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The automotive industry is changing rapidly with increasing demand for safety and features from consumers are expected to drive the automotive electronics market in future. 

20 декабря 2017

Food Additives market is projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5% over the forecast period. The consumer’s demand for safer and more nutritious food in form of nutritious additives such as vitamins is expected to fuel the growth of the industry.  

14 декабря 2016
3D Scanner Market Size 2024
3D Scanner Market Size 2024Software and Internet

The global 3D scanner market earned revenues worth about USD 2.4 billion in 2014. These scanners are made with the help of various technologies. 

26 октября 2017

The global intelligent virtual assistant market is projected to exceed USD 3 billion by 2020. Increased focus on effective client communication, made easy by virtual assistants, is expected to drive the intelligent virtual assistant market over the forecast period.  

03 февраля 2017
Probiotics Market Size
Probiotics Market SizeCooking and Food

Probiotics market is driven by the growing popularity of probiotic-based foods and beverages among the customers. 

21 ноября 2017

Innovative packaging and substantial rise in online sales of these products are expected to drive the personal care products market during the forecast period. 

09 ноября 2017