Chapter 5 Lesson 5

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Mental And Emotional
What Are Mental and Emotional Disorder?
There are many types of mental and emotional
mental and emotional disorders Illnesses that affect a person’s
thoughts, feelings, and behavior
Causes of Mental and Emotional Disorders
Physical Causes
Drug use
Brain chemistry
Accidental injury
• Repeated emotional
stressors such as
Types of Mental and Emotional Disorders
There are many types of mental and emotional
disorders including anxiety disorders and
mood disorders.
anxiety disorders Extreme fears of real or imaginary situations that
get in the way of normal activities
mood disorder A mental and emotional problem in which a person
undergoes mood swings that seem extreme,
inappropriate, or last a long time
Anxiety Disorders
Panic disorder
People experience intense feelings of fear for a short
time. The body prepares for fight or flight, even during
an ordinary situation.
A phobia is an exaggerated or inappropriate fear of
something specific. Some phobias can interfere with
normal, everyday activities.
Obsessivecompulsive disorder
A person with this disorder may feel that he or she
must perform a certain activity, such as washing his
her hands several times.
stress disorder
This disorder is a reaction to a very traumatic event.
People with PTSD often have bad memories of the
event for a long time.
Mood Disorders
People with this disorder feel a strong sense of
hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, guilt, and
extreme sadness. If depressed people begin to feel
hopeless, they may consider ending their lives
Bipolar disorder
Also called manic-depression, this disorder involves
extreme mood swings for no apparent reason.
A person with this disorder usually experiences
alternating periods of excessive activity called mania
and depression.
Signs of Mental and Emotional Problems
Loss of appetite
Neglect of
personal appearance
Difficulty sleeping
Hearing voices
Long-lasting feelings
of sadness
Teens who experience any of these symptoms should
seek help from a trusted adult right away.
What Is Suicide?
If you believe that someone you know is considering
suicide, talk to a trusted adult right away.
suicide The act of killing oneself
What Is Suicide?
Warning Signs of Suicide
Talking about
Wanting to be
left alone
Interest in death or
Engaging in risky
behavior, such as
drug use
Giving away
Saying final
goodbyes to friends
and loved ones