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Increasing number of hip and knee replacement surgeries are augmenting rivaroxaban market growth 

18 февраля 2019

Higher efficiency of plant-based vaccines over conventional vaccines and R&D activities and clinical trials for the development plant-based are some of the factors expected to boost growth of the market. 

28 марта 2019

Decreasing cost, attractive accessories, and integration with consumer electronic devices are the key factors for boosting the growth of global wearable device market 

27 февраля 2019
Vascular Closure Device
Vascular Closure DeviceHealth and Medicine

Frequent approval of novel vascular closure devices by regulatory bodies in key regions is expected to drive market growth 

16 октября 2018

Infant Incubator Market are focused on offering technologically advanced (such as pressure diffusing mattresses and disposable skin probes) products in the market. 

18 мая 2019

Nanopharmaceuticals play a major role in advance healthcare, as it is widely used in drug delivery. Nanopharmaceuticals differ from other macroscopic level of medicines in its shape and composition and offer advantages over the bulk analogues such as precision targeting and patient compliance. 

28 февраля 2019