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Android Vs iOS – Which is the Better Platform for App Development?

However, the smartphone OS marketplace is dominated by two big players namely Android and iOS. Both of these platforms have millions of users and millions of applications running over them. Considering the simple fact that each of them has its sophi
Android Vs iOS – Which is the Better Platform for App Development?
Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones, innumerable manufacturers jumped into the
industry and started making smartphones with diverse capabilities. And to support these powerful
gadgets, some giants developed the operating systems that make these gadgets more powerful.
Today, we have a dozen of smartphone platforms that give us the ability to thing beyond simple
communication. And at the same time, these platforms create a chaos for businesses when they
plan to create apps for different platform.
However, the smartphone OS marketplace is dominated by two big players namely Android and
iOS. Both of these platforms have millions of users and millions of applications running over them.
Considering the simple fact that each of them has its sophisticated audience and user-base,
establishing the superiority is a tough task. Android Development is a sensible choice, and
iPhone is the future of business world. This is the reason why it becomes necessary for a business
to choose the better platform while creating a business app.
Here are a few options you have in your hands while choosing the right platform for mobile
application development:
Solely developed for Apple’s small gadgets and people from Europe, America and the Gulf areas,
iOS is a platform with massive abilities. Developed by the visionary Steve Jobs and his team at
Apple, iOS is perhaps the most reputed and valued operating system after Microsoft. So when we
talk about small-screen gadgets, nothing can challenge the power of iOS.
A solid reason for developing apps for this platform is – people using an iPhone are the
actual customer of your products or services. This is because they are well aware of the
Another reason is – Apple itself guarantees the quality of apps running on iOS. The superior
animation and visibility enhances the performance of your apps.
The coding is done on Swift and Objective C, which means, your apps are more scalable,
dependable and expandable.
Apps developed on iOS run on any device developed by Apple, which include iPhone, iPad
and Apple Watch.
Note: if you are planning to create a business app, iOS is the right platform for you. people using
iOS devices are more business-minded, creating a perfect platform for your apps.
The most popular smartphone operating system is Android, running more than 2 billion users
across the globe, dominating almost 60 percent of the smartphone marketplace. Need not to say
that if you have an application built on Android, you have the largest piece of pie in your plate.
Need more reasons to choose Android as your app development platform – here is one
more. Android gets as much new users per month as iOS has in all. This means, this
extravagant platform acquires an iOS marketplace every single month.
Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturing company in the world, and it has a
collaboration with Google. This means, each device built by Samsung will run on Android
More than 85 percent of Chinese smartphones run on Android. And you must know that
China mobile market is huge, very huge.
Android apps are created on Java, the most secured and dependable programming
language. This means, you will get more security, reliability and dependability in your
Expansion scopes are endless with Android. All it takes is some creativity from your end,
and you may enable any feature that you can ever imagine.
App developed on Android platform runs on all devices including smartphones, tablets and
even SmartWatch. And remember, SmartWatch is the burgeoning trend.
Note: Android is a platform well-suited for every utility. Be it a business app, a gaming app, a
social networking app or a messenger, you may use Android for virtually everything.
If your target is creating an app that can be easily managed using a single code, Xamarin is for
you. This platform saves huge amount of money and time for you.
This platform is used for Cross Platform App Development, which means, applications
developed on Xamarin work perfectly on all devices. This saves your cost on developing
native apps.
The platform comes from the brain of Microsoft. This means, there is endless scope of
expansion and features to be included.
Xamarin allows you to develop apps quickly. So if you are in hurry and want to save your
time in app development, you can simply trust on this.
Note: Xamarin may host apps for different utilities, but it’s not suited for apps for charging and
The most popular cross-platform OS is PhoneGap, which is largely used by app developers who
want to develop a single app and run on different devices.
Apps created on Java that gives extra bit of scalability and dependability to the apps.
PhoneGap App Development is also less expensive than other app development
A huge drawback of PhoneGap is – it’s dependent on third parties. Thus, it becomes hard
for the developers to get required support and features. The community is not good enough
to resolve all issues.
Another major drawback is its speed. Apps developed on PhoneGap runs slower than
native apps.
Note: There is nothing big to consider in PhoneGap. The only reason why app developers use this
platform is to save money on developing different apps for different platforms.
React Native:
Owned by the social networking giant Facebook, React Native is a platform that gives you freedom
from developing different apps for native platforms.
React Native is a highly cost-effective platform which may reduce the app development
cost up to 50 percent.
The app developer must be knowledgeable to JavaScript, as this language is widely used
in this platform.
The apps work perfectly on Android and iOS. React Native offers very simple debugging
process. It is also highly compatible to animations and maps.
Note: Due to its dependability on third-party apps, React Native does not have sound support
system. Also, the messenger apps may not work perfectly on this platform.
Final Verdict:
Again, the superiority of any platform largely depends upon your requirements and budget. The
main rivalry is between Android and iOS with other platforms still trying to be in competition. So
if you have the budget and want to get optimum performance, go for developing a native app for
Android and iOS. And if you have to choose between one of these two, think about the industry
and audience you want to target. If it’s a business app created for geeky people, iOS is the better
platform. If it’s an entertainment app created for everyone holding a smartphone, go for Android
App Development.
But if you want to save on development cost and are willing to compromise with performance,
cross-platform operating systems like Xamarin, PhoneGap and React Native are there for you.
among these three, PhoneGap stands tall in the list with its superior features.
Keep all these factors in mind while developing an app, however you must avoid these 5 mistakes
while going for mobile app development. If you are not certain which one to choose, consult
with us. We will give you a clear idea of what to go for.
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