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April 17, 2009 Att: To All Parties Interested This letter shall

April 17, 2009
Att: To All Parties Interested
This letter shall serve as clarification as to who Kid Finders Network is and exactly what they do. We will
start with the Caylee Anthony case. We showed up after being contacted by a news reporter from Orlando
asking us to help this family find their granddaughter on the second day. We were told that no organizations
had stepped forward to help.
We immediately went to work. We started with getting fliers for distribution and we continued with a mobile
billboard, posters, large decals, T-Shirts etc. We set up a command center so that all the information and items
could be in one location to be distributed to the public. We featured 8 Missing Children, at our command
center, including Caylee Anthony. At the same time, in other locations around Florida, we were displaying 6
more missing persons.
When T.E.S. showed up the first time we brought tents, coolers, ice, water, trash cans, paper, T-Shirts, they
arrived without these items in place. We arranged for the generator that ran their own command center for the
first week, as well as arranging donated food for the volunteers, until we were taken advantage of and removed
ourselves so there would be no conflicts or disruptions in their search for Caylee. We spent well over $1,000.00
at that time initially helping in the set up of T.E.S. the first time they arrived. We did not receive compensation
from the Sheriff's department.
We brought in approx. $25,000.00 over the 7 month period we were working this case, bear in mind, working
7 days a week, having to stay in hotels, provide food for our volunteers, equipment payments, fuel, insurance,
rental equipment, etc. That's approximately $ 115. per day. Not hundreds of thousands of dollars collected as
the news media falsely reported.
We were donated funds to be spent specifically on a a boat and sonar for our newly formed S.A.R. division. It
was donated by a foundation that supports the cause, who asked to name the boat after Caylee Marie in her
memory, so we did and dedicated it to the memory of all children who have gone missing and never returned
home safe. With our new boat we have already been able to locate submerged vehicles hoping to possibly
recover a missing loved one. This boat is in no way, shape or form the Anthony's boat, it is titled in the name of
Kid Finders Network and belongs only to Kid Finders Network and if the news reporters really had any dignity
they would not report otherwise false information. Which again they managed to do, trying to destroy our
organization, and claiming the boat belongs to someone else, such as the Anthony's.
For everyones information George Anthony never received any type of funding from Kid Finders Network nor
was he ever offered a paid position. We are a 100% volunteer and NO ONE gets a paycheck, salary etc....
Again, false reporting from the news media.
As far as the Anthony family, they only showed their support for K.F.N. the same way all of the other families
have done that we worked with in the past and now. Keep in mind our sole purpose is the MISSING CHILD
and NOT the family, but when the family is willing to help us help other families we take that help. We will
never turn down support from a family and let me clarify support to those of you that judge. Support does not
mean money, support means joining forces in keeping the awareness out there for their child. Helping us help
them keep the public looking and never, ever giving up hope that they may someday come home safe until they
are presented with the reality, such as the Anthony's were, that the child was found deceased. If this was your
child, how would you feel? Would you want us to come in and walk away because everyone is telling you
your child is dead or would we want to hold out until the very end and pray they are wrong? Exactly, you
would never give up on your child or grandchild either. Until you walk in one of these families shoes, don't
ever think you know how they feel or judge them for never giving up hope. We are hear until the end and
whether a child is alive or no longer with us they still have to be brought home and awareness is the to
accomplish their return one way or another.
For those of you who can't seem to understand. We do not control anything the Anthony family does nor do
we control anything any of the other families of Missing Children do. We only do what we can to help each of
them find their children by creating the public awareness needed to bring their children home. Do we hold the
Anthony family close to our hearts? Yes, we do as we hold all of our families close to our hearts. It was Trenton
Duckett and his family that inspired us to start Kid Finders Network.
The rumors that we never recovered a child are false. Just because we have never physically brought a child
home does not mean we have not been instrumental in the recovery of several children whom we have featured
in the past. Just as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works to keep a child's picture in the
publics eye to aid in there recoveries. We do the same thing, we create public awareness so, you, the public,
don't forget a child is missing so you will continue to search, look and listen until they are brought home to their
families. We don't feel we need to put a mark on our belt each time a child is returned home, again, that is not
what we are about. To those cowards who fail to identify themselves, quit judging those of us trying to make a
difference and do something to be productive in your life and the lives of others
We would really like to know what we have done differently than any of the other 1,000's of volunteers who
showed up to search for Caylee in one form or another. Everyone showed up because they wanted to help find
that little girl one way or another, just as we did. However, we came to find a missing child, hoping to find a
live child, but tragically that was not the case. That part of our mission will never change and that is, we will
never give up hope on finding a child alive until the end. Remember, Elizabeth Smart, everyone except her
family gave up and thought she was dead and after 9 months she came home safe. So you see if does happen
and we will never, ever give up just because the public thinks we should.
We have never claimed to be something we are not just a group of dedicated people trying to make a difference
in this, sometimes, ugly world we live in. Why is that so hard for people to believe. Someone is actually trying
to do something good without a hidden agenda. Is it because that those of you who have criticized, scrutinized,
picked, poked, researched and dug up what ever trash you could find may actually be the ones with hidden
agenda's. It's so easy to try and destroy someone or some group while hiding behind a computer screen and
blogging all that crap. If all of those people put as much effort into helping find Missing Children as they do in
to digging up dirt and trying to destroy others imagine how many children we could bring home and imaging it
being because of those people who finally stood up and did something positive.
They only reason those people hide behind blogs and their computer screen is because they all have skeletons
in their closets they don't want brought out. We all have made mistakes done stupid things in our lives. No one
is perfect and oh, by the way if you are we would certainly like to know that.
The founder of Kid Finders Network is a good man who has done nothing more than dedicate his life to the
cause for Missing Children. Dennis Milstead was never convicted of a felony as reported, he was not convicted
of impersonating a police officer, it was simply a misdemeanor for having colored lights, not using them, only
having them but was labeled attempting to impersonate a police officer because they wanted to be hard core. So
you see it has nothing to do with our badge logo and was long before Kid Finders Network even started.
He does not have an extensive criminal record, as again, was falsely reported. He has never been convicted of
assault as was falsely reported. It was a bogus charge from someone who lied because they did not want to get
caught for stealing Mr. Milstead's $6,0000.00 lawn mower, after he confronted them. That is why the charges
were dropped. Frankly, all of the above is no ones business, however the bloggers made it everyones business
so let's get the facts straight. Just because he made mistakes does not mean he can't do good things and try to
make a difference in the world. If the bloggers were genuine people they would put their names out there so
they to could be confronted and if the people sending hate mail didn't have something to hide they would sign
their real names and put real return addresses on the envelopes. But, as we all know they don't have the guts
and fortitude to stand up say what they feel because someone might criticize them and they can't take it.
As people and even an organization we may not be perfect, but at least we have the guts to put ourselves out
there and not walk away from a family of a Missing Child just because the public is being judgmental and
thinks we should do so.
We know not everyone is ignorant and judgmental and we would like to ask those of you who are not to stand
up for us and for the families of all Missing Children in our quest to bring them home.
We do deserve financial help for our organization just as so many others. We can't make it without donations
and we don't plan on giving up because of what the public is trying to do to us. We are dedicated to this cause.
Dennis and Sherri Milstead did not have to start Kid Finders Network. They have never had a Missing Child
and thank God everyday and hope they never have to go through the pain of having a loved one go missing, but
this does not mean they can't do something to help those in that terrible position.
Our advice to the news media and the public: We are not going away, we did not do anything wrong and we
will work even harder to keep going to continue to help families find their Missing Children. So stand up and
try to do something positive.
For Congressman Alan Grayson: You wanting to help an organization in the name of Caylee Anthony is
commendable and not that this organization is unworthy, just remember there are many Missing Child
organizations and some who actually worked Caylee's case and that kind of money could help all of us in a big
way. We know this is not about the family. Dennis Milstead has always said.” I don't come here for the family I
come here for the child, a child who needs our help”.
Lastly, if there is anyone out there who would like to speak with us personally, we will meet with anyone who
would like to discuss the past if they chose to do it in a proper and professional manner and not backed into a
corner and bombarded with questions before even one can be answered and we will be glad to provide proof
and place it on the table.
Dennis & Sherri Milstead
Kid Finders Network
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