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Head and Neck Cancers

Head and Neck Cancers-Diagnosis Using
Molecular Imaging
The place of origin of a majority of head and neck cancers is in the moist
cells that are found lining the mouth and nose cavities of the mouth, nose,
lips, sinuses, gums, pharynx, larynx and nasal cavity. The types of treatment
for head and neck cancers include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
However, there have been a number of improvements in the molecular
imaging technologies that are being used by doctors to diagnose and treat
head and neck cancers. Research in this area has also contributed to
helping the doctors to understand the disease in a better manner,
therefore, making the treatment more effective.
Head and Neck Cancers – Type of Molecular Imaging Methods Used
The most common imaging method that is used for determining the type of
treatment for head and neck cancer is PET (positron emission tomography)
scanning which is used together with CT scanning.
Advantages of PET Scanning in Head and Neck Cancers
PET scanning represents a very significant advancement in the
diagnosis and the line of treatment.
It helps to diagnose the type of head and neck cancer and its stage.
Both PET and PET-CT scans can help to change the line of treatment
for patients if necessary. More than one-third of patients have
received changes as per the National PET Registry (NOPR).
The NCCN or National Comprehensive Cancer Network has added
PET-CT as part of practice guidelines for a majority of malignancies.
PET scans help to detect whether a lesion is malignant or benign,
thereby eliminating the need for a surgical biopsy. In case a surgical
biopsy is required, a PET scan can identify the exact location where
the biopsy has to be performed.
PET scans also help the oncologist physicians to determine whether
chemotherapy and other forms of treatment are working properly.
A PET scan is the most efficient method to detect whether there has
been a relapse of cancer.
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