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FEBC Australia
March - April 2015
A shipment of 1020 radios, purchased by FEBC Australia
and Feba UK, has arrived in Sierra Leone, one of the
nations ‘hardest’ hit by the Ebola virus.
physical contact is also difficult where people often live in
small, cramped conditions – and the stuff of life and death is
all around.
Widespread quarantines since October 2014 have kept
schools, universities and community activities silent, while
people live in increasing difficulty, trapped in their own homes.
What can radio achieve?
“People are desperately trying to get medical help that would
make the difference between life and death. Doctors and
nurses are at breaking point. Entire communities lack access to
sufficient food and water” said Solomon Sogbandi, director of
Amnesty International in Sierra Leone.
“I used to go to my office each day in the centre of Freetown
and my children went to school. Now we barely leave the
house. No one visits anymore.”
The ABC of disease control
The first reported cases in March 2014 quickly grew to
more than 5,500 cases at the end of 2014. The speed of this
increase has been of great concern.
The best way to avoid exposure to the Ebola virus, according to
medical experts, is to Avoid Body Contact (ABC) with someone
who may have the disease or who may have died from it.
Other key factors include hand washing with soap and clean
water, safe disposal of contaminated bedding and clothing and
avoidance of bushmeat.
Feba’s Director of Partnerships, Stephanie Murray, hopes that
sending radios will help curb the spread of Ebola and benefit
affected communities in other ways too.
“Radio can deliver life-saving messages to people who may
be in isolated rural areas, through educational broadcasts and
public service announcements ” she said.
“Working with Tearfund UK and their partners on the ground,
we want to address issues of burial rites, stigma to survivors
and the care of Ebola patients while delivering messages of
hope and support for Ebola patients and affected families.”
A great need
The first thousand radios will make a difference. Yet in some
areas only a third of households has a radio and many more
are needed. FEBC Australia would love to be able to provide
more if possible.
Kevin Keegan, National Director, FEBC Australia, said, “By
providing radios and helping with practical needs during this
current crisis, we pray that people will see the love of God in
action. We pray their hearts will be open to receive the life that
only Jesus can bring.”
Yet, these precautions are not easy in places without good
sanitation, safe food handling and clean water. Limiting
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Filipino workers
beyond home
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50 years of FEBC
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Christmas in the FEBC
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Listener responses
Rev Kevin Keegan,
National Director,
FEBC Australia.
Dear friends
Working together for the Lord
For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.
‘Partnership in the Gospel’ is a phrase we regularly use, often to describe the connection
between an organisation such as FEBC Australia with you, the faithful supporters (individuals
and churches) used by God to make our ministry possible. (Thank you.)
Across the global FEBC family, partnership is an essential feature of our work, as we look to
enable and equip radio ministry in the world’s remote, lost and difficult places.
Sometimes people ask how that partnership model works, in practice. Our
involvement in the delivery of radios to Sierra Leone is a great example.
FEBC International seeks out ways that communication, particularly through radio, can fill a
gap in getting life-giving and life-saving (physical and spiritual) messages to those who need
them most.
Often the gap exists because alternative forms of communication are hindered by
circumstance or remoteness or danger. Such a gap existed in Sierra Leone, currently in the
grip of the Ebola epidemic.
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As Tearfund UK worked with local networks on the ground, including Evangelical Fellowship
Alliance, they saw that radio was the best way to reach people locked away in quarantine or
directly affected by Ebola, to provide medical advice, information and encouragement.
• Follow us on Twitter @febcaus
Feba UK made contact and offered radios and expertise with community radio networks in the
country already working with Tearfund UK.
The need was urgent. Feba UK CEO Bob Chambers, contacted me and invited FEBC Australia
to share in the provision of radios to Ebola-affected Sierra Leone. This is what God has raised
up FEBC Australia to do: to respond to these needs.
We committed to share the cost 50/50 for purchase and shipment of radios in late December,
confident that you would enthusiastically support this commitment, knowing the impact these
radios could have.
A total of 1020 radios have been sent but there is scope to send many, many more.
Pray for the radios to be used widely, broadcasting essential information; sharing Jesus’ good
news of life.
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Stay tuned for news on supporter events and
special guest speakers as we celebrate 50
years of God’s goodness to FEBC Australia.
Kevin Keegan, National Director, FEBC Australia
FEBC Australia
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A long way from home
In 2013, FEBC Philippines station 702 DZAS began a radio
program, via Internet streaming, designed to reach out to the
growing numbers of Filipinos who have left their homeland in
search of employment and an income to send back to those they
have left behind.
Through another platform called Pinoy Connection (Pinoy is a
nickname for Filipinos), Internet streaming broadcasts aim to
strengthen Filipinos abroad, especially OFWs, and to connect
them with home. Four six-hour cycles feature fresh programming
from a group of talented presenters. Five partner church
organisations also produce weekly devotional content.
Not an easy life
Called Serbisyong OFW (Serving Overseas Filipino Workers), the
public service program focuses on the needs of people who have
made the difficult decision to work overseas.
It is estimated that there are more than 10 million OFWs abroad
at any one time with almost 60% employed in Saudi Arabia,
UAE, Qatar and Oman. Most OFWs come from the Luzon
province in the Philippines.
FEBC Philippines President, Dan Andrew Cura, said “We pray
that through this program, would-be OFWs will have proper
guidance before leaving the country. We hope that through
information dissemination over the radio, illegal recruitment and
human trafficking will be reduced if not curtailed.”
According to migrant services website, Unlad Kabayan,
(development of countrymen) Filipino workers are often
employed in “3-D” jobs: dirty, difficult, and dangerous - and
subject to unfair working conditions, long hours, low pay and
human rights abuses.
Today, the station continues to
serve the local and overseas
audience with the Good News,
with music, live counselling,
news, public service, teaching
and drama.
Even as recently as February 2015, a Panamanian-registered
vessel, the Bulk Brasil, was detained by the Australian Maritime
Safety Authority at Port Kembla. On board the Japanese-owned
ship carrying Australian cargo bound for the UK, were 20 Filipino
workers who had been denied food. They hadn’t been paid
since October 2014 meaning that no money was reaching their
families back home.
Special delivery – Indonesia-style
It took ten days but three members of YASKI’s staff navigated
treacherous roads, on motorbikes, in monsoonal weather, to
reach pastors in remote areas of West Kalimantan.
People in West Kalimantan typically have access to electricity, but amid numerous blackouts the solar panels help to keep
things running.
It was more than just a social call. The trio safely reached the
homes and churches of pastors who lead many YASKI listeners
to grow in their faith and hand-delivered radios, Bible materials,
support raised by donors and solar-powered electric panel sets
that had been donated by the manufacturer.
One grateful recipient of a solar panel set was Rev. Hana Ramlah, near Bengkayang. Hana’s church meets in her home - now
she is able to invite many more to day and evening worship and
to church activities.
Thank God for the sun, for solar power and for His people in
OFW Help Desk
In addition to OFW broadcasting, FEBC Philippines was proud
to become involved with the OFW Help Desk Santiago Chapter
in September 2014. Pastor Joe Biasong of Global OFW Advance
Moment (GOAM) provided Help Desk training for 16 pastors and
lay leaders, five of whom were former OFWs themselves.
The OFW Help Desk will work hand-in-hand with government
agencies to care for OFWs. The group sought recognition
from Mayor Joseph Salvador Tan of Santiago City, Isabela and
Cagayan Valley in Luzon, taking an oath in November at Santiago
City Hall.
One week later, Serbisyong OFW went to air on Radio 1143
DZMR Santiago City.
Pastor Biasong commented, “Many OFWs, seeking fellowship
with other Filipinos, establish churches in their country of work,
whether Middle East, Asia or Europe. We call this the Filipino fulfil the Great Commission.”
Qurino Grandstand, Manila- June 12, 2013: A job seeker during the 115th Philippines
Independence day job fair.
“You are the answer to my question to the Lord three years ago when I was in Dubai, ‘Is there somebody who
really cares for the OFWs?’ There you are Pinoy Connection … through you God can do a lot of changes
in the future to the OFWs especially in the Middle East. Hopefully, this will be the turning point for OFWs all
over the world.”
From a former OFW
Privileged to serve
"My father, Alex Gilchrist, was closely involved with FEBC
Australia from its inception and had the privilege of serving
as the first Chairman," recalls Mrs Robyn Conway of Sydney.
"He was a member of the Council and visited FEBC work in the
Philippines a number of times.
"Dad was a great advocate for Gospel ministry through radio.
Throughout his life he was part of FEBC as well as Campaigners
for Christ, the Billy Graham Crusades of 1959 and 1961,
Katoomba Christian Convention, Asia Pacific Christian Mission,
Language Recordings Incorporated, Capernwray Missionary
Fellowship and the Australian Festival of Light."
In 1950 he began broadcasting with Sydney Radio's
2CH: 'The Gospel Message For Today' each week day
morning and 'This is Life', on Saturday evenings. Also relayed
to 2BS Bathurst and 2KA Katoomba, the programs had a
simple format; recorded or live Christian music and a brief
devotional or evangelistic message.
His biography speaks of his "simple and practical
expositions of Bible passages and themes, combined with
a winsome manner and pleasant voice, (which) made him a
popular Christian broadcaster and preacher, and a respected
figure in the Sydney evangelical community and beyond."
A warm Christmas in Mongolia
With an average December temperature of -22°C FEBC
Mongolia’s Christmas events are designed to warm hearts as
well as hands.
• In Darhan, FEBC held the first of its Family Christmas
Outreach events in that city, working with an alliance
of church partners. Over 600 people came to enjoy a
Christmas concert, to receive gifts and to hear a gospel
message. Similar events took place in Murun, Baganuur
and Bayanhongor.
• In Ulaanbataar, 300 attended the Single Parent Support
Christmas Rally at the State Philharmonic Hall. Local
businesses, inspired by WIND FM programs addressing the
needs of single parents presented exciting opportunities
to help families. Togsoo, who had earlier spoken on WIND
FM, received a scholarship for career development training.
She aims to apply for a clergy position with the Government
when she graduates.
“This is what Christian radio is good at –
igniting and inspiring people to help each
other,” said Batjargal Tuvshintsengel.
National Director, FEBC Mongolia.
Warming the airwaves, FEBC Mongolia broadcast Christmasthemed stories, features, and talk shows on each of its seven
stations around the country. Local pastors and believers were
featured in the daily talk show, ‘What Christmas means to me’.
A Darhan father and daughter receiving a gift basket which included a
radio from FEBC Mongolia.
For the seventh year, a special radio drama was aired on 18
radio stations.
A seven-episode series called Who is Jesus? aired on 11
secular stations around the country including two major stations
in the capital. An appeal at the end of each episode invited
listeners to believe in Jesus Christ and several calls came in.
Restoring broadcasts in Eastern Ukraine
You read, you wept, you prayed and you gave. Thank you for
supporting the work of FEBC Ukraine where the bloody conflict
has taken such a toll.
Among the more than 5,000 lives lost are those of four FEBC
volunteers, passionate men for God with the desire to serve
Him, leaving behind wives, children, churches and communities
that deeply miss them.
The transmission tower which fell into violent hands in April,
came crashing to the ground in July, and hopes to bring Christ
to a troubled area seemed to come crashing down too.
Give thanks to God. Transmissions have resumed, not from the
original tower, but from a makeshift antenna atop a water tower
where one of the FEBC volunteers had worked for 25 years.
Victor Akhterov, FEBC Ukraine, visited the area in November
2014, and said, “The new tower is not as high. Its coverage
will be smaller, but will still reach about half a million potential
“People are ready to listen, even though many feel angry and
Pray that FEBC broadcasts in Russian and Ukrainian will speak
God’s peace into the hearts of people devastated by this conflict.
Pray that FEBC broadcasts in Russian and Ukrainian will speak
God’s peace into the hearts of people devastated by this
listeners respond
Fedor from Podolsk wrote, “Thank you, friends,
for your amazing programs! I was born in a
Christian family and have served the Lord for
almost all my life. I know the Scripture and
never thought that you would surprise me. After
listening to one of your programs, I began to
think about the Lord’s commandments in a
different way. My soul is rejoicing! I will talk about
this program in my church and will use it in my
“Being introduced to a Christian church by
my Christian friend, I began attending once
in a while in spite of my guilty feelings. To tell
the truth, my 10 years of Buddhist priest life
has been full of agony, but no help came from
Buddha or the teachings. I think now I have
reached the point of reconsidering my Buddhist
faith. Listening to FEBC, I will keep seeking for
salvation, so please help me! I want to be a
Christian someday.”
Maya Halder from Chunaghata in West Bengal,
is a house wife. After listening to FEBC in her
native language Bangla she started thinking
that she can also make a difference in the lives
of women at risk. “The program Protyasha
has opened my eyes. I realise about my
responsibility to do something for the people
who are struggling for their lives. The program
Protyasha has brought great impact in my life.”
The Philippines
Noppawan, from Lopburi Province, has been
listening to a Bible correspondence course and
said, “I have great happiness and joy that I have
accepted Jesus Christ into my heart - over the
last three years my understanding has increased.
I am so happy to study these lessons. And now
I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, by
faith and through the love of God. I am still a
child, but this year I have decided and determined
to follow Jesus.”
Maricis, a listener in Ifugao, sent this message via
text message to DZMR in the Cagayan Valley. “A
lot of changes have taken place in my life because
of your station. I tie my radio to my waist so I can
listen wherever I go. My neighbours used to listen
during the evening broadcast only. Now, they also
listen to the morning broadcast. I pray that many
more will listen to your programs.”
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