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“Nature and Community in Harmony”
VOLUME 41, NO.12
to Attend
Board Meeting
December 11, 2014, 7:30 PM
Woods Community Center
(10100 Wards Grove Circle)
enator Marsden will attend the December
Board of Trustees meeting to discuss current
issues with constituents. All Burke Centre
Conservancy residents are welcome to attend. Please
contact the office at 703-978-2928 if you have any
Conservancy Holiday
hristmas & New Year’s Day - the
Conservancy office will be closed on
Thursday & Friday, December 25-26, 2014,
and January 1, 2015. To report an emergency with
a Conservancy facility while the office is closed,
please call the toll-free After-Hours # 1-866-8782430.
Closing Policy
lease note, the Conservancy follows the Fairfax
County Government schedule for closing in the
event of inclement weather or other unexpected
emergencies. If the Fairfax County Government
closes, the Conservancy office will also close.
Should you need to contact the Conservancy for
assistance with a facility during an emergency closing,
or to report damage to Conservancy property, please
call the after-hours toll-free line at 1-866-878-2430.
Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate
staff member on-call.
For non-emergency matters while the office is closed,
please leave a message at the main office line, (703)
978-2928, and your call will be returned promptly
once the office reopens.
Emergency updates will also be posted on the Burke
Centre web site: as
necessary or unless power, phone or Internet services
are interrupted.
January Meetings
he Board of Trustees meetings for January 2015
have been scheduled as follows:
Board Work Session – Tuesday, January 6th, 7:30 PM,
Woods CC
Neighborhood Councils – Monday/Tuesday, January
12, @ respective community centers
Board of Trustees Meeting – Thursday, January 15,
Woods CC
Please contact the office at 703-978-2928; or send
email to [email protected] if you have
any questions.
Holiday Drive
he Burke Centre Conservancy will
host its annual holiday drive from
now through December 12, 2014.
During this timeframe, new, unwrapped
toys will be collected at the Conservancy
office and at community meetings and
events. All donations will be distributed to
children in need through Fairfax County
Public Schools. The county has requested
that all items donated be new and unused.
If you have any questions, please call
(703) 978-2928. Thank you for your
continued support!
ADS Holiday Trash
oliday Trash Service: Please note there
will be no trash or recycling service on
Thanksgiving. Trash & recycling service
normally scheduled on this holiday will be provided
the following day. Due to the increased volume of
pick-ups on Friday, November 28th, please place
your trash and recyclables curbside the evening
To report a missed pick-up when the Conservancy
office is closed, please contact ADS directly, (703)
368-0500. Be sure to tell the operator you are calling
from Burke Centre to ensure proper service. Next-day
pickup following a holiday is a unique feature of the
Conservancy’s contract with ADS.
Christmas Trees will be collected on Mondays,
starting January 5th. Please be sure to remove all tinsel
and decorations and please, DO NOT place trees in
plastic bags.
Inclement Weather:
American Disposal
Service will cancel
all collection in
areas when roads
are deemed unsafe
due to snow or ice.
There will be no
adjustments or makeup runs scheduled
for missed services due to inclement weather. Trash,
recycling and yard debris collections will resume on
the next regularly scheduled service day.
To report problems or concerns with the trash and
recycling service, or if you have any questions
regarding the holiday schedules, please call the
Conservancy office at (703) 978-2928.
FY 2015 Budget
t the November 13, 2014 meeting, the Board
of Trustees approved the Conservancy budget
for Fiscal Year 2015, which begins on January
1, 2015 and ends on December 31, 2015.
The General Assessment will remain at $127 per
quarter for Fiscal Year 2015. Statements will be sent
to homeowners the п¬Ѓrst week of January 2015, April
2015, July 2015 and October 2015. To avoid a late
fee, payments must be received by no later than
January 31, 2015, April 30, 2015, July 31, 2015 and
October 31, 2015.
Statements will also include cluster assessments
where applicable. The cluster assessment will vary
based on the services provided to your cluster and
the level of funding for your various cluster reserve
funds. The cost of trash collection is a direct passthrough and is split again for 2015 between attached
and detached homes
2015 Election Updates
he Election Committee (EC) continues to work on the 2015
Annual Elections. In the coming weeks, the on-line voting
links will be posted on the Burke Centre web site, ballots
will be prepared and mailed, and п¬Ѓnal results will be tabulated
immediately after the polls close at noon on March 7, 2015.
December - Open season continues for candidates. Complete
election materials and preparation of candidate packets for Trustee
and Cluster Committees. Packets are available at Conservancy office
and online at, click on the HOME tab
and scroll down to Elections. Candidate packets will be opened
upon receipt with verification by the Conservancy staff and EC
representatives. Names of candidates to be posted and highlighted in
Conservancy media.
January 21, 2015 – Deadline to appear on the official ballot.
Trustee and Cluster candidates must be in good standing and submit
their petitions to Conservancy office by 5:00 PM.
February 12 – Meet the Candidates at the February Board of
Trustees Meeting, 7:30 PM, Woods Community Center.
If you have any questions about your individual
assessment, please do not hesitate to contact the
Finance Department at 703-978-2928.
The EC Chairman will work with the Conservancy staff to verify
all Trustee and cluster petitions received by the deadline. Once
verified, the EC Chairman will authorize the staff to publish eligible
candidates’ candidacy statements in the February and March
See more on Election - continued on page 13...
Request online access at using eForms under the HOME
Burke Centre Conservancy Board of Trustees
October 20, 2014
SUBJECT: Executive Summary, Burke Centre Conservancy Architectural Standards 2014 Revision
1. BACKGROUND. During the period Jan.-Sept. 2014, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) conducted a comprehensive review
of the Burke Centre Architectural Standards, previously updated and revised in 2011, and as a result of this review are proposing
a number of administrative and substantive revisions. Our review, and resulting proposed revisions, focused in four general areas;
clarification of standards to eliminate ambiguity and inconsistencies, modification of standards to account for the availability of
new types of materials, addition of standards to address common modifications for which no standards previously existed, and
eliminating, where appropriate, the requirement to submit applications for routine/typical modifications if the modification is
compliant with all relevant standards.
Our proposed revisions to the architectural standards are included in the Burke Centre Architectural Standards, Revised 2014,
which are summarized below. A copy of this document is available online at under the ARB tab.
2. ADMINISTRATIVE REVISIONS. Our proposed revisions include the following administrative revisions.
a. A reorganized document with п¬Ѓve distinct sections:
п‚·пЂ Section I, Overview
п‚·пЂ Section II, Architectural Standards
п‚·пЂ Section III, Terms and Illustrations
rds - continued
п‚·пЂ Section IV, ARB Process
See ARB Standage
on pa 11...
п‚·пЂ Section V, Property Maintenance and Enforcement Procedures
6060 Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, VA 22015-3702
Office Phone: (703) 978-2928
Office Fax: (703) 978-1073
Web Site:
Conservancy Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 9 am - Noon (RecepЖџon services only)
Assessment Mailing Address
Payment Processing Center
P.O. BOX 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348
All Board and committee/organization members are volunteers; not paid employees of
the Conservancy. When you contact these
fellow residents, please remember that they
are volunteering their own time to serve the
Burke Centre community. Thank you!
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
BCC Web Access:
Draft Architectural Standards Revisions
“Nature & Community in Harmony”
[email protected]
March 7 – Election Day - Voting closes at noon.
The Burke Centre Conservancy has been granted
Federal income tax exemption under Section
501(a) by the Internal Revenue Service. However,
assessments paid to the Conservancy are not tax
deductible as donations under Section 170 (c) (2) of
the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult your tax
advisor for details.
[email protected]
TOM WADE (At-Large)
ARB Applica on Deadline:
5 PM on 12/3 for DEC mee ngs
5 PM on 1/6 for JAN mee ngs
Conservancy Management Team
PATRICK GLOYD, ExecuЖџve Director
([email protected])
Jeannie Winslow, Director of AdministraЖџon
([email protected])
Karen Frank, Finance Administrator
([email protected])
Jack Liszka, FaciliЖџes & Resources Administrator
([email protected])
The following summarizes the November 13, 2014 Board of Trustees meeting. Please note the official meeting
minutes will not be approved until the next Board meeting on December 11, 2014. Please contact the Conservancy
ofп¬Ѓce at 703-978-2928, [email protected], if you have any questions.
GENDA APPROVAL: President Lukas
called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM.
Following review, the agenda was approved
by unanimous consent. President Lukas made a
motion, seconded by Secretary Schmidt, to excuse
Trustee Engler from the meeting. The motion passed
unanimously, 6 yes votes.
MINUTES APPROVAL: Following review,
President Lukas asked if there were any objections
to approving the minutes of the Board of Trustees
meeting of October 9, 2014, the minutes of the Board
of Trustees Work Session of November 4, 2014 as
amended, or to the acceptance of the minutes from
the Open Space Committee meeting of September 29,
2014 as submitted. Without any objections expressed,
the minutes were accepted by unanimous consent.
President Lukas announced the annual Burke Centre
Volunteer Recognition to be held on December
5, 2014, noting that Burke Centre could not run
without volunteers. Jeannie Winslow, Director
of Administration, announced that Senator Dave
Marsden would be attending the December 11, 2014
Board of Trustees meeting.
RESIDENT INPUT: Brad Mynatt (Ponds) discussed
easement and encroachment issues with a community
path located on the rear of his property. Mr. Gloyd
offered some historical information regarding the
placement of the path and conservation easements
granted during the development of the property. Dave
Courter announced that there would be a Business
Liaison Committee meeting on Monday, December 1,
2014, 7:30 PM at the Oaks Community Center.
Appointments: Vice President Musser made a motion,
seconded by Secretary Schmidt, to appoint Jonathan
Mendoza and Joseph Christadore, both from the
Landings, to the Business Liaison Committee. The
motion passed unanimously, 6 yes votes.
Non-residential ARB Applications:
п‚·пЂ Lincolnwood Cluster, Memorial Bench:
Trustee Trask made a motion, seconded by
Treasurer Flaster, to approve a request from
Lincolnwood Cluster to install a memorial
bench and concrete pad near Bryce Pond as
detailed in the application submitted to, and
approved by, the Architectural Review Board
on October 16, 2014. Following discussion
and resident input, the motion passed
unanimously 6, yes votes.
п‚·пЂ Bunker Woods Cluster, No Dumping Signs:
Trustee Trask made a motion, seconded by
Treasurer Flaster, to approve a request from
Bunker Woods Cluster to install five (5) �No
Dumping’ signs along the cluster’s common
area as detailed
in the application
submitted to, and
approved by, the
Review Board
on October 16,
2014. Following
discussion, the
motion passed
unanimously, 6 yes
seconded by Vice President Musser, to set the 2015
resident and non-resident pool membership fees in
accordance with the recommendations submitted to
the Board by the Budget and Finance Committee.
Under this rate structure, resident family and resident
single memberships will each be increased $10.
Non-resident family memberships will be increased
by $50, and non-resident single memberships will
be increased $20. Following discussion and resident
input, the motion passed unanimously, 6 yes votes.
FY2015 Budget: Following a presentation by Karen
Frank, Finance Administrator, Treasurer Flaster made
a motion, seconded by Vice President Musser, to
adopt Administrative and Policy Resolution number
3-MM, the FY2015 Annual Budget, as presented with
a quarterly General Assessment of $127, and quarterly
Cluster Charges in accordance with attachment “B”
to the resolution. Following discussion and resident
input, the motion passed unanimously, 6 yes votes.
ARB Standards Revision: There was a brief discussion
regarding the proposed revisions and timeline for
approving the draft document, scheduling a Town
Hall Meeting for the community, and publishing the
changes on the BC web site and in the Conservator.
Web Site Outline: The Board approved a conceptual
design submitted by the staff for updating the
community’s web site.
BOARD BRIEFS - continued on page 20...
2015 Pool Rates: Treasurer
Flaster made a motion,
President & Trustee At-Large
ne of the nice things about living in Burke
Centre is how it seems more like living in
the country rather than actually being part of
one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.
To realize how big Burke Centre is it helps to look at
the numbers: 3,207 square miles, population 17,837
people, which is about 5,561 people per square mile
(to give a comparison, Burke has 3,571 people per
square mile),
I was at the Washington DC homeowner’s conference
this past March when I was told that we are one
of the largest homeowner associations in Northern
Virginia. Honestly, at that moment I didn’t know
whether I should laugh or cry. Setting aside the size
we are as an association, compare this to the fact that
Tysons Corner has just over 19,000 residents and it is
amazing to realize we only have 19 people on staff to
take care of it all!
After I got past that little moment of hysteria, I
realized we are very fortunate to have professional and
hardworking staff that makes sure our homeowners
association runs as a successful community. With
that being said, I would like to take the time to
acknowledge all of their hard work and mention
a few things that takes a good part of each year to
Festival - Our festival is so successful it is hard to
remember the amount of work it takes to pull it off.
Vendors are lined up to offer a diverse amount of
merchandise, equipment is reserved for the many
activities, the grounds are prepared in advance to
withstand all of the foot traffic, sponsors are arranged
to reduce the operating costs to you and I, volunteers
and schedules arranged and set-up and tear down
occur before and after the festival. It is because our
staff does such a good job each year, that despite the
record heat we had on Saturday, we still managed to
have a well-attended event!
Trees - The tree project ended up being much bigger
than any of us imagined and the board had to turn
it into a multi-year effort. This took establishing
contracts, conducting surveys, identifying trees
that needed immediate work, and resurveying after
weather events so adjustments could be made. This
project has also entailed cleaning up wooded areas
along our infrastructure. I want to give a special
acknowledgement to the Boy Scout troops who have
helped us with clean-up.
Budget - One would think this is an area of association
management that stays pretty much the same year-toyear but it is actually one of the most dynamic parts of
what makes Burke Centre run. Each month often п¬Ѓnds
a new challenge that must be factored into the budget.
To establish the budget each year the staff works with
the Budget and Finance Committee starting about six
months prior to approval in order to run through all of
the factors that must be considered. For example, this
year they looked at new ways to generate income in
order to keep assessment charges level with last year’s
ARB - This is one area most everyone is familiar with
for being a year-long requirement of the staff. What
is not known is how often they work on a particular
problem in order to get to resolution. Just for the
times I have been on the board I can recall several
disagreements with ARB issues that took over a year
to resolve. Not only do we have to consider our ARB
standards but we also must consider county and state
requirements and now new legislation for association
management. I mention this because it was the staff’s
hard work and perseverance that kept the issues out of
the courts. This saved us all thousands of dollars!
Projects - I can tell you right now I will not be able
to do this section justice because there are so many
projects that are done each year. For this purpose I
am only going to mention the cell tower request the
community considered this past year. I think everyone
on staff worked on this project at some point to make
AT-LARGE - continued on page 6...
she was at the loss of all of her gifts. All I could think
of was that I hoped her insurance would cover her
loss, but even so, that would not make up for all of the
time and effort she had taken to shop for the gifts.
continued from page 5
Unfortunately, loss of property from vehicles is a
crime that occurs all year. I have included a list of
larcenies over a 2-week period from vehicles in the
West Springfield Police District, which includes Burke
Centre. If this is the level of activity we experience
each week, you can imagine how loss of property
from vehicles can increase during the holidays.
Landings Trustee
lection packets are now available at the Conservancy
office, so anyone interested in running for any
position will have plenty of time to complete his or
her paperwork by the due date—January 21, 2015.
I’ve been honored to serve as Landings Trustee for the past
six years and I’ve tried to represent you well. The opinion I
expressed last year—that a periodic turnover in community
leaders serves residents best—remains mine. I am very
encouraged that I’ve heard from neighbors who may be
interested in serving our neighborhood and who, I hope, will
consider running for Landings Trustee. Right now, though,
I, too, am working on the paperwork to ensure that at least
one candidate will run formally in the next election.
There’s still plenty of time for the final slate to take shape,
and I certainly don’t need to run again--so if any of you are
considering entering the race (so to speak), please don’t
delay picking up an election packet. Write-ins are, of course,
still allowed—but formal declaration of candidacy by one
or more of us will preclude the uncertainty of last year’s
100% write-in slate. Feel free to contact me by e-mail at
[email protected] or in person at any of our
regularly scheduled meetings if you’d like to talk about
what being a Trustee entails. I’ll be happy to discuss it
and your ideas. The Landings neighborhood needs strong
representation and fresh ideas, so please give some thought
to taking those reins.
In addition there are, as always, several clusters within the
Landings that have no or incomplete Cluster Committees.
So, if you want a bigger voice in issues that affect
Burke Centre, please consider running for Trustee or
Cluster Representative in our next election! Contact the
Conservancy office if you have any questions, and please
get your paperwork completed and turned in on time to
ensure you are included on the ballots.
sure meetings were held, information was
shared, research was completed, and individual
homeowner requests were met.
As great as our staff is we still need volunteers.
With 2015 right around the corner, please
consider volunteering to ensure Burke Centre
Conservancy has another successful year!
Holiday Safety
President & Trustee At-Large
hat would you do if every Christmas
present you bought were stolen? I
know you are thinking this is not
going to happen to you because you have a
security system in your home, or you have a
neighborhood watch program, or the outside of
your home is well lit so no one can sneak up
to your home, but guess what, I am not talking
about your home.
Soon after moving to Washington DC I got a
second job for the holidays at a retail store. One
night a woman ran up to me begging me to call
security. She frantically explained that all of
her Christmas gifts had been stolen out of her
vehicle. It was heartbreaking to see how stricken
Please consider not keeping personal items in your
car. Sometimes though that is unavoidable so consider
covering up purchases or property that is in your
vehicle until you get home and can take it out. One
thing I do is carry green garbage bags in my car for
my purchases. Think about it, who would want to steal
Larcenies, September 2-12, 2014
п‚·пЂ 8400 block of Briar Creek Drive, property from
п‚·пЂ 4400 block of Jayson Lane, property from
п‚·пЂ 5300 block of Black Oak Drive, tools from
AT-LARGE - continued on page 8...
Cluster News
he following OAKS Cluster Committees
will meet at 6:30 PM at the Oaks CC (before
Councils): Lakeside Oak / Split Oak/ Spring
Oak ~ Bear Oak & Burr Oak Clusters meet @7 PM.
Georgian Oak Cluster meets on a quarterly basis.
Watch for dates. The Bunker Woods Cluster will
meet monthly at 7 PM at the Woods CC.
I hope all of you are enjoying the increasingly chilly
weather and the beautiful colors that it rapidly has brought.
Don’t forget the downside, though, and be sure to gather
fallen leaves and other yard refuse for appropriate disposal
in accordance with your advertised yard waste collection
Finally, thank you to those of you who shopped at the
Friends of the Burke Centre Library winter holiday and gift
book sale that recently took place on Friday & Saturday,
November 21st and 22nd. If you got there, you were the lucky
ones. Our selection of gently used books was fabulous and,
in many cases, perfect for gift-giving. Watch for news of our
Winter Sale after the New Year.
I hope all of you had a very happy Thanksgiving and are
eagerly awaiting all the rest of the winter holiday season.
Before long it’ll be 2015 and that will bring with it another
chance for you to serve your community. Be safe.
Secretary & Ponds Trustee
What a glorious fall we have had as we transition
towards snow and holidays. It has also been the end
of the budget process, while work continues on draft
ARB Standards revisions and drainage erosion.
Well, we did it! Trustees approved a 2015 budget with
the general assessment remaining at the same level
($127 per quarter). This was based on a lot of hard
work by the Burke Centre Conservancy (BCC) п¬Ѓnance
staff and volunteer Budget & Finance Committee
(BFC) to pare selected expenses and adjust revenues.
While pool use rates were slightly increased, this
was offset by the expenses of a one-week-longer
pool season. Risks considered were of two kinds:
some of the expenses pared were not fully under our
control and weather conditions may be different than
expected—more snow or adverse weather during pool
season. As the general assessment was raised for 2014
and is not being raised for 2015, I predict it probably
will need to be raised for 2016. A capital reserve fund
study is required to be done every five years—2015 is
the year. Trustees also decided that starting in 2016,
one-п¬Ѓfth of this 2020 expense will be budgeted each
Other issues still in the works are: ARB Standards
update; Streetscape; Drainage Erosion Study;
Strategic Plan;
Safe Driving
Initiative. Quiet
Pond’s request
for three speed
humps has been
approved by
the ARB and
the Board of
Trustees, and will be implemented with cluster funds.
Spring Pond has requests in for a speed hump on
Windward and for stop signs at Rand and Windward.
While these projects are supported by the BCC and
the Braddock District Supervisor, these are VDOT
streets so they will have to be studied and approved
for implementation by VDOT.
If you are aware of examples of erosion, please tell
Open Space Committee or tell me at pondstrustee@ (see item on page __). So far the
Streetscape study has concentrated on the design of
п¬Ѓve levels of signs (shown on page 11 of November
Conservator), but if approved, will be implemented
in phases. However, I will encourage all clusters to
implement landscaping improvements similar to those
done by several Landings clusters along Burke Centre
Parkway, west of Roberts Road (and probably by
other clusters).
The ARB and staff every-п¬Ѓve-year-review of the
ARB Standards has resulted in the Chair’s “executive
summary report to the Board of Trustees (elsewhere
in this Conservator). As it is proposed to reorganize
the document and several items added or modified,
Trustees will carefully review the revised document
before acting on it early next year. If you have any
concerns with this proposed document, please contact
me. Among projects mentioned in the Strategic Plan
are Pool Pass Barcoding and Web Page Redesign,
both being worked by BCC staff; updates to the web
page navigation blueprint being reported to Trustees
Placing trees and erosion ahead of streetscape and
signs, I will seek another term as Ponds Trustee so I
can continue oversight of the tree survey and drainage
erosion study as well as those issues dear to you.
Meanwhile have a great holiday season leading into a
happy new year.
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