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DLM in Kansas, 2015–16

[email protected]
Early Childhood, Special Education, and Title Services
Kansas State Department of Education
DLM ELA and Math grades 3-8
and 10
DLM Science grades 5, 8, and 11
History, Government Social
Studies grades 6, 8, and 11
1. District KIDSS person creates TEST records for every student
taking an Alternate Assessment.
2. The proctor section on the TEST record must be filled out for
all teachers that work with students taking (an alternate)
DLM Assessment.
3. After the TEST record is created, the teacher can:
Returning Teachers - complete the 1 required module and pass
the required test.
Teachers new to DLM - complete the 4 required modules and
pass the required test for each module.
Review the NEW revised First Contact Survey and update for each
of your students in the Educator Portal.
Review the PNP for your students and make changes as
necessary in Educator Portal.
Choose ELA and Math Essential Element blueprint located
Each grade has a different number of Essential Elements
that are required. The number of Essential Elements for
each grade is spelled out in the ELA and math blueprint.
Become familiar with the science Essential Elements and
embed them into your science instruction.
There will only be one testlet (3-5 items) per
Essential Element.
DLM is like a formative process, instruct then
test. Since there is only one testlet per
Essential Element this year you will only test
once for each of your chosen Essential
Elements at a linkage level.
As the student progresses to the next linkage
level then there will be another testlet.
Plan ahead and organize your instruction and testing of
the Essential Elements so you don’t end up in a testing
crunch at the end of the year.
Choose your Essential Elements then embed them into
your literacy and math instruction.
Teachers may want to divide their Essential Elements and
work on half of them before winter break and half after
winter break.
Teachers may test a certain number of Essential Elements
each month.
However teachers want to organize their instruction and
testing of Essential Elements is good –
just have a plan!
Download the Test Administration Manual to your
computer desktop found at:
Download the Accessibility Manual to your computer
desktop found at:
Download the DLM Administration Calendar 2015-16
with Science found at:
Subscribe to DLM Test Updates at
Subscribe to KAA listserve at
The Educator Resource Page is for teacher information (test
administrators). Become familiar with that page.
On the Educator Resource page at
print out the Essential Elements Selection Record document.
This is a good document to use to organize your Essential
Elements for each of your students for progress monitoring.
On the Educator Resource page at
go to the Tested Essential Elements documents to identify the
students linkage levels for targeted instruction.
Download the DLM Familiar Texts from the
Educator Resource page
to use students grades during instruction.
These texts will be used in the assessment and the
student should be familiar with the texts.
Instructionally Embedded Assessment opens
October 7 – March 1
December 18-January 1, 2016:
Closed at Winter Break
October 30-November 2, ITI:
Closed for updates
February 5-8, ITI:
Closed for updates
Linkage levels
are –
Successor Node
Target Node
Proximal Precursor
Distal Precursor
Initial Precursor
Spring Window opens March 16 – April 28.
DLM Math
DLM Science
History–Government Alternate
DLM ELA and Math
5 Testlets for ELA and 5 Testlets
for Math
The 5 testlets will be randomly chosen
from the Essential Elements the student
worked on in the embedded part of the
The student’s score for ELA and math will be:
EEs assessed in the
embedded part of the assessment.
5 EEs for ELA and Math
Assessed in the spring assessment
Student’s score in DLM ELA or math
Score for DLM Science –
This is an end of the year assessment.
The student’s score will be derived
from the 9 or 10 testlet the student
takes at the end of the year. (See
student’s grade level on the blueprint).
There will be changes
in the
Instructional Tools Interface (ITI)
and more information will be available
on the Educator
Resource page
closer to the opening of the window
October 7.
There are changes with the
Professional Development modules for instruction.
They are organized now by claims.
Go to the professional development tab.
Once you get to the webpage at there
will be two choices.
Modules Organized by DLM Claim or Modules Listed
For the modules organized by claim, just click on the
claim and you will see the modules.
None of the modules have changed, just the
organization of the modules. The modules you have
completed before are still there..
What’s New in DLM for 2015-16 is a document that
will be posted on
Upcoming Features in KITE for DLM is another
document that has been created
Become familiar with
the Kansas page and the Educator Resource page.
Please contact me
with any questions!
Debbie Matthews
[email protected]
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