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INRL 401- Turkish Foreign Policy-1

INRL 401- Turkish Foreign Policy-1
Last Update: 22.09.2014
Instructor: Assoc.Prof.Emre İşeri
Office: O111
Office Hours: By appointment
Personal Website (Regularly check for announcements & slides):
E-mail: [email protected]
1)Course Description and Aim
The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a comprehensive introduction to
Turkish foreign policy. It aims to discuss the contours of Turkish Foreign Policy through
theoretical/historical perspectives. For that purpose the course will refer, major principles and
trends, continuities and changes for contemporary issues at hand.
The course aims to
Introduce students to fundamental determinants of Turkish foreign policy
Provide students with a better understanding of the domestic and international factors
shaping Turkey’s foreign policy approach
Enable students to analyze current problems of Turkish Foreign Policy at its instable
immediate neighborhood through historical lenses.
Generate plausible and persuasive policy recommendations on Turkish Foreign Policy.
Course Requirements
Informed active participation: 10%
2 Quizzes: 25% ( each 12,5%)
Mid-Term: 25 %
Final: 40 %
3) Sources
There is no single source for this course. While two required readings form the backbone of the
course, it will useful to be familiar with recommended books and articles.
To buy those books, you can consult variety on-line book stores ( kitapyurdu, d&r, idefix, , Pandora,
Required :
Hale, William. Turkish foreign policy since 1774 , Routledge, 2012. (Ofisser Photocopy)
Oran, Baskın (eds.). Turkish foreign policy, 1919-2006: facts and analyses with documents.
Univ of Utah Pr, 2010. (Offiser Photocopy)
Recommended Academic/Semi-Academic Journals:
Turkish Studies -
Insight Turkey -
Perceptions -
Highly Recommended/Must buy Turkish Books on TFP:
Oran,Baskın (ed.), Türk Dış Politikası , Cilt 1, İletişim Yayınları.
Sönmezoğlu,Faruk, İki Savaş Sırasında ve Arasında Türk Dış Politikası, Der Yayınları,2012.
Sönmezoğlu,Faruk, II.Dünya Savaşından Günümüze Türk Dış Politikası, Der Yayınları,2006.
Selected Links on Current Turkish Politics/Foreign Policy
Al Monitor – Pulse of Turkey -
Brookings Turkey Project -
Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Silk Road Studies, The Turkey Analyst
GMF - Turkey Program -
Republic of Turkey , Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
Washington Institute – Policy Analysis on Turkey
For reading techniques ( Skimming, Scanning, etc.):
BBC – Skillswise:
Week 1 (September 25) - Introduction
Week 2 ( October 2) – Conceptual/Historical Framework
Required: Oran, p.1-23.
Aydin, Mustafa. "Determinants of Turkish foreign policy: Historical framework and
traditional inputs." Middle Eastern Studies 35.4 (1999): 152-186.
Week 3 (October 9) – Continued & the late Ottoman Period
Required: Hale, Chapter 1
Recommended: Sönmezoğlu, İki Savaş Sırasında , p. 7-64. (skim)
Week 4 (October 16) – Continued & The Time of Liberation 1919-1923
Required: Oran, Section-1
Hale, p.31-41.
Sönmezoğlu, İki Savaş Sırasında… , p. 81-223. (skim)
Week 5 (October 23) – Continued
Week 6 (October 30) – Quiz & Relative Autonomy 1923-1939
Required: Oran,Section-2
Hale, p.41-55
Sönmezoğlu, p.223-392. (skim)
Week 7 (November 6) – Continued & Relative Autonomy and WWII 1939-1945 & Revision
before the Mid-Term
Required: Oran, Section 3
Recommend :
Sönmezoğlu, İki Savaş Sırasında… , p. 393-487. (skim)
Week 8 (November 13) – Continued & Revision before the Mid-Term
Week 9 ( Week of November 17) – Mid-Term Exam
Week 10 (Week of November 24) – No
Class – Make up class will organized in case of
Week 11 (December 4) – Turkey and the Cold War : In the Orbit of Western Block -1
Oran, Section 4
Aydin, Mustafa. "Determinants of Turkish foreign policy: Changing patterns and conjunctures
during the cold war." Middle Eastern Studies 36.1 (2000): 103-139.
Sönmezoğlu, II.Dünya Savaşından Günümüze , p.13-200. (skim)
Week 12 (Week of December 11) – Turkey and the Cold War: Relative Autonomy 19601980
Required: Oran, Section 5.
Recommended: Hale,p.104-118.
Sönmezoğlu, II.Dünya Savaşından Günümüze…,p.203-376. (skim)
Week 13 (December 18) – Quiz & Turkey and the Cold War: Turkey in the
Western Orbit 1980-1990
Required:Oran,Section 6.
Recommended: Hale,pp.118-134.
Sönmezoğlu, II.Dünya Savaşından Günümüze…,p.377-460. (skim)
Week 14 (Week of December 25) – Continued
Week 15 (Week of December 29) – News Year Eve Holiday
Week 16 (Week of January 5) – Revision Before the Final
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