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Antimony Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast 2015-2025

Antimony is a chemical element and exists in both metallic and non metallic forms. The metallic form is bright silver and brittle material. Non metallic form of antimony is grey powder. Antimony is a stable element in dry air and is inert to acids a
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Report Description
Antimony is a chemical element and exists in both metallic and non metallic forms. The
metallic form is bright silver and brittle material. Non metallic form of antimony is grey
powder. Antimony is a stable element in dry air and is inert toacids and alkalis. Antimony
expands on cooling and is a bad conductor of electricity and heat. Antimony is among the
oldest known element to mankind and has been used for varied applications since 4000
Antimony is available freely in nature and also can be extracted from ores such as
valentinite and stibnite. Elemental antimony is present in relatively small amount owing
to high reactivity of antimony with sulfur, lead, silver and copper.Stibnite is the commonly
used ore for extracting antimony, ores of antimony are crushed and then antimony is
hand sorted from the crushed ore. Owing to large reserves and cheap and abundant
labor available in China, China dominates the global antimony production. Antimony is
also recycled from lead acid batteries, recycled antimony is among other major sources
for antimony and is fast gaining acceptance as an easy source of antimony.
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Metallic antimony is brittle in nature and hence has to be combined with other metals or
alloysfor high strength applications. Antimony trioxide is the commonly used compound
of antimony for various commercial applications such as production of plastics, rubber,
textile, pigments, glass, etc. Antimony is widely used with lead as a reinforcement to
increase the strength of lead in applications such as ammunitions. Antimony is also
widely used in lead acid batteries which are among the dominant applicationsfor
Report Description
Other application of antimony includes production of low friction applications, flame
proofing materials and glass among several others. Major end user industries of
antimony include automobiles, paints, building and construction and defense among
Flame retardants followed by lead acid batteries dominate the global demand for
antimony the trend is anticipated to continue during the forecast period. Increasing
demand for flame retardants in several end user industries such as plastic has been
among foremost factors driving demand for antimony.Lead acid batteries are used in
various industries including automobiles, marine, etc. Increasing demand for electric
vehicles is expected to drive demand for antimonyduring the forecast period. Major end
user industries for antimony include consumer goods such as automobile and textile
among others. Therefore, macroeconomic factors such as GDP growth and purchase
power parity are also among major growth drivers for antimony market. Exposure to
antimony poses severe health hazards including breathing disorders, skin irritation, and
lung cancer among others. Antimony also leads to several environmental hazards which
have led to surge in number of regulations to regulate antimony consumption which have
been restraining market growth for antimony.
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Asia Pacific dominates the global antimony market primarily owing to high demand in
China. Over 80% of the global antimony production is controlled by China; moreover high
GDP growth in the region is expected to drive antimony market during the forecast
Report Description
Demand for antimony in North America and Europe is anticipated to grow at a sluggish
rate primarily owing stringent regulations in the regions.
Some manufacturers in the antimony market include Shanghai Metal Corporation, Beijing
North Xinyuan Electrical Carbon Products Co.Ltd and Qingdao Glory International Trading
Co. among several others.
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