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The craniomaxillofacial implant surgery is carried out to treat a severe injury of facial and cranial bones, where the implants are temporarily or permanently placed in the body. Traumas, accidents, and genetic defects lead to craniomaxillofacial deformities. 

14 мая 2019

Advancements in technology have enabled surgeon to remotely operate robots and perform surgery. Surgeons can perform a surgical procedure in emergency situations through telesurgery, with the aid of an imaging device. 

07 мая 2019

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Market report categorizes global market by Type of NSCLC, type of treatment, and geography – Global Industry Insights, Trends, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2016–2026 

02 мая 2019

Multiple myeloma (MM) refers to a clonal plasma cell malignant neoplasm that is observed in the soft, spongy tissue of the bone marrow. The plasma cells are a crucial part of the immune system, which helps to fight against various types of infections and several other diseases. 

22 апреля 2019

For instance, in 2015, according to VertMarkets, Inc, company’s pipeline flex embolization device received FDA approval, which in turn is expected to enhance its market share in blood measurement devices market over the forecast period. 

22 апреля 2019

The prefilled syringes are one of the fastest growing choices for the unit dose delivery and has emerged as one of the most convenient way of drug delivery method in the recent years. The extensive use of prefilled syringes has enabled the pharmaceutical companies to minimize drug-wastage and increase the life-span of the product at the same time. 

17 апреля 2019