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Debian Installation Step-by-Step

Debian Lenny 5.0.1 Linux Operating
Install Step by Step Screens Shots
Sunita Barve
NCRA, Pune
File created on 22nd June 2009
This ppt contains all screen shots for debian
Please insert the Debian-501-i386-DVD-1.iso
DVD into the CD-ROM drive.
Please install windows operating system first if
you want to have dual OS installed on same
Select boot option as boot from CD-ROM and
then system will boot from DVD. Check screen
As soon as boot is done from DVD system will as
for the following four options:Install
Graphical Install
Advanced Options
Select 2nd option i.e. Graphical Install and click
next. From next slides all screen shots are
pasted in each slide.
First Screen After DVD is inserted
Choose a language here for installation.
If you are installing KOHA on a production server use proper IP address here
such as lib-pc etc. Get a proper IP address from your system administrator.
If you are installing KOHA on a production server use proper domain name
here. Get proper domain name from your system administrator.
Here if you have already any other OS installed it is always better to select “Manual”
partition option so that one can review earlier partitions and then delete manually and
create new partitions.
Thi screen shows total partitions already available on the computer. NTFS stands for
windows partitions. Pl. Donot touch to these partitions. Ext3, swap are linux partitions.
Select each partition and delete each partition of earlier linux and then try to create new
partitions to install Debian OS.
After deleting each partition system will show windows partitions and free space. Now
click on free space and start creating new partitions for installing Debian OS.
40 GB is remaining space available for installing Debian OS.
Here use 10.0 GB for “/” installation i.e. System file installation.
This “/” partition is called as primary partition.
After creating “/” partition now use free space to create remaining partitions i.e.
Swap, /home, /usr, /var partitions one by one.
For swap partition the size is generally used as double the RAM of your computer. Here
since the computer has 1GB RAM we have used 2.4GB as swap area.
Swap is logical type of partition.
Click here on swap area for using this partition.
After creating swap partition click on free space and create remaining partitions.
See above all newly defined partitions. /, swap, /home, /usr, /var /var and /usr are useful
partitions as koha gets installed in /usr/share area and in /var all mysql database is
Click on finish partitioning and system will now write changes to the existing disk and
format earlier partitions.
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