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Conductive Polymer Coatings Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2020 by FMI

Conductive polymers are organic polymers having high electrical conductivity. These can have metallic conductivity or semiconductors. The electrical properties can be customized using method of organic synthesis. The major advantage it offers is pro
Global Conductive
Polymer Coatings
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Report Description
Conductive polymers are organic polymers having high electrical conductivity. These can
have metallic conductivity or semiconductors. The electrical properties can be
customized using method of organic synthesis. The major advantage it offers is process
ability through dispersions. These coatings are made up some basic polymers those could
be polyaniline, polypyrrole and polyacetylene. The applications of conductive polymer
coatings include sensors, optical & electronic materials, actuators, bio-sensors, supercapacitors, bio-implants and corrosion protection for electrical energy storage.
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Growing demand for conductive polymer coatings from electrical & electronics industry is
expected to drive the market. These are replacing metals and other conductive
compounds in electronics due to low weight. These coatings are less toxic and less
damaging to environment as compared to metals. Due to advantages, it is being used in
flat screen displays for computers, mobile phones, personal digital assistants and other
screens. With rising disposable income and modernization, demand for electronics have
increased tremendously which in turn expected to drive market growth for conductive
polymer coatings. Further, growing demand for conductive polymer coatings from
organic solar cells is expected to fuel the market. The Organic Electronics Association
(OEA) is promoting organic semiconductors in these applications. Organic
semiconductors offer better and improved electromagnetic interference and electrostatic
discharge as compared to other semiconductors.
Report Description
However, high processing and production cost is expected to hamper the market growth
for conductive polymer coatings. These coatings are developed for specific application
that requires high end research & development activities and huge capital. These
coatings may lose their solubility in water and other organic solvents and therefore it
becomes difficult to process. Few polymer coatings that are charged become unstable in
presence of atmospheric moisture. These factors regarding coatings may hamper the
market growth.
Technological advances and research & development activities in the field of nanochemistry and optical chemistry are expected to provide opportunities for the players in
this market. These activities may open up new applications for conductive polymer
coatings. For example, Crosslink developed protective coatings for protection of aircraft
transparencies and canopies. Another example of this would be conductive polymer
coatings applications in smart textiles for enhancing the mechanical properties of fabric.
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Asia Pacific emerged as largest market for conductive polymer coatings in terms of
consumption. With major players from electrical & electronics industry have shifted their
manufacturing bases to China for low production cost, the consumption of these coatings
have increase. However, conductive polymer coatings manufacturers are not
concentrated in this region. Asia Pacific was followed by North America in terms of
consumption. Owing to demand from optical and electrical applications conductive
polymer coatings are expected to show moderate growth rate. The demand for
Report Description
With development of organic semiconductor coatings and advantageous properties for
electronics applications, the demand is expected to be high. Additionally, conductive
polymer coatings are less hazardous to environment as compared to metals and
therefore environmental agencies compel the original equipment manufacturers to use
these coatings.
Global conductive polymer coatings market is highly concentrated with few major
international companies dominating the market. Some players in the conductive polymer
coatings market include Heraeus, The Lubrizol Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company,
Crosslink, ITEK, Henkel Electronics, NanoMarkets LLC., IDTech EX, Voltaic Coatings, CBI
Polymers Inc., AnCatt among others.
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