Life changes, and so does OPIP - OMA Insurance

Life changes, and so does OPIP
Because OMA Insurance makes it our business to know doctors and advocate on
your behalf, we have negotiated and developed an even better OPIP so that you can
have more of the protection you need, when you need it.
We’ve listened to your feedback and responded with a new OPIP that:
• Makes it easier for you to get the protection you need
• Leverages the group buying power of Ontario’s doctors
• Gives you control to choose the coverages that best suit your needs
• Provides an exclusive and limited window of opportunity to get selected coverage with no medical evidence
Your current coverage is an excellent foundation to protect you and your family. Now you have the option to build
on this foundation with new OPIP solutions based on the annual contribution of $175 (with the exception of the
standalone HSA which remains unchanged at $150).
Here are the highlights:
• EHC coverage has been expanded to two options known as Health (current EHC) and Health Plus
(enhanced EHC) with no medical evidence required if you enrol by January 31st, 2015
• Dental options are now available
• Vision care available up to $300 every two calendar years
• Continuation of your Legal Expense Insurance
• New Security Evacuation Coverage automatically added at no cost
• Additional coverage options that can be customized to your current situation
• New online enrolment tool available will allow you to take advantage of these enhancements until January 31st,
2015. Please use your personalized token number as indicated in your renewal notice.
Here’s how it works:
HSA & CI - $350
HSA - $500
Build your plan – add as many options as you wish
ВЁВЁ Health Plus
ВЁВЁ Dental
ВЁВЁ Dental Plus
ВЁВЁ CI Top-up
ВЁВЁ Health Plus
ВЁВЁ Dental
ВЁВЁ Dental Plus
ВЁВЁ Dental
ВЁВЁ Dental Plus
ВЁВЁ CI Top-up
ВЁВЁ Dental
ВЁВЁ Dental Plus
If you currently have:
Health & Critical Illness
Life changes, and so does OPIP
Here’s what to do now:
1. Review your current coverage using the online tool at
2. Customize your coverage: check out the great prices of our optional, additional coverages.
3. Enrol by January 31st, 2015 to avoid medical evidence.
If you are happy with your current coverage then no action is required and your coverage will continue as is.
We are really excited about the opportunity to provide you with these additional solutions that have been tailored
to you and your changing needs at competitive rates.
After January 1st, 2015 you still have the opportunity to apply for the Health, Health Plus and Critical Illness plans with medical evidence and a paper
application. Dental and Dental Plus coverage is always available without medical evidence by paper application.
Not for profit. All for doctors.