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Advanced technologies in forensics science have been of substantial importance in recent years. Few examples of such advancements include enhanced fingerprint retrieval from metal objects such as gun cartridges and various metal ammunition, role of chemistry to identify the chemical and biological weapons, and integration of various technologies which can improve the detection of various drugs and explosives materials at security checkpoints. 

28 февраля 2019

Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder in which an individual lacks or has low levels of proteins called clotting factors. There are around 13 types of clotting factors that work with blood platelets, which are necessary for clotting process to initiate. 

28 февраля 2019

For instance, in 2015, according to VertMarkets, Inc, company’s pipeline flex embolization device received FDA approval, which in turn is expected to enhance its market share in blood measurement devices market over the forecast period. 

22 апреля 2019