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Ajlan Şay CURRICULUM VITAE Born in 1951 in Izmir. Married with

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Ajlan Şay
Born in 1951 in Izmir.
Married with 1 son.
1957-62 Hirka-i Serif primary school Istanbul.
1962-67 English High School for Boys Istanbul.
1967-70 Robert Academy Istanbul.
1970-74 Middle East Technical University/BSc in Industrial Engineering Ankara .
1974-76 Middle East Technical University/MSc in Industrial Engineering Ankara.
1973-76 Teaching Assistant – Department of Industral Engineering METU.
1976-80 Programming Officer during military service in Turkish Army HQ Ankara.
1980-82 Industrial Engineer – Erdemir Iron and Steel Co.
1982-85 Programmer Analyst – Dylex Ltd. Toronto Canada.
1985-87 Planning Manager – Tuncalilar Textile Ltd.
1987-88 IT Manager Grundig Turkey.
1988-89 IT Manager SGS Turkey.
1989-04 Finance and Administration Manager Sandoz/Novartis Turkey.
2004-11 General Manager Syngenta Seeds Turkey.
2011- Retired
Experience :
Systems design and setup/capacity planning for the Expansion projects in ERDEMIR.
System design and implementation for Dylex Ready to Wear Ltd. Group Companies
to follow, analyse and plan using POS systems.
System design and implementation of IT Systems for Finance, Production Planning
and Control from scratch for Tuncalilar Textile Ltd.
Improvement of IT systems to improve performance and control for Grundig and
Developing systems to enhance Decission Making Systems, Financial Reporting and
Control Systems in-line with country, group and international standards and
requirements. Responsible for Health, Safety and Environment, Quality Assurance
including Auditing, Security, IT, Legal for Sandoz/Novartis.
Tetem A.Ş.
Erenler sitesi, A1 Blok, D3
Sahrayıcedid, İstanbul, 34734
+90 216 3561012
[email protected]
-Proses Mühendisliği
-Mekanik projelendirme
-Proje yönetimi
Mühendislik ve Müşavirlik Hizmetleri
Responsibilities as General Manager in Syngenta included setting up the new
Syngenta company in Turkey as a result of the formation of the multi-national
company based in Switzerland from former Novartis. Making sure the legal and fiscal
requirements were met and reporting and control systems were in place according to
group and international standards and performing as required.
During 2007-08, a major investment project was undertaken to build a new/expansion
seed processing facility in Muradiye-Manisa, making Turkey operations a major hub
for EAME sunflower and corn production and processing. The project was completed
in time, within the budget, which is still the lowest costing project in the company, with
the required quality and capacity. The facility layout and processing line design,
capacity and machinery selection and construction control were all realized by the
Turkish Team.
The Marketing and Sales Team in Turkey received several rewards for results
realized and continuous growth achieved, including one for Global Excellence
Syngenta. Financial , both fiscal and group, and Operational audits including HSE,
QA, Security were always positive. Customer Satisfaction performed by independent
companies and Employee Satisfaction polls were always above Company averages.
Tetem A.Ş.
Erenler sitesi, A1 Blok, D3
Sahrayıcedid, İstanbul, 34734
+90 216 3561012
[email protected]
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