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Increasing prevalence of hypogonadism in adult men worldwide is expected to drive growth of the testosterone replacement therapy market. 

08 марта 2019

Increasing number of chronic kidney disease patients, rising number of kidney failure incidences, and long waiting list for kidney transplants is expected to boost the market growth. 

27 февраля 2019

Increasing number of surgical procedures performed across the world coupled with increasing number of trauma and accidents is propelling demand for new medical therapy. 

15 марта 2019

Increasing number of people participating in sports is resulting into increase in the number of injuries, which is expected further boost growth of the of soft tissue market. 

01 марта 2019

Increasing demand for compact and smart devices for estimating pressure are the major factors boosting growth of the global pressure monitoring device market. 

21 февраля 2019

A recent development in the technology has led to a new system called Attention-bias Modification Treatment App (ABMT) also known as Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM). 

01 апреля 2019