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New mergers and acquisitions is one of the major factor driving the growth of the hormone replacement therapy market.  

13 мая 2019

Transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement methods are gaining significant traction due to advances in valve therapy.  

21 мая 2019
Medical Sensors Market
Medical Sensors MarketHealth and Medicine

Medical sensors that measure the physical functions of the body and convert it into an electrical or optical signal  

15 марта 2019

Disposable medical sensors are referred to as portable, compact, and handheld components that are used in various medical devices for diagnostics, patient monitoring, and therapeutics.  

22 апреля 2019
Wearable Sensor Market
Wearable Sensor MarketHealth and Medicine

Wearable sensors are the devices that collect information about biological and physical properties of body and environment by the sensors present in wearable devices.  

18 апреля 2019
3D Cell Culture Market
3D Cell Culture MarketHealth and Medicine

3D cell culture is group of biological cells that are allowed to grow in artificial media in all three dimensions. It is used in drug discovery and tissue engineering  

14 марта 2019