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Craft Ideas for the Hopper Handbook Submitted by: Wynda

Craft Ideas for the Hopper Handbook Submitted by: Wynda
Awana Forums Username: Wynma
Cubbies Director, Bloomfield Baptist Church, Bloomfield, Kentucky
Starting Night: First Night of Cubbies
Make a Cubbie Puppet using the Cubbie Pattern from the front of the Leader Guide.
Small Paper Bags
Cubbie Pattern
Let the kids color Cubbie then glue the pieces on the paper bag.
Brochure 1 - "God loved us, and sent His Son"
Jesus Plate
Paper Plates
Aluminum Foil
Will need two plates per child. Cut the center out of one plate. Cut a circle of aluminum foil slightly
larger that the hole in the plate. Glue the aluminum foil to the center of the "solid" plate, then glue
the plate with the hole on top of the first plate. This creates a "mirror" for the children to see
themselves in. You can write
"Jesus Loves…" on the top of the plate, and the child’s name on the bottom.
Brochure 2 - "all have sinned", "while we were sinners, Christ died for us"
"A", "C"
Letter Puzzles
Draw an outline of the letters "A", & "C" , break them down into different shapes. Put dots in the
shapes. Then finish out paper with different shapes & lines. Copy and give one of each letter to
each child and have them color only the areas with the dots inside to reveal the "A", & "C".
Bear Hug 1 - "Everything He had made was very good"
Creation Wheel
Use pattern from
Bear Hug 2 - "God is True"
Apple Tree Small
Paper lunch bags
Plastic leaves (can find these in crafts section of most any store)
Rock or heavy object to put inside bad to weigh it down
Apples (small plastic or you can use red felt with sticky back cut into apple shapes, round circles
work best)
Place heavy object inside bag, be careful to keep bottom of bag flat, scrunch bag together and
twist until “trunk” is tight (you may need to tape around the top of the bag to keep it closed). Make
sure the leaves still have the stem attached and slide them in the top of the tree. You can then
glue small plastic apples or apples cut from felt to the leaves and tree.
Bear Hug 3 - "Call His name Jesus, He shall be great"
Angel Plate
Use template from
Bear Hug 4 - "Mine eyes have seen thy Salvation"
----Bear Hug 5 - "And Jesus increased in wisdom"
Verse Scroll
8x10 sheet of paper
2 small wooden dowels cut to 9 inches
4 small styrofoam balls painted or colored brown or black
Write the bible verse in big letters on the sheet of paper, have the cubbies tape the dowels - on
across the top of the paper and one across the bottom - leaving a little of the dowel hanging over
on each side of the paper. Push the styrofoam balls onto the end of each dowel. Roll the paper
from each end to meet in the middle to make a scroll.
Bear Hug 6 - "For unto you is born a Savior"
Baby Jesus in Manger
small craft sticks
small square of material
small white craft pom poms
small box or basket
Glue the white pom pom to the end of the craft stick, wrap the material around the craft stick and
glue into place. Put the “Baby Jesus” in the box or basket “manger”.
Bear Hug 7 - "This is my beloved Son"
Follow the idea for Cubbie Café in the Bear Hug Lesson. Have the children make a menu for the
Bear Hug 8 - "For God so loved the world He gave His only Son"
CD Flower
Large Craft Stick
Old CD’s or Blank CD’s that are not scratched (our Wal-Mart gave us the old AOL CD’s that they
Colored construction paper (cut this into a flower shape that the CD will fit into the center of)
Green Construction Paper cut into leave shapes (2 for each flower)
2” circle of brown construction paper with the verse on it
Have the Cubbies glue the construction paper flower to the large craft stick, then glue the leaves
to the craft stick, then glue the CD shiny side up to the paper flower, glue the 2” circle to the
center of the CD.
Bear Hug 9 - "He said unto Him, man thy sins are forgiven"
Bible Story House & Man
Small brown paper bag
2x5 piece of cardboard
2 6” pipe cleaners
1 small styrofoam ball with face drawn on it
Make a “house” out of the paper bag by cutting about 4 inches off of the top of the bag, cut a
small square out of the bottom of the bag (big enough for the cardboard to fit through), cut small
squares out for windows and a door. Make a Pipe Cleaner “man” by twisting the pipe cleaners
together, stick the “head” on the top of the body. The cubbies can pretend to lower the man
through the roof of the house on the cardboard “stretcher”.
Bear Hug 10 - "He called them and they immediately followed"
Big Fish
Large piece of poster board cut into shape of fish
Small pieces of construction paper or different color stickers
Let the cubbies decorate their fish with the pieces of construction paper or stickers.
Bear Hug 11 - "Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life"
Resurrection Puzzle
Use the template from to make the resurrection
picture of Jesus
Bear Hug 12 - "Christ also hath loved us, and hath given Himself for us"
Helping Hands Plate - Instructions for this craft can be found at MSSS Crafts
Bear Hug 13 - "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart"
Paper Roll Jesus - Instructions for this craft can be found at
Bear Hug 14 - "Love thy neighbor as thyself"
Bible Book Marks - Use template from You can
customize your own bookmark
Bear Hug 15 - "Lord teach us to pray"
Prayer Bear - Use template from Biblekidsfunzone.
Bear Hug 16 - "Teach me thy way Lord"
Fuzzy Lamb
8X10 sheet of cardboard with lamb drawn on it
Cotton Balls
Glue the cotton balls onto the lamb. You can write the verse on the bottom of the paper.
Bear Hug 17 - "I go to prepare a place for you"
Cotton Ball Heaven
Wooden clothes pins with spring
White paper for Felt
Cotton Balls
Picture of Jesus for Center.
Bear Hug 18 - "We trust in the Saviour of all men"
Jesus Fan
16 strips of construction paper cut to 1”x8”
Picture of Jesus
Popcicle sticks
Weave the strips of construction paper together 8 strips by 8 strips, glue, tape or staple each
edge. Glue the popcicle stick to one side to make a handle, glue Jesus picture to the center of
other side to make the front.
Bear Hug 19 - "Hosanna; blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord"
Palm trees
Empty toilet paper roll
Green Felt with Sticky Back cut into leaf shapes
Green felt with Sticky back cut into a circle big enough to cover the top of the TP Roll
Brown Felt with Sticky back cut to fit the TP roll
Bug stickers (optional)
Wrap the brown felt around the TP roll, stick the green felt leaves to the top of the TP roll, place
the large circle of green felt to the top of the TP roll and push down around the top. Put the bug
stickers on the leaves.
Bear Hug 20 - "He shall save His people from their sins"
Picture Frames
2 squares of cardboard or poster board
Assorted stickers
Cut a square out of the inside of one of the pieces of cardboard, glue on 3 sides to the top of the
solid piece of cardboard. Let the cubbies decorate with stickers. Tell cubbies they can put
pictures of themselves in the frame to show who Jesus loves.
Bear Hug 21 - "The Lord is risen"
He is risen Door Hanger - Use template from
Bear Hug 22 - "Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord"
Disciples in a Boat
12 popcicle sticks (Color all of each stick different sticks leaving 1 inch at the top bare)
small dowel rod
Triangle of white construction
Approx. 3”X6” 2 inch thick foam rectangle painted brown or black for boat
Shoe box or smaller size box
Cotton stuffing or cotton balls
Blue Glitter (Optional)
Glue the foam rectangle into the bottom of the box, draw faces on each popcicle stick at the
uncolored end. Push the colored ends of the popcicle sticks into the foam. Stick the dowel rod
(wooden kebob skewers work well also :) through one side of the construction paper to make the
sail, push end of sail into the foam. Put stuffing or cotton balls around the foam to represent water
and waves. You can use a spray bottle with watered down blue paint to make the cotton blue or
you can just sprinkle blue glitter on the cotton.
Bear Hug 23 - "Go – into all the world, and preach the gospel"
Praying Hands Picture
Use the pattern from Danielle's Place then fill in the background of the praying hand with bits of
construction paper of different colors.
Bear Hug 24 - "And He hath -- a name written, KING OF KINGS, and LORD OF LORDS"
Soap Bible
Square bards of soap still in wrappers
Brown or Black Felt with sticky back cut to fit the front, one side and back of soap bar
Yellow paper or felt with sticky back cut in strips to fit around the remaining edges of the soap bar
Labels with “HOLY BIBLE” written on them
Place the brown felt around the soap bar, then place the yellow paper strip around the remaining
edges of the soap bar. Place the labels on the front.
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