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MedsDelta a trusted generic medicines supplier provides Novartis Eltrombopag Tablets at reasonable price with premium quality. #Eltrombopag sold under the trade name Revolade (strength 25mg and 50mg) manufactured by Novartis India, is a medication u
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Eltrombopag Introduction
Eltrombopag sold under brand name Revolade is belong to
Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonists class of drugs, Initially approved
by the U.S. FDA on November 2008 for the treatment of low
platelets level and chronic hepatitis C virus. In 2017 National Health
Institute (NIH) made Eltrombopag standard care in aplastic anemia.
Eltrombopag interact with various other medications. Revolade is
marketed by Novartis in EU (European Union), Novartis acquired
the drug as a part of its assets swap deal with GSK.
Revolade Uses
Revolade Tablet is used to treat low platelet counts (Idiopathic
Thrombocytopenic Purpura - IPT).
It also treat patient who have Chronic Hepatitis C virus infection.
Treat acute aplastic anemia (bone marrow failure, results in low levels of
How to Take Eltrombopag Tablets and
How Eltrombopag Work
How to Take Eltrombopag
Revoalde is a tablet taken this by mouth, usually once or as prescribed by
your doctor. Take this tablet empty stomach, either 1 hour before food or
after 2 hour after food. Do not chew, crush or split the tablet before taking
it and not mix with food and liquid.
How Eltrombopag Work
Eltrombopag is a class of drugs used to called Thrombopoietin Receptor
Agonists, Its work by encourage the formation of new platelets in the
blood. This help lower of your risk of bleeding.
Eltrombopag Side Effects
Muscle Pain
Loss of Appetite
If these symptoms seen terrifying you must look for medical
attention or consult your doctor immediately
Revolade 25mg and 50mg Tablets
Eltrombopag is available in the strength of Revolade 25mg and Revolade
50mg Capsules.
Its active ingredient is Eltrombopag 25mg and 50mg.
It is available in a pack of 14 Tablets.
Revolade Eltrombopag Tablets is manufactured by Novartis.
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