9. Esperanza Rising - Ch. 9

Answer the following
comprehension questions:
1. What had Esperanza
promised Abuelita?
2. Why did Hortensia tell
Esperanza not to send a letter
to Abuelita?
Write a 5+ sentence summary for chapter 9.
3. Why did Esperanza start
working in the sheds?
4. Why did Marta’s aunt say that
Marta could not live with her
5. Reread the end of the
chapter. What does Isabel
Draw a detailed scene from chapter 9.
List three traits for Hortensia, then find evidence from the story that show each
of the traits. List page numbers.
6. What does Esperanza want?
1. Trait:
Page #:
7. What does la patrona mean?
2. Trait:
Page #:
3. Trait:
Page #:
8. Why did Esperanza call
herself la patrona?