How to setup Full Disk Encryption on W+ Fuel - Hack Seagate

How to enable Full Disk Encryption on Wireless Plus and Fuel
Full Disk Encryption (FDE) allows your entire drive to be encrypted. This is BEST used if you have
modified your Wireless Plus or Lacie Fuel to an actual drive that supports FDE. Examples of such
drives would be :
Seagate Momentus 7200FDE Drive and Momentus 5400 FDE Drives.
Samsung 840 SSDs Series.
The team managed to get our hands on a Samsung EVO 840 1TB SSD and have it tested on a
Lacie Fuel.
If your drive does not have FDE support, HDD Recovery Vendor would still be able to recover data
from your drive.
If your drive have FDE support, HDD Recovery Vendor WILL NOT be able to recover ANY Data
from your drive.
NOTE : Please DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD when you turn on
FDE. There is NO ONE ON EARTH that will be able to recover your
password and you cannot format your drive as well.
Since this is an advanced feature, we strongly discourage any newbie to try this out.
To turn ON Full Drive Encryption, connect to your Wireless Plus or Fuel via Wifi.
1) Telnet into your Wireless Plus or Fuel . Login is root and password is goflex.
2) Command to use is followed by a space and then the numeric password.
DO NOT USE ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS. We have only tested Numeric Characters for
3) If you have successfully enable FDE on your Wireless Plus or Fuel, the command would
acknowledge the passcode setting and show you your passcode one last time.
4) You may now shutdown your unit by type poweroff in the telnet command and test your FDE.
5) Plug in your drive via USB to your computer. Your computer should recognize your drive as a
new drive in some cases, be completely invisible as if there was no drive plugged in. Exploring
Disk Utility or Disk Management will show you that this drive is not working.
6) When you connect to you Wireless Plus or Fuel via Wifi and attempt to connect to it, please go
to https://plus.local or https://fuel.local, you will be prompted to enter the passcode so that you
can still access your drive wirelessly. The drive remains LOCKED when you try to plug in via
USB but will be accessible ONLY via Wireless.
7) After the Drive code has been input, the unit will need to perform a “soft reboot” before the
interface appears.
To turn OFF Full Drive Encryption, connect to your Wireless Plus or Fuel via Wifi.
Before you can issue the command, you MUST join the WiFi network of your drive, unlock
via the https portal, let it soft reboot before you can issue the command.
The command to use is followed by a space and the passcode that
you have set earlier.
You can poweroff the unit by issuing the poweroff command and plug in via the USB to
your computer. This time, your drive should be fully visible.