then what is wrong with sinning if you don't have to pay for it
It like someone giving you a free credit card with all expenses paid up front by someone
Would you worry about how much you charge on it, knowing that it is an unlimited debt
free card
You would sin not only for yourself, but for your friends and family too
You would buy everything in the store, shop until you drop, commit sin on a daily basis
since someone has already paid your account in full
If you are hungry and you go into an all you can eat buffet, knowing that you can eat and
eat all that you want for the same price
Of course not, you are going to stuff yourself until you heart and stomach is content
If a Christian does wrong and is forgiven for it, and later get the desire to do wrong again,
is he going to not do wrong a second time or remember oh, yeah, it's a free buffet, I can
sin until my heart content
I can't wait until I get out of jail so I can do some more wrongs
The question that I ask to you, not as a Christian, but as one with common sense, does
this make any sense to you
How can you tell a murderer, a Hitler that what he does is wrong, at the same time you
tell him that it all right cause Jesus will forgive him for it
We know that two wrongs don't make a right, but do a thousand wrongs or more make a
right as long as you are a Christian
As long as you are a Christian does that mean that you can do no wrong as far as Jesus is
It is time for the Christians to stop lying on Jesus, saying that he condones sins and have
given them the o
If one would read the bible, they would know that Jesus never condoned sin and never
said that it is ever all right for one to sin
When Jesus asked God's forgiveness it was for those who stood with him during that
biblical time who had forsaken God
Yet somehow, today, there are those who attempt to preach and fool you into believing
that it is all right to sin and even worse in Jesus's name
Usually when you look closely at these types of clergies, you will find that the reason
they say that is because they are sinners themselves
They try to fool you into believing that it is all right to sin, because they do not want to
answer for all the bad things that they have done, so they tell you that Jesus has washed
away their sins
Yet, if Jesus owns every Laundromat in Heaven, he couldn't wash away all those sins
One must read the bible and understand that when Jesus talked about going to Heaven, he
said that you must obey the Ten Commandments and give unto the needy
He did not say that you should disobey my Father's Commandments and ask for
forgiveness and give to the church as a way of paying off your sins
You as an individual must read the bible and understand for yourself that Jesus never
condones sins and that you should never let anyone convince you that you will be
forgiven or that in Jesus's eyes it is all right for you to sin
If you haven't visited Rio de Janeiro before you might have your doubts regarding if this
place is worth visiting for your next holiday break
This article will try to convince you that Rio is one of the wisest solutions for you and
your family and for this reason; your next vacation should be here
We will start by presenting one of the most recognizable landmarks which is the
Corcovado – Christ, The Redeemer which stands with his arms outstretched on the
mountain and rises more than 700 meters above Rio
At first, this statue was created in order to be a commemoration of 100 years of total
independence from Portugal but unfortunately, the lack of funding postponed the
construction until in 1931
Getting to this location is very easy, take the train from Rua Cosme Velho 513 – it runs
every 30 minutes from 8 30 am until 6 30 pm
We will continue by offering a few details about Pao de Acucar – Sugar Loaf Mountain
It measures 396 meters and you can access it by way of 2 cable cars
These cable cars leave every 30 minutes from Praca General Tiburico in Urca
Once you get on top of it, the view is absolutely breathtaking
Moving on to the cultural side of Rio de Janeiro, we have the Teatro Municipal which
can be found in Praca Floriano and it is the home of the orchestra and opera
It was constructed back in 1905 and later on in 1934 it was updated in order to reflect the
famous Paris opera
Another cultural location in Rio de Janeiro is the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes which
is located at Avenida Rio Branco 199 and it is considered to be the very best museum in
all Rio de Janeiro
It houses more than 900 original paintings as well as sculptures
The Galeria de Arte Brazileria is the most important gallery in the museum so make sure
you check it out
When you will get hungry you will have plenty of restaurants to choose from, take for
example Adega do Valentim which can be found at Rua da Passagem 176 and it is
considered to be a highly recommended Portuguese restaurant that serves baked rabbit
along with spicy rice, a tasty culinary feast
Upstairs at Ruo do Catete 234 you can find Restaurant Amazonia where they serve the
best steaks and succulent broiled chicken with cream-corn sauce, all at an affordable
Last but not least, the beaches: Copacabana – it is the very best Rio beach with top
restaurants and hotels
This is the perfect place for football and volleyball players
Ipanema – not as crowded as Copacabana and as a matter of fact, a little bit safer and
Arpoador – situated between the first two beaches, it is an ideal place for surfers
All things considered, Rio de Janeiro should be on top of your holiday destination
priorities because it has a lot to offer: fun, relaxation, culture, scenery, food and much
Is The Perfect Tortilla Not As Perfect As It Sounds
The tortilla is a popular Spanish omelette-type bread or a flatbread that is made out of
potatoes, corn or wheat
They are used to create dishes such as tacos, burritos and enchiladas and is quite in
demand as a Mexican food staple in North America, Europe and Eastern Asia
The Perfect Tortilla, meanwhile, is a set of bowls that enable you to make those gourmet
tortilla fares at home, without having to sweat over the preparation process
Now, a lot of mothers have given accolades to the convenience the Perfect Tortilla
ensemble provides when making crunchy taco bowls
But there are several Perfect Tortilla reviews that have raised a few issues regarding the
Some have pointed out its actual disengagement from the actual Mexican food aesthetics
and only gives consumers a star shaped, crunchy tortilla which they can incorporate
different toppings in and then eat
It doesn't actually look anything like the Mexican treats restaurants serves and therefore
does not fully recreate the gourmet experience, as far as chefs and cooks are concerned
And then, there's the fact that it doesn't actually do anything else other than help the
housewife come up with crunchy tortilla bowls
Sure, it could be used as a functional and ornamental bowl in other occasions
But once you're done popping it into the oven and making those premade tortilla into
crunchy bowls, there's pretty much nothing else it can be applicable for except the washer
There has also been some criticism on Perfect Tortilla reviews as to the flexibility of the
tool when it comes to contouring differently sized tortilla breads
Insofar as the advertisement goes, it is claimed that one size can take care of everything
But there is much doubt as to whether or not the same shape will hold when you place a
larger bread in a smaller baking bowl, and on top of that, if the formed taco bowl can
accommodate ingredients (example, fruits and ice cream) other than vegetables and
spices for long
The site offers four Perfect Tortilla baking pans, two recipe guides and a Cut n' Cup slicer
freebie at $10 per package
It may seem cheap but with the postage and handling fees, it will actually add up to
nearly $26
For a product that has very limited use, it doesn't seem like a very worthwhile investment
to make
And if you think about what else you can buy out of that same amount to make a
delicious Mexican food, you wouldn't think having a crunchy taco bowl would make
much of a difference
Still, one cannot contradict its effectiveness when it comes to serving its purpose
And with a little creativity, there are actually take advantage of the Perfect Tortilla to
make pies, cakes, muffins and other treats
When it comes to clean up, there's also nothing for moms to worry about becase they are
not high-maintenance tools
You can soak it up in soap and water after you're done and let it dry for subsequent use
Before I've done my researching on Yoli all I was thinking of was what kind of name is
After all the researches that i've done all I can answer is they seem to have done their
homework on each aspect of their company besides their name
MLM startups are naturally risky, but in Yoli's case I have a solid degree of confidence
they'll make it long term
Like with any other review, we will start with the most crucial one, the product, as it is
the best place to recognize a scam
Every MLM must be fixed in a product of real consumer value or the chance will crash
sooner or later
Yoli's Blast Caps product line reminds me of a lot of Agel's suspension gel product line
Even though the products are very different the selling points are a lot similar
Both companies were the first of their kind in their respective markets as well
The Blast Cap concept is so easy you will be surprised as to why it took so long for
somebody to think of it
Basically what you have is a nutritional powder packed in the shape of a cap that is
screwed onto re-usable bottles
Screw the Blast Cap on, push down to release the powder, shake and drink
By using their distinctive Blast Cap delivery approach, Yoli is able to gain a whole host
of product benefits giving them an edge on the competition:
Maintains maximum nutritional potency - by eliminating the pasteurization and bottling
process that kill the vast majority of nutritional value in functional beverage drinks
Eradication of preservatives, fillers and chemicals essential in bottled beverages
The company has an entire host of marketing angles due to the uniqueness of the Yoli
Blast Cap idea
I'd have to say their marketing materials & website (with the exclusion of a few cheesy
videos) do a great job of cashing in on the advantages essential with their product line
As a whole I am impressed with what Yoli has brought to the table
They an innovative concept, which gives them a strong advantage in a very big and
budding industry
I'm not going to be surprised if they are on their way to become a long term company in
the marketplace
The Yoli comp plan is not as earth shattering as they make it to be, but it is solid
The hybrid concept of combining a binary with uni-level by adding matching bonuses has
been done many times
The difference is in how many ranks they have and by advancing these ranks they will
potentially pay matching bonuses down 10 levels
This is the first time I've heard a company pay matching bonuses down this far, not to say
it hasn't been done, it's just this is the first time I've seen one
It utilizes the binary which can build synergy, momentum and team building
It also minimizes binary free-loading through their carefully structured rank advancement
The most important part of the MLM pay plan is it only gives commissions on the
movement of product
There is another more subtle aspect that can't be ignored
Yoli can keep their product prices reasonable without cutting into distributor
commissions because it cuts out so much excess in the production process
This is something heavily touted in one of the company's videos titled "Competitive Price
Points" and I don't want to sound like I'm echoing their own marketing material but they
are 100% right on this point
As a startup company, there is not much track record to look at
It only makes sense then to look at the history and experience of the people behind the
Yoli was started by 6 persons who have verifiably and very remarkable track records
Corey Citron, who, is considered a god in multi-level Marketing, is their CMO
Corey looks to lead the company from the viewpoint of having been in and knowing the
needs of the field, along with the rest of the founders
This "by distributors, for distributors" motto is significant, it means that they are
committed to the network marketing business model
It's very easy for corporate officers to get envious when top distributors begin earning
more than they do, let's keep our fingers crossed that the people behind Yoli don't forget
what it's like to be on the other side
There are a lot of networking companies that boast of having the finest comp plan…
There are quite a lot of networking companies that claim of having a great product…
There are only a handful multi-level Marketing companies that sell moderately priced
If I wasn't already committed elsewhere, Yoli is one of the few startups that I would
consider joining myself
I would gave Yoli all 5 stars if I was to give out a rating
But it boils down to the fact that, you must be convinced 100% yourself, your friends and
associates are not going to care what I think
As good of a multilevel marketing opportunity as I think Yoli is, it won't be a piece of
If you choose to join the company, dedicate a year of your time or don't join at all
But some of the food we allow to enter our bodies is definitely not in our best interest
Too much stodgy or fatty foods, that fill us up, make us feel full but within a very short
time we are hungry again
Doctors and Nutritionists talk about eating a Balanced Diet, but what is a Balanced Diet
This does not mean making us fat, but rather building bulk and muscle
We need good strong muscles for practically everything
The heart is a muscle and that has to work really hard for the whole of our lives
When the heart stops working properly, we get Heart Failure, Heart Attacks etc
We need good muscles to be able to digest the food we eat
Then we have muscles that keep us upright so that we can walk and run
We have muscles in the eyes that help us to see by focussing
Now this Protein is made up of blocks that interlock to form amino acids
9 of which are called First Class or Essential Amino Acids
Without these First Class or Essential Amino Acids the body would be a mess, with very
little working, as it should
Most dairy products, for example Meat, Milk, Cheese, Fish and Eggs are called Complete
Milk is a complete protein in that it has all 9 essential amino acids
Protein is also found in other Food Sources, eg Whole Grains, Rice, Corn, Beans,
Legumes, Oatmeal, Peas and Peanut Butter
Vegetarians, Vegans and others who do not eat Meat, Dairy Products or Fish, must make
sure to eat the above foods in order to keep healthy
Are major sources of energy and an active adult should be burning 50 – 60% of Calories
each day
Carbohydrates are converted into sugars and starches within the body
В· Sugars are found in Fruits, Milk and Soft Drinks and Sweets В· Complex Carbohydrates
are found in Whole Grain Cereals, Flour, Bread, Rice, Corn, Oats, Potatoes and Legumes
We are inclined to eat more Carbohydrates than we should
This is because of the sweetness and the feeling of fullness we get when we tuck into a
Cream Cake
Too much Carbohydrate will, if we are not active enough, turn into fat, which is what
happens when we put on weight
Yet not enough Carbohydrates would mean the body would not function at its best
Therefore a certain amount of Carbohydrates each day is essential
So the lesser evil would be to fill up on the Complex Carbohydrates like Whole Grain
and Cereals
These have the added advantage of also providing us with Proteins, so we get two for the
price of one
Jewish wedding ceremonies and receptions are rich with culture and traditions that
celebrate the young couple's new journey together
These traditions can differ greatly between Orthodox and non-Orthodox synagogues, but
there are several customs you can expect at almost any ceremony
The decision of how many traditions to include in your ceremony and reception is up to
the couple and their families, but we have explained some of the most popular here
Before the wedding ceremony begins, the father of the bride, father of the groom and all
the groomsmen will lead the groom to the bride's room
There the bride will be waiting with her female family members and bridesmaids
When the groom arrives, he places the veil over the bride's face to set her apart from the
other women and to signify that he is interested in her spiritual beauty more than her
physical beauty
It is also said, this tradition began in biblical times after Jacob was tricked into marrying
the wrong woman
The groom is said to place the bride's veil over her face to ensure she is in fact the woman
he expected to marry
This is the first place guests will notice a difference between a Jewish ceremony and a
Christian one
Both the bride and groom will be accompanied by their parents when they walk down the
Normally, the procession starts with the rabbi, then the grandparents, the groomsmen, the
groom and his parents, the bridesmaids, a flower girl, a ring bearer and finally the bride
and her parents will walk down the aisle
At the end of the procession, it is common for the bride to circle the groom seven times to
signify her commitment to him
Instead of an alter, the bride and groom will be married under a small structure called a
chupuah – or a canopy supported by four poles
This dates back to the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah and is said to symbolize the
couple's new home which is always open to guests
Jewish wedding ceremonies are divided into two parts – the Kiddushin and the Sheva
During the Kiddushin, a greeting is said to the guests, then the rabbi blesses a cup of wine
from which the bride and groom both drink
The bride and groom will place a ring on the other's right index finger, as that is thought
to be connected to the heart
Often, the couple will move the rings to traditional ring fingers after the ceremony ends
In the Sheva B'rachot, seven blessings are said for the bride and groom
This can be done by a rabbi or family members and friends can each say one blessing
Nothing signifies a Jewish wedding more than sound of shattering glass at the end of the
Some believe it symbolizes that the marriage will last as long as the glass is broken
Others say it honors those who are suffering and is a reminder of the destruction of the
second temple in Jerusalem
After the glass is broken, you will hear a lively round of “Mazel Tov” come from the
guests, which means “good luck”
This is another iconic part of all Jewish weddings – when the bride and groom are hoisted
up on chairs while the guests joyfully sing Hava Nagila
The tradition is said to have derived from a time when members of royal families were
carried on chairs
This happens when the last daughter in the bride's family has been married
The mother and father of the bride sit on chairs in the middle of the dance floor and the
mother is given a crown of flowers to wear
The guests will dance around the couple and kiss them as they go by
Should you choose to include some of these great traditions into your wedding ceremony,
consider putting an insert in your program that explains what the guests will see
Likely, there will be at least one or two guests who are not familiar with Jewish wedding
customs and they will enjoy the ceremony much more if they understand the rich history
behind what they are seeing
When it comes to fast-food restaurants in the Philippines, Jollibee has become an icon for
the majority of Filipinos in and out of the country
Awarded the "Best at Consumer Goods" in Asia's Best Managed Companies 2005 poll
survey by Euromoney Magazine, Jollibee Food Corporation has been recognized as one
of the 200 "Best Under a Billion" companies in Asia by Forbes Asia Magazine
In a recent report made in 2008, Jollibee Food Corporation became the biggest known
fast-food restaurant in the world
With an over of 1,490 local chains and 228 foreign stores, JFC now competes with other
successful fast-food restaurants such as Mc - Donalds and Burger King
Part of what made Jollibee Food Corporation successful other than its own brand are its
JFC has been known for its expansions through other brands of fast-food chains in the
Philippines and in other countries
Jollibee Food Corporation acquired 80 percent of Greenwich Pizza in 1994, enabling it to
penetrate the pizza-pasta segment
From a 50-branch operation, Greenwich has established a strong presence in the food
service industry
bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp
, equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash
In 2000, the company acquired Chowking, allowing Jollibee to be part of the Oriental
quick service restaurant segment
In 2005, JFC penetrated the pastries and cake industry by acquiring Red Ribbon
Other acquisitions made by Jollibee Food Corporation are DГ©lifrance (a bakery company
that serves "French style" bakery products), and Manong Pepe's (a fast-food restaurant
that serves popular Filipino delicacies)
In August 26, 2008, Jollibee Food Corporation formally signed the P 2
5 million) deal with Beijing-based Hong Zhuang Yuan through its wholly owned
subsidiary Jollibee Worldwide Pte
Aside from Hong Zhuang Yuan, Jollibee purchased 70% of Taipei restaurant Lao Dong
in June and Chun Shui Tang tea house in 2006
In 2004, Jollibee acquired Chinese fast food chain Yonghe King for $ 22
By the end of 2010, Jollibee Food Corporation aims to become a Global Brand by
opening 4,000 chains all over the world, serving both the Filipino people that grown to
love Jollibee, and foreigners that'll soon belong to Jollibee's growing family
Jollibee's Yumburger and Chick - Enjoy are among of Filipinos best choices when it
comes to hamburgers and deep fried chickens
This is because Jollibee has become a household name for Filipinos all over the
Philippines, considering Jollibee as the Philippines' national fast-food restaurant
For 3 decades, Jollibee has been serving their unique blend of American-style fast-food
menus that every Filipinos have come like and have grown to love
And today, Jollibee has become a name that every Filipino across the world has
considered as the largest fast-food restaurant in the country
Though Jollibee is popular for on its own name, part of its success came from its
acquisitions of some of the most prominent and famous fast-food restaurants in the
The company acquired 80 percent of Greenwich Pizza in 1994, enabling it to penetrate
the pizza-pasta segment
From a 50-branch operation, Greenwich has established a strong presence in the food
service industry
bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp
, equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash
In 2000, the company acquired Chowking, allowing Jollibee to be part of the Oriental
quick service restaurant segment
Aside from Greenwich and Chowking, Jollibee also acquired a popular bakery the
provides some of the most delectable collection of cakes which is the Red Ribbon
Bakeshop, another bakery company that serves "French style" bakery products which is
DГ©lifrance, and a new fast-food restaurant called Manong Pepe's
Visit any Jollibee Philippine website to learn of this
Today, as of March, 2008, JFC has 1,466 stores in the Philippines namely Jollibee which
has 627 stores, Chowking which has 377 stores, Greenwich Pizza which has 236 stores,
Red Ribbon Bakeshop which has 194 stores, DГ©lifrance which has 28 stores and Manong
Pepe's which has 4 stores
According to its own Jollibee Philippine website, it has 23 stores overseas and among of
those is Hong Zhuang Yuan from China, Lao Dong and Chun Shui Tang tea house from
Taipei, and many more
Jollibee also entered into a business contract with US-based Chow Fun Holdings LLC,
the developer and owner of Jinja Bar Bistro on New Mexico, USA, in which Jollibee will
have a 12% stake in the US-based Asian restaurant for $ 950,000
Truly, Jollibee has become something more than just a household name, Jollibee has
become a name that the whole world will someday come to like and love
Check out any Jollibee Philippine website to learn on how to buy and send Jollibee food
products to your loved ones back in the Philippines
One of the many reasons why Jollibee Food Coporation became so successful in the fastfood service industry is because of its expansion through several acquisitions
Among of its acquisition is Red Ribbon Bakeshop, a popular fast-food chain and bakery
in the Philippines and the United States, offering a wide range of cakes and pastries
Red Ribbon Bakeshop, or simply Red Ribbon, has been in the bakeshop industry even
before the success of Jollibee Food Corporation
The chain started out as a hobby in 1979, in Quezon City along Timog Avenue
It begun its foreign expansions when they opened a Red Ribbon Bakeshop in West
Covina, California in 1984 where Filipino expariates mostly lives
After its successful endeavor abroad, Red Ribbon then started on franchising their brand
in the Philippines in 1999
This then lead Jollibee Food Corporation to learn of the many opportunities for growth
and success with Red Ribbon Bakeshop
And in 2005, Red Ribbon was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation, a conglomerate of
popular fast-food chains in the Philippines
From a hobby induced business, Red Ribbon Bakeshop has grown to over 170 outlets all
over the country and 19 stores in the US
It currently has 6 commissaries nationwide and 3 in the US
Since its acquisition, Red Ribbon entered a new phase in its company history
The company will soon become the biggest and fastest-growing bakeshop in the
Its mission is to bring the joy of eating to everyone through its great-tasting food and
superior quality
Today, with Jollibee Food Corporation's endless innovation and support, Red Ribbon
Bakeshop became a household name when it comes to offering the widest and most
delectable collections of premier cakes for Filipinos and foreigners alike
Because of the demand for Red Ribbon cakes, some online gift shops have also come to
sell cakes from Red Ribbon
Express Regalo was developed and launched to provide Filipinos abroad a fast, reliable,
convenient and hassle-free way to shop and send gifts to their loved ones in the
Express Regalo is owned and operated by e - LBC Direct, Inc
, an LBC company that is dedicated to providing Filipinos overseas access to products
and services apart from the traditional products offered by LBC
Kiddies Birthday Party Checklist Things to Remember
Your kiddie birthday celebration special event is usually a fuss so make certain you plan
every thing ahead of time so nothing is missed
To perform that, it can be a great idea to make a checklist which you have to stick to until
the occasion is over at long last
Preparing for the kiddie bday occasion must be accomplished a month or two in advance
You can start by thinking currently where will the celebration be held, who will likely be
invited, what is the theme with the bash, what time will this be held and how long is
going to be celebration be
As this is your kid's occasion, let them get involved with the decision making
If they want to have the special event incorporated their favorite restaurant, so be it
Just hope that no you have reserved the date plus the time simply because should you do,
you will need to reschedule almost everything
The benefit of obtaining a kiddie occasion carried out in a restaurant is that you just do
not have to worry concerning the decorations, pursuits, prizes as well as the other facts
If the restaurant does this on a typical basis, they previously have a course of study well
prepared and all you need to do is select the package which undoubtedly consists of the
meals that will probably be served
As an instance your kid doesn't want to possess the special event in a restaurant and
instead want to own this performed at home
If that is the situation, you must start off considering founded on theme the decor you will
be using, the prizes that will probably be given, the pursuits that will be performed along
with the meals that is going to be served
There are quite a few advantages of possessing the kiddie bday bash completed at home
You do not have to make a reservation since the area is yours, it's your decision what
food being served and you have a chance to decide how prolonged will the occasion final
Parties contained restaurants are ordinarily above in two to three hours and that may be a
bit short for those who need to stay longer
2 to 3 weeks prior to the kiddie bash, you should have previously sent out the invitations
to all your guests
Ensure there you put your contact amount so the company can confirm if they are able to
make it or not
If there are a number of other details that have not yet been taken cared of, you superior
get help from your friends and relatives
A week or two prior to the party, currently order the cake from the store if you do not
strategy for making it yourself
Once more, let your kid be of assistance to by letting him decide on how the cake must
appear like as this is their special birthday cake
For people who program to serve home made foodstuff, make sure this is done ahead of
time then put away in the freezer
You wouldn't would like to cram a day just before due to the fact which is going to
incredibly challenging
The day before the celebration, purchase film and charge the video camera
Confirm with individuals who you invited if they're attending or not
If this is done in your home, decorate the place the night prior to
At the time on the kiddie bday occasion, bring out the foodstuff and just have a good time
with your kid and every one of those you invited
Recently a new kind of ornament has entered the market and these are the ornaments that
are made from stainless steel
The jewelries that are made form stainless steel are very much durable than the traditional
jewelries that are made from either gold or silver
The jewelries are made from solid piece of steel and they are brought to shape and also
carved to give it a nice and elegant look
The stainless steel jewelry is very much stronger then the traditional gold and silver
jewelry and hence they can go for a very long period of time
Moreover stainless steel jewelry can easily be repaired if it has gone through any kind of
damages and with the help of a simple polish the damage can be easily fixed
Stainless steel jewelry is also priced much lower than the traditional gold or silver
jewelry and hence the stainless steel ornaments are now becoming the fastest best sellers
in the market
After making the final touch to these ornaments the jewelries look exactly the same as
platinum jewelry and platinum is said to be even more expensive then gold or silver
Therefore the end result is that people are buying an ornament that looks exactly the same
as a platinum jewelry and that too at a very affordable price without sacrificing on the
Various designs have been introduced in the markets that are now selling like a hot cake
and moreover these ornaments are also appealing to men since it also packs the masculine
The fabulous response received by the stainless steel jewelry that it now seems to be the
fashion jewelry for the next generation
At first stainless steel was primarily the choice of material for making utensils only and
now with the help of technology and human effort, it has become the preferred choice of
making ornaments
They are now reaching new heights in the field of fashion jewelry and now they are also
recognized as the fashion jewelry of the future
By using the latest technique in jewelry designing as well as excellent sculpting
techniques they will soon be able to conquer the entire globe
They had already become a big rage in the United States and from teenagers to adults
they are always considered to be the first choice for the purpose of making a style
Since the demand for the stainless steel jewelry are always rising it is very much
important to have a very good supply or distribution system and therefore the
manufacturer of this ornaments Stainless-jewellery
com has enhanced the distribution system of its products so that people of every ages can
enjoy the product
The company is the leading manufacturer of steel jewelry and also other kind of jewelries
like 925 sterling silver jewelry, organic fashion jewelry, ethnic fashion jewelry and many
All the products that are made by them are meant to offer the very best in style statement
and that too at a very little price and so it can now be easily said that style is now every
ones reach
Korean New Year's Day Celebration : Seollal Traditions
Seollal, Koreans' favorite holiday, is just around the corner
Koreans usually celebrate two New Year's: one on January 1st in accordance to the solar
calendar, and another in accordance with the lunar calendar, falling this year on February
During Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day), most people go back to their hometowns to
perform ceremonial rites, paying their respect to their ancestors, so the day before and
after Seollal are also designated holidays
This year Seollal falls on a Sunday, making the holiday last from Feb 13 to 15
Let's take a peek at Korea's Seollal, a busy but happy holiday
Most families are very busy during the week leading up to Seollal
There is a lot of shopping to do to prepare for the ancestral rites and, because Seollal
brings the rare occasion of all family members getting together in one place at the same
time, most people undergo a lot of stressful preparation to make the festivities run
Therefore, Seollal is one of the busiest seasons for department stores and markets
Most people shop for gifts to give to their parents and friends
Meat, fish, fruit, the Korean traditional snack �Hangwa', tteokguk (rice cake soup), and
various types of wild vegetables are popular items because they are required as part of the
ancestral rites
The foods prepared for this rite must have nice shapes and colors, and they must be fresh
Most families spend an average of пї¦200,000~300,000 on food for Seollal
Another necessary step to follow in preparation for Seollal is reserving train tickets
Thousands of people travel at the same time mostly to their hometown provinces
Before and after Seollal, the highways are very congested
Trains are the preferred transportation method because they run on time and they can
avoid the hectic holiday traffic
To secure a seat, most people reserve their train tickets at least a month in advance
Of course, those who decide to drive themselves know ahead of time what they are
getting themselves into
Instead of it taking the usual two hours to drive from Seoul to Daejon, it takes four to five
The trip to Busan, which is about four hours away, takes close to eight hours during
All radio stations broadcast special live traffic updates because of the massive migration
of people
Due to serious traffic problems, parents who live in smaller provinces are choosing to
come to their children's home in Seoul to let their children avoid this congestion chaos
Seollal gifts depend on the economy and trend of that year
Gifts with unwavering popularity are department store gift certificates and cash
Many adults also like receiving ginseng, honey, and other health products, or massage
Toiletry gift sets are also popular gift items and include products such as shampoo, soap,
and toothpaste
Other popular gift sets include food sets of ham, tuna, Korea's traditional snack
�Hangwa', dried fish or fruit baskets
Perform ancestral rites and play traditional Korean games with family members
The day before Seollal, family members gather together to prepare the holiday food
The dishes needed for the ancestral rites must be prepared with care, made to be taste
good and look good
Seollal's most important food is tteokguk, but 20 other dishes such as wild vegetables,
Korean style pancakes, various types of fish, galbijjim (rib stew), japchae (noodles with
meat and vegetables), and more are also specially prepared in order to perform the
ancestral rites
To cook all this food requires long hours of work, and this reality has brought about the
expression �holiday syndrome'
Unlike the male members of the family, the women work all day long preparing holiday
Having to do this every year, every holiday season, women have been showing symptoms
such as headaches, backaches, and other physical pains when the holidays come around
Gaining considerable popularity, is the opinion that holidays should be even more familyoriented
Accordingly, some families are dividing the responsibilities for food preparations within
their families, asking each person to bring a dish to share
Shops are increasingly offering holiday-cooking services, where you can purchase readymade food
If you order in advance, your holiday dishes can be delivered to your home on the day of
Seollal or the day before the actual holiday
Naturally, young housewives prefer this service if they can afford it rather than doing
most of the cooking themselves
On the morning of Seollal, people get up early to wash and put on their �Seolbim (new
clothes prepared for Seollal)'
Then the families gather to perform ancestral rites, paying their respects by offering food
According to Korean traditions, it is believed that ancestors return to enjoy the holiday
food prepared for them
An ancestral tablet is placed on the rites table along with all the dishes and drinks
This is to show appreciation and respect for late ancestors
The ancestral rites also symbolize the descendants' prayers for a good new year
After the rites have been performed, everyone shares the holiday food together
Tteokguk, made of thinly sliced tteok (rice cakes) cooked in beef soup, is found on all
Seollal tables, without exception
According to tradition, eating tteokguk on Seollal adds one year to your age
Therefore, the children ask each other �how many servings of tteokguk did you have
' and they calculate their age according to the number of serving they had just for fun
After finishing their meal, the younger generations pay their respects to the elders of the
family by bowing to them
The elders offer well-wishing remarks such as �have a healthy year' or �meet someone
nice' as they give the young people �New Year's money'
Children especially like Seollal because they can receive money as a New Year's gift
Lately, an increasing number of Christian families are choosing not to perform the
ancestral rites due to their religious beliefs
Instead, their family members gather to share food and stories, and spend quality family
time during - Seollal
After the ancestral rites ceremony is over, the members of the family play traditional
games for entertainment
It is a fun and easy-to-learn game that requires a certain degree of teamwork
Players sometimes make bets with extra cash from their �New Year's money' they
Some families order pizza or chicken after the games
�Gostop,' which uses flower cards and board games are also popular Seollal games
Though flower cards are more complicated to play than yut nori, it is nonetheless popular
even with adults
Once you begin a game of flower cards, hours race by in no time at all
If you want to play folk games such as jegichagi, neoltwiggi, tuho, or kite flying, be sure
to visit a nearby palace or park
The palaces and parks equip themselves with folk games for visitors to enjoy
Also, many families go see a movie, making Seollal a busy season for the movie theaters
After performing the traditional Seollal activities at one's husband's parents' home,
families go to the wife's parents' home afterwards
It has become a general practice to visit both in-laws during Seollal, and to pay their
respects, in equal measure, at both homes
This Year is said to be the Year of the Tiger, Is It True
With the approach of lunar New Year's Day, every Korean becomes increasingly
interested in knowing what zodiac sign they are and the guardian animal of the year
There has been a Korean tradition that people do fortune telling for the New Year in
relation to the zodiac animal
Also, people can tell characteristics and destinies of babies born in the year of specific
It is true that nowadays this kind of tradition is gone, yet people are still interested in the
zodiac sign just for fun
The year of 2010 is called �Gyeonginnyeon,' the year of the Tiger
It is said that the tiger is proactive at work and is very charismatic
People born in the year of tiger are gifted with a strong sense of justice, a strong mind,
and passion
In addition, if they act virtuously, they are well-liked and often become leaders
Plus Tip- I want to travel Korea during the Seollal Holidays
It is very quiet in Seoul during the Seollal Holiday because most families leave Seoul to
visit their relatives in their respective hometowns and many shops and restaurants close
for the holidays
The city feels somewhat deserted at this time of the year
Palaces, parks and theme parks are probably the busiest places during Seollal
They offer various traditional games and events to visitors as a great means of
But if you wanted to visit the provincial areas during this time, you may want to consider
changing your schedule
Buses and trains are crowded and traffic is pretty heavy
A quiet relaxing tour of Seoul is recommended if you are going to visit Korea during
Chuseok is by far the biggest and most important holiday in Korea
It is a time when family members from near and far come together to share food and
stories and to give thanks to their ancestors for the abundant harvest
This year, this representative Korean holiday falls on September 22nd (of the solar
calendar), but holiday celebrations run for three days, from September 21st - 23rd
For internationals located in the major cities, Chuseok is the prime opportunity to go
sightseeing, since many native Koreans return to their hometowns in the countryside,
leaving the city attractions relatively crowd-free
Let's take a closer look at what Chuseok means and what it represents to Koreans
Chuseok is one of Korea's three major holidays, along with Seollal (New Year's Day) and
Dano (the 5th day of the 5th month of the year according to the lunar calendar) and is
also referred to as Hangawi, which means the ides of August (August 15th according to
the lunar calendar)
Although the exact origin of Chuseok is unclear, the tradition can be traced back to
ancient religious practices that centered around the significance of the moon
The sun's presence was considered routine, but the full moon that came once a month,
brightening the dark night, was considered a special and meaningful event
Therefore, festivities took place on the day of the largest full moon, August 15th of the
lunar calendar, which became one of the most important days of celebration throughout
Korea to this day
On the morning of Chuseok Day, Songpyeon (a type of Korean rice cake) and food
prepared with the year's fresh harvest are set out to give thanks to ancestors through
Charye (ancestor memorial service)
After Charye, families visit their ancestors' graves and engage in Beolcho, the ritual
clearing of the weeds that may have grown up over the burial mound
After dusk, families and friends take walks and gaze at the beauty of the full harvest
moon or play folk games such as Ganggangsullae (Korean circle dance)
On Chuseok morning, family members gather at their homes to hold memorial services
(called Charye) in honor of their ancestors
Formal Charye services are held twice a year during Seollal (New Year's Day) and
The difference between the two services is that during Seollal the major representative
food is white Tteokguk, a rice cake soup, while during Chuseok the major representative
food is freshly harvested rice
After the service, the family members sit down together at the table to enjoy delicious
food that symbolizes their blessings
- Beolcho (clearing the weeds around the grave) and Seongmyo (visiting ancestral
Visiting ancestral graves during Chuseok is known as Seongmyo and during this visit,
family members remove the weeds that have grown around the graves in the summer
Taking care of the ancestral graves and clearing the weeds is called Beolcho
This custom is considered a duty and expression of devotion and respect for one's family
On the weekends, about one month prior to the Chuseok holidays, Korea's highways
become extremely congested with families visiting their ancestral graves to fulfill their
familial duties
Traditionally, during the Chuseok holidays the strongest people in each village would
gather together to hold wrestling competitions
During the match, two competitors would face each other in a circular sandpit and were
surrounded on all sides by spectators
The last wrestler standing after the series of competitions was considered the winner and
was acknowledged as the villager's strongest man, taking home cotton, rice, or a calf as
his prize
Today, Ssireum (Korean wrestling) competitions are held around the time of Chuseok to
determine the strongest man in Korea, but are not as big a part of the celebrations as they
once were
Back in the olden days, women dressed in Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) would
join hands in a circle and sing together
The dance dates back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) during the Japanese invasion
when the Korean army dressed the young women of the village in military uniforms and
had them circle the mountains to make the Japanese think the Korean military was greater
in number than it actually was
The Koreans were eventually able to defeat the Japanese, thanks in part to this scare
Traditionally, as part of Chuseok, the head of the household would buy new clothes for
everyone in the house, including the servants
This custom is known as Chuseokbim and is still practiced today, but has been
modernized with most families purchasing clothes from department stores and boutiques
instead of exchanging Hanbok
Chuseok celebrates the rich harvest season when fruit and grain are abundant
With the newly harvested grains, people make steamed rice, rice cake, and liquor
Songpyeon is one of the representative foods of Chuseok
This rice cake is prepared with rice or non-glutinous rice powder that is kneaded into the
perfect size (a little smaller than a golf ball) then filled with sesame seeds, beans, red
beans, chestnuts, and a host of other nutritious ingredients
When steaming the songpyeon, the rice cakes are layered with pine needles, adding the
delightful fragrance of pine
On the eve of Chuseok, the entire family gathers together to make songpyeon under the
bright moon
There is an old Korean saying that says that the person who makes the most beautiful
songpyeon will meet a good-looking spouse so, all the single of the single members of
the family try their best to make the finest looking songpyeon
Another major element of Chuseok is traditional liquor, called Baekju (white wine)
The holidays are a time of thankfulness and generosity and drinking is a way in which
many Koreans show their generosity and bond with their fellow countrymen
Lalaloopsy Doll Spot Splatter Splash Selling For Over $300
Lalaloopsy dolls are becoming a rare commodity even on online stores
Though shopping on online stores is supposed to be economical but not in the case of
some Lalaloopsy dolls; the Lalaloopsy doll Spot Splatter Splash was sold for an
astronomical amount US $300 at e - Bay
This is a huge amount for a doll priced at US $25 by the manufacturers
The manufacturer MGA Entertainment kept the price of the Lalaloopsy dolls reasonable
so that every little boy and girl could have a doll to play with
But the ever increasing demand and the low supply has pushed the price up considerably
Currently Spot Splatter Splash is available at Amazon for US $299
Quirky, colorful and crazy Spot Splatter Splash is the hottest Lalaloopsy doll and it is no
wonder that parents are willing to pay so much for this doll
Spot Splatter Splash is the most creative of all Lalaloopsy dolls
Crafted from the old overalls of a painter, the last stitch embedded the love of painting in
Spot Splatter Splash
Spot Splatter Splash is stylishly dressed in a red and white dress
The top of her dress has stripes while the flaring red skirt has white polka dots on it
She wears a white apron over her dress to protect it from the stains of paints which seem
to follow this budding artist everywhere
Her feet are covered with white sneakers having red laces and yellow soles
Her orange hair is neatly tied in pony tails which are held by pink bows
Spot Splatter Splash was stitched on 25th October the International Artist Day; the
painting maestro Picasso was also born on this day and maybe that's why Spot Splatter
Splash is so talented
She loves dabbling with bright colors and has even spattered her pet zebra with blue paint
Her pet zebra has red and white stripes on it and has a purple tail as well as a purple mane
Spot Splatter Splash's love for colors is evident from the fact that even her house is
tastefully adorned with colorful fabrics and buttons while her driveway is more like a
colorful palette
Even the ladder leading up to the roof of her house is colorful and is made of pencil
Spot Splatter Splash is in a habit of making big messes and her favorite food is spaghetti
This lovely Lalaloopsy doll comes with a promise certificate and a collectible poster
Young girls love Spot Splatter Splash because of her strong personality and also because
she inspires them
Parents cheerfully pay enormous amount for this doll because she has a positive influence
on both girls and boys
Spot Splatter Splash brings out the creative streak in children; with Spot as a pal, sky is
the limit when it comes to vivid imagination and expressing the feelings in colors
Spot Splatter Splash is an awesome Lalaloopsy doll which sells like hot cakes
It is very much in demand and is being sold at very high prices on popular sites such as
Amazon and e - Bay
The charming and talented Spot Splatter Splash is every child's dream and that explains
its immense popularity
Parents are eager to get Spot Splatter Splash for their kids even though it is overpriced
because she inspires creativity in them
For more information and great savings on Lalaloopsy Dolls, please see our Author's box
Language is a very complex mode of human communication
With hundreds of diverse languages in the world how possible would that be that a
person from the east could bring bring a message across somebody in the west without
distorting the real message
What if people who speak different tongues gather together trying to talk to one another
Language translation may immediately pop-out to anyone's head as an answer but it's
way beyond that
The text to be translated is called the "source text," and the language to be translated is
called the "target language"
A certain text can be perceived in hundreds of different ways
The primary goal of language translation is to interpret the meaning of a text to the
equivalent text of another language
It is essential that the same message is communicated accurately
Misinterpretation and misconception arise when the language translation is haphazardly
There are translation services but it needs to be very efficient
Here are some factors to consider in translating any language
The context of the source text should always be parallel to the target language
The rules of grammar of the two languages should be overlooked
A single error in translating the tense of a message can distort the supposed meaning of
the original text
The writing conventions and the idioms of the languages are no second priority
An expression in a certain country differs from the other
What's funny for a Japanese may be offensive to a spanish
Every single expression that will be translated is considered critical
Another common misconception in translating is that there exists a simple "word-forword" equivalent between any two languages
Translation is not a straightforward mechanical process
A word-for-word translation does not take into account context, grammar, conventions,
and idioms
Relevant resources are also necessary in order to translate efficiently
There are also two criteria in determining the quality of language translation: fidelity and
Fidelity or “faithfulness” in translation is measured through the accuracy of the translated
text, whether it render the meaning of the source text, without adding to or subtracting
from it, without intensifying or weakening any part of the meaning, and importantly
without distorting it
The criteria used to judge the fidelity of a translation vary according to the subject, the
precision of the original contents, function and use of the text, its social or historical
context, etc
On the other hand, judging the transparency in translation would appear more
It can be in the case of word-for-word translations generated by many machinetranslation systems
This often results to a humorous and non-sense message
Words are so powerful that a single mistake in translating them spells a big difference
Language is more than just words and phrases, it is a vehicle for communication
A wedding where a loving couple begins a new life together with the blessing of many
guests is an exciting event in both the East and the West
In Korea, a wedding is also a very important event that follows long held rituals and
In the traditional sense, men and women were considered a true adult only when they got
As time changed, strictly ensconced rituals and procedures have become simpler;
however, a wedding is still considered as the most significant moment in life
The following explains the current culture of Korean weddings that has evolved over
Sanggyeonnye refers to the occasion where the parents and relatives of both of the
couples' families meet for the first time to discuss the marriage
Once a couple decides to get married, the man visits the woman's parents to receive their
permission; then the woman visits the man's parents to greet them
Yedan originally referred to the silk garments that the bride sent to the groom's home
In the old days, silk was rare and expensive and was considered as a good gift item for
showing respect
Traditionally, the groom's family sent silk to the bride's family; the bride would
personally make clothes for her parents-in-law using the silk and then send it back; then,
the groom's family would send money back in appreciation of the bride's efforts
Today, however, all gifts sent by the bride to the groom's home are simply called yedan
regardless of content
In the old days, only goods were offered as yedan; as the times changed, however, money
is also being sent for the purchase of wanted goods
Yedan is usually sent to the groom's home about a month before the wedding
Together with money, some people also send a set of tableware, silver spoon set, and
luxurious beddings
With the passage of time, weddings have transcended its strictly ritualistic characteristics
but have maintained its place as a memorable and pleasant event
As such, taking wedding photos before the wedding has become a must
Many pictures are taken in a studio, but outdoor photos have also become common
Royal palaces such as Gyeongbokgung, arboretums, theme parks, or other memorable
locales are used to take pictures
Wedding dress, tuxedos, hanbok, and comfortable casual clothes are all worn to reflect
couples' different lifestyles
If yedan is the gift by the bride to the groom's family, ham(pronounced [ha-am]) is the
gift from the groom to the bride's family
Originally, the hamwas sent the day before the wedding but it has become more common
to send it on a pre-determined date prior to the wedding
Inside the ham, which is a gift box, are a carefully prepared proposal letter, blue and red
silk, and a list of necessary items
The ham, which is wrapped in a red cloth called bojagi to stem all bad spirits, is sent to
the bride's home by hamjinabi, the male responsible for delivery of the ham to the bride's
* Proposal letter: The letter is personally written by the groom's father to thank the bride's
parents for sending their precious daughter as their daughter-in-law
This bears the significance of recognizing and blessing the marriage
* Blue&Red Silk: Also called chaedan, the blue and red silk was originally cloth material
for making hanbok
The blue silk is wrapped in red paper and then tied with a blue string; the red silk is
wrapped in blue paper and tied in red
This signifies the harmonious union between the man (blue) and the woman (red)
The string signifies the binding of two hearts into one for everlasting love
The wedding ceremony is a public ritual to notify the public of the couple's marriage
In Korea, there are two types of wedding ceremonies
The first and most common is the Western-style wedding held in a wedding hall or
The other is the traditional Korean wedding, which is becoming more popular among
young couples that want to have a unique experience
The traditional wedding involves the bride and the groom bowing to each other in
traditional wedding outfits and sharing a cup of liquor in a gourd to vow their full
commitment to a happy marriage to heaven and earth
After the actual wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom participate in a pyebaek
ceremony to bow to the groom's parents
During pyebaek, the parents throw chestnuts and jujube fruits to encourage many
offspring and bless a happy marriage
After returning from the honeymoon, the married couple would visit the bride's home to
show their respect to the bride's parents
That night, the couple stay there to spend the night in the parent's room
This signifies that the parents commemorate and congratulate their daughter's return as
the wife of a man
The next day, the couple leaves for the groom's home with ibaji, food carefully prepared
by the bride's mother
Ibaji comes from the word 'ibajihada,' meaning 'to contribute'
The bride's mother usually prepares ibaji right after the couple's return from the
It is prepared with great care to send to the in-laws through the daughter
The food can vary depending on the family style and regions, but commonly consists of
galbi, seafood, fruit, and tteok (rice cakes), all made elegantly
In some cases, simpler fare such as with tteok, fruit, and hangwa is prepared
Ibaji food contains the love of the bride's mother wishing that her daughter would be
loved by her parents-in-law and would have a happy marriage
Upon receiving the ibaji food, the groom's mother also sends back food as a sign of
* Gaeseong in North Korea: The bride prepares the food by herself at the groom's home
* Gyeongsang-do Province: One day before the wedding or on wedding day, both
families exchange tteok, fruit, galbi, and liquor
There are two places holding traditional Korean weddings in Korea
Usually, the wedding ceremonies are held during the weekends in lieu of weekdays
Weather permitting, they are held outdoors so visitors can witness the ceremony
For more detailed information about Korean culture, please visit the Official Korea
Tourism Website
This is for the reason that cakes give the sweetness that we love and enjoy
There are different cakes that we can try but among these cakes, the most beloved by
many is the chocolate cake
Chocolate cakes can vary, like the classic chocolate cake, the rocky road, choco-banana
or strawberry
These cakes are made further attractive not only to the taste but to the eyes with
confectionary in different shapes and colors
Enhance parties and accent the party with disguise with cakes
While you can buy cakes at the store it is much worthy to surprise little guests and excite
their imaginations with your labor of love
If you want to experiment in designing of the cake but hesitates on the waste and mess
that could result, try doing the designs at cake games
With this online game, you can virtually make your own cake and creatively design the
cake to whet the appetite of your little guests
There are various cooking games online and a few teaches you how to bake a cake
You will only need to follow instructions on how to bake the cake and you will have your
sweet in an instance
In making a chocolate cake, you will need 5 eggs, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and 4 cups of
For the icing, you should have the quality butter which will make your toppings richer
and creamier
You can use characters to decorate the cake or place some candies to do the job
First thing that you should do is to preheat the oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit
Grease the pan with butter and sprinkle it with some flour
This will help so as the dough will not stick to the pan
Next thing that you should do is to do is to add the 5 eggs in a bowl, sift flour, cocoa,
baking powder and salt
Pour the mixture into the baking pan and bake it into the oven for 30 minutes
Of course, cooking online will not let you wait for 30 minutes as you can cook it
You can simply sprinkle it with marshmallow or chocolate bits but you can also opt to
add some icing over the frosting
Some online cooking will let you do the cake immediately while others may teach you
how to do the frosting too
Sift the powdered sugar and cocoa, add to butter and beat
Baking is really fun especially when you love foods
Enjoy how to bake cake with bakery games and draw inspiration from it
You can make cheesecakes without turning on your oven-which is especially nice in the
They are lighter and fluffier, almost melt-in-your-mouth
Because they don't bake, they are quicker and easier to make
In our test kitchen, we have experimented extensively with cheesecakes
But it took us a long time to discover how to make no-bake cheesecakes that we really
Cheesecakes are made in a crumb crust, most of which don't need to be baked
It's really a custard that relies on the coagulation of the eggs to set the filling
Some commercial no-bake cheesecakes rely on gelatin to set the filling
We've found that pastry fillings and puddings make a much nicer filler for cheesecakes
than does gelatin
You want it firm enough that it cuts nicely but without so much cream cheese that it's
overwhelming: Two eight-ounce blocks of cream cheese pairs perfectly with two cups of
pudding or filling
When you beat these two together, along with sugar and extract, you have a delightful
no-bake cheesecake filling
You can buy premade Bavarian cream or make your own
You can make your own variations or leave off the topping for a vanilla cheesecake
Strawberry Cream No-Bake Cheesecake (with Variations)
It's a refrigerated dessert made in a graham cracker crust
The filling is lighter and smoother than a baked cheesecake
Top it with fresh strawberries and a strawberry sauce
In a nine-inch springform pan, mix the graham cracker crumbs, melted butter, and sugar
Press the mixture across the bottom of the pan and up the sides to form the crust
Put the crust in the refrigerator to set the butter while you mix the filling
In your stand-type mixer and with the paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese and
sugar together until it is soft and smooth
Add the Bavarian Cream and flavor and continue beating, scraping down the sides once,
until smooth
12-ounce package of frozen strawberries (see substitutes)
Mix the sugar and the Instant Clearjel together in a cup
Add the sugar mixture to the strawberries and stir until the sauce thickens
To assemble, spread the filling into the crust and smooth with a spatula
Peel the ring off the dessert when you are ready to serve
Save it for an ice cream or dessert topping or put it on your pancakes
You may substitute cornstarch for the Instant Clearjel
If you do so, you will need to cook the sauce to thicken it
Cornstarch requires cooking to thicken; Instant Clearjel thickens without cooking
You may substitute vanilla pudding for the Bavarian Cream
Use raspberry flavor and raspberries instead of strawberry flavor and strawberries
Press the mashed raspberries through a sieve to remove the seeds
Blueberry Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake (with Variations)
Use lemon flavor and a teaspoon of lemon zest in the filling
Use fresh or frozen blueberries instead of the strawberries
Chocolate Cream No-Bake Cheesecake (with Variations)
You can leave off the topping though both strawberry and raspberry topping goes great
with chocolate cream
Drizzle the hot chocolate into the filling while the paddle is turning
Pour the milk or cream into a small bowl and then sprinkle the gelatin on top
Heat the milk mixture over medium heat until it just starts to simmer
To temper the eggs, slowly whisk the hot milk into the egg mixture
Once the eggs and hot milk mixture is combined, cook the mixture in a double boiler or
over simmering water, stirring, until it starts to thicken and simmer
Place the bowl in an ice bath and stir until the mixture cools to room temperature
Refrigerate until you are ready to use the Bavarian Cream
Generally, salt fish, flours and seasonings are the main ingredients in cooking fish cakes
This kind of food is very popular in the Caribbean, known for its different names such as
stamp and go, cod-fish cakes and rissoles
Fish cakes are fried in hot oil until golden brown
This tasty meal is usually served in bite sizes, which is appropriate for an appetizer
The following is a step by step procedure in cooking fish cake
In a medium sized saucepan pour 6 cups of water and place the fish
If it is too salty, replace the water and boil it again
Repeat this procedure until the desired taste is attained
If you're satisfied with the taste, remove the fish and let it cool, then fork and flake the
Make a hole at its center and then add the egg, water and milk
Use a pan that is suitable for deep - frying, heat the vegetable oil and make sure it is hot
enough for frying
To know if the temperature of oil right, dip a metal spoon
Bubbles will appear around the spoon if the temperature is hot enough
After frying, place the cooked fish on a plate with paper towel linings
Paper towel is used to absorb the excess oil from the fish cake
Keep in mind that the this recipe tastes best while still hot
You can eat it on its own, paired with cheese, bread or with a delicious dip
In a small bowl, mix the tomato, ketchup, pepper sauce or hot sauce
Add more ketchup, pepper or hot sauce until you reach your desired taste
Finally, this recipe is not the usual sweet, baked dessert that you can put various frosting
It is not even one of those fondant decorating accessories
Life isn't a big slice of the best chocolate cake in the world
Sometimes, when I think the world is just too much, I look around and see people living
the most wonderful, fun-filled lives continuously
Then questions pop into my mind out of nowhere -"How did they make their lives so
wonderful and sweet
How do they find playfulness and laughter in a busy stressful life
" When I took the time to observe them, I realized that they began with their "self"
So, the first step to becoming genuinely happy is to love yourself
My mother once told me that “loving means accepting
” In order to love oneself you have to accept that you are not a perfect person, but you
must realize that beyond the imperfections there must be a great amount of courage to be
able to see how to improve your self and learn from your mistakes
When you are content with your family, where you live, how you look, the job you have,
the car you drive and all the things that you have now - then you will truly know the
answer to the question “how to be genuinely happy
When we find a small beginning from someplace within ourselves, that small beginning
will eventually lead to something else, and continue leading forward
But if you constantly question life like it has never done any good for you, you will be
unable to find genuine happiness
I believe that life is about learning right from wrong, to try even if you might fail, to win
and lose
Failure has become as abundant and necessary as air
But we should not allow this to hinder us on our way to happiness
I tell you… every time you make an effort to improve the quality your being and life,
whether it is cleaning up the house, helping your parents, taking care of a sick friend,
failing on exams and trying again, life gives you equal points for that
Wouldn't it be check the score at the end of each game and think to yourself “Wow
”, instead of looking at a blank scoreboard and saying, “Geez, I didn't even score today
Genuine happiness isn't about being the employee of the year, beating your sales quota,
or making the most money at your company
The most sought after prizes in life aren't always awarded to the bravest, fastest, or best
Each one of us have our own definition of �happiness'
Happiness for a cake decorater may be having her design on the cover of a magazine
Happiness for a movie star may mean winning an Oscar
Happiness for someone living on the street may mean a lot of money
You don't have to have the best of every thing in this world
Its about doing and making the best out of every thing that you have
When you can smile at your own mistakes and tell your self “Oh well, I'll do better next
time”, you carry with you a torch of strong will power to persevere that may grow
brighter everyday
You pass step 1 when you learn to accept yourself and your faults
When you know how to accept others, you will be accepted as well
When you love and know how to love, you will receive love back
Lemons have been used in cooking since medieval times but the meringue was not
perfected until the 17th Century
Lemon custard was said to be invented by the Quakers in the late 1700's and Lemon
Meringue pie as we know it today was created by pastry chef Elizabeth Goodwell in
Philladelphia 1806 and has become a classic dessert enjoyed across America, Australia
and Europe
Some argue that the first lemon meringue pie was made in the mid 19th Century by
Alexandre - Frehse, so the exact origins of the classic recipe are unknown
Legend has it that the word meringue came from the Swiss town of Meringen, birthplace
of the Swiss pastry cook Gasparini who was said to have invented them
To make lemon meringue pie it is best to follow an easy lemon meringue recipe, as there
are several components to making the pie, consisting of individual recipes for the shortcrust pastry, lemon curd filling and meringue topping
The traditional lemon meringue pie recipe uses corn-flour to give the curd a creamy
thickness and instructs the meringues to be whisked until they form stiff peaks; if the
bowl can be help over your head without accident then they are the perfect consistency
Making the perfect lemon meringue pie is said to be determined by the temperature the
pie is baked at and the method to which the sugar is added
Some home-baked lemon meringue recipes use a biscuit base instead of short-crust
pastry, giving the base a cheesecake-like crumbly texture
Arrowroot biscuits are said to be a popular and delicious alternative
For additional sweetness, condensed milk is often used on top of the biscuit base to
thicken the consistency of the finished pie
A twist on the classic lemon meringue dessert is lemon meringue cheesecake which
captures the tart flavours in a creamy cheesecake and makes a light and delicious summer
To make your own lemon meringue pie, pavlova or lemon meringue cheesecake, check
out My - Dish for a tart and tempting range of lemon desserts
Liquefied chocolate is often necessary to heat a savory cake or create a simply irresistible
topping for an ice cream
While most folk incline to put small solemnity on the process, the liquefying of chocolate
has to be done just right to promise flavor retention and consistency
What they do not realize is that not melting the chocolate in the right manner could really
affect its texture
If you wish your chocolate to be smooth, silky and of the right consistency then you
should make sure that you melt the chocolate in the right way
Here are one or two tips that will help you with the same
The basic and the most essential thing that you cannot do without when melting
chocolates is heat
If you believe that melting chocolates on high flame will liquefy them at once, you are
Do not be in a rush to get the work done at the earliest and put the chocolates on high
This will only do more harm than good as it can destroy the real taste of the chocolate
The very best way to melt a chocolate is to melt it on minimal flame
It has been observed that the best melting of chocolates happens at a temperature which is
between 85 degrees and 90 degrees
Also, do not make the mistake of upping the temperature beyond 115 degrees
This is because in such a situation, the chocolate can become grainy, watery and
sometimes even lumpy
A milk chocolate again has different melting requirements
Unlike the regular chocolates, milk chocolates melt simply and therefore the process
should be done at even low temperature
To make sure that your chocolate does not form mounds, it is advised that you break it
into pieces
This may not just ensure quicker melting of the chocolate but also offer a smoother
Break the chocolate into small pieces with your hands or chop it approximately
If you have time, you can even grate the chocolate for better results
You want to be cautious while stirring the chocolate and also try not whisk it too much
Be gentle with it and use the right spatula when stirring it
The rubber spatulas are better for mixing melted chocolate as opposed to their wooden
Wooden spatulas tend to keep moisture that would affect the standard of the chocolate
and its taste too
Also, make sure that the spatula used to stir chocolate hasn't been used for any strong
sauces or cooking vegetables
At last , don't cover the pan in which you are liquefying the chocolate
This may cause the chocolate vapors to condense on the lid and fall into the pan again
Keep these straightforward things under consideration and you will be dazzled to see the
List All That You Need To Get From The Birthday Party Supplies On A Spreadsheet
Everybody, whether young or old, wants his birthday to be remembered
There is no reason why you should not celebrate them
If you find organizing birthday parties too tiring an affair, take the help of spreadsheets
On a spreadsheet, make lists of all the supplies that you will need to order
Leave some space beside each item so that you can put the delivery date and the price of
each item as you order them later
Make a separate list of the people you intend to invite
For a birthday party you will need a lot of birthday party supplies
You will also need other supplies such as decorations, balloons, streamers, confetti, paper
hats, whistles, party ware in solid colors or themed party ware, drinks - both soft and hard
- depending on the age of the birthday person, other snack or a dinner
The theme should also depend on the age of the person whose birthday you are going to
For the younger children the theme can range from their favorite cartoon characters,
animals in the zoo, farm animals etc
It is wiser to leave the theme on the birthday child if he is older and have decisive view
Make it clear though that the theme cannot be changed once the birthday party supplies
have been ordered
For older people, look for inspiration in their hobbies
Or else, you can be country specific while choosing the theme
If you are celebrating fiftieth birthday, let the color of all the birthday party supplies be
Once you have chosen the theme, order the birthday cake
Today, birthday party candles come in various shapes
Unless the cake is very big, such themed candles may not fit on the top of the cake
In that case, buy ordinary birthday candles in colors that match the cake and decorate the
house, especially the table with themed candles
Get all other party supplies according to the theme of the party
This will also give your guests an idea of what gifts to give
Maybe they will think up of something related to the theme of the party
Try to buy from online stores because that way you not only have wider choice, but you
get the supplies at a lower rate too
However, shipment requires some time, so you need to order a bit early and if you had
planned in time, this should not pose any problem at all
Get some one to help you with the decoration and other arrangements
If you have invited your guests for a sit down dinner, position the place cards by
If storage of the cake poses any problem, delegate someone to pick it up at the last
Relax a little and put on a dress that is not only comfortable, but also is a moral booster
Wear a big smile as you greet your guests at the doorstep
This will make them feel at ease and will make your party a success
In the case of young children keep first aid handy to patch up any small hurts and nicks
You would do well to have a couple of adult helpers to help you manage the show, It will
certainly ease the tension when the kids start squabbling
If possible arrange for a cartoon show of the theme of the day
This always goes down well with the kids who will be enthralled
Planning in time is the secret behind each successful party
Use of the spreadsheet is so convenient that once you do that, you will more or less be
hooked on it
Going by the lists, ticking off each task completed will allow you to arrange the birthday
party minus any kind of tension
Little Bambino's Welcome Party – Baby Shower Accessories And Supplies
With lots of excitement, a baby shower party is traditionally organized to welcome the
upcoming new member of the family
Planning a baby shower should be fun, although there might be a couple of stress, but in
the end it should be worth your time and effort
Baby showers include different baby-like ideas that are ideal to show love and affection
to the baby
From the theme of the shower, food on the serving table, to the shower gifts
To make an atmosphere, you need to think of a theme
The theme adds a special element to any occasion, and so as to the baby shower party
Baby shower themes may reflect colors that tells the baby's gender, bring elements of the
nursery, show personalities of the new family or simply be something fun or whimsical
that baby shower often entails
There are so many baby shower themes to choose from, but it is always best to keep in
mind what the expectant mom would like
This is the first thing you should consider before choosing invitations, decorations, and
even menu
Planning a baby shower can be very expensive especially during these days
Stick with the budget, find accessories and supplies that fits your budget
If you have a tight budget, no worries because there are so many cheap baby shower
ideas available online
Unlike local party shops, online stores have cheaper rates, plus, they have almost
everything that a baby shower party need
Purchase baby shower invitations that complements the theme
Or, you can make your own invitations using your computer
Today, there are so many cool invitations that can make a great impression to your guests
You may consider Personalized "Footprints" Baby Shower Invitations
These invitations are the perfect solution for expensive tastes on a small budget
Elegant and adorable, these personalized invitations boast an endearing illustration of
baby feet
Give a special effect by decorating the party with matching, adorable adornments such as
balloons, stuffed toys, flowers, candies, etc
Or you may consider a baby diaper cake like this Neutral Rainforest Diaper Cake
This 3 tiers of adorable and practical baby gifts come together to create this amazing
Neutral Rainforest Diaper Cake
A monkey, and a giraffe are hanging out on this darling diaper cake just waiting to
welcome home baby
This jungle animal diaper cake makes a stunning centerpiece for a baby boy shower, a
baby girl shower, or a baby surprise shower
Other baby shower accessories include shower games, baby shower favors and of course
baby shower gifts
You can find lots of cool accessories online such as personalized shower favors and
personalized baby gifts
The mom-to-be would really love the idea of receiving personalized baby gifts such as
embroidered newborn clothing, personalized baby blankets, personalized baby book and
other baby items that can be customize
Maintaining Linoleum Floors With Little to No Trouble
A spotless house would usually entail energy, skill, and plenty of time
Linoleum is in fact one of the most common types of flooring worldwide
It was found, accidentally, by Frederick Walton in the 19th century
Celebrated for its strength and functionality, linoleum is available in an enormous
selection of hues, designs, and qualities
A number of people find the item appealing for a lot of grounds, but usually it is for its
practicality, especially regarding cost
00 for a square foot, making it a more affordable choice to carpet, stone, and tiles
Since linoleum is composed of organic items like linseed oil and cork dust particles,
scouring the product typically requires only gentle cleaning mixes and minimal effort by
its owners
Linoleum could also entail more heavy duty cleaners just in case a deeper clean is
However, this is very rarely the case since a linoleum floor has the tendency to remain
spotless, as long as it's routinely mopped
With a dust mop or broom, sweep up the entire floor to take off dirt particles and dust
You will then need a pail full of scorching, foamy water, and you may work up the water
with the mop
This helps free already lodged in debris from your mop and aids in mixing your solution
Before beginning to wipe the floor, make sure you've squeezed it well
Once you start wiping, make sure you start at the farthest point of the room, making your
way towards the exit
As you mop, be sure to move furniture so that spots with the greatest number of spots
might be cleaned effectively
In areas of common passage, be sure to take off scuffmarks and spots as soon as you can
so they don't have the chance to stain the linoleum
A tennis ball, rubbed steadily over a mark, is in fact a useful way to remove such spots
It's only regular to occasionally have to clean a floor more deeply than usual
This need does not crop up as often with linoleum floorings, because they don't get dirty
as easily as other materials
In the room you're cleaning, as much as possible remove all the items
Follow Steps 1-6 on the everyday cleansing of your linoleum floor
After this, add in one cup of ammonia in an empty bucket of boiling water
A store brought wax stripper could be used, but it isn't always necessary
Mop up the floor with the mix two times, allowing the floor to dry during the interval
Wait for it to dry before putting back the furniture
After you have completed your linoleum floor, keeping it clean should be effortless for a
long time
You can keep the cleanliness of your floor by merely spot scouring daily, and then make
a more general cleaning twice monthly
Make Cupcake Cakes the Centerpiece of Your Special Occasion
Cupcake cakes and cupcakes in general have become the latest trend in dessert fashion,
providing versatility, variety, and unique artistry for any occasion
They allow you to offer evenly portioned servings in an assortment of flavors, making
them easier and more economical than traditional cakes
Their smaller size is perfect for adding depth and life to your masterpieces and creating
unique shapes or patterns without all the frustrating cutting and costly waste of slab cakes
Stack them, pile them, bunch them together or turn them on their side – whatever you
choose, these sumptuous little mini cakes will impress your guests and become the
centerpiece of your party
When it comes to cupcake cakes, the options are limited only by your creativity
Imagine the look of delight on a child's face when they see a curvy caterpillar or a
smiling monkey
Thrill the mom-to-be with a designer baby carriage, or score some points with the pool
hall buff by racking up a triangle of delectable billiard balls
Top cupcakes with fluffy white icing and create a roly poly snowman, a puffy santa
beard, or a winter scene complete with arctic animals resting lazily on giant snowballs
Stack 9 cupcakes to form a dome, insert a Barbie doll down the middle, and ice the dome
to look like a elegant ball gown
In just a few minutes, you will have created a beautiful princess that will make any little
girl feel like royalty – and maybe some bigger girls, too
The convenience and adaptability of cupcake cakes make it easy to experiment with
unique designs and patterns
You can arrange your cupcakes in the desired shape and then ice as one unit so the
finished product looks just like a traditional cake, only with the beauty of scalloped
edges, interesting styles, and easy serving
Create several large flowers by using chocolate iced cupcakes as centers surrounded by
pretty pink petals
Tie the whole thing together with a stem and leaves constructed of icing, crepe paper, or
pipe cleaners
A clown's face, a football field, or a candy cane with red and green stripes of M&Ms can
be easily built and covered with icing so smooth no one would ever guess that an
assortment of cupcakes lies beneath
Showcase your cupcakes' individuality by creating works of art using cupcake tree stands
or displaying them on decorative tiers
Clustering cupcakes together to form bouquets of flowers or bunches of balloons will
give your cake a look of individual solidarity
Design a Christmas tree on a flat board or give it a three dimensional effect by placing
green cupcakes topped with ornaments and candles on a display tree
Arrange cupcakes on a tiered stand and let them stand alone, or ice the tops in a continual
Create a checkerboard by alternating brown and white iced cupcakes, or add a little
sunshine to the party by designing a whimsical rainbow comprised of multicolored
cupcakes arranged side by side in an elegant arch
From tasteful weddings, to charming children's parties, to holiday celebrations, cupcake
cakes will add a unique flair and serve as both a creative centerpiece as well as a
delicious dessert
Make Diaper Cake Gifts Extra Special With A Fun Diaper Cake Poem
You can make diaper cake designs extra special by including a cute little poem that will
add a personal touch and make your gift even more memorable
Diaper cakes are a beautiful and creative way to give both mom and baby all the supplies
they will need to begin their journey together
Simple, practical items can be arranged in a variety of shapes and designs to create a gift
that will definitely be the focal point of any baby shower or party
You may even wish to pass along your recipe for others to try
Build your tier cake from diapers, cover in little boy receiving blankets or crib sheets, and
decorate with useful items such as powders, lotions, and shampoo
Be sure to top with a few special items like plush animals, toy trucks, or a rubber ducky
Whatever theme or color scheme you follow, a poem will make the perfect finishing
touch to your masterpiece
And, if you write a general poem, you can always change the items to fit any future cakes
you may make
Some washcloths and sleepers and a new rubber duck
That is what this cake – and little boys – are made of
Here's wishing you lots of smiles, laughter, and fun
Whether a princess castle, or a baby doll carriage, or an elegant flower bouquet, little girl
diaper cakes can be beautiful and fun
With a variety of practical items and a few dainty treats, you can design a one-of-a-kind
cake that will make your gift truly unique
Add that extra special touch with a thoughtful poem that lets mom and baby know how
special they really are
Topped with flowers and ribbons and bows for her curls
Filled with diapers and lotions and warm fuzzy socks
Iced in a blanket of love with a few nightgowns and clothes
Then sprinkled with toys and a sweet washcloth rose
Do you have to attend a shower for a mom-to-be but you don't know the gender of the
Well, you can choose from a variety of designs and themes that will look spectacular and
are perfect for either a boy or girl
From jungle to barnyard, Winnie-the-pooh, or under the sea, you can find a recipe that
will delight the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy
And instead of using a typical card, make a homemade tag with a special diaper cake
It's your own personal cruise, just for your debut
As you welcome the world, and the world welcomes you
From a pirate ship, to a mermaid or Tinkerbell, you can welcome a new baby with a
popular Disney theme
This little poem will make a great addition to your work of art, and the characters can be
changed to fit your choice of design
They've transformed this cake into a magical dreamland
Where you'll be pampered and spoiled, and all wishes come true
In this fairytale world made for a Prince such as you
With a little creativity, you can make diaper cake gifts extra special by adding a diaper
cake poem
Not only are they a personal and thoughtful touch, but they will make great keepsakes
that will last long after the cake has been enjoyed
Make Her Birthday Special With Fancy Nancy Party Favors
If you little one is a fan of Fancy Nancy, then why not make her party special by
arranging for a Fancy Nancy party favors theme
Fancy Nancy is well adored by kids of all ages right from her sparkling tiara to her
shining shoes
Moreover these themes are easy to plan and you can get a lot of ideas regarding arranging
them for the occasion
Creativity plays a very important role when it comes to sending out the birthday
If you lack in the creativity department, you can easily go in for personalized and
customized cards that are available in many of the online stores
To add more effect to the cards, you can have them decorated with laces, beads and shiny
glossy ribbons
Wordings can be fancy specifying the appropriate details of the party
Now a birthday party looks dull without any decorations
You can add life to the party by making use of lace and ribbons along with streamers in
pink and lavender
You can even have posters of Nancy Fancy cut off and put up at the entrance of the house
Balloons can be attached from the ceiling or walls
Pink or lavender table cloths can be put on the tables along with napkins, plates and cups
having Nancy Fancy designed on them
Thinking of keeping the kids busy while waiting for the other guests to arrive
This can easily be arranged by indulging them in some coloring or drawing activity or
organizing a treasure hunt for them
Kids can also be made to read out their favorite passage from their Fancy Nancy book
Nancy loves to come up with new words that have the same meaning
You can even add this to the list since this will help the kids to improve upon their
Since this is a Fancy Nancy party favors birthday theme, the cake should be in the shape
of a Crown or a gown
If you do not have the time to create a birthday cake, you can always seek the assistance
of your local bakery or online stores
Other items that kids will enjoy thoroughly are cupcakes shaped in the form of crowns,
sandwiches and strawberry milk shakes
Kids love to play and win prizes and what better way to do so by having some mind
blowing games
You can organize for a Fancy Nancy Bingo where you can have F-A-N-C-Y written on
every card
Other games that can be included are Fancy Nancy pinata, a fashion show and many
Little girls can be decked up with jewelry and costumes and made to walk the ramp
Little kids love party favor bags since it contains exciting items for them to play with or
There are a number of stores that sell these favor bags at affordable rates
If you like, you can even add items to the list like stickers, jewelry, bracelets, tiaras along
with a thank you note acknowledging their presence to the party
Your baby girl will cherish this memory for the rest of her life
A Fancy Nancy party favors theme is much more fun when you take the assistance of
your friends or relatives since you get a lot of creative ideas from them
Want to learn ways to make quick money in Runescape 2
Need to know the secret of making millions on Runescape 2
Read this article on Runescape 2 make your first million the honest way
Thieving is a very useful Members-Only skill in Runescape 2
To make a lot of money you will need at least 50 Thieving
Use the following steps to increase your level in Runescape 2 Thieving level
* Level 1-10, pickpocket Men in Edgeville 145 times
* Level 10-30, steal cakes from the Baker's Stall in Ardougne 764 times
* Level 30-50, pickpocket Al Kharid Warriors 3,384 times
Now you will be able to pickpocket guards easily and get good amount of Runescape 2
money or gp
* Level 50-70, pickpocket guards 13,684 times to steal 410,500gp
* Level 70-80, pickpocket watchmen to steal 364,520 Runescape 2 money and 9,113
* At level 80, pickpocket Paladins to make 100,000gp an hour
In Runescape 2 to use the High Alchemy magic spell, you need at least 55 Magic
Firstly, decide what you think may be the quickest for you to make
If you have a high enough Mining and Smithing level, you can smith Steel Platemail
Someone who has a high Fletching level can make Yew or Magic bows
Mining is one of the most vital skills in Rune - Scape 2
Even though you only need 30 Mining for Coal, it would be much more difficult to mine
it at that level in Runescape 2
You should also buy either an Adamantite or Rune pick
For Members, a great place to mine coal is near Ardougne, and a bank is nearby
Free-Players can mine in the Dwarven mines, but in Runescape 2 there is no bank close
to the mine
* Mine 4,731 coal and sell for around 100-150gp each
* You should be at level 60 Mining to enter the Miner's Guild
Mine 59,598 coal and sell for around 100-150gp each
* Now that you're level 85 Mining, you can mine Rune in the Wilderness, or from the
Heroes Guild
Smithing in Runescape 2 is quite a good way to make money, but you need patience as it
takes a while
As non-members, steel plate bodies (at 48 Smithing) is a good item to make
They high alchemy for 1,200gp each, and can sell to other players for 900 to 1,000gp
Rune axes, scimitars, battle axes and kites are the better items to make and sell in
Runescape 2 as they are high in demand
As members, an extra bonus is the well-known Cannonball
After doing the Dwarf Cannon quest, you can get your hands on what is known as an
'Ammo Mould'
Cannonballs are worth 150gp to 200gp each, and one Steel Bar makes four
It is a very hard skill and requires a lot of time, effort and if you do not have Runescape 2
money to start with
The potions which sell well are prayer, fishing, agility, ranged, anti-fire and Super sets
(Super Attack, Super Strength and Super Defence) and the rest are slightly harder to sell
At 25 Herblore in Runescape 2, there is a herb you can identify called Ranarr Weed
Once you reach 38 herblore, you can make one of the most popular potions is the Prayer
Prayer potions in Runescape 2 sell for 5k each, so you could buy ranarrs, and then sell the
potions at 1k to 2k profit
running an import agency is a great money maker and you can even do it from the
comfort of your own home on a part time basis
Obviously there are a few things you need to know before you can begin making money
You must fully understand the role of an import agent so you can truly decide if it's what
you would like to do
An import agent acts as a go between, introducing foreign sellers and home based buyers
to each other
They never get involved in the buying and selling of gods themselves, so there is no
financial outl