METS 2014

Eugene Wu
Principal Engineer and Sr. Quality Consultant,
BioTeknica, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Email: [email protected]
METS 2014
The Big Picture
• Aging Population world wide - nearly 7%
of the world’s population is now over 65
years of age.
• By 2050, 1 in 5 person in the world will be
age 60 or older.
• Increasing cost of living - more difficult and
costly each year for the elderly.
• Challenge - 95 percent of US adults aged
65 and older reside in private households.
METS 2014
Cost of Assisted Living
Income &
Cost / Year
Annual Cost
for Assisted
METS 2014
NT$ 1,140,271
NT$ 300,000
National Statistics, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Ambient Assisted Living- Smart Home
• Smart Home is a living environment integrated with
sensors, wireless networks, and other monitoring
devices to a system capable of partially replacing a
human caretaker.
• Inside a Smart Home,
the elderly retain
control of their
environment and
activities to improve
their autonomy,
health, well-being,
and sense of dignity.
METS 2014
Components and Infrastructure
Integrated sensors & actuators.
Signal (data) processing and transmitting.
Monitoring and
• Health
METS 2014
Safety Requirements
• Fall detection*
• Gas and fire hazards prevention
• Security
* In US, $30 billion per year in medical cost for fall
related injury
METS 2014
Fall Detection
• Posture Recognition - Computer vision fall
detection (Yu M. et al., IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed. 2012 Nov;16(6):1274-86)
• ZigBee - A wireless sensor node worn on the
waist continuously detects fall events (Chih-Ning Huang and
Chia-Tai Chan Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2014, 11, 4233-4248)
• Face Tracking - image processing technique to
compare several images for tracking (Philippe Katz, Michael
Aron, and Ayman Alfalou, 2013 SPIE)
• Video Based - two cameras to determine the
direction of the main axis of the body (Lykele Hazelho, et
al., University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands)
• Smart Phone Based - acts like a pocket-sized
motion laboratory (Lorenzo Chiari, Zeitschrift fur Gerontologie und
Geriatrie, 2012)
METS 2014
Radio Wave Tracking – MIT WiTrack
METS 2014
F. Adib, et al., 3D Tracking via Body Radio Reflections Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Network Fire / Security Alarm Systems
METS 2014
Health and Wellness Requirements
• Wellness Monitoring
– Wearable
– Non-wearable
• Telemedicine and Telehealth
• Medication Compliance
• Cognition Simulation, Entertainment, and
Social Connectedness
• Wander off: GPS Tracking System
METS 2014
Wellness Monitoring (1 of 3)
• 9Solutions - a bluetooth application
can save activities, call for help, and
send an alarm.
• AIQ Smart Clothing - smart textiles for
vital sign, skin temperature, skin
moisture, and electrophysiological
signals monitoring.
• Metria Wearable Sensor use skinfriendly adhesive for remote health
and wellness, sports and fitness, and
cardiac monitoring (available in the
METS 2014
Wellness Monitoring (2 of 3)
• BodyTel Device include a blood glucose
meter, a blood pressure meter, and
scales with built-in Bluetooth module to
inform doctor.
• Danfoss PolyPower A/S is an electroactive polymer measures human body
motions, breathing, swelling, and
• Imec's wearable
electroencephalography (EEG) headset
and EKG patch keep tabs on user’s brain
and heart activity.
METS 2014
Wellness Monitoring (3 of 3)
• Moticon wireless sensor insole can
be used in shoes to measure the
distribution and motion parameters
for patients and athletes.
• Nuubo is a new-generation wireless
and remote cardiac monitoring
• TmG-BMC Muscle Contraction
Sensor monitors muscle fatigue for
injury prevention and rehabilitation
METS 2014
AMD Global Telemedicine Devices
• Reliable medical devices deliver superior
quality medical images and data
• Devices are standards-based capable of
integrating with other third party devices
• Devices include:
– Examination Cameras
– Medical Scopes & Camera/Illumination Systems
– Stethoscopes
– Vital Signs Monitors
– ECGs, Spirometers, and Holters
– Retinal Camera
– Ultrasound Probes
METS 2014
Patient at Home
Philips Telehealth
Philips Secure Data Infrastructure
METS 2014
Multi-Disciplinary Care Team
Telehealth Nurse
Medication: e-pill Dispenser
• e-pill Med-O-Wheel SMART Portable Automatic Pill
Dipenser (PD2)
• Clinically tested, e-pill Med-O-Wheel SMART (SKU
870715) gives the right
medication at the right time
in the right dose. This is a
portable automatic pill
dispenser and may be
used outside the home.
Features a unique 180 minute
medication window for each dose
(60 minutes silent / 120 minutes alarm - then closed)
METS 2014
Cognition Simulation and Entertainment
• BrightBrainer™ is a research tool to quantify
the levels of Cognitive Deficit and evaluate the
effect of bimanual Integrative Cognitive
Exercising in individuals with full or partial
upper limb mobility.
METS 2014
Founded in 2009, Softarama Ltd created
Seniorama™, an innovative senior-friendly user
interface operating system that enables the
elderly and the disabled to utilize basic
computer applications such as Email, Internet,
Photo Gallery, Skype™,
and many other
METS 2014
Wander off: GPS Tracking System
• A real-time tracker devices that provides
live locational information for family
members to locate their senior.
• The devices can transmit alerts to family
members if a senior wanders off from any
pre-designated safe zones.
• A panic button gives
the senior the ability
to call out for help.
METS 2014
Current Smart Home Studies - US
• MIT’s AgeLab: Focuses on Intelligent Adaptive Devices
for Independent Living.
• University of Florida “Smart Home”: Comprises a fully
furnished living room, kitchen, bedroom and
bathroom, with a wide array of experimental assistiveliving devices
• Aware Home Research Initiative: This is a multidisciplinary research program at Georgia Institute of
Technology that addresses the challenges posed by
future domestic technologies.
• Duke Smart Home Program: The Duke Smart Home
Program is a research-based approach to smart living
sponsored by the Pratt School of Engineering.
METS 2014
• One of the first demonstration homes, the TRON
Intelligent House, was established in Nishi
Azabu in 1989.
• In 2004, Toyota Dream House PAPI was set up,
though this house emphasized saving energy
and comfort rather than independent living.
• Current home networking infrastructure, the “Net
Kaden” system (”Kaden” means home electrical
appliances), is for electronic control and
monitoring of homes through links with mobile
phone and high-speed broadband systems.
METS 2014
• inHaus: Established by the Fraunhofer
institute, the inHaus GmbH, and the Ambient
Assisted Living GmbH.
• SmartHome Paderborn: Initiated by a
consortium featuring a number of technology
providers, craft businesses, and ICT
(Information and Communication Technology)
• OFFIS apartment for older people (ideAAL):
Has the goal of developing an integrated
solution for the ageing society.
METS 2014
• Increasing aging population world wide
requires new solutions for senior care.
• Increasing cost of living has to be
addressed for elderly living.
• Majority of the elderly people reside in
private households promotes in-house
alternative care.
• Smart home is an alternative option to
traditional assisted living.
METS 2014
METS 2014
Modern technology savvy generation is better prepared to adopt smart home concept
METS 2014