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Dear Colleagues, The advancements on cartilage and

Dear Colleagues,
The advancements on cartilage and related topics are very rapid.
Therefore we face a wide variety of implementations. Since this is the
case, the right education is gaining more importance.
For this purpose we tried to prepare a program which enables an
environment for the discussion of rights and wrongs.
APKASS Lecture: Cartilage repair: Past, present and future (lessons learned)
Mitsuo Ochi
Principles of cartilage repair techniques
Chairs: Nurzat Elmalı, Murat Bozkurt
General principles and algorithm Murat Demirel
Treatment of lesions ˂ 2,5 cm2 Nurzat Elmalı
Treatment of lesions between 2, 5-4 cm2 Özgür Ahmet Atay
Treatment of lesions ˃ 4 cm2 Murat Bozkurt
Symposium : Articular Cartilage Repair in 2014
Chairs: Işık Akgün, Umut Akgün
What’s going on in the lab? Feza Korkusuz
Cell based cartilage repair Mehmet Binnet
Microfracture augmentation Mahmut Nedim Doral
Mesenchymal stem cell Mehmet Can Ünlü
Focal cartilage defects: Evidence based approach Lars Engebretsen
Complex case discussion: Cartilage repair
Chair: Reha Tandoğan
The impact of articular cartilage injuries in athletes Lars Engebretsen
Non-biologic surgical alternatives in degenerative knee
Robotic surgery in partial knee arthroplasty Uğur Haklar
Resurfacing arthroplasty Tahsin Beyzadeoğlu
Talar osteochondral lesions (Topic in a panel) Önder Kılıçoğlu
Symposium: AGA Symposium: Osteoarthritis in young patients.
Complex case discussion 3: AGA: Osteoarthritis in young patients.
Bone marrow edema Cumhur Cevdet Kesemenli
Osteonecrosis Işık Akgün
Lecture :
Prevention and management of early osteoarthritis- challenges and
unknowns Lars Engebretsen
Talar mosaicplasty Ömer Taşer
PRP: A clinical perspective with some basic science amalar Lars Engebretsen
Please accelerate your clinical and experimental studies on cartilage and
submit your abstracts before May 15.
İzmir is so beautiful at the end of September 
With best regards,
Dr. Halit Pınar
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