CPP Business Plan

T h e L a r g e s t Y e l l o w P a g e s & D i r e c t o r y f o r t h e NRI C o m m u n i t y
Hik there
Prepared for
April 2007
CopperPages.com Contact
Preeti Gupta
888-55-Copper (tel)
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201-892-6094 (cell)
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Proprietary and Confidential
Confidential & Proprietary -- пѓ“ CopperPages 2007
No part of this document may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for
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Executive Summary
• CopperPages.com is the largest Yellow Pages and Directory Resource for NRI cross-border and intra-country listings. We
will be the “Gateway to India” for 1) NRIs, 2) Mainstream markets accessing India, 3) Visitors to and from India, 4) B2B
entities in Outsourcing, Import, and other industries.
• Market size estimated at $2 billion to reach NRIs worldwide. (This does not include revenue for E-Commerce, Ticketing,
and cross-border services) The global Yellow Pages industry is estimated at $30 bil, and global Local Search at $100 bil.
• Opportunity to be the leader in this area with only one indirect competitor, which has many weaknesses. However due to
its monopoly it is generating significant revenue, showing proof-of-concept.
• We are unique from other players in that we will ONLY be a Yellow Pages and Directory with automated, scalable, userpopulated tools and services in under-served and revenue-generating niches. There will be no “leisure content”.
• Our team is the STRONGEST in the market. Founder has significant experience 1) as a serial Entrepreneur, 2) with the
Internet/Intranet, and 3) in South Asian community and media. Exceptional technology and design team outsourced abroad
with low operating costs.
• Website launched in the U.S. and marketing campaign has started, with traffic and revenue.
• $125k and 3 years already spent to create significant Barriers-to-Entry in operations and data, with a proprietary data
sourcing method to get NRI listings in almost any country, and a database of 100k NRI listings (over 20 times the size of our
nearest indirect competitor). Looking for $1-2 million to grow Brand Name to the same level.
• Opportunity to earn significant cash cow revenues with our tremendous lead. The ad revenue being spent on Zee
TV, India Abroad, Sulekha, and other media will FIRST FILTER through us once we capture the Yellow Pages niche.
• In 1-3 years we will be the TOP acquisition target for the companies being funded in India today due to our 3
invaluable assets 1) NRI traffic, 2) NRI Ad Revenue Base (Lexus to Patel Bros), 3) NRI business listings.
Table of Contents
• The Mission
• Risks / Barriers to Entry
• The Opportunity – Market
• Strategy – Why We’re Different
• The Business Model - Directory Services
• Management Team
• Revolutionizing Search and Bid Requests
• Operations and Marketing Plan
• The Consumer Opportunity – Yellow Pages
• Funding Allocation/Expenses and Revenues
• The Advertiser Opportunity – Yellow Pages
• Why Invest?
• Ecommerce and Web Services
• Appendix A – Calculation for Market Size
• Classifieds
• Appendix B – Competitors and Features Comparison
• Community Events
• Appendix C – Screen Shots and Operations
• Career Classifieds
• Appendix D – Yellow Pages and NRI Statistics
• Movie Showtimes
• Appendix E – Where We Are Currently Advertising
• Ticketing
• Appendix F – Partial South Asian Print / TV Media List
• Competition
• Appendix G – Cross Border Competition / Other
Confidential & Proprietary – CopperPages Inc. 2007
The Mission
For Consumers – We will be THE Yellow Pages and Directory
Resource for cross-border and intra-country NRI listings.
For Businesses – We will be the FIRST STOP for advertisers
trying to reach the NRI market.
The Opportunity
In the mainstream market:
- 35% of Business owners advertise in a Yellow Pages
- 90% of adults use a Yellow Pages
Why Yellow Pages?
- Searchable
- Permanent
- Inexpensive
- Higher ROI from Customers
- Customer calls the advertiser 88% of the time in
YPages vs. 7% in Print
- Customers spend 25% more thru the YPages than
other media
The Opportunity
South Asian Market –
no Yellow Pages yet
current South Asian advertising spend will flow through
CopperPages first
South Asian Advertising
The Opportunity – Market
We are the place for
1) NRIs looking to find an Indian Photographer, Babysitter, Tiffin Service, Hindi Teacher, Cremation
Services, or other related business
Mainstream consumers looking to find Indian Travel Agents and Tourist Packages, Mehndi
“Tattoo” Artists or inexpensive Medical care in India
Visitors from India looking to find Indian Restaurants, Hotels, or Grocery Stores
B2B entities looking to find Outsourced Services, Importers, or other cross-border, global listings.
• There are approximately 20 million South Asians living
abroad worldwide. 2 million live in the U.S. and Canada,
1.2 million in the UK, and 0.4 million in Australia.
• Immigrants and those born here still have strong ties to
their homeland and continue to purchase various South
Asian goods and services. In addition, India is growing as
a global superpower and the mainstream markets and
companies need a gateway of access.
Highest Median Household Income
amongst any ethnic minority: close to
$ 60,000 p.a. (Asian Indians)3
Estimated Annual Buying Power over
$65 billion
M edian Family Incom e
Ind ian
A sian
W h ite
• It is estimated that $2 billion1 in advertising is spent to
reach the Diaspora market. The global Yellow Pages
industry is estimated at $30 billion, and global Local
Search at $100 billion3. The Outsourcing and
Import/Export industries are at $50-70 billion combined.
Hisp an ic
1 See
Appendix A for details
2 Institute
of Asian Studies at St. John’s University
According to the Yellow Pages Association, see Appendix D for details
Directory Services
Intra-Country NRI Directory (Yrs 1 & 2)
Cross-Border Directory (Yr 3)
NRI Investments in India
Mainstream and
NRI Travel to India
B2B – Import/Export
NRI Events/Conferences
NRI Charity
B2C –
NRI ECommerce
• We are a Directory resource with services that create efficiencies in the Diaspora market and are useful for
practical every-day needs, there will be no News, Blogs, or “Leisure Content”.
• Like EBay, we create the tools and processes that enable users to submit their own data and interact and transact
locally, nationally, and globally.
• All sections are revenue-generating, with most content being provided by the users/businesses themselves who
already pay to publish this content offline.
Outsourcing - IT, Legal, Accounting, Advertising, Payroll ($30 billion)
B2B – Import/Export: Housewares, Fabrics, Plastics, Leather, Medical Supplies ($20 billion)
Events/Conferences – Prabasi Event, TIE Bangalore event
NRI Investments in India – Real Estate, Mutual Funds
Mainstream and NRI Travel to India – Listings of Hotels, Airlines, Tours (does NOT include booking Tickets or Reservations)
B2C NRI E-Commerce – India-Authored Books, Wedding Clothes, Dance Costumes, Musical Instruments, Ayurvedic Medicine
Charity Vehicles – NRI Charity funds, Initiatives, Political Contributions
Intra-Country Yellow Pages, E-Commerce, Classifieds, Events, and Career – see upcoming slides
Yellow Pages search – More Relevant Results via Push/Pull
• We are going to offer more customized search via a Push/Pull
method that will “push” out data that can be searched and
sorted by numerous parameters
• Or the customer can “pull” a customized search by submitting
a Bid Request with their own specific questions which is then
answered and displayed back to them in a customized
comparison chart
Yellow Pages
– Nth Tier Categorization (Push)
1st tier: Status Quo Search
2nd tier: Additional Search
Years in Business
Location (Country, State, City, Zipcode)
Price Range (like Zagat)
Yr. 1 – partial code
to be developed
Ethnic Group
3rd tier: Customized Search Examples
Yellow Pages
- Shipping Services
- Jurisdiction
- Insurances Accepted
- Veg vs NonVeg
- Quotas Available
- Contingency
- Weekend / Office Hrs
- Male vs Female
- Fabric Types
- Retainer Size
- Languages Spoken
- Smoker vs Non
- US Representative?
- Pets Allowed
- Region (Punjabi, Sindhi)
We will build the Nth criteria levels for 250+ categories by harnessing community domain
knowledge by enabling Vendors to suggest further categorizations when they post their business
listings, and awarding them CPP$ for their efforts. Currently, we already have this feature with
general Categories, and we get 2-3 new Category suggestions per week.
- Maximum Rent
RFP / Bid Request –
Customized Bid Request Form
Customer can specify which fields
should be answered in Free Text
form, Dates, Prices, Yes/No, or
Multiple Choice
CPP will save commonly asked
questions for each category so
customers can choose questions from
already built templates, and we will
award CPP$ to customers who
contribute new questions to the RFP
Vendor Fills out
Customer Gets Info back,
customizes Data Display
This chart display will be very
flexible, the customer will be able to
sort/shuffle vendors and criteria,
hide rows or columns, and make
internal notes
Yr. 1 – all code to
be developed
Available for Date 1/11/08?
Describe a Package costing $1000
Package Price Range
Black/White Photos
Do you include Albums and which kinds?
Please describe your other packages
Backdrops included?
Name of Photographer
Contact Details
Vendor 1
Cannon 350
Vendor 2
Sony 220v
Vendor 3
Vendor 4
Vendor 5
The Consumer Opportunity - Yellow Pages
Yr. 1 – already
• There is a need for an updated, comprehensive source of NRI
Yellow Pages listings for people living within a particular area:
Recent Immigrants looking for attorneys, real estate
agents, and driving schools that speak their native
Brides looking for South Asian wedding planners,
photographers, disk jockeys, and beauty salons.
Families looking for South Asian nursing homes or
funeral services, home cooks and nannies, grocery
stores, or movie theatres.
State, City,
and Zip
Code Search
and Name
Posting Page
Despite the presence of a few local directories, there is also a
need for a NATIONAL, Yellow Pages:
Young professionals temporarily residing in another city
for work and wanting to join cultural organizations and
locate South Asian grocery stores or restaurants during
their stay.
People living in small towns who don’t have a lot of
local South Asian goods and services and wanting to
order from out-of-town.
Brides and Grooms planning an out-of-town wedding.
The Advertiser Opportunity - Yellow Pages
• There is also a great need for business owners to have a
permanent, wide-reaching, affordable platform to advertise
their goods and services:
• The cost of producing Newspapers, TV and Radio
programs is capital-intensive, so most media must
charge a minimum rate even to small advertisers. In
addition, the advertiser must shell out large funds
weekly or monthly to appear in these temporary media.
• Also, there are 100s of papers and programs and even
small businesses must advertise in several to reach just
a fraction of the community.
Search Results Pages
Yr. 1 – already
• Unlike printed directories which are issued once every
1-2 years, the Internet platform allows business owners
to change their information anytime, advertise seasonal
promotions, and be visible under several categories,
subcategories, zip codes, keywords, and other search
• For all these reasons, the online NRI Yellow Pages
platform will be the first avenue of advertising when
a new NRI business opens its doors, just like any
mainstream business would first register itself with a
mainstream Yellow Pages. Only AFTER joining
CopperPages.com will businesses allocate their budgets
to other temporary media platforms.
SubCategory Banner Ad
Sponsored Listing
Section Banner
Distance Expansion
Expanded Listing
Basic Free Listing
Report Wrong Info
Area Map
Multiple Locations
Yr. 1 – all code to
be developed
Ecommerce Web Services
- Cricket Sets
- Carrom Boards
Shop by Product
Shop by Store
Featured Products:
- Tabla
- Sitar
- Ghungroo
- Costumes
Featured Stores:
- 220v Mixies
- Coffee Grinder
- Shahnaz Herbal
- Hair Oil
- Luggage
- Silver Artwork
Featured Specials:
Redeem your CPP$ for free shipping!
My List
Note: CPP will NOT carry any
inventory. We will simply allow
vendors to upload their products
through their CPP store and call
our Customer Service hotline in
India with any questions.
Vendors will pay a flat monthly
fee as well as per transaction
and also pay to showcase their
products on the CPP
Ecommerce home page.
This is different from existing
Ecommerce sites like Rediff or
IndiaPlaza in that we are a
platform or bridge connecting
NRI Vendors to NRI Customers,
just as we already bring them
together via the Yellow Pages
and Bid Request. We are not
selling gifts to India or selling
our own product.
Static Web Services
• Content Websites: Many small businesses in
the community want a web presence but are webilliterate. We have created the largest template
collection available to the NRI community, as
well as a Self-Help tool allowing business owners
to edit and maintain their own web content. This
has been our most popular service to-date. We
have created an online “Tutorial” visible at
edit.html to automate the training process.
All Website pages listed in “File
Manager” with ability to Edit, Add
Pages, Copy, and Delete
• E-Commerce Websites:
In addition, we will be building the
same engine for businesses who want a “Shopping
Cart” functionality, as most of them cannot
research and manage a web team to do this on their
own. They will be able to maintain their own
products in the Shopping Cart, and have their own
Credit Card merchant account. We will create one
master “Shopping” page like Amazon which will
list all the stores by Category, and promote
products for a fee (esp. during festivals like
This will serve a pressing need for customers who
have called us in the past looking for specific items
like “Cricket sets” or “Tablas” but can’t figure out
which stores to contact.
tool for
Colors, etc.
Yr. 1 – already
Yr. 1 – already
• The Classifieds section is a revenue-generating
extension of the Yellow Pages. Listings for temporary
services and sales of goods that are not appropriate for the
Yellow Pages directory will be displayed here.
• Although there are current local classifieds listings in
newspapers and portals, there is also a need for a
NATIONAL platform that has a comprehensive listing of
– Businessmen looking to move cross-country, wanting
to buy a Dunkin-Donuts or South Asian grocery store.
– Immigrants or young adults/students looking for
roommates in another city.
– Families looking for a travel companion for their
young child or older grandparent going to India alone
and in need of someone to watch over them during the
• Opportunity to further distinguish ourselves among
other Classifieds by maximizing the advantages of the
Internet platform and search capabilities as in the
following example:
– Roommates and Rental – searching by advanced
criteria such as:
1) Start date of lease, 2) Square Footage, 3) Furnished
vs. Non-Furnished, 4) Vegetarian vs. Non-Vegetarian
roommate, etc.
Search Page
Search Results Page,
Condensed View
Community Events
Yr. 1 – already
• The Events section is a needed resource in the community. There are Event listings available through competitor
websites, national and local, but most of them are simple in their search, posting, and display functionality. We have added
unique, proprietary features such as allowing organizers to post Multiple Locations for an Event (I.e. Asha Bhonsle concert
in several cities can go under the same listing).
Eventsbased on customer feedback, we will be adding an “Ongoing Calendar” feature which will allow Dance and
• In addition,
Music schools, Religious classes, Radio and TV programs, and other ongoing community organizations to post their
schedules for ongoing events, a service which is not offered anywhere currently.
Posting Page for Community Events
allowing self-content population and automation
Career Classifieds
• The Career Network is not yet launched but is in
development. It will be divided into 2 sections: 1) Job
Network, 2) Entrepreneur’s Network.
It will offer traditional functionality such as Resume and
Job Posting and Search. However it will also incorporate
issues specific to our community such as H-1, H-4, and
Greencard sponsorship. In addition, the Entrepreneur’s
Network will encourage the posting of startup and
investment opportunities and cater to the growing number
of South Asians looking to start their own business.
• There is no such service available in the South Asian
community, except for Job subcategories under the
Classifieds heading in Newspapers and Web Portals.
Currently, we also offer the same functionality, but will
be expanding it close to the size of a Monster.com or
Naukri.com to allow a more detailed search and posting
capability, as well as Employer and Employee matching,
and other advanced features.
• We already have several businesses awaiting its
launch and willing to be paid customers, including
Prudential Insurance.
Yr. 2 – partial code
to be developed
Movie Showtimes
Yr. 2 – completely developed
but not launched
• There is no brand name website that offers a listing of Movie Showtimes– currently the community must call each
theater separately or rely on word-of-mouth. In keeping with our mission as a Directory resource only, we do NOT
offer Movie Reviews, only Showtimes and Theater information. Also in line with our goal of automation and
scalability, we have created a self-posting form that allows Theater Owners to post their own Showtimes and a back-end
functionality that alerts them via email if they have not posted Showtimes for a particular week.
Showtimes on Front-End for
Theater in New Jersey
Posting form on Back-End for Movie Distributors /
Theater Owners to post their own Showtimes
Yr. 2 – completely developed
but not launched
• Ticketing services will increase the CPP brand name as
organizations will advertise the link to our website where
their attendees can purchase tickets. This will serve as
low-cost publicity for us, in addition to generating
revenues on each ticket purchase.
• This service is also
Ticket Link
Back-End Ticket
Sellers Report
automated, in that all
purchases, reports, and
changes are made online.
No paper tickets will be
printed or mailed. The
organizer can access all
reports and buyer
information on the
backend, through their
Account. Currently, there
are a few other websites
offering this service,
however we offer the
most backend
functionality and
• In addition, we are working on a “Reserved
Seating Chart” capability which is not
currently available in the market. This will
allow us to sell tickets for all kinds of events.
1 to 3 yr plan - Services, Target Market, Regions
Yr 1
Yr 2
Yr 3
Initial Focus:
Additional Focus:
Yellow Pages
RFP / Bid Request
Feature Improvements:
+ Relational Advertising (showing products or info
related to each other in cross-sections of the site)
+ Pay Per Click / Call / Transaction
+ Data Mining, CoBranding, other revenue sources
some Community Events
+ Ticketing
+ Movie Showtimes
+ Community Events – ongoing calendar
+ Career Classifieds
+ Cross-Border
+ Outsourcing
+ Import/Export
+ NRI / Foreign Investment Vehicles
+ Alliances with Sites from India
+ Travel (MakeMyTrip, Yatra)
+ Entertainment (Donwloadable movies)
+ Career (Naukri)
+ Indian Govt (Charity Vehicles,
Note: The focus in Yr 1 is on those services which bring the Customer to the Vendor. The Vendor will be willing to upgrade their free ad to a paying
ad if they get customer calls and sales from CopperPages. The Bid Request process brings value to the Customer not obtainable elsewhere by
allowing them to reach multiple vendors through our system and easily compare vendor responses. It also brings value to the Vendor because it is
sending them live customer leads. Ecommerce will also increase Customer calls to Vendors because it will showcase specific products which they
cannot learn about elsewhere as TV, Print, and other advertising platforms don’t offer such detail.
Target Market
Visitors from India
+ Mainstream markets
+ B2B
+ UK
+ Australia
+ Africa
+ Malaysia
Competition – Very Little
(see Appendix A-C for more detail)
• Sulekha
- Community and blogs are the focus
- Temporary Classifieds are being treated as a Yellow Pages
- Only 5k listings in Yellow Pages (CPP has 100k)
• Search Engine (Google)
- Missing data: They only pick up websites, not retail locations, comparative
search on CPP vs Google shows we are better
- Less Relevant data: The presentation of results is not as efficient for the user
due to lack of attributes such as Geocoding and Nth-tier Categorization
- Lack of Bid Requests: More difficult to directly bring the Customer to the
Vendor unless contact info is uniformly captured like in the Yellow Pages
• Mainstream online Yellow Pages (Yahoo)
- No Indian Categories: Only one is “Indian Restaurants”
Competition – Companies (see Appendix A-C for more detail)
+ Strong monopoly in the U.S. and some Brand Name abroad, $6 million Gross Revenues for 2004, just received $10
million in funding from Norwest Venture Partners (see Appendix )
- Only has ~5000 Yellow Pages listings for U.S. (mostly in West and East Coast), which are not well categorized and
little functionality
- Has abundant Classifieds and Events data, but poor search functionality and organization…also offers some
Ticketing and Movie Showtimes…there is no Career Network
- Trying to do too much as a portal, has a lot of content driven areas that do not add to the bottom line, old data,
inconsistent navigation and poor user-interface, and frequent website crashes. Problems are also related to trying to
capture the India and NRI market with limited resources.
+ / - Used to be the largest online and printed Yellow Pages for 17 cities (NYNJGuru.com, ChicagoGuru.com,
etc.)…but has been dormant recently and Brand Name has faded
- Yellow Pages used to be very poorly organized, not much functionality, has only 7,000 listings
- Also trying to be a portal, too many sections with shallow coverage
+ Big brand name nationally and internationally, could copy us if they wanted to
+ Has resources, large team, and national contacts
- No Yellow Pages or other services for U.S.A., mostly based in India
Local Portals (IndoLink.com – CA, AapKaManoranjan.com – MA, MiIndia.com - MI)
+ / - Some brand name in local areas, but out-of-towners will not know about sites
- Most offer only partial data and functionality of CopperPages
Printed Directories (Rose Pages (Chicago), Fast Yellow Pages (CA), etc)
- These are printed sporadically, with few listings, few copies, minimal geographic coverage, and with limitations
inherent in print vs. online
Competition - Summary
• Most websites are trying to be portals, with news, movies, music, sports, recipes, columns, ecards, books, and other content-driven sections that require resources to create but do not add
directly to the bottom line or appeal to the average busy consumer.
• Many websites are trying to cover several geographic regions at once without properly covering
any one area.
• Most websites are poorly designed and very difficult to use. Also most of them do not advertise
and have inconsistent branding.
• Some websites or companies have a Yellow Pages and Directory services, but they are incomplete
or infrequently updated, with no zip code, multiple-state, city, keyword, last name, or expanded
search functionality, limited categories, and few automated posting and editing features. No portal
currently has separate Career Network or Web Services. (see Appendix B for details)
• As a result, these portals are like department stores – good for visitors who want to get a little of
everything, but not for those who desire quality, detailed information in a niche area (like hard-core
Bollywood fans who visit Raaga.com or Indiafm.com or singles who visit Shaadi.com for
Despite its many weaknesses listed above, our one indirect competitor, Sulekha.com, is
generating annual gross revenues of $6 million due to its monopoly. It is evidence of the
strong untapped market. There is a rare opportunity to enter a lucrative and proven
market with no strong competition and quickly become the leader.
Risks / Barriers to Entry
Only room for 2 or 3 Players
Unlike content websites where visitors judge the site subjectively, Yellow Pages
and Directory websites will be judged mainly by quantity and accuracy of data.
The first 2 or 3 entities to become a brand name will enjoy a significant competitive
advantage. The risk is having a larger brand name like Sulekha or Rediff copy our
layout, strategy, and data and capturing the market before we do.
Mitigating Factors
Currently there is no direct competition in the Yellow Pages NRI market.
CopperPages.com has built up a strong Barrier-to-Entry by creating a database of
100,000 listings, 75% of which has not been released yet and will be launched once
we have increased our Brand Name and Traffic. In addition, we have a proprietary
method of extracting South Asian businesses from almost any country in the NRI
market – UK, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, etc. - which took us a year to build.
The lead in data is in addition to the superiority we already have in terms of
features (see Appendix B).
Because we are focusing our resources on this revenue-generating niche, we will
continue to widen the gap between our position as the Yellow Pages leader and
other multi-purpose media.
Strategy – Why We’re Different
(Focus, Customization, Automation, and Quality)
• We are going to focus on revenue-generating, automated, scalable, and practical-use niches in the Yellow Pages, Directory,
Career, and E-Commerce areas.
• There are already many providers of news, Bollywood reviews, travel, blogs, and other resource-intensive content. We are
going to be the leaders in a few strategic revenue-generating areas which are untapped or under-served, most needed by the
NRI market, and complimentary to each other under the Directory umbrella. We will capture a few verticals at a time and
cement our position as leaders before expanding to the next.
• Customized Search Results to the Nth Degree and Advanced Technology
• We plan to use our revolutionary Search customization technique (slides 7-9) and advanced technology such as AJAX to
deliver the user highly relevant data in their search results.
• Quality Control of Data and Automation - Once we achieve significant market penetration, the User’s job is to populate CPP
with data, our job will be to maintain the quality of the data and to continue creating great marketplace tools.
•For example, CPP does not allow user-submitted
listings to be displayed until after CPP has unflagged
them – preventing foul language, racial/political biases.
There is a automatic filter process in place to guard
against duplicate data.
• As a further example, all data is ranked according to
its source and likely accuracy and stamped with a date
when entered or updated. Upon expiration, 3
automated emails followed with 3 automated phone
calls are made to ask the User to re-confirm the listing.
If a response is not obtained, only then is a live call
made to manually verify the data.
• Another way we save labour costs is the creation of
self-help online tutorials which train the User to use
services on CPP (see Web Services, slide 14).
CPP$ earned for
contributions, and ability for
us to Approve or Delete a
Duplication Warning
Strategy – Why We’re Different
(User Contributions and Incentives)
• Harnessing the User community and Domain Knowledge Masters
• To encourage the User to input and control his own data, our goal is to create incentives to contribute, although
business owners naturally take advantage of the free advertising opportunity.
• CPP has a posting form for EVERY vertical awarding CPP$ to be redeemed for discounts on purchases or upgrades.
The Account Control
features allows them to
track CPP$ and manage
their contributions.
• For example, we may
seed initial variables for
the customized Search
Criteria in each
Category, but reward
Users for alerting us
when something is
incorrect or missing. It
is worth “paying” them
in CPP$ and benefiting
from Domain Expertise
rather than paying our
own team members to
fill in the customized
search criteria for
1000s of categories.
Edit Listings (Yellow
Pages, Events,
Edit Ticketing
Edit Website
Edit Movie
Show Times
Strategy – Why We’re Different
 Portals such as Sulekha.com are viewed
as general websites. The CopperPages
brand name (formerly known as
IndoPakPages) is associated with Yellow
Pages and Directory services. For
example, we will be profiling other
companies in our Print media. Businesses
and Consumers have begun to recognize
the unique CopperPages marketing
campaign and further associate our
company with Yellow Pages and
Directory services.
 In addition this strategy has allowed us
to be in over 30 papers at little or not cost,
coverage that normally would have cost
thousands of dollars per week.
(Branding & CoBranding)
Former Logo
taking 15% to
25% of ad
Management Team – Preeti Gupta (Operations & Marketing)
Serial Entrepreneur
13 years
South Asian Community Leader
18 years
Internet Experience
10 years
Media Experience
1-10 years
ThinkIndia.com: Worked as one of 4 founding team members with ThinkIndia.com, an Indian portal based in Silicon
Valley, CA that sold to Rediff (Nasdaq: Redf). Helped raise $3 million in VC funding, worked on website, including
portal and screen shots, content sourcing, technology design, logos and marketing materials, and other areas.
Participate.com: Consultants and developers of website community software such as message boards, chat rooms, and
polls. Acted as consultant to several high-profile clients such as Staples and Kodak on increasing their web
IndoPakPages Inc: Internet / Intranet consulting and project management for large multinationals such as ScheringPlough.
RajaRani, Inc. Importing / Exporting: First company founded. Sold 10,000 products in one year of operation at the
age of 23 while working a full-time job. Nationally branded clients included Macys, Nordstrom, Fashion Bug, and Hot
Topic. Worked in all aspects of the business, including sourcing raw materials, customs clearance and bulk purchasing
from India, manufacturing and package design in the U.S., and marketing to buyers of national retail chains.
Arthur Andersen: Auditor and Consultant for 4 years. Earned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) after graduating
from college in 2.5 years.
2Crusade.com: Founder of community/petition software product. Raised $50k in Angel funding and had clients such
as ESPN, Readers Digest, and Chicago Tribune.
Euro RSCG Tatham: Advertising Manager for Vidal Sassoon and Bayer, working on print, TV, and radio campaigns.
South Asian Community and Media: Active leader for over 25 years, having organized cultural programs, youth
conferences, part-time Dance School with 60+ students, served as MC for shows and TV Host for local TV programs,
column Writer in various South Asian newspapers, and other leadership roles. Intimately connected to the South Asian
community, with a deep comprehension of its needs and business conduct, as well as being able to speak the language
and form good relationships with all kinds of South Asian business owners and consumers.
Other Team Members
CopperPages has the STRONGEST team in the market. Many have commented on our superior design, layout, and
user-interface, and our technology and services are unique and high-quality thanks to our extraordinary team.
Marcos Francos Christiano (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – TECHNOLOGY and PROGRAMMING: Handles all
programming, database design, and technology support for CPP. Supervising a team of coders in Argentina who are also
programming for CPP. Has worked as a manager at several large companies in Argentina, including government and
newspaper entities with similar website and database design requirements.
Roshan Gupta (San Francisco, CA) – TECHNOLOGY: Previously with Oracle, currently with Yahoo, part-time
collaboration with Marcos to design website and tables for CPP, and other miscellaneous network setup tasks, demo
installations, and tech help for everyone on the team.
UraLabs (Ilichevsk, Ukraine) – CPP WEB GRAPHICS and PRINT DESIGN: In charge of web design and user
interface for CPP, as well as creation of all marketing materials and CPP logos.
Efex Media (Delhi, India) – DEMOS and TUTORIALS: Creation of client materials such as websites, banner ads, and
cobranded newspaper ads.
Prizmik Solutions (Delhi, India) – WEB TEMPLATES: Creation of client materials such as websites, banner ads, and
cobranded newspaper ads.
ADI Systems (Madurai, TN, India) – DATA ENTRY: Doing all manual data entry for Yellow Pages, Classifieds,
Community Events, and Movies.
Nishant Bambay (Pune, India) - DATA ENTRY: Doing all automated data entry for Yellow Pages.
Short Term
Source Data
Long Term
Maintain Data Quality
- Indian Newspapers
- Duplication Filter
- Screen Scraping
- Listing Expiration & Update process
- Mainstream YPages
- Incentive Contribution system via CPP$
- next slides
Automated, User-Contributed Site
- Account System
- Auto Data Verification Process
15 Marketing Techniques Tested in 2006
1) Direct Sales by sending Media Kits to Citibank, Air India, etc., now we will send Online Demo
2) Flyers distribution (100,000) at high-traffic South Asian Grocery and Video stores, Restaurants, etc.
3) Newspaper Ads in local and national Indian papers
4) Press Releases in Indian papers
Highest ROI, Lowest Cost:
5) TV ads local and national (Zee TV is the most effective)
10 cents/email for InfoUsa
6) Yahoo eGroups (60 South Asian) joined
7) Banner Ad Exchanges done with other South Asian websites
20-30 cents/visitor for Google
8) Email campaign (10 cents per email, have done 10,000 so far)
9) Phone campaign (6 cents per call, have done 10,000 so far)
10) Google and Yahoo Adwords/Overture Pay-Per-Click in 350 keywords
11) Sponsor local Indian events with booths
12) Asian/South Asian Ad Agencies contacted to present CPP as another media vehicle for their clients
13) Viral Marketing - Video Blog at YouTube, Vote Taj Mahal campaign, etc.
14) CoBranding deals (not fully tried yet, just G1G insurance, can try more)
15) Stickiness/Other Channels cultivated on CPP (Ticketing, Movie Showtimes, Photo Albums) to see if we
could attract more traffic, but had to take code down due to limited maintenance resources
2007 Marketing Strategy for West Coast
Printed Yellow Pages – distribute to 50k households on West Coast, cost of $1.00 each,
self funded through advertising sales
Online – Google Adwords and InfoUSA Emails
CoBranding Print – Share cost of advertising in Indian papers
of ad space
Voice Broadcasting – Automated telemarketing, 6 cents per household
Other – ZEE & Local TV, Flyers, Event Sponsorship
Funding Allocation / Expenses (Yrs 1-3)
Yr 1
Online PPC (Google and Yahoo): $10,000/month x 12 months
Email Campaign (InfoUSA data): 10 cents x 500,000 emails
Print Campaign: 10 newspapers x $250/month x 12 months
$45k (focus on West Coast)
+ $60k (East & West Coast)
$10k (West Coast)
$25k (West Coast)
+ $25k (E & W)
$24k (National)
+ $36k (Ntnl)
$3k (West Coast)
$15k (West Coast)
$60k (E & W)
$10k (West Coast)
$15k (West Coast)
+ $15k (E & W)
$5k (West Coast)
$16k (West Coast)
+ $7k (E & W)
$18k (West Coast)
+ $32k (E & W)
Wedding Expo & Event Sponsorships: 10 events x $5000 each
Miscellaneous Marketing Materials: TV Ad creation, Flyers, etc.
$1.5 mil
+ $60k (Ntnl)
+ $50k (Ntnl)
+ $60k (Ntnl)
+ $60k (Ntnl)
$5k (West Coast)
+ $50k
India Advertising and Data Collection
UK and Canada Advertising and Data Collection
Call Center for Data Verification: 100,000 listings x 50 cents
Preeti’s Salary
Full-time Designer Abroad
+ $120k
+ $35k
Call Center for Customer Service
Full-time Programmer Abroad
+ $50k
+ $40k
+ $40k
+ $65k
Head of India Operations
Customer Service and Admin Reps Abroad
+ $35k
Operations and Sales Person in UK
+ $35k
Operations and Sales Person for US and Canada
Office Space, Equipment, Hosting, other Admin, Legal Fees
$2 mil
$25k (Ntnl)
Online Banner Ads: $2000/month x 12 months
Movie Theater Advertising
$1 mil
$15k (focus on West Coast)
TV Campaign (Zee TV): 12 months x $4k - $10k/month
Phone Campaign: 1,000,000 households x 6 cents
Yrs 2 and 3
+ $15k
+ $10k
+ $35k
+ $15k
$1 mil
$1.5 mil
+ $10k
$2 mil
Revenue Projections (Yrs 1 -3) – assume $300-600k funding in Yr. 1
Total General Banners and Sales
Section Banner Ads
Database Sales & Licensing
Total Yellow Pages
Expanded Listing
Sponsored Listing
National Listing
Subcategory Banner Ads
Pay-per-Click / Call
Total RFP / Bid Request
Sponsored Listing
Total ECommerce / Web Services
Static Text & Graphic Websites
ECommerce Sites
ECommerce Promotion Page
ECommerce Pay-per-Transaction
Total Community Events
Sponsored Listing
Ongoing Calendar Listing
Total Movie Showtimes
Total Ticketing
Flat Listing Fee
Seating Chart Event Upgrade
Gross Revenues
Assumes revenue for US and Canada in Yrs 1 and 2, and revenue in Yr. 3 for UK equivalent to Yr. 1
($5 per bid x 25,000 vendors x 2 bids each) + 1.0 x Year 11
Not sure if this will be fair to the Customer
(150 websites x $15/month + $75 fee for 50 new) + 1.0 x Year 11
(150 websites x $35/month + $75 fee for 50 new) + 1.0 x Year 11
(15 websites x 12 months x $25/listing) + 1.0 x Year 11
Not sure if we will get involved with this due to credit card sales
(350 listings x $45/month) + 1.0 x Yr 11
(350 listings x $45/month) + 1.0 x Yr 11
(300 listings x $30/month) + 1.0 x Yr 11
Not sure if we will have this
(100 listings x $25/month)
(100 listings x $10/month)
(100 listings x $30/month) + 1.0 x Yr 11
(100 listings x $15/month) + 1.0 x Yr 11
Not sure if we will charge or keep it free
Not sure how much we can charge
Not sure if we will develop this
Already developed, but not launched first year
Already developed, but not launched first year
Not developed first year
(250 listings x $25/month)
Not sure if we will have this
Already developed, but not launched first year
Not developed first year
Not developed first year
(5000 listings x $25/month) + 1.0 x Year 11
(5000 listings x $75/month) + 1.0 x Year 11
(1000 listings x $150/month) + 1.0 x Year 11
(35 cats x 2 banner ads x $75/month) + 1.0 x Year 11
Not sure, this might replace flat fees for other upgrades
(250 listings x $35/month)
(100 listings x $35/month)
Free for the first year
Not developed first year
(100 websites x $10/month + $50 initial fee for 50 new sites)
(100 websites x $25/month + $50 initial fee for 50 new sites)
(15 websites x 12 months x $15/listing)
Not sure if we will get involved due to credit card sales
Not developed first year
Not developed first year
(4 sections x 12 months x 1 ad x $1200/month)
(4 sections x 6 banner ads x $400/month)
(10,000 listings x 12 cents/listing x 50 sales)
(12 newsletters x 5 ads x 6 regions x $300)
($5 per bid x 1000 vendors x 2 bids each for the year)
Not sure if this will be fair to the Customer
Free for the first year
Free for the first year
(1000 listings x $20/month)
(1000 listings x $60/month)
(100 listings x $125/month)
(20 cats x 2 banner ads x $60/month)
Not sure, this might replace flat fees for other upgrades
(50 websites x $10/month + $50 initial fee)
(50 websites x $25/month + $100 initial fee)
Free for the first year
Not developed first year
(3 sections x 12 months x 1 ad x $1000/month)
(4 sections x 4 banner ads x $300/month)
(10,000 listings x 10 cents/listing x 10 sales)
(12 newsletters x 5 ads x 3 regions x $250)
Free for the first year
Free for the first year
Free for the first year
(500 listings x $50/month)
(100 listings x $100/month)
(10 cats x 2 banner ads x $50/month)
Not developed first year
Charge for Theater Listing
Movie Promotional Videos
Downloadable Movies / Music
(2 sections x 4 of 12 months x 1 ad x $500/month)
(3 sections x 3 banner ads x $200/month)
(10,000 listings x 10 cents/listing x 5 sales)
(12 newsletters x 5 ads x $200)
Year 3
Sponsored Listing
National Listing
Employer Job Listings
Matching Service
Year 2
Total Classifieds
Total Career Classifieds
Year 1
Not sure if we will charge or keep it free
Not sure how much we can charge
Not sure if we will develop this
(250 events x 50 tickets x $1.00 per ticket)
(250 events x $50/event)
Not sure if we will develop this or how we will charge
(300 events x 50 tickets x $1.00 per ticket) + 1.0 x Yr 11
(300 events x $50/event) + 1.0 x Yr 11
Not sure if we will develop this or how we will charge
Financials – 3 Year Projections
Total Revenues
General Banners and Sales
Yellow Pages Upgrades
RFP / Bid Request
Ecommerce / Web Services
Career Classifieds
Community Events
Movie Showtimes
Total Expenses
Net Profit
U.S. and Canada
Launch in UK
Year 1
Year 2
($96,900) -19%
Year 3
Launch in Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and other regions, as well as launch into Cross-Border Directory markets like Import-Export, Outsourcing,
and Foreign Investment Vehicles
Why Invest?
It all comes down to ROI, and here are some POWERFUL reasons that make this extremely Low Risk and
almost guarantee an array of lucrative Exit Options:
The Business Model is not in question. The question is not WHETHER an NRI Yellow Pages and Directory
will make money, but WHO will make this money? Compare the advanced progress CopperPages has made
with its limited resources and time to slow progress made by larger media players here for many more years
with much more money. We will be the undisputed leaders in this market.
The current focus is on India. We are ahead of the curve by capturing the NRI market. In 1-3 years, we will
be the TOP acquisition target for all the companies currently being funded in India when they decide to
expand their presence to global Indians (NRIs).
- Naukri.com, Yatra.com, IndiaGames.com, Seventymm.com, Mauj.com
They will compete to acquire us for our 3 solid assets which will help them speed their growth:
Our NRI traffic
Our Cash-Cow Ad Revenue base (Lexus, New York Life, Patel Brothers) which we will generate with
our tremendous lead since there is no major competition and we will be the FIRST STOP for
advertisers targeting this market
3) Our South Asian Businesses Database (100k already, prob. 200k+ in the future)
Or we will be acquired by a media company wanting to extend their media channels
- Zee or Sony TV, IndiaTimes
IPO may also be a distant option
- Rediff (Nasdaq: Redf Share price: $17.92)
Appendix A – Calculation for Market Size
M e d ia T yp e
• The total market size
for media and
advertising spending
related to the South
Asian diaspora is not
U n its
Estim a te d A n n u a l R e ve n u e T o ta l A n n u a l R e ve n u e
S m all N ew s papers
20 papers x 10 s tates
Large N ew s papers
Loc al TV P rogram s
2 program s x 12 s tates
R adio P rogram s
5 program s x 20 s tates
N ational TV S tations
20 s tates x 2 theaters x 10
M ovie Theater A ds
• Estimates based on
rough calculations
come to $500 million
for the US market to
$2 billion for the
global NRI market.
advertis ers
O utdoor A dvertis ing
(B i l l b o a rd s, S h o p p i n g C a rts, e tc)
G oogle A dvertis ing
O ther ( F l ye rs,
50,0000 bus ines s
C u l tu ra l E ve n t
P ro g ra m s, B o o th s, S p o n so rsh i p )
250 events x 10 s tates
TeleM ark eting / D irec t
S ales / D irec t M ail
• Note: This does
NOT include potential
revenue for ECommerce
Ticketing, Bid
Requests, and other
Large W ebs ites
S m all W ebs ites
E -N ew s letters
T o ta l A d R e ve n u e sp e n t to re a ch N R I m a rke t in U S
(65% of U S R evenue)
C anada
(65% of U S R evenue)
M iddle E as t
(65% of U S R evenue)
A us tralia
(20% of U S R evenue)
A fric a
(20% of U S R evenue)
(E quivalent to U S R evenue)
O ther C ountries
T o ta l A d R e ve n u e sp e n t to re a ch N R I m a rke t G lo b a lly
Appendix B – Competition: Comparison of CPP vs Google
For local search on Indian goods or services, Google delivers far less results than
CopperPages in most keyword searches, especially those for less common categories
(i.e. Tailor) or less popular cities (i.e. Hinsdale, IL).
Indian Photographer, Fremont
Indian Tailor, Edison NJ
(results from 25k data only,
75k yet to be released)
(no Expansion capabilities)
(3 initial and 7 additional within 25 miles)
Almost 0
(2 initial and 5 additional within 10 miles)
Indian Real Estate, Fremont CA
Indian Grocery, Hinsdale IL
(2 initial and 8 additional within 10 miles)
Appendix B - Competitor and Features Comparison
Sulekha 1
PlanetGuru 2
Print Directories 3
General / Other Services Comparison
Yellow Pages / Classifieds
Yes and No
Business Websites
National and accessible free of charge?
Quality Check / Pre-Approval Before Publishing Listing
Automatic Notification of Entry Expiration
Maybe - Manual
Account Points Awarded to Contributors
Filter for Duplicate Contributions
Maybe - Manual
Shopping Cart
Online reporting of incorrect listings
Maybe - Manual
User can edit their websites online, anytime
User can update/upgrade listing online, anytime
Display of upgraded advertising information in Account
Yes – not US?
Consumer Report / Newsletter
Expanded/Condensed views on Classifieds and Events?
1 view
Allow Photograph for YPages, Classifieds, Events?
Yes, Yes, Yes
No, No, Yes
Not usually
Automated SMS or Hidden Contact Info for Classifieds?
Preview Yellow Pages and Classifieds listing?
Sulekha.com consists of Yellow Pages, Classifieds, Ticketing, Cricket, News, Blogs, Chat Rooms, etc. and does not have a printed directory
PlanetGuru.com is similar to Sulekha, but not as popular, and also prints local directories of its Yellow Pages which are free but not easily available
Other printed directories include Little India, Fast Yellow Pages, Muslim Pages, Rose Pages, etc.
Appendix B - Competitor and Features Comparison – cont’d
Print Directories
Yellow Pages Comparison
Number of Categories and Subcategories
46 and 250
17-20 and 5
74 and 30
30 - 50
# of Listings
~500 - 5000
Search by Business or Last Name?
Yes, but doesn’t
show category
Search by Keyword?
Search by 50 States?
Not all, 16
Not all
Search by Multiple State?
Search by City?
Not all, 16
Not all
Search by Zip Code?
Not working?
Expanded Search by Zip Code?
Associated "See Also" Categories shown
Non-Zero Results feature?
Multiple Categorization & Locations for listings?
Yes and Yes
No and No
Regional highlighting of listings?
Multiple Contact People and Phone Numbers?
Only in paid ads
Expanded listings with description?
Ranking of listings by quality and accuracy
No - Doubt It
No - Doubt It
No - Doubt It
Advertiser’s Report / Newsletter
Coupons and Search by Coupons?
Yes and No
Manual, Printed
Appendix B – Competitors - Rediff
Figures in $ 000s
Oct - Dec 06 Oct - Dec 05 Variance
Oct - Dec 06 Jul - Sept 06 Variance
India Online
Fee based service
Total India Online
2297 103%
227 24%
2524 80%
US Publishing
Offline revenues
Online revenues
Total US Publishing
Total Revenues
Cost of revenues
India Online
US Publishing
Total cost of revenues
Gross Margin
India Online
US Publishing
Total gross margin
Gross Margin %
India Online
US Publishing
Total gross margin
Operating Expenses
Sales & Marketing
Product Development
General & Administrative *
Total operating expenses
Operating EBIDTA
Interest Income
Foreign exchange Gain/(Loss)
Other Income
Net Income from continuing
operations before income taxes
Net Income/(Loss)
* Stock-based compensation cost
included in General and Administrative
# of Advertisers
# Headcount at end of Quarter
Cash Balance $ mln at end of quarter
Financials for 3rd Quarter 20062007 for the Fiscal Year ended
March 31, 2007.
Note that total estimated 2007
Revenue is $30 million, US
Revenues are $8 million, of which
$3.2 million is online.
Rediff does not specifically target
the US anymore or the global NRI
market, so the fact they are still
earning significant revenues in the
NRI market is further support of
market potential.
Appendix B – Competitors - Rediff
F is c a l ye a rs E n d e d M a rc h 3 1
in 1 0 0 0 s
R e ve n u e s
1 ,9 0 6
5 ,6 2 1
7 ,8 5 9
8 ,5 7 2
9 ,4 4 6
1 2 ,6 2 7
1 8 ,7 0 1
C o s t o f R e ve n u e s
2 ,6 1 6
5 ,0 9 8
5 ,5 6 0
4 ,7 3 8
5 ,1 1 3
5 ,0 3 9
G ro s s P ro fit (L o s s )
(2 6 )
(3 5 )
3 ,0 0 5
6 ,6 6 5
4 ,3 8 6
4 ,7 0 8
7 ,5 1 4
1 3 ,6 6 2
0 .0 0 %
-4 0 .7 0 %
G ro s s M a rg in s
O p e ra tin g E x p e n s e s
6 6 .0 9 %
6 2 .4 6 %
5 0 .0 5 %
5 3 .4 6 %
8 4 .8 1 %
5 1 .1 7 %
4 9 .8 4 %
5 9 .5 1 %
7 3 .0 5 %
1 2 ,6 8 3
1 ,5 4 5
7 ,8 6 9
1 4 ,9 1 6
2 0 ,9 3 8
1 4 ,9 0 3
7 ,9 2 7
9 ,2 2 7
L o s s fro m O p e ra tio n s
(1 3 7 )
(4 2 5 )
(3 5 2 )
(1 ,0 1 1 )
(6 ,9 1 5 )
(1 1 ,9 1 1 )
(1 4 ,2 7 3 )
(1 0 ,5 1 7 )
(3 ,2 1 9 )
(1 ,7 1 3 )
N et Loss
(1 3 7 )
(4 2 5 )
(3 5 2 )
(9 8 5 )
(6 ,6 6 6 )
(6 ,3 6 5 )
(1 4 ,7 6 5 )
(1 8 ,9 8 1 )
-4 9 4 .1 9 %
-6 8 .2 2 %
-1 1 5 .2 0 %
-3 4 9 .7 4 %
-1 1 3 .2 4 %
-1 8 7 .8 7 %
-2 2 1 .4 3 %
N e t M a rg in s
Appendix B – Competitors - Sulekha
February 15, 2005
Sulekha planning more city portals
Sulekha.com, a popular global interactive online platform for the Indian community around the world with 60 city portals at present, plans to
spread its footprint across India by setting up 20 more portals in Tier-II cities. The company, which has revenues in excess of $6 million, is
also looking at forging alliances in the online and mobile spaces to supply value-added city content to the growing mobile and online customer
"Sulekha will provide a comprehensive combination of city specific information and services including yellow pages, classifieds, events, citybased groups and discussions," said Satya Prabhakar, president and Chief Executive Officer, Sulekha.com
Over 90 percent of the commerce and interactions in the new portals will be city-specific, he said. "Our target is to extend this concept of city
portals to all cities and major towns in India," added Prabhakar.
Presently, the company has 10 city portals in India with the balance in other countries like Canada, US and UK. The portal currently has around
on million hits per month. "Millions of Indians worldwide learn, interact and network through Sulekha," said Param Parameswaran, Chairman
The online company is said to be largest online ticketer for Indian events and movies in the US, with a 90 percent marketshare. Sulekha also
operates a popular online classifieds for Indians in all its 60 city portals. It also has a tie up with MSN India.
From Sulekha.com Press Releases:
Sulekha Travel is one of largest niche web properties focusing on travelogues and encourages community interaction between people who are
interested in travel. Sulekha.com enjoys 30 million page views and 1.2 million unique visitors a month and almost all the content in Sulekha
Travel is member contributed.“ (July 2006)
Sulekha.com, the biggest and most popular online community portal has launched its Yellow Pages service on the WAP platform. This will enable
users to access over 400,000 business listings through mobile phones anywhere in the world. This service is the first of its kind in India and is
available to users having WAP enabled mobile instruments. (June 2006)
Sulekha Classifieds, the print classified edition of Sulekha.com is now available at a host of conveniently located outlets in Chennai, Bangalore
and Hyderabad. A whole gamut of information on rentals, real estate, business opportunities, houseshold & business services, automobiles and
NRI matrimonials are available in Sulekha Classifieds each week. (March 2005)
Appendix B – Competitors - Sulekha
I suppose Sulekha was bound to get funded. I never found Sulekha very usable, but they do have a dedicated userbase. Traction, as they
call it, is critical to funding, as was repeated often at TIE Delhi 2006. (from Content Sutra, posted by Nikhil Pahwa on 11/1/2006)
From rm — Thu 02 Nov 2006 12:02 AM
there are much better sites to sulekha...web 2.0 is all about users, but sulekha took them users for granted and pumps out tons of ads on the face
of user...crappiest site i ever visited
From postal portal — Thu 02 Nov 2006 04:36 AM
I am surprised with this development. Sulekha has no value offering, and is a very poor quality site. I guess the VC are also getting pressurised
From Anil — Thu 02 Nov 2006 05:22 AM
I agree with everyone that Sulekha isnt a user friendly site and not at all on the Web 2.0 platform. But at the same time they have their fingers
in many pies and have recently made an ad network too which will server CPC ads across Sulekha’s online properties (and maybe have a
publisher network too).
From postal portal — Thu 02 Nov 2006 05:57 AM
Yes Anil, it has its fingers in many pies but is that a good thing or a bad thing? I have followed this site for some time, they take initiatives and
then dont execute properly to the extent that some of the initiatives die prematurely. They started a matrimonial service that lasted less than 6
months, very recently. Since there was some traction in real estate, they started a real estate website but I dont see anything happening there.
Anyway, maybe they needed money to pull all these stunts and maybe we see something worthwhile. All in all, its fuelling the online space.
November 2, 2006 — Sulekha.com, the first and largest online social media and local commerce destination for Indians, today announced
Promod Haque’s global technology venture capital firm, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP)’s Series A investment of $10 million in the company.
Sulekha, founded and run by Satya Prabhakar, received $4.5 million in prior funding from the Indigo Monsoon Group (IMG) over a 6 year
period from 2000, led by Param Parameswaran and Harish. IMG is a private investment firm focused on early stage equity investments in Indian
Internet and Mobile domains. IMG has made investments in Sulekha.com (leading online community for Indians integrating social media with
local commerce), Fabmall.com (the leading pure-play ecommerce company in India), Indiaplaza.com (the most popular ecommerce destination
for NRIs in US) and eShakti.com (leading online India-inspired and customized apparel retailer aimed at a global audience).
Appendix B – Competitors – India Plaza
Fabmall.com acquires US-based online shopping firm Our Bureau
Bangalore , Jan. 18, 2007
The Hindu Business Online
E-tailing firm Fabmall.com has acquired the US-based e-commerce company Indiaplaza.com for an undisclosed sum. With this acquisition,
Fabmall.com has also re-branded itself and will henceforth be known as Indiaplaza.in in India and Indiaplaza.com in the US.
Announcing this at a press conference here, Mr K. Vaitheeswaran, Chief Operating Officer, Indiaplaza, said that the company would
aggressively invest and scale up the operations to create a global online shopping brand for Indians and Indian products in India and the US.
The company would soon look at tapping the UK, Australia and South Africa markets. "In the next two years, we'll spend about Rs 25 crore on
our marketing activities," said Mr Param Parameswaran, Chairman, Indiaplaza.
Fabmall.com launched in 1999 is one of the first e-commerce companies set up in the country. By the end of FY'07, Indiaplaza is expecting
sales revenues of $12 million-15 million and by 2009, about $60 million-70 million. "We are looking at a valuation of about $100 million by
2010," Mr Vaitheeswaran said. Indiaplaza.in has been posting 30 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth, he said. Indiaplaza.com was set up with
funding from The Indigo Monsoon Group (IMG), a private investment firm investing in Indian Internet and mobile domains. IMG has also
invested in Sulekha.com and eshakti.com.
Indiaplaza's shopping catalogue now has over 3.5 million items across categories including books, music, durables, Bollywood products,
apparel, jewellery and appliances.
Appendix B – Competitors – India Plaza
Sify sells Indiaplaza.com, to exit non-core areas
JULY 05, 2003
HYDERABAD: Sify has sold its online shopping mall, Indiaplaza.com, to an American investor for an undisclosed amount. The move is in line
with the company’s restructuring plan, under which, it will exit all non-remunerative, inactive and non-core businesses.
According to sources, next in line are Sify Baron Net Devices and Satyam Institute of E-Business. While the former has transacted no business
since the last 18 months, the latter has been dormant since inception.
Sify’s board of directors, scheduled to meet on July 15, is expected to ratify the recommendation for the closure of these two companies and the
hiving off of Indiaplaza.com.
Sify managing director R Ramaraj confirmed the Indiaplaza.com sale. The company has on Friday also made a filing with the US Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) on the same. However, Mr Ramaraj refused to divulge either the name of Indiaplaza.com’s buyer or the value of
the deal, citing a non-disclosure agreement. “It is an American company that usually invests in such ventures,” he said.
Incorporated in the US, Indiaplaza.com owns and operates online shopping malls in the US, UK and India. During fiscal ’02, the company
recorded sales of $3m and suffered a net loss of $1m.
Sify had acquired Indiaplaza.com in July ’00 through a stock-swap, under which, it issued an aggregate of 113,798 ADS to the former equity
holders of the portal, according to the filing to the SEC on Friday.
However, Sify’s experience from the acquisition of online properties has not been encouraging. According to the filing, while it had to write off
all of the goodwill related to some such acquisitions, including IndiaWorld Communications and Indiaplaza.com, in fiscal ’02, during fiscal ’03,
it recorded an impairment charge of $5.2m.
On moves to cut its exposure in various verticals, Mr Ramaraj said infrastructure and retail net services, which contribute about 50% of
revenues, will be Sify’s major areas of focus.
A similar fate is in store for Sify’s other subsidiaries like Sify Plasticcommerce, which operated the satyamplastics.com portal. At one point of
time Sify had up to 14 subsidiaries, many of which had been floundering. Sify e-learning and SafeScrypt, which has a tie-up with VeriSign, are
the only profitable subsidiaries.
Appendix C – Advertisers Report and Press Room
• Advertisers Report –
Automated and available
online, the Advertisers
report show current and
past months of advertising
statistics for paid,
upgraded Advertisers.
• Statistics available are
Listing Views, Banner Ad
Views, Website Clicks,
Banner Ad Clicks, and
Coupon Clicks
Press Room published on
CopperPages.com Front-End
Appendix C - Data Sourcing and Cleaning
- Gather sites for Screen
Scraping, audit data for
2 weeks
2 weeks
Send info to India
Data is Input Manually or
2-4 weeks
- Order copies of Newspapers
Download copies of existing
data from CPP and join with
new data, rank all data from
1-3 in terms of quality based
on source
Automatically delete
Repeat cycle until no more
dupes can be found
Optional: Have call center
verify data and categorization,
perhaps only those with low
ranking in terms of source
1 day
0.5 day
Fill in missing Zipcodes,
Cities, States, and required
fields, delete those with no
phone or address
Re-Run through De-Dupe
software using combos of
other Parameters (80%
Address, 80% Name, 99%
Phone, etc.)
Optional: Run through DeDupe based on matching Biz
Names, review results for
Multiple Locations, assign
same Directory ID to
franchises or branches
1 day
Run through De-Dupe
software using 1st Parameter
(95% Address, 95% Name
0.5 day
Most time-consuming
0.5 day
Manually review duplicates
and flag for updating or
Categorize all data
according to CPP system,
some via Find-Replace,
many one-by-one and
listings can
Publish data to CPP, overwriting existing CPP data
1-2 days
take 1-3
with copies that have “U” and adding new listings.
Appendix D – Yellow Pages Facts & Statistics
• The following are statistics presented by the Yellow Pages Association of North
America (www.yppa.com) in a summary of 2004-2005 research and findings:
• The Yellow Pages industry is valued at more than $26 billion worldwide and $14 billion in
the U.S. There are over 7,000 yellow page directories in North America, used by 9 out of 10
adults, of which 86% follow-up with a phone call or visit.
•Research shows a 14-to-1 return on investment in Yellow Pages advertisement.
• Yellow Pages users spend an average of 25 percent more than the average consumer.
• According to Knowledge Networks / Statistical Research Inc. (KN/SRI), an independent
research firm, 76% of all U.S. adults refer to the Yellow Pages monthly, and 88% of those
who use the Yellow Pages ultimately make or are likely to make a purchase. (Compare to
7% ROI in Print and TV, Yellow Pages traffic is worth 12 times more!)
• Research also shows the average Yellow Pages user looks at more than five ads when
scanning the directory, with a higher advertisement review rate than any other media.
• According to an AdAge report in July 2004, online Yellow Pages beat Search Engines
locally in use.
• New research from The Kelsey Group and ConStat, Inc. indicates that Internet Yellow
Pages (IYP) is gaining ground among small and medium-sized business (SMB) advertisers.
According to the Local Commerce Monitor, an ongoing study of SMB advertisers cosponsored by the two firms, 24 percent of SMBs are using IYP as part of their advertising
and promotion mix - a 60 percent increase over last year.
Appendix D – Yellow Pages Facts & Statistics – cont’d
• Gwinnett Business Journal, Dec 2005: Those trusty, dusty yellow pages ought to be green.
With a whopping profit margin of about 50 percent, Southwestern Bell Communications' (SBC)
print Yellow Pagesв„ў logged a $2 billion profit on $3.8 billion in revenue in 2004, while
BellSouth's Real Yellow Pagesв„ў earned $954 million on $2 billion. The print yellow pages
industry led all other advertising venues and is expected to do so for at least the next five years.
• 68 mln of US Internet users performed an yellow
pages search online in July 2006. This represents a
46% increase versus year ago. When analyzing the
total share of yellow pages searches, which by their
nature have local intent, comScore’s data reveals that
Yahoo! Sites and Verizon SuperPages garnered the
largest share, with 23.9% and 20.1%, respectively.
Google Sites ranked third in IYP searches, capturing
12.5%, followed by Yellowpages.com with 12.0%.
Appendix D – Yellow Pages Facts & Statistics – cont’d
• According to The Kelsey Group’s annual forecast, global local search and online classified
advertising revenues will grow from $15.7 billion in 2005 to $31.1 billion in 2010. The local
search segment will grow from $3.4 billion in 2005 to $13 billion in 2010, with online classifieds
growing from $12.3 billion to $18.1 billion during the same period.
• The worldwide Yellow Pages industry (incl. local search) is valued in excess of $100
Billion, according to “Global Yellow Pages™ 2005: The Kelsey Group’s Outlook & Forecast.”
• According to the 2004 Kelsey Group report, the top ten nations (US, Japan, UK, Italy,
Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain) accounted for 85.9% of
the global market. The US alone, with revenue of US$15.49 billion, accounted for 50.9% of
the global yellow pages advertising market in 2004. Australia was supposedly the fastest
growing market (with revenue up by 11.2%), followed by France (up 7.1%) and by New
Zealand and Peru (6.8% each).
• In 2003 Kelsey suggested that the industry "remains tremendously profitable", generating
an estimated US$10 billion in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
(EBITDA) on US$25.4 billion revenue. In Canada the Yellow Pages Group boasts profit
margins of nearly 58%.
Appendix D – NRI Facts & Statistics
• Approximately 2 million Indians currently live in the United States. The overall growth rate between
1990 and 2000 was 87.4%, the highest of any group in the Asian-American landscape.
• 85% of this population is exposed to some form of Indian media or entertainment.
• The average household income of Indian-Americans is $65,381, which represents the highest and
purchasing power of any minority group in the United States.
• 67% of NRIs own their own home, less than 1% receives public assistance.
• 70% of NRIs have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, which is higher than any other immigrant population in
America’s history.
• More than 95% of NRIs and 78% of Indian Americans can speak a language other than English at home.
• The UK consists of the second largest NRI population in the world with about 1.3 million Indians. The
United Kingdom issues over 250,000 visas a year to Indian citizens traveling to the UK and as many as
500,000 Indian citizens visit India each year, according to UK High Commissioner Sir Michael Arthur.
• Australia is home to over 400,000 NRIs, which represents a wealthy yet highly underserved population.
In addition, over 100,000 Indians visit Australia each year as tourists.
Appendix E – Where We Advertise
пѓ� We are advertising heavily:
пѓ� TV: AVS (Asian Variety Program) in NY/NJ/PA/CT and national Pakistan-India Cricket Match coverage
пѓ� Internet: Sponsored Listings in over 350+ keywords on Yahoo, MSN, Google, & other Search Engines
пѓ� Direct Marketing: Over 200,000+ flyers already distributed
пѓ� Print: Publication of Press Release and Advertisements in over 30 publications (partial list):
•India Abroad – Nationwide
•India Tribune – Chicago
•Little India – Nationwide
•Indian Reporter – Chicago
•Indian Express – Nationwide
•Tiranga – New York
•Divya Bhaskar – Nationwide
•Gujarat Darpan – New York
•DesiTalk Chicago and New York/New Jersey
•South Asian Insider – New York
•Voice of Asia – Texas
•India Currents - California
CPP listed at the top
Appendix F – Partial List of South Asian Media in the US
India Abroad (Ntnl)
Sher-E-Punjab (Ntnl)
Silicon India (Ntnl)
India Reporter (IL)
India Journal
India Currents
India Today (Ntnl)
Silicon India (Ntnl)
Bollywood (E. Coast)
INDUS Business Jrnl
News India Times (Ntnl)
Urdu Times (Ntnl)
India in NY
India in New England
Pakistan Link
Biz India
Weekly Bangla Patrika
Pakistan Post (Ntnl)
The Urban Indian (E.
Lokvani (MA)
Kerala Express
Voice of America
Desi Talk (E. Coast)
Thikana (Ntnl)
AZAD New York
India West (W. Coast)
Pakistan Voice
Hinduism Today (Ntnl)
Divya Bhaskar (Ntnl)
New York AWAM
India Times (W. Coast)
Pakistan Today
Gujurat Samachar (Ntnl)
Namaskar (Ntnl)
South Asian Insider
(E. Coast)
URDU Times
Bibi Magazine
Indian Express (Ntnl)
Gujurat Times (Ntnl)
India Tribune (IL)
Muslims Weekly
India Express
Anokhi Vibe
Sandesh (Ntnl)
Ajit Weekly (Ntnl)
Spotlight (IL)
Weekly News Pakistan
India Herald
Siliconeer (Ntnl)
Little India (Ntnl)
India Post (IL)
Indo American
Diya Magazine
Samar Magazine
Zee TV (Ntnl)
MTV India (Ntnl)
Music Of India Radio
(E. Coast)
Aap ka Manoranjan
Namaste Bombay
TV Asia (Ntnl)
Sneha Telugu TV
Eye on Asia (E Coast)
Man Ki Pasand (IL)
Dhamaka Radio
Vision of Asia
American Desi (Ntnl)
Anil Ki Awaaz Radio
Namaste America (E.
Bharat Darshan (IL)
4Visions Radio
Pakistan Zindabad
B4U (Ntnl)
AVS (Ntnl)
Vdesi (E. Coast)
Chitrahar (IL)
India Waves TV
Sony TV (Ntnl)
Radio Punjab (Ntnl)
Wah India (MI)
88' Geetmala Radio (TN)
Appendix G – Only 4 B2C Verticals will Survive, B2B is TBD
• Matching /
• Music
• Ringtones
• Downloadable
• Gaming
• Movie Showtimes
• Bollywood Events
• Bollywd Ticketing
• Booking of Talent
• Airline Tickets
• Import Export
• News
• Hotels
• Outsourcing
• Yellow Pages – NRI
• YPages – Cross Border
Medical Care
• Classifieds
• Career Classifieds
• Ecommerce – NRI
• Ecmmrce – Cross Border
• All Events – NRI
• Events – Cross Border
• Charitable Donations
• All Ticketing
• Online Courses
Cultural Immersion
• Horoscopes
• Offline Events
• Shaadi.com
• BharatMatrimony
• IndianDating.com
• JeevanSathi.com
• Sulekha.com
• Car, Other Rentals
• Tourist Packages
• Call Centers
Customer Srvce
Data Entry
• Blogs
• Message Boards
• Email
Appendix G – Cross-Border Outsourcing Directory
Yellow Pages
Search Engines
Listings of retail and websites
Content and Website listings
Searchable by categorization to nth degree
More advanced than Yellow Pages search with
many players using different algorithims
RFP will be more important
Display in customized format
Limitations and Strengths different from Yellow
Pages (+Ranking, +New content, -not
comprehensive in results after 15th page, -not
searchable by categorization, not displayed in
customized format
User domain knowledge and participation
(Wikipedia, tagging, forums, blogging)
Appendix G – Outsourcing Directory: Offshorexperts
See next slide for results of “Sales &
Marketing Outsourcing”
Too much content on home page, we will just do listings and data,
not content which can be gotten via Google searches. Content is
subjective and a user might need several articles on a subject to be
well-informed, trying to offer a few articles is pointless.
Appendix G – Outsourcing Directory: Offshorexperts
1157 listings, too many results, should have
more advanced searched criteria, not sorted by
region or even country
display, must
link to each
page to get
proper detail,
should be
displayed in
chart format
and have more
specific service
Appendix G – Outsourcing Directory: Offshorexperts
should have
been available
on the previous
page and is too
general, one
must drill into
their website or
call them
Appendix G – Outsourcing Directory: Offshorexperts
Although this is somewhat detailed, there is a
lot of information that can be collected
uniformly from each vendor and then
displayed in a customizable comparison
chart back to the user. For example, when
bidding for a telemarketing project, specific
questions might include:
Voice Broadcast or Live?
VOIP lines or live phone
Recorded calls for audit?
Dedicated staff or rotated?
Minimum job size
Estimated completion time
Previous jobs completed
that were similar
Commission based or fixed
Size of facility and team
Years in business
Free trial available?
Appendix G – Outsourcing Directory: Offshorexperts
Appendix G – Import/Export Directory: IndiaMart
Appendix G – Import/Export Directory: IndiaMart
Appendix G – Import/Export Directory: IndiaMart
Appendix G – Import/Export Directory: IndiaMart
IndiaMART registers 63% growth in nine-month revenues; 73% in 3rd quarter
New Delhi, 15th February 2006 - India's leading online B2B marketplace, recorded a 63% growth (from Rs 760.40 lacs to Rs
1242.53 lacs) in cumulative revenues for 9 months ending 31 Dec 2005 compared to the corresponding period last year. The
EBDIT grew in the same proportion (63.7%) to gross at Rs 488.70 lacs as against Rs 298.40 lacs last year. The PAT for the same
period grew by 65% (from Rs 292.20 lacs to Rs 176.26 lacs) over the last year.
The quarterly figures (Oct-Dec 05) showed a 73% growth in revenues (from Rs. 280.65 Lacs to Rs. 486.65 Lacs) with a 75%
rise in EBDIT (from Rs 96.81 Lacs to Rs. 169.79 Lacs) and 45% growth in PAT over the same period last year.
The increased revenues and profits were largely driven by a 50% increase in the number of new clients building online catalogs
at the IndiaMART network, accompanied by a good deal of existing customers upgrading to more comprehensive catalogs.
Advertising on the network, that account for 15-20% of the total earnings, also witnessed a growth of 80%. IndiaMART, India’s
largest online B2B marketplace offers online business promotion and matchmaking services to Indian businesses in global
markets. The marketplace also offers a host of online advertising opportunities, ecommerce solutions, tenders, trade leads and
email solutions.
“We are now working towards translating our success in B2B from �India-to-world’ model to �world-to-world’ model. We are
committed to continuously increase and improve our offerings to our online visitors and clients”, said Mr. Dinesh Agarwal,
Founder & CEO of IndiaMART. He further added that the ISO Certification attained by IndiaMART has certainly enhanced its
credibility, and has added pace to the company's growth rate.
The IndiaMART network commands a visitor base of 8 million unique business visitors globally that translate into 45 million
effective page-views on the portal every month. The network generated a business worth approximately Rs. 5,000 crores for its
9,000+ clients and 3,00,000 member companies in the last financial year.
A key milestone achieved during the last year was the launch of ABCpayments, an online payment gateway service facilitating
authentic and secure online transactions between buyers and sellers from across the globe. ABC Payments has tied up with
business partners like CITIBANK, ICICI, UTI, and Bank of Punjab, HDFC and IDBI, to offer a single platform offering
multiple online payment options
Appendix G – Hispanic Printed Directories
A Hispanic Yellow Pages of America now reaches over 1 million Hispanic households in the United States
With the acquisition of 13 northwestern Hispanic directories, HYPA now reaches the Hispanic market in 9 states
Chicago, IL - January 11, 2007 - Hispanic Yellow Pages of America (HYPA) announced the completion of its acquisition of Travel Media
Northwest Inc. (TMNW), and Hispanic Impact Media Inc. (HIM), who, as partners, are the leading Spanish-language yellow page publisher in
the Oregon-Washington-Idaho and Utah region. With this acquisition, HYPA is set to reach over one million Hispanic households in the U.S.
HYPA's growth mimics that of the Hispanic market. According to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies the Hispanic advertising
industry is outpacing all other sectors of advertising growing 4 times faster and is now a more than $4 billion industry.
HYPA currently publishes Spanish yellow page directories in Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. With the addition of Oregon,
Washington, Idaho and Utah, HYPA will reach more than a million Hispanic households with a total buying power of over $13 billion. HYPA's
directories go beyond traditional yellow page offerings by providing in depth community information and other vital information via
supplementary Spanish directory products in order to help enrich the lives of Hispanics in the U.S.
"Travel Media Northwest and Hispanic Media have a solid customer base, a great reputation in the market, and an outstanding operation that
extends our national market presence throughout the Northwest, Midwest and Southwestern United States,”says Michael Reagan, HYPA's EVP
& GM.
For more information on HYPA visit www.TusAmarillas.com / www.hypa.info.
About Hispania Capital Partners Hispania Capital Partners is a Chicago-based private equity fund focusing on investment opportunities in laterstage companies serving the U.S. Hispanic market in the numerous areas including print, broadcasting, business services, financial sector,
information technology, and food manufacturing and distribution. http://www.hispaniapartners.com.
**For national sales information contacts Adam Trynoski with National Solutions, Inc. [email protected] or call (850) 7291141 x301.
Media Contacts
National Solutions
Adam Trynoski
850-729-1141 x301
[email protected]
Appendix G – Hispanic Online Directories
StarMedia Women's Channel Relaunch Part of Broader Strategy
› › › ClickZ News
By Kate Kaye | August 2, 2006
It may not be competing for the same audience as the likes of iVillage or ClubMom, but with the relaunch of its women's section, Spanish language portal StarMedia
wouldn't mind grabbing some of their ad dollars.
"The U.S. is the most important country for us in terms of advertising revenue," stressed StarMedia VP of Operations Juan Jose Nunez.
The portal publisher has expanded its StarMedia Mujer channel, building out its editorial content in the hopes of giving Spanish speakers in the U.S., Mexico and other
Latin American countries more reason to stay on the site -- and more reason for advertisers to reach women there.
Advertisers including Tyson, Jeep, Kraft and AstraZeneca's Nexium are running ads in the StarMedia Mujer section. Spanish-language microsites for Nexium and Kraft
Foods's ComidaKraft.com, hosted by Starmedia, link from ads in the women's channel. Tyson is running a spot linking to its own Spanish-language site, and
Jeep is running a banner linking to an English-language site promoting the 2007 Jeep Compass.
According to Nunez, three or four new advertisers are expected to buy media in the new women's channel in the coming weeks. Rich media formats, sponsorships,
watermarks and editorially-integrated ads are available on the site.
StarMedia has enhanced content areas throughout the women's section, particularly in Fashion and Beauty and Diet and Nutrition. To accommodate the need for more
content, Nunez noted that the company has boosted its editorial staff, based in Spain, to four people. StarMedia Mujer features content areas including Family,
Sexuality, Relationships, Home, Horoscopes and Forums.
The relaunched channel also offers a new sub-section called "Tu Espacio," or "Your Space," which includes in-depth content regarding family, work and travel and
leisure. StarMedia also provides services such as chat, e-mail, games, e-cards and classifieds across the portal. The firm also launched its online digital Latin music
service VOY Music about four months ago.
StarMedia, which is wholly-owned by France Telecom Group's online division, Wanadoo, derives the largest portion of its ad revenue from auto and entertainment
advertisers, according to Nunez. He expects to see more dollars from sports and technology advertisers in the near future, he said.
Site visitors from Mexico and the U.S. comprise the largest portion of the portal's user base, Nunez told ClickZ News. Mexico accounts for around 20 percent of its
audience, and the U.S. makes up around 15 percent. "The market is much bigger than the rest of the countries," he added. "That's the reason why we're focused on those
markets." Other visitors reside in Peru, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. StarMedia often targets ads to users living in the U.S. or Mexico, or specific zip and area codes.
StarMedia ranks fourth in Web traffic among major Spanish-language sites, according to Hitwise. The Web measurement firm found Univision garnered .04 percent of
the weekly market share of total Web visits for the week ending July 29. Yahoo Telemundo came in second with .009 percent, Terra Networks third with .004 percent,
StarMedia fourth with .001 percent, and AOL Latino fifth with .00008 percent.
The portal must balance its need to go head-to-head with other Spanish-language sites with its broader goal of growing the Hispanic market in the U.S, explained Nunez.
Indeed, he sits on the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Hispanic Committee, along with several representatives of StarMedia's competitors. "We're going for the same
audience," admitted Nunez. "We have to work together to increase the U.S. Hispanic market."
StarMedia, VOY Music Launch Latin Digital Music Service
Miami - StarMedia, a unit of broadband provider Wanadoo that serves 20 million Spanish-speaking subscribers, announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Latin
digital music service provider VOY Music. The companies jointly launched StarMedia Radios, a Latin digital music service that will be powered by VOY and offer 26
online Spanish-language radio stations.
Appendix G – Hispanic Online Directories
Univision.com is a comprehensive content- and service-rich Spanish-language Internet service catering to the 33
million Hispanic Americans who represent the country's fastest growing online community. Univision.com includes
three distinct, but closely integrated components: an Internet portal featuring four branded information channels,
including original and exclusive news, entertainment, sports, and life resources; a branded shopping channel offering a
full range of tailored e-commerce merchandising; and facilitated access to this material through an Internet Service
Provider (ISP), which can also be obtained through low-cost, financed pre-packaged PCs. Leveraging the power of the
Univision Television Network, America's leading Spanish-language broadcaster, Univision.com provides Hispanics
with an unparalleled online forum that entertains, educates and empowers the U.S. Hispanic community.
Form 10-Q for LOOPNET, INC.
Quarterly Report
We are a leading online marketplace for commercial real estate in the United States, based on the number of monthly unique
visitors to our marketplace, which averaged approximately 500,000 unique visitors per month during 2005, and
approximately 880,000 per month during the third quarter of 2006, as reported by comScore Media Metrix. comScore
Media Metrix defines a unique visitor as an individual who visited any content of a website, a category, a channel, or an
application. Our online marketplace, available at www.LoopNet.com, enables commercial real estate agents, working on
behalf of property owners and landlords, to list properties for sale or for lease and submit detailed information on property
listings including qualitative descriptions, financial and tenant information, photographs and key property characteristics in
order to find a buyer or tenant. We offer two types of memberships on the LoopNet online marketplace. Basic membership
is available free-of-charge, and enables members to experience some of the benefits of the LoopNet offering, with limited
functionality. LoopNet premium membership is available for a monthly subscription fee and provides enhanced marketing
exposure for property listings and full access to LoopNet property listings, as well as numerous other features. The
minimum term of a premium membership subscription is one month.
We believe that the key metrics that are material to an analysis of our business are the number of our registered members, the
number of our premium members, the rate of conversion of our basic members to premium members, and the cancellation
rate of our premium members. We also believe that the number of listings on our marketplace is a key metric, as it affects
the attractiveness of our website to current and potential customers. Our total membership has grown from approximately
449,000 members as of December 31, 2003 to over 1.1 million members as of December 31, 2005 and approximately 1.6
million members as of September 30, 2006. Our base of premium members has grown from over 21,000 premium
members as of December 31, 2003 to over 57,000 premium members as of December 31, 2005 and over 76,000 premium
members as of September 30, 2006. Historically, our average monthly rate of conversion of basic members to premium
members has been approximately five percent, and our average monthly cancellation rate for premium members has
ranged between three and five percent. Premium membership fees have driven the majority of our growth in revenues since
2001 and were the source of approximately 80% of our revenues in 2005 and in the nine months ended September 30,
2006. The number of listings on our marketplace has grown from approximately 224,000 as of December 31, 2003 to
approximately 335,000 as of December 31, 2005 and approximately 430,000 as of September 30, 2006.
We derive the substantial majority of our revenues from customers that pay monthly fees for a suite of services to market and
search for commercial real estate and operating businesses. Our fee for our LoopNet premium membership averaged
$45.40 per month during the third quarter of 2006.