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*** For the kind attention of Outgoing Manager Object: collaboration

For the kind attention of Outgoing Manager
Object: collaboration offer, summer 2014
Dear Partner
We would like to submit to your attention a possible collaboration with our
Having 10 000 clients per year and having had excellent reviews on, (
we are appreciated by foreign tourists searching for a real moment of
Our Resort offers every kind of accommodation according to one’s need:
standard rooms in the modern hotel, luxury suite rooms with hot tubs on
the terrace facing the lake and the independent bungalows placed in the
neat park. We are in continuous expansion, in fact this year a new kind of
very interesting accommodation is about to start: our new Bungalows
Deluxe. They are very requested by families, since they are provided with
six beds, with kitchen, garden and a private hot tub. The variety of the
possible kinds of accommodation allows us to satisfy the needs of a very
large market sector of tourism.
Our location is strategical:
Nearby the famous amusement parks as Oltremare, Fiabilandia, Italia in
Miniatura, Mirabilandia, Parco delle Navi and about 5 km far from the sea
(Adriatic coast: Riccione, Cattolica) we are the perfect foothold for the
holidays of all kinds of tourists.
Moreover having strong connections with the hinterland of the
region, we are willing to enrich and develop our touristic offer valuing the
traditional and typical products of our land.
Therefore, we would like to introduce you, in addition to our
price list, the packages that would be interesting for you and your clients,
hoping in a possible advantageous collaboration.
Kind regards
The Direction
“Tasting vacation”
4 days and three nights with optional accommodation
(room/suite/bungalow/bungalow deluxe)
breakfast included
cocktail in hot tub surrounded by the green hills
Tasting in the production site of typical product s of our region, as wine,
traditional chees , homemade honey, oil with the possibility of purchase of
the latter.
(half day journey)
Double room: 350,00
Suite: 660,00
Bungalow: 450,00
Prices and facilities for two clients
“Beauty vacation”
4 days and three nights with optional accommodation
(room/suite/bungalow/bungalow deluxe)
breakfast included
cocktail in hot tub surrounded by the green hills
Manicure, pedicure and hair set
Relaxing massagge poolside
Double room: 450,00
Suite: 760,00
Bungalow: 550,00
Prices and facilities for two clients
In 5 steps
Target: families with children, couples, everybody.
What to do: relax, swimming pool, hot tubs, tennis fields, soccer fields,
fishing, trekking, mountain bike.
Cities to visit: San Marino, Gradara, Urbino, Rimini, Riccione, Montefiore
Conca, Montegridolfo, Mondaino, Gemmano, Saludecio, San Giovanni in
What to experience : wines, cheese, honey, oil, all the products of the
Italian tradition, in particular of our area.
Having fun: Oltremare, Fiabilandia, Italia in Miniatura, Mirabilandia, Parco le
Tasting Vacation
-Guided and tasting tours and in selected local factoriesPartners:
Cantina di Enio Ottavini – Winery
Tenuta del Tempio Antico – Winery
Il Mulino della Porta di Sotto – Mill
Frantoio Bigucci – Oil Mill
Cantina di Enio Ottavini – Winery
Enio Ottaviani winery was established fifty years ago, in San Giovanni, thanks to its pioneer
Ottaviani. Today the new generation is continuing it, still in the respect and honour of nature,
tradition and waiting time. And the wine becomes part of the family. Lovingly, with great
satisfaction, the family follows the process of ripening of the grapes. In the bottle there is much
more than a process of fermentation: there is all the poetry of our land.
Tenuta del Tempio Antico – Winery
La Tenuta del Tempio Antico cultivates its products honouring the environmental conservation,
through the elimination of pesticides and weed killer, using exclusively natural fertilizers. The
excellent wine is the product of the well-groomed grapevine, the taste of the grape is the result
of the strain on the plant and it is not the result of a posterior manipulation of it. Their efforts in
the last years were focused on the fortification of their vine variety and on the strengthening of
their immune system: a healthy vine reacts better to the attacks of pathogens and pinworms.
The grapes ripen in optimal conditions, are gathered with care and immediately launched to
vinification. That’s why the wine is able to transfer all the flavours and aromas of the land it
was grown.
Il Mulino della Porta di Sotto – Mill
The main product of the mill is the FOSSA CHEESE DOP, but many products are produced
beside it. Factories collaborating with the mill all have the main mission: a healthy way of life
and the discovery of the tradition.
- Fossa cheese dop, Malatesta’s cheese fermented in wheat
- Matured mulino cheese, pure spring pecorino
- Tartufino, black truffle mature mixes cheese
- Organic salami made in Romagna
- Coppa di maiale (pork) made in Romagna
- Black rise “venere”
- Organic olive oil “madre terra”
- Olive oil from the mill
- Organic jam “madre terra”
- Il savor di Romagna
- Figs with caramel
- Pieces of pumpkin with caramel
- Amarene di Cantiano
- Sangiovese winw from colli pesaresi “V canto”
- Sangiovese superior doc wine “Silvano”
- Organic Sangiovese wine “La fiammetta”
- Sangiovese wine dolce di ciliegie visciole
- Pignoletto frizzante
- Homemade beer “La cotta” – lager – bitter – double malt – brown ale
- Organic legumes and cereals “Terra bio”
- Organic honey “Oro del Daino” from Mondaino
- Organic farming nocin “Vergaio”
Frantoio Bigucci – Oil mill
Family farm founded in 1954. Their olives originate from the gentle and green hills of Emilia
Romagna and the centre of Italy, where the production and cultivation of olives is preserved
throughout millenniums. In order to obtain a good quality oil with a low degree of acidity, the
olives are gathered at the right degree of ripening at the end of October and during the month of
November, using the old generation methods of the tradition. The procedure is therefore slow
and onerous from the point of view of the labour and its costs, but it is necessary to preserve the
olives intact for the following passages. The transportation and the storage take place in well
aired bins (to avoid that the olive warms up and gets mouldy) and the oil processing get started
before 24/48 hours from the harvest.
Via Petrarca 15
47832 Sant’ Andrea in Casale di San Clemente ( RN )
villaggiolapes[email protected]
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