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Medical membrane market has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few decades owing to its increased uses in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare and many more. Currently, Medical membranes are widely used in medical industry to maintain and produce the product with high purity. Permeability and high selectivity are the dominant advantages offered by the medical membranes. 

24 сентября 2015

Isoprenol is a light yellow to colourless liquid and is also known as 3-methyl-3-butene-1-ol. It is produced industrially as an intermediate to prenol (3-methyl-3-butene-1-ol). Isoprenol has many advantages such as low dosage, durability and high water reduction. It is also used for protection from corrosion of steel and are environmentally friendly. Isoprenol is mainly used as a building block for aromatic chemicals. Moreover, isoprenol acts as a building block for pharmaceutical active ingredients. Isoprenol also finds use in production of dyes, solvents and paints.  

23 октября 2015

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), also known as Medical Emergency Response Systems. The personal emergency response system market is a diversified healthcare monitoring devices market which caters to the people in need of immediate medical attention. Apart from use by patients to beckon help during emergency, these devices are also used by people in general, to ensure safety and security when living or travelling alone. 

30 сентября 2015

These chemicals interfere with the combustion process at any of the stages such as heating, ignition, decomposition or during the flame spreading stage. The amount of flame retardant to be incorporated depends on the level of safety that is desired for the end use. These chemicals may be used in combination with some other chemicals or used singly to impart flame retardancy.  

23 сентября 2015

Dialysis equipment global market is drives by the aging population, technological advancement in healthcare industry, increasing incidence of kidney disease, and increase in the number of diabetic and hypertension patients globally, and due to the shortage of kidney donors for transplantation. However, factors such as low awareness about kidney disease and their modalities, reduction in Medicare reimbursement to dialysis centers act as a major barriers for this market. 

15 сентября 2015

The formation of amino acids or proteins within the cells of living organisms that takes place after gene expression is referred as protein expression. Gene expression utilizes DNA template for mRNA formation during transcription, which is thereafter utilized as a template for protein polypeptide formation of amino acids during the translation process. Protein expression is a vital process in which numerous important types of proteins are synthesized and modified, where recombinant proteins can also be synthesized. These synthesized, modified and recombinant protein types find a wide range of commercial applications. 

09 октября 2015