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DIRECTIONS: Grab a grocery bag, old magazines, colored pencils, glue, a pen, and you are
ready to create you very own “Biography Bag” book report. The purpose of this report is to
introduce a well-known individual with whom you have become familiar with to your fellow
students. Read the following steps for further directions:
STEP 1 – SELECT AND READ A BIOGRAPHY BOOK. Select a book about a person who is
interesting to you! Take notes as you read to keep track of unique or important events that
happened during the various stages of his/her life. These notes will be collected and graded
each week. I encourage you to use our school library to find a book, but you may bring a
book from home if you have one suitable. Some of the people who would be appropriate
include: Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Beverly Cleary, and Claude Monet.
STEP 2 – Daily Notes. Take the most important events/facts and interesting trivia
(details) from each of the following categories and write them on note cards. You need at
least 3 events/facts for each category. I am looking for events and facts that are new and
hopefully unknown to the class. (Example: do NOT tell me that George Washington was our
first president. You can introduce him this way, but this fact is so common to all of us that
it would not count as one of your 3 facts)
A. Birth, childhood, and teenage years.
B. Education and special training (examples: an actor needs special training and an
inventor would need some special education)
C. Personal and family life.
D. What/how did they contribute to society (or the general public).
E. Professional life (tell me about their job, what they did, when?)
F. List 3 or four qualities (attributes) this person possesses which you admire and
explain why you admire them.
G. If you were able to meet this person, what 2 questions would you ask? (Using
quotation marks, write the exact sentences you would say.)
STEP 3 – DECORATE A GROCERY BAG Take a grocery bag and decorate it using picture s
from magazines or your own illustrations. Be sure to include the following:
A. Title of Your Biography
B. Author
C. Illustration/collage/pictures that portray important events in his/her
lifetime, an/or sketch of the individual.
D. Create a homemade paper doll using (using template provided in class) an
assortment of craft materials. Be creative! Do not use any store bought toys.
Place a minimum of 4 items in the bag that symbolizes significant events in your subject’s
life, For example, if your character wore glasses, you might include a pair of plastic glasses
in your bag. If he worked as a president, you might include a pen or red tie. Put items in your
bag that represents important milestones in your subject’s life.
STEP 4 – GIVE ORAL REPORT IN CLASS You will be assigned a day to give your oral
report (listed below). You will tell us your biography person, including information about the
categories. Use your note cards, but give us the information in your own words. You will be
graded on the information you give us, and your presentation of the material. Presentation
grade will include:
A. Speaker had a good posture and quality presentation.
B. Speaker uses notes well – in own words. (doesn’t read them)
C. Speaker uses interesting voice (loudness and articulation)
D. Speaker makes good eye contact with audience,
E. Creativity of report
F. Enthusiasm and smile
G. Comments (question and answer)
Have FUN designing your bag and preparing your report. PRACTICE your oral report several
times in front of a mirror or in front of other people (or your dog)
Breakdown of points:
Daily notes collected each Friday – 60 – 80 points
Notes – 25 points
Paper bag decorated following prior guidelines – 25 points
Oral report information – 120 points
Oral report Presentation – 30 points
Remember – We have been reading these books for a month, so this is a month worth of
points! BE PREPARED!! PRACTICE!! HAVE FUN WITH THIS – BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Important Due Dates:
January 8th - Biography Selected and acquired. (Bring to school with book report
acknowledgement slip)
January 15th – Daily notes collected
January 22nd – Artifacts (pictures, glasses, etc.) and brown grocery bag (sent home same
day for assembly)
January 24th – Daily notes collected
January 27th – Note cards and decorated brown grocery bag. Oral presentations begin
today and continue through Thursday (up to 7 a day)
February 5th – Grades given out
My biography is about: _______________________________________________
Date of oral report: __________________________________________________
Student’s Name: _______________________________________________________
My biography is about: __________________________________________________
Date of oral report: ____________________________________________________
Student signature: _____________________________________________________
Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________
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