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High Performance Plastics Market
High Performance Plastics Market Business and Leadership

High performance plastics are used mainly in high temperature and high pressure applications. These plastics show excellent performance and effectiveness even when exposed to highly reactive chemicals.  

18 июля 2017
Epoxy Curing Agents Market
Epoxy Curing Agents MarketBusiness and Leadership

The increasing demand for high performance epoxy-based resin formulations for various applications such as paints & coatings, composites, and electronic applications is fueling growth of the epoxy curing agents market.   

18 июля 2017

Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) is a manmade compound used as refrigerants, aerosols, and in foam manufacture. They are chemically similar to chlorofluorocarbons and exhibit similar properties, having low boiling points which make them ideal in the foam blowing and refrigeration industry. 

14 июля 2017
Sodium metabisulfite market
Sodium metabisulfite marketBusiness and Leadership

Asia Pacific market is projected to witness relatively high growth in terms of value over the forecast period. Rapidly growing food industry coupled with increasing population has boosted the growth of sodium metabisulphite market in the region.  

14 июля 2017
Renewable Chemicals Market
Renewable Chemicals MarketBusiness and Leadership

Increasing awareness and growing demand for methanol and ethanol in the pharmaceutical industry is a major factor expected to fuel growth of the renewable chemicals market during the forecast period.  

18 июля 2017
Reinforcement Material Market
Reinforcement Material MarketBusiness and Leadership

Reinforcements are used in composite materials to enhance properties such as stiffness and strength. 

07 июля 2017