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I love the new SJA bulletin but one of my concerns is that the

Presider: Fr. Jim DeBruycker
Today we celebrate the Feast of the
Holy Family with a special candlelight
ritual remembering all children, victims
of war. The SJA Children's choir under
the direction of Seth Boyd and guest
singer, Leah Kremer will add their
beautiful voices to our worship. Our
readers are Charlie Bulger and Emily
Pechacek. Thank you all.
There is no Family Mass today or next
Sunday, Jan. 4. Family Masses will
resume on Sunday, Jan. 11.
The Sunday Morning Registration
and Information Office is located in
the Parish Center. In the office you
may register to become a SJA parishioner; get program information; sign up
for a program; and register to volunteer. The office is open after both of
our Sunday morning liturgies.
I love the new SJA bulletin but one of my concerns is that the deadline for the Pastor’s 2
Cents is Monday, which really means I write it on Friday almost a week and a half before
you read it. Twice in my life I have had to write extensive prophecies for a cornerstone time
capsule - how did Carter’s second term go and how did President Kerry do in the White
House? Oh well, if Jesus came a second time over Christmas I guess it’s just water over
the dam at this point. Luckily, it’s not as if President Obama is going to do something drastic
like normalizing relations with Cuba.
In other words I hope and am sure you had the best Christmas possible under the circumstances, all things considered.
This Sunday we have two feast days coinciding on the same day – the Feast of the Holy
Family and the Martyrdom of the Holy Innocents.
To me, the Christmas season has two narratives going: First, it remembers God came into
the world out of care for us. Second, He came not with the power of military might but in the
guise of helplessness which, in turn, needs nurturing and protection.
It is the building of a new kingdom, but not one built on the aggrandizement of power but on
the empowering of the weak to reach their full potential to do good and be good. The story of
this kingdom’s new birth is told with remarkable accuracy, maybe not so much with historical
as with political reality. From the very beginning there was someone who wanted to end it,
but it has been surviving, sometimes by the skin of its teeth, and growing.
This year for the first time since WWII there are more than 50 million refugees dispersed
throughout the world. Once again the weakest are fleeing the powerful as they destroy each
other and the homes and lives of their citizens. We have to ask for what reason and what is
our culpability in this tragedy.
Sadly, as a religious person, I have to realize many of these people are suffering because of
who or how they call God - God the all-powerful, the all mighty, all merciful, all loving. For
those who fight over the name of the God of Abraham they must not have read his concerns.
The God of Abraham is concerned not with rituals or proper etiquette or prophets but with
every baby in a manger. If God needs to protect God’s name God is the only one in a position
to do so.
FFI check the bulletin, the SJA website or call the Parish Center.
The Upper Room is located in the Parish Center; Hospitality Hall is
in the Church basement.
Tuesday and Thursday morning 8 am Mass
is celebrated in the Church
Tuesday, December 30
Mass, 8 am in the Church
Thursday, January 1
New Year’s Mass, 10 am in the Church
The Parish Center Offices are closed
Friday, January 2
The Parish Center Offices are closed
Sunday, January 4: Presider: Fr. Cassidy. Epiphany! The award
winning Lincoln High School Choir, from Thief River Falls, will
provide special music.
9 and 11 am Gym Masses:
Sunday, January 11: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Pre-Mass Speaker: Baptism of the Lord. Ian Stade, parishioner will share a
letter to his daughter and a challenge to our community in
celebration of her baptism.
Sunday, January 18: Presider: Fr. Cassidy. Pre-Mass: We will
hear the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other leaders for
civil and human rights. T Mychael Rambo joins the SJA Choir.
Sunday, January 25: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Pre-Mass Speaker: Dr. Ed Ehlinger, MN Commissioner of Health.
Parking: Be considerate of our neighbors and their property.
Please don’t block driveways or park in their on-street handicapped areas. Thank you!
Sun, Dec. 28: Sirach 3:2-6,12-14; Col 3:12-21; Luke 2:22-40
Mon, Dec. 29: 1 John 2:3-11; Luke 2:22-35
Tue, Dec. 30: 1 John 2:12-17; Luke 2:36-40
Wed, Dec. 31: 1 John 2:18-21; John 1:1-18
Thu, Jan. 1: Numbers 6:22-27; Galatians 4:4-7; Luke 2:16-21
Fri, Jan. 2: 1 John 2:22-28; John 1:19-28
Sat, Jan. 3: 1 John 2:20-3:6; John 1:29-34
Sun, Jan. 4: Isaiah 60:1-6; Ephesians 3:2-3a,5-6; Matthew 2:1-12
Sunday, February 8: Presider: Fr. DeBruycker. Pre-Mass Speakers: Parishioners – Charlotte Kinzley, John Song and Damien
Poling - whose work with those on the margins in our community is
discipleship in action.
Attention 5 pm Mass Eucharistic Ministers/Sacristans: The 2015
Calendar is ready for sign-up in the Church Sacristy.
SignUpGenius for Eucharistic Ministers is available on line. It's
simple, user friendly and a reminder is sent 3 days before your
scheduled volunteer day. FFI contact Marcia at [email protected]
Gluten-free Communion is available upon request. Please see
any of the Sunday sacristans in the Gym before Mass.
For Family Mass please see Gabrielle.
Bud B., Dennis Barta, Jean Besch-Patsch, Phyllis Berninger, Charlie Bloss, Betty Bonnert, Sara Brock, Don Burke, Maureen Carlson,
Dorothy Casserly, Dayna Cell, Miles Chambers, Denise, John D., Megan Daoust, Kris & Larry Dease, Dale Dolata, Lois Doyle, Maire Doyle,
John & Margaret Frees, Jim Gorman, Bryen Granlund, Tom Griep, Tom H., Pat Haliday, Betty Hinker, Jim & Pat Hinton, Megan Hoffman, Mary Hoody,
Jody Hughes, Dan Jay, Tom Jay, Tex Jones, Paul Jonsson, Stacy Kenyon, Cole Kitchel, Lynne, Kirk L, John Lasota, Gary Lindstrom, Liz Loney,
Chantilly Lynch, Rose McGonagle, Katherine & Lauren McManus, Kayla McMullan, Jackie Mead, Chuck Meiers, Shell Meehl, Kelley Meyer, Mike M.,
Sharon Miller, Dorothy Mongoven, Jason Monroe, Pamela Morgan, Gene Muelken, Greg Murphy, Pat Murphy, Nick, Charlie Nelson, Craig Norby,
David Novitske, Heidi Nyberg, Olivia, Doris Oakes, Sr. Dolores Oaks, Matt Olk, Stacey Olk, Bill P., Rick Pattison, Joan Penrose, John Pirola,
Liz Pojar, Nikki Poynter, Tom Privette, Catherine Pususta, Herb Ranweiler, Helen Russett, Susan Roufs, Herb Rorke, Sheila Rossebo, Pat Sable,
Conrad Sampair, Marianne Seekamp, Sam Slagerman, Emily Slotness, Philip Sosin, John Spalding, Julian Sprunck, Sandy Stroud, Irene Taddiken,
Helen Tierney, Matthew Tenant, Mary Eve Thomas, Echo Thoren, Madison Travers, Carin Vagle, Sandy VanWyk, Mimi Villaume, Patricia Vorst,
Ben Weston, Darlene Wheeler, Carol Whitlow, Dan Williams, Jim and Jerry Wohnoutka, Jane Young, Kathleen Ziegler, Ava & Annemaire Zubrzycki
A Book of Prayer is located in our Gym vestibule. If you have a family member or friend who is ill, or who has recently died, please write
their names in our Book of Prayer before Mass so we may include them in prayers during our Sunday Masses.
Prayer Corner Requests: To keep prayer requests current, names will be included in the bulletin for four weeks and then removed. To
renew your request, please call Nancy Becker at 612.823.8205 ext. 223.
Choir will rehearse for the annual MLK concert (Jan. 18) on
Thursday, Jan. 8 and 15 at 7 pm in the Church. We
welcome singers who might like to join this choir for
the special concert. Two rehearsals required. See
Anna Vagle.
New Year’s Mass: Come ring in the New Year with prayer and
song as our community gathers in the Church on January 1 at
10 am for a special New Year's Mass.
Thief River Falls High School Choir: On Sunday, Jan. 4 the
award winning Thief River Falls High School Choir, under the
direction of Darcy Reese, will fill our 9 and 11 am Gym Masses
with song in honor of the Epiphany!
Concert Series: Come celebrate the MLK Holiday with our annual
MLK concert, Sunday, January 18 at 7 pm, Marching to a Better
World. Dan Chouinard hosts some of your favorite singers on the
50th anniversary of the Selma marches of 1965. A rockin' combo
and the SJA choir will help hold it all together. Tickets for the
whole family on sale today after the Gym Masses or at
Get Connected! To take advantage of new social media options,
log on to Facebook and “Like” our page at Saint
Joan of Arc Catholic Community. You can also
follow us on Twitter at @sjampls.
Cabaret 2014 raised $108,000 for the ministries of St. Joan of
Arc. Thank you to the pastors, Cabaret Committee, Anna Vagle,
Dan Chouinard, George Maurer, Tommy Barbarella, all of the
musicians, volunteers, staff, and Cabaret attendees. You made
our 20th Cabaret a huge success. We are grateful and honored
to have worked with all of you. Christopher Hermann and Jean
Hartman (Co-Chairs).
Save the Date! Valentine's Day Breakfast: On Saturday, Feb.
14, 8 - 11 am, Mobile Loaves and Fishes food outreach ministry
(and SJA Sustaining Partner) invites you to a pancake breakfast
and silent auction here at SJA in Hospitality Hall. To volunteer,
donate items or RSVP for the event, email [email protected]
Summary of contributions for the week and fiscal year. Includes
plate, envelopes and estimated Sustaining Member payments.
Dec. 15 - Dec. 21:
Actual $52,321 Budget $56,615
Prior Year Actual $60,228
YTD (July 1 - Dec. 21): Actual $826,344 Budget $839,700
Prior Year Actual $834,976
SJA Outreach Fund: The SJA Outreach Fund is a restricted,
designated fund and every dollar goes out in the following ways:
п‚· SJA CARE Fund: Providing emergency financial assistance
for housing and utilities to parishioners and neighbors in need.
п‚· Justice Grants: We just awarded $33,000 to 9 organizations in
which our parishioners are involved as volunteers and leaders. Check the website for the list!
п‚· Sustaining Partnerships: We provide support to four organizations with which we share a special relationship (Sister Parish,
Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Arm in Arm in Africa and Women
Against Military Madness).
Wedding Policies at St. Joan of Arc: Weddings at St. Joan of
Arc are provided as a service to members of the parish
community. Because of the large number of weddings,
it is not possible to provide the services of a Presider
or our facilities for people who are not registered parishioners. For a wedding to take place at SJA, it is
necessary that one of the engaged couple be a registered member
of the parish for at least six months before a wedding date can be
set. A date can only be scheduled by one of the priests after an
initial interview with the engaged couple. A minimum of six months
from the time the date is set to the wedding is necessary in order
to complete requirements. In cases where there has been a
previous marriage ending in divorce, it is not possible to set the
wedding date until notice of an annulment is in hand. FFI call Mary
Ann at the Parish Center.
Food Shelf Donations Are Needed: You are encouraged to bring
non-perishable food items with you when you come to Mass on
Sunday and place them in our food shelf bins, located in the
entrances to our Church and Parish Center. Your food offerings
are donated to the Foodshelf at Sabathani Community Center
each week. Thank you for your willingness to help those in need.
Mobile Loaves and Fishes needs toiletry size soap, toothpaste
toothbrushes, shampoo, lotion, socks, hats and
mittens for the winter. Please place your donations
in the collection hamper next to the food shelf bin.
FFI contact [email protected] or 612.615.4348.
The Bottom Line: Contributions last week were $4,294
below budget. Year-to-date contributions were $13,356
below budget or 1.5%. Thank you for your continued
~Steve Meyer, Finance Director
Towards Health Care for All: On Sunday, Jan. 25, our preMass speaker is Dr. Ed Ehlinger, commissioner of the MN
Department of Health and champion of true health care reform
that provides affordable, quality care for all. Following the
11:00 Mass, our SJA Conversations on Health Care network
will host a discussion in the Church with Dr. Ehlinger, please
join us! Momentum is growing for a transformation of health
care in our nation and this SJA group is leading the way.
Dakota 38 Screening: This film is the story of a 330 mile
journey on horseback to heal and reconcile the memory of
the 1862 mass killings of 38 Dakota men by the U.S. Hosted
by our partner Urban Homeworks and their Urban Neighbors
program, the evening includes appetizers, beverages and a
discussion on healing with the subject of the film, Jim Miller.
Jan. 11 at 5 pm at the Capri Theater; $3 suggested donation.
FFI on Pastoral Ministries contact Mary Ann Kelly-Wright at
612.823.8205 ext 231 or via email: [email protected]
Mental Health Ministry: Monday, January 12, in Hospitality
Hall. Come and learn about Mental Health Connect, an exciting
new program to better serve people living with mental illness.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church and SJA are both involved with
MHC. Light supper at 5:45 pm; program 6:30 - 8:15 pm. All are
welcome. 1.25 hours CEU certificate available for professionals in
the field. FFI contact Mary Ann Kelly-Wright at the Parish Center.
Did You Know? Thanks to several very hard-working MHM
volunteers our resource library is undergoing
a much needed inventory. Thanks to a generous donation we will be updating and adding
new titles to the library in 2015. Great collaboration = great
ministry work.
FFI on Peace & Justice programs contact Julie Madden at
612.823.8205 ext 228 or [email protected]
Thank You, SJA: As we close this year, I want to thank all who
continue to make our St. Joan of Arc peace and
justice ministries so vibrant and life-giving. Your
commitment to following in the footsteps of Jesus
in our work for human dignity, for the common
good and for solidarity with all of God's people
is inspiring and contagious! Locally and globally, you make a
difference, and you bring a spirit of joy and welcome to your
work. We are blessed by your witness.
Call to Peace: Today we remember the Feast of the Holy Innocents and we mourn the lives of children lost to us in war. We
invite you to join our SJA WAMM/Peacemakers monthly gathering, the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the parish center,
to discuss Christian teachings of nonviolence and the commitment of the early Church to the nonviolence of Jesus.
SJA EcoSpirits Retreat Day: Join our EcoSpirits for an afternoon of reflection and planning on Saturday, Jan. 10 at beautiful
Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield, 12:30 - 4:30 pm, followed
by a potluck dinner. Our EcoSpirits lead our congregation in caring for all of God's creation and we welcome you to join us. FFI or
RSVP contact Ann at 651.216.2019 or [email protected]
#BlackLivesMatter Matters to Us: The recent tragic deaths
of African American men, and the outcry in
response, remind us that we as a nation have
so far to go in creating racial equity and understanding. We work with ISAIAH, a collaborative
of more than 100 local congregations, on issues
of social and racial justice, and we invite you to join our next
gathering on Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 7 pm in The Arc for a discussion and actions on this very topic and on our work to build
God's kingdom together.
The Gathering: If you would like information about The Gathering, an early-to-mid stage memory loss day program, contact
Mary Ann in the Parish Center, Julie McChesney at Bethlehem, 612.312.3366 or go to
the gathering.
SJA Housing Ministry Welcomes the New Year: FFI, please
contact Julie Madden.
п‚· On Saturday, Jan. 10, you are invited to join a team of
SJAers working with Urban Homeworks to rehab a home
that will provide beautiful and affordable housing to a lowincome family. No experience needed, and it is a very satisfying day meeting great people and doing holy work!
п‚· Our youth continue to lead our efforts with Beacon Interfaith
Housing Collaborative, and hundreds of SJAers have joined
Beacon's advocacy network to raise our voices at the state
and local level in support of affordable housing for all. We
invite all to join us.
SJA/TRUST Grief Support: The winter series begins Thursday,
Jan. 22 at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Mpls.
Pick up a schedule from the Church or school hallway
bulletin board or the Parish Center. FFI contact Mary
Ann Kelly-Wright at the Parish Center.
Second Chance Coalition: Join a statewide effort to effect
change in our criminal justice system and laws that continue
to disenfranchise those who have been convicted of a crime
and served their sentence. Coalition meeting Jan. 14, 5 pm
at Goodwill Easter Seals, 553 Fairview Ave. in St. Paul.
BeFriender Ministry: BeFrienders can be confidential, caring
support during times of stress or transition, long-term or shortterm. To find out if a BeFriender might be helpful to you, contact
Carolyn Dobis, 651.485.2868 or Mary Ann Kelly-Wright at the
Parish Center.
We form the faith of our community through participation in prayer, liturgy,
sacraments, education, community and works of justice.
Baptism: To have your child baptized at St. Joan’s you must
be a registered member and participate in a 90-minute Baptism
preparation class. FFI and to register call JP at the Parish Center.
New to SJA? Meet a Mentor Family! Do you love SJA but find it
hard to connect with other parish families? Would you like to be
part of the many exciting SJA ministries, but don’t know how to get
started? Sign up with a mentor family! Your mentor family will join
you for coffee and cookies after a Family Mass to share with you
the ways their family found a home at SJA. FFI contact Gabrielle
at [email protected]
Adoptive Families Book Club: Join us on Saturday, Jan. 17 at
10 am to discuss the novel, Orfan by Corie Skolnick. We’ll meet
at Turtle Bread on Chicago Avenue. Questions? Email Gabrielle
at [email protected]
: FFI contact Jennifer Gessner, at 612.823.8205 ext.
240, or [email protected]
Our Nursery, located in the lower level of the Parish Center, is
open for the 9 and 11 am Sunday Masses. The
Nursery Cooperative is a wonderful community of
families and volunteers that allows parents to enjoy
Mass and meet other young families in the Parish.
Drop-ins are welcome!
: (Ages 4-Kindergarten) FFI contact Therese
Pendleton at 612.823.8205 ext. 230 or [email protected]
: (Grades 1-6) FFI contact Marie Bissonnette
at 612.823.8205 ext. 229 or [email protected]
Grades 1-6 Schedule
Today and Jan. 4: No Class or Family Mass
Jan. 11: Classes and Family Masses resume
: (Grades 7-12) FFI contact Donelle
Poling at 612.823.8205 ext. 241 or [email protected]
Slopefest (grades 7-12): Join us for a weekend full of fun, faith,
friends, skiing and snowboarding. Friday, Feb. 13 16. $250 for skiers/snowboarders, + $10/day to rent
skis, $20/day to rent snowboards. We will be hitting
the slopes of Spirit Mountain in Duluth, staying at
YMCA Camp Miller. Pick up permission slip in
Parish Center. FFI contact Donelle at [email protected] Must
register by Feb. 6.
: FFI contact Julie McConaha at
612.823.8205 ext 226 or [email protected]
#SJA<40's New Year's Resolution: Been meaning to come to
one of our events? First chance: New Year's Resolution Brunch
on Sunday, Jan. 4 after 11 am Mass at Turtle Bread Company.
Women, Save the Date! Women of SJA gather Saturday, Feb. 7,
8:45 - 12 pm. Catherine Michaud, CSJ, Ph.D. inspires the ultimate
talk on women in the emerging Church. Watch upcoming bulletins
for more details.
Men, Save the Date! SJA Annual Men's Retreat is
coming, Saturday, Jan. 31, 9 am - 12:30 pm. Come
to the Tree of Life! Watch upcoming bulletins for
more details.
RCIA and All: Everyone is invited to hear Fr. Jim DeBruycker
teach about our Catholic Sacraments of Initiation along side our
great RCIA class. Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 7 pm in the Church.
Experiencing Stories Together! SJA Parish Book Club is launching our third year together and you are invited to join us for any of
these upcoming selections at 6:30 pm in the Parish Center:
п‚· Ordinary People by Judith Guest on Jan. 14.
п‚· Until They Bring The Streetcars Back by Stanley Gordon
West on Feb. 11.
п‚· The Leisure Seeker by Michael Zadoorian on March 11.
Opportunities for Individual Spiritual Development at SJA:
Did you know that we offer two ongoing groups
in which to study theology and the bible? These
run year-round and can be joined anytime.
Contact Julie McConaha at [email protected]
to get connected!
п‚· Scripture Matters: A studious, friendly group who elect their
next study materials to take them further in their spiritual journey. Meets most Tuesday nights at 7 pm.
п‚· Bible Journey: These small groups use the N. T. Wright For
Everyone bible study guides and explore the New Testament
chapter by chapter. Session I meets Tuesdays at 6:30 pm,
Session II meets Wednesdays at 1:30 pm.
Meals on Wheels Volunteers are needed to deliver hot meals
and warm smiles to elderly or disabled homebound people.
Drivers are always needed to help with this valuable program.
Time commitment is approximately one hour during the noon
hour when called to help. FFI call 612.822.6040.
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