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The global flooring market has been inundated by new styling trends and technology advancements. Changing consumer lifestyles, growing demand for insulation and surging demand in the construction industry are expected to be the key market drivers. New trends, innovations and availability of several designs have significantly driven flooring market growth 

10 июня 2016

LAB is prominently used to manufacture house hold cleaners, light-duty and heavy laundry liquids, laundry powders, industrial cleaners and light-duty dish washing liquids. Increasing demand for clean in place materials in several industries is expected to foster the “linear alkyl benzene market” growth over the forecast period. 

18 июля 2016

Internet of Everything (IoE) is a systematic connection of data, things, processes and people. It enables the convergence of previously unconnected physical and digital domains. IoE is drastically changing the way business organizations function. It is affecting not just technological areas of enterprises but also crucial business strategies. 

12 августа 2016

Pressure sensors are used in many industries, and the use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology in pressure sensors is expected to further widen the application scope.  

01 сентября 2016

Global Rice bran oil market is expected to achieve significant growth over the forecast period on account of its growing popularity in food & supplements as well as cosmetics & health care industry. It was estimated to be 1.2 million tons in 2015 and was valued at over USD 600 million. It is an edible vegetable oil obtained from rice husk, which is the brown outermost layer of rice, containing about 15-20% oil by weight. 

27 сентября 2016