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5th edition – October 2014
Good Business
25th anniversary and Responsible Business Conference edition
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Responsible Business
Conference special
Could you be
�Just One More’?
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Good Business
Volunteerland – a billion-strong army whose contributions are shamefully ignored
Page 3
Partnering business and education
14 businesses raise ВЈ94k for Action Cancer
Page 4
Everyone’s getting in on the gamePage 5
NOW named as NI Social Enterprise of the Year
Page 6
MediCare supports BUp4WORK
Join in National ProBono Week
Giving young people in Northern Ireland a chance
Page 7
Link & Learn: bite-sized topical learning sessions
Drink, work and your responsibility GAP tackles unemployment
Page 8
One hundred companies towards zero waste
Page 9
Giving food waste the chopPage 10
NI Tourist Board Environmental Review Programme
Building a prosperous Northern Ireland – what is the role of business?
Volunteerland – a billion-strong army whose
contributions are shamefully ignored
One hundred companies towards zero
waste, is it possible?
2039 - will your business be in
�good shape’?
New Business in the Community Members
Page 11
Fujitsu finds a home for biodiversity
CORE – it’s coming soon!
Building on Talent – bringing business skills
to the community
Social Saturday arrives in Northern Ireland Page 12
Genesis Crafty helps small food companies to
grow local but think global
Supporting work opportunities in the North West
Page 13
Celebrating 25 years in Northern Ireland
Page 14
2039 – will your business be in �good shape’?
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Thought leadership articlesPage 16
Contact usPage 17
Giving young people in NI
a chance
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Good Business
Volunteerland – a
billion-strong army
whose contributions
are shamefully
by Claire Gordon,
Director, Community
Business in the
That’s quite
a title isn’t it?
Actually, it’s a
statement made by
Andy Haldane, the
Chief Economist of the
Bank of England.
Mr Haldane, who is highly revered
globally for his knowledge and
expertise on financial regulation,
was surprisingly even more
vocal on volunteering. He
specifically highlighted the fact
that volunteering has a much
larger impact on society than most
people think. Mr Haldane accuses
statisticians of often ignoring the
economic impact of volunteering
because generally no monetary
transaction takes place. He
estimates three types of value that
volunteering creates: economic,
private and social.
Economic value: Each year
formal volunteers do the equivalent
amount of work as 1.25 million
�proper’ employees. The British
volunteer labour force is therefore
only slightly smaller than the NHS,
which employs 1.4 million people.
Private value: The private value
of volunteering is more difficult to
measure. Evidence suggests that
volunteering is great for wellbeing.
In fact, generally only health and
employment prospects are more
important. It is possible to translate
these into monetary-equivalent
values; the money someone would
need to be given to increase their
wellbeing by the same amount. On
average, people would need to be
compensated with about ВЈ2,400
per year to miss the opportunity to
And then there are the social
benefits. Helping homeless
people off the street for example
can improve employment and
income prospects, lower criminal
activity, lower the risk of mentalhealth problems, and so on.
Mr Haldane wants to get more
people volunteering. So in that
vein, he has something in common
with Business in the Community.
We work with companies across
Northern Ireland to promote and
build a strong culture of Employer
Supported Volunteering (ESV).
We are in the midst of mobilising
20,000 business volunteers
Volunteer in 2015 – you
can make a difference
Could you?
• Support a young person
• Use your digital skills
• Provide practical and tailored support
• Support the community
between 2013 – 2016. It’s not just
about the numbers - we clearly
recognise the multiple benefits
volunteering brings.
ESV is growing across Northern
Ireland and Europe. As more
companies realise the positive
impact it has on staff (motivation,
loyalty), the organisation (company
profile and repeat business)
and communities (recruitment
catchment areas/places they
operate), it all ultimately impacts
positively on the bottom line.
Mr Haldane made an interesting
comparison between the
levels of volunteering activities
across different countries. In
Turkmenistan, the percentage of
the population who volunteer is
double that of the UK. Why? Well,
because authorities mandate
national days of �compulsory
volunteering’. Now, I am not for
one second suggesting that we
enforce volunteering on certain
days of the year. If we did, we
might have to redefine exactly
what we mean by �volunteering’.
Rather, given the compelling
evidence that exists to highlight its
real benefits, we’re asking for �Just
One More’ hour.
There are lots of volunteering
options for business people, so
whether you’re Suited or Booted,
could you give �Just One More’
hour or complete the �Just One
More’ challenge? We can help you
find the perfect volunteering fit!
Watch the video above to find out
how you can get involved.
For more information, email clairel.gordon@ or Tel (028) 9046 0606.
Why not get some
volunteering dates in your
diary for 2015?
Click here to
access our
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Good Business
Partnering business
and education
by Emma Morrisson, Programme
Manager, Business in the
In 2013, KPMG undertook a
piece of research
on behalf of the
Confederation of
British Industry
(CBI) to look
at the current
state of school
among primary and
post-primary schools
in Northern Ireland with CBI’s
Northern Ireland membership.
Not surprisingly, the research
suggested that the schools and
employers surveyed could see real
benefits of working in partnership
and a recommendation was made
for the CBI to obtain specific
commitments from its members
to support school employer
The benefits of a shared learning
partnership arrangement could
clearly be seen by both business
leaders and head teachers,
however, the research identified
that these relationships needed to
be strategic rather than ad hoc to
maximise outputs and impacts.
If you are interested in finding out more
email [email protected] or Tel
(028) 9046 0606.
Who Cares @
In June this year, Business in the
Community began working with
the CBI to develop an initiative
to meet this need and together
developd a pilot programme –
Partners in Leadership.
The purpose of the programme
is to establish a �buddy system’
for senior business leaders and
head teachers to build stronger
relationships and address
any possible strategic or
development needs or
skills gaps that may exist
with head teachers. Of
course, the business
leaders involved will also
benefit from significant
mutual learning and
increased understanding
of the challenges facing head
teachers. The matched partners
will meet and define their key
objectives and meet on a bimonthly basis over the course of
the school year.
The matching process is now
underway and we plan to host
a launch event in November to
formalise the programme.
14 businesses
raise ВЈ94k
for Action
by Hilary
Manager, Business in the
Community NI
Have you ever had the pleasure
of being a part of something so
challenging but had fun at the
same time? I think I can speak
on behalf of the fourteen teams
of business volunteers who took
part in the 2014 Business in the
Community Shops’ Challenge,
as this was certainly the case for
A range of companies across
Northern Ireland pitted their wits
against one another to take on the
Shops’ Challenge in aid of Action
Cancer and raised a whopping
ВЈ94,000 and Boots came up
trumps as the winning company.
The companies – Armstrong
Medical, Boots, Caterpillar,
Compass Group, firmus energy,
firstsource, fonaCAB, Marks &
Spencer plc, Northern Ireland
Housing Executive, O’Hare &
McGovern, South West College,
SPAR, UTV and Veolia Water,
fundraised for six months ahead
of running Action Cancer’s charity
shops for a day in September.
From baking cakes to painting
shops; haggling with other
businesses for amazing raffle
prizes; to hiring a boat to reflect the
pirate theme; organising fashion
shows; car-boot sales; professional
window dressing; Julian Simmons
urging shoppers to buy, buy, buy
Read more ...
Can you be part of our Cares @
Christmas appeal?
Make a difference for families in
need this Christmas by collecting
gifts in your workplace and we’ll
arrange to collect them from you.
Click here to find out how you can
get involved.
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Good Business
Everyone’s getting in
on the game
by Denise Cranston, Business
Development Manager, Business
in the Community
Businesses today
are constantly
looking for new
and innovative
ways to engage
and develop the
leadership skills
of their employees.
And it seems that
business isn’t alone.
Sports stars also need an outlet for
their talents off the pitch.
The corporate and sporting
worlds have a significant overlap
in Northern Ireland, and we’ve
seen many dedicated and talented
sports people go on to play a
major role in business life here.
So at Business in the Community
we’re delighted to launch a
partnership with the Irish Rugby
Union Players’ Association (IRUPA)
placing Ulster Rugby players onto
the Boards of local community
and voluntary sector organisations
through our Business on Board
Five Players have already gone
through the initial Board training
facilitated by Managing Partner
of Arthur Cox Solicitors, Alan
Taylor, and a number of them have
“Rugby is my passion and it will
always be an important part of
my life. The day will come when I’ll
not be playing to the same extent
I do now but I want to keep on
using my sports skills. Business on
Board provides a great outlet for
me and the guys. The board level
training provided by Arthur Cox
has helped us identify our skills
and how we can use these as a
board member. Working with The
Welcome Organisation is a perfect
opportunity for me to try and make
a difference to a cause that’s close
to my heart.”
Many organisations provide
training and development
opportunities which can be costly
Business Leadership
Networks (BLNs)
supporting your local
already gone on to join Community
sector Boards.
With Ulster Rugby since 2006,
Declan Fitzpatrick was seeking
an opportunity to work with an
organisation involved in addressing
the issue of homelessness.
Through Business on Board he
has recently joined the Board
of the Welcome Organisation
which is a Belfast-based charity,
helping homeless and vulnerable
people to find decent homes,
build supportive relationships and
lead fulfilling lives. Declan believes
that this hands on experience will
be invaluable to him in terms of
making a positive impact on his
future career. As he says,
Are you a senior business
leader who is interested in:
in terms of time and money.
Business on Board presents
an exciting and cost-effective
approach to inspiring and growing
emerging leaders within your
business by supporting them to
serve on boards in the voluntary,
community and social enterprise
sectors. It’s easy to get started
as it is operated through a free
web-based matching service,
made possible by funding
provided by the Department for
Social Development. To date, over
70 business people have been
their careers on the pitch and
use the skills they’ve learnt in
a new way. I would encourage
businesses to also use this
unique opportunity to help their
employees to use their skills in
a new way, bringing benefits to
themselves, their business and the
For more information or to get involved,
email [email protected] or call
(028) 9046 0606.
It is really encouraging to see our
sporting stars using Business on
Board as a way to look beyond
Why not visit
and register as a candidate today?
Supporting employability
and job opportunities for
people in your area?
Supporting education in
local schools?
Helping tackle local
environmental issues?
Making a real difference
to local community
If you work for a member company,
e-mail [email protected]
or Tel: (028) 9046 0606
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Page 5
Good Business
Help us achieve
one of our three
big goals by
Build a strong culture
of volunteering
NOW named as NI Social
Enterprise of the Year
MediCare supports
Join in National Probono Week
3-7 November 2014
Social Enterprise Northern Ireland hosted the
annual Social Enterprise business awards
at the Hilton Hotel Belfast on Thursday 23
October, to recognise and reward the leading
Social Enterprises in Northern Ireland. NOW,
an organisation which provides training,
employment and support services to people of
all learning abilities, picked up the top accolade
as the overall NI Social Enterprise of the Year.
Funded by the Department for Employment and
Learning, BUp4Work is a unique and exciting
partnership between Barnardo’s and Business
in the Community aimed at mentoring and
supporting disadvantaged young people aged
16-23 years, who are currently not in education
employment or training. It seeks to improve
the employability skills of young people and
develop their readiness to enter the workplace.
The 13th annual National Pro Bono Week
(NPBW), will take place between 3-7 November
2014 and organisations across Northern
Ireland are invited to take part. Each year
Business in the Community uses this week to
highlight the breadth and impact of pro bono
work undertaken by professional firms and
businesses throughout the year.
Over 120 attended the event which brought
together Social Enterprises from across
Northern Ireland to celebrate the success of
their business and the social impact that these
organisations generate. As well as the overall
winner award, Social Enterprise organisations
battled it out across five other categories
including One to Watch, Consumer-Facing
Social Enterprise, Social Enterprise Woman
of the Year, Health and Social Care Social
Enterprise and Education and Training and
Jobs Social Enterprise.
As part of this programme, Gary Kinnear,
Goods-in Team Leader, MediCare Pharmacy
Group mentored Paul, an 18 year old from
Glengormley during a six week placement.
Getting involved with BUp4Work allowed
Paul to gain new employability skills through
meaningful work experience, something he
hadn’t had the opportunity to do before being
introduced to the programme.
For more information, or to find out how to get involved with
SENI, contact [email protected] or Tel (028)
9046 0606.
For more information, or to find out how to get involved with
BUp4Work, contact [email protected] or Tel
(028) 9046 0606.
Pro bono is derived from pro bono publico,
which is Latin, “for the public good” and
refers to professional services that are
delivered without any expectation of a fee
to organisations that serve the social good.
It started off in the legal profession but is
now common in a wide range of professions
including marketing, technology, Human
resources and many more.
Denise Cranston, ProHelp Programme
Manager with Business in the Community
explains: “We are proud to play a key role ...
Read more ...
employee volunteers
to help reduce levels
of deprivation and
Pledge your support now
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Page 6
Good Business
Giving young people
in Northern Ireland a
by Lisa
in the
Let’s start with
the facts and figures. Youth
unemployment here in Northern
Ireland currently sits at 18.4%*.
Pretty good considering this time
last year we were looking at a
22.5% figure**. Compared to the
rest of the UK, it’s not such a rosy
picture as we are still tracking
2.4% higher than the national
We are heading in the right
direction though, which does give
us confidence that many of the
current employability interventions
are having an impact. Interesting
times lie ahead as the Department
for Employment and Learning now
has contracts in place to deliver
the new Steps 2 Success provision
(the replacement for Steps 2 Work
which ended a few months ago).
Three new lead contract providers
are in place to deliver this scheme
across Northern Ireland – EOS
NI (Northern region), Ingeus UK
We have placed 900
graduates into placement in
Northern Ireland’s leading
Since its inception, our
Employers’ Forum has
brought 1,619 people into
Business leaders in
Fermanagh and Omagh
worked together to secure 950
attendees at two local Jobs
Since June, 55 people have
moved into employment in the
North West
Our Responsible Business
Internship programme
has been launched, with
companies volunteering to
sign up – recent signatories
Help us achieve
one of our three
big goals by
Ltd (Belfast area) and Reed in
Partnership (Southern region),
so whilst some uncertainty might
remain about how everything
is going to pan out in terms
of employability interventions,
logistically, plans are in place and
things are underway.
At Business in the Community we
are constantly working with our
member organisations to reduce
the number of people who are
unemployed. Together we’ve made
huge progress. In fact, we’ve
had a number of employability
Address youth
include Aurion Learning and
Care Circle Group
Despite such brilliant progress,
we all face a huge challenge with
Welfare Reform. The lack of a
decision in the area is resulting
in the Northern Ireland economy
haemorrhaging money left, right
and centre. Whilst there’s no doubt
it’s a complex issue encompassing
extremes of political opinion, one
group of people most affected by
this stalemate are the unemployed.
Unfortunately the impacts won’t
stop there.
With each month that passes by,
the effects of such indecision will
ripple and be felt not just by those
seeking work, but by those already
in work, by our businesses and
by society as a whole. Business
in the Community, its Board and
members urge government to
make proactive decisions in
relation Welfare Reform and invite
business to be part of the solution.
So, what can your business do?
The answer is a lot . . . and we’ll
help you find out what will work
best for you. If you have job
opportunities coming up, we can
help you spread the word and find
the right people. If you’re not in a
position to offer jobs right now but
could offer placements, we can
help you fill these and support you
the whole way through. Together,
we really can make a difference to
individuals, your business and the
wider society.
If your business needs support with
employability issues, please e-mail lisa.
[email protected] or call (028) 9046
* Labour Market Statistics for Northern
Ireland – October 2014
** Labour Market Statistics for Northern
Ireland – October 2014
young people into
employment through
a range of businessled interventions
Pledge your support now
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Page 7
Good Business
Link & Learn: bite-sized topical
learning sessions
Our new Link & Learn series provides one hour,
bite-sized topical learning sessions delivered
in your own workplace by a range of experts.
This four-part series gives employees the
opportunity to come together to discuss issues
that affect them. During these specific weeks,
times and locations are flexible to meet your
business needs.
The four sessions planned for the coming year
are as follows:
Making a will – at any age
Probono Week: 3 – 7 November 2014
Click here for more information on this session
Here is just one example of the positive
impact our employability programmes
can have on an individual.
Drink, Work and your
It is of no shock to hear that Northern Ireland
has an issue with alcohol misuse. Alcoholrelated harm is estimated to cost Northern
Ireland society up to ВЈ900 million every year.
Social media or social occasion? The
hidden risks
8 - 12 December 2014
Click here for more information on this session
You and alcohol – Helpful or harmful?
23 – 27 March 2015
Click here for more information on this session
We are holding an employer information
session in November on how you can get
involved in Drink, Work and Me.
If you have any questions or queries, or would like further
information, email [email protected] or Tel
(028) 9046 0606
GAP tackles unemployment
Staggeringly �only 9% of those in-need are
treated for alcohol problems’*. With this in
mind the Drink, Work and Me programme was
developed to challenge and support employers
to use the workplace as a setting to tackle
alcohol-related harm and create a healthier
happier workforce.
Work-life balance, who cares? – The
challenges of being a carer
Carers Week: 8-14 June 2015
Click here for more information on this session
For more information, email [email protected]
Tel (028) 9046 0606, or visit
* Public Health Agency/Health and Social Care Board:
Alcohol and Drug Commissioning Framework for Northern
Ireland 2013-16
With a degree
in Creative
Niall O’Doherty
found it difficult
to find work. He
had spent five
years in retail at
level but had
no experience
in the creative
sector. After hearing about Business in the
Community’s GAP (Graduate Acceleration
Programme) through a friend, Niall got
in touch. Following a meeting to explain
everything, Niall signed up and discussed
potential placement options.
Niall’s fist placement was with an event
management company but he wanted
to get more creative, digital experience,
so he was moved to a digital innovation
social enterprise to help with business
development and manage social media
sites. Niall commented: “I knew I needed to
get work experience relevant to my degree,
and GAP was . . .
Read more ...
Whatever your
character, whatever
your skills . . .
. . . we’ll find the right
job for you
Click here to find out how
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Page 8
Good Business
One hundred
companies towards
zero waste, is it
The Towards Zero Waste campaign
aligns with ARENA Network’s
wider aims for a circular economy,
encouraging new approaches to
operating in a way which minimises
resource depletion and extracts
maximum value from resources
by Ian Nuttall,
by recovering and regenerating
products and materials at the end-ofManager,
Business in the use. However, it is not aimed only at
companies already adopting circular
models of operating – it is equally
ARENA Network’s relevant to those just beginning to
Towards Zero
tackle waste and applies to all sizes
Waste campaign
of organisation, from any sector.
supports businesses in Northern
The campaign encourages
Ireland who are working to
companies to publicly demonstrate
eliminate waste and improve
their commitment via an online
resource efficiency. The campaign
�pledge’ linked to a new web-based
is underpinned by Business in the
Community’s Big Goal for 2016 -100 Towards Zero Waste resource.
Those pledging are asked to outline
companies committed to working
what zero waste action they have
towards zero waste.
planned for the coming year. This
could be a new project, ongoing
activity or both – at a level that is
appropriate to the organisation.
After 12 months, ARENA will review
progress and promote participants’
achievements, for example through
case studies published on the
Towards Zero Waste web pages.
For some companies the Towards
Zero Waste pledge will be a means
to promote their commitment and
share ideas and achievements –
for those that wish, it can provide
a route to advice and assistance.
Through the pledge process,
How will Business in the Community support you?
Are you looking for
innovative ways of reducing
your waste bill? Have you
got a great idea to turn your
waste into a useful product?
Join us for a hands-on
interactive event to trial this
new web-tool, designed to
help make choices about
effective re-use of waste
materials and by-products.
Wednesday 12 November
2:00 – 4:30 pm
Belfast Harbour Offices
To book your place, click here
*This event will take place following
the ARENA Benchmarking Survey
Results Launch
Events ...
To pledge your support, click here
ARENA will discuss participants’
individual needs with the aim of
providing appropriate support –
whether in the form of practical
help or through links with other
companies or third party resources.
For more information, e-mail ian.nuttall@ or call (028) 9046 0606.
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Page 9
Good Business
Book now
The results of the 16th
Northern Ireland
Benchmarking Survey will
be announced on:
Wednesday 12 November
12:00 – 2:00 pm
Belfast Harbour Office
Giving food waste the chop
Last week marked the launch of FoodCloud,
an initiative that aims to tackle food waste and
reduce food poverty by linking businesses who
have surplus food, with charities in need of
The event was a huge success with over 20
attendees who gained a new perspective on
tackling food waste and an insight to what
FoodCloud entails. On the day, volunteers
helped to scrub, chop, peel and cook an array
of vegetables, which would otherwise go to
waste, and create a delicious dish from them.
Via the FoodCloud app or webpage,
businesses can post details of surplus food
available, which sends a text message to
charities in that area alerting them to the
donation. Charities can accept the food by
replying to the text message and arrange a
collection within a specified time period.
For more information or to get involved, email carla.
[email protected] or Tel (028) 9046 0606
NI Tourist Board Environmental Building a prosperous
Review Programme
Northern Ireland: What is the
role of business?
ARENA Network in partnership with Northern
Ireland Tourist Board recently conducted a
series of environmental reviews for the tourism
The reviews took place at bed and breakfast
accommodation, self-catering accommodation
and visitor attractions. Following a free
confidential visit, organisations received
a tailored report with recommendations
highlighting environmental opportunities that
can help their business save money and comply
with the law. The reviews also helped these
organisations to develop an industry specific
Environmental Management System based on
the Green Tourism Business Scheme.
There is a whole host of benefits that can
be gained from an environmental review
including: minimising waste; energy and water
efficiencies; local purchasing; use of public
and sustainable transport; working with the
community and respecting the environment.
For more information, email [email protected] or
Tel (028) 9046 0606
Prosperous societies in the 21st Century will be
the ones that can turn issues such as climate
change and natural resource constraints from
barriers to growth and into economic and
social opportunities.
ARENA Network has been working with
the Northern Ireland Environment Agency
(NIEA) on a new initiative known as Prosperity
Agreements. These are voluntary partnerships
between business and the NIEA aimed at
identifying the economical and environmental
�win-win’ opportunities.
The first Prosperity Agreement has been
signed with Linden Foods and Linergy with
more to follow in the coming months. Working
on the development of Prosperity Agreements
will continue to be one of the main priorities for
ARENA Network.
For more information, e-mail [email protected] or Tel
(028) 9046 0606
To book your place, click here
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Page 10
Good Business
New members
Thinking of becoming a
member? Here is a list of
our new members since
the last edition of Good
Calor Gas
GE Energy
Health & Safety Executive NI
JH Turkington & Sons
Viridian Group plc
Fujitsu finds a home for biodiversity
Organisations are
being encouraged
more and more
to think about
managing the effects they have on the
environment. Business in the Community
is encouraging its’ members to engage
in biodiversity to combat the threat of
disease, climate change and much more.
Biodiversity, a term which is not largely
understood but in simple terms - it’s the
number of species of plants, animals, and
microorganisms, the enormous diversity
of genes in these species, the different
ecosystems on the planet, such as
deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all
part of a biologically diverse earth.
Finding a way to promote biodiversity
onsite may be difficult for some
organisations for example, they may
not have the capacity to create a green
corner, or a meadowed grassland, or plant
some indigenous trees or perhaps lack
the control to make amendments to sites
which they are leasing.
However, there has been lots of interesting
examples of simple projects which can
make a world of difference to the survival
of a particular species of plant or animal
or the promotion and growth in population
of the same. For example, Fujitsu’s �Bug
Join our powerful network of businesses committed to
building a sustainable future.
Fujitsu’s Bug Hotel
By upcycling old timber pallets, using old
terracotta pots, deadwood, sourcing some
moss, earth and colourful plants, Fujitsu
has embarked on a project to create a
�Bug Hotel’.
CORE 2014/2015 – It’s
coming soon!
This novel idea allows them to promote the
biodiversity of bugs (and other animals) in
a corner of a car park where no species
would normally have thrived. It is also a
great way to involve local school children
teaching them about biodiversity and
inspiring them to maybe build little abodes
in their own gardens for bugs to flourish.
In this one structure, your organisation
could encourage badgers, bees, beetles,
worms, hedgehogs and many more. It
takes very few resources and if planted
correctly, could be an attractive addition to
your site!
Find out how to build your own bug hotel by clicking
Become a
member >
Business in the Community is delighted to
announce the launch of the second cohort
of CORE; The Standard for Responsible
Last year, 15 companies achieved CORE
proving to be Corporate Responsibility
leaders in Northern Ireland. A new group
of participants are now ready to take the
plunge and enter the five month process. At
the end of which, each of the organisations
will receive a comprehensive mapping of
their Corporate Responsibility activities and
staff engagement level. The best of them will
also compete for the title of Northern Ireland
Responsible Company of the Year.
We wish all of them the best of luck and will
celebrate their achievements in June 2015.
For more information, email [email protected].
uk or Tel (028) 9046 0606
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Good Business
Building on talent – bringing business skills to the
Social Saturday arrives in Northern Ireland
for the first time
People across Northern Ireland had
the opportunity to be part of something
special on Saturday 13 September – the
first Social Saturday.
Building on Talent, supported by BT,
seeks to help businesses identify talented
individuals within an organisation and
channel their drive and enthusiasm
through tailored short-term projects within
the community and voluntary sector.
Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership
and Management (ILM), it provides a route
for employees to develop their strengths
and identify areas for improvement.
Employment and Learning Minister Dr
Stephen Farry said: “The benefits to
the business and community sector
are clear and through the accreditation
offered by the Institute of Leadership and
Management, the positive contribution to
participating individuals’ careers and by
extension, their parent companies which
in turn benefits our local economy.”
To date, over 100 people from eight
companies have successfully participated,
helping over 40 community groups.
Projects range from helping a group
develop a marketing and fundraising
strategy to helping a community group
achieve a European Quality Award.
“It’s hugely important to the success of BT
that we recognise and develop the talent
and skills that already exist among our
employees,” explains Colm O’Neill, Chief
Executive, BT Ireland. “We’ve found that
by encouraging our people to take their
skills out into the wider community, it not
only benefits the charities and community
groups they’re working with, but helps
them as individuals develop new skills
and experiences which they ultimately
bring back into BT. I’m very proud that
a number of our people are involved
with the �Building on Talent’ initiative and
would encourage other businesses to
consider the benefits of such a rewarding
For more information, e-mail martind.howell@bitcni. or call (028) 9046 0606.
It was designed to boost the number of
consumers buying from Britain’s 70,000
plus social enterprises - businesses with
a social mission that reinvest their profits
for good with a range of social enterprises
getting together to promote their sector.
Social enterprises are starting up all over
Britain – 1 in 7 of all business start-ups are
now social enterprises. In villages, towns
and cities up and down the country there
A Pop Up Social Marketplace was
are increasing numbers of shops, cafes,
set up to encourage local people to
cinemas and nurseries that are run for the
buy �social’.
benefit of local communities.
Social enterprises tackle social and
environmental problems, and use the
profits they generate to grow their
businesses to do more good. When you
buy a product or a service from a social
enterprise, you directly make a positive
difference to the world you live in.
For Social Saturday in the North West,
for example, Business in the Community
worked in partnership with Social
Enterprise NI and the North Western
Social Enterprise Hub which is funded by
the Northern Ireland Executive’s Delivering
Social Change fund, to run a range of
Activity Workshops for young people
held in the Social Enterprise Hub and at
the Nerve Centre’s FabLab.
To find out more about social enterprise in
Northern Ireland, visit
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Good Business
Genesis Crafty helps small food companies to grow local but
think global
Organised as part of Business in the
Community’s Grow Local, GO GLOBAL
initiative, these organisations from
Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Moyle
attended this Best Practice Seminar to
receive specialised support with the aim of
helping them sell their products to the large
multinationals. Having information provided
by Genesis Crafty, a company indigenous
to Northern Ireland, gave the visiting
businesses realistic support and advice.
Mel Bacon, Genesis Crafty said: “We are
pleased to support other suppliers in the
food industry. Our own business growth
journey has been strategic and planned,
as we’ve grown from employing 115 in
August 2010 to 239 in August 2014. The
best advice for the group, upon which we
have built our business, is ensuring the
continued development of quality products,
understanding your brand and investing in
market research but importantly working
hard at developing good relationships –
with your customers and your supply base.
Perseverance pays off. We enjoyed meeting
with the Grow Local, GO GLOBAL group of
businesses and wish them every success as
they seek to growth their own businesses.”
Grow Local, GO GLOBAL is a business
support programme provided by the
Councils of Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady
and Moyle. It is part-funded by Invest
Northern Ireland and the European Regional
Development Fund under the Sustainable
Competitiveness Programme for Northern
To find out more, please, e-mail [email protected].
uk or call (028) 7186 1550.
Supporting work opportunities
in the North West
Meet the
The annual North West jobs fair held in the
Millennium Forum, Derry/Londonderry, was
bigger and better than ever this year, with over
80 enquiries from aspiring attendees. People
from all walks of life were present on the day,
17 of which were granted interviews as a
direct result of the jobs fair.
A unique opportunity to
sample the flavours of the
North Coast! Local food
producers and participants
of the Grow Local GO
GLOBAL programme will
showcase their delicious
products to a select group
of buyers.
The event provided a great opportunity for
local people in the North West to ask any
questions they may have on the employment
programmes on offer, as well as the various
training and development opportunities
available to them.
A group of small to medium-sized artisan
food producers were recently given a
business boost during an inspirational visit
to Northern Ireland’s leading artisan bakery,
Genesis Crafty in Magherafelt.
Further interviews are currently being
scheduled with Kofax, Precision Industrial
Services and Care Circle.
Friday 7 November 2014
12:30 – 2:30 pm
Ballycastle Marina
To book
your place,
click here
Events ...
For more
information, e-mail
liam.mcdaid@ or Tel
(028) 7186 1550
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Good Business
Celebrating 25 years in Northern Ireland
2014 sees Business in the Community
celebrating 25 years of championing
responsible business in Northern Ireland.
Our work here began in 1989 at a time
when political tensions were high and we
bravely challenged business leaders to
work together to address societal issues.
Our remit has been refined over the
years in line with economic, political and
environmental developments, but at heart,
it remains the same – brokering business
skills to benefit wider society.
With a current membership of over 260
members in Northern Ireland, forming part
of a larger business movement across the
UK with over 850 members, we encourage
businesses to operate in a responsible,
sustainable way that adds value to wider
society. This includes activities such as
the development of ARENA Network, the
environmental arm of the organisation
which pushes businesses, not only
to make changes which benefit the
environment but to publicly report on what
they are doing.
Our award-winning Time to Read initiative
puts business right at the heart of early
education with over 400 business people
reading one-to-one with primary school
children each week and our work in
tackling unemployment (particularly youth
unemployment) across the province
has seen us help over 3,000 people into
employment within the last few years.
Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister,
Arlene Foster, added; “Business in the
Community’s role in supporting and
encouraging companies to see the
benefits of responsible business practices
and investing in local communities is
an important one. Both my Department
and Invest Northern Ireland have worked
closely with BITC, over the years, including
a number of staff from the Department
participating in the Employee Supported
Volunteering Scheme. It is clear that
the collective impact of Business in the
Community members’ activities has
been highly significant and has made a
valuable contribution to the development
of communities and the prosperity of
wider society, not to mention the Northern
Ireland economy as a whole.”
“Our agenda is simple – to challenge and support business to be a force for good
in our society. Through my 35 year business history, I am clear that business IS a
force for good. I instil it in my own business and it is a privilege to see evidence
of it in other businesses here through my work with Business in the Community.
Reaching this huge milestone in terms of years is impressive but seeing the value
business has brought to society is even more satisfying.
Roy Adair, Chair of Business in the Community,
Belfast Harbour’s Chief Executive
Good Business
2039 – will your business be in �good shape’?
Twenty five years from now in 2039,
annual reports may still be prepared, but
probably in a very different way from they
are today. Which businesses in Northern
Ireland will still be around and sharing the
news of their successes? Only those who
are taking their sustainability seriously now
and doing �good business’.
In October, Business in the Community
held its second Responsible Business
Conference at the Ramada Hotel in
Shaw’s Bridge – Looking to the Future, Not
the Next Annual Report in partnership with
the CBI and sponsored by Ulster Bank.
Over 80 CEOS attended a CEO Breakfast
Forum before almost 300 business people
attended the main conference session for
the rest of the day.
With leading speakers including Asda
CEO Andy Clarke; Richard Gillies, Group
Sustainability Director, Kingfisher Group
plc; Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive of,
Forum for the Future; Andrew Cave, Chief
Sustainability Officer at RBS; Alison Ward
of CottonConnect and Chris Hyman,
CBE, ex-CEO of Serco, delegates were
encouraged to think about the importance
of leadership in challenging times and
how they can plan now to address future
challenges sustainably and responsibly.
Gillian McKee, Deputy Managing Director
at Business in the Community explains:
“Ensuring business is fit for the future
should be at the top of the agenda for all
companies. In a world full of uncertainties,
this conference helped companies in
Northern Ireland take a long-term view
of their business and to demonstrate
how they can make good, responsible
decisions which will help them ensure
they’re still around and still successful by
Stephen Cruise, Head of Branch Banking,
Private & Specialist Financial Advice
at Ulster Bank said: “Annual Reports
will always be one of the vital reporting
tools for businesses. Yet increasingly
companies need to reflect on a much
broader range of factors as part of their
success and long-term sustainability and
these will also form an integral part of
their annual reporting. The conference
was designed to encourage a change
in mindset among Northern Ireland
Responsible business conference
Why Asda must be active in
the community
by Andy Clarke, CEO, Asda
“Since the start of the financial crisis our local
communities have come under enormous financial
pressure. Northern Ireland has been particularly
affected and Asda’s Income Tracker highlights an
average discretionary income (money left after all the
bills have been paid) for NI families of only ВЈ82 per
week compared to a UK average of ВЈ173 per week.
At the same time the cost of living has continued
to rise, further challenging our local communities,
charities and groups.”
Read more ...
Getting back to the basics of
by Andrew Cave, Chief Sustainability Officer,
“Apart from stricter regulatory rules in the wake of
the financial crisis, the UK Government investment
has meant that banks like RBS and Ulster Bank
have come under more intense scrutiny than at any
time in the past. All stakeholder groups are taking a
greater interest in our activities. It is essential that we
engage with them and understand their concerns,
that we take their views into account and respond
appropriately. It doesn’t always mean we change our
decisions, but it does make for a more measured
and considered approach to our decisions.”
Hear what the experts said on
the day
Andy Clarke, CEO, Asda
Read more ...
Andrew Cave, Chief Sustainability Officer, RBS
To trust, or to control?
by Dr Graham Dietz, Durham University
Business School
How do you build more trust in business? The CBI
recently launched a campaign to improve public
confidence in commerce. Its survey of 2,080
respondents found that only 53% thought business
makes a positive contribution to society. What trust
there might be is fragile.
Read more ...
Generation Z - is your business
by Cameron Stewart, Associate Director,
This January, the first wave of Generation Z will be
turning 18 and joining the consumer market. Born
between 1995 and 2010, Gen Z makes up 28% of
the world’s population.
That’s 120 million, the equivalent of the population
of Mexico, every year for the next 15 years. No
generation has ever been more important for
businesses to win.
Read more ...
Dr Graham Dietz, Durham University Business
Richard Gillies, Group Sustainability Director,
Kingfisher plc
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are in Northern Ireland), with a further
2,000+ engaged through our programmes
and campaigns. We operate through a
local network of more than 100 business
led partnerships and 60 global partners.
Our sister organisation, Business in the
Community Ireland is situated in Dublin. To
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