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Dear Parents and Ohana, I hope that youve been able to view two

October & November 2014
Dear Parents and Ohana,
I hope that you’ve been able to view two videos posted on our school website, One of the clips highlights common core practices that are taking place in
classrooms across our school. Filmed at the end of last school year, viewers will see many
shots of students engaged in really cool activities that challenge them to think critically, such
as building and testing out 3D printers, designing football plays, or discussing the implications
of letting the South secede in the Civil War. The second clip is a lip dub, which combines lipsynching and audio dubbing, organized by our student leaders to build school spirit and unity.
It was filmed in one shot and showcases activities across the campus.
On another positive note, I’m proud that, even with the increased rigor demanded by
common core standards, almost half, 49%, of our students earned a 3.5 Grade Point Average
or higher. Fifty-one seventh graders, or 14.2 percent and 49 eighth graders, or 15.8 percent,
earned 4.0 Grade Point Averages. We’d like to see more students on the honor roll and are
promoting a growth mindset at Kailua Intermediate to help students achieve this goal. With a
growth mindset, students believe that good grades are a reward for hard work and effort
rather than luck or favoritism. Students with a growth mindset seek out opportunities to
challenge themselves, can stick to it even when things are going well, and believe that
anyone can be anything. Parents helping a child develop a growth mindset might ask their
child to share the most difficult task attempted that day. For more information on growth and
fixed mindsets I encourage you to read Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.
Malama Pono
Lisa DeLong, Ed.D
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 2
Marine Corps Base Hawaii – Headquarters Battalion
Signs Partnership Agreement with Kailua Intermediate School
October 3, 2014 was a special day for us at Kailua Intermediate School. Many months of planning
with Headquarters Battalion were highlighted at the Exploratory Day morning assembly. Capt.
George Stamps stepped in for Lt. Col. Robert Maldonado for the event. Together, Capt. Stamps and
Principal Lisa DeLong signed the agreement that begins our formal relationship. Currently fifteen
volunteers, help in four classrooms on alternating Wednesdays. They especially assist with reading
programs, but truly help with whatever the teachers and students need. The ceremony was
completed by 8th grade student, Elysse McCabe, reading her 1 st Place winning essay “Courage” from
the Month of the Military Kid Essay Contest last April.
HQBN will have a significant presence at our upcoming USA Weekend – KIS Make a Difference Day
on Saturday, November, 15th. Sixty of MCBH HQBN marines and sailors will work with us to spruce
up our campus. Some of the many tasks they will be helping with are garden work, computer work,
painting classrooms and campus work. Second semester KIS is planning to add them to our
Exploratory Day to facilitate sports activities.
The Color Guard presented the flags, and with the stroke of a pen . . . .we are now partners in
community and education!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Year Book News
Aloha Parents and Guardians,
In the 2014- 2015 Kailua Intermediate School yearbook there will be
a fun two page spread for eighth grade baby pictures. We are
asking you to please email or bring in a picture of your child as a
baby. Students can bring printed photos to Ms. Romfo’s classroom
Shop 1
at recess or after school. The photo will be carefully kept for a few days until yearbook
students can scan it, and then photos will be returned to students. You may also email it to
[email protected] Please email the highest quality (highest resolution) file
possible. Pictures need to be received by Friday December 5th.
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 3
The yearbook class is hard at work on the 2015
yearbook and everything is looking awesome!
When finished, the 2014-2015 KIS yearbook will
be hardcover with 96 pages laid out in full-color.
Trust us! Students will want one when May rolls
Please purchase a yearbook now for your
student, to guarantee your student will receive
one in May. It's easy to purchase a yearbook for
your student. The cost is $35. Pay with cash or
check (payable to KIS) in Ms. Romfo's room, or
order online with a credit card. To purchase
online go to: Some parents purchased yearbooks in July at
Schedule & Packet Pick Up. If you aren't sure if you have already purchased a yearbook for
your student, please email Ms. Romfo the yearbook teacher to double check. Reach her at
[email protected]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
High School Tours Given this December!
Thinking about high school? Which is a better match for your child?
Kailua High School or Kalaheo High School?
Kailua High School will give 8th grade parents campus tours on
December 4th and 5th
Kalaheo High School will host 8th grade parents on
December 8th
RSVP Required: or email [email protected] to attend. These are parents
only events. Students may not attend.
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 4
KIS Band Boosters are selling iDcards November 17- December 5th.
iDcard is a discount card that is accepted in over 200 shops and
restaurants on Oahu, including The Shack, RoundTable Pizza, Cactus,
Teddy’s Bigger Burgers and more right here in Kailua! The iDcard is $20, and good for a full-year
from time of activation. This is a great Holiday gift!!! For more information and a full list of
businesses honoring the discount, please visit To purchase tickets, please visit
the band room Nov 18, 3 – 4 pm or Nov 20, 3:30 - 4:30 pm or email [email protected]
Save the date! KIS Band Winter Concert is December 12th!
Hear the Beginning Band debut! Advanced Band will play songs
from Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack!
Enjoy Chili Dinner and Bake Sale and be sure to shop the Silent
Auction! Help to support the KIS Band Boosters!
Cafeteria doors open at 5:30 pm, the concert begins at 6 pm.
Come early, have dinner and get a good seat! For more information about KIS Band, visit our
website at
Please take the night off and let RoundTable Pizza make dinner for you
on November 18th from 4pm-closing time. 10% of sales will benefit
the Kailua Intermediate Band Trip!!! No flyer necessary.
Band Trip students will also be selling Zippy’s
Chili tickets from 12/1 - 12/18/14. For more
info, please email [email protected]
SAVE the DATE! January 31st KIS Band Boosters HI-5 Drive,
Rummage Sale, Snack Sale, and Car Wash at Kailua Intermediate
School! Come bring your recyclable cans and bottles and enjoy a shave ice by
Kona Ice in the parking lot! Shop in the Rummage Sale in the Cafeteria. And
have your car washed!
Special!! Advanced Band Trip
students will be hosting a car wash to
help finance their trip to Disneyland!
Please start saving
your HI-5’s for the band today!
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 5
The Lip Dub was a huge success! Mahalo to all that helped make it a fun and true image of how
great our school is! Be sure to share it with friends and family from the school’s homepage.
Student Council is very busy working to make our school a better place! Recently, three of our
student leaders, Tehina Misi, Kunio Metsker, and Leah Mills, were junior facilitators at the Kalaheo
Complex Leadership Conference at Camp Erdman. They attended so they could learn and develop
new activities and leadership methods to benefit our school. Andreya Saberon, began the year by
doing the same, and was the first of the Student Council leaders to be a facilitator at the Kailua
Elementary Leadership Camp in August.
On October 31st, Student Council hosted a fun and successful Halloween Costume Contest! It took a
lot of planning and approval seeking with the Principal! We were so happy at the amazing turnout;
there were many participants, and lots of awesome costumes! We are hoping to have the contest
again next year!
During November, Student Council is initiating 7th grade Council elections. The candidates gave
speeches to their peers during lunch after Election Day. On November 14th, the 7th graders will vote.
These newly elected officers will finish this school year representing their class and helping to plan
the rest of the year’s Student Council sponsored events. At the end of the school year, elections by
7th graders for student council officers and event chairpersons for their 8 th grade year will be held.
For Families with 5th and 6th Grade Students
“What to Expect from Your Intermediate School Child”
Workshop by Parents for Public Schools Hawaii
Thursday, December 11th in our KIS Library from 8:15 – 10:15 am
Campus Tour included. Fliers will be coming home via the
elementary schools. RSVP requested
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -
6th Grade Students Interested in KIS Honors Program for the 2015-2016 school
year please attend the parent informational meeting
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 6 – 7pm KIS Cafeteria
6th Grade Student Honors Placement Test (attend 1)
Saturday, January 10, 2015 KIS Cafeteria 8:45 – 12 noon. Be on time.
Saturday, January 24, 2015 KIS Cafeteria 8:45 – 12 noon. Be on time.
Direct all questions to Dr. Hughes, Program Coordinator [email protected] or
263-1500. The above information has been distributed to all Kailua elementary schools.
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 6
Mahalo to everyone who purchased at tree or wreath from PTSA! Next year, there will be a
better window of time to purchase. Thanks to all who tried! Remember! Pick up is Dec 6th.
Mahalo to everyone who donated ingredients and their kitchens to cook a fabulous Spaghetti
Lunch for all the volunteers!
Please join us for our November meeting, Wednesday, Nov 19th, 5:30 pm in the Library!
Can’t be with us for this meeting? Read the notes of what was discussed on our page.
Happy Holidays! That also means . . . Remember to use the Amazon Link on our school
home page to shop! And turn in all the Box Tops you can! . . . If every student turned in $1’s
worth of valid, unexpired Box Tops, PTSA would make $700. Please help and send them in!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Boys & Girls Clubhouse will run a short
program during Winter Break including off campus
excursions. For more information, see below, call
263-0555, or to
view full list programs and activities.
The new Windward Clubhouse which includes a media and technology room,
demonstration kitchen for cooking classes, art center and a social recreation room is
on schedule to open by the New Year. Either in the new building or the old, BGC will
be open during the Winter Break for all clubhouse members ages 7-14. A few of the
field trips lined up are: Ice Palace, Downtown Honolulu Hale, Itrampoline and Ho'oulu
Dates: December 22 - 24, December 29 - 31, and January 5 - 9
(closed any day not listed)
Daily Hours:
7am - 2pm Program Fee $20 per day applies
2pm - 6pm Open to all Members (at no additional fee)
**Dec 24 and 31 hours are 7am – 4pm**
The clubhouse is looking more and more
like the projected finished look every day!
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 7
Items Needed for Cooking and Sewing Classes!
Family and Consumer Science (formerly called Home Economics) is the field of study that deals with
the economics and management of the home and community. Topics such as consumer education,
sewing, cooking, cleaning, nutrition, hygiene and food safety are just some of the topics covered in
this one semester course. FCS Instructor, Mrs. Evans, has been teaching other courses throughout
her many years at KIS and just this year began teaching FCS. Her second semester schedule has 5
full periods of 20 students each. It is a very popular elective! However, her 5 kitchenettes do not
have enough “tools” for each. Each kitchen seems to be missing a few items. If you have any of
these extra in your kitchen, if you see a good deal at Ross’s, or catch a good Black Friday
Sale(  ), please share them with Mrs. Evans’ students. They will be much appreciated! All
donations will be accepted in the office.
Kitchen Items Needed:
Dry Measuring Cups
basic set of 4 sizes (Вј c., 1/3 c., ВЅ c., 1 cup)
Measuring Spoons
– basic set of 4 sizes (¼ t., ½ t. 1 t., 1 T)
Chopping Boards (medium size)
Skillet – 10-inch, oven safe
Cloth Napkins
Dish Towels
Potholders (used are ok)
Flatware (5 sets- forks, knives, t. spoons, T. spoons)
Dinner forks (for cooking and baking)
Plates – Corelle (brand preferred), appetizer size
Knives – 1 set assorted kitchen
Knives – Paring
Knives – Chef’s
Rice Cooker
Can Opener (hand crank)
Hand Mixers
Pots and Pans sets
Pastry Blenders
Vegetable Peelers
Mixing Spoons
The sewing unit will teach basic techniques with at twist. Following a pattern will be covered, but
Mrs. Evans will teach more things by taking apart garments so students can learn how to put them
back together versus the traditional pattern method. An idea that is very practical for basic sewing
and mending garments!
Sewing Items Needed:
Fabric scraps – 100% cotton preferred
Used (but still in good condition) – aloha shirts and muumuus – we can deconstruct the
garment and use the fabric for projects)
Used (men’s) denim jeans (100% cotton)
Utility fabrics – muslin, denim, canvas
Stuffing (for pillows)
Batting (any size)
Pillow forms
Seam rippers
Thread clippers
Tape measures (flexible)
Yarn – worsted weight (4 ply) preferred
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 8
Water Pollution Prevention
At Kailua Intermediate School
Kailua Intermediate School is located on S. Kainalu Drive between Kuukama Street and Kailua District Park Field in
Kailua on Oahu. Storm water discharges from the campus flow via S. Kainalu Drive to Kailua Road, Wana’ao Road, and
Awakea Road to the City Drainage System, which discharges to Kawainui Stream, a Class 2 inland water.
The average annual rainfall at the school is approximately 55 inches. The school site is fairly flat campus. When it rains,
water flows over campus and streets carrying the pollutants it picks up into storm drains.
Storm drains are not connected to the wastewater treatment plant. Therefore, the pollutant water flows directly into
our streams and ocean.
Pollutant means any hazardous waste petroleum products, pesticides, detergents, chemical fertilizers, sewage, sludge,
animal waste, soil erosion and soil, accumulation of sediments, and construction waste materials.
What You Can Do To Help Protect Water
Use water wisely. By conserving water, the amount of wastewater needing treatment and disposal whill be reduced.
Overwatering and runoff can carry pollutants into the storm drains system.
Use and dispose hazardous substances properly. Always read the product label and choose the least toxic alternative.
Motor oil, paints, solvents and other chemicals should not be poured on the ground or down the storm drains because
they can pollute our streams and ocean. Motor woil is recycled at oil change locations; other chemical products should
be first used up the buying only the amount needded, typically unused excess could be evaporated or soaked into clay
litter, wrapped in plastic and disposed with trash. Excess pesticides require special handling and must be disposed as
hazardous waste.
Use fertilizer and pesticides sparingly. Choose the least toxic alternatative such as compost for fertilizer,
repellant/resistant plants and instead of bug sprays, use baited traps. Follow label instructions and use only the amount
needed. Apply outdoors only during dry weather, rain water can easily carry substances to nearby storm drains and
Landscape the land to prevent erosion. Cover bare ground with grass, shribs or trees to hold soil in place. Establish
native plantings and provide vegetation buffer zones along storm drains and streams.
Improve housekeeping. Fix water leaks throughout campus by replacing faucet washers and toilet flappers as needed. A
slow drip or leak can easily waste more than 100 gallons of water a week. Put all litter into trash cans so it does not get
washed into the storm drains or streams.
Implement annual campus cleanup event. Coodinate cleanup event fo the whole campus to collect litter and address
andy other issues that would impact storm water quality, such as storage of materials and soil erosion area. Maintain
record of litter collected and other changes that impact storm water quality and take before and after photos of campus.
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Page 9
Study storm water management. Teachers can address hazards associated with illicit discharges to out storm drains and
streams. Develop steps that can be taken to reduce storm water pollution.
Learn about good housekeeping. Good housekeeping practices are simply maintaining a safe, orderly and clean learning
environment. Conduct an individual or class project to reinforce pollution prevention activities consistent with
protecting storm water.
Learn where your wastewater goes. Investigate the wastewater drainage process from campus to the ocean via streams,
storm and sewer drains.
Educate Others. Conduct an individual or class project to inform others about protecting our ocean from pollution.
Participate in annual campus cleanup event. Participate in campus cleanup day to
collect litter and address any other issues that would impact storm water quality, such
as storage of materials and soil erosion area.
As a member of Kailua Intermediate School, we can make a difference. Report any illegal discharge in our school
Spill Response:
- Local (Honolulu Fire Department)
- State (Hazard Evacuation and Emergency Response):
586-4249 (business hours)
247-2191 (after hours)
To report illegal discharge that has already occurred, call 692-5656 (City Environmental Concern Line).
Pollution runoff public outreach: 692-5208 (City) 586-4309 (State)
Share pollution prevention behaviors and practices
with your family, friends, and neighbors.
Hai Pono O Kailua
Please join us Saturday, Nov 15th
8:30 – 11:30 am
Mahalo to our partners committed
to helping us keep KIS a clean and
beautiful place to learn and grow!
MCBH Headquarters Battalion,
Navy VPU-2, New Hope East
Shore, Student Council, AVID,
current and alumni students
and families
Projects around the campus:
Gum Scraping
Garden Work
Mulch Spreading
Ceiling Fans
Basketball Backboards
Mural Changing
Parking Lot Striping
Decal Decorating
Computer/Tech Upgrading
. . . a little something for everyone!
Please come help, have fun, and
make a difference! Lunch provided
for volunteers.
October & November 2014
Page 10
11/15 KIS Make A Difference Day
11/19 PTSA Meeting
11/27-28 Thanksgiving
11/21 Joint Band Concert
12/2 Flu Shots & SCC Meeting
12/4 & 5 Kailua HS Parent Tours
12/8 Kalaheo HS Parent Tour
12/10 Honors Meeting for 6th Gr. Parents
12/11 Parents for Public Schools
6th Grade Parent KIS tour
12/12 Winter Band Concert
12/19 2nd Qtr Ends & Exploratory Day
12/2 SCC Meeting
12/22-1/8 Winter Break
1/9 Teacher Work Day No School
for KIS Students
1/12 Students Return to School
1/17 Honors Testing for incoming 7th gr.
1/19 Martin Luther King Day No School
1/24 Honors Testing for incoming 7th gr.
1/26 Turkey Trot
1/31 Band Rummage Sale & Recycle Day
2/4 Teacher Prof. Collab. Day No
School for KIS Students
2/16 Presidents’ Day No School
3/13 3rd Qtr Ends & Exploratory Day
3/16-20 Spring Break
3/23 Students Return to School
3/26 Kuhio Day No School
4/3 Good Friday No School
5/23 Band Aloha Concert
5/23-29 Final Exams
5/25 Memorial Day No School
5/28 Year End Awards Ceremony 6pm
6/2 Ice Palace 7th Grade
Banquet 8th Grade
6/3 Last Day for Students
Hai Pono O Kailua
Flu Shots
December 2nd
Turned in your form?
You’ll get a flu shot.
Didn’t turn in a form?
You won’t get a flu shot
October & November 2014
Page 11
Hai Pono O Kailua
October & November 2014
Shop at Safeway, eScrip Mall & Dine out
Shop via our home page
Kailua Intermediate School Families
Page 12
Send in Box Tops
for KIS
From: Laurie Ahlgen, PCNC
Kailua Intermediate School
145 S. Kainalu Drive
Kailua, HI 96734
♦ If you do not already receive our weekly e-Bulletins and bi-monthly Newsletter
electronically, please complete the form below to receive the weekly KIS e-Bulletin and the
e-Newsletter (every 2 months) via email. Return this to your Action Period Teacher.
Student’s Name_______________________________________Grade________
Please Print
Email address 1____________________________________________________
Please Print
Email address 2____________________________________________________
Please Print
Yes, send both e-Bulletins and e-Newsletters (you may unsubscribe at any time)
Send only e-Bulletins (you may unsubscribe at any time)
Send only e-Newsletters (you may unsubscribe at any time)
No I/we Do Not wish to receive the e-Bulletins and e-Newsletters, But DO SEND
Grade Level Notices. Only sent as needed, maybe only a few times a year. (provide
an email address.) For all school news, I/we will regularly check .
Parent/Guardian Signature:__________________________________
Please send to the Office to be put in the PCNC box. Mahalo!
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or 263-1500 ext. 3051455
Laurie Ahlgren, KIS PCNC
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