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Shabbat Hagadol Tzav Weekly Bulletin March

Weekly Bulletin
Amalgamated Hebrew Men of England (1975)
100 Elder Street, Toronto ON M3H 5G7 | 416.633.3838
Shabbat Hagadol
Hertz Chumash
Torah Reading pp. 429-438
Haftarah pp. 1005-1008
Etz Hayim Chumash
Torah Reading pp. 613-625
Haftarah pp. 1296-1298
March 28th, 2015 | 8 Nisan 5775
Saturday Night. March 28th.
Earth Hour.
Lights out at 8:30 pm.
Join 162 Countries and 7,000 cities
celebrating Earth Hour.
Spend an hour unplugged.
Go ahead. It couldn’t hurt.
The Congregational Kiddush
will be held in the Foyer
following services.
Rejoice • Reflect • Renew
A Weekend of Jewish Experience!
Awaken the Spirit • Refresh the Soul • Lift the Heart
Three Days of Unique events designed to Celebrate Beth Emeth Synagogue at 60!
Friday April 24th, Saturday April 25th and Sunday April 26th.
Please pick up a postcard from the foyer with complete event details.
Passover Service Times
Friday April 3
Shacharit and Siyum Bechorim
7:15 am sanctuary.
Second minyan (No Siyum Bechorim)
8:15 am Lerman Chapel
Burning of the chametz no later
than 11:00 am
Mincha 7:00 pm
Candlelighting 7:28 pm
The Sefer Haftarah Parasha
Tzav is available for dedication.
Please call the office to inquire.
Services for Week of March 29th
Sunday .......................................... 7:30 & 8:30 am
Monday - Friday ............................ 7:15 & 8:15 am
Sunday - Thursday ....................................7:40 pm
Friday evening...........................................7:00 pm
Shabbat Candle Lighting ...........................7:29 pm
Hashkama Minyan..................................... 7:30 am
Shabbat Services ........................................ 8:45 am
BEBY reserves the right to make copy & editorial changes.
Beyond that time we cannot guarantee that your
event will appear in the bulletin.
We regret any errors and omissions that may occur.
Please contact the office to make corrections.
Shabbat Study Group — 6:35 pm
Shabbat Mincha —7:10 pm
Shabbat Ends — 8:23 pm
Saturday April 4
First Day of Yom Tov
Main sanctuary service 8:45 am
Mincha 7:45 pm
Candlelighting 8:30 pm
Sunday April 5
Second Day of Yom Tov
Main sanctuary service 8:45 am
Mincha 7:45 pm
Yom Tov ends 8:30 pm
Monday April 6
First Day of Chol HaMoed
First Shacharit Service 7:00 am
Second Shacharit Service 8:15 am
Mincha 7:45 pm
Tuesday April 7
Second Day of Chol HaMoed
First Shacharit Service 7:00 am
Second Shacharit Service 8:15 am
Mincha 7:45 pm
Wednesday April 8
Third Day of Chol HaMoed
First Shacharit Service 7:00 am
Second Shacharit Service 8:15 am
Mincha 7:45 pm
Open Mic Nite following.
Thursday April 9
Fourth Day of Chol HaMoed
First Shacharit Service 7:00 am
Second Shacharit Service 8:15 am
Mincha 7:45 pm
Candlelighting 7:36 pm
Friday April 10
Seventh Day of Pesach Yom Tov
Main Sanctuary Service 8:45 am
Mincha 7:00 pm
Saturday April 11
Eighth Day of Pesach - Yom
Main Sanctuary Service 8:45 am
Mincha 7:25 pm
Pesach concludes 8:35 pm
~ Seudah Shlisheet is sponsored by ~
Cathy & Bruce Martin in observance of Yahrzeit for Bruce and Sonny Martin’s father,
Abraham Martin l”z
~ We extend our condolences to ~
Chana Kwinta, Riki Lichtman, Aran Kwinta and Vivian Lepofsky and
families on the loss of husband and father, David Kwinta l”z
Leonard Silverberg and family on the loss of his brother, Ron Silverberg l”z
ALLERGY ALERT!! Many of our members suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties. Please
be considerate of those who are chemically sensitive to fragrances and other scented products
- your discretion in applying scented products when attending Shul is appreciated.
HALACHA (JEWISH LAW) prohibits the use of audible beepers, cell phones, electronic games
and any type of photographic equipment on Shabbat and Yom Tov.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation in preserving the sanctity of Shabbat.
Yasher Koach and thank you to our Shabbat Greeters!
TISH & TORAH - Rabbi Lipson leads learning sessions for the Parashat
Hashavuah at 10:00 am in the Boardroom.
RABBINICS STUDY GROUP – Daf Ha’Shavua - The Weekly Page of Talmud.
For beginning or intermediate students, study the first Tractate of the
Talmud known as Masechet Berachot. “The primary focus of the tractate
is the myriad ways in which a Jewish person expresses his faith during
his life.” 35 minutes prior to Mincha.
WINTER Watch for new dates and info.
If you would like to volunteer with home and hospital visits, Shiva calls,
etc. please call the office and leave a message for Rochelle Kerzner
Committee Chair or email [email protected]
To make it easier for you to donate to us, you can now make donations
directly to the BEBY Chesed Knitters via the shul office. We are forever
thankful to the men and women who attend the morning minyans for their
generous donations - helping us to continue knitting baby blankets and hats.
Join us at 10 am - every Monday morning!
THE LIBRARY ~10 am - 12 noon. Drop by and peruse our many fabulous
new titles! The Book Borrower by Alice Mattison; Yesterday (My
Story) by Haddasah Rosensaft
TANACH STUDY GROUP - Next Group TBA. Studying Beresheit.
MAH JONGG AT 12:00 NOON. All welcome. Call the office 416-633-3838 to
join. Donation of a Toonie. Refreshments served. FREE Mah Jongg Lessons!
Call for info and to register!
RABBI’S STUDY CLASS: PROBING THE PARSHA: A detailed study of a particular
theme emanating from the weekly Torah portion. Each theme is linked
to an essay topic found in the new book, The Observant Life - The
Wisdom of Conservative Judaism for Contemporary Jews. The book is
encouraged but not required for participants. Boardroom. 7:15 - 8:15
pm. No Class Monday April 6th.
SISTERHOOD STUDY GROUP - 10 - 11:30 am | Rabbis Morrison and Lipson
alternate weekly. Ask The Rabbi with Rabbi Morrison: Brief English responsa
to modern halakhic questions from the perspective of Conservative
Judaism. Topics will cover Bible, ethics, gender, interfaith, symbols,
conversion, kashrut, lifecycle, holy day cycle, women’s issues, theology, and
more. Rabbi Lipson’s Weekly Topic: Studying the Book of Shmuel (Samuel)
and the Book of Kings — Politics & Power in Biblical Israel. No Class
Tuesday April 7th.
FRUMBA - WOMEN’S CARDIO DANCE FITNESS - Sponsored by Sisterhood.
8pm. All ages and fitness levels welcome. No previous dance experience
is needed. Come join us! Its FUN, gets you FIT fast and ENERGIZED!! 7
weeks. $99. Contact Bette at [email protected] for drop in and
try it rates, package pricing and full schedule updates.
12:30 to 3:30 pm. Donation of a Toonie. Refreshments served. Mah
Jongg Games and Rummikub games needed. If you have one to
donate, contact the office. FREE Mah Jongg Lessons! Call for info and to
register! No Games Wednesday, April 1st.
Beginners 7 pm • Intermediate/Advanced. 8 pm. $8.00 per class. Info?
Call Shoshana Frank at 905.889.9419.
NASH & DRASH 2015 - April 23 and May 21. $13 pp.
Please pick up a flyer or check our web site /facebook page for more information on our upcoming events.
The KADIMA CENTRE: 2-3:30 pm. For info on student registration,
contact Marcel Cohen at 416.633.3838 or [email protected]
ca. More info available from We are looking for adults
to volunteer who are compassionate, patient and positive.
Passover Workshop with
Rabbi Morrison & Chazzan Edwards
Sunday March 29th
Literary Chat with ELiz
D Pearl
E L L29th
A N CMarch
Open Mic Nite
Wednesday April 8th
Theatrical Brunch with
Harold Green Jewish Theatre
Sunday April 12th
Yom Ha’atzmaut
Saturday April 18th
Clean Toronto Together 2015
Sunday April 19th
Greening Earth Day Event
Monday April 20th
60th Anniversary Discovery Weekend
April 24th-26th
Sisterhood Girls’ Night Out
Thursday April 30th
Shabbat Itanu
Saturday May 2
David Anisman Dinner Draw
Thursday May 7th
Sisterhood Shabbat
Saturday May 9th
Sam & Sarah Kerzner Scholar Weekend
Thursday May 28th - Sunday May 31st
Davening Class - Chazzan Edwards offers an informal,
hands on practical class - Monday evenings
Class begins 1 hour before Mincha Maariv.
FYI: Please be aware that in the event of a medical emergency, our Security Personnel are
Shakin’ Up Shabbat!
Junior Congregation
every Shabbat at 10 am with a fun activity
led by Elie Morrison and Samara Gottesman
or by Omer Itzhak, our Shinshinit. New program with
lots of fun activities and games! See you there!
Celebrate Earth Hour this Saturday March 28th from 8:30 - 9:30 pm
with your friends, family and community
Last year over 12 million Canadians in 350 cities and towns
Climate change is having major unpredictable effects on the world’s
water systems including an increase in floods and droughts and
extreme weather conditions
Turn off all non-essential lights
Play board games or have a candle-lit dinner
Relax and reflect while observing the stars
Sam Kotzer Shabbat & Festival Gan Program
10 am - 12 noon | BEBY Babies Room (lower level)
Structured weekly Shabbat programming
for children ages 1 through JK,
including Tefillot, songs, games, and healthy snacks.
Hilda Swirsky, RN, BScN, MEd, Chair,
[email protected] or Fay Rakoff, [email protected]
Contact DALE at [email protected] or
call 416 633.3838 for MORE INFO or to
RSVP to any program.
Morning service with guest speaker Hana Werner. All women above the age
of Bat Mitzvah who are interested in singing and/or chanting during the
Sisterhood Shabbat morning service on May 9th, with support from all of the
Beth Emeth clergy, please contact Barbara Lazar at [email protected]
ALL-AGES CHOCOLATE SEDER on Shabbat March 28th will
be held during services.
Passover Workshop with Rabbi Morrison & Chazzan Edwards.
Sunday, March 29th at 9 am - Tips, melodies and the inside
scoop on how to lead the best Seder ever!
Literary Talk with author and editor, Liz Pearl on Sunday
March 29th. 10 am talk plus 2 authors following. Refreshments
following. Books for sale after the presentation. No Charge.
National Council of Jewish Women - Drivers needed to deliver
Passover Food Baskets. From 8:30 am to 12 noon on Sunday
March 29th. 4700 Bathurst Street.
Beth Emeth Men’s Club - Yellow Candle Program. Volunteers
Wanted. Drivers needed also to deliver prior to Sunday April
15th. Contact [email protected] for info. They cannot
be delivered during the Sabbath or a Yom Tov.
Sunday April 12th. Theatrical Brunch with Kathy Kacer and
actor Jake Epstein. Author of Therefore Choose Life. 10 am
presentation followed by brunch at 10:45 am. Members $15
pp / NM $18 pp. Call to reserve.
Clean Toronto 2015 - Sunday April 19th.
Community Clean-up Days! The city’s annual spring clean-up
is back! Clean up the space around Beth Emeth. Meet at the
Elder Street doors at 1:30 pm.
Earth Day. Monday April 20th at 8 pm. Clean Commute. Learn
about Israeli -Canadian Connection. Omer and Hilda will be
your hosts for the night. Call the office to reserve your spot.
I look forward to hearing about your environmental actions.
Refreshments will be served. Members $3 / NM $5
To book a Youth Kiddush please send an email to [email protected]
Coming up!
PROGRAM for 1.5 -3 years old. This 10 week program runs
Sunday mornings right here at Beth Emeth! Your first class is
FREE! 9:30 - 10:45 am in the BEBY Babies Room. Contact Dale
for more info.
Perform for us during Hol Hamoed Pesach! Or just come and enjoy!
Along with the Klez Konnection - we are presenting a delightful
evening of music and entertainment. $10.00 pp. 8:00 pm
Please call the office to reserve.
Graduation Shavuot 2015
Beth Emeth is once again holding our annual Graduation Recognition Program on Sunday
May 24th. Please call Freda at the Synagogue office if you have a child graduating from a
Hebrew School in 2015 to make sure your child is part of this wonderful day.
Café Shinshinim:
Omer Itzhak leads a lively bi-weekly discussion
group for Adults covering a range of
current topics. Join us.
Tuesday March 31st, 7 pm.
All About Passover! Refreshments served.
YIZKOR BOOK - 2015: If you wish to have your dedications
included in this year’s Yizkor Book, please call the
office and speak to Freda at 416.633.3838.
CPR trained. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to seek out their services.
by Professor Arnold M. Eisen, Jewish Theological Seminary JTS -
Ask an usher.
and his brother would mumble through the whole thing while
crisis has been averted,
the women said not a word and we kids had to sit quietly
or after some in the comfor what seemed like hours. I kind of miss that generation at
munity have been saved,
Passover, but there is no way I am going to be like them. My
and others have not, when
kids are not going to be that kind of Jew. No way. We keep the
the group gathers to recall
part of the holiday that really means something—the family,
the terror it experienced
the meal, watching the kids grow up year by year—and leave
and gives thanks for its
the rest to the religious. It’s not my thing.”
deliverance—along comes
There are parents who are totally innocent of any Passover
Mister Worldly-Wise or
experience. They did not grow up in homes where the holiday
Miss Above-it-All ridiculON NOW!
was celebrated in any fashion, except possibly a meal on the
ing the group for doing so.
Call Sonia Hendler
evening of the festival or an adjacent weekend evening. They
They have better things to
have heard of the Exodus story, of course: may have seen the
do with their time. There’s
at 416 633.3838 x 224
recent movie, know that for African-Americans this story ema good show on TV.
powered hope over many generations and gave rise to numerWise parents—how many
Wednesday mornings
ous Freedom Songs. Intermarried parents may in fact appreciof them do we know?
10 am - 12:30 pm
ate Passover more than some in-married Jews do, because the
More than their children
story is one they share. The journey from slavery to freedom
think, perhaps, especially
or by appointment.
is utterly universal. And lacking negatives from unpleasant
when one considers that,
childhood experience with Passover, they just might pick up
unlike the laws of the
the Haggadah and be struck by something: for example, the
Passover seder, which can
way the text opens with a call to share Passover with anyone
be mastered down to the last detail, the art of good parenting
who is hungry; to recognize that “this year we are slaves,” and
is generally never mastered and is usually learned the hard
to hope that next year “we may be free.” There is something
way, by mistakes and successes, rather than from books. One
in this story, this passage, that can grab virtually everyone. Is
thing wise parents do know: you’ve got to listen to your kids,
it true that we are slaves? Isn’t that a serious exaggeration?
who really do want to share their lives with you, and who
Or is the point—a student at the
can’t do that if you don’t find occasions for opening the door
table might make it—that there
to them. Time in the car is one well-known occasion for moare many forms of enslavement
ments of familial revelation. So is a ritual meal like the seder.
(addiction is one, abuse another),
You are talking about events that happened in Egypt a long
and we should perhaps expand
time ago, or singing a song that has been passed down in
Honouring David Anisman on his 100th Birthday
our notion of what it means to
your family over many seders, or asking whether it is fair that
be enslaved? Or is the point that
Egyptians had to suffer in order for Israelites to go free—and
we should expand our sense of
out it comes, if you are listening, the most surprising thing
$5,000 Grand Prize Winner is the Last Ticket Drawn
“we”—and, once we do that,
your daughter or son has said in months, or a piece of wisdom
$1800 in additional cash prizes to be won!
accept responsibility for people
that takes your breath away, or a profession of love that you
$125 per person Includes: Dinner / 1 Draw Ticket / 1 Drink Ticket
whom we had regarded until
never thought that your child would utter.
Proceeds to support Youth and Young Families Programming
that point as a “them,” who are
Passover made that possible. It sat you down on a designated
someone else’s problem? The inevening, and gathered the family in front of those symbols,
Individual Raffle Tickets $50 / Silent Auction / 6:30 pm.
nocent parent does question, you
so that all four kinds of parents, if only they are willing, can
Now on Sale! RSVP to the Office at 416.633.3838.
see, and therefore may learn even
recognize things that they otherwise would not have known,
from his or her children.
and—just maybe—say thank you.
The characterization of some parents as wicked (rasha) bothers me
mention them—though not in the same order as our Hagas much as the next person: were we to follow the Yerushalmi’s
gadah, or attached to the same proof texts. I shall take this
version of the text, they would be called—in a word not much
divergence among the rabbis as license for a more radical reWeekly Morning Simchas & Sponsorships
less judgmental—“stupid.” (The Haggadah we use at my
versal. Let’s make parents rather than children the objects of
Block/Nisker Family Brit Milah
seder goes for the euphemism “contrary,” which in my view
scrutiny here. Let’s offer value judgments about their behavior.
deprives the Haggadah of its intended force).This parent frusLet’s give adults the responsibility for carrying the seder—and
trates seder insiders and Jewish activists
carrying forward the Jewish tradition of which the seder has
no end. The community is in crisis,
long been a chief inspiration. I ask the Gen Xers, millennials,
Jews are threatened or persecuted,
college students, and teens who are reading this column to
An evening of fun, friendship and celebration of
and the rasha stands aside. It’s just
discuss the following emended text with your elders if you
not his problem. One can undercan. I shall discuss the four types mentioned in the Haggadah
Yasher Koach to David
stand why Jews do not agree on
in reverse order.
Recognize David with your Greeting in the Program Booklet
the best strategy for dealing with a
There are parents—perhaps yours—who do not know how to
difficult situation. One can admire
ask (or answer) the questions posed by the Haggadah—and
Full page greeting $500 | Half page greeting $250
those who show courage and fordo not want to know. They just don’t care one way or the
Quarter page greeting $100 | Two-line greeting$36
give those who keep their heads
other. “I don’t believe in this stuff,” they will declare if you
Contact Allan Snow at [email protected] or
down—we are only human—but
ask them. “My grandparents did, back there in the shtetl, or
Claire Horowitz at [email protected]
it is hard to forgive those who
as immigrants to the new world, but this is America, we are
declare that they don’t care what hapmodern, and I don’t want to be a Jew like the ones with side
pens to the community. After the
curls. Besides: I remember childhood seders when my father
My personal preparation for Passover has for several years included conversations with teens and college students about
what the holiday means to them and their families. My informants this year—a small and wholly unscientific sample of
students at JTS’s Prozdor high school program—told me the
same thing I have heard in previous years about the way their
families celebrate the holiday: that the highlight of the seder
is that it is held rather than what is said around the table. The
family gathers, which is great; the family exhibits all its trademark affection, tensions, and mishegas, which young people
observe carefully and will likely remember for life; the family
eats, in fact stuffs itself; and very little of the Passover Haggadah is actually read, let alone discussed, either because there
are small children present who cannot sit for very long or because there are grown adults present who cannot sit for very
long. Either way, my informants reported sheepishly, theirs is
not a traditional seder by any stretch of the imagination. That’s
too bad, I said, and they agreed. Next year—not in Jerusalem
but at college—they hope for a seder different from those they
knew at home.
Let’s think for a moment, inspired by one of the seder’s most
famous passages, about the four kinds of parents who are
found around the seder table: wise, wicked, innocent, and
not knowing how to ask. You should know, as we do so, that
the “ur-seder” presented in the Mishnah does not mention
the four sons at all; the Talmud Yerushalmi, by contrast, does
David Anisman’s 100th Birthday
For your convenience, we are pleased to advise our members
that in addition to cash, cheque, Visa and MasterCard the office
can now process Debit Card Transactions.
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