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You may not find them in the catalog, but Alison’s Pantry always offers
these tried-and-true cookbooks.
Just let your Representative know if you’d like to add one to your order.
#1902 $11.19
This best-selling, comprehensive
cookbook is full of delicious recipes all
made from your personal home storage.
It has 278 pages and over 550 recipes to
help you use all of that dehydrated food
in your basement.
This is a specialty cookbook packed
with accurate information about dried
eggs. This cookbook is a must for anyone who has dried eggs in their food
storage. The dried eggs manufactured
today are very delicious and can be
#1905 $6.49 reconstituted and used in any recipe
calling for fresh eggs.
Funeral potatoes is a traditional dish that
can be found on the buffet table of
nearly every funeral luncheon. This
book has many variations on the original as well as over 100 other fabulous
potato recipes and tips.
#2239 $11.99
Loaded with practical tips and
delicious recipes, Grandma’s Modern
Inflation Fighters helps you use what
you have on hand. Many recipes
make use of dehydrated products as
well. 208 very helpful pages.
#5591 $14.99
With recent world events and food
shortages, many people are storing
powdered milk as part of their food
storage program. This book includes 65
pages of great recipes and even teaches
how to how to make yogurt and cottage
cheese, in addition to conversion charts
#1904 $8.49
and basics.
Because dry beans and rice store so
well, people are storing large quantities
of these items. This book has 165 pages
of wonderful recipes. Beans and rice
eaten together make a complete protein,
so they can be substituted for meat in
the diet. This book has many charts on
#1906 $11.99
how to cook the various types of beans
and rice and helpful hints.
Mix-A-Meal Cookbook features 46
original mixes and over 100 delicious
recipes. Each mix in the cookbook has a
mini mix to sample for a small batch or
a taste test. You learn to use basic
ingredients like shortening powder, #2250 $14.99
margarine powder, butter powder,
tomato powder, and dehydrated eggs to make just-addwater mixes. You will be able to reduce the preservative content in your foods or adjust the mixes as
necessary to fit special dietary needs.
Delicious Meets Nutritious is the most comprehensive cookbook on agave on the
market. This beautifully illustrated, full-color cookbook is loaded with everyday favorites that
make changing your diet for the better easy and delicious. The cookbook clearly illustrates the
versatility and ease of which agave can be exchanged for sugar to reduce your total caloric
intake. Recipes include everything from sauces, quick breads, cakes, cookies and ice cream to
#5017 $21.99
salad dressings. Xagave has a 2-3 year shelf life so it’s great for long-term storage.
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