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Issue One // 1 Oct 2011 – 31 Jan 2012
Your success. Our passion.
Taking your
first steps
What you need to know
about SME start-up
helping you reach the top
Tech news, business products
and SME events to diarise
12 Seven steps to starting a business
Welcome to our launch edition of SME MTNterprise!
Are you ready to take the leap?
This publication has emerged from a very exciting space
in our business. Having recognised the specific needs
14 Made in Gauteng
of SMEs, we are actively consolidating our energies to
We catch up with Elliot Maluleke from the
deliver innovative and value-for-money solutions that
are specifically tailored for this very special category of
business. We understand that you need a differentiated
16 Tablets in a nutshell
service, and this is what we have committed to offering.
Choose the one that will work for your business
Our vision is to share in a sustainable partnership with
18 The makings of a maverick
your business that goes beyond your ever-evolving
Meet Allon Raiz – more than just an entrepreneur
communication needs – and spans the widening ICT
landscape. Right from our inception as a business, we
19 Marching to the beat of their
have been at the forefront of bringing our customers the
own drums
best technologies, products and services. And we will
Some things you didn’t know about the A-list
continue to deliver on this commitment.
Many of you own start-up businesses, which is
something particularly close to my heart and one of the
reasons why innovation remains key to our MTN brand.
I firmly believe
in the great value
of entrepreneurs –
both to our economy
and our communities
Gauteng Film Commission
When we formed in 1994, we were a small group of
engineers with big ideas; and I am amazed when
I reflect on our ever-growing presence in 21 countries
– and counting – across Africa and the Middle East.
2 Bulletin board
– both to our economy and our communities. Our
Books, seminars and other SME news
alongside you in your growth.
I look forward to a long and lasting relationship
with you.
Karel Pienaar
Managing Director, MTN SA
The latest in hi-tech for your business
In this issue
I firmly believe in the great value of entrepreneurs
ambition is to make you succeed and to partner
20 Looking ahead
6 What's app?
The power of the computer in the palm of your hand
8 Making the smart choice
The latest smartphones for your business
11 Let's talk business
How our products work for you
We would love to hear from you. Please send your letters and comments to MTNenterprise at email: [email protected]
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Your business
doesn’t stay at
the office.
Why should you?
Bulletin board
There are numerous resources out there – whether you're starting out, or are an
established SME owner
Well worth a read
These three publications caught
our eye – they’re filled with
crucial info and tips on how
to run a successful small-tomedium enterprise, especially
in the age of social media.
The Facebook Era by Clara Shih:
Whether you’re a skilled social
networker or a complete
novice, this handy book will
help you to maximise these
platforms for your specific
business needs. Jam-packed
with real case studies and
practical day-to-day tips, it’s
invaluable for any modern-day
business owner. (Available at
The McGraw-Hill Guide To
Starting Your Own Business
by Stephen C Harper: This
informative manual is a
definitive guide that takes
you through the process of
establishing a business
from scratch.
(Available at
lbolixne resources geared toothwaerdr s
free on
The Consumer Protection Act
Made Easy by Adv. NJ Melville:
The new Consumer Protection
Act has all kinds of implications
for SMEs and franchises, and
thanks to the comprehensive
insights of Adv. Melville,
understanding your obligations
and finding out how to protect
your business will be a cinch.
(Available at Exclusive Books.)
vice on,
There are
xpert ad
and com
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s. Here
hises, BE
ty stand
with occ
tion on
we foun
are a few
rg – for
ng, train
, marketi
• southa
and more
r daily
ve tools
rce site fo
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and for n
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, events –
ps and
siness ti
siness o
news, bu
o er bu
For a whole slew of value-added services that are bound
to save your business money, time and effort, head over
to MTN BizAssist – a complete portal of business-building
tools. The best part? It’s all free of charge. The customised
services on offer include e-Classifieds, insurance services
and a revolutionary virtual 24-hour personal-assistant
service. And that's not to mention offers including 50
percent discount on a range of financial, business and
technology publications, as well as excellent specials for
leisure travel and trade fairs and conventions. Of course,
you’re also entitled to list your business and services on
the MTN Small Business Network.
To register, simply call MTN BizAssist on 083 123 6655
or visit
on MTN AnyTime 500
The single largest contributor to the
South African economy, as well as
the markets in which they operate.
They are innovative. They are bold.
They are ambitious. They have the
drive to succeed. At MTN Business we
support this approach to business
and understand that your office is not
Compiled by Riekie Human, Image:
Always on your side
Samsung Galaxy S (i9000)
restricted to just a physical address.
Your place of business could be a
coffee shop, your home, or a customer’s
premises. It doesn’t matter where
you find yourself, we want to keep
you connected, everywhere you go.
The Samsung Galaxy Business Box,
exclusively from MTN, gives you all the
tools you need to be fully mobile – from
Internet Bundle
pm x 24
Airtime value
(incl. VAT) pm x 24
Galaxy Business Box
Galaxy Business Box includes:
• Samsung Galaxy S (i9000)
• Samsung Galaxy Tab (P1000)
• Keyboard
• Screen protector
taking calls to sending emails. Now,
staying in touch is just that much easier.
Terms and conditions apply. Prices and values include VAT. MTN and MTN Service Provider terms and conditions apply. Offers available while stocks last. This offer is only available as an upgrade on an existing
MTN contract and the SIM cards must be activated. For more information pertaining to other solutions that we can offer you, please visit
ree sim
One ho
ps a
All a s
Book your seat
Destiny Strategies for Entrepreneurs Workshops
Saturday, 29 October 2011 – Bloemfontein
Saturday, 26 November 2011– Nelspruit
Saturday, 25 February 2012 – East London
Saturday, 31 March 2012 – Polokwane
Destiny, in association with MTN, is running workshops around
the country that will bring you cutting-edge knowledge
and tools from market experts in business start-ups. The
workshops will kick off with a look at starting a business,
creating your personal branding and how to make technology
work for you. After lunch, Destiny’s founder and managing
director Khanyi Dhlomo will speak, followed by practical tips
on how to grow your business through innovative thinking.
To book, call 012 667 6323 or email [email protected], or visit
for more information.
Three golden rules for SME
by Allon Raiz, Raizcorp (see page 18 for our feature story)
Always add value
Too often small companies fail to understand how they add
value to their clients. BMW does not sell cars, it sells reliability
and status. Work hard at becoming clear as to what the exact
value is that you bring your clients – then begin to enhance it.
Understand how you make a profit
Too many small businesses don't understand exactly how
money is made in their business. They have little understanding of their true costs and how costs are distributed as a result
of selling their goods or services. Spend an inordinate amount
of time getting to the deep detail on how your business operates from a financial perspective.
Business opportunities
are like buses: there's
always another
one coming.
Sir Richard
Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate
The key to building a sustainable business is to deliberately
try to differentiate your business offering from other direct
and indirect competition. Do an honest assessment of your
strengths and weaknesses and then start to build a long-term
differentiation strategy.
What are cloud services?
Ask any SME owner what their main headache is when it comes to technology, and they will very easily refer to the purchase of
equipment and maintaining software licences. Small businesses generally do not have the capabilities in-house to manage these
complex systems, nor do they have the cash available to pay for them. Enter cloud services. Cloud services offer small businesses
the ability to have access to services like email, document management, and customer relationship management, to name but a
few, without having to invest in all of this upfront. By means of a monthly subscription service, SMEs can scale the services they
require without having to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software. SMEs can now focus on their core business
while a full team of technology experts takes care of the rest!
В© 2011 Nokia. JWT 59702
At the office
or on the
As a business owner, being connected is
90 percent of your success. Here’s how
MTN helps you cover all your bases
Putting the power of a computer in the
palm of your hand
MTN Mobile Fleet Manager
sales staff movements in real time using GPS functionality,
and reduce downtime by monitoring staff productivity.
You can also save money on fuel consumption and asset
maintenance by monitoring mileage and driving patterns. In
addition, you can view a summary of field employees’ daily
activities, and survey competitor pricing and service levels.
MTN Mobile Sales Force Enabler enables you to review your
service levels, stock order and stock returned, as well as review
your current stock levels at stores and customer touch points.
For more information, visit or dial
087 740 4040.
MTN Mobile Fleet Manager is a transport and
logistics solution for businesses with fewer
than 200 employees. It is designed to increase
productivity by making your business simpler
and more manageable.
This management application addresses distribution,
delivery and courier services. It provides your drivers and field
force with the ability to view tasks and automatic updates,
provide proof of delivery, use GPS positioning, and update
the back-end system – all from a handheld device.
You can buy one or multiple user licences for a 24-month
period according to the size of your fleet.
MTN Mobile Fleet Manager can easily integrate with current
back-end systems, provide visibility on all vehicles, and draw
reports on vehicles, parcels and drivers. It can also assign new
tasks to drivers while they are en route to their destination.
All of these tasks are managed through an easy-to-use webbased system. For more information, visit www.mtnbusiness. or dial 087 740 4040.
@ the office
With MTN Business’s [email protected], your employees can share WiFi
Internet anywhere in the office at the same time. This wireless
Internet router can connect multiple devices to the Internet, which
means one Internet connection is shared at the same time. Get the
MTN [email protected] B660 router, which includes an Internet bundle each
month on an MTN uncapped lite package. (Make your family happy
and get the router for home as well!)
on the move
MTN’s secure mobile application, MTN
Traveller, allows you to search, book
and pay for airline tickets, car rental
and accommodation on your phone.
It brings the exciting world of e-commerce tourism to the
cellular market by providing a groundbreaking, innovative
marketing and distribution platform to the global marketplace.
MTN Traveller, the live online cellular search and reservation
engine, sets the standard in online accommodation, car-rental
and airline reservations, by allowing you to search, select
and pay for your bookings on a cellphone, irrespective of
your network – this all in a secure real-time environment that
ensures a seamless transaction and removes time, language
and access restrictions.
MTN Traveller provides an integrated marketing solution
that capitalises on extensive brand exposure and provides
a vital marketing tool for large multinational hotel groups,
as well as guest houses, lodges and B&Bs, all contained in a
cellular environment – the perfect solution for the African
continent and beyond.
Visit on your cellphone today
to make a booking.
MTN Mobile Sales Force Enabler
MTN Mobile Sales Force Enabler is a unique,
cost-effective solution for sharing business
information. The solution is designed to
help businesses involved in any stage of
the retail and wholesale sectors by reducing their operating
costs, improving customer satisfaction, and providing full
It is created specifically to make the operations of your sales,
service and merchandising staff more efficient by improving
their ability to meet business demands.
But the tool is particularly beneficial for in-office managers,
as they will be able to access and manage a wide range of
important data. You can create call-out plans and cycles, track
Compiled by AndrГ© Wiesner, Images:
MTN Traveller
• If you need to use your cellphone to connect to the Internet,
send and receive emails, or download content, then MTN
Internet bundles are ideal for you. They’re also great if you want to
use your cellphone as a modem for your computer and to connect
to the Internet.
• MTN offers a range of broadband modems to cater to your needs.
In addition to broadband-enabled cellphones, the MTN [email protected]
modems offer superfast broadband Internet access for laptops and
desktop PCs. These devices support HSDPA, HSUPA, 3G, EDGE and
GPRS, which means that you will always be connected at the fastest available speed, with no effort from you.
1 Day*
Inclusive Bundle
Out of Bundle Rate/MB
MTN Internet bundles
Above prices include VAT.
*MTN 1 Day Internet Bundle has a fair-use policy of 150MB, after which the speed is limited to 128kbps.
Enquire in-store for details. Terms and conditions apply. Visit for full terms and conditions. E&O.
Android OS
Making the
smart choice
Android is an open-source platform that gives users freedom to tweak the software to meet their
needs. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S and LG Optimus One are Android phones that come
with a custom user interface that runs over the base operating system. Android users can choose
from thousands of third-party applications in the Android Market for free, and then download them
directly onto their devices (cellphones, Netbooks or tablets).
Samsung Galaxy S II
The Samsung Galaxy S II boasts the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system,
and its ultra-powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor means you enjoy smooth and fast web
browsing, data processing and simultaneous use of multiple applications. Bluetooth 3.0,
WiFi and HSPA+ (21MBps) give you uncompromised fast downloads and connectivity. And
when you’re enjoying some well deserved leisure time, capture the moments in amazing
quality with the 8MP camera and video recording. The Samsung Galaxy S II also comes
equipped with a stunningly bright 4.27-inch AMOLED Plus display.
More than ever before, an all-encompassing cellphone makes all the difference between
good and great business dealings. Here are some of the best of the smartphones
“It’s the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone,
period.” Engadget, April 2011
Nokia E5 smartphone
HTC Desire HD
Designed for those who want to be productive in both their professional and personal lives,
the Symbian-based Nokia E5 smartphone combines high-quality business features with
personal networking and entertainment capabilities. It’s perfect for managing busy schedules
with a variety of productivity apps available from Nokia’s Ovi Store. And with direct access to
over 90 percent of the world’s corporate email through Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes
Traveler, it’s easy to keep in contact from anywhere. The Nokia E5 also boasts a 5MP camera
and free lifetime voice-guided navigation.
The new HTC Desire HD has all your bases covered. Enjoy a breathtaking Internet browsing experience, as well as videos, music, games and apps all at their dynamic best. And
you can do this all safely, thanks to HTC Sense security. Capture your memories with the
8MP, dual-flash camera with built-in effects. And if you're an avid reader, dip into the HTC
Desire HD’s built-in library of classics. If you want new books, just download them! And
you never have to worry about being way from the office as you can access the same content wherever you are, thanks to the new app that syncs with Google Reader.
Coming soon
Nokia N9 smartphone
HTC Desire S
Built for people who appreciate a stunning blend of style and the latest smartphone technology, the Nokia N9 introduces an innovative design where the home key is replaced by
a simple gesture: a swipe. Whenever you’re in an application, swiping from the edge of the
display takes you home. The three home views of the user interface are designed to give
fast access to apps, staying up to date with notifications and social networks, and switching between activities. The 8MP Carl Zeiss autofocus camera, wide-angle lens and HDquality video enable great camera performance, while the DolbyВ® Digital Plus decoding
and Dolby Headphone post-processing technology ensure a surround-sound experience
with any set of headphones.
Nokia Ovi Store – expand your world with Nokia Apps
Nokia’s Ovi Store is the place to go for trusted applications compatible with your Nokia phone,
such as Microsoft Communicator, QuickOffice, Adobe Reader, Live Currency, Mail for Exchange,
Snaptu, WhatsApp and Angry Birds. Enter Nokia’s Ovi Store via the Nokia Ovi Store app on your
phone or visit and start downloading now. Nokia’s Ovi Store is the easy way
to stay in touch and share the things you love – at home or on the move.
The HTC Desire S is the ideal cellphone for those who want a functional and flexible
handset to help them stay on top of their busy lives, without compromising style. The
Desire S sports a 1GHz processor and features a sleek aluminium unibody design. Offering
a comfortable 3.7-inch touch LCD display with the simplicity and flexibility of the latest
HTC Sense experience, the HTC Desire S is your next best friend.
Mobile operating systems (OS) are preloaded onto devices when you
purchase them so your choice will determine the apps you can load and
the general functionality of your cellphone or tablet. Examples include
Palm OS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone OS. Most of these
are constantly being updated with new software features, so new versions of
phones are often accompanied by more sophisticated functionality, as well
as the ability to load numerous applications.
Please enquire in-store for details on all deals.
Let's talk business
BlackBerryВ® Boldв„ў 9780
The BlackBerryВ® Boldв„ў 9780 comes with the BlackBerryВ® 6 operating system for an
engaging experience whether you’re at work or at play. The BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780
smartphone supports 3G networks around the world, and includes WiFi and a 5MP
camera. The BlackBerryВ® Boldв„ў 9780 smartphone also boasts 512MB flash memory
and an expandable memory-card slot that supports up to 32GB of additional storage.
MTN offers a range of products aimed at streamlining your business. For more information on
these or any other MTN SME products, call 083 1 809
BlackBerryВ® Torchв„ў 9800
MTN Fax2Email
Introducing the first BlackBerry® smartphone designed for both heart and head – the
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone. For the things that inspire you, there’s BlackBerry's®
best-ever web-browsing experience on a full-size touch screen and the new BlackBerryВ® 6
OS for a more visual, fluid, and dynamic experience. And for getting things done, there’s all
the stuff BlackBerry smartphones are famous for – the immediacy of push email, real-time
chats with BBMв„ў, and of course, their legendary QWERTY keyboard. When you speak to
both the heart and the head, it’s inevitable – you love what you do.
BlackBerryВ® Boldв„ў 9900
The BlackBerryВ® Boldв„ў 9900, the thinnest and most powerful BlackBerryВ® smartphone, is
the first to include built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a technology
enabling many exciting new capabilities, including the ability to pair with NFC-enabled
accessories or read SmartPoster tags with a simple tap of the smartphone. BlackBerryВ® 7,
the operating system for the new BlackBerryВ® Boldв„ў 9900, introduces a next-generation
BlackBerryВ® browser with a significantly faster, more fluid web-browsing experience.
> Send an email to [email protected] with all the
users in the company who have their own email address.
The email must include the following:
Company name
List of users (name, surname, email address and
contact number)
Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is the foundation of iPhone. This includes the multi-touch
interface, which means you control everything with a tap, drag or swipe of your fingers. Features
include FaceTime (where you view the person you are speaking to) and the social gaming network
Game Center, and because iOS is based on MAC’s operating system, multitasking doesn’t slow
down the phone’s performance, so you can run multiple apps at any one time.
> MTN will load and assign fax numbers according to
your company’s requirements.
> Each individual will then receive a welcome notification
confirming that their account has been created and they
will receive their dedicated number.
Communication with
customers forms the
cornerstone of any
business, whether
it’s announcing new
products or following
up on admin. Y'ello SMS
can provide your business
with a simple and costeffective bulk SMS platform
that could very well change the
way your company does business.
How to get it
Apple iPhone 4 16GB
The Apple iPhone 4 White hit the cellular world by storm early this year, and still seems
to be on a roll. Design wise, it’s not only classy but is also awesome to hold and operate.
The iPhone 4 features video calling (also known as FaceTime), sports a 5MP camera
with an LED flash, an illumination sensor on the back, autofocus and a front-facing
VGA camera that is capable of 720p high-definition capture. The iPhone’s 3.5-inch, TFT
capacitive touchscreen display (called the �retina display’ due to its high resolution and
pixel density) boasts a 960 x 640 resolution (326 pixels per inch), making the clarity on this
device almost unparalleled.
Y’ello SMS
MTN Fax2Email is a premier
desktop fax solution
designed specifically
for the SME, corporate
and government
markets. Combining
the best features of
fax technology and the
convenience of email
into one powerful and easy
tool, Fax2Email allows you to
improve communications, increase
productivity and lower costs.
> Once the fax number is received by the customer, it can
be included on your stationery, so that your clients and
suppliers can easily fax documents to you.
Dual access point
Via the web or your email account
Access through
multiple devices
Use any device that has Internet
Web based
Computers/devices require Microsoft
Explorer V6 or upward
Email compatible
Outlook 2007/2010 and other free mail
services (Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc)
Multiple users
Give your staff access to the platform at
no additional charge
Manage your own
SMS campaign
Have your own dedicated keyword for a
campaign and pull your own reports
SMSs never expire
SMSs not used are carried over till the
next month
Subscription includes
R100 monthly
subscription fee
100 x SMSs per month
10 x email addresses
Access to run your own campaigns
Option 1:
Cost: None (receiving only)
For more Information, email [email protected] or call
809 from an MTN number or 083 1 809 from a landline.
Terms and conditions apply. E&OE
Please enquire in-store for details on all deals.
Option 2:
Bulk SMS bundles
SMS campaigns
500 (minimum)
1 000
Set-up fee per
2 000
5 000
R1 300
10 000
R2 400
For more information, visit
Prices shown include VAT.
Terms and conditions apply. E&OE
sme start
7 steps
Establish a clean, compliant enterprise
Death and taxes are inevitabilities, and while some say they
are the same, a financial advisor or tax consultant can help
you determine the legal arrangement that is least painful
and most beneficial to you in meeting your responsibilities.
The two relevant options are a sole proprietorship or
limited-liability company. Both have pros and cons, but,
broadly speaking, the former is cheaper and easier, while
the latter offers better protection against creditors. The
former does not require registration (although the individual
taxpayer must be on record at SARS); the latter does.
With the Companies Act having come into effect, no new
close corporations may be formed; however, shelf CCs can
still be purchased.
Your enterprise should be compliant not only with SARS
but all laws and regulations, including labour protection,
software licences and the new Consumer Protection Act.
“Compliancy is about integrity and being in the mainstream,”
Mike says. For instance, a business with a turnover of less than
R5 million per year qualifies for a level-4 BEE rating, enabling
it to engage the bigger players in the marketplace.
Contracts with staff, suppliers and clients are other areas
requiring expert input. When retaining attorneys, accountants
or financial advisors, keep it clean and professional.
to starting a business
It starts with an idea... but then what? Here, in the first of a series of four articles on SME, we
take a look at the fundamentals of starting a business. BY ANDRE WIESNER
Take a long look at yourself
Self-employment in the SME sector is notoriously
challenging. According to Mike Anderson of the National
Small Business Chamber (NSBC), 90 percent of businesses fail
in the first thousand days. So, particularly at start-up, stick
to what you know and areas where you have proven ability
and experience. Above all, he says, ask, “Am I the right person
going into the right business? Do I have what it takes?” Your
business’s key ingredient is you.
Own your unique business plan
The business plan crystallises aspirations into objectives and
spells out, to yourself as much to prospective lenders, how
you aim to reach them. It’s a road map into the marketplace,
explaining why the journey is worthwhile, why you are wellsuited to undertake it, and – with help from an accountant
– forecasting expenditure and income. Crucially, it identifies
rival businesses and outlines how your product or service will
compete with theirs.
Use downloadable ready-made plans as a guide only. It’s one
thing to possess a plan, another to own it. Personalise it and
be conversant with its every facet. More than a paper exercise,
forming a business plan is a reality check for your idea and
forces you to consider issues you’ve possibly neglected.
Keep the forecasts conservative. In practice your income
will invariably be lower and expenses higher than anticipated.
Bear in mind, too, that large clients might impose lengthy
payment terms: finishing a job doesn’t always instantly elicit
cash from a customer. On the other hand, raising your fees to
combat these problems could price you out of the game.
“If your prices are higher than the norm,” Corné says, “you
must be able to justify them.”
Secure access to start-up funding
Unless you’re self-funded or your business needs little capital
outlay, you’ll apply for a loan. This is when the business plan is
all-important, as is a healthy credit record. Advising callers on
access to finance is a number-one task at the NSBC helpdesk,
Mike says, adding that banks tend to be wary if you can’t or
won’t invest personal money in the business.
Build a castle to suit your style and pocket
The nature of your business dictates the kind of premises and
equipment you need. But while fixed-line and mobile phones
are critical tools in any trade, and computers and laptops by
now almost mandatory in every SME, the same is not true of
physical premises. Depending on your field, you can discard
them altogether and operate instead from a virtual office no
matter where you are: coffee shop, airport lounge, or on the
go from one client meeting to the next.
Home-based businesses are another rising trend. Provided
they don’t break any zoning laws, they not only save you
money on rent but carry tax benefits too. A portion of home
expenses such as rates, repairs and electricity can be claimed
as business expenses.
Open the lines of customer communication
You can create a professional image with logos, letterheads,
business cards, signage and other emblems of your brand,
but there is one thing, apart from a phone number, you
should never lack: an email address, even if it’s at a free
service like Hotmail or gmail. Better yet to have it linked to a
website domain. The site itself need not be up and running;
what’s important is to have the domain registered (it’s good
if your business name also works well as domain name).
You need to be accessible to customers; equally crucial
is that they know about you. In promotional work, a rule of
thumb is to stoke the fire where it burns: discover where your
customers look for information, and place advertising there.
Developing a customer-service policy is key to the process, as
it generates word-of-mouth referrals. A policy can be detailed
or concise, but it must be second nature to you. “It’s what your
business stands for,” Corné says. “It’s your customer promise.”
And, as Sun Tzu so rightly observed, “Opportunities are
multiplied as they are seized.”
Choose staffing support that works for you
Everything begins with passion. Whether you’re starting a
company from scratch, taking up a franchise or revitalising
an existing entity, you must be fired up by your business
concept. Without passion – a well-informed, clear-headed
desire to make that idea work – the dream will stay just a
dream; with passion, you’ll not only take your first steps to
long-term success, but cultivate your further requirements
for going the distance: resilience, competitiveness and
“You have to be passionate about an idea,” says Corné
Botha, Senior Manager: Small and Medium Enterprises at
MTN. “It’s as if you can’t stop talking about the idea or the
effect it will have on the market and the contribution it will
make to society.”
Driving a business, he explains, is about working hard in
spite of adversity to attain high personal goals, and start-up is
no exception. Indeed, it’s a critical period, with many questions
to consider and checkboxes to tick. If you’re passionate, says
CornГ©, addressing challenges will be anything but tedious.
You’ll do it naturally and enthusiastically.
Should you employ people or not? Once again, your business
type (and budget) will give you the answer. “You don’t have
to employ someone permanently,” Corné says. Remuneration
can be commission-based, tied to project incentives or
arranged on another basis that is consistent with labour law.
“The main things are to ensure that employees are aligned
with your objectives and to remember the golden rule: only
employ people when the work justifies it.”
Mike agrees: “You’re the core person. As for the peripherals
outside your expertise, you should always try to outsource
For superb networking opportunities, contact the National Small
Business Chamber on 0861 726 722 or visit
focus on
meaning of words like debit and credit. I’ve come to realise
that this is what defines me.
How do you like to relax and unwind? I relax by spending
quality time with my family, watching my favourite sports on
the television and taking my kids to the mall.
Vermooten and Partners (an auditing firm in Brooklyn,
Pretoria), I did a short stint with the South African Bureau of
Standards (SABS) as a financial consultant before applying
for the position of accountant at the CFG.
The GFC is all about developing and promoting the film
industry – what is your specific role within the enterprise
as Chief Financial Officer? To ensure that our finances are
How do you balance your work life and your family life?
It’s incredibly important to maintain the right balance
between work life and family time. I make sure that
I don’t have to take work home, and I force myself to
finish everything while I’m still at the office.
What do you love most about Johannesburg? This city
presents so many opportunities to so many people from
different walks of life. It is truly the powerhouse of the South
African economy. And as they say, “It’s the place of gold!”
in tiptop shape. It has to be fluid and in line with the following
core functions: thorough financial control, timeous reporting,
proper accounting systems and sound financial management.
How long have you been involved with the GFC?
I joined the organisation in 2004 as an accountant. Two years
later, in 2006, my hard work and dedication paid off and
I was promoted to Financial Manager. From there on, I kept
giving my very best and I'm proud to say that in 2009, I was
promoted to Chief Financial Officer.
What are the nuts and bolts of the GFC? We’re an agency
of the Gauteng Provincial Government and we’re tasked with
the development and promotion of the audiovisual industry
in Gauteng. Our core business is to deliver professional
film-commission services, as well as to support, facilitate and
enhance the contribution of the film industry to economic
growth of the province.
How would you define success? It’s the continuous
aspiration to keep reaching a higher notch in life.
Made in
What’s the best feedback you’ve ever received in your
work environment? One of the prerogatives of working
in the finance industry is to obtain an audit opinion and to
always keep your spend within the allocated budget of any
given fiscal year. My team and I have excelled in these goals
and we constantly receive congratulatory feedback. It’s a
great achievement and the invaluable support from my team
and management is a crucial part of it.
How did you get involved with the Gauteng Film
Commission? After completing my articles with Meintjies,
An entrepreneur is someone who identifies an opportunity
and then capitalises on it by putting in that extra bit of effort
– and doing it with absolute dedication and perseverance.
What special challenges do you think entrepreneurs
face in SA today? Cash-flow constraints seem to be some
of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs have to deal with in
this day and age.
What is your professional motto? You have to work as
hard as you possibly can, be passionate about what you do
and make work a priority in your life.
and locations. Fittingly, its catchy sub-slogan “Made in
Gauteng” is the perfect catch-all phrase for their operations,
and also a reflection on their dedicated staff members.
One such member is Elliot Maluleke – the Chief Financial
Officer of the GFC. A qualified accountant with vast
experience in financial management, Elliot’s attitude to
business is not only inspiring, but it also ensures that the
GFC’s finances are in the best possible hands.
MTNterprise caught up with the 34-year-old, who is married
to “a lovely and understanding wife”, Lorraine. They have three
children: Sello (11), Nkateko (5) and Amukelani (6 months).
is a member of the Association of Film
Commissioners International.
promotes Gauteng as a film location and production
hub of choice.
plays a meaningful role in the socio-economic
development of Gauteng.
coordinates data collection, analysis and
dissemination in the film industry.
facilitates, enhances and supports production
capacity, as well as audience and content
supports greater access to and participation in the audiovisual industry by previously disadvantaged
individuals and communities.
provides technical and creative expertise.
promotes the social and economic value of film to
all Gauteng’s citizens.
promotes and celebrates an active screen culture
across the province.
informs, shapes and influences the national and
provincial agenda on the audiovisual industry.
How would you define the term entrepreneur, and what
are the main qualities of a successful entrepreneur?
As the Chief Financial Officer of the Gauteng Film Commission, Elliot Maluleke has a front-row
seat in one of South Africa’s most exciting industries – the world of film. BY RIEKIE HUMAN
et right in the heart of South Africa’s wealthiest
province, the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) has
a mammoth task on its hands. Its mandate is to
position the province as a world-class destination for
film-making and attract local and international investments in
the film and television industry. This is no small feat, but the
GFC is staffed with some of the most talented and dedicated
players in this field.
As an agency of the Gauteng Provincial Government and
a key representative of the South African film industry, the
GFC aims to reflect the vibrancy, diversity and colourfulness
of the greater Gauteng region, and it’s no surprise that it
has adopted the aptly-worded slogan “Big Ideas, Perfect
Locations” to market its wide-ranging production services
Did you know that the Gauteng Film Commission...
What’s the best piece of business advice anyone’s ever
given to you? A friend of mine once said that sometimes in
life, when you want to make money, you just have to come
up with a simple product that doesn’t even need research.
When you were younger, which profession did you
dream of pursuing? I’m living my dream. I always wanted
to be an accountant since the first time I became aware of the
In a
While laptops and PCs are far from extinct,
the new wave of tablets on the market are
certainly proving to be valuable �computer
companions’. They’re light and portable, great
for use on the go, and boast user-friendly
interfaces and fast start-ups. Here’s a handy
comparison table of the pick of the bunch
Huawei IDEOS S7
Samsung Galaxy TAB
HTC Flyer
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
200 x 109.5 x 12.5mm
190.1 x 120.5 x 12mm
195.4 x 122 x 13.2mm
256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6mm
Display size
800 x 480 pixels, 7 inches
1 024 x 600 pixels, 7 inches
600 x 1 024 pixels, 7 inches
1280 x 800 pixels
Storage (internal)
8GB storage
16 GB storage,
512 MB RAM
32GB storage,
16/32/64 GB storage
Storage (card slot)
MicroSD, up to 32GB
MicroSD, up to 32GB
MicroSD, up to 32GB
HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps,
HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps,
HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
HSDPA 14.4 Mbps,
HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
WiFi 802.11b/g/n,
WiFi hotspot
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n,
WiFi hotspot
WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n
3 v2.2 with A2DP
3 v3.0 with A2DP
3 v3.0 with A2DP
3 v3.0 with A2DP
Infrared port
3 MicroUSB v2.0
3 v2.0 (proprietary)
3 MicroUSB v2.0
3 v2.0
Camera – primary
3.2MP, 1 600 x 1 200 pixels
3MP AF, LED flash
5MP, 2 592 x 1944 pixels, AF
3.15MP, 2 048 x 1 536 pixels
Camera – features
Video Calling
3 720 x [email protected]
3 720p
Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
Android OS, v2.3.3
Android OS, v3.1 (Honeycomb)
SMS, MMS, email, push email,
SMS, MMS, email, push email,
Email, push email, IM
Email, push email,
3 With A-GPS support
3 With A-GPS support
3 With A-GPS support
3 With A-GPS support
HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet
access): Allows for faster download speeds.
HSUPA (high-speed uplink packet access):
This upgrade to UMTS allows for uplink
connections as fast as 5.76Mbps.
Mbps (millions of bits per second or
megabits per second): A measure of
bandwidth (the total information flow over
a given time) on a telecommunications
Pixel: The basic unit of programmable
colour on a computer display or in a
computer image. Refers to the resolution/
clarity on the display screen.
WLAN (wireless local area network):
Links two or more devices using a wireless
distribution method and usually provides
a connection through an access point to
the wider Internet. Gives users the mobility
to move around within a local coverage
area and still be connected to the network.
WiFi: A standard for wirelessly connecting
electronic devices. A WiFi device, such as a
personal computer, smartphone or tablet,
can connect to the Internet via a wireless
network access point.
GPRS (general packet radio service):
A packet-oriented mobile data service on
the 2G and 3G cellular communication
system's global system for mobile
EDGE (also known as Enhanced GPRS
or EGPRS): A data system used on top of
GSM networks. It provides nearly three
times faster speeds than the outdated
GPRS system.
A2DP (advanced audio distribution
profile): A Bluetooth profile that allows for
the wireless transmission of stereo audio
from an A2DP source (typically a phone
or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of
Bluetooth headphones or stereo system).
EDR (enhanced data rate): An optional part
of the Bluetooth specification that provides
a faster data rate (speed) and possibly
improved battery life.
HTML (hypertext markup language):
The predominant markup language for
web pages. HTML elements are the basic
building-blocks of webpages.
did you
up close
Allon Raiz is not your ordinary businessman.
This inspiring entrepreneur’s biggest success
to date is that he’s helped thousands of new
entrepreneurs to reach the top too.
ne of the first things that strikes you when you talk
to Allon Raiz, the founder of Raizcorp, is that he’s
not conventional. For example, he’s got a novel way
of looking at success and failure. “I’m not successful
at success,” he says. “It’s a process – there’s no pinnacle. You continuously get better, while making mistakes all the time. Failure
is part of the journey.” In a nutshell, “Success is standing up one
more time than you fall down.”
Money can’t buy you happiness… but it certainly allows you to march to the
beat of your own drum. BY KATHY MALHERBE
The makings of a
Marching to the beat of
their own (very dear) drums…
For more info on Raizcorp, visit
Whatever your perspective is on success, Raizcorp most
definitely cuts it, and since 2002, the firm has been empowering entrepreneurs worldwide. It all began at the age of 23 when
Allon met the mentor who backed him in his first business. “Even
though the company failed, my mentor said, �I backed you, not
the business.’ He asked me what I had learnt, and how that would
benefit my next venture.”
Allon then started the same business for a second time in a
new location, and it became a success. After that, Allon sold the
business and became a shareholder in a vehicle-security business. As marketing director, Allon worked closely with a small
advertising agency, which seemed to be having the same issues
Allon had faced. He helped turn the business around. Another
advertising agency heard what he’d done and approached him
to do the same thing. Soon he realised he had a passion – and a
considerable talent – for turning struggling businesses around.
Since formally registering Raizcorp in 2002, when it only had
one employee (himself ), he’s grown the company into a force
to be reckoned with. It now employs some 66 talented individuals, with 26 vacancies for more to join.
With in excess of 230 South African businesses under its wing,
Raizcorp is what is known as a Business Prosperator and offers
clients all they need to grow their business – from infrastructure
and administrative services to business-management expertise,
training, mentoring and ongoing generation of sales leads.
It’s no wonder then that among its many headline clients,
Raizcorp is also about to work with MTN. Their joint project will
involve various informative and inspirational talks, pertaining
mainly to MTN’s extensive SME endeavours.
“I speak to entrepreneurs around the world – and it’s interesting that the same issues seem to pop up. One of the biggest
challenges they are facing is the rate of change, especially on a
technological level. It’s become far more complex to be an entrepreneur today – especially with the advances in social media,”
says Allon. “In South Africa, one of the challenges is that we find
ourselves in an emerging democracy that is still finding its feet
on the international stage, and we’re also grappling with labour
issues and privatisation.”
He quickly adds that none of this needs to be seen as doom
and gloom: “It’s all about the lens through which you look at it.
If you see something as a problem, it will be a problem. But if
you see it as an opportunity, it will be an opportunity.”
And opportunities abound for smart entrepreneurs, he says.
“Due to SA’s unique climate and geography, the country is
ripe to become a world leader in green technologies. We’ve
got abundant sunshine and wind that can be harnessed –
and we’ve got the infrastructure and the brains!”
It’s with this can-do attitude that Allon has grown his
business, and over the years he’s received some glowing testimonials which attest to the fact that entrepreneurship is one of
the keys to a brighter future for SA – which pretty much sums
up Allon’s attitude to life and his business.
cum laude degrees, is Warren Buffett. It is rumoured that he is
worth over $50 billion. As Buffett says, “To invest successfully
over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual
business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a
sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the
ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.”
Buffett remains eccentrically frugal, still living in the
modest Nebraska home he bought in the 1950s for
$31 500; he replaced his six-year-old Lincoln for a 2006
Cadillac, prefers to eat hamburgers, chooses soft drinks over
wine and famously bought his second wife’s wedding ring
from his own shop and asked for a staff discount.
Then there’s gold magnate, Patrice Motsepe, chairman of
African Rainbow Minerals (ARM). He was listed as the 503rd
richest person in the world by the Forbes World Billionaires
List. A spectacular rise for someone who started out selling
liquor to mine workers in his entrepreneurial dad’s shop.
he acronym UHNWI may initially sound like a
rather nasty infectious disease but it’s a position
to be seriously coveted. UHNWI’s or Ultra High Net
Worth Individuals are those gilt-edged people with
investable assets above $50 million. That’s about R550 million –
a fiscally exclusive global club of around 95 000, who barely felt
a frisson during the recession. One thing they have in common,
though, is a certain amount of eccentricity.
Consider a military-grade defence system that can repel
missiles; a paparazzi shield that deflects photographers lenses
and flashes; a garage (for the water toys) that can turn into
a New York-style nightclub; and a system of checking the
security clearance of guests by sending it to the Pentagon.
These are some of the world’s famous billionaires' favourite
things... think Roman Abromavich, Rupert Murdoch, Paul
Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and retail giant Sir Philip Green.
There are others who are eccentrically frugal and live off a
fraction of their wealth and others are just well... eccentric.
Richard Branson is a prime example. A dyslexic, myopic
school dropout, Branson is now head of 150 or so enterprises
that carry the Virgin name. He is worth billions of dollars. Some
of his more bizarre feats include making the first successful
crossing of the Atlantic in a hot air balloon and appearing
in a $10 000 silk bridal gown to launch Virgin Bride.
Our very own Mark Shuttleworth is no less remarkable.
He is the founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, and became a
billionaire after selling Thawte to Verisign for R3.5 billion.
Quiet, unassuming and very rich, he confesses to living on
only a fraction of the wealth with which he is entrusted.
Another legendary billionaire investor who believes
opportunity knocks, and not necessarily for those who have
Further oddities of the wealthy and eccentric:
British millionaire Graham Pendrill abandoned his
luxury life to become a Masai warrior in Kenya.
Karl Rabeder was poor as a child and always believed
money would make him happy. But when he became
a millionaire, he realised he was miserable, so he sold
everything, donated $5 million to charity and moved
into a mountain lodge.
Nicholas Berggruen is worth approximately $2 billion,
but he doesn’t own a house. He lives in hotels having
sold all of his properties and even his car. Right now,
besides money, Nicholas doesn’t own anything.
Looking ahead
Here are some good reasons to keep ahead in the technology race. BY MANDY J WATSON
Straight flyer
The Polara Ultimate Straight is a “self-correcting” golf
ball that the manufacturers claim will straighten your
slices and hooks by up to 75 percent. The secret is in
the asymmetrical dimple pattern that is a combination
of shallow dimples that “lower lift and establish an optimal spin axis”, small dimples in key areas that reduce
side spin, and deep dimples that reduce drag. Naturally, these balls are illegal equipment for competitions
but if you’re a pro you’re not going to need them.
Think of them, rather, as useful business tools that
could give that new client a well-appreciated edge.
Smart protection
South Africa is
consistently ranked in
the top 10 of mobile-Internetusing countries in the world.
State of the Mobile web report
With more and more business (and personal)
communication happening on the go, smartphones
are becoming more crucial to getting work done, while
at the same time the data they hold is increasingly at
risk of attack and infection. Norton Mobile Security
is an app for Android 2.x smartphones and tablets
that provides protection against viruses and potential
security threats on the devices and storage cards that
you may insert in their card slots. It also offers tools
that enable you to deactivate your device remotely
and delete your private information. If you are being
harassed you can also use the software to block calls
and SMSs from specific numbers. The app is a 1MB
download and requires 1.8MB of storage on your
device. Weekly updates keep the software current.
Safe browsing
Browsing, especially while roaming on third-party WiFi connections, can enable the wrong kinds of
people to gain access to your data such as your usernames and passwords. Some web sites support
secure connections (the “s” in a web address’“https”), which encrypts the information you’re sending,
but they don’t necessarily default to it. If you use the Firefox web browser you can download and
install a little plugin called HTTPS Everywhere, which will force your browser to use secure connections
on a number of popular sites such as Paypal, Facebook, Twitter and Google Search.
Visit or
call 809 from a cellphone, or 083 1809 from a landline.