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Power tools utilise a power source mechanism, which is different from the ones used for manually operated tools. Power tools are used for construction and gardening, household tasks, for drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting and heating. 

18 декабря 2017

Grid Computing market is growing significantly due to increasing usage of Grid Computing for disturbed computing over a network, increasing usage of Grid Computing for open standards and to manage heterogeneous operations. 

21 ноября 2017

Electronic Counters market is the prominently increasing market due to increasing usage for time meter, clocks and rate indication. These electronic counters can be single or multi-functional unit based that is used for specify the time and rate.  

23 ноября 2017

Smart Speakers are a wireless device that provides a different kind of connectivity’s to add more function than existing speakers.  

27 ноября 2017

Immunofluorescence is the specific antigen and antibody reaction where the antibodies are labeled with a fluorescent dye and the antigen-antibody complex is visualized using fluorescent (UV) microscope.  

21 августа 2017

Sepsis is a serious life threatening illness caused by the host immune system’s response to a bacterial infection. Sepsis is among the most common causes of death in hospitals. 

22 августа 2017