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Current LIFE Newsletter - St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church

A Publication of St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church
2363 West Third Street, Davenport IA 52802
Phone: 563-322-5318 Pastor Travis Fisher: 563-676-8160
Annual subscription of $1.00 per year is included in payment of weekly pledge of members.
Email: [email protected]
April 2015
Volume 48 Issue 4
Thursday, April 2, 2015
Maundy Thursday Worship - 7:00pm
Friday, April 3, 2015
Good Friday Worship
11:00am & 7:00pm
April 4 , 2015
Saturday Evening Worship - 5:00PM
Special Easter Baptismal Service
Easter Baptisms will
take place on Saturday
Night, April 4th at the
5:00pm service. This
special time is for both
children and adults who
have not yet been
baptized. Please call the
church office for more
Easter Sunday
April 5, 2015 Schedule
8:00am Worship
There is no Sunday School on this day.
Easter Egg Hunt
April 4, 2015
Camp Oakwood at 11:00am
Lunch will be serviced
Candy donations will be accepted through March
29th. A basket is in the lounge.
Healthy treats are gladly accepted, such as:
Fruit snacks, Roll-ups, Mini boxes of raisins,
trail mix, etc. If anything is donated in bulk, we
will bag it individually.
Any questions you have may be directed to Kim
Sherrod-Hensler at 563-322-4369.
Volume 45
Page 2
by Bob Beckman
Wartburg Castle is located in the middle of
Germany and is where Martin Luther had
sanctuary for a year in 1520 and he was able to
translate the Bible into German. Wartburg College
is a Lutheran college located in Waverly, Iowa.
Wartburg Theological Seminary is an ELCA
Seminary located in Dubuque, Iowa and is of 2
ELCA seminaries that receives funding from the
Southeastern Iowa Synod of the ELCA.
Wartburg Theological Seminary was established
in 1854 and currently offers 3 graduate level
degrees - Master of Arts, Master of Arts Diaconal
Ministry, and Master of Divinity. Its current
president is the Rev Stanley N. Olsen. Past
alumnae with ties to St. Mark Church are Michael
L. Burk, Bishop of Southeastern Iowa Synod
ELCA; the Rev Erica Cunningham, pastor at Faith
Lutheran Church, Valders, Wisconsin; and the
Rev Dan Witkowski, pastor at First Lutheran
Church in Moline, Illinois.
St. Mark Blood Drive
In April-Give the Gift of Life and
Benefit our St. Mark Preschool. We
have been asked by the Mississippi Valley
Regional Blood Center to host a blood drive here
at St. Mark and if we collect a minimum of 20
units of blood, the blood center is offering a grant
of $250 to the St. Mark Preschool. We would like
to host this in April if there is enough interest and
want to get an idea of how many would
participate in coming to the church to donate.
There is a sign-up sheet in the lounge in March.
This would be a great way to support the
preschool and the blood center!
General Fund Summary
Feb Income
Electronic Giving is a convenient,
consistent way to help our church
year round.
Consider scheduling a recurring electronic
contribution today. It’s easy! You will no
longer need to write out checks and prepare
envelopes every week. Even when travel,
illness or other circumstances prevent you from
attending services, your electronic
contributions will continue to be received on an
uninterrupted basis.
Get started today! Ask for an authorization
form in the church office. Or visit our church
Church Women United Forum
Friday, April 10, 2015 at 1:00pm
St. Johns United Methodist Church
(4th and Brady)
Ladies, please join us and meet new friends from
other denominations, enjoy treats, and participate
in an interesting and informative program.
The program will be presented by someone from
Unity House. They are a local group which
reaches out to those with substance and behavioral
Regular Offerings Year to Date
Food Pantry Report-Feb.
1/31/15 Balance
$ 4,691.90
Budget Amount $ 71,783.34
Feb Income
$ 4,036.75
Amount behind $ (9,338.29)
Feb Expenses
$ 836.11
2/28/2015 Balance $ 7,892.54
Feb Expenses $
$ 62,445.05/86.99%
Volume 45
Christ Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!
Page 3
Pr. Travis
The celebration of Easter is absolutely central to the
life of the church and to faithful Christians. Why?
Without the new life of Christ’s touch in every aspect of who we are and what we do, we are
simply going through religious motions, playing religious games, and glazing a religious
veneer over lives that are just like anyone else’s.
To live lives touched by the Resurrection means many things, but I’d like you to think about these two:
First, it means that we live unafraid of death and all that it brings with it. Many live in such a way that they
will do anything to avoid pain, aging, illness and death. They go to extraordinary lengths to deny the
inevitability of it, fooling only themselves and a few select others who are in on the game. We use drugs to
lessen the impact of what’s coming, or we choose damaging lifestyles, or we try to fool ourselves into acting
or looking much younger than we are, or we are simply paralyzed by fear into a kind of stupor that keeps us
from doing or being anything.
Second, it also means that we live free from sin’s power. Has someone done something to you that
controls your heart and mind? Have you done something that has clouded
or affected your whole life? Have you taken a road of temptation that leads
only to damage to you and others? Have you allowed prejudice or fear to
warp your heart so that you cannot love and forgive? Easter isn’t just
about eggs, bunnies, jelly beans and hollow chocolate Easter bunnies, and
dressing up. It’s about the new life we have in Christ. A new life in which
we are set free to love, forgive and serve, and thereby find a sense of peace
and joy in all that we do. By grabbing hold of the cross, we share in Jesus’
victory over sin, death and all that would destroy us.
Please join us as we prepare for and celebrate Easter. Palm
Sunday, March 29 , we will have our Sunday school youth join in the procession and sing “The Palms” and
our youth will host and serve a breakfast in the gym for a “free will” offering. During Holy Week we will
not have Worship on Wednesday, but we will have a Maundy Thursday Service, April 2nd at 7pm with first
communion participants, and two Good Friday Services, April 3rd at 11am & 7pm. Easter Saturday, April
4th at 5pm, we will welcome newly baptized members and their families, and on Easter Sunday, April 5th at
8am and 10am we will have festival worship celebrating Christ’s resurrection.
In Resurrection Hope,
Pr. Travis Fisher
Please welcome Pr. Bob Krueger to St. Mark. Pr. Bob (as he wants to be called) will be here during Pr. Travis’
sabbatical, which begins April 13th. Pr. Bob recently retired from full-time ministry after serving the church for
36 years, 33 of them in Sabula, IA. Pr. Bob and his wife live in Sabula. They have two adult children and they just
welcomed a new grandchild in February. Pr. Bob will be in the office on Wednesdays and here for weekend
worship. The staff will be able to contact him in cases requiring a pastor. He looks forward to meeting you in the
near future.
Volume 45
Page 4
(W)holistic Living....
Thoughts from the Parish Nurse
April is Donate Life month. Are you an organ and tissue donor? Do your family and
friends know your wishes? Now is a good time to have these conversations. Donate
Life month is about bringing awareness to organ and tissue donation, but it is also
about honoring the hundreds of individuals who, in death, save lives by giving this
gift. Organ donation takes healthy organs and tissues from one person for
transplantation into another. Experts say that the organs from one donor can save or
help as many as 50 people. Organs you can donate include: internal organs such as kidneys, heart, liver,
pancreas, intestines and lungs; skin; bone and bone marrow; and cornea.
Organ and tissue donation and transplantation provide a second chance at life for thousands of people each
year. You have the opportunity to be one of these individuals who make these miracles happen. By deciding
to be a donor, you give the gift of hope for those thousands of individuals awaiting organ transplants and hope
for those millions of individuals whose lives can be enhanced through tissue transplants. Each day, about 79
people receive organ transplants. However, 18 people die each day waiting for transplants take that can’t take
place because of the shortage of donated organs.
People of all ages and backgrounds can be organ donors. If you are under age 18, your parent or guardian
must give you permission to become a donor. You may register with your state donor registry if available
and/or designate your decision on your driver’s license. If you know someone who is/was an organ or tissue
donor, find a way to honor them this month.
In faith, hope and love and on the Lenten journey together, Parish Nurse Bev
Wellness Reminders for April 2015
Soulfit exercise class meets each Tuesday @ 9:30am in Luther Hall.
40 Steps for Lent ends April 4.
Life Together meets Monday, April 13 @ 11:15am at Heritage Court for lunch and
devotions. The cost for lunch is $5. Let PN Bev know if you would like to attend or
need a ride.
PN Bev’s weekends in April are April 11-12 and 25-26.
UnityPoint Foot Care Clinic meets Monday, April 27 1-3pm in the bride’s room by
We offer the Families
James Plagmann, Shirley Platt,
Neoma Stamm, and Thomas Zuber
words of love, support and comfort. May they rest
assured in the midst of their challenges and
adjustments that God will sustain them in the loss of
their loved one through faith in our Risen Lord.
Because He lives, we too shall live.
Hospitalized in March
Phyllis Ashcraft
Phyllis Frymoyer
Pauline Jacobs
Fred Keding
Robert Lantau
Christian Sherrod
Volume 45
Notes from the Organ Bench
Page 5
by Ellen Bowlin… April 2015
Thanks to all those who will (or already have) participated in our Holy Week and Easter services, especially
the Chancel Choir, Celebration Bells & Instrumentalists.
It was nine years ago (2006) on Palm Sunday when our beautiful Cassavant pipe organ was heard for the first
time in worship. It has been my utmost joy to be able to play it these past years and to have others -Pam,
substitute organists and concert performers play it as well. It is a glorious instrument, lovingly crafted for the
Glory of God. Next year, we will celebrate its 10th anniversary!
God be with you this joyful Eastertide.
The St. Mark’s MOPS group will
meet Monday April 6th and
Monday April 20th. Our topics
will be “The Courage to Find Significance in the
Everyday” and “The Courage to Risk.”
All Women of St. Mark are invited to the MOPS
Mom’s Night Out on Saturday, April 18th, 2015. We
will be meeting at Huckleberry’s Pizza (223 18th
Street, Rock Island) for dinner at 5:30pm. We will
then go around the corner to The Establishment
Theater (220 19th Street, Rock Island) for a night of
fun and laughs at the Comedy Sportz Show at 7pm.
We will need to reserve tables in advance, so if you
would like to come along for the fun, please contact
Amber Sherrod at 309-721-6022, at
[email protected] or see her after Sunday
services. All R.S.V.Ps and ticket money will be due
by Sunday, April 12th. Tickets are $12 each.
Thank You
What a blessing to be a part of a caring church
family. Thanks to each of you that remembered me
in prayer, phone calls, cards and the beautiful prayer
Thanks be to God,
Florence Reedy
Ray and Alice Danielsen’s New Address:
2150 West Randolph Street
Bldg 2 Apt 121-F
St. Charles, MO 63301
Rummage Sale Meeting
It’s that time of year when we
gather a group of folks together to
plan the Rummage Sale held in
October. The meeting will be May 3rd at 2pm in
the Conference Room. Anyone who would like to
help plan is welcome to join us! Bring any ideas
you have.
Explorers Meeting
The Explorers group will meet April
13th at 6:30pm in the Lounge. They
will begin planning their next adventures (day trips
and extended trips). Come and join the fun!
Need Boxes?
If you are spring cleaning and plan to donate to our
rummage sale, Rich Ricketts has boxes you can use.
Please contact him or Lisa Willey in the church
office (563)-322-5318.
Jeff Anderson
[email protected]
Jeff Bass
[email protected]
Nancy Beaderstadt
[email protected]
Pr. Travis Fisher
[email protected]
Bob Garman
[email protected]
Julie Ginn
[email protected]
Don Henderkott
[email protected]
Joyce Hines
[email protected]
Barb Jakubowski
[email protected]
Chip Schumann
[email protected]
Volume 45
A total of 304
representing 176
families, were
served at our food
pantry February 2015.
We received donations from St.
Mark, Ridgecrest, Good
Samaritan, Monroe School, Grace
Lutheran, Faith United Methodist,
Bettendorf Rotary Club, Midwest
Food Bank and
and other individual donors.
Thank you!
Page 6
The Friendship Group will
meet at the
Happy Joe’s Grille
1616 West Locust, Davenport
April 7th. Everyone is
welcome to join us for lunch!
If you would like to come,
please sign up in the lounge
and indicate if you need a ride.
Hope to see you there!
Lois Lundvall will be 100 years old
March 31, 2015. She played duets
with Ellen Bowlin for church services.
Lois was on the piano while Ellen
played the organ.
Her address is:
Crest Center #121
4128 Northwest Blvd.
Davenport, IA. 52806
Share-a-Meal April 23rd at 6pm
Please take time to look over the sign up sheet in the lounge to see where you can
help. Each month we need servers, hot casseroles, vegetables and desserts. This is a
worthwhile ministry that St. Mark is involved in. The beauty of this is anybody can help, no
special skills are needed. Just a warm and giving heart is all you need. I promise, once you
break the ice and take that first step you will find out how gratifying it really is. The meal
site is located at the Salvation Army Family services building at 5th and Harrison Streets.
Meal starts at 6pm. Please email me at [email protected] or call 563-508-6127 for
more exciting details! -God Bless you, Dave Jessen
Two hundred sixty seven items were donated to FAMILY RESOURCES for the month of
FEBRUARY. They received lots of sample personal care items. Household items included
paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap and cleaners. Blankets, pillow shams, a
crib sheet, gloves, shoes, clothing and miscellaneous items were included in this number.
PREGNANCY RESOURCES received 64 items: baby food, diapers, wipes and formula samples. THANK YOU for all
of your donations.
The needs for APRIL are as follows:
FAMILY RESOURCES: pots, pans, dishes, utensils, towels, diaper wipes, baby lotion, powder, shampoo, bed linens,
paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent and personal care items.
PREGNANCY RESOURCES: Boy's and Girl's size 18, 24 Mo., 2T Winter Clothing, Diapers sizes: newborn & 2-5,
Bottles, Body wash, Lotion
of IOWA at our APRIL circle meeting. If you would like to help us with any of these items or make a kit please put
them in the big plastic tote in the lounge closet. Each kit will have one bath size towel (dark color recommended), two
bath-size bar soap, one adult-size toothbrush, one tube of toothpaste, one sturdy comb and metal nail clippers. They will
be wrapped in the towel and tied with yarn or ribbon. We will be delivering them at the end of APRIL. Thank you for
any help you can give us for this project.
1Peter 3:15 "Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is
in you; yet do it with gentleness and reverence."
MISSION ACTION: Fred and Milly Heskett
Volume 45
Page 7
It takes a lot of help to make a successful Trivia Night.
Thanks to all those who participated (15 tables), donated
raffle baskets and door prizes, helped set up, ran the
event and cleaned up, babysat, and donated their
winnings back to the preschool. What a caring
community St. Mark is! Over $1500 was raised for the
Preschool flooring project.
Thank You! - Pam Carstens
Sessions: Preschool hours are 9:00am—1:30am
Level II: Age 3 by September 15, 2015
Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday-Friday day
Pre-Kindergarten: Age 4 by September 15, 2015
Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Monday through Friday (5 days)
**Children are grouped in “classes” which are subject to availability.
They must be potty-trained and ready for a group experience. Please enroll early!
Tuition: See below plus one-time $35 registration fee
$110per month
$160 per month
$260 per month
*Kid’s Crossing Day Care available Monday through Friday 7am—5:30am ages 3-5
Kid’s Crossing Summer Enrichment starts June 1st. Call 326-5060 for more information.
Preschool Fun Night
Friday, April 24th
In the gym
Games & activities
(geared for under
age 8: lollipop tree,
duck pond, fishing,
kid’s Kitchen,
Book Walk & More!
Tickets available at the door.
HELP! We could use help in the kitchen or with games, as
well as donations of canned pop, baked goods, or prize items.
If you can help, please contact Pam. Thanks!
Save the Dates!
M.A.D. Camp
(Music, Art, & Drama)
June 22-26
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
VBS- July 13-17
(Vacation Bible School)
Volume 45
Page 8
Egg-stra facts
• Although Easter eggs were once part of
pagan spring festivals, they’ve become
Christian symbols of new life. A crackedopen shell also represents Jesus’ empty tomb
on Easter morning.
• The early Christians of Mesopotamia began
staining eggs red in honor of Jesus’ blood
shed on the cross. Red eggs remain part of
Greek Orthodox celebrations today.
• For Lent, some families used to give up
eggs and dairy, so they prepared a pancake
feast on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash
Wednesday. They solved the egg surplus by
hard-boiling them in various broths, which
led to colored eggs.
• In medieval times, churches held “eggthrowing” festivals. The priest threw a hardboiled egg toward the choir boys, who tossed
it back and forth. When the clock struck 12,
whoever was holding the egg got to keep it.
• In some European countries, children go
from house to house to collect Easter eggs.
• Each year, the PAAS Dye Co. sells more
than 10 million egg-coloring kits, which
consumers use to decorate 180 million eggs.
• The tallest chocolate Easter egg ever
produced weighed 16,000 pounds — more
than an elephant!
©, 2015
Our Church Staff
Pr. Travis Fisher
Bev Blake
Ellen Bowlin
Pam Carstens
Mick Carstens
Parish Nurse
Minister of Music/Organist
Dir. of Preschool &
Asst. Dir. of Music
Lisa Willey
Milly Heskett
Paul Regginello
Steve McCalester
Trianna McCalester
Emily Droegmiller
Office Coordinator
Event/Facility Coordinator
Sunday Custodian
Sunday Custodian
Nursery Supervisor
Nursery Attendant
6:30pm Preschool Board
11:00am Good Friday Worship
7:00pm Good Friday Service
St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church
2363 West Third Street,
Davenport, Iowa 52802
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Permit No. 909
Davenport, Iowa
Address Service Requested
Weekly WorshipSchedule
Saturday Worship with Holy Communion
Sunday Worship with Holy Communion
8:00 & 10:00am
The St. Mark Youth
Group will once again host
a breakfast on March 29th,
Palm Sunday morning. Join
us for food and fellowship
between 7:00am and
10:30am in the Meyer
Activity Center. Free will
donations will be accepted
as support for Work Camp.
We are looking for some helping hands! Is God
calling you to spend some time to help make our
church reflect God’s beauty? If so, join others in
our annual “Spring Cleaning” at the church on
April 11th beginning at 9:00am. There
are things to be done inside and out. Bring a rake
and your work gloves!
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