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A Chapter of American Business Women’s Association
Cedar Rapids Charter Chapter #4067, Cedar Rapids, IA
Volume 55, Issue 6
January 2011
Healthy, Zippy Salad Adds Zing to Winter
Inside this issue:
President’s Letter
December Meeting
Recommended Reading
Sondra Lewis Recipe
Member Profile
Vendor Fair
Future programs
The mission of the
American Business
Women’s Association is to
bring together
businesswomen of
diverse occupations and
to provide opportunities
for them to help
themselves and others
grow personally and
professionally through
leadership, education,
networking support, and
national recognition.
Printing of newsletter contributed
by Rockwell Collins.
By Sondra Lewis
(New Member of Charter Chapter)
Co-author of
Simple Choices for
Healthier Eating
Holiday festivities are
over and for many of us
the days are short and
cold. Many welcome the
return to routine, while
others feel the let down of
less activity. Whatever
your January days are
like, here is an easy salad
that adds a touch of excitement by going beyond
the expected. The peppery taste of arugula and
the gentle bite of onions
and walnuts add zip and
zest to your plate. By adding now in-season citrus
fruit, and choosing locally
grown ―greens‖ when
possible, you increase the
―green‖ factor along with
flavor and nutrients.
Salad With Heart –
Foods can provide a
variety of nutrients. The
foods in this salad really
pack some punch when it
comes to heart health!
1) Healthy Fats: Monounsaturated fats
(avocado, olive oil) and
polyunsaturated fats, like
omega-3 fatty acids
(walnuts), are critical to
heart health when consumed in moderation.
Being intentional about
the serving size promotes
the consumption of
healthy fats without adding too many calories.
2) Fiber: binds with
cholesterol to remove it
from the body; it is also
filling, making it easier to
eat smaller portions
(oranges, walnuts, avocados).
3) Potassium: lowers
risk of high blood pressure (oranges, walnuts,
4) Vitamin E: key antioxidant (walnuts, olive
oil, avocado, ).
5) Low sodium: can be
important in keeping
blood pressure low
(high amounts of sodium are often found
in dressings and salad
Making Healthy
Salads Easy
1) Keep Ingredients
on Hand: Keep cer-
tain foods standard items
on your shopping list.
Citrus fruits along with
most bagged greens and
vegetables will last all
week; nuts and dried fruit
store for months.
2) Mix Dressing in a
Jar: Just shake to combine ingredients … easy
to mix, easy to store!
3) Use Вј-Liquid
Measure: Easy to measure liquids by the tablespoon and to read from a
standing position.
More simple ways to
make healthier choices
are found throughout the
resource cookbook,
Simple Choices for
Healthier Eating.
For even more tips, visit
Sondra’s website
www.simplechoices4healt and subscribe to a FREE enewsletter.
(Recipe on Page 5)
Page 2
From The President
The Gift of ABWA
After reading the ABWA
National blog written by
Executive Director Rene
Street this month, it inspired me to write my
president’s message
around the same topic.
The gift of ABWA is not
just adding one more
member to the roster or
having one more guest
attend a meeting. There’s
way more to the benefits
and gifts ABWA provides
than meets the eyes.
The Gift of ABWA is
“. . .Don’t keep ABWA
a secret! Share what
ABWA has to offer
-The strong ABWA
friendships that bond you
together, sisters who help
you through the rough
times, who make you
stronger and help you
become a better person.
-Going through those lifechanging events together
as ABWA sisters, such as
marriage, pregnancy, divorce, career success, new
job, starting a new business, etc. Laughing and
crying together, knowing
we have a good friend to
lean on no matter what!
-Being able to rely on
your ABWA mentor and
sister, who is now your
best friend, for advice,
because she gives the best
advice no matter what the
-Realizing you’re not
alone. We are all here for
a shared purpose, which
is to help ourselves, and
others grow personally
travel to a Regional or
National conference, getting to know them even
and professionally
through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition. This is a safe
place to connect, learn
and grow!
-Experiencing going on
stage at a National Conference to receive our
Best Practices Trophy for
a job well done. Being
mentors and examples to
other chapters who have
not had the opportunity
to receive Best Practices
-Celebrating our teamwork and success, because we can’t do it alone.
When we work together,
look at the wonderful
things we can achieve.
Knowing you made a difference.
-Watching someone
you’ve mentored, succeed
in her career as well in
her personal life, because
YOU made that difference
in her life.
-Bonding with fellow
ABWA sister’s while you
-Seeing the excitement in
a fellow ABWA sister’s
eyes, no matter what age
21 to 81, at a Conference
when you brainstorm
ideas together, even
though our chapters are
hundreds of miles apart.
Knowing you can call on
each other for advice if
you find road blocks.
I challenge you to share
ABWA with others in
your day-to-day life.
Bring a guest or two to
the next meeting! You
never know who might be
interested or has the need
for some of the benefits of
ABWA. Don’t keep
ABWA a secret! Share
what ABWA has to offer
Here’s a link to Rene
Street’s blog: http://
Don’t forget to check out
the video she made. You
might even see someone
you know!
Happy Holidays! See you
next year!
Misty Frank
Page 3
Networking Event
for Women
Saturday, Jan. 8th
11:30-12:30 or 1:30—2:30
Presented by
Demian Papagni
Vahalla Combat Club
12th St. and 5th Ave SE
$10 members—$15 non
Includes refreshments.
RSVP-by Jan. 1, 2011
By noon to [email protected]
Important Info for Members
January Birthdays:
Dorothy Anson
Jill Hidinger
Margaret Horsfield 1/16
Susie Makinster
Doris Spieker
“The most remarkable
Jan ABWA Anniv:
thing about my mother
Molly Friedman
Rose Slaymaker
is that for 30 years she
served the family nothing but leftovers. The
original meal was never
Calvin Trillin
1 yr
4 yrs
New Members in 2010
Molly Friedman
Laura Kohnert
Rachel Petit
Jody Fosdal
Tamera Seber
Wanda Johnson
Susie Makinster
Blaire Gladwin
Holly Crippen
Lilly Elliott
Kristin Flood
Jill Hidinger
Sondra Lewis
Linda McConnell
Angela Moore
Shanti Roundtree
Linda Sweet
Jessica Wilcox
Jennifer Zach
ABWA January Meeting Wed., January 5th
Charter Chapter
January Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 5th
Longbranch Hotel
Cost: $15
Cancel by noon on Monday, January 3rd to Barbara Waterhouse Miller
(393-1442) or you will be
charged for the cost of the
How to Burn
Calories While
Sitting at Your Desk
Presented by
Debby Krivanek
Debby is the franchise
owner of two Curves of
Cedar Rapids, Inc
Come and learn how to
increase your metabolism. Wouldn’t it be
great to know how to
burn more calories while
sitting at your desk or
while sleeping!
Learn the importance of
strength training.
Page 4
Take Time for a Good Book
The board members were
asked to recommend a
favorite book, for Christmas or anytime. Read on
for some great ideas.
Laura Kohnert
Found on 16th Ave
By Karen Roth
My Portion Forever
By Karen Roth
“The man who
does not read
books has no
advantage over
the man who
can’t read them.”
Mark Twain
Both of these books are
about people during the
depression and WWII
who were from Cedar
Rapids. They are fiction
with a lot of references to
16th Ave, Ellis Park and
other landmarks in Cedar
Dawn Waller
Nicolas Sparks books are
always on her wish list.
Two romantic favorites:
The Notebook
The Wedding
Christmas book:
Skipping Christmas
By John Grisham
Makes you think about
the true spirit of Christmas.
Wanda Johnson
The Twilight Series
This is a great love story.
No matter what your age
you can indulge in the
story line.
Marian Zupke
Her favorite for Christmas is the Christmas
story from the Bible. This
keeps the real reason for
Christmas. (She still enjoys Santa!)
Shirley Twiselton
A Coach’s Life
By Dan Kellams
About Coach Les Hipple
from Marion High School
who was a strict coach in
basketball, football and
track and had many successful seasons with WAMAC including when
Shirley was in school
Becky Tranter
The 5 People You
Meet in Heaven
By Mitch Albom
For kids big and little:
What’s Heaven?
By Maria Shriver
Rose Slaymaker
As a child she really liked:
The Little Engine That
Classic story to build selfconfidence.
Misty Frank
How the Grinch Stole
(the Movie)
Her favorite Christmas
story because of the good
music and the change of
heart of the Grinch, when
he figures out what
Christmas is about. Misty
collects Grinch stuff and
watches the movie at least
once every season.
ABWA Proud Code
of Conduct
1. All members will
serve as goodwill
ambassadors for the
American Business
Women’s Association.
2. Members will
not allow their personal
beliefs to interfere with
the representation of
ABWA’s mission.
3. Members will always
treat their member colleagues, guests, vendors
and sponsors with
honesty, respect, fairness, integrity, responsibility, kindness and
in good faith.
4. Members will
maintain compliance
with ABWA National,
Chapter and Express
Network Bylaws.
5. Members will not
use their personal power
to advance their personal
6. Members will strive
for excellence in their
professions by maintaining and enhancing
their own business
knowledge and skills,
and by encouraging the
professional development of members.
Best Practices Trophy
for Charter Chapter
Page 5
Winter Salad Recipe from Sondra Lewis
Healthy, Zippy
Winter Salad
A delicious heart-healthy salad
that offers an interesting taste
combo (sweet-tart-peppery).
It makes a great appetizer or
side salad to enjoy with roasted
or oven-fried chicken.
Dressing Ingredients:
Вј cup 100% orange/
grapefruit juice*
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp white wine
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp honey
Вј tsp. onion powder
Yield: ВЅ cup
6 (4-teaspoon) servings
*Fresh or prepared from
Salad Ingredients:
Mixed greens
(lettuce, arugula, and/or
“Never work before
breakfast. If you have
Avocados (optional)
Raisins or
Zante currants
Chopped walnuts
Red onions slices
Citrus segments (see
Fruit Options)
1. Prepare Dressing: Shake
all ingredients in bottle or
whisk in bowl. Season
with pepper as desired.
2. Drizzle a little dressing
on the greens. Toss gently
to coat each leaf.
3. Slice avocado lengthwise,
circling knife around
large seed in center. Remove seed with spoon.
Slice directly in the skin;
scoop out. To retain color,
drizzle with citrus juice.
4. Top dressed greens with
remaining ingredients.
Drizzle a little more
dressing over salad.
Fruit Options: Both oranges and grapefruit work
well in this salad. Mandarin oranges are smaller
oranges that are easy to peel
and especially sweet. (Some
examples of Mandarin oranges include Clementine
and tangerine.) Zante currants are small, flavorful
Nutritional Analysis per
serving (using 4 tsp. dressing,
Вј avocado, ВЅ orange, 2 cups
mixed greens, ВЅ cup arugula,
and 1 Tbsp each currents, walnuts, and onions per serving):
244 calories (130 fat calories);
14.5g fat (1.8g sat; 4.6g poly; 7.3g
mono); 00mg cholesterol; 43mg
sodium; 28g carbohydrates (8.5g
fiber; 17g sugar); 4.5g protein
@2011 Sondra Lewis,
ABWA Charter Chapter Joins the CR Chamber
to work before
breakfast, eat your
breakfast first.”
Josh Billings
Members of Charter
Chapter of ABWA gathered for a ribbon cutting
ceremony with members
of the Cedar Rapids
Chamber of Commerce.
Membership in the
Chamber of Commerce
will provide opportunities
for members of the chapter to join the networking
events the Chamber holds
with area businesses, as
well as being updated on
the business activities
going on in Cedar Rapids.
Photo was taken at the
Vendor Fair held in Nov.
Page 6
Lila Kramer Member Profile
Lila Kramer is a long time
member of ABWA Charter Chapter and has
served in many offices, as
committee chairs and
project volunteering opportunities.
Lila likes to spend time
with family and friends
and enjoys watching
movies. Her favorite celebrity as a child was Roy
Rogers and Trigger (she
was even a member of
their fan club).
Lila’s favorite color is
lime green.
Fun is the word to
describe her best.
Charter Chapter
Vision Statement
“Advancing the
personal and
professional lives of
women through
learning, connecting
and growing.
Learning through
educational programs
and mentoring.
Connecting through
friendships and
teamwork. Growing
through leadership,
recognition and core
values .”
Her greatest accomplishment is raising three children to be self-sufficient.
Her zest for life drives her
In the favorite food category, Lila says ―Mexican‖
with a margarita!
That I have helped make
a difference in the lives of
What would you do
with $1 million?
I would take my entire
family on a cruise, travel
and donate some to the
Salvation Army. I am at
an age where I don’t need
to invest. I need to enjoy
what I have.
She would like to vacation in Europe.
Two people that Lila admires are Marilyn Tucker
and Becky Beasley, both
members of Charter
Chapter and who have
been good role models
through many years.
If she were invisible, she
would go to the White
Trustworthy, honest and
a positive attitude are the
traits Lila finds appealing
in other people.
Lila worked for 10 years
in rehab at St. Luke’s
Hospital and 25 years at
Options of Linn County.
What is the kindest
thing anyone has
done for you?
Changed my tire in the
Lila’s family includes 2
daughters, 1 son, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.
How do you want to
be remembered?
When she retires, Lila
would like a place near
the ocean.
If you were on an
island, who would you
want to spend time
My grandchildren
because I enjoy spending
time with them.
You have a 10 minute
speech to give at a
high school. What is
it about?
I would tell them they
have the power to control
their lives and become
whatever they want to be.
Most important is to love
what they do.
Organizations you belong to or volunteer
ABWA and the Salvation
Driver with the ―Road to
Recovery‖ program.
Page 7
First Annual Vendor Fair
with booths set up and
products displayed.
Charter Chapter organized and held a Vendor
Fair on November 18th
from 2:30 pm—8:00 pm
at the Knights of Columbus hall in Cedar Rapids.
There were 40+ vendors
January Board
Meeting is Tuesday,
Jan. 11th at the CR
Public Library,
Sendak Room,
Westdale Mall.
We can bring food
and there is WIFI.
Meeting begins
at 6:30 pm.
All members are
invited and welcome
at the board
Pictured below, Nancy
McQuaid -Nitsche and
Martha Lawrence, both
on the fundraising
committee, worked hard
to make this event a
Pictured above is Rose
Slaymaker standing
beside her vendor booth.
Also pictured at the
upper left, is Karen
Pictured at lower left is
Carlotta Antonelli at her
booth and in the center
column is Mary Lee
Thanks to all who
worked hard to make
this happen.
Taking Inventory
Taking Inventory
Misty asked us all to look
around our houses,
garages, basements, and
car trunks and make a list
of ABWA property we
have in our possession.
Please send this info to
Laura Kohnert, CRCC
treasurer, who will compile an inventory list of
ABWA owned property.
This list will then be published on WIN, so everyone knows what we
already have and we can
reuse and recycle.
As the year comes to a
close this would be a great
time for all of us to take
inventory of our personal
and professional lives.
If no, what were the
stumbling blocks?
Did I add new tools to
my toolbox this year?
Skills learned.
Certifications, awards,
positions of leadership.
Contacts made.
Taking inventory gives us
an opportunity to evaluate the performance and
condition of our businesses and our
What were my goals for
the past year?
Did I meet these goals?
If yes, what were the keys
to success?
Now that you know
where you are, how you
got here, and what
you’ve got to build on,
you can reset and
reorganize for the
New Year.
Wishing you a Happy,
Healthy and Successful
New Year!
Dawn Waller
Top Ten Nominee 20092010.
Cedar Rapids
Charter Chapter Officers
We’re on the Web!
President: Misty Frank
Vice President: Karen Madsen
Recording Sec.: Molly Freidman
Corresponding Sec.: Lissa Novitch
Treasurer: Laura Kohnert
2010 –2011 Programs
January 5, 2011
February 2, 2011
March 2, 2011
April 6, 2011
May 4, 2011
June 1, 2011
July 6, 2011
August 3, 2011
ABWA Cedar Rapids Charter Chapter
P.O. Box 10901
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410-0901
Dawn Glass, Editor
[email protected], [email protected]
Snow Festival
Business Assoc. Night
St Patrick’s
Spring Fling
May Basket
56th Anniv Night
Membership Recognition
Back to School
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