PROSE - Condors+Swim

October 24, 2014
Volume 1
“Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”
Submitted by Coach Dorsey
- William Shakespeare (Hamlet)
Meet Schedule
We want to welcome all new and returning families to the 2014-2015
Condors Swim Team. It’s hard to believe that Halloween is next week and we
10-12 200 Time Trial
Wed, October 29th (5:30-8:30)
are already two meets into the season. However, it has been an amazing first
seven weeks and we are very excited for all of the great swimming to come.
Condors VS BGNW Dual Meet
Sun, November 2
In an attempt to be a bit more informative and motivational, we are going to
be putting out a bi-monthly newsletter with as many positive stories and stats
BGNW 8 & Under Meet
Sat, November 9
concerning all of the Condors swimmers as possible. Of course, if you are reading this, you have volume 1 in hand and are on your way.
Condors IMX Meet
Fri-Sun, November 14-16
The web site is also a major means of our communicating with all Condors
families. We have been updating the home page with any urgent messages and
GAEL 8 & Under Meet
Sun, December 7
new items, while making sure to keep all meet information current and
calendar changes up to date.
Pittsburgh Christmas Invite
Thu-Sun, December 11-14
Hopefully, all swimmers and parents get into the habit of checking the web
site as often as possible. Together, we will make this a season to remember.
HYDRO Winternational Meet
Things are looking great at all three locations and as of today, October 24th, we have 386 swimmers, and counting, registered with the Condors for the 2014-2015 season. With such a large number it is even more important for us to make
sure that all of our meet entries are finalized as early as possible. Be sure to always check the “Swim
Meets and Events” page on the web site for meet information as well as all Condors entries. Once a
Dual Meet Schedule
meet is finalized with the meet host, and that includes our home meets, no additional swimmers can
or will be accepted.
Vs JCC of Manhattan
For any swimmers who have still not signed up for meets, you must contact your primary coach imSun, Nov 9—8:30 AM
mediately. As entries are so time sensitive, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
Mark Twain
Vs Ossining
Sat, Nov 22—12:30 PM
Mark Twain
Vs JCC of West
Sun, Dec 7—8:30 AM
Mark Twain
Vs. Harrison
Sat, Jan 24 — 12:30 PM
Mark Twain
Check the “Swim Meets and Events” page to make sure of individual events and session times.
Know his or her events before showing up on deck.
Arrive 20 minutes prior to the session warm-up time posted in the host meet info packets.
Have the proper team apparel, such as t-shirt color and caps, listed in the Condors prep sheets.
Bring healthy snacks and plenty of liquids, as well as warm clothing for between races.
Come to every meet session with a positive attitude regarding their swims and the team.
Smiles are infectious! пЃЉпЂ п‚·
Behave properly. No matter where we go, you always represent Condors Swimming.
Vs. Rye
Sat, Feb 1—1:30 PM
What A Great Start to the 2014-2015 Season!
We could not be happier with how the Condors swimmers began the competitive season at York, October 10-12 and
this past weekend at our home Fall Festival. With the high level of competition that we faced in both meets, it was inspiring to see how our swimmers were able to rise to the occasion and show that we are certainly a team to be reckoned with.
Above and beyond the personal accolades, which many are outlined below, we wanted to take the time to credit our
swimmers for their behavior and camaraderie throughout the meet sessions. With three locations and so many new
swimmers at each, it is special when we see all of our kids coming together under the Condors banner having fun and
supporting one another.
в€ћ100 PERCENT CLUB в€ћ
100% Best Times
Itay Bachar
Erin Bean
Jonathan Cho
Katherine Chung
Jimmy Dwyer
Michael Dwyer
Isabella Fountain
Cori Freeman
Kaitlyn Gazzara
Charles Hicks
Joseph Lee
Taylor Negast
Anais Olivier
Kate Pittignano
Madison Remigio
Skylar Rosenberg
Sara Takiguchi
Daniel Trincher
Maxwell Watson
Jake Agranovich
Darcy Anselmi
Laura Arciniegas
Riya Balachandran
Jaden Bascon
Brooke Batelli
Dean Batelli
Elizabeth Berard
Alexandra Block
Henry Carrera
Joshua Chamak
Sean Chen
Stephen Chen
Isabella Chiulli
Thomas Cho
Katherine Chung
Ryan Chung
Christopher Crimi
Mikayla Cruz
Nicole Damore
Brendan Distefano
Matilyn Dixon
James Dwyer
Krista Dwyer
Michael Dwyer
Timothy Fagan
Alexandra Feeley
Isaiah Fernandez
Aidan Fernandes
Edward Fominykh
Maximillan Fominykh
Joshua Fonseca
Danae Fourie
Corissa Freeman
Kaitlyn Gazzara
Sean Guerrero
Justin Han
David Hao
Kayla Healy
Bryan Ho
Tyler Iorizzo
Kibeom Jeon
Yungchan Jun
Pavel Kelley
Benjamin Kim
Doyee Kim
Janis Kirsis
Daniel Koehler
William Lee
Ethan Lin
Faith Mallon
Nikolai Mayarov
Peter Mayarov
Mia McClafferty
Michael McGillycuddy
Molly McGourty
Joel Mendoza
Alexandra Merone
Matthew Merone
Patricia Merone
Sophie Miller
Sungjune Moon
Katherine Mosca
Kristina Organista
Alicia Park
Jessica Park
Ben Paseltiner
Clarisse Pierre
Dorisse Pierre
Kate Pittignano
Max Portnoy
Katya Raskin
Liam Ridge
Justin Ryu
Erik Sanchez
Michael Shaari
Andrew Song
Jacklyn Vandermel
Rivindu Wijedoru
James Wu
Hannah Yang
Matthew Zhao
Katherine Zhao
Grace Dwyer
Isabella Fountain
Trystan Ng
Meghan Ramundo
Daniel Trincher
Eugene Shen
Kelli O’Shea
Taylor Lawson
50 BK, 50 FR
50 FR
400 IM
500 FR
100 BR
400 IM
50 FR
100 BR
Grace Dwyer
Ethan Lin
Thomas Cho
Christian Kim
Andrew Song
Isabella Fountain
Eugene Shen
Daniel Trincher
Maeve McArdle
David Jun
Carly Cummings
Kyle Iorizzo
50 FR
200 FR
50 BK
50 BR
100 BR, 100 IM, 200 IM
50 FR
200 FR
500 FR
200 IM
100 FR, 200 FR
50 FR, 100 FR, 1000 FR, 200 BR, 200 FL
1000 FR
1. All families have volunteer requirements, regardless of whether or not their swimmer participates in meets
2. All families are required to commit to one volunteer session at the 8 & Under Champs meet - March 6-8, 2015
в€ћ Summer Long Course METRO TOP 25 IMX Rankings в€ћ
9/Under Girls
8. Darcy Anselmi
10. Olivia Lawson
11. Brooke Batelli
14. Nikoleta Kirsis
15. Skylar Rosenberg
17. Trinity Fourie
20. Laura Arciniegas
10 Girls
8. Franny Arciniegas
13. Grace Dwyer
11 Girls
9. Trystan Ng
23. Taylor Negast
25. Katherine Zhou
10 Boys
3. Daniel Trincher
18. Jonathan Ryu
22. Joseph Lee
23. Christian Kim
11 Boys
7. Michael Dwyer
8. Eugene Shen
9. Daniel Trincher
15. Joseph Lee
16. Jonathan Ryu
9/Under Boys
2. Andrew Song
20. Matthew Zhao
21. Luke Dwyer
12 Boys
4. Andrew Stolarski
6. Janis Kirsis
23. Patrick Crimi
13 Girls
4. Maeve McArdle
7. Haleigh Marzano
12. Ryan Evangelista
16. Brooke Shatz
19. Alexandra Block
21. Arisa Fourie
13 Boys
11. Justin Ryu
13. Janis Kirsis
15. Jimmy Dwyer
Carly Cummings for meeting the qualifying stand-
ards for the US Olympic Team Trials. Carly made the 200-meter
individual medley with a time of 2:18.03 from this past summer’s Junior Nationals.
The meet will be held at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska from June 26th-July 3rd, 2016. Two temporary 50-meter
pools will be installed inside the 17,000 seat sports and entertainment venue. USA Swimming announced the cuts on September 18th via live webcast from the United States Aquatics
Sports Convention.
We are all proud of you Carly
Isabella Fountain for making
14 Girls
11. Kelly Malyszka
16. Kelli O’Shea
21. Katie Adorable
22. Arisa Fourie
14 Boys
1. Kevin Gu
11. Michael Daly
15 . Kevin Shin
16. David Jun
20. Ryan Lawson
15 Girls
1. Carly Cummings
3. Kelly Malyszka
4. Mia Belovsky
6. Cassie Freeman
12 Katie Adorable
14. Boomie Anacker
15 Boys
7. Kevin Shin
8. Chris Vindigni
15. Carl Ranieri
16. Harry Shatz
16 Girls
9. Colleen Walsh
17 Girls
1. Taylor Lawson
2. Michaela Raphael
16 Boys
3. Michael Park
7. Tomer Bachar
10 . Harry Shatz
17 Boys
4. Michael Park
Nikola Andjelic for being selected to the 2013-2014
class of Scholastic All-Americans. Nikola is in his senior year at
Clarkstown High and we are very excited for his final year with
the Condors.
Nikola Andjelic
Reggie Bradnock
Matthew Kishinevsky
Taylor Lawson
Melissa Medina
Krista Raciti
Michaela Raphael
Good luck to all and be sure to let us know when you have
committed to a school so we can post it on the Metro site.
Coach Theo for his
a Senior Mets qualifying cut
in the 50 Freestyle with a time of
Undefeated dual meet season with the
CLarkstown Girls High School
Swim team.
At the age of 12 this is an amazing
Keep up the good work
Good luck to all of our high school girls
from both sides of the bridge as they
prepare for Counties,
Divisionals and Sectionals.
All Condors Swimmers
who have achieved a time standard for
the Pittsburgh Christmas Invitational
On December 11-14, 2014.
An eligibility file has been posted on both
the swim meets and events as well as the
results pages and will be updated after
every meet in which we compete.
A new file of the top 16 swims in every age group and every event has been posted on the front page of the web site. This file will
be updated after every meet and swims from this year will appear in blue. Click above for the sweet 16 file.
Also, be sure to check out the Metro Top 25 as well as all meet information and entries updated on the Swim
Meets & Events page as well as all results after each meet we attend.
Nuts & BOLTS
WCC Pool Update:
News from WCC pertaining to the water temperature issues that continue to be a problem. The
school has informed us that there is a valve that was getting stuck making to pool water temperature rise to un-swimable tempatures. They thought that they had fixed the problem and came to
find out that they had not. This resulted in replacing the part. This new part is now having the
same issue as the original one. They have looked into it again and have again ordered replacement parts. At this time WCC has those new parts ordered and are waiting for their arrival. We
will continue to monitor the water temperature the best that we can as we wait on these additional new parts.
Felix Festa Locker Rooms:
We have had a couple instances where locker room behavior is not up to the expectations of
Condors Swimming. While left unsupervised in the locker rooms, swimmers are still representatives of the team and must act accordingly.
1. No horseplay, improper language or mistreatment of the facility or others will be tolerated.
2. Do not leave any items unattended. If you wish to use a locker while in the pool, bring a lock or
take your belongings onto the pool deck securely sealed.
3. Please report all incidents of misconduct to a coach immediately.
Parents, we understand that these are the actions of the few, but the locker rooms are a big part
of our program and we do not want our privileges taken away. Any and all support you can offer
with these issues is greatly appreciated.
Sofia Adams
Nikola Andjelic
Alexander Cho
Skyla Correa
Maura Daly
James Dwyer
Michael Dwyer
Alexandra Evangelidis
Ella Gardner
Kristen Gazzara
Erik Kantar
Alexandra Kobolakis
Aiden Larkin
Maeve McGinn
Sophie Messinger
Alexandra Mosca
Julia Mourikis
Daniel Pedraza
Nicholas Piccininni
Ryan Pompei
Sophie Tatar
Jacob Tong
Elise Tumibay
Maxwell Watson
In every edition of the news-
As you can see on the front page of the newsletter, we will be adding a
letter we would like to add a
motivational quote to every newsletter. We ask that any swimmers who have a positive
swimmer spotlight. To have a
and uplifting quote send it to coach Dorsey and one new quote will be chosen for
swimmer entered you must
every edition. Be sure to add who wrote the quote and we will not only put the au-
submit a picture with these
thors name, but also the swimmer who submitted the quote.
questions answered:
Favorite Food?, Favorite
Pittsburgh Christmas Invitational
Song, , Favorite School Sub-
We encourage all swimmers who have qualified for the Pittsburgh Meet to do their very best to
attend. This is a team event against some tough competition, but at full strength we are cervorite Swim Event, Favorite
tainly up for the challenge. It is a great meet, with fun relays and a true team concept that gets
TV Show?, Favorite Book, Othswimmers to really perform at their best.
er Sports you Play?, Musical
to and from the meet, as well as from the hotel to the pool and
Instruments?, Favorite Pool
back each day. Specifics regarding hotel arrangements and other important details will be postto race at?, etc...
ed on the Swim Meets & Events page soon.
to [email protected]
ject?, Favorite Swimmer?, Fa-
USA Swimming Visits the Condors Again!
The Condors Swim Club earned a visit from USA Swimming Master Coach Consultant Ed Spencer. Visits are selected by USA
Swimming and are earned by clubs with world-ranked athletes. Coach Spencer spent four days with the Condors coaches and swimmers from September 24th through the 27th.
Ed Spencer has been a Master Coach Consultant with USA Swimming since 2005. He has been the Head Coach of some of the
Nation’s top teams, including Dynamo Swim Club, Reno Aquatic Club and Industry Hills Aquatic Club. His swimmers won many
18 & Under National Championships, set 10 American Records, and won more than 20 USA Swimming National titles. His swimmers represented the USA on the 1980, 1984 and 1988 Olympic Teams.
Coach Spencer met with and spoke to our entire staff over the course of his visit. He also attended the Condors coach’s staff
meeting. He spoke to all levels of Condors swimmers about different topics such as “You are part of a great team”, “How important
your coaches are”, “Underwater training and streamlining and kicking off the walls”, and “How do you want to be remembered? –
being the best teammate”.
This is the third visit from USA Swimming in the past year. We have also had Scott Colby and Peter Clark spend time with the