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The Collegiate FYI
March 5, 2015
Volume 2015, Issue 9
Letter from the Principal
Dear Collegiate Families,
We are wrapping up our first
week of the well publicized
PARCC math and language
arts tests! I am happy to report that even though we did
experience some of the technology glitches seen in other
schools around our district
and state, overall, the new
computer based tests have
gone far more smoothly than
many had feared. While it is
sometimes difficult to see the
positives during these assessment weeks, the PARCC
tests will offer us school level
results similar to past assessments and these results assist administrators in understanding our systemic and
curricular strengths and
weaknesses. Whether the
name of the test is CSAP,
data provides teachers with
valuable direction on how to
adjust their instruction to better meet our students’ needs
over the coming year. So long
as we keep that focus in
mind, this time of year assessment time - becomes
far more bearable.
It was great to see many of
you at our re-scheduled Dr.
Seuss Night last night! Mrs.
Ferraro and Mrs. Page, along
with our student council kids,
did an incredible job of putting
together a fun and free night
for our community. The feed-
back from our students, both
young and old, has been very
positive. Thank you for all of
the donations and volunteers
(families, students, and staff)
for making this event possible.
I hope that you will join us for
this Saturday’s Community
Pancake Breakfast sponsored
by our School Improvement
Team. The competition promises to be fierce, with previous competitors and pancake
champs like Mr. Gitner and I
taking on untested challengers, Mrs. Zilkenat and Ms.
Roberts. What is on the
menu? I’ll be testing out a
couple of new recipes on my
wife tonight (Sorry, no preview of the flavors in this letter- you’ll have to come on
Saturday to taste for yourself!) or I may bring back a
classic variety that led me to
victory in our first Iron Chef
Pancake Competition last
school year. The competition
is always fun, but the real joy
is in seeing our community
come together on a Saturday
morning for a simple meal
with friends, familiar faces, as
well as some new members
of the Collegiate community
joining us for the first time.
These are the types of events
that re-energize Gus and I as
school leaders and remind us
of how blessed we are to be a
part of this particular school
As we wind down the third
quarter of the academic year
this Friday (Where did the
time go?!), this is a great time
to sit down with your student
(s) and check in on their academic progress as well as
any challenges they are facing. Going into the fourth
quarter, there is still plenty of
time to stage a comeback for
those students who may not
have “played” as hard as they
should have during the first
three quarters of the game.
(On the other hand, one might
argue that they played too
hard!) Kidding aside, our terrific teachers and staff here at
Collegiate have committed to
being the best 4th quarter
coaches in the league and
over the next ten weeks, they
will push your student hard to
be their very best, to try their
very hardest, and to struggle
to the finish line. Like sports
coaches, they will also provide plenty of support and
encouragement along the
way, and with your help and
partnership on the STP team,
we will see all of our students
reach their full potential as we
seek the peak!
Chris Becker
Individual picture orders are due ASAP! Please turn them in to either
front desk. We also have a limited number of extra class photos for sale
at the corresponding front desk.
CORE Values:
Inside this issue:
Volume 2015, Issue 9
Senior Spotlight ~ Marion Jacksack
This week we are shining the
spotlight on Marion Jacksack!
She joined Collegiate in the
9th grade and graduated a
semester early to focus on
her three college courses.
Marion enjoys playing the
flute and working with horses.
She has trained multiple
young horses and greatly
prefers their high spirited
nature to their older and
more easy going counterparts.
Marion was accepted into CU
Boulder and was awarded a
$2500 annual scholarship.
She will most likely choose to
attend this university and
study international relations;
however, she has not yet
made her final decision since
she has also been accepted
at CSU and Regis University.
Marion, you are an impressive young woman and we
are proud to have you at
Collegiate Academy!
Father Daughter Dance - March 14th - 6pm-9pm
Our parent organizer, Kristi
puts together a beautiful,
high quality event with a
limited budget. There will
be dancing, snacks, and lots
of fun!
Please consider supporting
this special event for our
little girls and their fathers,
grandfathers, and other
father-figures by donating
Click here to access the
sign up genius and search
by [email protected]
ahead of time at the Elementary front desk or $30
at the door. Each additional child will be $5.
For more information
please contact Kristi at
303-669-2536 or
[email protected]
Tickets go on sale this
Monday, March 9th! They
will be $25 per couple
Order now -
Yearbook ID code: 8602415
We need your pictures! Our
publishing and order deadlines are on March 16th!
Our yearbook editor is looking for candid pictures from
each grade/class; plus we need photos from the major
events we have had this year. Please take some time
to go through your photos and email them to [email protected] or drop them off.
Page 2
Thank you!!!
The CHAMP is Back: Pancake Cook off
Saturday March 7th - 9am-11am
Free Family Event!
Vote for our next champion through your tips!
We have four competitors this time around and you can read their bios below.
The Professor of Pancakes is back! Christian Becker is making a return to the griddle this Saturday, and he has
put all competitors on notice. The community of Collegiate Academy is well aware of the professors skills and
talents, but what has remained a bit of a mystery is what has the professor been doing since his last competition. Over the past 12 months, the Professor has been in his lab dreaming up some truly unique pancakes. He
spent the summer learning the finer points of Molecular Gastronomy and had a brief season of working on a
"deconstructed pancake". Ultimately, a pile of flour and egg proved to be an utter disaster. He then traveled to
Fiji. Rumors throughout the pancake world spread that Becker was targeting Gitner's pineapple upside down
pancake, and crafting his return to the top. Come watch the Professor in his lab this Saturday.
Mrs. Zilkenat is one of our most beloved elementary teachers. Oddly, the closest thing to a pancake she has
ever made is an Eggo Waffle. She is passionately dreaming up of a unique creation that is truly original. Greatness might emerge this Saturday, and you should be there.
Chef Pamela "PamCake" Roberts joins the Iron Chef Collegiate Competition for the first time this Saturday! Pamela was inspired to create the ultimate PamCake after a late night of watching Seinfeld with a group
of fellow CU Buffaloes in the Spring of 1994, on the t.v...not on the internet, dvr, dvd, or even vhs...the t.v., at
the time dictated by the t.v. guide. On this particular evening the standard midnight fare from Taco Bell,
Domino's, and the like just would not do because this was the night the famous episode titles The Wife first
aired. Jerry Seinfeld's now famous words, "You got a lot to learn about pancakes." kept rolling through Pamela's mind as she searched for the perfect snack. The image of bringing her own syrup to the neighborhood diner and being forced to answer to the angry owner haunted her until she decided to create (without Pinterest)
the perfect pancake complete with her own secret topping. The PamCake was born and Boulder never recovered. Some claim there are less innocent reasons for Boulder's demise. Be sure to stop by on Saturday to try
Chef Pamela's claim to fame but do not let her catch you with your own syrup!
After a childhood cutting his culinary teeth as a shot order cook for the finest IHOP franchises in the world,
Andrew Gitner brought his talents to Collegiate Academy. A generous outpouring of community support
vaulted him to success in the Fall Pancake cook-off fundraiser. Upon a tsunami of homemade pineapple syrup,
Andrew rode into the hearts and stomachs of Collegiate students and parents while doling out smiley-faced
pancakes and a competitive spirit fueled by coffee and charisma.
The Collegiate FYI
Upcoming Events
Young Rembrandt’s Club
Wednesdays 3:05 - 4:05
pm 03/18/15 - 05/06/15
Click here for information and to register.
Current Students - Intent to Attend - 2015/2016 School Year
Reserve your spot today
with this short form! If
you have already completed this form, please do not
do it again. Only about
one third of you have completed this form which
makes budgeting and staff
planning for next year very
Please click here to complete this quick form with
a yes or a no for each of
your current students
Grades K-11.
Butter Braids - On Sale Now through March16th
We are taking orders for
Butter Braids! Just in time
for your holiday celebrations! Forms are available
at both front desks and are
going home in Thursday
folders today!
Orders are due March
16th and can be turned in
at any time. We will be
delivered April 1st at 1pm
in the Elementary lobby.
Coming Soon - Kids Power Martial Arts Club - Flyer Next Week
Grades K-8 are invited to
sign up for this $30 six
week class. The club will
meet on Wednesdays beginning April 1st and ending May 6th. Keep an eye
out for the sign up flyer
next week.
Books for Breakfast and Burritos - Friday, March 13th
Come join us in the café
for a touch of the Irish and
a breakfast snack or Good
Times Burrito! Our Wellness Committee sponsors
these times to encourage
families to spend some
time together before rush-
ing off to school and
work. We meet from 77:30 and the first 20 families will receive the book
for free compliments of
Kids’ Adventures.
Burritos will also be on
sale during morning carpool and at both front
desks for $2 each.
McDonald’s Spirit Night is Back! - Thursday, March 19th
Join us for dinner on a fun
-filled Thursday night!
Dinner will be prepared
and served by your CAC
teachers and administrators! We will be there
from 4-8pm and our school
receives a percentage of
every CAC order.
Outside Opportunities
School of Mines Soccer
Camp - click here.
Page 4
Youth for Understanding
USA - Exchange student
program - click here
2nd Annual Jeffco Writing
Challenge - click here
Volume 2015, Issue 9
The art exhibit will be on display at the Jefferson County
Education Center located at 1829 Denver West Drive,
Building #27, in Golden, CO.
The opening celebration is on Friday, March 13,
2015 from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Friends and family are
welcome to attend and view work by Dakota U., Annie
E., Adrian P., and Bailey B.
Spring Break
March 21st - 30th
Elementary “Neon”
Spirit Day
Friday, March 20th
Pull out your neon
Jeffco Elementary
Art Show
Red Rocks Community College
Friday, March 6th
Entréé Salad w/Roll / BBQ Chickén
Drumstick w/Roll / Hamburgér /
Chééséburgér / Friés
Black Jack Pizza
Hamburgér/Chééséburgér w/Friés
Entréé Salad w/Roll / Big Daddy’s Pizza /
BBQ Pork Sandwich
Black Jack Pizza /
Chickén Chorizo Quésadilla
Corn Dogs w/Friés
Entréé Salad w/Roll /
Galaxy Pizza /
Spaghétti & Méat Saucé /
Applé Swéét Potato Baké
Black Jack Pizza / Corn Dog
Corn Dogs w/Friés
Prétzél, Chéésé, Sunflowér Sééds / Tériyaki Chickén / Béan & Chéésé Burrito /
Oriéntal Véggiés
Ovén Friéd Chickén
Black Jack Pizza
Turkéy & Chéésé Sandwich /
Chickén Nuggéts / Frénch Toast w/ Fruit
Saucé & Sausagé Patty / Pintos & Chéésé
Burrito Bar
Black Jack Pizza
Page 5
Middlé/HS only
HS only
Daily (Sécondary Only)
Prétzél, Chéésé, Sunflowér Sééds
The Collegiate FYI
Becky lives in Roxborough in the West
Village area and is
looking for a carpool
for her 7th grade
daughter. She can be
reached at 303-9298430.
Anna can be reached
@ 303-906-7349 and
needs rides for her
7th grade daughter
from Wadsworth
between Coal Mine
and Pierce.
Nona or Tanya can
be reached at 303989-3951. They live
near Jewell and Kipling in Lakewood.
They would like to
share carpooling for
their middle school
Suzanne lives in the
vicinity of Kipling &
Bowles and needs
help after school
getting a Kindergartner and 9th
grader home. My
contact number
is 303-907-1878.
The Foundation
Meet Monthly - 3rd Tuesday
Elementary School Library
6:30 pm
Please email:
[email protected] for
more information.
The Foundation is a group of parents/guardians and other family
members, teachers, students, and
administrators tasked with overseeing all fundraising, grants, group
purchases, and donations collected
for all K-12 students of Collegiate
Academy. This group makes decisions regarding which fundraisers
will occur, which grants we will pursue, how funds will be distributed,
President - Niccole Board
Co-Vice Presidents Elizabeth Miller
& Mary Minger
Secretary - Terry Usry
Co-Treasurers - Carol Jalowiecki &
Pamela Roberts
Directors - Barbora Meese &
Nerissa Magnuson
We are so grateful that Carol has
joined us as treasurer. She has an
extensive accounting background
and strong desire to help CAC provide a quality educational experience!
We really need more parents as
well as students involved so please
consider attending a meeting with-
out a required commitment. We
would love to have you and your
input for one evening or a longer
~ Thank you
We are running low on clothing
in our recycled uniform store! If
your child borrowed items from
the store, please return them to
us as soon as you are able. We
also appreciate donations of
clean and gently used uniforms
pieces. The store is an invaluable resource for many of our new
and current families too.
Board of Directors
Meet 1st and 3rd Wednesdays(Weekdays vary to accommodate
member schedules so please check the
school calendar at
for exact dates)
Scott Close, Chair
(Parent Member)
Ken Patton, Vice Chair, Treasurer (AtLarge Member)
Sherry Ballengee, Secretary pro tem
(Elem. Teacher Rep)
Mike Meese (Parent Member)
Debbie Randall (Parent Member)
Chris Becker (Principal)
Gus Johnson (Asst. Principal)
Collegiate Academy is a communityfounded and run charter school. Authorized by Jeffco Public Schools,
CAC operates autonomously under
the direction of its own Board of
The CAC Board of Directors consists
of five elected parents, two at-large
community member, the administrative
team, two high school students elected
by the student body, one elementary
teacher, and one upper school teacher elected by the teaching staff.
The Board of Directors welcomes our
newest parent member, Debbie Randall, who brings a background in
social work to the team. Debbie has
been regularly attending our meetings for some time and we are excited to have her formally become a
member of the Board!
We still need to fill multiple positions—attend a Board meeting and
see if this might be a good fit for
your talents!
Holding a position on the Board of
Directors is an excellent opportunity
to have direct input in your child’s
For more information, a letter was
included in the January 15th FYI or
you can email the Board directly at
[email protected]
Volunteer Opportunities
The Father Daughter Dance is on
March 14th and we need a team
to make it a special time for our
young ladies and their father,
grandfather, or father figure.
Contact Kristi at 303-669-2536 or
[email protected]
Our Silent Auction & Carnival is
coming up on May 2 and this is
our biggest community event of
the year! Positions available include: build and design games,
silent auction, gather vendors
and donors, help with food, etc.
Our next meeting is Wednesday,
Page 6
February 11th from 6-7 in the
Elementary Conference Room.
Contact Terry Usry at 720-4906837 or [email protected]
Butter Braids will go on sale the
last week of February with all
orders due before Spring Break
for delivery by Easter. Contact
Mary - [email protected]
Grades 3-5 Crazy 8’s Math Club
needs leadership. All activities
are clearly outlined and available. We just need a couple of
parents to lead the program.
Junior First Lego League needs a
few more adult leaders too. Other club ideas are also welcome.
Contact Gus.
[email protected]
The School Improvement Team is
looking for families that are willing to Adopt a Classroom this
summer. Tasks will include painting and sprucing up. Contact Gus.
[email protected]
Our Vision
8420 S Sangre de Cristo Road
Littleton, CO 80127
Phone (303)972-7433
Fax (303)932-0695
[email protected]
To provide the highest quality k-12 college preparatory education in Colorado
Our Mission
To help students prepare for and succeed in college and their career by providing a
Core Knowledge foundation that establishes the key values of lifelong learning, allowing them to recognize and to develop their unique and innovative ideas.
Integrity • Perseverance • Quality • Ownership
Mrs. Galloway nominated Jacob S. for always working and trying to do his best in each of his subjects
and for being kind.
Mrs. Casassa nominated Kate J. for always doing what she should, even when no one is watching.
Ms. Capolungo nominated Alicia D. for always doing what she should be doing.
Mrs. Zilkenat nominated Cassidy L. because she models integrity for the entire class by always working
her hardest to be a good friend, student, and citizen.
Mrs. Weber nominated Noah E. because he is the definition of integrity. The things he does in class are
done with grace, dignity, kindness, and patience. Noah's teachers know they can always trust and count
on him to achieve and exceed the expectations academically and behaviorally.
Mr. DeVries nominated Jessica B. because she shows integrity and honesty.
Mrs. Ballengee nominated Colin C. because he always shows his integrity in his work, actions, and responsibilities.
Mrs. Page nominated Ranah E. because she always knows what is needed for boom points, has what
she needs nearly every day, has the integrity to admit when she doesn't have it, and the tenacity to complete her work instead of feeling defeated.
Mr. Ziegler nominated Daniel M. because he asked for assistance a week ahead of time and is following
through with WOOing a test to raise his grade.
"the quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor.” ― Sherman Alexie
Official T-Shirt Order Forms
Day Without Hate is a student-led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, respect, and unity within our
schools. This year’s DWOH is Friday, April 24. Help your child join his/her fellow students to help end school violence
and promote peace. By encouraging students to be tolerant, friendly and kind, and teaching them that there are nonviolent solutions to problems, hopefully as a community we can create a better world.
All proceeds from the T-shirts go directly to fund our Peace Scholarship and expenses for our rally. Over the past
three years, Day Without Hate has awarded nearly $20,000 in scholarships to students promoting peace in their high
schools and communities. This year, we hope to double that award.
Please make your check payable to your school and return your order form by March 17 no exceptions!! Schools
place orders in bulk for shirts. Sorry, individual order for shirts are not accepted. Your child will receive his/her shirt
by April 17.
Youth T-shirt ($5.00 each): S (6-8) ______ M (10-12) ______ L (14-16) ______
Adult T-shirt ($5.00 each): S _____ M _____ L _____ XL ____ 2XL_____ 3XL _____4XL ____
TOTAL shirts ordered: __________
Student’s Name: ________________________ Grade: _______
Teacher’s Name: ________________________
Collegiate Academy Art Contest
Do you enjoy painting, drawing, taking pictures or sculpting? Have people always told you that your artwork is amazing? Enter one of your works of art into
Collegiate Academy’s art contest.
Any student in Middle or High School may apply. You do not need to be enrolled
in an art class. All submissions are due in the library by March 9th, 2015 at 3:00
pm. Artwork must be school appropriate. Students may only enter one submission. The winner will be chosen by a panel of local artists, teachers, and administrators.
Your art will be judged on the following criteria: originality, composition, skill,
and concept. There will be two categories- two dimensional and three dimensional. All artwork needs to be submitted with an artist statement. Once a work is
submitted, it becomes the property of the school for display.
All artists and their families are invited to the “Gallery Opening” on Tuesday
March 17th from 5 to 7pm. Food and drink will be served. The top eight submissions will be put on permanent display in the Cafeteria. First prize will receive a
$20 iTunes card.
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