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India Expo Centre,
Greater Noida,
New Delhi (NCR)
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August 2012
PackPlus Swings Into High Gear…
Inside this issue:
PackPlus Goes
Driving Global
Technology to India
Keep It �Dry'!
A Head Start!
Wind Up With
Modern Automation
Technology Reduces
Packaging Costs
Jet Set Go
The total packaging, processing & supply chain event, is all set for its annual Northern venture
from 7-10 December 2012. India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, New Delhi (NCR), which has
come up as a highly modernized international exhibition centre, will be the new venue of the
exhibition this year.
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Integration And Collaboration
Across Supply Chain Partners
The PackPlus core team is organizing a new format International Packaging Conclave to be
held on 8 December 2012 at Radisson Blu, Greater Noida, running parallel with the second day of
the PackPlus Exhibition. The Conclave has been structured around panel discussions and round
tables involving packaging managers and global packaging 'thought leaders'.
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Post PackPlus South
Talk Sensors
Giving It A Lift
Exhibitor List
Pre-Register For PackPlus
The visitor pre-registration for PackPlus 2012 is on
full swing. The pre-registration process involves a
simple step of filling and submitting an online form
available on the PackPlus website.
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co int
in pr
'automotion' Brings A Special
Edition On Packaging
B & R Automation publishes the quarterly magazine 'automotion'
with content that is largely company-independent and interesting
for the entire industry. You can get a free copy of the packaging
focused issue of the magazine. For more details, turn on to - Page 13
An Eye For Details
Go With The Flow
Ishida India presents a special feature on
Checkweighers that help factories control
product losses, scale processes &
accommodate various production needs.
ACG Value Links brings the latest in flow
wrapping technology from PFM, Italy for the
Indian Pharma Market.
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Event News
PackPlus Swings Into High Gear…
…preparing the ground for latest innovations & developments from the industry
PackPlus, the total packaging, processing &
supply chain event, is all set for its annual
Northern venture from 7-10 December 2012
at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, New
Delhi (NCR), which has come up as a highly
modernized international exhibition centre,
will be the new venue of the exhibition this
year. The four day event will provide a global
platform for the exhibitors to promote brand
awareness and generate sales lead.
Comprising of 10 niche shows under four
zones, the Show has already begun racking
up some of the renowned names from the
industry including ACG Worldwide, AKR
Plastic Industry, ARS Automat, AVP Papers,
Banner Engineering India Bhavmark
Systems (P) Ltd., Bikaner Polymers (P) Ltd.,
Bosch Limited, Bosetec (India), Bry-Air
(Asia) (P) Ltd., Clear Packaging (P) Ltd.,
Creed Engineers, Cyklop Packaging
Systems India (P) Ltd., Domino Printech
India (P) Ltd., Ecobliss India (P) Ltd.,
Enigma Ventures (P) Ltd., Essel Propack
Ltd., Expert Industries (P) Ltd., Ezeeflex
Plastics (P) Ltd., Falcon Autotech (P) Ltd.,
Harikrushna Machine Tech (P) Ltd., Hassia
Packaging (P) Ltd., Hebei Xinguang Carton
Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd., Hilda
Automation, HPT Pharma Packaging,
Inpack Fabrications (P) Ltd, Intercaps
Filling Systems Ltd., Ishida India (P) Ltd., K
K Packaging Solutions, Kody Equipments
(P) Ltd.m Mehta Cad Cam Systems (P) Ltd.,
Natraj Industries,
Neelkanth Machinery
Company, Nichrome
India Ltd., Nordson
India (P) Ltd., Pakona
Engineers (India) (P)
Ltd., Parle Global
Technologies (P) Ltd., S.
A. Automation (P) Ltd.,
Saill Colours &
Chemicals, Schoeller
Arca Time, SP Ultraflex
Systems (P) Ltd., Time
Technoplast Ltd., Touch,
Uflex Limited (Engineering Division), Valco
Melton Engineering (I) (P) Ltd. and Vora
Packaging (P) Ltd.
Extending their support to the exhibition are
AIDC Technologies Association of India,
Agro & Food Processing Equipment &
Technology Providers Association of India
(AFTPAI) and All India Plastic Industries
Association (AIPIA).
“More than 150 exhibitors have already
booked their stall at PackPlus 2012 and we
are expecting the number to reach 300 in
another two months. We are also planning an
International Packaging Summit with the
Show, which will be an added advantage for
our exhibitors as well as the visitors,” said
Neetu Arora, Director, Print-Packaging.Com
(P) Ltd.- the organizers of the Show.
The Venue
Designed especially for hosting world-class
events and exhibitions, the India Exposition
Centre & Mart Ltd. offers a high standard
of services and facilities and has been
hosting many eminent and notable events,
exhibitions and conferences. A multifaceted
events facility, the center has the capacity to
hold a variety of events from 50 to 5000
guests. Built with a modernistic outlook, the
India Expo Center has been merged with the
unique blend of technology with state-ofthe-art facilities and safety standards as per
international standards.
The expo center provides 6 air-conditioned
exhibition halls, VIP room, meeting rooms,
conference rooms and has been furnished
with modern facilities & amenities together
with complete on-site services.
<[email protected] >
Event News
What More ...
engage as panel members with the
distinguished audience. The readers are invited
to share their suggestions on case studies
through the PackPlus platform.
For more details, contact Debabrata Deb at:
[email protected]
The PackPlus core team is organizing a new
format International Packaging
Conclave to be held on 8 December
2012 at Radisson Blue, Greater
Noida, running parallel with the
second day of the PackPlus
Exhibition. The Conclave with its
theme 'Integration & Collaboration
Across Supply Chain Partners’ has
been structured around panel
discussions and round tables
involving packaging managers and
global packaging 'thought leaders'.
“We expect to make this event a
smart knowledge-sharing and
networking event that should bring
together top Indian and International
packaging manufacturers, suppliers and end
users,” said Debabrata Deb, Packaging
Consultant and the Conclave Coordinator.
“The conclave design that we are considering
will involve three panel discussions
interspersed between an opening presentation
by an International speaker and a closing round
up by an Indian Industry leader. Our focus will
be on food and pharma with automation acting
as the system integrator,” he informed.
Each panel discussion will delve in topics like
how a global network of suppliers, buyers and
their technologists networked & delivered the
optimum answer to a consumer need with
minimum cost and environmental impact. The
event will involve brand owners, the packaging
innovators, the packaging converters and the
technology & automation providers to jointly
PackPlus On Facebook
Keeping pace with the growing significance of
social media, PackPlus is on Facebook now.
The page has developed as a networking
platform for the exhibitors and visitors of the
LIKE the page to know about the latest
developments at PackPlus as well as news
updates from the industry.
To LIKE the page, log on to:
PPCPL Goes Blogging
Blogging has become a very important
Pre-Register For PackPlus
The visitor pre-registration for PackPlus
2012 is on full swing. The preregistration process involves a simple
step of filling and submitting an online
form, available on the linkhttp://www.packplus.in/mod_
As a pre-registered visitor, you can easily
collect your pass from the 'Pre-registered
Visitors' counter at the venue during the
exhibition. This will save your precious time,
which you can further spend in exploring the
new developments from Packaging,
Processing & Supply Chain Industry.
For registration related query, reach us at+91 22 27812093 or mail us at
[email protected]
medium of interaction these days. PrintPackaging.Com (P) Ltd. in a recent initiative
has triggered the tool on the Company and
Show websites. The blog will be updated with
latest news from the printing and packaging
industry, also giving the readers a chance to
share their comments and views on the same.
To FOLLOW the blog, log on to: www.printpackagingblog.com
Driving Global Technology To India
Par Excellence
Parle Global Technologies
Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider
of high end imported
technologies from Korea,
Taiwan, Japan and Europe. The
company holds high expertise
in the pharmaceuticals and food
& beverage industries in terms
of catering to the critical
machinery requirements of its
diverse customers.
Ace Products, a leading player in the field of
packaging machines and materials since
2005, presents its all new range of
E X C E L PA C K в„ў s h r i n k p a c k a g i n g
machines. The company, catering to almost
every part of India, is spreading its network
by inviting reputed dealers to be its
authorized dealer in their respective regions.
“This will help us provide more efficient
services to our clients,” said Vikram Singh
from Ace Products.
Parle Global Technologies promotes Bossar
Packaging SA- Spain, a pioneer in the field
of horizontal form-fill-seal machinery.
Bossar, today, has more than 2500 machines
sold in 90 countries. A wide range of
innovative pouch formats can be made on
these machines and has the capability to
handle difficult and diverse applications.
The company also manufactures aseptic
packaging solutions in flexible pack formats.
<[email protected] /
[email protected]>
Keep In Check
Falcon Autotech (P) Ltd. is a leading name
in the domain of online weighing and
inspection solutions. Well known for its high
precision check weighing solutions and
backed by more than 10 years of experience
in the machine industry, the company has a
clientele spread across the whole of India.
At PackPlus 2012, the company will be
displaying its exhaustive range of checkweigher solutions including carton weighing
solution. The range will include on line
weighing solution for 5-30,000 gm, speed
upto 400 pc /min, accuracy 0.2 gm.
“These are quite economical as compared to
any other brand without compromising on
precision (0.2 gm), performance (400 pc /
min), quality (all SS construction) and
reliability (reliable construction and
components used),” said Pradeep Jain, the
founder of the company. “The system owns
“The quality of shrink packaging machines is
acknowledged and appreciated by our
customers and we have a good market in
India and overseas. We also deal in other
products like strapping machines, stretch
wrappers, taping machine, band sealers and
case erectors,” he added.
Ace Products also specializes in packaging
materials like polyolefin shrink film,
available in cross-linked film, low shrink
force film, hot slip film, 10 micron special
film and normal grade film. Apart from this
the company also sells PVC cling film, pallet
stretch film and MaxStretchв„ў film from
On the rejection mechanism side options Malaysia.
such as air, pusher, drop down conveyor,
angle flap, pop up conveyor are available. The PVC cling Film is 100% food grade and
“Our strong experience in providing is certified by FDA. It has a special anti-fog
customized solution such as automatic part agent, which helps food stay fresh for a
identification vision system by vision, bar longer period. Palm oil is used as the cling
code reading / volumetric based inspection, agent which is 100% natural. “Even
colour sensor based inspection; laser sensor MaxStretchв„ў is not a normal stretch film; it
inspection is set to revolutionize the online is made from special raw materials and has
weighing industry by building futuristic better memory than conventional or preapplications,” concluded Naman Jain, stretch stretch films. It is almost 40% cheaper
Software Engineer & Co-founder of Falcon than any other film available in the market,”
explained Singh.
<[email protected]>
<[email protected]>
various features like weight control on
dosing station, rejection of bad parts,
automatic update of dead weight, output
through RS232/ethernet, statistical analysis,
data logging and reporting software recipe
storage of 100 item,” he added.
An Eye For Details
Checkweighers are silent workers that help factories control product losses, scale processes and accommodate various production needs.
In food and non-food factories, Checkweighers
are widely used to weigh and classify products
by weight on a
production line with
attributes such as
p r o p e r, o v e r a n d
underweight products.
Checkweighers are
also used to improve
the giveaway of
weighing machines,
analyze weight
tendency, classify
products based on
various grades, check
the status of real-time production and inspect
for missing items. It also functions on a line that
has products of various weight, shapes and
Attributes For Better Production:
Improving Giveaway: Checkweighers can
control weighing accuracy and minimize the
giveaway of weighing equipment. Integrated
with rejecting systems, it can be used to sort
different-sized products into several grades
based on weight.
Analyzing Weight Tendency: Factories
should manage product giveaways closely as
even a small amount of giveaway per package
can lead to a major loss. The weight tendency of
products of a proper weight is therefore closely
analyzed to find out if they tend to be heavy or
Weighing results are now managed on personal
computers, which enable operators to see the
status of production in real time. Operators can
see product weight tendency in greater detail
from the data generated and change the setting
of the weigher, bag maker and other equipment
in order to make the average weight of properweight products closer to the target weight.
D a t a M a n a g e m e n t : G e n e r a l l y,
checkweighers measure the weight of each
product at the end of production line. Such
information can be used to analyze and manage
the efficiency of production. Weighing results
are now managed on personal computers,
which enable operators to see the status of
production in real time and to make timely
decisions to improve machine settings. They
can also check what went wrong at a previous
production cycle in the event of a complaint.
Inspecting For Missing Items: In a non-food
factory, the packaging process usually relies
heavily on manual labor, which often results in
shipment with missing items and components.
Checkweighers can be used to automate
missing item
inspection, which
identify those items
by weighing a
product package in
the line and detect
differences in
weight based on a
reference weight.
Weighing results are now managed on personal computers, which
enable operators to see the status of production in real time.
Inspection On A
Mixed Line: Highmix, low-volume
production is
popular among
factories. While
several checkweighers are generally required
to inspect every production line of different
products, using a combination of a
checkweigher and a barcode reader, operators
can inspect a mixed line with different products
that are conveyed at random.
To Conclude:
As consumers are more likely to purchase
lower-priced products despite the rising prices
of packaging materials and raw materials,
manufacturers should leverage on the qualities
of checkweighers in order to control losses and
analyze their production cycles for better
efficiency. This also enables the supply of
reliable products while protecting the bottom
Checkweighers are used to improve the
giveaway of weighing machines, analyze
weight tendency and classify products based on
various grades.
<[email protected]>
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Go With The Flow
Group Around
ACG Value Links brings the latest in flow wrapping
technology from PFM, Italy for the Indian Pharma Market.
into diversified
Dave's Group of Companies
usiness across
started with the inception of its
different industries
first company - Harikrushna
and now it is gearing
Te c h n o c r a t s E n g i n e e r i n g
up for paper
Company in the year 2000.
Today Harikrushna Machine
related projects in the
Pvt. Ltd. (HMPL) is one of the
leaders in packaging and Maulik V Dave, Founder, Dave's Group of Companies
labeling machinery. “We started
at a small level with limited
f i n a n c e , i n f r a s t r u c t u r e a n d Parenteral.
manpower, but, today have grown to
fairly good level of infrastructure A look at the achievements of Dave's
with manpower strength of above Group of companies:
Udhyog Ratna Award – 2005-06
350 people,” said Maulik V Dave, the l
by Institute of Economic Studies,
founder of the Group.
New Delhi
Excellence Award from Institute
From a single company, Dave's l
of Economics Studies, New Delhi
Group of Companies today has
for HMPL
diversified business. The group of
Global Business Achievement
companies include:
Award – 2006-2007, by Indian
Harikrushna Machinetech Pvt.
Economy Development &
Ltd – Manufacturer & exporter of
Research Association, New Delhi
liquid packaging machineries
Rashtriya Udhyog Ratna Award–
Harikrushna International - Turn- l
2007-2008, by Indian
key projects consultancy for
for Business
beverages, cosmetic, dairy, food,
Research & Development, New
and pharmaceutical
Harikrushna's Yatra - Air travel &
Innovation Society tour agency
Trend Setter award 2012 for its
Dave's Noni & juice PVT. LTD. trend setting manufacturing
Ready to drink fruit juices
and practices.
Dave's Realities & Construction
Gujarat SME Excellence Award,
Company - Real estate & l
2012 for 'Manufacturing Sector'
HMPL by SME Association of
Dave's Export House India.
Handicrafts & furniture
manufacturing and exports
The Dave Group has a foothold into
business across different
The Group serves to renowned
clients like Ranbaxy, Glenmark, industries and now it is gearing up for
Pidilite, UB Group, Balaji Group, paper manufacturing related projects
Reckitt Benkinser, Boush & Lomb, in the country by entering into joint
Zandu, Dabur, Emami, Zydus Cadila, venture with MNCs.
<[email protected]>
Claris Life Science and Mark
PFM model 'Scirocco BA' and 'Scirocco BB' represent one
of the utmost levels of specialization of high-speed MAP
(Modified Atmospheric Packaging) machines; the
cantilevered construction makes it extremely easy to clean
at every point. PFM's flow wrapping technology can be
used for various applications like aerosols, medical
devices, pregnancy kits and blisters in flow wrap. PFM's
flow wrapping
machines are 21
C F R ( P a r t 11 )
“Customer feedback and a strong research team has helped
us evolve in the last 50 years, the result of which has been
the ability to cater to customer needs with wide variants of
flow wrapping machine,” said Shabbir Badami from ACG.
The company provides end-to-end packaging solutions
with its line of integrated product flow wrapping, collating,
case packing and palletizing machines.
<[email protected]>
AIPIA Extends Its Support To PackPlus
All India Plastic Industries Association
(AIPIA), established in1982, is a leading
association of SSI and medium scale plastic
processing units and related interests in the
country. The association has extended its
support to PackPlus 2012, scheduled from
7-10 December at India Expo Centre,
Greater Noida, New Delhi (NCR).
Right from its inception, AIPIA has been
one of the most active associations of plastic
processing industry. Today it has more than
2000 members spread all over the country. It
is known for its endeavors in various areas
of problems/concerns of the industry with
regards to government duties, policy of raw
material suppliers, pollution potential of
processing of plastic products,
categorization of plastic products under
green category, green category/permissible
list, non-biodegradable plastic bags,
recycling of non-biodegradable materials,
biodegradable plastic bags, environmental
friendly plastic bags, recycle plastic bags,
reusable plastic bags, all weather proof
recyclable plastic bags, India customs &
duty tariff codes, Indian customs duty and
environmental effects of plastic production.
The Association actively follows up with
various agencies (government and nongovernment) to obtain satisfactory
resolution of industries' multifarious
problems. AIPIA has been a Member of the
We have a foothold
Association News
Public Grievance
Committee and Regional
Advisory Committee of
Central Excise for the past
many years wherein issues
and concerns of members are raised for
satisfactory redressal.
Shri R.N. Gupta is the President and Shri
V.K. Macker is the Hony. General Secretary
of the Association, elected for two year term
2011-13. Shri Ravi Kr. Aggarwal is the
Chairman (Env. Committee) of the
<[email protected]>
Adding More Feathers To Its Crown
Keep It 'Dry'!
The Indian packaging industry is
growing at a fast pace. The
growth indicator for the industry
is the food & beverage and
pharmaceutical packaging
sectors. Both industries, be it
food or pharma, face problems
during packaging due to high
humidity. It causes the powder to
stick to the conveyor belt, thus
preventing filling operations.
There are several other problems
that are caused due to
uncontrolled humidity.
Bry-Air has come up as a
leading name in moisture/
humidity control. With over
25000 installations and nearly 50
years of experience, the
company is recognized for
solutions used in humidity
control, drying, conveying &
blending and gas phase filtration
“We have one of the widest and
the world's most energy efficient
range of desiccant dehumidifiers
and dryers. These can be used in
every dry air application and in
every industry ranging from
drying tiny seeds, to providing
ambient conditions for life
saving drugs, microchips and
challenging dry rooms
conditions for Lithium battery
production or mothballing
mighty freighters,” said Manoj
Bhatia, AVP-AT from Bry-Air
(Asia) Pvt. Ltd.
“From compact to engineered,
Bry-Air dehumidifiers are
designed to suit most unique
moisture/humidity control needs
of our customers. Today, some of
the best and the most recognized
names in the industry have opted
for our dehumidifiers,” he added.
The company has sales and
service presence in 6 continents
with wholly owned subsidiaries
in Malaysia and China, a licensee
in Brazil and associate plant in
USA. It has its offices in Japan,
Korea, Thailand, Indonesia,
Philippines, Turkey, Italy,
Netherlands, South Africa,
Australia, office & warehouse in
Sharjah – UAE, apart from the
nine offices in India. Bry-Air
serves industries includingl
Food Processing
Electronics & Semiconductor
Research Laboratories
Engineering Industry
Cold Storage
Data Centers & Server
Refineries & Petrochemicals
Paper & Pulp Industry
PET Industry
Automobile Industry, and
Extrusion & Cable Pipe
<[email protected]>
Ecobliss has been offering
quality packaging products for
more than a decade with a strong
focus on environment,
innovation, design and turnkey
packaging solutions. The
specialties are innovative cold
seal blister products which are
prominently used in various
segments like pharmaceutical,
electrical / electronics,
of vacuum formed blister & a
folding carton. It has a host of
packaging equipment ranging
from table top sealing machines
to customized fully automatic
packaging machines.
Recently Ecobliss India has
added more to its success with all
of its three entries winning
WorldStars at the International
Packaging Excellence Awards
The WorldStars winners were
selected by the jury in the UK,
consisting of 23 country
representatives and a
representative from the
International Packaging Press
Organization. “These awards
have just been conferred in a
glittering function held at
Croatia,” said an enthusiastic A V
P S Chakravarthi, Managing
Director, Ecobliss India Pvt. Ltd.
automobile, FMCG, food and
agriculture, textiles / apparels
and cosmetics / healthcare.
The company also offers heat
seal face blister packs that can
guarantee sealing even for a PET
blisters. It presents the tamper
evident tear resistant blister pack
which consumes about 60% less
plastic than the conventional
clamshell blister pack and also
provides custom design bliss
boxes which are a combination
“The pre-eminent international
award in packaging, WorldStar
illustrates the continual
advancement of packaging in
India. The award is presented
only to those packages which,
having already won recognition
in a national competition, are
compared by an expert panel of
judges to similar packages from
around the world. Awards are
based on the judges' consensus
that a package is superior in its
own right and better in its class in
execution or innovation by
comparison,” he concluded.
<[email protected]>
A Head Start!
R o b a t e c h p re s e n t s h o t m e l t
application heads for quick &
accurate adhesive application
Robatech AG, Muri-Switzerland, is
the world's leading developer and
manufacturer of adhesive
application systems. Recently the
company presented innovative hot
melt application heads, which set
new standards for speed, durability
and precision.
The requirements for the bonding of
packaging are very high and they
also change for each product. Thus,
the material, size and shape of the
packaging also influence the type of
bonding used. In the confectionary
industry small collapsible boxes are
generally used for sweets or
chewing gum, and cardboard boxes
and chocolate wrap for chocolate
bars. The adhesive flaps are
particularly small, which means that
clean and accurate bonding is
imperative for successful sales
presentation at the POS.
Quick Switching Cycles
Combined With High Wearresistance: The electromagnetically operated SpeedStarв„ў
Diamond application heads can
apply up to 800 adhesive dots per
second. This has allowed Robatech
to successfully combine rapid
switching cycles with high wearresistance. Even with temperatures
of up to 185 В°C and viscosities up to
5000 mPas, SpeedStarв„ў
application heads have a much
longer life than conventional heads.
The newly patented sealing
concepts also add electronic stroke
monitoring and cycle evaluation.
Precision At High Speed: These
heads are also high precision
because the valve stem stroke is
monitored and automatically
adjusted. The repeat accuracy is thus
Stand The Test Of Time
unique, whereby the dot size and
position can be guaranteed without
manual re-adjustment over its life.
Another advantage is that less
adhesive is used as the dot or bind
size is smaller. In addition, exact
temperature control with insulation
and nozzle guard helps to achieve
better bonding behaviour. Nozzle
clogging is all but eliminated with
the integrated filter.
Intelligent & Economical: The
SpeedStarв„ў application heads are a
step ahead in matters of ecology and
efficiency. They are insulated with
the tried and tested SX Diamond
Series plastic housing, which clearly
improves energy efficiency and
protects the operator against burns.
The heads are however still small
and slender and can be installed in
areas where space is limited. They
are also compatible with most
Robatech SX application heads. The
electronics integrated into the head
constantly control and monitor its
operation. Signs of wear are thus
automatically adjusted. Integrated
counters help in the planning of
maintenance work and a LED
display ensures reliable status
<[email protected]>
Presto Stantest (P) Ltd. is a known
name in the field of testing
instruments. The parent company
was established in the
year 1982, and ever since
it has strived to
accomplish reliable
quality and after sales
service. The range of
polymer, textile & yarn,
coatings and packaging
testing instruments from
the company is not only
advanced and simple to use, but is
also priced to give value for money
to customers. These instruments are
endorsed by reputed companies like
Gap, Honda, Suzuki, Colgate,
Cadbury India, Pepsi, Hindustan
Coca Cola, Palmolive, Akzo Nobel,
Reliance, Nestle India, Parle Agro
and Bisleri.
The ISO 9001: 2008 certified
company also has a strong foothold
in the international market and
business transactions are executed
directly by its exports department.
“We follow best quality practices in
manufacturing material testing
instruments,” said Gaurav Malhotra,
Director, Presto Stantest (P) Ltd.
“The term 'packaging' includes all
types of containers, boxes and
wrappers used to defend, transport
and distribute goods - including
corrugated cases, trays, crates and
pallets. The packaging instruments
is usually understood to comprise of
manufacturers of wrapping
materials, converters who print and
make packaging and packaging
components, ink and adhesive
makers. Without packaging it would
merely not be possible for
consumers to have access to most of
the products, which are accessible
day- to-day,” he added. The main
packaging testing instruments are
bursting strength tester- pneumatic,
box compression tester, crush tester
and peel adhesion tester for materials
like paper
and carton
b o a r d ,
plastics, metals,
glass and wood.
The bursting
strength tester is
defined as the distending force,
which is applied at 90В° angles to the
plane of the paper, under specified
conditions, which results in the
rupture of a paper; corrugated boxes
and paper board. It is the most
frequently measured strength
property of paper. “The analysis
apparently originated from the
ancient time practice of the
papermaker who, in hands- on
quality control determination of
paper strength, would attempt to
press on his thumb through the sheet.
This is the official test used for
evaluating the bursting strength of
papers with thickness. Similar tests
have been assumed for determining
the bursting strength of heavier
paperboards and corrugated
fiberboard,” informed Malhotra.
The Presto box compression tester –
computerized, is a compact
instrument with user friendly
controls and software. It is a stateof- the- art equipment that comes
with HMI system. “Cardboard boxes
should possess sufficient
compression strength so that they do
not get collapsed or flattened when
stacked one above the other either
during transit or in storage. The
compression strength is determined
by placing the box on a flat platform
and pressing it down from the
upward with the help of another flat
plate by a motorized arrangement,”
concluded Malhotra.
<[email protected]>
On New Venture
NBG diversifies into packaging equipment for cartons
NBG Printographic Machinery Co. (P) The Automatic Die Cutting Machine
Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is manufactured by Shanghai Yawa
is a leading manufacturer & supplier of web Printing Machinery Co., Ltd, set up
offset printing machines used for printing in November 1988. The company
newspapers, tabloids and books, since 1990, was the first joint venture established
with a good and reliable sales & servicing in the field of printing and packaging
support network in India. It has recently machinery building industry in China and is
forayed and diversified its product basket by amongst the 'Top 10 Chinese Excellent
promoting & selling packaging equipments Packaging Enterprise'. Besides in China, the
company has successfully executed projects
in more than 50 countries, worldwide.
The die cutting machines are available in
different models with or without stripping.
The main product models are:
for making cartons, like automatic die
cutting machines and auto flute laminators to
cater to the needs of various packaging
industries in India.
Die-cutting machine (Deluxe) - MW1050
(without stripping), MW1050A (with
stripping), MW790 (without stripping),
MW790A (with stripping), and
Die-cutting machine (High-Speed) -
In True Colours!
Wind Up With
Shell Colours & Chemicals, started in the year
1995 with modest investment, has grown into
one of the most successful and visible business
enterprises today. Setting great emphasis on
professionalism in the printing inks and allied
chemical business, the company has defined
new benchmarks in services as well as
technical support.
Naman Enterprises presents a range of
versatile and user-friendly programmable
coil winding machine available in several
configurations. The machine comes with
accessories, custom jigs/fixtures, offering
optimum and comprehensive
winding solution based on coil
complexity, size & productivity;
leading to minimum start up time
and cost effective solution.
'To meet growing demands and keep pace with
the involving print technology landscape, we
now operate in all parts of the country from the
industrial zone in Daman and Sarigam,” said
Raajkumar Lodha from Shell Colours &
The company manufactures variety of BOPP
pigment paste, which is used in coloring
different type of BOPP tapes and BOPP buff
paste. It is also engaged in manufacturing wide
range of water based printing ink for
corrugation boxes, labels and tissue papers.
“Shell aims to provide high quality inks at
affordable prices catering to the needs of
various industries. It is strongly committed to
providing quality inks to its customers and also
gives them the flexibility of customized special
inks,” added Lodha.
The Shell Group is also an authorized
distributor for marketing printing inks of Micro
Inks and has installed its computerised colour
matching system known as ATM – Any Time
Matching. “Recently we have also entered in
the arena of manufacturing interior and exterior
paints,” concluded Lodha.
<[email protected]>
All machines are microcomputer
controlled to attain high winding
accuracy, consistency and low
maintenance. Menu-driven
t h r o u g h
dialogue display and a
5 key joystick keypad
helps to realize
complex winding
programs with
exceptional ease. A
powerful set of
parameters and multiprogram memory makes it possible to wind
simple relay coils to complex switching
transformer & variable pitches coils with
equal simplicity.
Robust construction, design and
standardized manufacturing practice
coupled with a responsive service back up
ensure long operational life and
MW1050Y (high-speed, without stripping,
300 mm higher) and MW1050YA (highspeed, with stripping, 300 mm higher).
The Auto Flute Laminator is manufactured
by Dingshung Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading
manufacturer and exporter of converting
machinery since 1985 in Taiwan, with a large
global presence. The Midas Series - auto
flute laminator from the company is capable
to laminate and glue combination of
corrugated board and any type of upper paper
or board together. After shearing or mold
cutting, the laminated products can be made
to be carton case, box and related products.
<[email protected]>
uninterrupted performance.
Electrotech high voltage breakdown tester
has been designed for use on production line
of domestic electrical appliances, cables,
PVC tapes,
e l e c t r i c a l
lighting fixtures,
super enameled
wire and general
inspection in all
laboratories. They
also meet the
requirements of
ISS-302 and can
be used for testing
grounded or
isolated equipments.
These testers have high
accuracy of output test
voltage and utmost
operating safety. Fast
electronic tripping has
been provided with four
current settings, selectable
by the other user through a switch by other
panel. A micro switch is provided on test
probe to apply high voltage to item under
test. High voltage is available till the switch
is pressed. A failure trips voltage supply with
audio visual indication and reset table by the
probe switch. Thus, the operating system is
very fast and production friendly.
<[email protected]>
Modern Automation Technology Reduces Packaging Costs
A further reduction of costs for plastic
packaging by lowering packaging densities
is hardly possible anymore. This is why
rationalization potentials in the
manufacturing and operation of packaging
machines are taking more of the spotlight
these days. Hastamat, the well-known
German manufacturer of packaging
machines, also has a solution for this
situation: Reliable machines customtailored to the application and highlyintegrated systems, offering higher
performance without costly ballast. The
foundation for the achieved savings is the
high-performance automation technology
from B&R.
Production of machines for packaging such
fragile products as salted bread sticks,
potato chips or chocolate-covered baked
goods is a task strictly for specialists. In order
to achieve optimal results when
weighing/portioning the products as well
during the actual packaging process, specific
requirements for both the product and the
machine owner must be considered. The
packaging system must be customized
accordingly. This requires extensive
application and machine know-how as well
as the utmost flexibility when planning,
commissioning and manufacturing a
The Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH,
based in Hessian Lahnau, meets these high
demands and sets an exemplary standard.
“Packaging of bar-shaped products is one of
our core competencies,” explains Andreas
Hollmann, Manager, Hasmat
Verpackungstechnik GmbH. “Not only do
we possess the required know-how and
resources for developing and producing
individually customized machine- and
systems solutions for the packaging of
superior products, but we have also known
the demands of different applications for
decades,” he adds.
Custom Solutions Help Cut Costs
Even packaging machine manufacturers
cannot elude the noticeable pricing pressure
of the food industry in Germany. This
demand for customized solutions means that
machine and system functionality is tailored
for application and do not include any costly
features that remain unused in actual
A Complete Automation System
Simplifies System Integration
Hastamat has created a complete
automation system using B&R technology.
“We can accomplish typical PLC tasks as
easily as those requiring a great deal of
computing power or multi-axis
applications,” states Martin Otto. “Without
B&R, that would not have been possible,”
he adds.
Today, the packaging specialist has
implemented its new automation system on
a broad scale.
application. Hastamat achieves this by
modifying field-tested standard solutions
with a modular design and making them
available for numerous options. “We are also
known for finding and implementing custom
solutions for applications, which other
companies would not dare address,” asserts
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Lökös, Head – Marketing,
Accordingly, the implemented automation
solution must also prove flexible and
efficient. It should not put extra pressure on
the budget. “The product portfolio of the
Automation technology manufacturer must,
on the one hand, offer all the products needed
for all applications at an attractive price, but
also must not hinder the selection process
with undue complexity,” says Dipl.Ing
Martin Otto, Leader- Electrical
Construction, Hastamat. “The same applies
to the automation components. Consistence
with our requirements is indispensable so we
can avoid expensive detours,' he adds.
These criteria form the core of the
performance catalog that Hastamat has
chosen to evaluate the control solutions of
several well-known providers of automation
technology, as they are seeking to modernize
their packaging machines.
“We have defined separate required and
desired criteria in a points system by
comparing the prices of each of the controller
manufacturers,” says the Manager of
electrical construction. B&R emerged from
the evaluation at the top.
Using B&R technology, Hastamat is
advancing with the integration of various
packaging system components. The most
recent results of this integration were
showcased at an exhibition where the
company put one of its packaging machines
from the new RB series on display, which
further consolidated the Hessians product
portfolio. The amply-sized touch panel
immediately grabs the eye, behind which a
Panel PC from the B&R 'Power Panel' family
is positioned and controls the machine. This
machine also possesses exceptional userfriendliness and a safe accompanying
process configuration and guide. “This is
especially important for sensitive products,
so the user can quickly and easily select an
optimal setting,” says the Marketing Leader
at Hastamat.
The advantages of the automation system are
best utilized in practical application in
combination with a scale: A multiheaded
scale, normally combined with a packaging
machine, can be operated and controlled via
the packaging machine controller. Thus, the
company with roots in scale technology
fulfilled its customers wishes and
implemented a cost reduction. According to
Peter Lökös, “Customers do not want to keep
many system replacement parts and want the
ability to remotely operate the system,”
“The tight connection required between the
two system components is difficult (i.e.
expensive) or impossible to achieve if
controllers from different manufacturers are
used,” says Martin Otto. There is also the fact
that many companies in recent years (unlike
Hastamat) have focused solely on one
reduction stand in the
foreground,” he specifies.
New Maintenance
Concepts Reduce
Running Costs
Because modern
controllers handle such a
large number of tasks, the
best upkeep solution is one
that rarely requires on-site
maintenance by service
technicians. For the same
H i g h - p e r f o r m a n c e multihead combination weigher reason, users seldom
from Hastamat from the CP series for weighing oddly shaped require a specific brand or
products, such as snacks, confectionery, granulates, metal or type of control system, but
plastic parts etc.
instead rely on the support
of the machine supplier.
system component - either scale or
packaging machine - and have taken separate Knowledge of new maintenance concepts
paths. Additionally, both of these system are needed for this. “The B&R technological
components place different requirements on concept is a perfect fit for us,” says Martin
the controller regarding performance and the Otto. “On the one hand, an employee of the
machine owner without extensive technical
particular algorithms used.
knowledge should be able to say change an
Today, modern standard controllers offer - ACOPOS drive because all required
unlike a decade ago - sufficient performance configuration and application data is stored
to replace special controllers. “This is one of on a flash drive that is inserted in the new
the reasons why customers are not often drive. Shipping the drive for software
dedicated to one specific control systems installation is thus unnecessary. On the other
manufacturer,” states Peter Lökös. “Today, hand, B&R technology offers the option of
solutions for task management and cost- remote machine and drive maintenance and
diagnostics, so our experts can offer direct
and comprehensive support at any time,” he
For the same purpose, Hastamat offers a
hotline and support services that are
available 24 hours per day, year round.
Hastamat relies on the worldwide network of
B&R networks for availability of
replacement parts. “B&R has accomplished
a lot in this area in recent years and can now
supply replacement parts to remote parts of
the world in the rare event of a component
failure,” states Peter Lökös.
The Hastamat business manager is
convinced that, with Hastamat entering new
markets with its new and innovative machine
family RB, it will generate additional
g r o w t h . “ T h i s m a c h in e f a mily is
characterized - thanks in part to B&R
technology - by a very attractive priceperformance ratio that will serve to ensure
and increase sales. Hastamat has room for
further expansion in an additional building at
the headquarters; administration, along with
sales and support are now located in this
facility. Plans are in the works for a new
production hall in Lahnau,” he informs.
Courtesy: �automotion’ Magazine
The Automation Industry Magazine…
… brings a special edition on Packaging
B & R Automation, the leading
multinational engaged in
manufacturing, sales and service of
Industrial Automation products,
publishes the quarterly magazine
'automotion' with content that is
largely company-independent and
interesting for the entire industry.
In the special edition of 'automotion' on
'Packaging', B & R presents a wide
spectrum of the most advanced
technologies currently being used in this
industry. The growth being experienced
by the packaging industry throughout
the world is largely due to the explosive
growth of the world's consumer class. It
was exactly this reason that led B&R to
form the Packaging Solutions division,
an international group of experts who
are specifically focused on the needs of
multinational packaged goods
manufacturers and packaging system
The magazine, divided in three sectionsTechnology, Application and Interview,
covers topics like:
Innovative Packaging- a crucial
distinguishing feature at the point of
Automation Studio- more than just a
programming tool
Modular Packaging Systems- a
strong trend towards integration
Step by step label production
Intelligent packaging solutions for
demanding products
Get a free copy of this edition by
writing to Dinesh Mungi at
<[email protected]> or
call on 020-41478999
Let There Be LIGHT
Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHTВ® S18L delivers
multi-color indication for flexible performance on
the factory floor
With industry-recognized EZ-LIGHT technology
and highly-visible LEDs, Banner Engineering's
new S18L general-purpose indicators provide a
simple and cost-effective indication solution. The
indicator is capable for stand-alone use on a
machine or enclosed in a panel, with no enclosure
required, making it ideal for a variety of
applications in diverse manufacturing and factory
automation industries. The S18L features up to
three independent colors in one
unit and multiple colors to
choose from for custom-colored
The S18L general-purpose
indicators are available for
mounting with a variety of
brackets, including right-angle
with curved slot, swivel with tilt and pan
movement, flat and right-angle with articulation
slots. Offering an operating range of -40В° to +50В°
C and a durable, IP69K-rated housing, the S18L
can be used in diverse
applications, including harsh
washdown environments.
The multi-colored S18L
indicators are available in green,
red, yellow, blue, white, orange,
turquoise, violet, sky blue and
magenta. Daylight visible models
are also available for areas with high levels of
ambient light. To avoid false indication, the
indicators' face appears gray when off.
<[email protected]>
Jet Set Go!
Techmech, one of the leading players in
material handling equipments, presents its
specific range of products.
JET Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck: The
system has a unique design, which ensures
minimum time in handling, maximum use of
floor area and easy handling to the operator.
Lighter weight & easier rolling design and
heavy duty double ball bearings in each wheel,
helps to pull push the 'JET' pallet truck without
extra efforts.
JET Hydraulic
Battery Drive
P a l l e t Tr u c k :
This system is apt for easy transportation of
pallets in big plants and warehouses. For a long
travel in plants it is a versatile machine to
handle the pallets safely & quickly with
minimum efforts.
JET Hydraulic Hand Stacker: The
handlift stacker is mobile, with easy push
or pull by hand. All wheels are provided
with double ball bearings with dust
covers. The Hyderabad unit of the
company manufactures special wear
resistant seals, which ensures 100% leak
proof system.
Lifter is composed of hydraulic
system, main body,
drum holding device
and tilter. The frame
work is welded of
high quality swage.
The hydraulic gear is
equipped with return
valve and foot pedal
to control drum
carriage lowering rate
and ensure that the
hydraulic action is
accurate and reliable.
JET Drum Carrier: TMDC is an
ultimate easy & safe drum carrier with
hydraulic system to lift and transport the
MS/Plastic drums by a single person from one
place to another in big godowns and production
areas. Two big size rear
wheels are provided with
two bearings each and
one front wheel
swiveling type with
double ball bearings for
smooth running.
JET Battery Drive Stacker: Lifting and
lowering of forks & traveling of stacker is done
by push buttons placed on the handle. A person
either from the ground or standing can drive the
stacker on the platform.
A e r i a l
Maintenance Platform
(Double Mast): This is
an 'aerial maintenance
platform' suitable for
attending the
maintenance works of
lighting, overhead cranes and window cleaning
at high levels in workshops, warehouses or on
good pucca floors. These platform can be used
for maintenance of lights and attend to jobs
even upto 7.7, 9.7, 11.7 & 13.7 & 15.7 mtr.
heights. The JET Aerial Maintenance Platform
(Single Mast) can be used for 7.5 Mtr. & 9.5
mtr. heights.
JET Drum Lifter Cum Tilter: This Drum
JET Aerial Order Picker (AC or DC): This
JET Semi Elect. Stacker: The
stacker is mobile with easy
pushing or pulling by hand. All
wheels are provided with
double ball bearings with dust
covers and foot operated
brakes. Lifting and lowering of forks is done by
the hand lever placed on the front cover.
system has been introduced as a
lighter version of battery/electric
operated lifting platform with the
features that the operator will
stand over the rising platform
under full protection of railings. It
can also travel short distance
manually in shop or warehouse
and is a very light machine within
300 kgs. A special feature of aerial
maintenance platform is the Power
Pack from Taiwan make, which is
a known for its quality and
JET Battery Drive Scissor maintenance
This system
has been
introduced in
the market,
especially for
b a t t e r y
drive in order
to make it
m o r e
versatile and
all purpose
machine with provision for extended platform.
The operator on the platform can operate it by
himself- lifting, extension as well as driving the
Jet Battery Drive Order Picker: This has
been introduced as a lighter version of battery
drive platform / stacker. This is very
conveniently used for working on machines
and jobs, which are quite high and require
handling at heights of more than 2 mtr.
Moreover, certain operations have to be carried
out vertically up and down, for which this is as
ideal machine.
<[email protected]>
Post PPS 2012
PackPlus South 2012- A Post Event Report
The Total Packaging, Processing & Supply Chain Event Sets A Complete Business Environment With Focused Visitors
PackPlus South 2012 concluded on 9 July
2012 reporting a footfall of 6749 visitors
arriving from all parts of the country. The
number of visitors was understandably less
than the last edition which accounted for
12454 visitors. The quality was betterensured by an entry fee that made the spouses
sit out and the non serious stay away.
Presenting 250+ exhibitors and 450+
representative companies, PackPlus
South 2012, scheduled from 6-9 July
2012, featured 50+ product launches,
150+ running machines and several
other attractions in the 10,500 sqm
exhibition area of HITEX International
Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad.
Exhibitor Comments …
Many exhibitors had chosen the
platform to launch their new products
and solutions at the Show. Enigma
Ventures (P) Ltd. launched its all new
Rotary Die cum R.S 4 (rotary slotter 4 bar)
cutting machine at the Show. “We chose
PackPlus to launch this revolutionary
product as no other platform could help us
reach the Southern market in a better way.
We received several enquiries for our
machine,” said Rajesh Munjal, Proprietor,
Enigma Ventures.
Sandilyam Automation Systems (P) Ltd
launched Axicon 6525 HS Inline verifier
with high speed imaging to get scan rate of
150 scans/second on thermal printers. “The
quality of visitors is at top priority in any
business to business exhibition. PackPlus
South provides us with that and so the Show
was successful for us,” said Arun Kumar A.S
from Sandilyam Automation
automatic bag filling machine with auto bag
placer & auto bag stitcher and Osna
Electronics (P) Ltd. presented Datamatrix
code reader for pharma industries.
Vora Packaging (P) Ltd., one of
the leading players in the field of
EPE seals, liners and gaskets,
presented VISEAL- a modern
sealing solution for product
freshness. “PackPlus gave us a
chance to present our
revolutionary product before the
global market. We have already
received an order for VISEAL
from M S Trading, Vijaywada,” said Hetal
Shah from Vora Packaging.
Seven-11 Industries made its debut in
exhibitions with PackPlus South 2012. “This
is the first time we have participated in a
trade exhibition, and now I feel I made a right
choice to start with PackPlus,” said
Rajkumar R Lodhaa from Seven-11
Industries. “I found quality visitors coming
from all parts of the country. This shows the
wide reach of PackPlus,” he added.
Arshad Electronics (P) Ltd. unveiled
FLUXOSEALER – a special induction
sealer at PackPlus South 2012.
Technopack Ltd. showcased Flexo-screen
printed tubes, Congzhou Packaging
Machinery Mfg. Co. launched it's all new
Rotary die cutter + slotter and Daetwyler
Swisstec India (P) Ltd.
presented a new range of doctor
Gujarat Machinery (P) Ltd.
launched its Spun bond PP nonwoven fabric manufacturing
plants & 6-8 shuttle circular
looms for PP/ HDPE woven
sacks at the exhibition, Indus
Control and Automation (P)
Ltd. displayed a new fully
The Corrugated box making machines and
converting equipments were the special
attraction of the Show. Running live were
several innovative machines including semi
automatic die cutting machine, automatic
flute laminator, automatic folder gluer
and semi auto stitching machine from
Natraj Corrugating Machinery
Company; corrugated cardboard
making equipment and flexo printing &
in-line printing slotter die cutter
machines from Ming Wei Paperware
Machinery Co. Ltd.; Paper corrugated
board & box making machines from
Mohan Industrial Machine Tools;
High speed slitting machine from
Suddha Converting Machineries (P)
Ltd. and Corrugaton machines & flexo
printers from Zhongshan Huatong
Packaging Industry Co. Ltd.
Kody Equipments (P) Ltd. had come to
Hyderabad for the third time with PackPlus
Contd. on page 4
Post PPS 2012
South 2012. “Wherever PackPlus goes,
Kody follows,” said Sunny Patel from Kody
Equipments. “We always get a good business
from the Show and this year also we received
several orders for our slitter rewinder
This was the first experience of SP Ultraflex
Systems at the Southern edition of PackPlus.
“We had never been on the Southern
exhibition grounds. The PackPlus South
platform appeared promising and so we
dived in this venture. The decision was fair.
We got to know more about the Southern
business mindset and got several enquiries as
well,” said Biku Kohli from SP Ultraflex
Senior Print-Pack Machinery Co.,
presenting automatic corrugated board
production line sold two of its machines on
the third day of the exhibition. “The
combined creaser slotter has been sold
to Anmol Packaging and the thin edge
slitter has been booked by Sridevi
Packaging. Both these companies are
from Hyderabad. However we have
also received some serious enquiries
from customers arriving from other
states,” said Kawaljit Singh, Managing
partner, Senior Print-Pack Machinery.
Visitor Comments…
K.V Kishore, K.L Agencies AgriBusiness, had visited PackPlus South
for the first time. “I had heard about the
Show but could not visit it earlier. For me this
is the largest packaging exhibition I have
ever visited in India. I could find so many
machines related to my business. We are in
discussion for some deals as well,” he said.
discuss my requirement,” he said.
Ramesh CH, SV Engineering, has been a
regular visitor or PackPlus, be it Delhi or
Hyderabad. “And now when I am
planning to do something in the
field of water packaging, which
could be a better place to get
information about the latest
innovations from the industry,”
he stated. Visitors to the
exhibition had also arrived from
places like Baddi, Rajasthan,
Kolkata, Assam, Nagpur, Pune,
Kerala, Bangalore and Delhi.
What More…
The Pharma & Food Packaging Conclave
Vikram Komiri Shetty, Yougen Fruits visited
the Show to get an idea on new developments
in fruits packaging segment. “The Show
gave an opportunity to see several packaging
machines on run, and all under one roof.
Besides this, we also got a chance to have one
to one interaction with industry experts. It
was a learning experience,” he said.
Narendra Reddy, a businessman
from Karnal, had visited the
Show to explore bulk packaging
products. “PackPlus had started
its venture in Hyderabad with
Bulk Packaging Show and this
drove me to the exhibition this
year in search of tanks and
containers used in bulk
packaging. There are several
exhibitors related to my business
and I am glad to get a chance to
meet them personally and
was the special highlight of the afternoon of
the first day of the Show. The event was
inaugurated by Dr. P V Appaji, Director
General, Pharmexil; Krishna Reddy, Exec.
Director, BDMA; M.L. Agarwal, Past
President-FCBM, APCMA; Chakravarthi
AVPS, MD, Ecobliss India; Dr. Ranga Rao,
Executive Director; BDMA; M.
Hemadri, Director, Pack World;
Deepak Manchanda, Consultant,
Packaging Design & Development and
Anil Arora, President, PrintPackaging.Com (P) Ltd. The exclusive
panel discussion featuring leading
quality certification experts from the
pharma and food manufacturing
industry, quality certification and
packaging, focused on reducing risk
and achieving strategic business goals.
Extending their support to the
exhibition were the Hologram
Manufacturers Association of India
(HoMAI) and Bulk Drug manufacturers
Association (BDMA).
What Next…
“With the closing of PackPlus South on a
positive note, we are now concentrating on
PackPlus 2012 to be held from 7-10
December 2012 at India Expo Centre,
Greater Noida, New Delhi (NCR). In 2013,
we will be back in Hyderabad with the third
edition of PackPlus South,” said Neetu Arora
on behalf of Print-Packaging.Com (P) Ltd.,
the organizers of the Show.
<[email protected]>
Post PPS 2012
Pharma & Food Packaging Conclave – A Report
The event highlighting global regulatory challenges ahead for packaging, was held concurrently with the first
day of PackPlus South on 6 July 2012 at Novotel Convention Centre, Hyderabad.
Over 80% of global demand for API's
(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) is
expected to be supplied from China and India
by 2015. The challenges likely to arise out of
such global demand was the subject of the
first ever Conclave of its type held in
Hyderabad during
PackPlus 2012.
Delegates from the
pharma and food
industry interacted
with packaging
experts, in a panel
discussion, to
discuss the
implications of the
Integrated Quality
Risk Management
and Global Food
Safety Regulations
that are emerging.
The event was
inaugurated by Dr. P V
Appaji, Director
General, Pharmexcil;
Krishna Reddy, Exec.
Director, BDMA; M.L.
Agarwal, Past
APCMA; Chakravarthi
AVPS, MD, Ecobliss India & Regional
Chairman, Indian Institute of Packaging; Dr.
Ranga Rao, Executive Director; BDMA; M.
Hemadri, Director, Pack World; Deepak
Manchanda, Consultant, Packaging Design
& Development and Anil Arora, President,
Print-Packaging.Com (P) Ltd. At the
inaugural ceremony, Dr. P V Appaji, Director
General, Pharmexcil observed that in his
opinion there is an urgent need for the
packaging industry to work very closely with
the manufacturing industry in order to tackle
the fast changing global business scenario
and Regulatory Environment for
pharmaceutical and food products.
Dr. KV Ranga Rao, Executive Director, Bulk
Drug Manufacturers Association
emphasized the need for best practices in
bulk packaging and even more so in
preventing tampering and adulteration,
which brings a bad name to Indian exports.
Dr. Amit Biswas, Executive Vice President,
IPDO of Dr. Reddys Lab was present at the
occasion and spoke of his experience of
being on both sides of the table, as a
packaging material supplier from Reliance
and subsequently as head of R&D at DRL.
Leading experts from the
industry participated in the
lively panel discussions that
stretched well over their
allotted time. Experts, Mr. Swapan Ghosh
and Mr. V Shivkumar from Intertek, the
leading international Certification agency
highlighted the importance of process
Driven quality risk management for pharma
and food industry. Mr. Sanjiv Jaggi, Country
Head, Constantia Hueck Flexibles spoke of
managing GMP certified aluminium foils.
Dr. U K Saroop of Reliance Polymers, Mr.
Siva Nagarajan of Sandilyam, Mr. Satish
Kakade of Serum Institute, Mr. Ranajit Sen
quality risk management consultant and Mr.
Amrish Chowdhary of Mars India also
shared their views at the event. The panel
discussion was very ably moderated by Mr.
Gautama Buddha, Head of Packaging at
Bulk packaging and handling was also a
subject of intense discussion. Mr. Kanwaljit
Singh of Surbhi Consultants highlighted the
need to think of saving the 20% freight
volume space lost due to use of cylindrical
bulk packs. Mr. J Patwe of Time Technoplast
offered a solution by demonstrating their
new cubical bulk pack units. Mr. P Dasgupta,
earlier from Unilever, and now with ITW
Signode shared his own experience with bulk
Mr. M Hemadri, renowned packaging
industry consultant wound up the
discussions by once again emphasizing the
critical linkage between packaging quality
and ultimate product delivery. The need to
work jointly towards common business
goals as partners instead of buyers and sellers
was underlined.
Deepak Manchanda, packaging consultant,
thanked all guests, panelists and delegates
for giving so generously of their knowledge
and time and hoped that this would be the
beginning of a more sustained and
continuing effort towards meeting the
challenges ahead.
<[email protected]>
Post PPS 2012
Venture Forth
Om Swastik Machines, a division
of Enigma Ventures Pvt. Ltd., is
one of the leading manufacturers,
traders, suppliers and exporters of
superior quality carton
machineries. The company
manufactures semi-automatic
stitching machines and MR style
semi auto rotary die cutting
machine. At PackPlus South 2012
Rajesh Munjal, Director, Enigma
Ventures Pvt. Ltd. shares his
thoughts on the industry and the
awareness required among
Te l l u s a b o u t t h e l a t e s t
developments at Om Swastik
The carton box flap pasting
machine is one of our new
developments. However, the
technology we have launched at
PackPlus South 2012 is the new
attachment with the machine that
helps the box get glued upside
How would you comment on the
Indian corrugated box
manufacturing company?
The industry is growing and has lot
of prospects but the only aspect
requiring more attention is the
awareness of new technology. The
carton box flap machine is not a
PET It Be!
Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd., since its
inception in 1984, has become a
leading player in the field of
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
preforms. The company started
new technology for market, but
several visitors from the industry
saw it for the first time at the
PackPlus exhibition. They were
curious to know about the
operation and advantages of the
machine. I believe that exhibitions
play an important role in meeting
this gap between new innovations
and awareness among the industry.
How price sensitive is the Indian
Price is a concern for the Indian
customers but where productivity
is high and the quality is not
compromised, they are eager to
Brief us on some of your clients.
We have sold our machines to
several companies like Kunal
Industries from Chandigadh and
United Box from Pune. Shimla,
however, has come up as a very
potential market for us. We have
sold several of our machines in the
town to the apple packaging
companies. Internationally we
have exported a machine recently
to New Zealand.
What kind of enquiries did you
receive at PackPlus South 2012?
The Show helped us have one to
one interaction with our existing as
At next edition of PackPlus we
are planning to display our all
new flute laminator semi
automatic machine.
Rajesh Munjal, Director,
Enigma Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
well as new customers. The carton
box flap pasting machine on
display has already been sold to
Seema Craft. The company had
purchased our rotary die cutting
machine some time back and now
to complete the line; it has opted
for the pasting machine. We have
several other deals in pipeline as
At next edition of PackPlus we are
planning to display our all new
flute laminator semi automatic
<[email protected]>
Talk Sensors!
In conversation with Rakesh
Parashar, Technical Director,
Osna Electronics Pvt. Ltd., one of
the leading designers and
manufacturers of sensor &
Tell us about the different range
of Osna sensors and the products
you have you displayed at
PackPlus South 2012.
Osna is the manufacturer of a large
range of sensors including German
made optical, ultrasonic, colour
mark sensor, 3 colour mark
sensors, laser colour & contrast
sensors, infra red sensors, fibre
optic cable & sensors, paper break
detectors and fork type sensors.
At PackPlus South, we have
displayed the industrial
automation products, which
include optical sensors of German
and Italian technology and India
manufactured inductive sensors.
How would you comment on
Indian automation industry
products meeting the
international standards?
The Indian products are getting
updated with the changing
requirements, meeting the
international standards. And today,
many companies are driving
global technology to Indian
customers. The rise in Dollar has
been a concern for the global
market, but the Indian market is
capable of managing adverse
situations. Rise in demand helps
meet such challenges.
How would you comment on the
quality of visitors at the
As at PackPlus it is not only the
visitors who are our clients but also
the exhibitors, we find the quality
on both ends much better than the
last edition. Some of our clients
like Nichrome, Uflex, Super Pack,
Saurabh Flexipack and Jet Pack
are the leading players from the
industry exhibiting in the
Besides this, Hyderabad is an ideal
venue for a packaging, processing
We are planning to expand
ourselves in the Middle East
market. In India, we are
targeting at big as well as small
Rakesh Parashar,
Technical Director,
Osna Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,
and supply chain event driving
footfall from all over the country.
What are the new developments
at Osna?
We are planning to expand
ourselves in the Middle East
market. In India, we are targeting
at big as well as small OEMs.
<[email protected]>
The PET preform market is
growing at a rate of 25-30
percent per year.
Balachandran Nair,
General Manager- PET,
Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd.
with beverages, and later
diversified into bottled water,
plastic packaging and
“Frooti, the first product rolled out
of Parle Agro in 1985, became the
largest selling mango drink in
India,” stated Balachandran Nair,
General Manager- PET, Parle Agro
Pvt. Ltd. Some of the major brands
falling under Parle Agro clientele
Beverages: Frooti, Appy, Appy
Fizz, Saint Juice, LMN and
Grappo Fizz.
Water: Bisleri, and Bailley
Food / Confectionary /
Snacks: Mintrox mints,
Buttercup candies, Buttercup
Softease, Softease Mithai and
The company displayed its range of
PET performs at PackPlus South
2012. “The PET preform market is
growing at a rate of 25-30 percent
per year. There are lot of prospects
and so a lot of competition as well.
But as it is always the good quality
that wins, we have a strong
foothold in the Indian market,” said
Nair. “At the exhibition we
received some serious enquiries,
which would positively turn in
deals in coming days,” he added.
Parle Agro has 7 factories spread in
all major cities of India, 50
franchisees for water packaging
and 7 for beverages. “Soon we are
going to set two new factories in
Mysore and Varanasi,” inform Nair.
The company also exports
preforms to various countries
including UAE, South Africa,
Canada and USA.
<[email protected]>
Post PPS 2012
Leading The Way
Get Your Fill!
Inpack Fabrications Pvt. Ltd. is a
renowned manufacturer of
automatic vertical form fill seal
machines used to pack powders
and granules. T. Rambabu,
Director, IFPL highlights some of
the specific features of the
Give us a brief on the Inpack
automatic vertical FFS machine.
Inpack has set a foothold in the
Indian Packaging Industry with its
age old experience in FFS
machines. The automatic vertical
FFS machine is used in food and
chemical industries to pack
products like flour, spices, herbal
p o w d e r s , b a k i n g p o w d e r,
pesticides, agro-chem powders,
fertilizers and detergent powders.
The machine comes in three
forms- load cell based, augur filler
and cup filler.
Some of the specifications of the
machine are:
Machines are electropneumatically operated,
required power supply: 440 V
В±5%, 3 Phase, 50 Hz and air
supply at 7 Kg/cmВІ
Pouches are formed out of
thermo sealable wrapping film
LDPE, laminated or aluminum
foil to be arranged by customer
Pouches can be either pillow or
gusseted type with lap / fin seal
Perforation system for chain of
pouches can be provided
Handle / hole cut punching
device can be provided if the
wrapping film strength / quality
is adequate to withstand
Continuous or impulse sealing
can be provided based on the
type/quality of wrapping film.
What are the latest updations to
meet today's industry
We have developed the machine in
terms of production speed. The
small FFS machine which used to
pack 70 pouches a minute earlier,
packs 100-120 pouches today.
What is the UPS of Inpack FFS
The USP of our machine is its
quality and service backup. The
price is reasonable and it is tough
to get a similar machine on similar
rate anywhere in India.
Which countries do you export
your machines to?
Sai Industries displayed a wide
range of products at PackPlus
We have a market in Middle
East, Malaysia and Nepal. We
have sold more than ten
machines in Dubai.
T. Rambabu,
Director, IFPL
We have a market in Middle East,
Malaysia and Nepal. We have sold
more than ten machines in Dubai.
Tell us about some of your
National clientele base.
In India we cater to all big players
like Aditya Birla Group,
Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Eastern
Group, MTR Foods Ltd., AVT
Group, Kutch Brain Chem Ltd.,
Nest Group, Nagarjuna Group,
Heritage Foods India Ltd. and
SMC Group.
<[email protected]>
Giving It A Lift!
Action Construction Equipment
(P) Ltd. (ACE) is one of the India's
leading material handling and
construction equipment
manufacturing companies with
over 50% market share in mobile
cranes segment. In addition to
mobile cranes, the company also
offers mobile / fixed tower cranes,
loaders, vibratory rollers, truck
mounted cranes, crawler cranes,
forklifts, tractor and other
construction equipment. In a
freewheeling conversation at
PackPlus South 2012, P.N.
Ravishankar, AGM- South
(Forklifts), ACE, talks about the
rising demands of material
handling equipment.
Tell us about the products you
have displayed at PackPlus
South 2012.
We have showcased our material
handling equipment, with special
focus on paper roll clamps and
Paper roll clamps are designed to
handle a variety of paper roll sizes
and weights while minimizing
damage to the roll. The product
finds its market in printing and
packaging industries. The forklifts
are used to handle all sort of
equipment ally used for paper
rolls…used in paper printing and
packaging. The forklift is used to
handle all sort of equipment.
What changes have you seen in
the material handling industry
in recent times?
The Indian market today has two
important issues to deal with –
labour and space. Material
handling equipment has seen a rise
in demand over the years because
it reduces the requirement of
labour and also handles the job in
limited space. The safety concerns
are also met by these equipments.
Brief us on your national and
international reach.
We are present predominantly in
the Indian market with 15 offices
covering all the states. In India we
cater to clients like Nissan Motors,
Hyundai, Ford, Delhi Metro etc.
We are present predominantly
in the Indian market with 15
offices covering all the states.
P.N. Ravishankar,
AGM- South (Forklifts), ACE,
Internationally, we have a market
in Africa, Srilanka, Bangladesh
and Thailand.
What kind of enquiries have you
received at PackPlus South
We had some serious enquiries,
which might convert in deals later.
We are in negotiating terms with
some of the customers.
<[email protected]>
Sai Industries is a sister
concern of Dhawal
Engineering Works, which was
established in 1975. We have
more than 5000 Sai machines
running in India. Leading
companies like Hindustan
Lever and Godrej form our
clientele base.
Dhaval V. Dhule, Owner,
Sai Industries
South 2012 including heavy
duty simplex automatic paper,
foam & board roll to sheet
cutting machine, high speed
rotary online paper corrugated
sheet cutting machine, slitting
and rewinding machine and
paper dish machinery.
“Sai Industries is a sister concern
of Dhawal Engineering Works,
which was established in 1975.
We have more than 5000 Sai
machines running in India.
Leading companies like
Hindustan Lever and Godrej
form our clientele base,” said
Dhaval V. Dhule, Owner, Sai
Industries. The company also
exports its machines to Dubai,
London and South Africa.
“At PackPlus South we had
visitors arriving from Southern
as well as Northern states. We
have been busy meeting new
enquiries, which will be
followed up soon after the
exhibition,” Dhawal concluded.
<[email protected]>
Event News
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