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CG 210™ selected as THE recommended hair loss product in Japan

CG 210в„ў selected as THE recommended hair loss product in Japan
Now available in Europe
February 2013
Nikkei Health is a prominent health magazine in
In February 2013, Nikkei Health performed a review and comparison of anti-hair loss products
available in Japan.
CG 210в„ў was designated as THE recommended
hair loss product by the Japanese expert who
performed the assessment.
Dr. Sato, in charge of the product evaluation,
recommended CG 210в„ў Men and CG 210в„ў
Women among other available products.
Dr. Sato is one of the most famous hair loss experts in Japan, having published numerous studies in scientific magazines. Dr. Sato was part of the Japanese team that
succeeded for the first time in bio-engineering hair follicles with stem cell technology
and transplanting them into the skin of adult mice where they produced multiple generations of hair.
Document available on
Contact - Legacy Healthcare
Saad Harti - President
Tel.: +41 79 294 34 72
[email protected]
Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia or AGA) is often seen in men. According to Dr. Sato, a Hospital
Director, “In the human body, activated male hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), hinders the production of
hair in the hair matrix cells resulting in thinning of the hair.” As understanding of the mechanism of AGA progressed, effective ingredients to counter this effect have been developed. Many of these ingredients have also
been shown to work on thinning hair in women, and various products for women have also appeared. “Minoxidil
is effective for general thinning hair in women and is the first choice of treatment.
However, female thinning hair is hard to identify, and the primary cause may not be readily visible. I recommend
that anyone who is worried about this check with her doctor.” (Dr. Ueki, Associate Professor)
You should visit your
doctor if:
- “Even after using a
hair tonic for several
months, there still
was no effect.”
- “I’m worried that I
may have a thyroid
Combines the proteins cytopurine and
Product name: ZZ
Status: Quasi drug
Activates the genes
responsible for hair
Product name: Adenogen (men), Hair Care Adenovital Scalp Essence
(women). Active ingredient: Andenosine
Status: Quasi drug
Tips for using hair loss
ry your hair with a
towel before applying your product so
the lotion can penetrate better
Stimulates hair regrowth - Minoxidil
Product name: Riup X5
(men 5%), Riup Regene
(women 1%) Active ingredient: Minoxidil
Status: Drug
Stimulates blood flow
(Carpronium Chloride
Product name: Karoyan
- Apogeeca ∑+
Status: Drug
pply on a clean
- I t’s also possible to
use a hair dryer before application.
ut the product on
your scalp, not on
your hair
or a better effect,
apply the product on
your scalp every 5cm
Stimulates and combines proteins around
hair follicles (Ginger
Product name: Mouga Synergy X (men), Mouga
- L Adegami (women)
Status: Quasi drug
he spray has to be
used as close as
possible in order to
reach the scalp.
Inhibits hair loss factors (T-flavanone)
Product name: Success Hair Tonic (men),
Segureta Scalp EsthГ©
Status: Quasi drug
Dr. Sato’s Recommendation
New hair lotion from France available to purchase in
Japan from 2013. Four natural botanical blend and
makes hair healthier and stronger.
“I observed good clinical result” (by Dr. Sato)
Available to purchase at Both 80ml,
7,350JPY. Inquiries: Legacy Healthcare 03-5785-1540
Area of effect of ingredients which
promote hair growth
Characteristics of the ingredients in
commercial hair tonics vary, from
“activation of the follicle to encourage hair growth” to “prevention of
hair loss by inhibiting factors which
interfere with the growth of hair
matrix cells.” Find the product that
works for you.
Correcting a breakdown in the hair cycle
The average life of a
strand of hair is two to
six years. Hair grows
thick and long during the better part of
these years (growth
phase or anagen).
However with age,
that growth phase
becomes shorter, and
hair quickly enters a
resting phase (telogen), leading to hair
loss with little growth
and less volume. This
results in thinning
hair. A hair tonic acts
to lengthen the growth
phase and shorten the
resting phase.
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