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useful websites – secondary - Chryston High School

ART ............................................................................................................................................ 2
BUSINESS EDUCATION .................................................................................................... 4
COMPUTING ........................................................................................................................... 5
DRAMA ..................................................................................................................................... 8
ENGLISH ................................................................................................................................11
GEOGRAPHY.......................................................................................................................... 13
HEALTH EDUCATION ....................................................................................................... 16
HISTORY ............................................................................................................................... 18
HOME ECONOMICS .......................................................................................................... 20
MATHEMATICS.................................................................................................................. 22
MODERN LANGUAGES ..................................................................................................... 24
MODERN STUDIES ........................................................................................................... 26
MUSIC ................................................................................................................................... 29
PHYSICAL EDUCATION.................................................................................................... 31
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION................................................................................................ 32
SCIENCE ............................................................................................................................... 34
TECHNICAL EDUCATION ............................................................................................... 37
ART – Comprehensive list of
websites related to art – Education art
sites and
interesting site offering online activities, with information on various aspects of
art, as well as a gallery of children’s work. Education and Art Edventures.
Site with lots of ideas and information. Also offers interactive adventures
where you can learn more about the painting styles of various artists. Teachers on the Net. Lots of resources for
anyone interested in art. Teaching. Resources for art teachers
and pupils.
Theory Resources. Offers information on how to analyse images. Well worth a
look. Site offering a quick way to find
museum quality fine art on the internet. Offers a range of useful art links. A useful resource for art
teachers with information on a range of art related issues. offering information on
a number of modern artists including Picasso, Klimt and Dali. Provides images of
a number of paintings by each artist.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST offering information on �onepoint-perspective’ Shows how to go about drawing various subjects such as a
room or TV, for example. – �Teacher and
trainee support for ICT in Art and Design’. Appears to be a very informative site
on how ICT can be used to enhance the teaching of Art. Includes examples of
pupil’s work, and advice on a range of subjects. Also has a list of links to sites
for Art teachers and pupils, as well as information on computer hardware that
can be used in Art. - Hinchingbrooke Art Gallery.
Artwork by year 9,10, 11 and 12 students at Hinchingbrooke School, showing how
computers can be used creatively in Art and Design. - This site offers links to almost two and a half
thousand sites with a relation to Art. Luckily there is a search facility to narrow
it all down. A prГ©cis of each of the sites is provided. This site appears to be a
valuable resource. – site from
Strathclyde University listing links to a number of sites related to Art and
This website contains illustrated biographies and information on Victorian
artists, including William Morris, the Pre-Raphaelites and Whistler. Information
is provided about places to visit and recommended books. There is also a quiz on
each of the featured artists.
Useful website for information on all ICT related hardware.
BUSINESS EDUCATION - This website contains one-page profiles on all of the
businesses appearing on this programme. It also has useful links to other
websites on a variety of topics. - Biz/ed is a unique business and economics service for students
and teachers. Features include an internet catalogue, learning materials, data,
company facts and virtual worlds. In virtual worlds, in particular, there are good
case studies and virtual tours of factories. - This site has all the resources of the current pack (6)
as well as other features including: - A variety of on-line materials including the task on telephone
messages featured elsewhere in this booklet. Worth a visit.
http:\\ - A British Telecom site
with resources on creating a database, using spreadsheets and manipulating
digital images. - Amalgamation of SCET and SCCC with a variety of useful
links and resources. - English version of svtc. Contains good materials for
Business Management in particular. - On-line support
with help and advice on all aspects of desk-top publishing. A good teacher site
for personal development.
COMPUTING – Dazzler is a Multimedia
Authoring Software. This site include reviews, tutorials and free downloads. – This LT Scotland site gives
the timetable of training events available. A number of these might interest
Computing teachers, especially things like:
Relational Databases
Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and Director – This is a very useful search engine. This engine classifies
the results in a number of categories. Useful to try entering your subject as
the search and see how it categorises results. See example below. - The STORM course consists of 3
different units: Databases, Networking and Multimedia. These courses will
support the delivery of Higher Still courses. This provides support for the
development of online materials. Users must register online before receiving a
username and password.
has an abundance of teaching and revision notes useful for Computing courses at
Standard Grade and Higher Still. While the site is primarily targeted at the
English curriculum, it is modularly designed so that it is easy to identify the
topics which may be suitable for Scottish courses. – This is a site run by
Robert Gordon’s University and contains links to resources for teaching about
the Internet. – This
site has a series of interactive ICT quizzes about a variety of subjects including
networks, databases, relational databases, as well as teaching resources about a
number of these. - This is an online tutorial for PowerPoint 98. The
PowerPoint in the Classroom tutorial is also available, free of charge, for reprint
purposes to non-profit educational organisations. – This site
offers a series of tutorials for various Microsoft programs including Word,
Excel, Publisher 98. - Further online tutorials, some with tasks. – Quite a user-friendly site about scanning with a
section about file formats used in graphics. – an excellent site for information about computer
systems, hardware and software. The beauty of this site is that it offers up to
date information about modern processors and peripherals and how they work. - Welcome to the DO IT Course! DO IT
provides a stimulating environment for students and teachers to learn about
Information and Communications Technology today. An exciting and interactive
experience is delivered through the use of the latest technology.
Courses are on Hardware, Software, Computer Languages, Developing
Information Systems, Information representation, Networks, Internet
ComputingLinks.html – University of Strathclyde - some support materials for
budding teachers of Computing which may also be useful in your classroom.
[email protected] – Viglen is offering 6 free posters to schools for explaining
ICT concepts – Internet, networks, PCs, wireless networks, broadband and
portable computing. (Tel: 020 8758 7027) - This website created by a Computing teacher offers
resources for the full range of Computing courses. - Caching greatly increases the speed
of data retrieval from your computer's memory. Know how? Find out why a little
cache goes a really long way! - A FireWire connection lets you
send data to and from high-bandwidth devices such as digital camcorders.
Learn how FireWire works and how you can use it on your computer!
Firewalls have helped protect computers in large companies for years. Now,
they're a critical component of home networks, as well. How do they help keep
computer networks secure? Learn how firewalls work and see what they can do
for your home network.
Forget about those "bargain" long-distance carriers -- IP telephony lets you
make free long-distance phone calls using your computer. It's essentially a phone
network based on Internet protocol, a pretty cool use of the Internet
infrastructure that already connects computers all over the world.
DRAMA - Creative Drama and Theatre
Education Resource Site with pages on: Creative Drama, Classroom Ideas,
Theatre Games, Plays for Performance, Book List, Search, Feedback and About
the Author. - An illustrated educational
resource documenting the creation and staging of a theatrical production of
Lewis Grassic Gibbon's "Sunset Song", presented throughout Scotland by Prime
Productions. Theatre Company with Educational packs for past
productions. - This SVTC microsite is targeted at teachers
and students of Drama and Theatre, focused on the needs of Scottish
education. It provides links to the websites of Scottish theatre companies and
venues, and further links to UK theatre and international websites which are
valuable for educators working in the performing arts. - Character development
lessons on: Character Environment, Movement, Character Physicality, Vocal
Skills, Observation and Imitation, Relationships, Fighting To Win, Character
Tactics, Character Background and Analogy and Character Development With
Hats. - Character creation
lessons on: Discover Types of Characters, Building a Character Around a Name,
Creating a Character Using Costumes, Building a Character Through Movement,
Creating a Character Using Props Recognizing Character Objectives, Creating a
Character's History, Getting to Know a Characters' Home, Creating a Music
Video and Character Created - Fundamentals of Acting
with lessons on: Intro to the stage, The Voice, Senses, Playing Objectives,
Characterization, Preparation/entrances and The Scene.
Comfort on Stage, Facial Expressions, Listening and Reacting, Movement,
Character Development, Voice, Objectives and Tactics, Stage Business, Practice
and Evaluation and Performance. – 10 lessons on movement – 8 lessons on
improvisation. - British
Theatre, your guide to over 700 sites. Government site with links to Scottish Theatre,
UK Theatre, Drama Links and Drama Teachers’ Network. - Costume hire service. - �The Home of British Theatre’ with listings,
merchandise, on-line ticket sales, news and more. - Drama materials for you to print
off / download / peruse at your leisure / photocopy immediately, examples
include: Warm up games, Role play situations, Schemes of Work and links to
many drama related sites. - The Drama Teacher’s Resource Room’ - The Tron Theatre website - �This site, sponsored by the University of Reading
(UK), is dedicated to providing background information on Shakespearean
performance in original conditions.’ – �Shakespeare's Globe was
founded by Sam Wanamaker and is dedicated to the experience and
international understanding of Shakespeare in performance.’ - Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts - The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts - The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST – East 15 Acting School - The Rose Bruford College - AJS Theatre Lighting and Stage Supplies - �The Source for Lighting Professionals’ – Specialists in the hire of technology
equipment for the performing arts. - Welcome to the world's first digital
news archive. Now you are here you can preview items from the entire 3500
hour British Pathe Film Archive which covers news, sport, social history and
entertainment from 1896 to 1970.
ENGLISH - a wide range of controversial topics suitable as stimulus
for educational debates or argumentative/persuasive writing. The pros and cons
of each topic are concisely listed in separate columns. See Example 6. – some examples of lessons using ICT. – the best of GCSE and A-Level revision sites. - covers a variety of topics including essay writing
skills, spelling, punctuation and grammar, poetry etc. - a revision site covering
reading, close reading, Macbeth, writing and writing in a specific literary form. - some online revision exercises for
pupils in S1. – a great on line library full of quality material. - there is an e-mail ask-a-teacher service, a
database of past questions and answers plus live chatrooms – this site has a wide range of film
and media studies resources. Included in the Secondary Resources are 3 focus
texts on Macbeth, Twelfth Night and Hamlet. The Useful Links section gives
around 40 further websites you may consider. – free resources for teaching and revising English.
Over 250 resources to download. – free resources – lesson plans and schemes of work
for teachers of English at secondary level. – one of the largest online libraries of teaching resources with
downloadable photocopiable worksheets, lesson plans and schemes of work. – links to a number of
resources for literature.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST – books online – unlimited access to books and information on
the web, free of charge. – literary analysis site giving you the opportunity to look at:novel summary, character profiles, metaphor analysis, etc. – a reference site with many features like ask an author.
Some sites available specifically on Shakespeare
GEOGRAPHY - A website produced by Danny McNeill of Scalloway
Junior High School, Shetland with information on Standard Grade topics
including relevant past paper questions. There is a section on revision with hot
tips for exam technique. Well worth a visit. - This site is mainly for Higher and Advanced
Higher and is produced by the Scottish Association of Geography teachers. A
section called �Network’ gives links to other websites including Geographical
Association, SCET, BBC Scotland, Dynamic Earth and Ordnance Survey to name a
few. There are links to individual school Geography websites and the
opportunity for you to add your school’s one too. - A series of revision exercises and
tests on the following topics: glaciation, weather and climate, rivers, settlement,
farming, population and international issues. There is also a section on the
Standard grade paper. - This site allows you to search for information on any
volcanic area of your choice or to access other sites via the wide range of links
available. Some of the photographs are excellent and would enhance any Power
Point presentation for an S2 class.
In the form of questions and answers, this site, geared to children, has a vast
amount of information about animals in the rainforest. The sound effects are
very realistic!
Interactive mapping site to disseminate demographic statistics.
Maps Using the search facility (eg by place name, postcode) or the featured outline
map, you can get maps of specific areas at different scales.
Energy Sites - Based on an
interactive kiosk also developed by CREST in 1994, this system uses words and
pictures to teach the theoretical and practical basics of renewable energy. It
takes an introductory approach, not getting so complex as to baffle the first
time viewer. - The Virtual Nuclear Tourist! Nuclear
Power Plants Around the World - an introduction to energy for KS3(See
Appendix 1). All the main topics are covered and games, quizzes and
wordsearches are available to print out. - BNFL provides a number of
education resources aimed at pupils aged from 5-16+ and their teachers. - Energy
Efficiency is a Government backed initiative run by the Energy Saving Trust
aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of energy efficient products and
services that will save you money, energy and help the environment. - Department of Energy (USA). Included in the
site is a kids section with an energy lab on a variety of topics.
Tourism in Japan – A search tool around the Japan
Information Network. - The home page of the Japan Information Network. – Home page and introduction to the
kids page. – A month by month guide
to the festivals/holidays of Japan. Bright and easy to read! – Links to visitor
attractions in the Yokomana region.
Miscellaneous – American based geography
classroom site, but offers links to a range of geographical resources. – British Geography site offering a
range of links to (mostly) Geography sites. - Homesite of the Geographical Association - A site supporting Geography in Secondary Schools
Offering a range of useful links, ICT help online and more, this appears to be a
worthwhile resource for Geography teachers and their pupils. – The Geography Network. Site
offering a wide range of resources for geography - Map resource from
National Geographic. Offers access to a wide variety of maps. – Search engine which is useful for tracking down information. - NASA unveiled a new Web
site Jan 2002 on which it publishes satellite images in near real time over
natural hazards around the world. A new addition to NASA's Earth Observatory
the Natural Hazards section contains images and information about major
environmental events that are potentially hazardous to human populations. is a
panoramic view of the earth, taken from the new Boeing-built space station, with
the lights indicating populated, electrified areas. It's a photo (actually a series
of photos) taken on a clear November night with no obscuring atmospheric
conditions. You can scroll from East to West and from North to South.
Some interesting things to look for:
* The concentration of Canada's population (largely along the US border)
* The high population concentration along the the Mediterranean Coast
* The major cities of Europe, such as London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna
* The population concentration along the Nile river in Egypt
* The absence of lighting in Africa between Egypt and Johannesburg
* The trans-Siberian rail line
* The Australian outback
* The density of Japan
* The stark contrast between North and South Korea
HEALTH EDUCATION - Kellogg’s Nutrition Camp - Although this is a
commercial site it provides a great deal of useful information on all aspects of
food and healthy eating, and information on food labelling. - Food, fitness, and fun! Find mouthwatering recipes, learn how to be good to your body, and read all about exercise. - BBC Education – Drugs - A site aimed at primary
children on the abuse of drugs. A useful site Personal and Social Development - Health Education Board for Scotland - Site containing
lots of information on healthy living from the Health Education Board for
Scotland. - Benny Goodsport - Site promoting healthy
living using games and stories. - Ask Eric Physical Education - Games suitable for primary school. Provides clear
instructions and ways in which the activities involved can be assesses - Health Education Resources - ROSPA Fact-sheets - Advice on how to
prevent accidents before they happen, and facts about the numbers of
accidents that happen in Britain. - The 'Artie Beat' club. Childfriendly site from the British Heart Foundation. Covers a range of issues such as
diet, smoking and exercise. - Staying Healthy - Food and Health – Site of The British nutrition
foundation – lots of excellent resources for this area - Bullying at School Information. Site offering
advice on bullying, along with advice for parents and schools.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST - Kidshealth. Range of articles on
children's health, including 'Dealing with Feelings', 'Staying Healthy' and
'Growing Up'. - Puberty in Girls. Site
offering comprehensive information on puberty in girls. This site offers
information in 'Adobe Acrobat' format - so give it a chance to download. - DreamStreet. Child friendly site covering
road safety. - The Virtual Body - Interactive guide to the human
body. Not too complex so suitable for middle - upper stages - Human Reproduction Online Exploration of the Heart - Human Anatomy
HISTORY - This site has a teacher’s guide, movie clips,
teacher resources, a timeline and student activities. It also features
differentiated lesson plans. Well worth a look. - There is a section here on history with advice
on resources available for National Curriculum key stages 2 and 3 which may link
with 5-14. - This site has the Scottish
History Timeline with good links to information on William Wallace, Mary Queen
of Scots etc. - Follow the tale trail, search for specific
information or even test your knowledge by completing the quiz on this site. - Essentially geared towards the English
curriculum, this site has numerous features and links which may be useful. - Use the search facility to find out all available resources for
history. - This is the History channel’s study site giving you
up-to-date information on programme schedules, history resources, exam tips
and games (all in a fun manner). - To receive full access to this site you must subscribe
(various levels and prices). However there is a free tour which gives you an
insight into what you can benefit from! - This allows you entry to the history part of
the site that has 5 topic areas to choose from with further sub-divisions and
the opportunity to revise or get a test. - Defaults to another site with resources and songs
for World War 1 and further links. – A very easily site to navigate with photographs, maps and
descriptions of events. There are also downloadable audio clips.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST - The National Library of Scotland today
launched a web resource about the
First World War entitled "Experiences of War", created with the support of
SCRAN. It illustrates aspects of WW1 by using the experience of three very
different individuals, Field Marshal Haig, a nurse and a soldier. Original source
material in the forms of multimedia and text assets includes diaries, letters and
photos. Support for schools has been provided in the form of curriculum-based
activities suitable for 5-14 Environmental Studies and Standard Grade History,
with guidance notes for teachers. - This site from the Public Record Office (PRO)
contains investigations to support the teaching of history in schools. - This site contains many useful resources with
lesson plan and interactive resources including a virtual interview with Adolf
Hitler. - Although this is an English based site it contains a
variety of useful teaching resources. The site is well set out for access to the
resources. - Follow the yarn is an interactive Web site
about Preston's cotton industry, produced by the Harris Museum and Art
Gallery. Activities include weaving a fabric design and being a Victorian
journalist. The site contains a searchable database of objects, photographs and
documents. Some relate to events in Preston's history like the Cotton Famine of
the 1860s. Other items relate to working and living conditions in Preston in he
19th century.. - Welcome to the world's first digital
news archive. Now you are here you can preview items from the entire 3500
hour British Pathe Film Archive which covers news, sport, social history and
entertainment from 1896 to 1970. -This is the National Archives site
and contains activities for education. It is aligned for the English Curriculum
but is well set out and resources easily a identified
HOME ECONOMICS - Question and answer site on a vast range of related topics - British Nutrition Foundation site - Topics in this site include: My Body,
Growing Up, Staying Health and a Glossary of Medical Terms - Sainsbury’s site with pages on Diet, Recipes, Organics and
more - Portal site with
comprehensive index of related topics and links to over 700 sites - The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom - 5-14 Guidelines on Health Education - Massive resource
site for Design and Technology with excellent links to Home Economics
information - BBC website with Cook’s Tips, Ask the Chef, Recipes and
more - An educational web site exclusively available free
of charge to teachers, pupils, students and educational establishments. The site
looks at the role of fluids in the diet, explaining the production processes
involved in the manufacture and bottling of soft drinks. All pages are
downloadable. The contents are also available as a printed educational pack from
the British Soft Drinks Association. Staff are required to register before they
can enter the site. - Click on the Help and Contacts tab for spare parts,
brochure, email and more - View their product range or use their extensive Creda Recipe
manufacturers website - Click on the Home Economics link for downloadable
materials on: Basic Food Hygiene, Dietary Analysis, Food safety and Healthy
Eating. (Adobe Acrobat) – A wealth of information
for a parenting course on pregnancy, your baby/toddler etc. - a site for students and teachers supported by
online analytical tools, direct links with professionals from the food industry and
other websites. Case studies are supported by video clips of illustrative
activities in industry and in the classroom. The study in one module illustrates
the unit operations in Food Manufacture.
MATHEMATICS - The BBC Educational Website
contains excellent content for a variety of subjects including Maths. These
might be interactive games or resources for printing and using in class. - The BBC Revision site
offers revision materials for standard grade Maths (see example 6 later) - This site offers a few interactive
teaching exercises. (notice underscore between �your’ and �subject’) –
This site offers a variety of resources for subjects including Maths. It is a
place for finding fresh interesting sites. – This has resources and links to other sites for 5-14 Maths as
well as for Higher Still courses. – This contains lots of examples of Maths lessons. – This contains information on Maths software and
books. – This offers a plug-in for Word 97 which can be used to
produce Maths and Science worksheets incorporating symbols and graphs. – This site has information on the calculator TI 83
and others but also includes a discussion forum which might be beneficial. – This is a useful website for
information about the graphing program COYPU available on school networks. - This site contains information about
Microsmile Mathematics Software and other resources for Mathematics. - This is the Shell centre for
Mathematical Education an excellent place for innovative Maths resources. – This site contains
government statistics and can home in on statistics about wards in Moray or
other areas.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST – This is a very useful site in that it is a single access
point for many organisations, institutions and universities for Science,
Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. – This is a very useful search engine. This engine classifies
the results in a number of categories. Useful to try entering your subject as
the search and see how it categorises results. Use this for example to find
clipart for your subject. – This site contains a number of online
calculators. It also has some puzzles and some Maths content. Perhaps work a
look. – This may have useful material for Maths courses.
The site is developed by McLaren High School.
MODERN LANGUAGES Web site with resources for junior and senior pupils �Welcome to the British-German Connection, our
aim is to help young people in Germany and the UK to find out a little more about
each other's countries and a little more about each other.’ BBC website with revision on:
French Grammar, Verbs, Reading, Speaking and Writing and tests on all except
Speaking. Learning French online, some of the activities
require a Pupil’s Book which is available from Oxford University Press. - Quality-assured information and materials for
language teachers and learners including: Web sites for languages, Language
learning materials, Using ICT for languages and more. - Use on line resources or create your own. Site covers
most languages. New users have to create an �account’ prior to using the site but
there is no charge. Site with over 2,000
languages resources - Government site with articles and links to other sites
covering all subjects at all levels. �SVTC is targeted at practitioners, the
educators such as teachers and school librarians who work in the Scottish early
years and school sectors.’ - German version of the popular search engine Yahoo. - Das magazin fГјr junge Deutschlerner weltweit - “This page was designed to
connect Spanish teachers with professional information and classroom tools
located on the World Wide Web. Most of the resources found here can be
utilised in the high school classroom as a supplement to core curricula.” - Approximately 240 language dictionaries on
mega-links to all things French including French grammar – Lists the main French publications
websites – one click access
Best ones: – Lots of articles especially under “archives”, useful for
Advanced Higher. – List of articles and interviews about
anything and everything, useful for AH – Cloze style vocabulary tests in a variety of
languages – Vocabulary tests in French, German and Spanish –
range of verb tenses and themes - Selection of tongue twisters in 87
languages – highly amusing! - Tex’s French grammar site – excellent - Topic based – good for revision – Schools Integration Project –
ICT and the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages – The University of Sheffield –
School of Modern Languages & Linguistics – this site has links to thirty or more
Spanish related websites including the news and newspapers. - Website for Modern
Languages produced by Channel 4 and Learning and Teaching Scotland. It
supports C4 TV series "Chez Mimi" and "Hennings Haus" with teachers' notes
and vocabulary lists. – The French language equivalent of yahoo. Very good for individual
regions and cities in France with maps, pictures etc.
MODERN STUDIES - This site is the American News Service CNN offering the
American slant on current news issues. - �Houses of Parliament’ - the �Parliamentary
Education Unit Home Page’. Offers information and resources on the seat of our
Government. - �Cool Planet’. This is a site from the
charity �Oxfam’, dealing with the issues facing developing countries around the
world. It is split into sections for different age groups, and offers a range of
resources for teachers. - CAFOD - a charity website, covering a range of
issues facing developing countries and the rest of the world. - �Are You Represented By
Democracy?’ - independent site offering information about democracy – what is
it, how is it meant to work etc. Also has information on the political parties and
arguments for and against the various forms of political representation. - Equal Opportunities Commission - site offering
information about discrimination and equal pay legislation as well as current
events such as the rights to parental leave. - Scottish Health on the Web – the National
Health Service in Scotland – information for the public, for staff and links to
publications and organisations. - Welcome to the National Health Service – information on
all aspects of the National Health Service in Britain. - European Parliament Website – Range of
information on the European Parliament - The United Nations Website – Information on a wide range
of United Nations related subjects - Europa - this is the home site of the European Union.
Offers information on the Union, its history, treaties, current events and more.
Can help you find out how being a member of the European Union affects you and
your rights. - I.D.:Learning To Be You - site from the
BBC offering information and activities to support education in citizenship.
Subjects covered include friends, alcohol and drugs. Also offers quizzes and
discussion forums and situations for role-play. Features an information area for
teachers. - This is the Guardian
newspaper’s education site offering a wealth of resources for teachers,
including topical news issues, lesson plans and other ideas. - Moffat Academy’s Modern Studies
Department Online. The home page links to a variety of sites used for work in
Modern Studies. - Ardrossan Academy
Modern Studies Department. This site offers a wide range of links (about 80)
which are of use. - This site is
designed for KS3/4 pupils (see Appendix 1). There are weekly lesson packs on
topical issues, which might be suitable to provide activities, resource materials
and information for teachers. - The BBC provides
the “Bitesize” site, designed for use by Standard Grade students. There are
revision notes on various topics as well as tests. – BBC –On The Record – The world of
politics on the Web – transcrpts of interviews – links to political websites and
more. - Political Resources on the Net - Listings of
political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties,
Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world. – UK Government information. – UK Government information on-line. This site will soon
incorporate the above site. – The Scottish Parliament Website.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST – The Scottish Office website. – The House of Commons website. - Channel 4 Learning resources. Follow links for
Secondary, then for modern Studies. Offers links to a number of sites relevant
to aspects of Modern Studies. - The Social Science
Information Gateway. Offers a list of specific subjects to look at, or you can
search for the information you want. – This is a gateway site
with links to sites on almost every academic area. A good place to start a search
for material. – Scottish Labour Party Website – Scottish National Party site – Scottish Liberal Democrats – Scottish Conservatives – Scottish Green Party – Scottish Socialist Party - This Search Engine categorises its results. A search for
�Poverty’ will give results collated into �Hunger’, �United Nations’, �Homelessness’
and so on. Appears to be a very useful tool. – The Institute for Fiscal Studies �Virtual Economy’. Offers
a guide to how the economy is modelled. Includes case studies of how changes in
the economy impact on various groups, and computer models similar to those
used by the chancellor. - As of January 1, 2002, the euro is
the monetary unit of 12 nations. Find out all about the euro, who's using it and
the worldwide effects of having a single European currency!
MUSIC - This is a good start point for resources for Music. -This site features: choose a
quiz, word searches, downloadable software, links to other sites and more. - Music Notes site is an “interactive
musical experience” developed by students. Classical archive site with
composers listed from A to Z. - although aimed at younger
children, this site offers links to other sites that may prove useful – a �Musical
Instrument Encyclopaedia’, for example, or �Classical Midi Archives’ - Site offering links to a
range of music resources on the Web. Although American, there would appear to
be many worthwhile resources for teachers of Music - Site of the National Association of Music Educators. It looks
like you have to apply for membership using an on-line form - but it looks as if
membership is free. - Site offering free music worksheets, this site
is recommended by the NGfL. Also offers on-line quizzes and lessons and links
to other related sites. - Range of music resources for everyone - including
'educators' - this is an American site - but offers resources that look
potentially worthwhile. - Site for teachers of Music. A 'free service which
aims to support musicians in every aspect of education and performance'. - Classic FM Site - Site offering information on the
instruments that make up an orchestra, as well as explanations of musical terms
and the different ways in which music is made. You can also listen to excerpts of
pieces of music (although mines did not download!!)
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST - A site offering information on �The
Great Composers’ - Site offering a range of musical
activities - Site offering
information on composers. Also contains links to other sites about famous
composers - Site offering information on
almost all the major composers. - has been re-launched. The site
contains over 170 freely available worksheets for use in the music classroom,
together with downloadable schemes of work and guidance for teachers and
pupils. The new design allows users to access the wide range of options clearly
and easily, including homework help, the growing section of on-line lessons and
music quizzes.
revision guide with online teacher support. – a variety of resources for
PE (based on the English curriculum) - The Physical Education Association of the United
Kingdom website. – “Our goal is to provide the latest information about
developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and
youth.” A large selection of resources including lesson plans/ideas (American
based). – an interactive web site
from Wired for Health. - This site is designed to help pupils to think a little
bit more about their current activity patterns. There is lots of information
about different types of activity, if they want some ideas. (notice underscore between
Johns and Gym) – a selection of interactive gymnastics quizzes. They are for
anyone to use, but primarily to help physical education teachers integrate
technology within their lessons.
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION -The Religious Education Exchange Service. This
comprehensive and user friendly site offers teachers of RE a very useful
resource. Information is offered on all the major world religions, religious
buildings, a news service and more. - This site is designed with trainee teachers in mind and
aims to support teaching and learning in RE. - Religious Studies on the Web. Offers useful links, issues in
religious and moral and ethical religion education, professional articles and more. - This site is an Islamic web directory, with a huge list of links to
information on all things Islamic. - This site acts as a service pointing to a range of links to
other RE sites, as well as information on current research in RE. - Site offering a wide range of materials across the
educational spectrum, including Religious Education. Sites suitable for use in
Secondary Education have been categorised. This site is definitely worth a look
as sites are pre-selected and kept up to date. - Site designed to inform teachers of RE of the activities of the
Christian Education Movement. It aims to promote all aspects of RE through
school. - The National Society supports the teaching of RE nationally.
Provides useful addresses and information about people involved in RE. - The Farmington Institute is a
major provider for funding into research into RE. It offers valuable links to
articles and publications on RE and ICT. - Christian Aid. Site of the charity
organisation. - The Oxfam charity web-site. - Amnesty International’s web-site.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST – site offering a wide range of resources, including R.E. - Friends of the Earth. - Animal Aid – Site for animal rights. - International Fund for Animal Welfare. - This site aims to promote and develop the use of ICT
in RE and offers links to sites where the use of ICT in RE is discussed. - This site contains lots of information on the main
Christian denominations in the UK with links to their Web sites. - Site offering a range of information and resources on
the Hindu religion. - �Dharma the Cat’ – An interesting site offering
information and activities on Buddhism. - SVTC site offering access to a wide range of RE
resources, including a comprehensive list of websites. - The World Religions site contains
information on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism for
secondary school pupils and their teachers. It also includes resources for
Philosophy and Ethics.
General Science sites: – On this site pupils are able to ask experts questions
and receive answers. - This site is a library of educational websites,
covering a large number of subjects. - This is a good startpoint for all subject resources. - Information on hardware and resources. – Resources for teaching with free membership – This is a very useful search engine. This engine classifies
the results in a number of categories. Useful to try entering your subject as
the search and see how it categorises results. Use this for example to find
clipart for your subject. (notice underscore between �your’ and �subject’) –
This site offers a variety of resources for subjects including Maths. It is a
place for finding fresh interesting sites. – This offers a plug-in for Word 97 which can be used to
produce Maths and Science worksheets incorporating symbols and graphs. The
symbols include those for chemistry glassware and apparatus, symbols for
electricity, mechanics, optics, acoustics, electronics. – This site has information on the calculator TI 83
and others but also includes a discussion forum which might be beneficial. – This is a useful website for
information about the graphing program COYPU available on school networks. – This Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre (SSERC)
contains resources and links for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There is free
membership for schools.
C.TRAINING MASTERS.USEFUL WEBSITES LIST – This is a very useful site in that it is a single access
point for many organisations, institutions and universities for Science,
Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. – This contains a library of Science
Experiments for data logging in Biology, Chemistry and Electronics. These are
fully written up with real data, calculations and theory. – This popular site for children contains some useful
resources and information on Science and Nature. - This site contains some excellent
explanations of how things work - from the human body to aviation and
electronics. This has resources for all three sciences.
Biology sites: - Website with information on
various habitats, teachers notes, pupil worksheets and more. - Bitesize
revision site.
Chemistry sites: - One of many online Periodic Table web sites. - This site contains resources for Standard Grade
Chemistry as well as a variety of other materials. - This site contains a variety of
resources perhaps suited to Higher Still courses. - Bitesize revision site.
m/smhschemistry/teachers.html – contains many useful resources for Chemistry
including interactive periodic tables, simulations and other interactive activities.
This website is a collection of free teaching and learning resources to support
the AQA GCSE Chemistry and AQA AS/A2 Chemistry. The resources are Word
files so they can be easily adapted to support different syllabuses.
Physics sites: - An interesting deviation from the normal
semi-conductor sites! - This site contains a variety of
resources perhaps suited to Higher Still courses. - Bitesize revision site for
Physics. - This site contains support materials for
teachers of physics. It has been developed to support teachers in Scotland
teaching National Courses at Intermediate, Higher and Advanced Higher levels.
However all physics teachers and their students are welcome to browse the site.
Where appropriate, materials can be freely downloaded for educational use. – A site with movies and text for more advanced courses. – This is a site developed by
students as an online tutorial. The subjects covered include Mechanics, Lights
and Waves, Electricity and also includes tutorials on basics like Units, Scientific
Notation, Significant Figures, Graphs and Trigonometry. - A very useful interactive
site. This contains a number of simulations e.g. factors affecting materials
floating. Pupils could adjust variables and then study effects. – a website developed by the Physics Department
of McLaren High School. This was featured in the TES on 21 February 2003. In
this they also recommend a piece of software, free to download called
WebQuestions 2, available from
TECHNICAL EDUCATION – Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car
works, or what gears do, or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold?
Then How Stuff Works is the place for you, with a new article added every
week. - Excellent on screen test lab
for forces and materials - Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library - Design and Technology online is a site offering access to a
wide range of design and technology (D & T) materials, resources and software
for pupils to use as they engage in design and technology activities as part of
the UK National Curriculum. - The Museum of Science and Industry is
located in Manchester. This site makes great use of shockwave plugin to display
a highly colourful and interesting site. - Littlehampton Community
School - a site developed by the Head of department, Andrew Davies, with full
descriptions of school projects, resources, schemes of work. - A BBC Education site, with
lots of whizzy effects, gives an outline of the history of technology and
inventions - This page contains a
glossary of Design and Technology terminology from the University of Leeds. - Power tools online - Consumables and more online - Timber supplier online - Woodworking tools online - Ergonomics explained at The Ergonomics Society web
site - British Standards online
Studies course materials. Looking at a Case Study through the stages of Idea, Action, Result & Conclusion – PowerPoint type
demonstrations of perspective drawing - Technical Teachers Association site with links
to PowerPoint coverage of Graphic Communication and Technological Studies
topics – �Resistant Materials’ website
created by Design & Technology teacher. – Website showing examples of bad
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