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Assist. Prof. Duygun Erim Phone 02324115232 Email duygun.erim

Assist. Prof. Duygun Erim
Phone 02324115232 Email [email protected]
PhD, Human Geography, The Open University, Dissertation Title: Geographies of Dance: Explorations
of the Middle
MA, Film and TV, Bilgi University, Dissertation Title: Construction of Identity in Local Melodrama Films
in a Tensional Axis Between Tradition and Modernity
BS, Sociology Department, Middle East Technical University
Mass Communication Theories (MA Course), Seminar (MA Course)
Space and Communication (MA Course), Media Analysis (MA Course)
History of Civilization
Professional Positions
2010-2011 Istanbul Bilgi University, Sociology Department , Part-time Lecturer
2008-2009 Open University, Centre for Citizenship, Identity and Governance, Research Assistant
2004-2005 Lancaster University, Sociology Department, Teaching Assistant
1998-2003 Bilgi University, Sociology Department, Teaching Assistant
1996-1997 Anadolu University, Open Faculty, Eskisehir, Lecturer
Conference Papers
‘Nefret: Kasovitz Sinemasında Öteki’, Outsiders Conference, Istanbul Bilgi
Universitesi, 1999
“Being the Rhythm in Body, City and Life”, RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum MidTerm Conferences, Edinburgh/Scotland, February 2007
“Summoning the Experience: Dancing with the Camera”, IBG Annual
Conference-Royal Geographers Society, London/UK, September 2006
“There is an I deeper than me in I: Masks and Identity in Dance”, Researching
Cultural Spaces, Royal Holloway University, Department of Geography,
London/UK, June 2006
“Industrial Heritage Sites as Neoliberal Spaces of Ordering”, 39. International
Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC), Barcelona, 2012 (with
Gökçe Öcal)
‘Dancing Methods in Research: Visual ethnography experiments in searching
and translating the Affects’, Fourth International and Interdisciplinary
Conference on Emotional Geographies. University of Groningen, The
Netherlands, 2013
‘Spaces of Utopic Urban Play: Mobile Clubbing and Critical Mass Events in
London and Izmir’ 14th International Cultural Studies Symposium, İzmir, 2013
(with Göker Gülay)
‘The Playful Crafting of Gender in Derya Baykal TV Shows’ 8 Conference of
Turkish Design History Society, Gendered Perspectives in Design, Izmir 2013
(with Bahar Emgin).
Scholarly Publications
Book Chapters in Edited Books:
Erim, D. (2001). Nefret. Dışarda Kalanlar Bırakılanlar. N. Avcı et al (ed).
Istanbul: Bağlam Pub.: 191-196
Erim, D. (2010). Dans. Açık Kitap. Ö. Madra and S. Ertekin (ed.). Istanbul:
Ofset Yapımevi: 181-185.
Journal Articles
Erim, D. (2008). "Becoming Power Through Dance." Resistance Studies
Magazine(2): 23-37.
Erim, D. (2011). “Researching the Middle”: Visual Ethnography as an
experimental, innovative method”. İletişim Dergisi: Galatasaray Üniversitesi
(15): 9-27.
Erim, D (2012). “Yaratıcı Bir Kuvvet Olarak Ritmin Zaman-Mekânı Üzerine
Düşünceler”. Doğu Batı (62):251-260.
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